Rabi'a Elizabeth
2 hours ago

It's chilly, rainy, and dank in #Granada this week. Perfect time for #Harira !

I'll post a #Recipe along the way Insha Allah, but for now, here's a picture of the new #Rice cooker handling some #Garbanzo beans. Gotta get the long cook times in at times of day when power is cheap.


#Soup #Morocco #MoroccanCuisine #Maghrib

YumAsia mini rice cooker, white with dark grey trim and button labels, set to Slow Cook for 1 hour and 49 minutes.
Retro Librarian
8 hours ago

What's for dinner?
1960 Del Monte Green Beans with recipe ad
#DelMonte #GreenBeans #Recipe #Food #Advertisement #retro #Vintage

the foreground has platic dish of green beans with breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese
9 hours ago

Soybean and purple barley tempeh at 48 hours.

At the bottom of this post on the blog is a slider to allow easy comparison of the batch at 24 hours vs. the batch at 48 hours.

As noted in the post, I will got at least another 24 hours and probably 30 hours to get as much mycelium growth as possible.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #tempeh #soybean #barley

A plastic bag lying flat filled with a mix of soybeans (tan) and purple barley (dark) but so overgrown with a white fungus that only dark specks are visible through the white.
14 hours ago

Del Monte Tender Petites Very Young Small Sweet Peas No Salt Added has a wonderful texture & a delicate sweet flavor. We made Chicken Masala with sweet peas & carrots over rice. The sweet peas are visually appealing. They add an additional layer of texture & an unexpected fresh, sweetness. (Recipe in photo)

*received complimentary Del Monte vegetables from @delmonte & @Influenster

#complimentary #delmonteveggies #recipe #chickenmasala #food #dinner #blogger #contentcreator #blastkat

Las Recetas de Tere
17 hours ago

Cómo preparar unos exquisitos lomos de bacalao con vegetales al vapor, receta sana y casera

#terterecetas #recipe #receta #food #foodie #blogger

Cómo preparar unos exquisitos lomos de bacalao con vegetales al vapor, receta sana y casera
Las Recetas de Tere
22 hours ago

Estos son, sin duda alguna, los mejores torreznos de las Tierras del Burgo en Soria, receta paso a paso

#tererecetas #recipe #receta #food #foodie #blogger

Estos son, sin duda alguna, los mejores torreznos de las Tierras del Burgo en Soria
Recetas con sazón
23 hours ago

Que sabor más delicioso, cremoso y para nada empalagoso.

Y lo mejor de todo, es muy sencilla de preparar y tan solo vas a necesitar 5 ingredientes.

Que disfrutes de la receta 👇 👇

#recetasconsazon #tartas #queso #postres #receta #recetas #dessert #desserts #cake #cakes #cheesecake #recipe #recipes

Las Recetas de Tere
23 hours ago
Cómo hacer una deliciosa ensalada de calabacín con nueces y aceite infusionado en tomillo
1 day ago

Soybean and Purple Barley Tempeh at 31 hours

It's still being incubated, though I'm about to turn off the warming mat and open the lid a little. But the fungus has really established itself now.

I am always fascinated to watch the progress of its growth.

#@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #tempeh #soybean #barley

A plastic bag lying flat filled with a mix of soybeans and barley and almost covered with splotches of white fungus.

Credit where credit is due: I used this soft pretzel #recipe on Alton Brown’s website. The process, of course, is a bit complex, but it didn’t feel difficult! And they are delicious :)


1 day ago

Soybean and purple barley tempeh at 24 hours.

The blog post has the images of the 18.5-hour photo and the 24-hour photo side by side with a slider so you can see how the fungus slowly advances.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #tempeh #soybean #purpleBarley

NextGen Cookbook :orangewine:
1 day ago

Next #recipe: Pad Kra Pao, one of the most popular dishes of Thai cuisine. Full description in the course of the week.

A large bowl with white jasmine rice on the one side and dark sautéed ground meat on the other, cooked with chilli, garlic and holy basil. On top a fried egg sprinkled with a condiment of fish sauce, shallots, garlic and more red chilli.
2 days ago

Warning, if you are diabetic please scroll on by

Even if you don't celebrate during this holiday season, you might find this "hack" useful:

" 7 Easy Make-Ahead Cookie Dough Recipes To Try This Holiday Season"

#holiday #baking #food #recipe #cookies #singleparent #parenting #cooking #hacks #news

David Bisset
2 days ago

AI related, but thought it was an interesting example of an idea/project using #AI (although not sure how #recipe content creators on #YouTube will like it):

"Print That Video"

2 days ago

Home Made Eggnog @KissAnne
It's sold in cartons like milk, in most grocery stores around Christmas. Other times in the year, you have to make your own #Recipe #EggNog

2 days ago

Culinary Adventures #105: Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Our Jerusalem artichoke plants have done amazingly well. A couple of weeks ago the gardener lifted one of the (dozen or more) plants. This resulted in half a bucket of the best looking, and enormous, tubers I’ve ever seen. (Top tip: don’t lift them until you need them as they don’t store for ever like potatoes.)
As I’ve said before, when I was a kid (in 1950/60s) my parents grew artichokes in a small piece of … Continue reading Culinary Adventures #105: Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

#blog #food #jerusalemArtichoke #recipe #soup #zenmischief

Las Recetas de Tere
2 days ago
Cómo preparar unos deliciosos tacos de atún en cama de coliflor con tomate frito Hida
Cómo preparar unos deliciosos tacos de atún en cama de coliflor con tomate frito Hida
Recetas con sazón
2 days ago

😍 ¡¡¡Solomillo al whisky!!! Si vas a cualquier bar en Sevilla es raro no encontrar este plato. Puede que te lo sirvan como tapa o como plato encima de una cama de patatas fritas.

Yo de ti iría preparando 🥖 el pan para mojar en la salsa que es un pecado de lo buena que está 😋.

Para que veas lo sencilla que es de preparar te dejo aquí 👇 👇 la receta por si te animas a preparar algo diferente

#recetasconsazon #receta #recetas #recetascaseras #recipe #recipes

2 days ago

Del Monte fresh cut, quartered artichoke hearts are perfect for recipes. We made spinach & artichoke dip. It's simple & delicious. You can substitute allergen & dairy free cheese as well as your favorite type of oil. It really doesn't hurt anything. We really don't measure. You can tell if it needs something by looking & taste testing. (Recipe in photo)

I received complimentary Del Monte vegetables from @delmonte & @Influenster

#complimentary #delmonteveggies #veggies #recipe #blastkat

2 days ago

This was so lovely to watch, Anna from Ukraine's borscht recipe:

#AnnaFromUkraine #Borscht #Ukraine #Cooking #Recipe

NextGen Cookbook :orangewine:
3 days ago

New #recipe. What you should never throw away are overripe #bananas. Neither the environment nor you want that. What you want to make is #bananabread

3 days ago

Please share your favorite Southwestern Turkey Soup recipes. I made one last year and it was great but I don't remember what recipe I used.

#recipe #turkey #food #meat

3 days ago

Slaw #Recipe

1/2 purple cabbage, sliced thin


1 apple
1 large daikon radish
2 large carrots

Combine, then add:

2-3 T honey or sugar
1/2 c apple cider vinegar
3 T water
3 T olive oil
1/4 t celery seed

3 days ago

ちょっと辛めがクセになる!楽しみ方いろいろ、自慢できる #ジンジャーシロップの作り方

#ジンジャーシロップ の作り方は #YouTube など #動画共有サイト で探すと分かりやすいです😃👍わたしのお手本は奥薗流です

#生姜湯 #レシピ #gingertea #recipe

3 days ago

I realized after the fact that I could at least photograph the final result. I also added recipe checklist info.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #cooking #kale #broccoli #asparagus

A rectangular glass storage bowl filled with a mix of cooked vegetables: asparagus, yellow bell pepper, broccoli, and kale are visible. Dish has a yellowish tint from the turmeric.
3 days ago

Dinner sans photo

And by not taking the photo, I forgot to include asparagus. But it's now been added.

Recipe, including mistake:

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #cooking #kale #asparagus #broccoli

3 days ago

Fermented cayenne pepper sauce now complete..

It also has a few red jalapeños. I fermented it for 3 weeks but could have gone longer.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #ferment #pepperSauce #hotSauce

3 one-pint canning jars of bright red pepper sauce with a few seeds visible, along with a bottle of amber liquid, the leftover brine.
4 days ago

Just in case you didn't know☺️

#vegan #chickensalad #recipe #plantbased

How to make a chicken salad. Prepare a salad, give it to the chicken
ProBorsch 💙 🇺🇦
4 days ago

American actor Stanley Tucci, known for his roles in movies such as “The Hunger Games” and “The Devil Wears Prada”, demonstrated how he cooks borsch using his favorite recipe.

#stanleytucci #klopotenko #borsch #borscht #recipe #proborsch #ukraine #ukrainian

Liz Opp
5 days ago

December is my birthday month, so as a warm up treat, my sweetie made us homemade eggnog. I never liked store-bought stuff, and neither of us care for much liquor. Turns out, a good eggnog is really easy to make, with or without rum:
#HolidayTreats #recipe

Las Recetas de Tere
5 days ago

Cómo hacer una cheesecake de limón sin horno, receta casera paso a paso

#tererecetas #recipe #receta #food #foodie #blogger

Cómo hacer una cheesecake de limón sin horno

👨🏽‍🍳Embarking on my maiden voyage into the world of air frying! 😋

🇩🇴🇺🇸🌎 Snacks!

🗣️Can you suggest any beginner-friendly recipes for me?

#food #cooking #nutrition #HealthyEating #desserts #latinos #tasty #recipe

Shannon Emery
6 days ago

It's always a great day to make some #brownies. These German chocolate brownies are fudgy, gooey, and just plain over-the-top delicious! No one will believe these brownies are #glutenfree they are THAT tasty!


German chocolate brownies cut into squares.
Evelyn in Montreal
6 days ago

🧵 In a recent pineapple pizza thread, Brian Gettler mentioned that many traditional recipes handed down to us were actually corporate recipes.
One of my favourite memories from the ‘50s is of walking home from school for lunch for a hot, steaming plate of Campbell’s soup surrounded by a fan of Premium crackers smeared with Cheez Whiz.
This inspired me to share a few family favourites from my mother’s “Cheez Whiz Idea Book”.

#FoodHistory #Recipe
#SocialHistory #Cheese #VintageRecipes

Cover of vintage recipe book with copyright 1952. title: Cheez Whiz Idea Book., A cookbook of Cheez Whiz recipes and serving suggestions from Kraft. orange background, three casserole dishes are pictured that look like spaghetti and pieces of hotdog, pasta rolls topped by cheese and possibly meat stew topped by cheese.
Sean Murthy
6 days ago

My source of ingredients for the chocolate cake ☝️.

Organic items where available.

- Sweetener: stevia extract and monk fruit extract, Now brand, from Amazon
- Coconut flakes, baking soda: Walmart

All other items from Costco. Notables:
- Zucchini, tender and organic: no need to core or peel
- Eggs: pasture raised
- Volupta fair trade pure cacao powder
- Vital Farms unflavored collagen peptides
- Arm & Hammer baking soda
- Himalayan pink salt

#recipe #ingredients #cake

Shannon Emery
6 days ago

Looking for a cozy #dinner recipe?

Put these fall apart, tender boneless beef ribs on your meal plan this week. Slow-cooked in a luxurious cranberry pomegranate sauce with cipollini onions and mushrooms. Serve over mashed potatoes and you’ll be in #food heaven.


Tender, slow cooker boneless beef ribs with fresh cranberries, onions, and mushrooms in a luxurious pomegranate sauce are served over mashed potatoes.
Sean Murthy
6 days ago

#Recipe for chocolate #cake ☝️, 12 servings:

-Zucchini 225g
-Eggs 6 large (~350g)
-Olive oil 50gms (4 tbsp)
-Dried coconut flour/flakes 50g
-Pure cacao powder 35g
-Collagen pdr 60g (unflavored; not from eggshell)
-Salt 8g
-Baking powder & soda 2.5g (1/2 tsp) *each*

* Finely grate zucchini, add some salt, set aside 10min, squeeze out water
* Pour other ingredients to mixer bowl, stir
* Add squeezed zucchini and run mixer till smooth batter
* Fill oiled form, bake at 177C/350F ~45mins

La Gazette Gourmande de pazapah #49 🍄

> Mini tartes tatin aux champignons 🤤


Learn how to create sturdy and crack-free DIY air dry clay with Clay It Now's 'cold porcelain' baking soda clay #recipe. Popular in #SouthAmerica, this eco-friendly and easy-to-make clay requires no #baking and uses natural ingredients like flour, corn starch, #water, and even toilet paper. Perfect for both professional artists and crafty #kids, it reflects a shift away from using PVA glues/polymers in air dry clay recipes. 🌽💦🧻

👉 Watch it:

#art #diy #howto #tksst

A ball of air dry clay
Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

Well I managed to cook while high tonight. In my defence, the recipe was really easy.

"How is this a 'defence?'"

I'm defending myself from claiming that I'm clever while high.

" :catthinking: Sounds fishy..."

#marijuana #cooking #recipe

1 week ago

Baking help please?

I have a scone recipe and I want to make them sweeter without making them more brittle.

Current recipe is :
225g Self raising Flour
55g Butter
25g Sultanas
25g Castor sugar
150ml milk

If I increase sugar do I need to decrease flour by same amount?

Or is there some other way to increase sweetness but keep nice chewy texture when baked?

#baking #cooking #recipe

Do you have a favourite #bagel #recipe? The only requirements are that it be #vegan, so no expectation of an egg wash or anything, and that it be New York-style, not Montreal-style.

Similarly, do you have a favourite soft #pretzel recipe? Same thing: vegan, no egg wash.

I’ve searched and found wildly different recipes, so figured I’d ask you all for some recommendations before I just pick one that’s the least overwhelming.

#AskFedi #WhatVegansEat #baking #cookery #BoostsAppreciated

Steffani Cameron
2 weeks ago

Food nerds — if you don’t know, Canada’s “Chinese food” scene varies widely coast to coast, as written about in the popular book Chop Suey Nation.

One recipe you don’t find east of Alberta is Crispy Ginger Beef, which is one of my all-time favourite meals!

If you’re elsewhere in the world & love ginger and sweet-spicy Chinese dishes, here’s one from Western Canada’s Chinese community.

Someone from Oklahoma just told me they made it & love it. Not my #recipe:


Yahia Lababidi
2 weeks ago

This #thanksgiving is bittersweet with all the horrors in the #news… But, giving #gratitude for all the good in our lives — big and small. Hope this finds you and loved ones out of harm’s way 🙏🏼✨

#food #recipe #video #blog #Gaza #palestine #israel #war #ceasefirenow #peace #love #family

2 weeks ago

@RolloTreadway You've inspired me to share a recipe of my own; it's not totally original, but the simplifications are mine.

The recipe is for peanut butter fudge, and I'll warn you now, it is RADIOACTIVELY sweet. It's so sweet that I've actually never met anyone besides myself who liked it. I've got the sweet tooth to really enjoy it though.

What you do is you buy a new 340g jar of peanut butter (this is the default size), a new 250g knob of butter (the kind that comes wrapped in foil rather than in a tub), a new 500g packet of icing sugar (the default size), and make sure you have access to some salt.

Then you throw the *entire* jar of peanut butter (or as much of it as you can manage) and the *entire* knob of butter in a saucepan and melt them in a medium heat. Once that's done, you add the *entire* packet of icing sugar, plus a teaspoon, teaspoon and a half of salt, and mix it all together.

Once it's all homogeneous, transfer to a baking tray lined with baking paper, and then I do recommend that you put it in the fridge for an hour or two (the longer the better) to set, because while it's perfectly scrumptious as is, it is nicer to handle solid blocks of fudge.

And then you have fudge without having had to measure *anything*.

#Recipe #Recipes

2 weeks ago

@RolloTreadway Wow, I like this. I stumbled on it from a boost, but if you have room, you might add the #Recipe hashtag to get it seen?
I collect recipes I want to try, like this one. I like pickling things. I'll try this. Thanks

Jessica Jordan
2 weeks ago

Need last-minute #recipe ideas for #Thanksgiving? Look no further!

@Flipboard has enlisted a few of our favorite cookbook authors and recipe writers in this year's holiday Tastemakers series to share their go-to dishes and tips for creating an unforgettable feast. Whether you want to keep it simple, go all out, be meat-filled, vegetarian, or even low-carb, we've got all the recipes you need.

#cooking #holiday #food #foodie

2 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all! We’re thankful for crisp winter days, cozy socks and, you guessed it, mind maps. We’ve got something tasty to share: a recipe for Vegan Seitan Roast Turkey – which you can download on

#vegan #recipe #thanksgiving2023

Stylus 🦉
2 weeks ago

#vegan #recipe #wheatGluten #seitan Next up will be making a spicy version with chipotles in adobo, because I can't find the field roast spicy sausages anymore at my usual grocery store.

Stylus 🦉
2 weeks ago

#vegan #recipe #wheatGluten #seitan or twice .. I made a variant with thanksgiving-appropriate seasoning, shaped into 2 larger loaves, and steamed 55 minutes instead of 40 minutes. Will cover with pastry dough and bake on Thursday. Hope it turns out!

Stylus 🦉
2 weeks ago

I reallly like this #vegan "italian sausage" #recipe using #wheatGluten / #seitan. I've made it just once* but I know it'll be a go-to.

Sarah Fazenbaker
2 weeks ago

Just learned this Spanish garlic soup existed last week. Made it tonight and entire family agrees this is the most amazing thing we’ve eaten in a long time. SO GOOD #recipe

2 weeks ago

So. True. Heart & Brain on trying to read a recipe:

#recipe #comics #HeartAndBrain

2 weeks ago

As we head into the holiday week, I am sharing another delicious recipe!

I think it’s a little strange that the entire US wants to celebrate my being on Mastodon for 1 year, but it’s still a good excuse to talk about Brownies!
(I hear they’re throwing me a parade on Thursday…)

#MastoArt #WriteFreely #Artists #Blog #Baking #Recipe #Food #Dessert #AmBaking

Title Card features watercolor & ink painting of a pale woman with short green hair smiling as she holds a paintbrush & a large piece of paper with “Karin Wanderer Learns: Sweets for My Sweet” written on it. The table behind her is covered in art supplies & mysterious bottles.
Suzanne Aldrich (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Suddenly have an enormous craving for Kapsalon. #food #recipe #dutch

Steffani Cameron
2 weeks ago

I made a yummy vegan curry tonight — cauliflower, peas, coconut milk, cashews.

Here’s the #recipe too. Meera Sodha’s book is good. The advanced “Indian food” home cook might add things like ghee, but it’s a really good intro to Indian cooking with lots of accessible recipes. Recommend. #food #cooking

Cauliflower curry on rice
Meera Sodha’s book Made in India
The full page recipe of Cauliflower, Cashew, Pea, and Coconut Curry
Robert Dale Parker
2 weeks ago


It's great to see the manuscript for Dickinson's #cake #recipe, which looks so much like the manuscripts for her #poems.

And in case you're wondering, I once had lunch with the late #poet Richard Eberhart who recounted talking to an elderly man from Amherst who recounted that when he was a tyke Dickinson would bake him #cookies and lower them to him through her upstairs window.

#Poetry #EmilyDickinson #AmericanLiterature

2 weeks ago
The Japan Times
2 weeks ago
NextGen Cookbook :orangewine:
3 weeks ago

Change of plans, the Vietnamese phở has to be postponed a little. Instead, we're having afternoon tea with British scones on Sunday, for which we will of course write a #recipe. In the evening, we'll continue our ramen series with a Tantanmen Ramen.

Japanese food - Rice Cooker Recipe (that even I can manage): Shrimp Pilaf

Cuisine: Japanese / Prep Time: 5 minutes / Servings: 4


  • Rice cooker


#Food #Recipes #Cooking #Recipe

A white rice cooker with the lid open showing rice, shrimps, vegetables and parsley scattered on top
NextGen Cookbook :orangewine:
3 weeks ago

Everyone here had a cold yesterday and the weather was mean - which led to an unplanned #vegan #recipe. Categorised in the blog under a different date, but brand new. And previously unknown to us. We loved it, so we're publishing it.

Christian Alder
3 weeks ago

Also madeleines! Today I will try this #Vegan Madeleine recipe I found because I miss those little cakes.


3 weeks ago

@StephanieJane I don't use a cookbook (though I've heard good things about Michael Greger's How Not to Die Cookbook), but here's what I do:

1. Hummus and hummus-adjacent mixes (e.g., using black lentils in lieu of chickpeas); and

2. Making tempeh (and I use a 50/50 mix of legumes and intact whole grain), which I use in chilis, curries, stews, and stir-fries.

My method (includes a list of varieties I've tried):

#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health

3 weeks ago

I just started a new batch of fermented pepper sauce, using mostly cayenne peppers but a few red jalapeño (and garlic, dates, and a carrot).

More info in post:

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #pepperSauce #ferment

A collander holding cayenne peppers and a few red jalapeño peppers on a cutting board next to 10 large cloves red garlic, 7 Medjool dates, and a carrot.
3 weeks ago

Absolutely delicious #recipe from The Flexible Vegetarian tonight. Would be even better on a BBQ I reckon. Make yourself the “Charred superfood salad with grapefruit-spiked vinaigrette” from page 149!

I put the scanned #mela recipe here, if you use @rizzi’s awesome recipe app:

Retro Librarian
1 month ago

What's for Dinner?
1955 Monterey Souffle Salad with Hellmann's Mayonnaise, Star-Kist Tuna and Lemon Gelatin Ad
#Dinner #Advertisement #Hellmanns #Mayo #Mayonnaise #TunaSalad #Food #Retro #Vintage #Recipe

Congealed salad with tuna on top, a layer of mayo and a sliced green olive as a decoration
Noah Krohn :mastodon:
1 month ago

(1/3) Pecans are already outrageously expensive in the US but spiced pecans even more so and if they're #vegan? Second mortgage. Anyway here's a #recipe where I'll try to include some options for everyone including my #vegan friends

3 TBSP aquafaba (or 1 egg white if not vegan)
150g / 3/4 cup white sugar (brown/natural has too much moisture)
1 TBSP kosher salt
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
510g / 4 cups pecans or soy beans if you have a nut allergy (see the connected post for more info on this)

Hongyu Yang
1 month ago

As I am planning to take Buddhist precepts seriously, I'm thinking about transitioning to a vegetarian diet (maybe with some eggs and milk still). Would people like to suggest some cheap and easy-to-cook vegetarian recipes?

#vegetarian #vegan #cooking #recipe

Scott Nelson
1 month ago


Oh... and given your penchant for all thing edible you might like the Cookbook app too

#NextCloud #recipe #chai

Masala Chai recipe in Nextcloud Cookbook app
1 month ago

It's almost Thanksgiving in the US. Here's my vegetarian dressing (né stuffing) recipe that's been our go-to for the past 5 years: Brown Butter, Sage, and Wild Mushroom dressing.

#cooking #recipe #thanksgiving #stuffing #vegetarian

cory hughart
1 month ago

🎃 #Halloween #beets to chill you and/or chill to

The is my grandfather's pickled beets recipe.

The brine is made as needed to fill up jars:
½ cup sugar
½ cup water
1 cup distilled vinegar
(bring to a boil and dissolve)

Happy pickling, and happy Halloween!

I had fun with sound effects and music in this one. Music is Divination from the Crock of Time lofi album by @Fragnumopus

#recipe #pickle #canning #preserving

Martin Urschel
1 month ago

Personally, I love #Halloween! Here's a spooky #vegan #recipe for dinner tonight. It's what we've been making for a few years, and it's what we'll be making tonight

Alexis Bushnell
1 month ago

I have lots of limes - does anyone have a (or several) good recipes to use them up please?

#HomeCooking #Recipe #Vegan