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#Ukraine️ vs. #Russia
Why is it OK for #Putin to decimate cities in Ukraine as well as #Rape #murder & abduct Ukraine's children BUT IT'S NOT OK FOR UKRAINE TO HAVE APPROPRIATE WEAPONS TO STRIKE BACK AT #Moscow!? This redefines the term #DoubleStandard!

Anders Baerbock
2 days ago

If a man raped your great-grandmother, then the regular descendants of that man (those that were not the product of rape) are not your brothers and sisters, and you should neither bear nor inherit the name of the rapist.

This is especially important when the descendants of the rapist feel proud of the rape.

No descendant of american indigenous peoples, nowadays half-breed, should bear a spanish surname.

#America #colonialism #rape

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#nsfw #rape

Nabbit captures Toadette from her toad house, jumping off with her in a bag. She looks quite distressed
Now in Nabbit's hideout, Toadette is tied up and disrobed in a way that exposes her butt and cunny. Nabbit is petting a seemingly rubber Chain Chomp as it drools, it's tail is at least partway inserted into Toadette's butt
The Chain Chomp has lunged off screen, tugging its tail out of Toadette's booty, shock, tears, and a slight blush covers her face as she orgasms from the stimulation. Nabbit, amused over this whole ordeal, cutely clap their hands (good for them).
Poetry News
3 days ago

Russell Brand's comedy was bold,
But underneath, a darkness untold,
Did his jokes mask his rape,
Dirty secrets in Hollywood's cape?
Chaos, secrets and questions arise #RussellBrand #Rape #SexualComedy #Hollywood

#russellbrand #rape #sexualcomedy #hollywood #poetry

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Ron White stood outside the Swim team bus waiting for the other swimmers to load up. He watched Greg McBane across the parking lot as the All-State Champion was being interviewed by several dozen reporters. Greg had, after all, just capped off his College diving career with a blistering win and the state College diving championship.

Ron smiled to himself. Greg was the best, he had to admit it. The guy was awesome on a springboard. And, other places. His eyes drifted down the bulge in the front of Greg' tight team warmup pants. The Diver had a fabulous package. And, that ass. Oh yes - that ass. The stirring between Ron's legs and the thoughts that were running through his mind now led him to reach down and give his stiffening cock a few loving, hungry tugs.

"Hey, Ron - great meet," Jessie Faust said as he stepped up beside the award-winning butterfly swimmer and slapped him on the shoulder.
"Hey, Jessie. Thanks, man. It did go pretty well..." Ron agreed as he smiled. His mind suddenly clicked on something else. Jessie, Greg McBane, Ted, and he would be sharing a room tonight back at the motel. He reached out and grabbed Jessie's arm to pull him several feet from anyone else's line of hearing. "Need a favor, Jess- I'll, um... I'll make it worth your while," he offered in hushed tones.

"Sure, Ron. I'll do anything for you, man - you know that," Jessie replied with a blush. He had a pretty major case of hero worship towards Ron White.

He had an even bigger case of hero worship for the golden blond Diver standing on the other side of the parking lot in front of all of those reporters and television cameras. Greg McBane was his number one idol. The starting Diver had taken him under his wing and had really taught him a lot about diving in general, and about being a Synchro Diver in particular.

"Just name it, Ron," he emphasized.

"Cool. Tonight - when we're back at the motel," Ron said quietly. He paused for a moment to look around and make sure that nobody was within earshot. As his eyes once again shifted across the parking lot and focused on the handsome, tanned smiling face of Greg McBane, he said, "I need you to take a walk for a while tonight."

"Okay..." Jessie said cautiously. There was a strange tone in his teammate's voice as he made this request. So strange, in fact, that it made the little hairs on his neck stand on end. Curiosity immediately began running rampantly through his imagination. "Am I allowed to ask why?"

"Me and Ted are gonna rape Mr. All-American Diver tonight, Jess," Ron advised the back up Diver. "there's an abandoned warehouse in the lot behind the motel, Were going to tie Greg Up and drag him there where we can have some privacy while we use that hot mouth and that tight ass of his," Ron said as he looked Jess in the eyes. He noted the look of shocked disbelief that filled Jessie Faust's eyes. Ron felt his face flushas he realized how easily he had revealed his plan to his teammate.

The jocks jaw dropped as he heard Ron White's plans for Greg McBane. Even more astonishing to him was that Ted Miles, Greg' best friend and synchro diving partner, was in on the idea.

"You're uh... You're not serious. You're kidding... Right?" Jessie asked hesitantly. He could not believe what he was hearing and yet, at the same time, he felt a strange heat erupt deep inside his groin.

He glanced across the parking lot and studied his hero. His number one hero of all time. Greg was the hottest hunk that Jessie had ever seen...and he was straight. The thought of Greg being raped by Ron and Ted was strangely exciting to him. Why?

"Yeah, I'm serious, Jess. I'm dead, fucking serious," Ron said firmly. He glanced at his teammate, grabbed his letter Jacket and pulled him within an inch of his face. "And, if anyone finds out about this..."

"Nobody will find out from me, Ron - I swear. I said that I would do anything for you. I meant that," Jessie argued apprehensively. He knew Ron White's temper. Everyone knew Ron White's temper. He smiled nervously as he found himself wishing that Ron's plan included him watching Ron and Ted gang rape Greg - maybe even joining in and getting a piece of his hero for himself.

Ron grinned sinisterly. He thought that he had recognized a glint in Jessie's eyes every now and then when he looked at Greg. Just now, as the kid stared across the parking lot at Greg, he licked his lips. Ron thought silently, "Maybe he would like to do more than get lost. Maybe he would like to join and make it a three-way rape of our boy, Greg."

He elbowed Jess. "You want a piece of his ass too?" He nodded enticingly in Greg' direction. "You want to join me and Ted and throw a good fuck into your hero's tight pussyboy ass?" He prodded as he saw Jessie's eyes light up at that thought. He thought to himself, "Yeah - this is gonna be one hell of a night."

#NSFWart #noncon #rape #gay #gid #peril, #bondage, #gid #jock #athlete
Nude blue eyed blond Athlete tied to a post while another man buggers  him against his will
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"Evangelist & Wife Indicted on Child Rape & Abuse Charges After Publicly Begging for Money So They Could Preach All Across America" - Evangelical preacher (his dad was too) & his wife both charged (she's released, he's in jail still) w/ multiple counts of rape, sexual exploitation & abuse. Wife filed restraining order against him this August.
#sex #crimes #preacher #evangelist #child #molester #abuse #rape #christian #abuser #preach #USA #tennessee #new #van #gofundme

5 days ago

Decades-Old Trove of #DNA Evidence, Collected by a #Maryland Doctor, Leads to a Serial #Rape Arrest

A ProPublica investigation highlighted a critical collection of evidence and inspired a law to preserve it.

Now, that evidence has been used to charge a man with three rapes.

5 days ago

#DanWootton continues to present his regular programme on #gbnews as if no allegations were ever made. At least two other GBNews presenters defend Russell Brand. #rape #sexualassault #allegations

Poetry News
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Ending a toxic marriage
Courtroom drama, pain now split
Differences, heartache beyond repair

#bijouphillips #dannymasterson #divorce #rape #cinquain #poetry

5 days ago
You may call me Master Eddy. I have been watching you for awhile now, waiting for you to be careless. Hmm, that was a great struggle. You are so strong.. I hope you will eventually find being naked comfortable because I threw away all your clothes and belongings when I kidnapped you. You'll need time to calm down and accept your situation. I don't want to hurt you unless you disobey me. I just want to make love with you. Your dick belongs to me now, I own you.

#NSFWart #gay #bondage #gid #kink #jock #athlete #noncon #rape #kidnapped

markdown table test and vibe check

5 days ago

Candace Owens thinks Russell Brand may have raped at least one of the four accusers. (Allegations of sexual assault by Russell Brand ,comedian and social commentator are animating the English/celebrity media)

Just days after appearing on his podcast , Candace “believes women “
#metoo #rape #russellbrand #SA

Via the #TennesseeHoller

“My daughter was raped. She’s 12. You won’t do anything?”

“I’m a Republican… I won the election… It’s MY decision.”
Every #Tennessee #Republican legislator voted not to let raped kids have #abortion care

#HumanRights #ReproductiveRights

Kriszta Satori
6 days ago

Icymi, why do #rape and sexual #assault victims find it hard to go straight to police?
'Women reporting serious sexual assaults can face intense scrutiny and cultural bias
High-profile cases of rapes by serving Metropolitan police officers have shaken trust in the force
Victims face intimate examination, can be asked to hand over a lot of personal information, such as phones or counselling notes, and "can often feel that they're the ones being investigated' (cont.)

6 days ago

Honest question:

Why are works of #fiction (books, comic, animation, film) depicting #rape or #pedophilia more offensive to more people and cause more calls to boycott or censorship than fiction depicting extreme #violence or #murder, when killing someone is universally regarded as worse than raping someone (morally worse) and criminal systems everywhere punish murderers more harshly than rapists (legally worse)?

6 days ago

Satellizer Freeze-ganged (Freezing)

Satellizer L. Bridget from Freezing being gangbanged by Miyabi's crew.

Commissioned by NotReallyHere.

NG repost~
#nsfw #mastoart #hentai #rule34 #freezing #sattelizer #rape #gangrape

Laceys House
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#NEWS #Africa #Malawi 🇲🇼 #FocusNewsAfrica
Authorities in Mzimba have foiled officiation of a marriage in Traditional Authority (T/A) Chindi in Mzimba because the boy is a child aged 16.
Nurse Technician at Kasinje Health Centre in Ntcheu district has committed suicide after #Rape of 15-year-old pregnant girl

Girl on the Net
1 week ago

In the light of the documentary/article/revelations about [INSERT NAME OF LATEST PREDATORY MAN], I have made note of a few phrases that I’d love to never hear again in the context of rape and sexual assault.

“Shocked and appalled”
"We should teach consent classes!"
"I dated him/married him/met him once in a Costco and he didn’t rape ME!" #Rape #SexualAssault #UKLaw #Law

Philip N Cohen
1 week ago

I wrote an op-ed once arguing colleges should leave #rape prosecution to the courts. Now an expelled student is suing the woman he allegedly raped for defamation after he was acquitted in a criminal trial.

Bob Jamieson
1 week ago

Hardcore porn, choking and rape: UK universities left to tackle rising tide of sexual assaults
As on-campus sexual misconduct cases escalate, there are increasing calls to talk openly with young people about sex, pleasure and consent
‘It’s a power game’: students accused in university rape hearings call in lawyers

#rape #students #university #pornography #WomensRights

1 week ago

Courts are valuable and “innocent until proven guilty” is exactly how the #law should operate. But it is false to say that only courts can make a determination of guilt, especially when it comes to #rape or other types of #violence and #abuse. We are all permitted to say I think this person is guilty of what they are accused. This of course all came up again with the detailed #RussellBrand accusations. May have more on this later but for now I’m done 3/3.

1 week ago

No, I don’t believe *every* #SexualViolence accusation, but it seems as though some people’s first instinct is to defend the accused without even looking into the claims. False claims of #rape are rare and I can’t help but think about how only certain types of wrongdoing are looked at with such skepticism. Not every accusation is true, but one should look at all the evidence provided before saying someone didn’t do it. 2/

1 week ago

I have been thinking a lot about how some people’s reactions to #SexualAbuse stories are “innocent until proven guilty.” While this is true in a court of #law, I have no personal responsibility to follow that credo in my daily life. Not only does this belief that only courts can decide guilt not take into account that #rape is so difficult to prosecute, it dismisses evidence of those potentially harmed in favor of giving the benefit of the doubt to bad actors. 1/

I don't want to see another article with that reads...

Actor Danny Masterson...


Every Headline about Rapist Danny Masterson must now start with...

📌 RAPIST Danny Masterson...


📌 That 70's RAPIST Danny Masterson....

#RapistDannyMasterson #DannyMasterson #Rape #Rapist #Masterson

“A third woman claims that he sexually assaulted her while she worked with him in Los Angeles, and that he threatened to take legal action if she told anyone else about her allegation.

The fourth described being sexually assaulted by Brand and him being physically and emotionally abusive towards her.”

#Rape #RussellBrand

“A second woman alleges that Brand assaulted her when he was 31 and she was 16 and still at school. She said he referred to her as “the child” during an emotionally abusive and controlling relationship that lasted for about three months, and that Brand once “forced his penis down her throat”, making her choke. She says she tried to push him off and said she had to punch him in the stomach to make him stop.”

#Rape #RussellBrand

“One woman alleges that Brand raped her against a wall in his Los Angeles home. She was treated at a rape crisis centre on the same day, according to medical records. Text messages show that in the hours after leaving his house, she told Brand that she had been scared by him and felt taken advantage of, adding: “When a girl say[s] NO it means no.” Brand replied saying he was “very sorry”.”

#Rape #RussellBrand

Shawn in Montreal
1 week ago

And here we go. He's been mounting his SM campaign and garnering online support from the usual suspects, Musk and Tate, and we sort of knew this was coming.
#rape #sexualassault #metoo

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
1 week ago


Failed comedian #RusselBrand accused by 4 women of #Rape sexual assault & emotional abuse!

1 says she was a 16 year old schoolgirl at the time! 😳

A 2nd says she was raped at his LA home, & treated at a rape crisis centre! She text him afterwards: "When a girl says NO it means NO!"

A 3rd alleges she was sexually assaulted at his home after an AA meeting, & a 4th claimed he emotionally abused her!

Female comedians have warned about Brand for years! 👀

Failed comedian Russel Brand accused of rape, sexual assault & emotional abuse! Female comedians have been warning about Brand's sexual deviancy for years!
The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

The Tokyo District Court on Monday sentenced a former employee of a Recruit Holdings group company to 25 years in prison for raping 10 women including a job-hunting college student. #japan #crimelegal #japanesecourts #recruitholdings #jobhunting #sexcrimes #rape

2 weeks ago

How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years

For decades, patients warned #Columbia about the behavior of obstetrician Robert Hadden.

One even called 911 and had him arrested.

Columbia let him keep working.

#SexualAssault #Rape #Doctors #Patients #Hospitals #Privacy #Transparency #OBGYN #Parents #Mothers #Women #News #Crime #CriminalJustice #NewYork #NYC

News Views
2 weeks ago

Fellow actors asked judge for leniency in Danny Masterson’s rape sentencing, then later almost apologize
From the LA Times: " 47, was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo on Thursday despite the pleas from his “That ’70s Sho
#US #WTFAmerica #KutcherAndKunis #Masterson #rape #That70sShow

2 weeks ago

So, like always, the same people going, "but sex trafficking!" and "protect the children!" are actually complicit with actual, literal rape, so long it's their pals doing it.

Someone needs to audit Kushner's 'anti trafficking" foundation, and find out who's pocketing the money.

ETA: what SylphAnne said

#DannnyMasterson #AshtonKutcher #MilaKunis #Rape

Tweet by @TalleyBerryBaby (timestamp 10:58 am Sep 8, 2023):

So raggedy-ass Mila Kunis and Ashy Kutcher were all so disgusted and morally appalled when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock but writing leniency letters for your rapey-ass co-cast member? Musty hoes always on the wrong side of history.
Tweet by @Sylphanne (timestamp 1:48am Sep 8, 2023):

All these outlets reporting his conviction don't tell you how he drugged and violently raped these women. Then these two assholes have the nerve to write letters defending him? They can all choke.

Quoted tweet:
Ashton Kushner and Mila Kunis wrote letters in support of Danny Masterson ahead of his rape trial calling him a "role model" and praising his "exceptional character" (link to a decider dot com piece)
/end quoted tweet
3 weeks ago

Alison Anderson, the #lawyer representing N.Trout & ChristinaB., said Thurs that her clients, who participated in the 2 trials, had “displayed tremendous strength & bravery.” The women, she added, planned to continue holding the Church of #Scientology accountable for attempting to #silence them.

“Despite persistent #harassment, #obstruction & #intimidation, these courageous women helped hold a ruthless #SexualPredator accountable today,” Anderson said.

#BelieveSurvivors #Rape #DannyMasterson

3 weeks ago

A third accuser, who was identified as N. Trout & who was raped in 2003, did not tell the church of #Scientology but shared it w/her mother & best friend. “If you have a #legal situation w/another member of the church, you may not handle it externally from the church, & it’s very explicit,” she said, acc/to court documents. She added that she “felt sufficiently intimidated by the repercussions.”

#BelieveSurvivors #Rape #DannyMasterson

3 weeks ago

Court documents also said that #Masterson had raped another woman, identified as Jen B., in April 2003 after he gave her a drink. Jen B., who sought the #Scientology church’s permission to report the #rape, later received a written response from the church’s international chief justice that cited a 1965 policy letter, which for her raised concerns she could be ousted from her family & friends if she reported a fellow #Scientologist to the police. Still, she reported the rape in 2004.

3 weeks ago

One accuser, who was identified as Christina B. & who said #Masterson raped her in 2001 when they were in a relationship, reported the #rape to the church’s “ethics officer,” acc/to court documents. That officer told her, …“You can’t rape someone that you’re in a relationship with” & “Don’t say that word again.”


3 weeks ago

The mixed #verdict was delivered after a #jury deadlocked on all 3 charges in Nov, resulting in a mistrial.

The retrial this spring lasted more than a month before #Masterson was found #guilty of 2 counts of #rape by #force or #fear.

…two of the women had accused the Church of #Scientology, to which they also belonged, of discouraging them from reporting the rapes to the authorities. The church denied that it pressured the victims.

#BelieveSurvivors #Rape

3 weeks ago

The case against #Masterson drew widespread attention, & at times mirrored a television saga, in part because of accusations that the Church of #Scientology, to which Masterson belongs, had tried to discourage his accusers.

In May, Masterson was #convicted of raping 2 women at his home in the Hollywood Hills in the early 2000s. The jury deadlocked on a charge that the actor had raped a third woman.

#BelieveSurvivors #Rape

3 weeks ago

#DannyMasterson, the actor known for his role in the sitcom “That ’70s Show,” was #sentenced to 30 years to life in #prison on Thurs for the #rapes of two women….

Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo of Los Angeles Superior Court handed the #sentence down after hearing the testimonies of the women, who described the lasting impact of #Masterson’s actions on their lives….

#BelieveSurvivors #Rape #Scientology

Raymond Scott Pert
3 weeks ago

Another Big Loss: Trump Found Liable in Second E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case

> A federal judge ruled Wednesday that #DonaldTrump is liable for defaming E. Jean Carroll in 2019 and owes her monetary damages, which will be set at a later trial.

> Trump was unanimously found liable in May for #sexualabuse and battery against Carroll in the mid-1990s and for defaming her in 2022 while denying the assault. #rape #rapist #GOP #Republican

E. Jean Carroll

"pro-birth" is just not it. sounds like you are against having kids at all.

christofascists even had a show about the sickness that fuels their fascism: the Duggar's of 19 KIDS & COUNTING admitted they're really only into the pregnancy part of their Quiverfull gxd's mandate. which means, they got paid to act out on TV their #rape & #ForcedPregnancy fantasies.

no wonder their son, Josh Duggar, is one of the more twisted pedophiles the FBI has come across

it's #ForcedPregnancy, not "pro-birth"

4 weeks ago

@Steveb it doesn’t matter if a woman [very occasionally a man] is out, It doesn’t matter if they concealed from head to toe in clothing, or skimpily dressed.
It doesn’t matter if they are ten or ninety.
It doesn’t matter if they are in bed at home, at a friends place, a sports venue, a club, a pub.
It doesn’t matter if they are drunk or sober.
It doesn’t matter if they walk, take a taxi, get a lift with friends, drive themselves.
Common theme is the RAPIST.
#assault #rape #victim

Jill Filipovic says that as "pro-life" abortion bans force child rape victims into giving birth, "the 'pro-life' movement looks an awful lot like a pro-rape movement. …

By definition, these pregnant children are rape victims. By definition, their health and their lives are imperiled: Pregnancy is the leading killer of adolescent girls worldwide."

#abortion #rape #ProLife #ForcedBirth

Charlotte Alter reports about a 13-year-old girl in Mississippi who was raped, denied an abortion, and has just given birth — as she prepares to enter 7th grade.

Because Mississippi.

#abortion #rape #Mississippi #ForcedBirth #ForcedMotherhood #teen

Bob Jamieson
1 month ago

Russian women fear return of murderers freed to fight for Wagner

Concern that convicts re-entering society after stints in Ukraine will bring ‘wave of murder, rape and domestic violence’
The 2020 murder of Vera Pekhteleva, by her ex-boyfriend, was so gruesome that even in Russia, where violence against women often goes under the radar, it caused a media outcry.

#misogyny #WomensRights #women #rape #Russia

The study, which undertook the largest analysis of sexual offence trial transcripts in the state in 27 years, found many of the procedural reforms that started in the 1980s to improve the experience of sexual violence victim-survivors in the criminal justice system were working.

...successive reforms had not tackled what “complainants often find so distressing in these matters”.

“That includes the expectation for people to conform to [the idea of] a ‘true’ victim, that they will immediately make a complaint, that they will do their utmost to tell their story no matter the audience and in exactly the same fashion on each occasion,”

#AusPol #Rape #SexualAssault #NSWPol #Academia

"'albeit digitally rather than with his penis. Thus, it establishes against him the substantial truth of Ms. Carroll's 'rape' allegations.'"

#Trump #crime #criminal #LawandOrder #rape #EJeanCarroll

"On Monday, a federal judge reiterated his ruling that the former President of the United States raped E. Jean Carroll. In a ruling tossing Donald Trump’s countersuit against his victim, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, wrote that the verdict in the original civil trial 'establishes, as against Mr. Trump, the fact that Mr. Trump "raped" her,'"

~ Charlie Sykes

#Trump #crime #criminal #LawandOrder #rape #EJeanCarroll

2 months ago

Manipur assault video emboldens women to speak out

New allegations of violence against women are emerging in the north-east Indian state of Manipur, as the response to a viral video showing two women being paraded naked by a mob encourages others to speak.

#manipur #ManipurViolence #ManipurRapes #kukis #meiteis #HumanRights #rape #GangRape #ViolenceAgainstWomen #MeiraPeibis #BirenSingh #ManipurGovt #UnionGovt #BJP #india

TW: descriptions of rape



“The finding that #EJeanCarroll failed to prove that she was ‘raped’ within the meaning of the #NewYork Penal Law does not mean that she failed to prove that Mr. Trump ‘raped’ her as many people commonly understand the word ‘ #rape,’” Judge #LewisKaplan wrote.
“Indeed,” he added, “as the evidence at trial recounted below makes clear, the jury found that Mr. #Trump in fact did exactly that.”

Tucker Teague
2 months ago

A powerful spot on sexual abuse and support of abusers.
#sexualabuse #rape #predator

2 months ago

Anti-Flag disbanded due to rape allegations against Justin Sane

Breaking news... Anti-Flag deletes all social media and announces the band will split up following rape accusations. Member Chris #2 also deleted his...

#antiflag #rape #punk #accusation #disband

Greg W.
2 months ago

It’s Official, Judge Writes Opinion Trump Can Be Referred To As ‘Rapist’

This simply isn’t Donald Trump’s week. No, Sir, it is not. It all started going south on Sunday night when he got another one of those pesky target letters (he really should consider papering the walls with them, as numerous as they’re becoming) and it’s only Wednesday and we find out that now it’s perfectly legit — accurate, in fact — to refer to the man as a rapist.

#trump #criminal #rape

2 months ago


"So far, the influencers who have publicly revealed that they’re part of the program are prominent figures on the right. Andrew Tate, for example, who was recently released from jail on #rape and #HumanTrafficking charges, posted that he’d been paid over $20,000 by Twitter."

Maybe #ElonMusk is only paying those who reach a certain level of hatefulness and/or engage in violent criminal behavior?

#Twitter #Bigotry #SocialMedia

2 months ago

"On Thursday #Twitter announced that it would begin sharing ad revenue with content creators on its platform for the first time. But the offer won’t apply to all creators...

So far, the influencers who have publicly revealed that they’re part of the program are prominent figures on the right. Andrew Tate, for example, who was recently released from jail on #rape and #HumanTrafficking charges, posted that he’d been paid over $20,000 by Twitter."


News headline and photo with caption.

Headline: Far right Twitter influencers first on Elon Musk’s monetization scheme
The platform is paying high profile creators, including Andrew Tate, thousands of dollars for posting to the app

By Taylor Lorenz
July 13, 2023 at 9:03 p.m. EDT

Photo with caption: 
FILE PHOTO: Twitter logo and a photo of Elon Musk are displayed through magnifier in this illustration taken Oct. 27, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo (Dado Ruvic/Reuters)
Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

BBC News - #Rape reform programme extended across England and Wales Operation #Soteria

3 months ago

So many people have made so much $$$$ terrifying American parents.

Our society is now crippled by fear, despite the fact that crime is at 50 year lows, and our kids have never been safer.

#Evil #FearMongering #Hansen #ChrisHansen #Terror #Terrorism #Crime #Rape #Fear #Murder

3 months ago

One person having power doesn't make sex rape.

One person using power to coerce the other does.

The entire planet understood this simple fact for thousands of years. Only in the last decade or so this knowledge has been lost.

#Sex #Rape #Power #PowerImbalance #PowerDynamics

David Pepper comments on the story of the shameful attempt of Ohio Republicans to erase the case a raped 9-year-old girl who could not obtain an abortion in Ohio and was forced to travel to Indiana for an abortion:

"It’s a horrifying story that sums up so much of today’s politics of extremism. Which means it’s one we should not only never forget—but one that should spur us to action."

#abortion #Ohio #RoevWade #Dobbs #rape

"Republican lawmakers, who had criminalized all abortions after 6 weeks, before most people know they’re pregnant, publicly doubted that the case was real (Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost told the Fox News Channel there was 'not a damn scintilla of evidence' to support the story)."

#abortion #Ohio #RoevWade #Dobbs #rape

"Yesterday the man who raped and impregnated a then-9-year-old Ohio girl was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison. Last year, after the Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision recognizing the constitutional right to abortion, President Biden used her case to argue for the need for abortion access."

~ Heather Cox Richardson

#abortion #Ohio #RoevWade #Dobbs #rape

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

The US Treasury accused them of engaging in "mass #executions, #rape and #abductions” both in #Mali and the #CAR. The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project - #ACLED - put the number of #civilian deaths in Mali at 2000 just in 2022. Before the #mutiny , #Wagner’s leader spelled out his group’s ambitions for the continent.

MugsysRapSheet Blog ☑️
3 months ago

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr: "You can not legislate morality."

"Party of Trump" 2023: "Hold my (Not Bud Light) beer." 🤦‍♂️

The irony of a Party now obsessed with legislating #morality, has rallied around an #amoral, thrice married, serial adulterer #billionaire #conman who paid hush money to a porn star, and now convicted of #defamation of someone who credibly accused him of #rape.

#GOMP: Grand Old Morality Police

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

BBC News - Former head of #police #watchdog charged with #rape icymi

3 months ago

E. Jean Carroll can update her second defamation lawsuit to seek more damages from Trump, a judge says
#EJeanCarroll #trump #rape #civilsuit #lawsuit

Kriszta Satori
4 months ago

Worth checking out this Lucy Williamson BBC interview with Andrew #Tate - challenging him on #misogyny and #rape #allegations

4 months ago

An #Indiana board decided Thursday night to reprimand an #Indianapolis doctor after finding that she violated patient privacy laws by talking publicly about providing an #abortion to a 10-year-old #rape victim from neighboring #Ohio.