Vorinstanz :mastodon:
3 weeks ago

#ReactOS: Freie #Windows-XP-Alternative weiter in Entwicklung | heise online

> Von ReactOS hört man kaum noch etwas, dennoch geht die Entwicklung an dem freien Windows-XP-Klon weiter.

@ActionRetro is that a cursed #ReactOS distro?

3 weeks ago

Newsletter 103 - Late 2023 news | ReactOS Project

#reactos #osdev

3 weeks ago

ReactOS gets initial UEFI and NT6+ application support

The ReactOS project has published another newsletter filled with news about their progress, and two things stand out. First, there's now initial support for booting using UEFI.

Work has been underway since the beginning of the year to transition FreeLoader, our default bootloader for ReactOS, to support UEFI on x86 and AMD64


ricardo :mastodon:
4 weeks ago

#ReactOS "Open-Source Windows" Improving UEFI Boot, DirectX Work & NT6+ API Prep :reactos:

:rss: Hacker News
4 weeks ago

@antijingoist @ubuntu Nevermind...

Still, #ReactOS really lacks compared to even #Wine + #Proton / #DXVK in terms.of compatibility...

Espechally for #WindowsXP and newer applications...

ricardo :mastodon:
2 months ago

"Open-Source Windows" #ReactOS To See Improved GUI Setup/Installation :reactos:

Pascal Garber
2 months ago

Great news from the #ReactOS community! 🎉 ReactOS Deutschland e.V. has officially hired Hermès full-time to enhance the ReactOS #GUISetup over the next 5 months. 🖥️ A dedicated contributor since 2012, Hermès has been instrumental in various ReactOS components. His primary focus will be on the first-stage ReactOS GUI setup, aiming to provide an alternative to the existing #TextModeSetup. 🔄 Thanks to generous #CommunityDonations. 🙌 Exciting times ahead for ReactOS! 🚀


Stefan Mayrhofer
2 months ago

@zeroiee Letter by letter, because I imagine it either in all upper case, as in the #ReactOS installer, or in all lower case, as in #Linux

Blue text mode "ReactOS setup" asking to format the partition either as FAT or BTRFS
Linux 'man' page for: "btrfs - a toolbox to manage btrfs filesystems"
Stefan Mayrhofer
2 months ago

having an #OperatingSystem written in #Rust with a :qubes: #QubesOS architecture would be exciting!

Turns out @enygmator has tackled this idea for #Redox with the primary intention to work with other OS' drivers, in particular from #Linux.

Can't wait for the future collective puzzlement when :rust: #RedoxOS :reactos: #ReactOS (and vice versa) frontend & backend bridges are in place :blobcatgiggle: [would be really cool anyways!]

#osdev #rustlang

2 months ago

@RenewedRebecca @awesomekling likewise! I've been following a handful of OS projects such as #GNU #HURD, #ReactOS and #Haiku for years, but #SerenityOS is in a different league. It's incredible what Andreas has built, and the community he is fostering. It's humbling and very heartening. Thank you, Andreas!

ReactOS en Español
2 months ago

¿Cómo? ¿Un antivirus en #ReactOS? Efectivamente. AVG 7.5 y 7 funcionando bajo ReactOS, con todas las de la ley. Tiene mucho delay por el modo depuración y hay errores de posición de ventana, pero cumple su cometido. Encontrando varios virus.

Imagen del Antivirus clásico AVG identificando vírus bajo ReactOS
ricardo :mastodon:
3 months ago

#ReactOS "Open-Source Windows" Shown Running On Valve's #SteamDeck :steamdeck:

Brad Linder
3 months ago

The Steam Deck ships with the Arch Linux-based SteamOS operating system, but it's a full-fledged PC that can also run Windows or other software... including ReactOS, an open source OS aiming for compatibility with Windows apps. #SteamDeck #UEFI #ReactOS

3 months ago

ReactOS gets support for UEFI booting

After several months of (public) work, ReactOS can now use UEFI boot.

But that's the major changes planned for this PR. As of the state of this PR UEFI boot will operate as long as you have a serial port you should be able to test it.

Some more boot fixes will come down the road but this covers 85% of devices we've ran into.

In fact, they've even mad


@vampiress There's always #ReactOS

ReactOS en Español
3 months ago

¿Qué es esto? Gimp 2.8 funcionando en #ReactOS x64 bits. Y eso que aún no tenemos WOW64. ¡¡Ayúdanos a implementarlo!!
Chat oficial:

Image of GIMP working and drawing under ReactOS x64
ReactOS is an Open Source NT Operative system.
Image of GIMP loading under ReactOS x64
ReactOS en Español
3 months ago

¿Has utilizado #ReactOS alguna vez? Cuéntanos tu experiencia.

ReactOS en Español
3 months ago

Gracias al desarrollador Julio Carchi (de la comunidad hispana) tenemos por fin la posibilidad de usar navegadores de código actual y Nginx para usarlo como cliente y como server.
Un bug en el MSAFD que lleva siendo investigado al menos 5 años.
#ReactOS #OS #FOSS #development

4 months ago

@FoxVK Já už to rozpohyboval, ale celý je to posraný. Vrátil mi z reklamace #Netatmo termostat a rozhodili mi spárování s relay modulem. Varianta opravy?

- napárování pomocí appky od Netatma pro #Linux nefunguje, protože appka nefunguje
- #Windows mi nejdřív vůbec nenaběhly, takže jsem řešil alternativy
- ve #Wine appka naběhne, připojí se k internetu, ale nerozpozná, že je modul zapojenej do USB
- v #ReactOS virtuálu appka naběhne, připojí se k internetu, ale nerozpozná připojenej modul
- ve znovuzprovozněným virtuálu #Windows7 appka naběhne, ale nepřipojí se k internetu

Dneska jsem strávil 2 hodiny spravováním něčeho, co má fungovat out of the box. A nespravil 😁

Fakt tu krávovinu budu muset dotáhnout do práce a udělat to na firemním počítači...

Rev. Kellyn Delgado
4 months ago

#Poll time! If you had to pick an #OS that wasn't one of the big 4, which would you choose?

#operatingsystems #alternatives #haiku #reactos #unix #unixlike #bsd #DOS #solaris #FreeDOS

Drew Naylor
4 months ago

I have an idea: what if I installed #KernelEx on #ReactOS? Doubt it would work or do much of anything, though.

ReactOS en Español
4 months ago

¡Hola mundo!
Somos la comunidad hispana de #reactos. Espero que vaya todo muy bien por ahí. Queremos hacer difusión y representar a la comunidad de este sistema Open Source de NT. ¡Síguenos!

got reminded that #IDA 4 #Freeware #disassembler from 2000 has a GORGEOUS #TurboVision UI and works mostly well (with a little binary patching with... IDA) on #ReactOS

Screenshot of a IDA disassembler, running in a text window drawn using semigraphical characters

#ReactOS just dropped a newsletter update to remind users that development is not dead, just that they changed how releases are executed.

Loki the Cat
5 months ago

"ReactOS was on a catnap longer than me, now that's impressive! 😹 Seems like they've shifted from a sprint to a purrfectly paced prowl, focusing on quality over quantity. Is it just me or is this starting to sound like my meal plan? 🐟 #ReactOS #QualityOverQuantity"

5 months ago

ReactOS makes progress on x86-64 port and more

The last ReactOS release is already twp years old, and there seemingly hasn't been any news since. Of course, the project has not stalled, and in a newsletter the project details the progress that's been made since 2021.

In the last year and during the beginning of 2023, the ReactOS developers and contributors alike are working on many part


Brad Linder
5 months ago

The ReactOS team's latest newsletter (the first since 2021) explains why releases have slowed to a crawl, explores the status of the 64-bit port (it's almost usable, but won't run 32-bit apps), and more details about this open source Windows Windows NT clone.

#ReactOS #FOSS

Alexander Shendi
5 months ago


And I haven't mentioned #freedos, #reactos and #templeos .

R. L. Dane
6 months ago


I straight up demand you write an ActivityPub-as-fs driver right now! 👻

ANY FOSS OS you write it for, I pledge to daily drive on my Thinkpad for at least a month.
Even #ReactOS. OR #FreeDOS

Taggart :donor:
6 months ago

Let me remind everyone that the #ReactOS docs happen to be one of the best references for the Windows API anywhere—both documented and undocumented methods:

ReactOS documentation for the undocumented ntdll.dll method NTCreateThread()
Nicolas SAPA
9 months ago
@bortzmeyer #ReactOS si le port est rétrocompatible raspberry pi 1
ricardo :mastodon:
11 months ago

@spaceraser @breadbin @HansvR true, Rufus is quite versatile. I wonder if it runs in a VM under #ReactOS. Gotta test that. :reactos:

@drahcir_rahl who they should be complaining to is their hardware supplier and I think (even though it’s ironic) these kind of video’s even help for that reason.

So don’t be too hard on people that are blissfully ignorant to think they live in a world where if you buy new hardware it just works with #Linux #FreeBSD and hell even #ReactOS 😎

These people expect the world to be as it should be and then complain (loudly) that it’s not the case. Just passive aggressive #idealists

Colin Finck
1 year ago

@prozacchiwawa Good to hear that your 860 is still alive!
Last time I heard of that machine was when you worked on the #ReactOS PowerPC port.

1 year ago

@dapgo @freedosproject @benjedwards I have used it on FreeDOS, I didn’t try #ReactOS.

Colin Finck
1 year ago

Short intro: I'm Colin from Germany, a software and reverse engineer, who started as an application developer and joined the #ReactOS Project in 2007 to work on all parts of the OS stack.

I discovered #rustlang in 2017 and ported the HermitCore unikernel ( from C to Rust as part of my Master's Thesis.

Since then, I'm using Rust for new projects whenever possible, and bring the Windows and Rust worlds closer together. I'll likely talk about my latest Rust projects here.

1 year ago

@pagetelegram @Microsoft There's #ReactOS, but without Microsoft's involvement, finances, or business model.

Devine Lu Linvega
2 years ago
Die Hälfte der ausgerufenen 30.000 Euro geht an Open-Source-Projekte, unter anderem an ReactOS. Die andere Hälfte erhalten zwei nepalische NGOs.
30 Jahre Linux: Gewinner des B1 Systems OSS-Wettbewerbs stehen fest
Lutin Discret
2 years ago

Il y a une entreprise allemande qui distribue 30 000 € à des projets Libres ou sociaux et on peut voter pour choisir les bénéficiaires parmi @Framasoft @Blender @codeberg @libreoffice @fsfe @haiku @kdefr @postmarketOS #ReactOS @UBports

Plus fort que #MécénatCodeLutin !

novi's moved, check bio
2 years ago

Okay round 2- do you know of any x86_64 operating systems for desktops, laptops, etc, that *aren’t*;

Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, ReactOS, Haiku, SerenityOS, Debian-Hurd, and Redox?

I’d like to expand my knowledge even further, please inform me if you know, or if I've missed anything!

#x86_64 #operatingsystems #operating #systems #64bit #desktop #laptop #desktops #laptops #computers #computing #windows #mac #linux #bsd #reactos #haiku #question #OS #knowledge #information #tech

Ade Malsasa Akbar
2 years ago

Free Software Community News

:gnu: TuxMachines
All in one news from multiple sources.

:ubuntu: Distrowatch
#GNU / #Linux, #BSD, #ReactOS and other free OSes news.

:kde: FreshFOSS
Applications news.

:freebsd: :firefox: :kubuntu: :linuxmint: :opensuse: :nextcloud: :libreoffice: :thunderbird: :blender:

#Computer #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

IT News
2 years ago

ReactOS Is Going Places, With More Stable AMD64, SMP, And Multi-Monitor Support - In the crowd of GNU/Linux and BSD users that throng our community, it’s easy to fo... - #softwaredevelopment #opensource #reactos #windows

@boilingsteam I wonder if they are integrating #darling like #reactos does with wine, very interesting premise

Michael Connor Buchan
3 years ago

Bit of a random request, but if anyone is willing to setup and share with me a working #ReactOS #VM, with working #sound and ideally working everything else (though I'm not too fussed about graphics), along with the exact settings used to create it, I'd be very thankful. No big project in mind, I just want a test VM to mess around with that's up-to-date and already installed so I don't have to blindly install it without any kind of speech. For my basic needs, GNOME Boxes works great. I really only play with VMs to check out hobbyist OSes, other distros, etc, though. There are some problems with mouse capturing with #ReactOS and, iirc, Windows. I miss some conveniences and functionality of VirtualBox a little but really prefer using the more native, more FOSS option.

For #ScreenshotSunday, I present my #ReactOS #virtualmachine. It is a PITA to run under GNOME Boxes. I have a lot of mouse issues like the virtual cursor gets stuck in small areas because the actual cursor leaves the window. I cropped out acres of blue from the center of the picture and just left in the slightly more interesting bits.

Video showing the #GSOC work done to get #BTRFS working in #ReactOS:

I love the #Wine project in much the same way I love #ReactOS. It's a love based mainly on the academic proof-of-concept they both reflect and the accessibility they provide to others but neither project really benefited me much...

until recently.

The Overmind reached out and invited me back to the Swarm. Using wine-staging,
#StarCraft runs great. I even paid $15 for the Remastered version.


I wanted to test out the #ProtonMail Bridge but I couldn't get it to install under #Wine or a #ReactOS VM so I did the unthinkable: I installed Windon't 10 on a VM. After all that, it turns out it is only usable with ProtonMail Plus accounts. I might go with a Plus account paid monthly once the Bridge is available for #Linux to test it out. If it works to my liking, I could see myself switching my domain to ProtonMail instead of my current mail server. Of course, I'd really miss #Roundcube then.