Bill Hunt
2 hours ago

The garbage internet truly has made it impossible to find decent reviews of any product. So let me put it to the fediverse instead:

I'm looking for a combo grill! Preferably:

* charcoal sidebox for smoking and able to maintain temperature
* propane for grilling
* side burner for misc stuff
* decent build quality
* doesn't rust out in the first couple of years

Price isn't a major consideration, I'm willing to pay for quality.

#grilling #cooking #recommendations

Thanks in advance!

Quinn Blueheart 🔞✍️
5 hours ago

Exciting news, Quinn just joined GoodReads! Follow for book reviews, recommendations, and more. Check out their profile here: #Books #Reviews #Recommendations #QBlueheart #Erotica

Kathy Karch
1 day ago

Looking for dark comedy movie recommendations for a watch party with my writing group (so needs to be available on a streaming service that does watch parties).

Please share ideas. Boost if it pleases you for more eyes and more suggestions. Thanks all!

#movies #comedies #darkcomedies #recommendations #MovieRecs

Wes Chamness
1 day ago

With the death of third party apps for #Reddit I’m going to move back to RSS feeds. Does anyone have #recommendations for iOS-based clients? #AskMastodon #ThoughtsAndOpinions

Dee Toher
1 day ago

A call out to #MastoDaoine - any #recommendations on good #books or #authors suitable as a gift for a 4 year old?

Preferably Irish - or at least something that isn't easy to pick up in the US.

1 day ago

(2/2) Some more #Documentary #Drama #Podcasts in my #recommendations

BBC's "Fall of the Shah"

-- Some investigative ones:

BBC's "A Very British Cult"

BBC's "Believe in Magic"

-- Ones next on my list:

BBC's "Putin"

BBC's Breaking Mississippi

#HIstory #BBC #Radio #MSNBC #iHeart #Investigation #TrueCrime #Cults #Crime #Putin

1 day ago

(1/2) I like #Documentary #Drama #Podcasts and there are some great ones around at the moment.

Some #recommendations

#BBC "The Bomb"

BBC's "Nazis: The Road to Power"

#MSNBC "Rachel Maddow Presents Ultra"

[And, very similar but more amusingly told than Ultra]:
#iHeart "Let's Start a Coup"

BBC's "Fukushima"

All of these are fantastic.

#History #Radio #RachelMaddow #Ultra

Any #recommendations for something to manage a #MailingList ? I'm looking into for a friend who sends updates to several dozen customers probably like once a week.

Jonah Anderson
3 days ago

@YouTube also, I do not want #Recommendations that have nothing to do with my search. Why is that such a difficult concept to understand?

Does anyone have any stand-by shrimp Juneteenth BBQ recipes? We've successfully navigated not bringing potato salad with raisins in it and avoided being relegated to bringing bags of ice, and would like to knock it out of the park (if possible). I am Chinese/Toisanese (and white) and my partner is wholly white.

Our hosts are dear friends and we just want to bring our best with us, having been assigned shrimp and dessert. We are spiciness adventurous, and live near a great collection of produce groceries with great international sections (in Northern California) and access to lots of different kinds of peppers and other spicy, red, produce.

#food #shrimp #Juneteenth #recommendations

Hebrew by Inbal
3 days ago

Need recommendations for study aids. Thanks!

#studymaterial #recommendations #question #student

Quinn Blueheart 🔞✍️
4 days ago

Exciting news, Quinn just joined GoodReads! Follow for book reviews, recommendations, and more. Check out their profile here: #Books #Reviews #Recommendations #QBlueheart #Erotica

Matthew Graybosch
4 days ago
This question irks me, and if you've seen GoodFellas you know the answer.
Would You Recommend Us to Your Friends? |

📝 Sunday Night Recap — In which I share a recap of interesting / good things from the last week featuring a history of the Comanche Empire, geocaching, demon slaying (virtual), Fuji camera settings, and more…

#sundayrecap #blog #recommendations

2 weeks ago

Does anyone have any #UPS #recommendations? I have a Tripp-Lite that I think is on its way out and I think I'd like to invest in a nicer one that I can maintain for a long time. #homelab #networking

Hey #Montreal #foodies -- I'm in your city for a week (on a solo-vacation); what #restaurants or other #food and #drink experiences are not to be missed? Where are the best tables-for-one to be found? Taking all #recommendations to make my #vacation all that much more enjoyable!

En français: ou sont les mieux restaurants et cafés à Montréal, mes amis? Je suis en vacance pour un semaine et je veux manger la plus belle nourriture!

Pito Salas
2 weeks ago

Link blog entry for "How-To Add Recommendations to a Rails App with pgvector and OpenAI": Creating recommendations with pgvector, ruby-openai, and the neighbor gem. (
#recommendations, pgvector, rails, postgres

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

These are the #playstation games I have so far:

#gaming #recommendations

Spider-Man Miles Morales
Uncharted the Nathan Drake collection
Detroit become human
2 weeks ago

"Murder Most Horrid"

In Ask Metafilter, "I'm an Agatha Christie adaptation addict, who's run out of Agatha Christie adaptations to watch. Please help": Unicorn chaser is looking for "that Christie vibe."

#AgathaChristie #TV #television #recommendations #MurderMystery #murder #mystery

collage style promo for recommended  Magpie Murders TV show with characters Susan Ryeland and Atticus Pünd with a flock of circling magpies in the sky, a single magpie on a bare tree limb, and a sprawling Georgian (?) mansion in the far background
Iain Nash
2 weeks ago

Can anyone recommend a good diff tool for iOS (and also ideally Debian)?

I was hoping to use Meld but can't seem to get it work on the latest iOS

#FOSS #recommendations #debian #iOS

Mathias Egekvist
2 weeks ago

Looking for #recommendations on interesting home renovation #apps

Jeremiah Lee
3 weeks ago

@Techmeme Apple Fitness+ classes were a bit sterile/soulless, but fine at $9/month. It’s the easiest alternative. I would prefer to not further enrich the tech oligopoly.

Does anyone have a spinning + weight lifting virtual class app they enjoy?

#Peloton #PelotonByeBoo #recommendations

Talya (she/her)
3 weeks ago

Hey #ActuallyAutistic folks:
Are noseplugs a thing? Like earplugs, but for when the smell in the room is just too much?
If so, where do you buy them? I would very much like some #recommendations.

#Autism #SensoryOverload #PleaseBoost

Thomas Rigby
3 weeks ago

#neeva (#neevasearch) is closing down! Any #recommendations for a different (preferrably #degoogled) #SearchEngine to use?

3 weeks ago

Any #recommendations for an instance geared toward #parents of #LGBTQ children? #AskFedi

Dave Mackey
3 weeks ago

Any #recommendations on the best software / service for #OCR of #books?

Fall Of Carthage
3 weeks ago

"No one can stop the river" #metal #melodic #recommendations

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
1 month ago

I’m looking for a book (novel, mystery) on tape that will be captivating. Any suggestions? (I’ve got to get this shawl done by the wedding in 3 weeks!!!) #bookstodon #books #recommendations #knitting

1 month ago

Hi there, just thought I'd ask for any recommendations for Fantasy books such as theWheel of Time or in that style? I am looking to read more books but I only like reading books if there is more than 1 book in a series of books that all tell a story, hence my fasination with the Wheel of Time having previously read books such as the Sword of Truth series. Anything goes and nothing offends me, so if you've read things that contain what others would call offensive, also tell me about them as I will read whatever. #books #Recommendations #Reading #Blind #Braille #Fantasy

Joe Martin
1 month ago

PSA because I love it so: this is a great, general-purpose, hot sauce.

#HotSauce #recommendations

#podcast #recommendations 1

1) Space Nuts
I've already recommended this before, but I'm doing it again here because it remains my favourite. Run by host Andrew Dunkley (#radio host and #author) and Prof. Fred Watson (also author, and astronomer-at-large), #3space nuts dives into many space-related topics around the world and here in australia - ranging from supermassive black holes, to the latest crewed missions, to space telescope projects.

2) Unexplainable
Hosted by Noam Hassenfeld, Byrd Pinkerton and Brian Resnick (and many more), Unexplainable covers the may #scientific mysteries that riddle our universe. From havana syndrome, to predicting tornados, to resurrecting mammoths, identifying housebug species, this isn't your regular 'mystery' podcast. It dedicates itself to explaining (or 'unexplaining') such mysteries through interviews with the experts involved - and teaching you along the way. Unexplainable is run by the VOX media group.

3) 99% invisible
99 percent invisible is hosted primarily by Roman Mars, with stories presented by the rest of the team - including Chris Berube, Jason De Leon, Emmet FitzGerald, and more. It focuses on topics related to #architecture, Urban planing and #Geograpy While that may sound boring, it strays from what you would consider such a scope would contain, and the stories that 99pi tells are truly fascinating - for example, island sheep adapting to a diet of seaweed, or how lotteries work, all the way to why captions are so terrible. #technews »American psychology group issues #recommendations for #kids#socialmedia use: The #report doesn’t denounce social media, instead asserting that #socialnetworks are "not inherently beneficial or harmful to young people."«

1 month ago

[EN] I'm looking for a #french #glossary on #privacy topics. Since I'm not a native speaker, I lack the skills to assess the reliability of what I've found. Any #recommendations?

[FR] Je suis à la recherche d'un #glossaire en #français sur des sujets liés à la protection de la #ViePrivée. Comme je ne suis pas de langue maternelle française, je n'ai pas les compétences nécessaires pour évaluer la fiabilité de ce que j'ai trouvé. Des #recommandations?

I want to build a #retroGaming console running #Batocera #Linux #RetroArch #RetroPi or maybe #Android. Needs to be enough for #SegaSaturn games and able to run a 4k TV on HDMI. I don't care if it's #x86 or #ARM, but cheap and small would be nice. Mainly I'd like to see a vibrant community, and lots of possibilities for reuse, so maybe I just need a new #raspberrypi?

#recommendations #askMastodon #gaming #emulation #Anbernic #retrogames #games #videoGames

#question / #recommendations request from #foss / #opensource: looking for a Google Keep replacement.

With todo lists and that grid/column layout for displaying multiple notes. Needs Android and iOS clients. Preferably w. #selfhosting / #selfhosted server.

Already using Joplin - but need a simple post-it looking solution. Think shopping lists and reminders not full featured notes and zettelkasten.

Closest so far is leaflet by potato project but that is android only.

Lee Hulme (it/its)
1 month ago

Time for Sunday Sundries!
A short one today because I'm working on Strange Stories from Odd Folx, but here's a recommendation:

Scare You to Sleep ( is one of the #podcasts that has helped with making mine (3 days til episode 1!)

#horror #Recommendations

Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

@flavio If you’re ever in S. #florida, this #restaurant is worth checking out. And, if you’re there at 8:30 pm, you get to see belly dancing.

Here’s more info:

#dancing #food #MiddleEast #recommendations

hans at
1 month ago

Tore through Ken Dryden’s book on Scotty Bowman. If you’re a hockey fan (and I’m a lapsed one, 40+ years since I described myself as one), and especially if you’re a fan of what Bowman did with the Habs in the 1970s (me) or the Red Wings in the 2000s, you’ll love this book.
#hnom #hockey #hockeyhistory #reading #recommendations

Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

If you’re in need of #goodnews and a hit of #Beauty in your lives, I enthusiastically recommend this #Netflix series.

An antidote to any ugliness in #life & reminder of how purposeful everything is 🙏🏼

Watching & be spellbound ✨

#Magic realism!

#film #movies #documentary #recommendations #nature #earth #animals

currently looking for good books to read via Libby. fiction only. any recommendations?

you can get an idea of what I like at , though I've been remiss at updating it since I moved from Kindle to Kobo.

#fiction #recommendations #books #bookstodon


Michael Shotter
1 month ago
Dave Mackey
1 month ago

any #recommendations on best articles to read to understand #apache #parquet?

Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

This #film is based on a true #story and tough viewing — but strangely therapeutic, if you have a larger-than-life, charismatic, abusive parent… Sigh

Watch #video trailer :

#movies #healing #trauma #family #psychology #motivation #storytelling #recommendations

Tom - KB9ENS
1 month ago

---#Advice requested---
Well it's happened again. My #razor has gone missing after a work trip. Seems to happen once a decade or so. Now would be a good time to know anything about the myriad of subscription services that have been advertised to me in the last 10 years. I was using a gilette mach3, but am up for a change. Any #recommendations are welcome.

Hey, tooters! I’ve had the same cheap USB-powered plastic computer speakers for… Over a decade.

I’d like to upgrade to something much nicer that’ll last another decade. Maybe a setup with some bass? #recommendations

rick and morty GIF “show me what you got”
Gail Is No One
1 month ago

#Audiobook week

Any #recommendations

I've been stuck in fairy tales and Gaiman children's books for the last couple weeks. Need a jolt....


Hi, I'm looking to fill up my RSS feed reader a bit recently!

Anyone got recommendations for blogs, news source etc? Nothing too general/spammy.
General news, EU/German politics, cybersec (vulnerability reports), self hosting and programming (rust, nix...) and digital rights stuff. Also LGBT stuff. And computer graphics stuff can't hurt either! :)

No fedi accounts, for that I have fedi, though maybe youtube channels (i think you can subscribe to those via rss?)

Satire is also great.

Please boost! :boosts_ok_gay:

Hashtags for visibility:

#rss #recommendations #news #germany #netzpolitik #DigitalRights #Chatkontrolle #politics #podcast #blog #cybersec #cg #blender

🩵 Blue 🩵
2 months ago

Seeking #recommendations for fully #remote (#WorkFromHome) jobs (not hybrid) that:

- Pay decently ($20/hour or more)
- Hire US workers and allow one to move within the US and remain employed.
- Don’t require talking with customers.
- Don’t require a college degree.

#Help #Thanks #JobSearch #Work #Ask

Tab Combs
2 months ago

TL;DR: best simple video editing software for windows?

Microsoft is breaking [me]. Any #recommendations for simple #VideoEditing #software for windows? Emphasis on simple. I'll happily pay for something that works well and doesn't presume I know what I'm doing.

Thanks in advance!


Brian Lawson
2 months ago

I just figured out that #Amazon Wish Lists no longer allow you to add non-Amazon links & ideas. There are some local places and Etsy type stuff that I like to support, so this is a deal breaker for me. Any recommendations?

#wishlist #recommendations

Joe Vilas
2 months ago

Food-related: Been including olive oil in bread dough lately. Clearly I can go buy whatever, but I want an #olive oil that'll show up in #bread (hopefully both flavor & aroma) after #baking for 60min @ 450F. or whatever. 1 lb of flour will absorb a lot of water & oil, & still not be highly flavored.

So, want strongly flavored, aromatic, widely available #oliveOil I can easily buy. You don't know what's local to me, but let's skip that worry right now. #food #cooking #recommendations 🍞

2 months ago

@algorithms can now recommend #mastodon posts based on your personal post history. The #recommendations are generated in real-time and the system is designed to be privacy-respecting.

It's still in beta and is required for now, but let me know if you would like to help me test it.

#algorithms #nlp now can generate recommended posts.

Dear #fediverse please send me your #linux #distro #recommendations

I'm coming from Pop_OS! Which frankly has worked FANTASTIC for the past 4–5 years for me, but it's getting a little bit stale?

Generally I prioritize:
- Software Compatibility
- Game-a-bility
- Development

Meaning it's mostly been #debian based distributions with the rare interjection from #Arch/#Manjaro, very little #RedHat influence (always struck me as "for corporate" over "for individuals"?)

2 months ago

So I jokingly called Michael #Mann’s movies “Neon Noir” but it turns out other’s recognise it as a genre too, including movies like: #Drive, #Oldboy, #BladeRunner and #AtomicBlonde in there.

Neon noir apparently needs:
•A grim urban setting that acts as a character
•Expressionistic use of architecture and costumes
•A muted color pallet that is composed of noir lighting infused with neon.

So, hit me with your #recommendations for more #NeonNoir #movies?

Tab Combs
2 months ago

Device #recommendations?

My #research team is going to be conducting field #surveys at busy intersections and we need to be able to show short videos on a #tablet. Surely there are some wizards out here who've done similar and can recommend sturdy, super-bright, low-cost tablets that'll get the job done?

(the AI-generated "best bright tablets for outdoor use" reviews are what you might expect from AI generated reviews)

Thanks in advance!

#transport #RoadSafety #BikeTooter #Infrastructure

Victoria Janssen
2 months ago

Recent #romance I enjoyed: Bitter Medicine by Mia Tsai and The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen by KJ Charles. #RomancingSFF #recommendations #historical #historicalromance

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

today I'm thinking about #PersonalFinance #software. I've been using #YNAB for a number of years but I'm not a huge fan of zero-based #budgeting, at least not on a monthly basis. Curious what others are using for #financialsoftware

Ideally #OpenSource (free as in speech, not necessarily as in beer), if it is able to pull transactions automatically from banking sites that is ideal - but I'll do manual exports if need be. 🙂

#question #recommendations #finance

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

Anyone use any nifty tools for long-term archival of local #bash history? I generally take notes as I go but every once in a while I find myself wishing I could go further back in history to follow my complete line of thought. 🙂

#question #linux #recommendations

2 months ago

Anyone here used a career coach? Is it worth the money?
#career #job #coaching #recommendations #work

2 months ago

Any recommendations for Irish artists? I've to buy a few gifts over the next while and would love to buy people physical prints/etc of things, esp with an Irish vibe. Bonus points for good progressive/feminist/queer vibes.

#art #recommendations #queer

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

What is the #literature of #hope? I mean, who has written about living fully after / during unconscionable turmoil? There is Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning. The most ready source seems to me to be Frankl's peers who also survived the #holocaust. But who are they? And there must be others from all times and places!

Perhaps George MacDonald's Diary of an Old Soul would qualify? A book of daily poems written after the loss of two adult children.

#recommendations #questions #books

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

I'm thinking about picking up a #RaspberryPi to use as a small #server for various purposes at home. Curious if anyone has #recommendations?

the book bear :ms_bear: 📚
3 months ago

hello #bookstodon! i'm here to request some recommendations for books with #queer main characters.

* any genre
* if there's spice, the characters MUST be 18+
* absolutely NO fetishishing of the queer character(s)
* not interested in cheating plots. polyamory and reverse harem are welcome
* preferably written by queer authors

#recommendations #books #reading #reader #bookrecs

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

I've updated the Building #SearchEngines doc. New additions include books on #search and #InformationRetrieval, Open Semantic Search, OpenSearchServer, and Metager.

#Recommendations on #books I may have missed are especially appreciated. :)

3 months ago

I keep owning a doubt regarding the #instance trough I’m here in #Mastodon.

👉🏻 I have the feeling that is an instance that does not plan to implement or update features.
👉🏻 I have the feeling that I should move to another instance.

I am open to read your #recommendations. In fact I will be grateful if you share with me.

What is the best way to get a personal #website and #blog up on the #web for someone who does not have the time to spin up and maintain a VPS (AKA me)? Any #recommendations welcome. Thanks in advance.

the book bear :ms_bear: 📚
3 months ago

hello #bookstodon! i'm here to request some recommendations for books with #trans main characters.

* any genre
* if there's spice, the characters MUST be 18+
* absolutely NO fetishishing of the trans character(s)
* not interested in cheating plots. polyamory and reverse harem are welcome
* preferably written by trans/queer authors

#recommendations #books #reading #reader #bookrecs

Ryan Miller 🎮🧑‍💻
3 months ago

Looking for Project Management tool recommendations. Self-hosted and FOSS (or not pay per user).

- Kanban board (Trello-like)
- Gantt view option
- Self-hosted
- Mac/mobile support (web interface is fine)
- SCRUM tools like sprints, story points, velocity are nice to have
- Custom story Workflows/Pipelines would be great

The best I've found is Plaky (promising!) but it doesn't have a self-host option.

Thanks in advance!

#projectmanagement #foss #recommendations

the book bear :ms_bear: 📚
3 months ago

recommend me your favourite music! i'll try anything once #music #recommendations

the book bear :ms_bear: 📚
3 months ago

what are your favourite #podcasts that aren't true crime related? (sorry, i just have no interest in it) #podcast #recommendations

3 months ago

I’m going to Barnes and noble today to treat myself to some new books! :3

I know I wanna get Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

But any other book is kinda up in the air 🤔 I’ve been eyeing The Priory of the Orange Tree or Babel

Idk, if you have any recommendations let me know :3

@bookstodon #bookstodon #books #reading #recommendations

Colin M. Ford
3 months ago

Is there some sort of #fediverse version of #foursquare? I liked using Foursquare/Swarm back in the day, I find it more useful than something like Google Maps for finding interesting places, but I hate that it is essentially spyware now. Any #recommendations?

Andrew Woods
3 months ago

what non-tech podcasts are you listening to? i’m looking for fun/interesting content.


julia ferraioli :cc_by:
3 months ago

What do chalk and LaTeX have in common? Check out February's installment of influential articles.

#TeXLaTeX #Chalk #recommendations