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Young Black Gymnast Faces "Racism", Olympic Champion Simone Biles Reacts via @YouTube
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I love that Toronto is a diverse place, but I also just got told to “go back to where I came from” by a shitty truck driver who didn’t want to hear that he should move his parked truck out of the bike lane.
#bikeTO #BikeTooter #racist

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Gymnastics Ireland fails to apologise despite row over medal snub for black girl

Video of the event in March 2022 shows a judge handing out participation medals to a line of young gymnasts, but ignoring the only black girl. A photographer, coach and other officials look on without intervening, with an audience of hundreds in the stands.

Can you imagine how this poor girl felt? She is going to remember this demeaning experience her whole life.

#Ireland #TheGuardian #Racism #Racist #Eire

Ricardo Harvin
20 hours ago

Everyone who claims "it was #aliens" in reference to those who built such sites wherever they exist on #Earth is an ignorant #racist.

It was #humans; it's only ever been humans and humans alone.

"Nearly 2,000 years ago, #NativeAmericans built 800,000-square-foot geometric enormous circle and square aligning with the movements of the sun and the moon."

"They had to do it, to be the people they were."

#HopewellCeremonialEarthworks #UNESCO #WorldHeritageSite

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My apt bldg neighbors have a good track record as far as bringing stuff in off the porch but my neighborhood is what's often called 'historically underserved' so I'm guessing #UPS will make us go get things at some location from now on.
#Racist #AI 🐂💩

Adrian Fry
2 days ago

Excellent to see that dozens of #MetropolitanPolice officers are refusing to go out on armed patrols. Innocent dark-skinned citizens will, for a while at least, be less likely to be murdered by the institutionally #racist #police force.

#racism #PoliceBrutality

"So we know it is tough.
We know there's a lot at risk. And if you are a #white person in this room-- and most of you are-- and you're thinking, 'what if I get called #racist? Oh, the last time I tried a couple times, it ended really bad.'
Trust me, no conversation on #race has ever ended nearly as bad for you as it ends for people of color."

Tucker Teague
2 days ago

Roger Ebert reprimands a #racist commentator and defends the freedom of the #arts and #artists at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.

"What I find very offensive and condescending about your statement is nobody would say to a bunch of white filmmakers, 'How could you do this to your people?' This #film has the right to be about these people, and Asian American characters have the right to be whoever the hell they want to be. They do not have to 'represent' their people."

"Despite studies showing #Black #immigrants are, on average, the most educated group of immigrants in the #UnitedStates, they earn lower wages than similarly trained non-Black immigrants and have the highest #unemployment rate of any #immigrant group.

An ethnic #racist asks, 'Why are Black immigrants doing better than African Americans?'

An ethnic #antiracist asks, 'Why are Black immigrants not doing as well as other immigrant groups?'"

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

"We practice #ethnic #racism when we express a #racist idea about an ethnic group or support a racist #policy toward an ethnic group. Ethnic racism, like racism itself, points to group behavior, instead of policies, as the cause of disparities between groups.

When Ghanaian immigrants to the United States join with White #Americans and say #AfricanAmericans are lazy, they are recycling the #racist ideas of #White Americans about African Americans. This is ethnic racism."

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

“Singular-race makers push for the end of categorizing and identifying by race. They wag their fingers at people like me identifying as Black—but the unfortunate truth is that their well-meaning post-racial strategy makes no sense in our #racist world. #Race is a mirage but one that humanity has organized itself around in very real ways. Imagining away the existence of races in a racist world is as conserving and harmful as imagining away classes in a capitalistic world—it allows the ruling races and classes to keep on ruling.”

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

"I do not use “#microaggression” anymore. [...] A persistent daily low hum of #racist #abuse is not minor. I use the term “abuse” because aggression is not as exacting a term. Abuse accurately describes the action and its effects on people: distress, anger, worry, depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and suicide.

What other people call racial #microaggressions I call racist abuse. And I call the zero-tolerance policies preventing and punishing these abusers what they are: #antiracist. Only racists shy away from the R-word — #racism is steeped in denial."

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

"...generalizing the behavior of #racist White individuals to all White people is as perilous as generalizing the individual faults of people of color to entire races. "He acted that way because he is Black. She acted that way because she is Asian." We often see and remember the race and not the individual.

This is racist categorizing, this stuffing of our experiences with individuals into color-marked racial closets. An #antiracist treats and remembers individuals as individuals. "She acted that way," we should say, "because she is racist."

How to Be AntiRacist, Ibram X. Kendi

#Racism #AntiRacism

#instagram says they have reason to believe I am under the age of 13 and my account is likely going to be deleted I am 36. These days I think I look older than that😅 ain’t no way anyone thinks I’m under 13. ithink this is just a way to suppress Black and Queer voices who are constantly speaking up against #whiteSupremacy
I’ve been called all sorts of #racist, #homophobic, and #transphobic and nothing ever seems to come of it. If I report them they’ll just decide it doesn’t go against community guidelines. If I clap back, I’ll get reported and thrown into ig jail. Something I’ve experienced many times. The only reason I’m sad is bc I have so many memories and experiences and instagram is the only place I can see them. Images of dead loved ones, or places I can no longer visit. I say all of this to say I think this may be the only space I turn to as a form of social media. I’m tired of fighting to exist in a space that was never actually welcoming to me anyway. #Queer #Gay #Black #GayMastodon #BlackMastodon

Just some vile #racist death threats made against Black students and the high school principal in Columbus, #Ohio. Closed down the school for 2 days.

It is nothing more than a concerted effort to #silence #MuslimVoices. The #WhiteSupremacist led servers here do NOT like ethnic, cultural, or religious #diversity.

If you're not a #WASP, they want you to get the fuck out. It's not enough to not be on their #racist instance, they want us completely off here.

Each and every one of them should be #fediblocked.

I am building a list, and when I finally find someone who cares, I will share it with them.

John Earle
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Bob the Traveler
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OTD in 2020, @gop President Donald #Trump praised white people for their "good genes", at a rally in Minnesota #racist

Kriszta Satori
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#BBCNews - Pain and #humiliation at toxic #Brook House, inquiry finds
#migrants at Brook House, near Gatwick Airport, were subjected to #degrading treatment and to #racist and derogatory language by staff.
#refugees #UKImmigration

Steve Dustcircle :rose:
6 days ago

Here is a #parody of the controversial song with a super #racist video by #JasonAldean. #Aldean became known for filming a country video outside the #MauryCountyCourthouse, where a #black teenager was lynched in 1927. Aldean claimed this was not racist, and simply indicative of something that made no sense except as #racism.
This parody shows things you are likelier to find in #smalltown #America than Jason Aldean's imagination. The picture is still not pretty.

Bob the Traveler
6 days ago

OTD in 2020, @gop President Donald #Trump praised white people for their "good genes", at a rally in Minnesota #racist

i posted this recently, but tayna hernandez confirms this in this video on her book. #latino people can definitely be #racist, we are not immune to anti-blackness. me included.

"...lest it 'distract' from what they view to be the 'real racism' of #WhiteSupremacy. However, all the while, Afrolatinos, African Americans, and others suffer from acts of discrimination at the hands of Latinos who claim that their mixed culture 'immunizes them from being racist'. This is what I term the Latino Racial Innocence Cloak that veils Latino complicity in #US #Racism."

1 week ago
Greg W.
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'Proud to be misogynistic and racist': Grammy-winner blames 'Trump years' for country music exit

Country music star Maren Morris is officially parting ways

Regarding the genre, the singer-songwriter told the newspaper, "I thought I'd like to burn it to the ground

She added, "After the #Trump years, people’s biases were on full display. It just revealed who people really were and that they were proud to be #misogynistic and #racist and #homophobic and #transphobic."

Is the #Fediverse prepared to learn from all the #racist behaviour that’s been recently exposed?

No? Didn’t think so.

#MastodonSoWhite #FediverseSoFash #IslamophobiaIsEverywhere #CallOutRascism

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Israeli leader #Netanyahu asks #ElonMusk to condemn #antisemitism on #X

Israeli Prime Minister #BenjaminNetanyahu on Monday publicly pressed tech billionaire Elon #Musk to condemn antisemitism & find a way to combat it on his social media platform X as the pair met at a Tesla factory in Fremont, Calif.

(If Musk were a decent person a non-#racist person, maybe he’d ask Netanyahu to stop the #Palestinian #EthnicCleansing going on under his watch)

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The right likes to feign outrage, and insist that #whiteNationalist / #whiteSupremacist #violence is a myth being perpetuated by the left. But then, every time there's another white supremacist shooting, they immediately rush to #glorify the #violence and slander the victims, typically with #racist slurs. These people are vile, lying pieces of human garbage with no redeeming qualities. Their agenda is the promotion of #hate.

🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
1 week ago

Police is, btw., in all countries #racist. Stop behaving like it would be a fixable issue. #AbolishThePolice

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@ChrisAalberts Wilders is een #racist. Meer hoef je niet te weten, stem daar niet op! En wie met hem samenwerkt is dat dus ook, een racist. 🤮

Raymond Scott Pert
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#US - Richard Hanania and the Allure of Racist Pseudoscience

> “White nationalism,” is “the only hope that part of what made the American nation great (#MAGA) will survive somewhere.”

> blogged [..] about the evils of “race mixing,” advocated for the sterilization of people with a “low IQ” and for the deportation of all “post-1965 non-White migrants from Latin America,” and declared that “women’s liberation = the end of human civilization.” #woke #racism #racist #MAGA

Richard Hanania
Martin Nutty
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In my view, there is no unitary answer for while individuals or organizations stay on #Twitter

@msifry, who recently quit the #DeadBird site, laid out the pros and cons as he saw it - see ⬇️. Much of his thinking applies equally to large orgs

Not only do orgs run the risk of an arbitrary ban/throttle by #ElonMusk, but they also have adjacency risk of horrible #racist / #misogynist/ anti #LGBTQI / anti #migrant commentary to name a few categories

Kristian Harstad
1 week ago

Why does the #US keep trying #racist nonsense like this??

#Alabama... why am I not surprised...

By the way, this is a good example of one of the weaknesses of #democracy and democratic voting in action. So when people try to shut down criticism by telling you to use your vote, remind them active #democratic #citizenship requires open #discussion and #awareness, and point out that #voting can very much be #rigged. This is just one example - there are many others.

Federal Court again strikes down Alabama's Congressional map
Federal Court again strikes down Alabama's Congressional map
1 week ago

Is the #UK turning into an authoritarian #police state?

“In the light of recent reports confirming that the Met is institutionally #racist, #misogynist, #homophobic & corrupt, it beggars belief that...the current government’s response has been to provide them with even more draconian powers to crack down on protest

NYPD continues to stop and frisk pedestrians, despite being ordered by federal courts to drop its stop-and-frisk policy 10 years ago. Black and Latine people are 95% of the stops, and are found innocent *by NYPD* 72% of the time.

The #NYPD could only be more #racist if it were wearing white hoods. Also, its disregard for the law is atrocious. #racism #NYC #ACAB

Ang Black
2 weeks ago

The 2 most contraversial topics on the #fediverse, #racism and #sports!

Bills owner Pegula denies he said Black players ‘should go back to Africa’

> The #BuffaloBills owner, #TerryPegula, has denied allegations in a lawsuit that he made #racist comments about his own players


Greg W.
2 weeks ago

Canadian man accused of killing #Muslim family motivated by white nationalism, court hears

Nathaniel Veltman, 22, is facing four charges of murder and one charge of attempted murder after driving his truck into five members of the Afzaal family

Veltman told police that he killed the four members of the Afzaal family, but he has pleaded not guilty to four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. He is also facing #muslim charges.


2 weeks ago

#ElonMusk is doing everything he can to avoid #accountability, and keep his agenda to advance vile, #rightwing #hateSpeech cloaked in darkness. #Elon is a #racist. He is a #bigot. And he has a very specific desire to normalize #hate through the #Twitter #platform he purchased specifically to achieve that goal. If you are still using Twitter, you are directly supporting hatred, bigotry, and the promotion of rightwing #disinformation.

Fani Willis asks court to protect jurors after doxing in Trump's Georgia case

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis asked a judge on Wednesday to take steps to protect jurors who indicted former President Trump and over a dozen of his allies for their alleged attempts to flip Georgia's election results in 2020.

Willis said at least 23 jurors in the case have had their personal information — including their names, ages, addresses and vehicle details —posted anonymously on "conspiracy theory websites" hosted by a Russian company as part of an effort to "harass and intimidate them."

She and other members of her office were also #doxed, and their personal information was often "intertwined with #derogatory and #racist remarks," Willis said in the filing.

Stop saying #China communist. China has been a 100% Far Right #Nationalistic #racist #Fascist dictatorial CAPITALISTIC country since the late 90s. China is more far right than America and MOST other #capitalistic countries in the world. China is a real Nazi state that is racist and Fascist. There is no public housing, no social welfare, no public healthcare, no free public universities,.. All public utilities are at least partly privatized. #Nazism #capitalism

Greg W.
4 weeks ago

The #racist Florida shooter’s ideology extends to ordinary people

#Whitesupremacist manifesto laid out his ideology:

fascism is one of the only political ideologies that will unite Whites against the replacers. Since that is what I seek, calling me a #fascist would be accurate.

I would call myself a white supremacist, after all, which race is responsible for the world we live in today? I believe the White race is superior in the brain to all other races.


4 weeks ago

#RubyFreeman & #ShayeMoss (related)…what happened after #Giuliani amplified false claims that they had pulled thousands of fraudulent ballots from a suitcase …& illegally fed them through voting machines.

Although #FultonCounty & #Georgia ofcls IMMEDIATELY DEBUNKED the accusations, Giuliani kept promoting them, ultimately comparing the women —both of whom are Black— to drug dealers & calling during a hearing w/GA state legislators for their homes to be searched.

#Racism #Racist #DogWhistle

1 month ago

"prominent voices on the right have decided that the #mugshot of former president Donald Trump captured during his arrest in #FultonCounty, Ga., last week has been a huge asset to Trump’s reelection bid.

Why? Because, the argument goes, Black Americans reflexively identify with someone who has been arrested."

#Racist #Trump #GOP #Republicans #MAGA #FoxNews
#BlackMastodon #News

Sylvia Wright
1 month ago

Warning, #racism content in photos: On a lovely late-summer hike in a #NevadaCountyCA state park, I took a scenic photo of a couple enjoying the cool Yuba River. At home, editing, I found the man has a disgusting #racist tattoo: "White Pride." @yubanet

Two people viewed from above. They are standing and sitting in crystal clear water, surrounded by huge rocky river canyon walls. The man's back is to us; he is shirtless.
A closeup of the photo shows his racist tattoo across his lower back that says WHITE PRIDE in 2 inch letters
Steve Silberman
1 month ago

Black leaders nail #RonDeSantis' #racist ass to the wall for creating the climate of bigotry and hatred that made the Jacksonville mass shooting inevitable, while the spox of his rapidly tanking campaign claims the shooting has been "politicized."

1 month ago


"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis(R) said the right things, albeit awkwardly...

But the crowd was also right to boo him. #DeSantis has weakened gun laws in #Florida rather than take steps that might have kept a weapon of war out of the hands of an unbalanced, homicidal young #racist...

DeSantis has instituted a new curriculum in Florida schools that downplays the long history of African Americans being “targeted” precisely because of their race."

👀 🧵

#USA #News

Screen shot of a Mastodon post with the text:
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said the right things, albeit awkwardly...

But the crowd was also right to boo him. #DeSantis has weakened gun laws in #Florida rather than take steps that might have kept a weapon of war out of the hands of an unbalanced, homicidal young #racist...

DeSantis has instituted a new curriculum in Florida schools that downplays the long history of African Americans being “targeted” precisely because of their race."

#Racism #Florida #USA #News
Luca da Firenze
1 month ago

@peachfront @timkmak @brucy

This is because #fascist #MAGA #racist-nationalist
is NOT based on logic or science
and NOT on ethical principle morality or decency 😀
it is a 'fanaticism' sprinkled with a pinch of 'religion'
(hard to find a terrorist that is not following 'God will')
hard to find a MAGA who doesn't say 'I follow Jesus'

Fanatics do not digest -Reason- well
they react with anger and violence every time they come into contact with it

maeve harris
1 month ago

#Florida denies the existence of ingrained #racism in the state. Meanwhile in #Jacksonville, with, if I'm not mistaken, the largest population of Black citizens in the state, a #racist gunman kills 3 at a Dollar store in a Black neighborhood of that city, before killing himself. He wore a mask emblazoned with a swastika

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago
Alexander Hay
1 month ago

The /r/UKPolitics sub-reddit has always been rather far right and scummy, but here its mods are refusing to remove a misleading, #Racist Tweet by fascists #BritainFirst, on the grounds that they are a 'political party'.

The fact that this, and the sewer that is /r/UnitedKingdom, are the main representatives of the #UK on #Reddit is an embarrassment. Something to bear in mind the next time these twats complain about being oppressed by Snoo.

1 month ago

Another #Racist and #LGBTQ #Hate #Crime happened up in the #AnnapolisValley of #NovaScotia on Monday, this time an attack on a 14-year-old black child and his friend.

The Annapolis Valley Exhibition issued an oddly pathetic non-apology at:

A report of the incident is at:

And previous attacks on some of the same people:

#Canada #BLM #CTV #Atlantic #News

Looking at this list of the benefits of (continued) membership of the European Convention on Human Rights, its perhaps not so hard to see what the swivel-eyed, right-wing nut-job tendency have against it....

When you're conducting a #classwar, pushing a #racist agenda on #imigration, or just trying to curtail popular criticisms of what you are doing for you (political) chums, these are all a but too inconvenient!


Poster - The ECHR Rights:
1. Respect human rights
2. right to life
3. Prohibition of torture
4. Prohibition of slavery
5. Right to liberty & security
6. Right to a fair trial
7. No punishment without law
8. Right to respect for private & family life
9. Freedom of thought, conscience & religion
10. Freedom of expression
11. Freedom of assembly & association
12. Right to marry
13. Right to effective remedy (if your rights are foliated)
14. Prohibition of discrimination
James Ryland Miller
2 months ago

@Popehat Who the heck thinks he's a moderate when he claims "We need more policing, incarceration, and surveillance of black people."...? The #whitesupremacy ? Our #criminal #justice system is already hugely #racist and disproportionately incarcerates black people. Hanania sounds just awful. #racism #racismisbad

2 months ago

In Jan 2022…, #Willis, the first Black woman elected as #FultonCounty DA, sent a letter to…the #FBI’s #Atlanta field office requesting a risk assessment of the courthouse, citing “alarming” rhetoric from #Trump.
…Willis pointed to remarks #Trump had made…where he attacked unnamed prosecutors investigating him in cities including Atlanta as “#racist” and “mentally sick.” Willis also cited “communications” she & her staff had received from “persons unhappy” w/the investigation.


2 months ago

The county courthouse has already been subject to enhanced #security because of ongoing #threats to #Willis & her staff — including #racist, threatening phone calls related to the election investigation…. It’s an issue that Willis, who is often accompanied by armed bodyguards during public appearances, has raised both privately & publicly.
#FultonCounty #Atlanta #Trump #PoliticalViolence #DomesticTerrorism #NationalSecurity #MAGAextremists

2 months ago

“Oldest Black fraternity moves convention over #Florida’s ‘racist’ policies

Alpha Phi Alpha cited GOP Gov. Ron #DeSantis’s ‘harmful, #racist, and insensitive policies against the Black community’

Every two years, Alpha Phi Alpha, the nation’s oldest and largest Black intercollegiate fraternity, brings thousands of attendees — and millions of dollars — to the cities where it holds its biennial convention.”

Böckli 平凡札記
2 months ago

If I follow you, it’s probably because that I assume you live in #SantaFe or in the state of #NewMexico and (again, I assume) that you are not #racist or #homophobic.

A brief introduction of ourselves: we are an interracial same-sex couple who have been together for more than three decades. We love to #travel and explore the world. Meeting new people is not an easy thing for us. But once we establish mutual trust, we could be your most loyal friends.

#LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #LandOfEnchantment

Charlie McHenry
2 months ago

School board in Missouri, now controlled by conservatives, revokes anti-racism resolution - proving YET AGAIN that conservatives are #racist - #Racism #Missouri #education

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

BBC News - #Malawi #racist videos: Chinese man convicted after BBC expose

Steve Silberman
2 months ago

After #RFKJr is caught in a lie about his #racist conspiracy theory on video about #COVID19, #Jews, and #Chinese people, this "complete crackpot" - a Steve Bannon project to reelect Trump - doubles down on the BS.

Alexander Hay
2 months ago

In shock news, #AI is intrinsically #Racist, and it is only going to get worse as more and more #Data is scraped.

"...Many #Tech companies have operated under the assumption that training #ArtificialIntelligence on more data can help fix the ongoing problem of #AIs replicating #Human #Prejudices. But a study has found that AIs trained on increasingly larger #DataSets can produce even more racist results..."

#News #ChatBots #SiliconValley #IT #Tech #Technology

3 months ago

@coloradosun What is missed by this article is that the states becoming redder are also losing ground in life expectancy, health care in general, median income , education, etc etc. While becoming more openly hateful: #racist, #anti-LGBTQ, #whitesupremacist, #Christofascist. How deep a hole can they dig before it collapses in on them? Even within red areas, it is the blue enclaves that are the economic engine.

A #racist trope talking #Australia back to the Jim Crow era of the #Hillbilly states of Southern USA.

The #elites of the liarberal and cuntry party are so worried that the voice will get up, that in their fear and lack of #knowledge, they have unleashed their own uncle t*m #Mundine.

Always nice to see something bad (and richly deserved) happening to the #ProudBoys. (And what have they got to be so "proud" about, anyway?) I hope this judgment is only one of many that helps bankrupt those #racist assholes.

#schadenfreude #racism

Thomas Knight
3 months ago

But it's not just pirated movies; #Twitter is also now hosting the worst of right wing extremism, thanks to #ElonMusk and his parade of nonstop #nazi supporters. They are also uploading videos of #racist right wing extremists shooting people of other races & religions, because those are the people who #Elon connects with, it turns out.

3 months ago

#Trump is bragging that his ancestors never owned #slaves, as if that's some high bar of personal character. Note that he doesn't mention the fact that his ancestors were documented members of the #KKK who were arrested for actions against #black people. Or the fact that Trump and his father both have a documented history of #discrimination against black Americans. Trump is a verified #racist regardless of the fact that his family didn't own slaves.

Alexander Hay
3 months ago


"Nels Abbey: Dear white Britain: we hate to say we told you so about #BorisJohnson – but we told you so...

"...Far from making him a pariah, his early catalogue of #Racist waffle... helped to propel Johnson to success..."

"...Thanks to Johnsonian diversity, Britain now has more... minorities in positions of power than ever. But... he used it to undermine... racial progress in society at large."

#UKPolitics #News #UKPol #Racism