Megan Lynch (she/her)
12 hours ago

"Recology’s Davis Recycling Center closed on Nov. 2, and remains shuttered by a cybersecurity breach.”

#DavisCA #Recycling #Infosec

Tino Eberl ✅
12 hours ago

Was der wohl für ein Geräusch macht? 🤔

"Saubere Ozeane: Aquarienschnecken-Roboter entfernt #Mikroplastik

Ein Roboter kann dabei helfen, Mikroplastik aus den Weltmeeren zu fischen. Noch funktioniert das lediglich in kleinem Maßstab."

Wer ohne Roboter etwas gegen die #Plastikflut tun möchte, für den habe ich eine #Leseempfehlung:

#Verpackungsmüll #Plastikmüll #Umweltverschmutzung #Müllberge #Recycling

13 hours ago

Since the #Plastic industry doesn't really care about how it contributes to global #pollution it's time to do your part and start reducing your daily reliance on #SingleUsePlastics. Many of your daily-routine products have non-plastic alternatives.

#Oil #OilIndustry #SingleUse #Recycle #Recycling #Pollution #AbcNews #Expose

15 hours ago

Es führe, so Bauministerin #Geywitz weiter, kein Weg an der #Kreislaufwirtschaft Bau vorbei: „Wir sind aktuell noch zu sehr im Modus bauen-abreißen-nicht #wiederverwerten.“ Gebäude müssen in Zukunft vielmehr auch als „Rohstofflager“ gesehen und gedacht werden. #Recycling (2/3)

Das Problem mit den neuen gelben Tonnen

Mülltonnen lassen sich nicht richtig schließen. Das sagt der neue Entsorger.

#LüchowDannenberg #GelbeTonne #Müll #Müllentsorgung #Recycling

Mülltonnen lassen sich nicht richtig schließen. Das sagt der neue Entsorger.
Jack of all trades
2 days ago

"There's more of an illusion of stuff getting recycled than there actually is because there is an imbalance in supply and demand," Butler said, referring to how virgin plastic is often far cheaper to produce than recycled plastic. "Even if we had funding right now, I don't think there is enough commitment from industry to really address the supply and demand imbalance."

#recycling #plastic

freeformz 🏳️‍🌈
2 days ago

Plastic recycling still largely a myth (at *least* for those plastic bag drop off locations in stores):


Die Europäische Union sagt Fast Fashion den Kampf an. Größeren Händlern ist es in Zukunft verboten, unverkaufte Kleidung zu vernichten – bislang ist das in der Branche weitverbreitet. Außerdem soll in Zukunft ein Index schon beim Kauf anzeigen, wie leicht sich ein Produkt reparieren lässt.#Newsteam #Textil-Einzelhandel #Recycling #texttospeech #EUEuropäischeUnion #Greenpeace #Grüne #Verhandlungsseiten #Verbot #Beauty
Ökodesign-Verordnung: EU beschließt Vernichtungsverbot für neue Kleidung
brad m
2 days ago

“Experts call #battery #recycling the most #polluting industry in the world … The market in #Africa is expected to grow to more than $6 billion within this decade”
“growing evidence that #Indian #lead #recycling companies are among the top polluters on the continent and are #poisoning nearby communities”
“Corporations from #Spain, #Ireland, and the #UnitedStates fuel the toxic ecosystem”
“No amount of #lead is safe for humans” #India #Modi #Bhopal #longreads

Light bulbs
3 days ago

“PUMA pilot project [RE:SUEDE] turns experimental sneakers into compost”

Composting is a custom process that takes over 3.5 months.

“While the RE:SUEDE could not be processed under the standard operating procedures for industrial composting, the shoes did eventually turn into compost.”

#Recycling #Circularity #CircularEconomy

Daniel Bellingradt :mastodon:
3 days ago

@histodons Wherever paper was used, waste paper could also be found. Here, in detail no. 5 paper leftovers, waste papers, are lying on the floor next to a used quill. The presence of fresh unused papers, written upon "used" papers, and waste papers, in one scene remind #histodons of the material life of hand-made paper in early modern Europe: it was produced, it was used, and it was recycled - often to fresh 'new' paper. #EarlyModernEurope was a paper age with #recycling rhythms.


A detail from the painting is shown: the little paper leftovers, waste papers, on the floor.
The painting A Notary in His Office from Jan Berckheyde is shown. A notary is sitting at his writing desk, and is surrounded by various paper products. Highlighted are 5 of these paper products.
3 days ago

UK ad watchdog to crack down on ‘biodegradable’ and ‘recyclable’ claims

It’s not just the ad watchdog, it’s whichever gov department defines and regulates these labels. It should do what it says on the tin and do it environmentally.

I carry water & reusable mug with me & avoid plastic packaging to the point it influences my purchasing choices. Loose fruit & veg, just like the old days.


David Ano
3 days ago

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently awarded nearly $3.8 million in federal #infrastructure funds to four Native American tribes in #Michigan to build new and upgrade existing #recycling and #composting facilities. An additional $1.8 million was awarded to nonprofit Michigan Recycling Coalition for education efforts.

#news #EPA

Estelle Platini
4 days ago

In this article Sonia Boulos and Tamir Sorek discuss the policing of the use of the "Genocide" word.

"Abstract: Both societies, Israeli and Palestinian, harbor a collective trauma of annihilation and a national ethos of victimhood. While it is understandable that both sides see themselves as victims of genocidal acts in the current unprecedented wave of violence, when the term “genocide” is used in Western academia and public debates to describe the Israeli attack on Gaza, it is highly policed and is quickly associated with antisemitism. Considering that the Gaza Strip has lost almost one percent of its inhabitants while Israeli leaders use explicit annihilatory language, language policing surrounding genocide has become fatal for Palestinians."

#humanRights #genocide #Israeli #Palestinians #conflation #antisemitism #politics #guilt #recycling #manipulation #language #languagePolicing #israel #israelGazaWar #Gaza #Hamas #warCrimes #proZionism #StandWithIsrael

Mensch, Marina
4 days ago

Jetzt eine #GuteNachricht

Katalysator zersetzt Nylon-6 effizient, damit wird #Recycling mit geringem Aufwand möglich!

4 days ago

Wie die Sensortechnik das Kunststoffrecycling optimieren soll

vorläufige Projektwebseite

ReVise-UP: Verbesserung der Prozesseffizienz des werkstofflichen Recyclings von Post-Consumer Kunststoff-Verpackungsabfällen durch intelligentes Stoffstrommanagement —

#plastic #consumer #recycling #sensor #classification

Bread and Circuses
5 days ago

"I’m only one person. I can’t stop climate change or save the world by myself. Why should I even try?"

While it's true that you and I can only take tiny steps in comparison with the horrendous damage wrought by corporations and billionaires, we still should make the right eco-friendly choices.

If our actions can make even a small difference in reducing loss and pain for a few people or a few species, then it's worth it. If nothing else, we will feel better about ourselves. And with our improved mental and emotional well-being, we will have more energy to fight capitalism.

#bicycle #vegan #recycling

Four-panel cartoon drawing shows a middle-aged white woman doing these four things...
1. Bike to work.
2. Try meatless Mondays.
3. Guillotine the corrupt corporate class that is poisoning the planet for profit.
4. Recycle.
heise online
5 days ago

Schubladen-Handys sammeln für einen guten Zweck

Ausgediente Telefone sind ein wahrer Rohstoffschatz. Ein Recycling-Dienstleister und ein Sportverein starten eine gemeinnützige Sammelaktion.

#Bitkom #Smartphone #Nachhaltigkeit #Recycling #Umwelt #news

5 days ago

Energiewende verursacht Abfallkrise: Was tun mit ausgedienten Windrädern?

Rotorblätter sind die nicht die einzige Bauteile/Produkten, die aus faserverstärkten Duroplasten sind. Diese Werkstoffe werden auch im Boots-, Yacht- und Schiffsbau sowie im Flugzeugbau verwendet.

Ich habe mit Kunststofftechniker studiert, die damals glaubten, Sie würden die Zukunft der Werkstoffe anbieten. Mich hat damals gewundert. wenn nicht entsetzt, dass

#Recycling #rotorblades #duroplast

5 days ago

Reading Time: 3 minutes

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the recycling centre is open from 1600-2000 or so, which is great if you’re working and want to go after work. The drawback to going at this time is that the one for local villages is down a narrow road where cars can barely pass each other. If you go at rush hour traffic you have commuters, and you have people heading to recycle.

When I had the scooter I would often go with that, because with a scooter it’s easy to go down a narrow road despite cars coming towards you. In a car you need to be careful that the mirrors on your car don’t hit the car coming the opposite way. There are two issues. The first is that the road was narrowed to slow down traffic. The second is that a road that should have no commuter traffic does have commuter traffic. Ideally this would be a one way road system.

If I go at 8 in the morning on a Saturday I miss the rush hour commuters, and I also miss all the people who can’t find the motivation to head to a recycling centre at 8 on a saturday morning. I used to be one of those people. I changed because I found that traffic is more fluid and because it’s quieter.

I find it hard to motivate myself to go and recycle. If it’s raining I use that as an excuse. If it’s sunny I use that as an excuse. If I have just finished my walk as it opens I use that as an excuse not to go.

I have been recycling for two or three decades or more, so the process of sorting recycling is normal. I’ve been recycling glass, aluminium, electronics, grass, paper and other things for a long time. It’s an ordinary part of life. It’s taking things to recycle that I find annoying. That’s why I wait until the car is full to go. I feel that it makes more sense to go when the journey is justified, rather than weekly.

I have started to keep recycling by the car. In so doing the excuse of having to run up and down stairs 3-6 times to take things from home to the car is taken care of. I just need to load the car and go. It’s important to remove key excuses.

I could take my walking loop by the recycling centre but people tend to mount the pavement where I’d be walking. I prefer not to go there by foot. The other option is to recycle things on the mornings when I shop. I could easily turn up five to ten minutes early, recycle some things, and shop.

I have a modular system. If you order things from online shops or other online stores you get boxes. I use these boxes to store PET bottles, glass and more. I wait until they’re full, and then I place them by the car. It’s my way of recycling cardboard boxes, before recycling them. If I use plastic containers, or paper shopping bags I need to bring them back up, after I’ve been to the recycling centre. By using boxes that need to be recycled anyway I have a convenient, modular system, for trips to recycle.

Although it could be seen as lazy not to go every single week I am one person, not two to four people. I generate half to a quarter of what others produce in recycling so it makes sense to go half, or a quarter as often as others. I also save petrol and wear and tear on the car. By going once every few weeks I help reduce congestion around the recycling centre, especially by going at 8am on a Saturday, when others prefer to sleep.

#recycling #saturdayMorning #traffic

Charge display for the volkswagen ID.Buzz.
Morpheus Being
5 days ago


Well today, finally got around to cashing in my cans at recycling centre, 1004 cans and bottles coming from years of keeping.

Peter Riley
5 days ago

#wildlife #photography #peopleschoice

A bull elephant at a dump in Tissamaharama, #SriLanka.(Photo: Bret Stirton)

A rack of coats made from the skins of the most endangered big cats on Earth, including #snowleopard, #jaguar and #ocelot. (Photo: Britta Jaschinski)

A Celebes crested #macaque investigates a #recycling pile on a beach at the edge of Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve, #Indonesia.
(Photo: Claire Waring)

#polarbear off to sleep #Norway
Photo: Nima Sarikhani

Ptarmigan Gray
6 days ago

Disproving EV myths with data. No, EVs are not more environmentally harmful than IC vehicles because of the minerals mined for their batteries.

A short read dispelling a common EV battery myth from @TheGuardian

#electricVehicles #DriveElectric #recycling #environmentalImpact

6 days ago

Um die Umwelt zu schonen und Styropor-Abfallberge zu vermeiden, erzeugen Künstler und Forscher aus Sachsen schweinische Theater-Requisiten aus organischen Resten mit dem 3D-Drucker. Die sind hinterher kompostierbar
@tudresden #Theater #Dekoration #Requisite #Bio #3D-Drucker #additiv #Dresden #Sachsen #Leichtbau #Freischütz #Weber #Rathen #Bühne #recycling #kompost #Styropor #Abfall #müll #Organisch #Gelatine #Leim #LDM #Schwein #Kunststoff #Nachhaltig #Theaterplastik

6 days ago

Der himmelblauen #Reiseschreibmaschine aus der Zu-Verschenken-Kiste soll nun im Repair-Café neues Leben eingehaucht werden. Die Typenhebel klemmen.

Da es mir mit der Reparatur nicht eilt, ließ ich die Schreibmaschine dort. Die Ehrenamtlichen hatten reichlich zu tun.

#Autorinnenleben #ReparierenStattWegwerfen #Nachhaltigkeit #Recycling #Ruhrgebiet #StadtEssen #EssenRuhr #RepairCafé #Ehrenamt

1 week ago

I like #Recycling :)

1 week ago

Researchers Develop Self-Healing Robotic Gripper for Soft Robotics

#researcher #SelfHealingRoboticGripper #SoftRobotics #Recycling

Researchers Develop Self-Healing Robotic Gripper for Soft Robotics 

#researcher #SelfHealingRoboticGripper #SoftRobotics #Recycling
Dr H
1 week ago

The last few photos of the junk pile terrain piece.

Did you spot the "gem in the junk"?

#WarhammerCommunity #TabletopTerrain #Junk #Recycling

Close up view of the pile of scrap metal. But what is that deep in the shadows of a pipe? It appears to be a gem, not metal.
Close up of the bed and campfire under the junk pile.
Side view of the junk pile.
Mandy Watson
1 week ago

Welcome to MandyCanUDigIt's new site sponsors Grazers and Green Matters from Grazers. If you don't know them, check them out - the last word in #gardeningforwildlife and sustainability!

#gardening #environment #Grazers #GreenMattersfromGrazers #gardens #gardenbirds #recycling

Grazers no-harm products
Green Matters from Grazers nest box made from recycled plastic
Knowledge Zone
1 week ago

#ECPR Could Prevent Many More #Cardiac #Arrest #Deaths : Sci Am

Why #Recycling plastic may not be as good for the #Planet as we thought : Guardian

#MilkyWay’s hidden #Supernova revealed by JWST : Medium

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

Allen Stenhaus
1 week ago

I made a thing! In the future, I want to make a version where all cables are hidden and I don't need a power strip on the top, but for now this is more than sufficient.

#Recycling #Reusing #DeWalt #Battery #Charging

Four DeWalt battery chargers mounted to a repurposed stained two by six board. A power strip is mounted to the top so all batteries can be easily charged at the same time and just as easily relocated. Cables are all strapped together to keep this is organized as reasonably possible without having to sit down and hand draw a more complex design.

I've got the power!

#recycling #ewaste Oliver Franklin-Wallis's NYT opinion today is such boring old news filler that I spent time trying to figure out if its disinfo

Imagine having the resources to write a pre-approved "best seller" that affords you an NYT opinion column and you burn it saying

"Gosh, the plastic my weiners are wrapped in is hard to sort into a bin! Has anybody ever thought about this? No? Only me?"

Big Oil shuddering beneath the holy light of this journalism I'm sure

1 week ago

Das sind Fahrräder. Viele Fahrräder. Sie waren Teil das Bike-Sharing Programms in den USA. Jetzt sind sie alt. Wegwerfen ist billiger als recyclen. Gilt übrigens auch für Retouren im Versandgeschäft: Auspacken, wiederverwenden oder reyclen ist teurer als wegwerfen. 3Millionen Tonnen landen so in den USA auf der Müllhalde oder werden verbrannt. Jedes verdammte Jahr. #Recycling #wegwerfgesellschaft

Eine riesige Müllhalde von alten Fahrrädern in 2 Stockwerken teilweise übereinandergestapelt.
1 week ago

Drawing attention to waste in the book industry, and creating art...

#books #art #recycling

Kultusministerium BW
1 week ago

Mikroplastik vermeiden und #Recycling fördern für mehr #Nachhaltigkeit im #Sport: Bei der Fachtagung „Fairplay für die Umwelt“ ging es gestern darum, wie man Kunstrasen- & Reitplätze umweltfreundlicher anlegen und das Material ausgedienter Sportplätze besser wiederverwerten kann. ♻️
@Umweltministerium #lsvbw

1 week ago

Can someone explain to me how you justify charging 3 to 4 dollars per kilogram more for unpackaged, fruit and vegetables, than identical produce in plastic packaging?

#consumer #ClimateEmergency #recycling #climateChange #Australia #food

Cherry tomatoes in plastic packaging with a sign identifying them at $15 per kilogram
Cherry tomatoes without any packaging with a sign identifying them at $18 per kilogram
Baby cucumbers in plastic packaging with a sign identify them at $12 per kilogram
Baby cucumbers without any plastic packaging with a sign, identifying them at $16 per kilogram
Atlas Obscura
1 week ago

Olde Good Things in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Grand architectural relics gain a new life in this Pennsylvania warehouse.#construction #recycling #architecture #section-Atlas
Olde Good Things

Dr. Michael Blume
1 week ago

@sLiM @GratianRiter @SheDrivesMobility

Wären wir schon früher auf Elektromobilität umgestiegen, dann hätten wir längst Batterien ohne #Kobalt sowie funktionierendes #Recycling. Bitte nicht jeden Fortschritt bekritteln und damit doch nur fossilem #Lobbyismus in die Hände spielen!

Categorical Imperative
1 week ago

##Ökologie #umwelt #politik #wirtschaft #erdol #plastikmull #recycling #ecology #environment #politics #economy #petroleum #plastic #waste

Die weltweite Plastikverschmutzung könnte reduziert werden. Das kann nur global angegangen werden. Aber wie? Durch ein weltweit verbindliches Abkommen. Die vierte Verhandlungsrunde darüber in Nairobi ist aber gescheitert. Wir erklären, wieso es so schwierig ist, zu einer Einigung zu kommen und wieso es die aber dringend braucht

"Of the 10 plastic items dropped off in recycling bins with a tracker, four ended up in a landfill, two ended up in a waste transfer center (meaning they’re likely headed to a landfill), two went to out-of-state or out-of-country recycling centers, and two were last tracked in the Port of Los Angeles headed to who knows where."

#recycling #plastic

Rich Puchalsky :anarchism:
2 weeks ago

There's been another batch of news lately about plastic recycling, which people are thankfully starting to learn is a scam. Some forms of recycling are scams that are actually designed as low-cost disposal of a dirty material.

Not all recycling is a scam:

Valuable materials recycling:

Aluminum cans

Not as valuable, but still valuable enough so someone would pay for it as a raw material:

Steel scraps
Glass bottles
Office paper

Shadowy mid-range that is probably actually recycled but might not be if not subsidized

Tin cans

Not recyclable: scam recycling



Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

Every time I am forced to put something in recycling, I think of how that actually means dumping it in my home region, SE Asia

The only reliable way to recycle is to eliminate plastic as far as possible.

Plastic recycling is a failed idea, and a pollutant of the developing world.

#Plastics #Recycling #TootSea #Climate

Erin Whalen
2 weeks ago

Stellantis says it will lift its 2030 revenue target for its "circular economy" recycling unit after revenue grew 25% this year. The company, which owns brands such as Chrysler, Jeep, and Maserati, said it aims to generate $2.2 billion by 2030 from its circular economy unit. The announcement was made at the company's new recycling hub in Turin, Italy.

What do you think – meaningful action or greenwashing? (Or, dare I suggest, both?) 🤔

#cars #environment #Recycling

Paul-Gabriel Wiener
2 weeks ago

PBS shows what happens to the #plastic we put in the #recycling bin. It gets shipped (adding tons of C02 to the #climate ) halfway around the world. China won't accept it anymore, so instead people in Thailand salvage what they can, making less than $3/day. 75% of it still gets dumped into the river and carried to the #ocean. The usable 25% gets melted down (releasing toxic fumes) and maybe turned into something low-grade and disposable.

Natasha Warner
2 weeks ago

Tucson has a program lately where you can take your otherwise-non-recyclable plastics and put them in the special plastic recycling bin (by the Ward 6 office), and it gets turned into landscaping building blocks and apparently possibly into tiny houses, which may at some point be available for currently homeless people. I saw a sample tiny house made from plastic tonight. I mean, there are so many ways our society could make it so not as many people would be homeless, but right now a lot of people are, and this tiny house (which would need a shared restroom and water source, presumably in a development of these) is probably better than the sheds and tent camps I see regularly. And we can recycle all the plastics, too. #Tucson #recycling

Tiny house (1 room, 8x10 feet).  Dark colored walls with white door and white window frames.
Description of tiny house. "Bypad. Diverts 4,120 LBS (2.1 tons) of plastic waste from landfill. Every ByPad saves 1/3rd of a tree.  Roof and wall panels are insulated with R18 natural fiber batts. Secure, fiberglass exterior door with deadbolt. 2-vinyl screened windows for maximum airflow. Easy to clean flooring with weatherproof, sound-dampening underlayment. Dimensions: 8' x 10' x 10' (80 sqft). Ships with build instructions. Assembles in 2 days. Electric-ready."
Ross of Ottawa
2 weeks ago

A #recycling question that's been plaguing me for years. Usable old clothing I donate to thrift shops, but holey, worn-out things seem to have no recycling path we can access, at least in my city.

I know rag & fibre is used in many places, like paper-making, utility/shipping blankets, chemical absorption, upholstery, etc.

How does one get stuff into such streams? Any insights?

2 weeks ago


Hauche deinem Fahrrad neues Leben ein.
Frankensteins Fahrrad sammelt gespendete Räder, lässt sie über kooperierende Werkstätten wieder fahrtauglich machen und gibt sie an sozial benachteiligte Menschen weiter.
>> @frankensteins_fahrrad #bikeLove #solidarity #recycling

Huh, #TIL Milk Cartons (e.g. gabled top paper ones with the plastic spout) aren't wanted in the #SomervilleMA commingled #recycling bins per - dag, I had been diligently rinsing those out, prioritizing purchasing them over plastic jugs (which *are* accepted for recycling).

I like to reuse and repurpose things when I can. Here’s an empty Mentos container I’ll leave in a neighborhood “free” box.

#recycling #random

My hand holding and empty plastic gum container. Inside it is a slip of paper with a note. It says,

Great way to store:
• Gum
• Paper clips
• Medication
• The souls of your enemies

Barrie garbage and recycling changes coming in 2024/2025 | CTV News #Barrie #GarbageCollection #Recycling #onpoli @barrie @onpoli

So its Thursday night & I've been sorting out the bi-weekly #recycling.... and then I came across this chart & find that only around 10% of global #plastics are recycled....

I know I'm doing my bit but really its all a bit disheartening, although I'm sure many of you will be reaching to your keyboard to say if the #climatecrisis could be solved by recycling you'd be more worried... there are #green bigger issues to worry about!

Chart: Less than 10% of  global plastic waster is recycled. Share of plastics treated by waste management category, 2019.

chart shows OECD average  is around 14% while overall word average is 10% with non-OECD average just above 10%. China & India also match OECD levels
3 weeks ago

Was Kliniken gegen Müll unternehmen können

Krankenhäuser produzieren riesige Mengen Abfall. Das Universitätsklinikum Bonn zeigt, wie es auch anders geht - und dass mehr Recycling sogar auch Geld spart. Von Birgit Augustin.


#Krankenhäuser #Nachhaltigkeit #Umweltschutz #Müll #Recycling

heise online
3 weeks ago

Einigung bei kritischen Rohstoffen: EU will unabhängiger von China werden

EU-Gremien haben sich auf eine Verordnung verständigt, um eine sichere und nachhaltige Versorgung mit Lithium, Silizium, Kobalt, Gallium & Co. zu gewährleisten.

#EU #Recycling #RohstoffSerie #news

If #battery #recycling is going to be key to the #greentransition, then there is a difficult trick to pull off.

Firms developing capacity now, need to ramp up (and invest) ahead of the surge in recycling that will come when the surge in #electriccars ownership in the last couple of years hits the horizon of disposal... the gap between building effective capacity & the future surge will require 'patient capital' & long-term strategic investments.

At the moment that looks potentially difficult!


#RE: #Cycling

#KungFuAudreyHepburn rides a #Scooter... | #Recycling #TrueFact

🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | 🦹♻️​🧙🦄🧙♻️​🦹

#KungFuAudreyHepburn rides a #Scooter: #LookAtTheEvidence
4 weeks ago

I likes #permaculture, it suits my needs for perms and hair beading, raised #bedding and other #simplified/#joyous #harvesting.

So many #useful #projects from #crop #recycling to #learning by #example. #Urban #farming. Indoor #hydroponics.

For example as our side streets in #London are cleared of central areas (aka side roads. We have #room for #polytunnels and other street #initiatives to feed our need for food, home and #solarcooking etc.

The better world is calling us from the future feature

Nice bit of greenwashing bullshit in there on your plastic packaging, Woolies!

The recycling logo fails to include the number to designate the type of plastic. Most local councils only accept some types of plastics, and recycling centres need to know the type of plastic. Without that number, nobody has a chance.

Oh, Woolies wants you to return the bag to the supermarket, and they'll recycle it for you? But, if you follow the link to, Woolies says they don't accept plastic bags for recycling. The scheme is on hold because their recycling partner, Planet Ark, was found to be full of shit. It's an elaborate lie designed to make the customer believe Woolies cares about recycling.

Coles is in on it too. In June 2023, Coles announced a three-year partnership with Planet Ark. Presumably, this is to produce some meaningless PR to pretend they care about the environment. *slow clap*

You may remember Planet Ark from their previous environment fraud supermarket scams:
- 15-cent plastic bags that were advertised as "green" because you were supposed to reuse them, but were not in fact green because nobody could use them more than once, and they were made of heavyweight plastic that's even worse than the previous type of plastic bag.
- Plastic bag recycling drop-off points at supermarkets that resulted in scores of Planet Ark warehouses around the nation packed to the rafters with plastic bags that never got recycled.

#Greenwashing #Recycling #Environment #Woolies #Coles #PlanetArk

Close-up photo of the back of a plastic chip packet. It has a recycling logo fails to include the number to designate the type of plastic. Around the recycling logo is a rectangle that says "Bag" and "Return to store". And next to the logo is a link to If you go to this link and click on a few more links, they say they don't accept plastic bags for recycling.
Screenshot from the Woolies website, where they hype their commitment to Australasian recycling label.


Each label tells you how to best recycle or dispose of each type of item of packaging using three distinct logos by Planet Ark, and you can find this label on our Woolworths branded products.

Please note that products with soft plastics packaging including those which are labelled with recycling guidance, such as ‘Return to Store’, cannot be returned to our stores at this time due to the unavailability of suitable recycling facilities.
Sally Strange
1 month ago

The story of John Chweya, organizer of Kenyan trash pickers' union:

"“We were doing the job that the municipal government was supposed to be doing, but no one was engaging with us. They saw us as illiterate and uneducated and for a very long time they did not understand the livelihoods of waste pickers,” he said. “It was not until we started to engage with them that they started to see us properly.”

#Environment #Plastics #PlasticPollution #Climate #recycling #ClimateChange

Daniel Bellingradt :mastodon:
1 month ago

In the #earlymodern European book culture, the recycling of parts of an older book (in this case a clerical's parchment page with liturgy-related content) as a new book's cover was a natural choice. #Recycling and re-using are established practices of the (bookish) past. #bookhistory #manuscripts #histodons

A Sammelband full of Schreibkalender copies of the Trew-collection (UB Erlangen) with a parchment binding. The binding's material is a page of an old manuscript. The copy: UB Erlangen, H61/4 TREW.X 1034
Robin Applegarth
1 month ago

#thicktrunktuesday A “nurse log” downed redwood trunk supporting the growth of another #tree. Nature is a model of #recycling with no throw-aways.

#nature #redwoods #forests

Downed redwood trunk serving as a nurse log to support another tree growing roots over and around it.
Tired Aid Worker
1 month ago

Scientists and anti-pollution groups agree that the ultimate solution isn’t relying on recycling or trying to pull trash out of the ocean, but massively cutting plastic production. #Recycling #Microplastics #Nanoplastics #Plastics #Environment

On Wired:

On Mother Jones:

Jeremy Osborn
1 month ago

I’m looking for advice on donating/recycling cables.

In the US, Staples says they will accept these and that their recycling partner is ERI Direct. Do we think they will actually do more than just toss them in the landfill?

Or does anyone know of better alternatives?

(Wherever they end up going, yes I will untangle this rat’s nest first!)

#recommendations #recycling

A large clump of wires and cables sitting on a basement floor.
1 month ago

Question for people who know more about #recycling, #reusing, #gardening and #mulch than I do.

I end up shredding a fair amount of paper every month. I could shred more, but I just recycle envelopes and inserts.

Can I use the shredded paper for anything in the garden? Would it be useful in a mulch pile?

Other than sending it off in the blue bin, is there anything I could be using this for that would be less wasteful?

Light bulbs
2 months ago

“52% of items put in general waste bins could have been recycled”

I still suspect that the best mid-term solution is a single trash can and automated separation:
– People who care about separating already mostly do the best they can.
– Many people don’t care.
– The rules for separating change and aren’t always clear—especially for organic waste and tech waste.

#Recycling #WasteManagement

2 months ago

Wie sich Abwasser in Neubauten wieder aufbereiten lässt

Wasser ist eine wertvolle Ressource. Mittlerweile gibt es Anlagen, die das Trinkwasser vor Ort aufbereiten können - und auch noch wirtschaftlich sind. Ein Pionierprojekt in Berlin ist bereits in Betrieb. Von Andre Kartschall.


#Wasser #Recycling #Abwasser #Berlin

2 months ago

The allotment shed with water butts connected up. Provided it rains often enough I should be able to water my plot entirely from rainwater from now on.

Inside, the old table is a snug fit.

#Gardening #Allotment #GrowYourOwn #Recycling #ReUse #RainwaterHarvesting

A green roofed, blue walled shed with 1600 L of water butts and water tanks connected up to harvest the rainwater from the roof. On the other side of a paving slab and floor tile pathway 900 L more water butts are connected to the greenhouse and three plastic composters behind them can hold up to 900 L of compost.
An old rescued dining table fits snugly across the far end of the shed. This will command fabulous views over the compost pile from the end window and spying on the neighbours through the front window. The old shed side wall is now the new shed’s end wall.

Collected the rotten remains of the old terrace and turned it into firewood. Once it's dried, that is.

Managed to salvage a few lengths, with some luck enough to make myself one or two sawhorses from.

Mrs. nosy hen is eyeing the stack warily. Don't worry, I secured it against falling on her after this photo 🐔

#Recycling #VillageLife #Firewood #Chicken

A lot of partially rotten and waterlogged timber, cut to armlong pieces and stacked against a wall to dry. A hen is on the ground inspecting the stack.
Erin Whalen
2 months ago

Just published my latest "Links of the Week" post over on Our Awesome Future.

This week's stories include: a "Climate Army" update, wind-powered cargo ships, solar panel myths debunked, a solar-powered microfactory that transforms plastic into usable household items, and more.

Feel free to check it out and sign up for free if you'd like to receive stories like this directly in your inbox every week. 😁

#Solar #SolarPunk #RenewableEnergy #Sustainability #Recycling

Light bulbs
2 months ago

”£8 billion worth of raw materials discarded in ‘invisible e-waste’ [in UK]”
“A significant amount of electronic waste is hidden in plain sight. Sadly, invisible e-waste often falls under the recycling radar of those disposing of them because they are not seen as e-waste.”

Another argument in favor of automating waste separation. People often do it wrong and best practices still frequently change.

#Recycling #WasteManagement

2 months ago

Die #Migros Greenwashing Kampagne geht weiter. Die blaue Öko-Recycling-Flasche kam bei den Kunden so gut an, dass sie fix im Sortiment bleibt.

Auf die Idee Nachfüllbeutel zu verkaufen, damit man seine Flasche (egal ob recyclet oder nicht) wieder auffüllen kann statt immer eine neue Flasche zu kaufen kam man dann aber noch nicht 🙄

#schweiz #recycling

🆕 Artist: #SEILEISE in City: somewhere in #Hamburg Mümmelmannsberg, Germany 🇩🇪 10/2023 - Title: untitled ♻️ - #Streetart #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #StencilArt #Photography #Fotografie #Recycling #Bildersuche 🔎 #PhotoSearch 📸 (please Photo with Artist-Hashtag and Locations)

Streetart. On a concrete pillar is pasted a small painted picture of a girl with flowers. It stands there in a green dress and smells a single flower, but its petals are made of the sign for "recycling". In the other hand she holds some more green flowers.
Info: The recycling sign is 3, green, curved arrows arranged in a triangle. The arrows represent the recycling cycle.
Erin Whalen
2 months ago

Check out this solar-powered "mini-factory" that converts plastic waste into usable household items.

(Ever since reading Neal Stephenson's book, The Diamond Age, I've been such a sucker for the idea of small recyclers that can turn the same amount of substance into new products over and over. I know this is not that but I do think the idea of small communities being able to recycle old plastic into new & needed items is pretty cool.)

#SolarPunk #solar #recycling

Nicole Wolf
2 months ago

Ich sehe es einfach nicht ein, ein neues Gerät anzuschaffen, und mich ärgert, dass es überhaupt noch solche proprietären Geräte geben darf, die durch fehlende Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten #obsolet werden.
Da hilt auch kein #digitalerProduktpass oder #Recycling oder #Kreislaufwirtschaft, wenn nicht zu aller erst die #Hardwarenutzungsdauer erhöht wird.

2 months ago

Struggling to find any useful advice on how to dispose of a swollen phone battery in the UK.

Gov website just links to local council, which has no information on recycling damaged and potentially dangerous batteries.

The nearest recycling centre in walking distance that may potentially accept it does not allow pedestrians, so would have to get two buses to a centre that does.

It's no wonder most folk just chuck it in the bin (and maybe cause fires)

#ewaste #recycling

2 months ago

The opening line to the song [Yakety Yak]( is "Take out the papers and the trash". The song was made famous by The Coasters in *1958*.
This has set me down a weird rabbit hole of trying to determine *was there paper recycling in 1958?* ... near as I can tell, yes, there was, but not as a we-will-come-pick-it-up service, like trash collection.
So I am left wondering *why make the distinction between papers and trash?*
Besides the obvious "we need some syllables to go in this line of the song".

#Music #ShowerThoughts #TheCoasters #1950s #Recycling #Lyrics #History

Steve Oberg
2 months ago

Here are two pieces of furniture that were sitting outside all day at the curb that we were able to get recently. Most of our furniture is recycled in this way. The owners even delivered the loveseat to us for free when we could not fit it into our vehicle! They didn’t want to see it go into a landfill and neither did we. 2/2


Leather and wood recliner in arts and crafts style
Leather and wood loveseat in arts and crafts style
2 months ago

Guess what? Any plastic marked with this symbol (for "recyclable") is not, in fact, recyclable. & stands for "OTHER" aka "everything else", and despite having a "recyclable" symbol in it, is not actually recyclable. #recycling #greenwashing

Green arrow that goes in a continual triangle, with the number 7 in the middle. Below is labeled "OTHER"
brad m
2 months ago

When industries or companies want to avoid responsibility they tell customers to make good individual choices (eg #recycling and #sugar sugary drinks #soda )

“Consumers are often asked to make more responsible choices. Yet when it comes to commodity goods like #coffee, the complex production chain can turn an uncomplicated habit into a complicated decision”
“Marketers attempt to simplify this overload by using buzzwords” #fairtrade #shadegrown #climatechange #marketing

2 months ago

Some years ago I put some coffee bags in a box while I worked out how to recycle them. I have kept stuffing more and more in until a small avalanche has now brought that to my attention. I'm still not sure they can be recycled sensibly. #recycling #coffee

marc [sustain release] ✅
2 months ago

I've got no clue who actually started doing that in my household, but using old toilet paper rolls to prevent cables from entangling inside the storage boxes is actually a brilliant idea! 💡#organisation #storage #cables #recycling

Two enrolled black VGA cables stuffed through an empty toilett paper roll in order to stay organised.