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6 days ago

Thanks to my wonderful company in car in #RailStrike to #MCIMUN #FACupFinal Lincs return. Top chat about Kane (must buy #MUFC), De Gea (must go), Maguire (must go), ETH (right direction), #MCFC (unstoppable), playing golf, running legendary fish & chip shops and Vegas weddings 🙌

Bob Jamieson
3 weeks ago

Aslef hails ScotRail pay deal as it urges UK Government to intervene
THE train drivers’ union has called on Westminster to match the example of Scotland and Wales and introduce pay deals it believes will end widespread strikes in England.

#RailStrike #Scotland #Wales #aslef

1 month ago

Just when you thought it was safe to think about traveling by train again.

- - - -

RMT joins train drivers’ union in announcing fresh rail strikes

#RailStrike #railway #trains

Paul Ryan (Wisteela) ✅
1 month ago

Good on them

BBC News - Rail workers to strike on 13 May on Eurovision final


Benedict Rogers 羅傑斯
3 months ago

Very sadly, I'm now unable to speak at this rally for #HongKong #FreeHKPoliticalPrisoners tomorrow, due to the #RailStrike. I have no way to get into London for the protest. But #HongKongers, my @hk_watch colleague @SamGoodman22 will be there, & of course I'm with you in spirit

3 months ago

'How Biden Crushing Railway Strike Caused Ohio Train Derailment'..#OhioTrainDisaster #Biden #Dems..#railstrike

Not Wally the Green Monster
4 months ago

Dear #journalists - Can the cause of the Ohio train derailment please be investigated further?

This was a Norfolk Southern train. That company enjoyed $3.24 billion in profits last year, and they benefitted from President Biden outlawing a #RailStrike from rail workers. One of the complaints from rail workers was train safety.

If you find that Norfolk Southern can make trains safer by hiring more workers, will you please report it?

Headline: "A defect in a rail car axle caused the massive Ohio train wreck..."
Pauline von Hellermann
4 months ago
Old Geezer's Diary
5 months ago

Life in the slow lane + digital exclusion on the rails: Old Geezers Diary, 21 Jan 2023
WATCH: In a Dutch supermarket chain, there's now a slow lane for people who want a chat . . . and if you use rail services, prepare to say good bye to helpful station ticket office staff! More problems for the 3 million non-internet pensioners!
#oldgeezershow #olderpeople #railstrike

La grève des cheminots au Royaume-Uni est la plus grande grève depuis trente ans, une histoire racontée par Ken Loach dans The Navigators :
#strikes #railstrike

Jude Jackson
5 months ago

Rail workers cannot stand aside as the RMT, the government and the employers finalise a rotten deal. The blocking of unified action by the rail unions must be opposed and the struggle taken out of their hands.

UK rail workers resume strikes as Network Rail declares sell-out deal within “touching distance” - World Socialist Web Site

#RailStrikes #RMT #RailStrike #RailWorkers #GeneralStrike

Pascal Jacquemain
5 months ago

The #railStrike meant my daughter was unable to return home from Manchester airport and we had to go and fetch her.
3.5 hours drive I didn't particularly enjoy but I still support the strikers.

Real Quack
5 months ago



I wanted to reach out to who my new #Representative would be about the #RailStrike and I couldn't because their website with asked for my address and then tossed me to my then-current #Reprehensible

The thing is my new rep absolutely would listen to constituents who weren't donors. Former rep, less-so. And my new rep might have been able to reach out to my old rep, if I could have communicated with them.

5 months ago

Thought this was apt at the moment with all the strikes being condemned by multi millionaire politicians and v wealthy media stars #nursesstrike #railstrike

Andy Pandy
5 months ago

My lift to Nottingham for #CCP4SW Weds - Fri has fallen through, due to various respiratory viruses taking out the driver. So, deciding whether to risk the train instead.
Looks like I would have to miss the last session owing to the #RailStrike and still a bit of a concern about others passing on unwanted Christmas 'gifts' even with the low in-person attendance this year.

Cllr George Potter
5 months ago

No thank you South Western Railway, I do not want to be a scab for your overpaid executives to wage a public relations war against your workforce simply because they won't roll over and accept a real-terms paycut.

#politics #strike #railstrike #southwesternrailway #swr

Screenshot of an email which says:

Dear Councillor George Potter,

This e-mail is to provide you with some updated information on the impact of the strikes planned on the SWR network between 3rd and 7th January.

I have included a copy of the press release below. You may find the Q&A on our strike information page at helpful when dealing with any queries yourself. 

We would be very grateful if you could help maximise awareness of the strikes’ impact on service patterns by retweeting relevant @SWR_Help Tweets from
snaprails (Don Constance)
5 months ago

UK #railstrike 1800 24th December till 0600 27th December
So does this mean....
Santa's a #scab!
#trains #NorthPoleInternational

Desktop railway departure board showing Christmas special service from North Pole International station
Benedict Rogers 羅傑斯
6 months ago

This #Christmas, as many of us enjoy - despite #CostOfLivingCrisis - a home, some warmth & food & - despite #railstrike - time with loved ones, let's never forget those in crisis: ➡️the homeless in our streets ➡️internally displaced in #Myanmar ➡️those in danger in #Ukraine /

Benedict Rogers 羅傑斯
6 months ago

THREAD ON #STRIKES: I have a huge amount of sympathy with the nurses' strike, though I question the ethics. I have very little sympathy with the #railstrike For the nurses, a 19% pay rise is not realistic, but we all know that nurses deserve as significant a rise as possible/

Jude Jackson
6 months ago

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) is negotiating surrender terms to end the seven-month rail dispute.

Wales agreement proposed by #RMT union as template for betraying UK #railstrike - World Socialist Web Site

Hearts of Oak
6 months ago

Rail chiefs and unions faced fury on Monday for running no trains from more than 40 stations in London and the wider South despite there being no strike action.

One London MP said she was “appalled” at the failure to put any trains on from parts of the capital.

Other services which normally run at least every 15 minutes were reduced to hourly services.
#UK #RailStrike

At the #RoundHouse #union workers brave the cold to #protest STRIKE BREAKING and the contract [written by Rail CEOs] forced on them by #Congress.

Labor deserve better then what congress gave them.

#RailStrikes #RailStrike #strike #labor #santafe #NewMexico #SupportRailWorkers

6 months ago
Veirling | #MMIWG
6 months ago

It's pretty sad seeing federal legislators trying to launder their involvement in breaking the rail strike. I mean, the best we can hope for is they didn't really get they were breaking a strike at the time? I kinda hope so, because if it was conscious then that's really bleak.

#RewritingHistory #RailStrike #RailroadStrike #Politics #StrikeBreaking #Bleak

Mat Ricardo
6 months ago

Spent most of the day utilising many modes of transport to get to my gig last night, during the train strike (Which I fully suport!)

Worth it!

#vlog #travelvlog #cabaret #burlesque #railstrike #uk

Janice Thomas
6 months ago

Sir John who? #LBC he hasn’t got a clue #NHSWorkersNeedAPayrise #NHSStrikes #railstrike #posties

Another day, another picket line - #Solidarity with members on strike today!

Excellent that talks are ongoing - hoping for some positive outcomes.


Solidarity message from the Universities & Colleges Union to the RMT. Top half, on a diagonal from bottom left to top right, in bright pink; bottom half in dark green. Text reads 'I stand with RMT members'. Includes the logos of both unions.

Had a great Rail Union protest this past Tuesday with many workers and unions represented.

The message was clear. A congressionally imposed contract (especially one written by Rail Industry) violated the union's ability to negotiate a fair contract.

#union #railstrike #NewMexico #strike #strikes

#Solidarity with members on strike today!

Keep warm on the pickets - you're fighting for things important to all of us, not least safety & proper pay!


Solidarity message from the Universities & Colleges Union to the RMT. Top half, on a diagonal from bottom left to top right, in bright pink; bottom half in dark green. Text reads 'I stand with RMT members'. Includes the logos of both unions.
Richard Shaw
6 months ago

South West trains appear to be using the strikes as an excuse to cut services across the Christmas period.
Industrial action on the 14th and 24th of December really shouldn't be affecting travel on the 21st.

This is a company that treats both passengers and workers with contempt.
#RailStrike #Privitisaiton

IWW DMV Education Workers
6 months ago

The DC #IWW stands in full solidarity with railroad workers in all their struggles!

#RailStrike #solidarity #union #WashingtonDC #dmv

New England FAS
6 months ago

We encourage the railworkers to strike!

#unions #railworkers #RailStrike #Workers #strike

The Federation of Anarchists and Syndicalists stands in solidarity with railway workers for better working conditions.
   It is disappointing but not surprising that Congress and the Biden Administration have intervened on behalf of the bosses. Utilizing the authority of the Railway Labor Act, Congress passed, and President Joe Biden signed legislation forcing unions representing 115,000 railway workers-a majority-to accept a membership rejected contract that guarantees only one day of paid sick leave. Despite the enormous revenues of the railway industry, which among the top seven railways is a combined revenue of $89.11 billion dollars, the workers only asked for 15 paid sick leave days-and the railways refused to give it to them. 
   BASTA-ENOUGH! Down with the bosses! Solidarity to the workers! Join them as they rally in Worcester, MA and elsewhere across the country for a better deal! It is only through struggle that workers can manage to survive and liberate themselves from the yoke of capitalism. Through our struggle, we learn that WE are the only ones who can keep ourselves safe, can take care of one another, and help one another get free - not politicians, not bosses, not political parties!
Jude Jackson
6 months ago

Forty thousand members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) are striking against Network Rail and 14 train operating companies this week in their seven-month-long battle for a pay rise and against restructuring.

#RMT #RailStrikes #RailStrike

Preston Maness ☭
6 months ago

Working through Michael Parenti's Democracy for the Few right now. Got to this passage in chapter five, and was intrigued by the examples given for government intervention on behalf of the interests of the ruling class against the working class. Lo and behold, the robber baron rail bosses have always been huge pieces of shit, and #Biden is well and truly in absolutely atrocious company.

#socialism #communism #marxism #capitalism #RailStrike #politics #uspol #MichaelParenti #Parenti #DemocracyForTheFew

When government intervened in the economy, it was almost invariably on the side of the strong against the weak. The unemployment, misery and hunger that beset great numbers of miners, farmers and laborers did little to enlist the efforts of public officials, but when rebellious workers seized the railroads, civil authorities were moved to energetic measures on behalf of corporate property. During the depression of 1873, many railroads became battlefields between strikers and militia. When militia units proved unreliable, federal troops were brought in. From that time, "the industrial barons made a habit of calling soldiers to their assistance; and armories were erected in
the principal cities as measures of convenience."^2 Short of having the regular army permanently garrisoned in industrialized areas, as was the desire of some corporate owners, government officials took steps "to establish an effective anti-radical National Guard." ^3

In most instances, the high-ranking officials who were quick to use force against workers were themselves men of property, like president Cleveland's Attorney General, Richard Olney, a millionaire owner of railroad securities, a man of "self-righteous, ruthless, and property-loving nature"^4 who used antitrust laws, court injunctions, mass arrests, labor spies, undercover provocateurs, deputy marshals and federal troops against workers and their unions. " A long step forward was being taken by which our national government authority and police apparatus were being applied to the defensive needs of large capitalist enterprises."^5 From the local magistrate to the President and the Supreme Court, the forces of law and order were utilized to crush the "conspiracy" of labor. The very laws they had found to be unworkable against the well-known monopolistic and collusive practices of business were noe invoked "with remarkable promptness and effectiveness against the associations of laborers." ^6
6 months ago
Wolfgang 🎶= Me + Dog ☑️
6 months ago

A great way to get to know people is the profiles directory on - lots of union people, labor organizers and pro-labor artisans, citizen journalists or just plain down right decent people who understand the value of #unionization. It's also a good way to show support for #labor and BTW keep abreast of the #railstrike the #Universityofcalifornia strke and others.

The Railway Labor Act Allowed Congress to Break the Rail Strike. We Should Get Rid of It.

#union #RailStrike #strike #WorkersRights

6 months ago

I'm glad that #Politicians and railroad companies aren't using propaganda bots to try to change our minds...

#Tories, are you behind this? Or is it someone related to your friend Vlad?


#Propaganda #Twitter #Birdsite #RailStrike #RailRoad #Union #UnionStrong #UnionBusting #Dishonesty #SickDays #Bots #RMT #UK

Four different Twitter accounts post the same message in defense of railroad companies:  "Cards on the table, I'm a train driver, I'm on 75k a year plus overtime, I left RMT in the summer.  This is an orchestrated coup by militant unions and the left wing media to bring down a democratically elected government.  For the record, I was awarded an 8.5% pay rise in May."
Anoosh J
6 months ago

Remember: memes are collectively held. You can’t “steal” this from me. It belongs to all of us!

Sick leave should be a fundamental right of all work. We all benefit when a sick person stays home instead of spreading illness.

I support the rail workers!


An illustration of Marx with a muscled, superhero body holding a sledgehammer and a sickle, running forward. His costume is red overalls over a gray t-shirt and red gloves. The text reads, “I’’m joining the War on Christmas on the side of the Rail Strike.”
Terra Jones
6 months ago

"we can't afford more paid sick leave" = "work or die, peasant"

Turning to politics, we have to wonder if Biden backing the railroad companies over labor will have an effect on the 2024 election and beyond. Biden turned his back on labor when they needed him the most, but Democrats need union backing to win elections. So what happens now? #railstrike #railstrikeUS #laborrights

This situation, created by Biden, will cause supply chain disruptions and increase the chances of a train hauling hazardous materials causing an incident in a city it's rolling through. #railstrike #railstrikeUS #laborrights

So where do we go from here? The Biden admin has backed the bosses, leaving railroad workers in an untenable situation. This will cause railroad worker attrition, and these jobs will be tough to fill because who wants to be in their situation? #railstrike #railstrikeUS #laborrights

3. This wasn't mentioned in the episode, but it's important to know that railroad workers don't pay into Social Security. They have their own retirement program, but if they quit or get fired, then railwork workers will lose the retirement pension that they've paid into throughout their whole career. So railroad companies really have their workforce stretched over a rack here. #railstrike #railstrikeUS #laborrights

2. Railroad companies have put a draconian points system in place which penalizes railroad workers for taking time off from work for any reason. If a worker gets sick and cannot perform their job, points get taken away. Workers who lose too many points get fired. This places railroad workers in a situation where they'll potentially get fired if they become sick, all while they don't have enough free time to even schedule a doctor's appointment. #railstrike #railstrikeUS #laborrights

Key takeaways from that episode of Cyber:

1. Railroad workers' biggest concerns about their labor conditions were dismissed by their employers, Congress, and the Biden admin. Many railroad workers are forced to spend 90% of their time - as in 90% available for work, and 10% for everything else - either at work or on call. #railstrike #railstrikeUS #laborrights

Vice's Cyber podcast has a great episode about labor issues with railroad workers, why they wanted to strike, and what comes next after Congress and Biden turned their backs on the workers. #railstrike #railstrikeUS #laborrights

Wolfgang 🎶= Me + Dog ☑️
6 months ago

If #American #workers truly understood how badly they were being treated compared to the rest of the industrialized world, there would be a revolution.

Guaranteed paid days off:

🇺🇸0 zero zilch nada nothing
Props to @TheUSASingers for this. We will be boosting with CW, sans the glare of the "sensitive content" light-bomb. Everybody follow the Singers, they're spot on.#labor #sickday #paidleave #RailStrike

Karen Boylan
6 months ago

@conradhackett Essential enough to be forced to work. Not essential enough to get sick days. #RailStrike

Veirling | #MMIWG
6 months ago

Strike-breaking 101, always blame somebody worse than you for your own malfeasance


Reporter: 'How soon should rail workers expect sick days?'

Pres. Biden: 'As soon as I can convince Republicans to see the light.'

- from Now This News

#StrikeBreaking #RailStrike #RailroadStrike

6 months ago

tfw you're hoping to run into a rail worker to convince them to wildcat strike. #strike #wildcat #rail #RailWorkers #rwu #railroad #RailStrike #DSA #labor #1u #SocialistSunday #organizers

Black shirt that reads S.T.R.I.K.E. in a font meant to mimic the DARE logo from the 80s and 90s antidrug campaign. Subtitle says "to build a fighting working class."
Delia Christina
6 months ago

I'm not going to assume the actions the rail workers will take will be a strike, per se, but I'm going to anticipate disruption of some kind.

The disruption will likely be painful - esp b/c the average US citizen hates feeling deprived and disrupted in *any* way. This CBS news item from November gives me an idea of what to expect.

I like being prepared.

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter

Niagara Frontier JBGC
6 months ago

Federation of #Anarchists and #Syndicalists released a statement regarding the #RailStrike in solidarity with #rail #workers.

#Caturday #RailStrike
Cashew and Sapphy support a #Wildcat #RailroadStrike

Cashew (calico cat) on left looking at camera & Sapphy (tortoise shell cat) on the right looking at camera
Alice Marshall
6 months ago

#TheOnion #RailStrike

Biden Signs Legislation To Avert Crisis Of Treating Rail Workers Like Humans

7. The representatives of rank-and-file workers outside the rail industry pledge to use all means available to us to mobilize our coworkers to defend railroaders. Experience has proven that this is a battle that can only be won through the independent organization of workers themselves, outside of the control of the corrupt union apparatus. We cannot let railroaders fight Congress and corporate America on their own.
#Rail #Railroad #RailStrike #RailroadStrike #solidarity

6. The support of the working class, combined with their central role in the US and world economy, gives railroaders enormous power. The fact that Congress was compelled to rapidly intervene to try and block a strike is a sign of weakness and fear on the part of the corporate oligarchy. But their advantage is that they are aware of this weakness, and have responded with a coordinated, well-organized campaign against railroaders.
#Rail #Railroad #RailStrike #RailroadStrike #solidarity

5. The issues that railroaders face are common to all workers. They include brutal scheduling and overwork, understaffing, and a decline in real wages due to skyrocketing inflation and rising cost of living. But on the basis of massive exploitation, the railroads and all of the major corporations are making record profits.
#Rail #Railroad #RailStrike #RailroadStrike #solidarity

4. Biden and Congress cynically claim that an injunction is needed to spare “working people” from shortages. But working people don’t support an injunction; they support the railroaders. They want to join with them in a common fight for decent wages and working conditions. This is what Congress really fears. :solidarity:
#Rail #Railroad #RailroadStrike #RailStrike #solidarity

3 (continued). Meanwhile, the contract votes and strike deadlines were delayed for weeks, without consulting workers, strengthening Congress’ hand and giving them time to prepare anti-strike legislation.
#Rail #Railroad #RailStrike #RailroadStrike #solidarity

3. The union bureaucracy bears responsibility for this situation because it repeatedly violated clear instructions by the rank-and-file and sabotaged their struggle. The rail unions worked with Biden and the carriers to try and ram through the contract that workers rejected. Instead of lifting a finger against the danger of congressional intervention, they used it to try to convince workers to approve the deal.
#RailStrike #RailroadStrike #union #solidarity #railroad

2. As representatives of rank-and-file rail workers, we declare that, as far as we are concerned, there is no contract, whether Congress passes legislation or not. Congress, one of the most hated institutions in America, has no right to override the democratic rights of workers. If the apparatus of the unions signs these agreements, they do so in violation of the express will of the rank-and-file. Therefore, railroad workers reserve the right to organize and prepare collective action

Here is the full statement, had issues with alt text:
1. We declare Congress’ move to impose a contract on railroaders that they rejected to be completely illegitimate. It is an attack on the democratic and Constitutional rights, including the right to strike and the right to participate in a meaningful contract vote, not only of railroaders, but of the entire working class. If it succeeds, it will set a precedent that will be used against other sections of workers in the future.

#RailStrike #union #RailroadStrike :solidarity:
The Railroad Workers Rank-and-File Committee has announced an online rally this Tues at 7 pm EST, register here:
Supporters are encouraged to attend!! :solidarity:
If you are a railroad worker, To join the Railroad Workers Rank-and-File Committee (RWRFC) email or text (314) 529-1064
The RWRFC issues the following statement, declaring congress & the presidents attempts to crush a rail strike illegitimate:

Railroad Workers United logo with a train labeled RWU over North America
6 months ago

I'm sorry, but I still can't find an answer.

Can someone tell me why we keep asking the workers if a few sick days are worth shutting down the economy?

Shouldn't we instead be asking the railroad companies why they are threatening to destroy this country in order to deprive their workers of a few measley sick days?

#railstrike #railroadstrike #strike #union

Cap'n Mastodon
6 months ago

If a #strike causes major disruption, that's not the fault of #labor.

Don't blame the #workers who want to have sick days during a #pandemic -- blame the #capitalists who decide that slightly more obscene profit is more important than the lives and livelihoods of our #EssentialWorkers . Blame the #RobberBarons who are willing to risk all of us in a radically unequal game of chicken.

This isn't on #labor. Support the #RailStrike and the #unions .

6 months ago

The paid sick leave for rail workers just failed to pass in the Senate. The majority of Americans want it. The majority of Senators voted for it. This country is not a republic or a democracy. #republicans #usa #politics #railstrike

6 months ago

Yup yup yup 🤔 Biden and Dems failed to stand in #solidarity with #railroad workers. I guess more than one paid sick day is too much to ask for in 🇺🇸. 🚂 industry 💰💰comes first I guess. #union #railstrike

Eat the Rich Jefferson
6 months ago

Not sure who still needs to hear this, but if your business is making record profits and your employees are on strike for reasonable and humane compensation and benefits, then if one party needs to be forced to make concessions for the “good of the country” it isn’t the workers that should have to do that. And if you’re mismanaging something so vital that the nation can’t afford the interruption, maybe you’re so vital you should be nationalized? #Unions #RailStrike #LateStageCapitalism

6 months ago

If you're a #rail #worker for the Class 1s in #Iowa and have an opinion on the #Biden statement calling on Congress to preemptively stop the #railstrike, I would love to hear from you. Writing a quick piece on it today for Iowa Starting Line.

#union #unions #railworkerstrike #railroad

7 months ago

The looming #railstrike is primarily being framed as rail workers threatening the supply chain with their ostentatious demand of
*checks notes*
wanting a job that doesn't make them be on call every hour of every day.

#Labor #journalists: look up "precision scheduled railroading." Talk with folks at #unions whose members are actually subject to this policy (not all are).

And consider railroad execs have a vested interest in passing the buck.