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"Transport itself is a liberation vehicle. It liberates working-class communities. If it’s cheap, affordable, safe, well-scheduled, and all the rest of it, you certainly get an uplift....The Tories just want to cut it to the bone because they’re not interested in it. They don’t use it; it’s not in their communities. Their people are driving around in Range Rovers"

Good interview with Mick Lynch of the RMT in #Tribune
#RailStrikes #Railways #UKPolitics #MickLynch #RMT

1 week ago

Mick Lynch: ‘This Is a Battle for the Future of the Railway’

Mick #Lynch sits down with #Tribune to discuss the latest #railstrikes, how the government is scuppering negotiations – and why rail workers are prepared to keep on fighting.

4 weeks ago

"German rail workers announce nationwide 50-hour strike starting this Sunday"

Think of it as an extended Ruhezeit, or four-day weekend.

#RailStrikes #Germany

Pledge number 4 from the CONservatives is to make NHS waiting lists fall and provide the care that people need.

Their "promise" in December 22 didn't even last 6 MONTHS before they reneged on it.

OK -sure, so I wonder how THAT is going to happen if the CONservatives are cutting £250 MILLION from #SocialCare funding and recruitment. #ToryFascistDictatorship caused the
#RawSewage dumped
So many #BrexitBenefits

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3 months ago

RMT members have voted to accept the latest pay offer. Key features of the offer include an uplift on salaries of between 14.4 per cent for the lowest paid grades to 9.2 per cent for the highest paid.

It also included a total uplift on basic earnings between 15.2 per cent for the lowest paid grades to 10.3 per cent for the highest paid grades.
Strikes work. I hope #NHS workers take heart from this and reject the govt's insulting offer.

#RMT #RailStrikes #UKPolitics

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3 months ago

Very glad that my colleague @SamGoodman22 was able to speak on behalf of @hk_watch at today's London rally for #HongKong #47Democrats #FreeHKPoliticalPrisoners I would have been there had it not been for #RailStrikes which left me unable to get there - but am with #HK in spirit

Jude Jackson
4 months ago

“Rail workers need to take the dispute out of the hands of the RMT executive which is strangling it. Rank-and-file committees must be established to determine the course of action and draw up demands for a pay rise and defence of terms and conditions against the restructuring and re-privatisation agenda.”

#RailStrikes #RMT #GeneralStrike

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4 months ago

Rail strikes could last until 2026, union chief warns | Morning Star
>Aslef members return to pickets for a series of 24-hour strikes

Better Media
4 months ago

Following up our thread from last week about the 1983 CPBF programme 'Why Their News Is Bad News', we've written up a longer blog of highlights from the programme. Fascinating parallels to #BBC coverage of current #railstrikes!


4 months ago

"Education is in crisis" in the UK.

After 13 years of #Tory misrule, can anyone name a public service that ISN'T in crisis?

A friend suggested "the BBC", but while that may not currently have a funding crisis, it has plenty of problems created over the last 13 years.

A poster explaining why teachers in the UK are striking. Education is underfunded, with too many teaching positions vacant leading to excessive workloads & yet more vacancies as staff leave for less stressful & better paid jobs.
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5 months ago

A warning for anybody travelling to #FOSDEM by rail from the UK in two weeks time. There are rail strikes planned for Wednesday 1st Feb and Friday 3rd Feb. Friday is the day most of us will be travelling.

The #Eurostar is running on both those days, but it might be difficult to get to London by rail.

One option is to take the train to London on Thursday 2nd Feb, stay in a hotel overnight, then Eurostar to Brussels on Friday.

#RailStrikes #FOSDEM2023 #UKRail

5 months ago

This poll from Opinium is not good news for the Tories and Sunak.

#RailStrikes #RMT #MickLynch #RishiSunak

Chart from Opinium showing approval for the RMT trade union is a lot higher than the British government.
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5 months ago

I was so impressed with Mick Lynch, Frank Ward and Mick Whelan at the Select Committee yesterday. If only we had the quality of these people as MP's. If only. #RailStrikes #Unions #MP's #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #SelectCommittee #ParliamentTV #Fediverse #Mastodon

As reported by Adam Bychawski for CentralBylines (reposting from their instance)

"Rail firm paid shareholders £500m before asking workers to take wage cut.

CEOs of the six biggest train companies took home a combined salary of more than £5m in 2020"

Basically shareholders and management made good, asked workers to suck up a pay cut and unsafe working conditions to keep it going.


Rail firm paid shareholders £500m before asking workers to take wage cut

CEOs of the six biggest train companies took home a combined salary of more than £5m in 2020

Adam Bychawski @CentralBylines

#RailStrikes #RMT

@BylineTimes @SydesJokes

Ruth Mottram
5 months ago

Trying to plan #train travel to UK in February (because #FlyingLess).
Anyone have any idea if #RMT #RailStrikes have been scheduled for February yet and where I might find information - not getting much on a #FWSE?

Also #UKBorderForce strikes? Any further details?

Fully vaccinated against everything so hoping to avoid encounter with #UKNursesStrike... 😬

#UKstrike #UKStrikes #UKRailStrike #UKBorder #UKBorderStrike

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 06: RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch takes questions ... While he would love nothing more than to see a general strike, ...
Sunak must seize the opportunity to break the unions forever

#Politics #politicsuk #RailStrikes . Is #HMG pulling back from #Standoff with the #Unions ?
You all know where I stand. #Solidarity #ToriesOut #RejoinEU ✊💖🇪🇺 xxPalky

5 months ago

British Trains: Did Privatisation Cause the Current Chaos?

#tldrnews #britian #britishrail #politics #railstrikes

5 months ago

The fundamental problem in Britain today isn’t strikes, it’s an economy that makes strikes necessary – record numbers are seeking help from Trussell Trust food banks..” #RishiSunak #r4today #NursesStrike #AmbulanceStrikes #RailStrikes

Lorraine RT
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Hampshire Karin
5 months ago

We need a rail service for the many, not the few (shareholders). Driver only trains aren’t safe for drivers or passengers & aren’t accessible for many with disabilities.

We need a nationalised rail service with subsidised fares to make rail travel affordable for all to reduce car use.

We need a government which is proactive for the #ManyNotTheFew & to reduce #CO2Emissions

#PassengerSafety #DisabilityRights #RailStrikes #ClimateChange

Jude Jackson
5 months ago

Rail workers cannot stand aside as the RMT, the government and the employers finalise a rotten deal. The blocking of unified action by the rail unions must be opposed and the struggle taken out of their hands.

UK rail workers resume strikes as Network Rail declares sell-out deal within “touching distance” - World Socialist Web Site

#RailStrikes #RMT #RailStrike #RailWorkers #GeneralStrike

Rosie Walters
5 months ago

Train strikes: Rail union leader Mick Lynch claims No 10 lying on first day of New Year walkout.
#SameOldTories #RailStrikes

JuneSim63 💚
5 months ago

#Solidarity with all the rail workers striking this week for an inflation proof pay rise and against rail operators' proposals to make our railways unsafe in their quest for profit.
#RailStrikes #RMT #ASLEF #UKPolitics

GMB national secretary Rachel Harrison declared, “We are overwhelmed by Wednesday's amazing public support for our paramedics and ambulance staff.

The union leaders are terrified that support for nurses and ambulance workers could galvanise millions who see in the attacks on NHS workers a link between the fight to defend public health and their own struggle to defend their livelihoods.
UK trade union bureaucracy tries to sabotage mounting strike wave
London bus workers at Abellio to strike. Road strikes by National Highways employees will continue in the West Midlands and the South West.
January 2023 strike dates: When trains, nurses and buses are striking and if there are more Royal Mail strikes
JuneSim63 💚
6 months ago

"Many of those taking action today are fighting not only for increased wages, but to save their industries, just as the miners did in 1984 and 1985. The constant cuts to our NHS and the privatisation by stealth of our health services represents a threat to its existence and to the nation’s health"

#Solidarity with all UK key workers on strike today.

#UKStrikes #UKPolitics #Strikes #KeyWorkers #RailStrikes #NursesStrikes #PostalStrikes #RoyalMail #NHS

At the #RoundHouse #union workers brave the cold to #protest STRIKE BREAKING and the contract [written by Rail CEOs] forced on them by #Congress.

Labor deserve better then what congress gave them.

#RailStrikes #RailStrike #strike #labor #santafe #NewMexico #SupportRailWorkers

Exploding Heads
6 months ago

📞"You know who's at fault for these train strikes? It's Jeremy Corbyn! He's trying to take us back to the 1970s!"

🎙️"I thought you wanted us back in the 1970s?"

📞"I did, but not this part😡"

Colin from Portsmouth is fuming over the train strikes, despite not being affected.

#rmt #strikes #railstrikes #micklynch #colinfromportsmouth

Alexander Hay
6 months ago

I see the #BBC #news site is bending over backwards to paint the #railstrikes (and #MickLynch) in the worst light possible, up to and including accusing Lynch of being a latter #Grinch.

Look at the language used, which emphasises the disruption and 'militancy' of the strikes, while downplaying the context and reasons behind it. The Beeb is funded by the public, and I would argue that is a good thing, but it takes them for fools

"His master's voice", as ever.

JuneSim63 💚
6 months ago

"The RMT general secretary told a press conference on Thursday: “This negotiation and this dispute is one of the most corrupt set-ups you will ever see in corporate life in Britain.”

Railway companies “will not settle, cannot settle and have got no motivation to settle because they’re not losing any money” because the government is indemnifying them against losses of revenue, with taxpayers’ money."
#RMT #RailStrikes #UKPolitics #MickLynch

6 months ago

@Haggis Mick Lynch for PM, I say! #RailStrikes #RMT

Hamish Kallin
7 months ago

#RMT have anounced more #RailStrikes in the run up to Christmas. Massively inconvenient for me: I'm going to miss a football match, have fewer days with my family. Am I angry with the #union? Not at all! I'm angry with this bloody government, with the indignity of their silence. #Solidarity with all striking workers! Victory to the RMT!

Craig Nicol
7 months ago

Didn't hear this in the news. #RailStrikes #RMTstrikes #RMTsolidarity

Three years ago we accepted a 0% pay rise, two years ago we accepted a 0% pay rise. But this year they came to us with a 0% pay rise plus over 2500 redundancies, changes to terms and conditions. An increase from 28 weeks of nights to 39 weeks of nights. An increase from 32 weekends worked to 39 weekends worked. Currently for a night shift we get time and a quarter, for a weekend turn we get time and a half. They wish to cut both of these to time and a tenth. So that's a 15% pay cut on every night shift and a 40% pay cut on every weekend turn. But they want us to work more of them. This is their modernisation they talk about. Not technology, we embrace technology and have seen more and more of it in recent years. They also wish to fire and re-hire the operative grades and bring them back under a new job title but on £9000 a year less. They also want them to use their own vehicles to get to work sites, this when fuel is at its highest. They will also be pooled when currently they are part of the team. The press are painting this to be about pay above all else. It is not. But now we've said sod them we are going to demand better. I wish everyone could see past the government controlled media smear.