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Navistar SOTV-B a bespoke pickup for the US military made by Navistar Defense to look like a Toyota Hilux #rWeirdWheels #WeirdWheels #TootBot #Reddit #RedditBot

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Reddit Furry_irl
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uhhh yeah ima need u to erase that rq

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9 hours ago

Google Deepmind AI VS Heisenberg

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I present to you the Pininfarina designed Hafei Zhongyi, the first Chinese domestically produced Kei van #rWeirdWheels #WeirdWheels #TootBot #Reddit #RedditBot

12 hours ago

I can’t be the only one who’s thought this.

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r/CrazyFuckingVideos is now r/MildlyInfuriatingAcceptableVideos...

Also, "looting and violence is racist".


@not_benis CW: UH OH #trigger warning ⚠️, don't take too serious guys, uh oh #reddit #moment ™, eye contact, food, #cofe, #ifunny #logo #memes, #shitpost , #lovelive #lewdlive #aimasu #finance #runescape #buyinggf #riseandgrind

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Reddit furry_irl
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15 hours ago

Inspired by @adam, I'm gonna post my own #techdiet to inspire change in others. I haven't studied IT. I just like computers a lot. Please join.

I use:
- #Linux not #Windows
- #LibreELEC & #Raspi not #AppleTV/#Firestick
- #Nextcloud not #iCloud
- #Mastodon not #Twitter
- #Lemmy not #Reddit
- #Peertube not #Youtube
- #Matrix not #Discord #Whatsapp #iMessage #fbmessenger
- #Plex not #netflix
- #homeassistant not #alexa
- #PaperMC not #Realms
- #Gimp not #photoshop
- #Libreoffice not #MSOffice

16 hours ago

True Nineties Kids Will Remember

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17 hours ago

“Han, ma bookie, baldo nee anna dodo da eena.”

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2 days ago

Some cars have annoying floodlights

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Shawn M. Jones, PhD
2 days ago

WashPost @taylorlorenz “News outlets turn to Reddit as Musk’s X descends into chaos”

“Rachel Karten, a social media consultant in Los Angeles, said she believes that it’s better for media companies, and all brands, to simply stay away from subreddits they do not personally operate. Each subreddit has its own norms, history and cast of personalities, and media companies participating can make it appear that they’re giving their approval.”

#TwitterMigration #Reddit #News

Adrian Roselli
3 days ago

I look at the new #Reddit logo, see an unnecessary four-ink print job for the quasi-3D head, see “reclclit” in the text because the weird ‘d’ makes it look like a terribly kerned ‘cl’, and then utter “Fuck Spez.”

Linux Is Best
4 days ago

Funny thing about me though...

If you check my post history going as far back as Mastodon dot social all the way onto here on Mstdn dot social is I have always believed in transparency.

That is why I regularly publish and update my block list for anyone to review (or use).

I did not like the games people played on Twitter (or Reddit)

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Twitter #Reddit

5 days ago
Anupam 《ミ》λ≡
6 days ago

I've already made the move from an #iPhone to an #android phone running #LineageOS without #Google services. I've stopped using #Twitter and #Reddit, and I'm in the process of moving away from #Github. It's time to #TakeBackControl of my data.

1 week ago

I appreciate the weirdness of AI and Artist and would love to see the prompt... #AI #art #reddit

ChatGPT “thinks” that it would take the following prompt for SDXL to recreate this image:

Imagine a scene in a dimly lit, untidy kitchen where a person with a gothic aesthetic, characterized by dark eye makeup, facial piercings, and vibrant blue hair styled in braids, is humorously pouring baked beans onto a pepperoni pizza. They are wearing a black tank top and apron, showcasing various tattoos. In the background, two individuals adorned in full Roman soldier armor are amidst a comedic struggle, attempting to sweep away a group of mischievous raccoons that have invaded the space, causing chaos. The entire scene is depicted from an overhead security camera perspective, adding a timestamp in the image's corner to imply surveillance footage."
Neil E. Hodges
1 week ago
The karma system on #Reddit is garbage. :/
1 week ago

You can link here to Reddit, YouTube, Hackernews & RSS from blogs without any traking from them to pass on data with ›ledit‹.
– via @badlogic & @harald4toot


#Reddit #YouTube #Hackernews #RSS #traking #data #datasecurity #link #ledit

1 week ago

Seriously, what is wrong with people on #Reddit? Is the site some kind of filter for selecting arseholes?

I think I'll give up on it. Some of the subreddits were interesting sometimes, but jeez.

2 weeks ago
shrimp eating mammal 🦐
2 weeks ago

i feel like if I were ever on #reddit I'd get banned within a week

i joke about how "#Mastodon is social media for people who have a favorite #Linux distro"

But God almighty, #Lemmy is "#Reddit for people who wish Reddit had an entrance exam or an age requirement"

or perhaps "Reddit for people who run servers"

@puniko @fuchsiii #AppZwang ist ohnehin ne shice-idee...

#ThisCouldHaveBeenAWebsite ist das neue #ThisCouldHaveBeenAnEmail!

Richtig dreist ist das.von #Reddit mit dere "Besser in der App" Overlays.

Da möchte ich jedes mal irgendwen dort anschreien:

Adblockers and alternative frontend will only get you so far in this. It's literally just a matter of time until step it to yet another level. Want some real change? Stop giving them power. #Boycott these fuckers.

"Youtube has started to artificially slow down video load times if you use Firefox" -> (link to avoid direct #reddit)

Bring down closed data silos like #YouTube. Empower #foss federated platforms like #peertube.

#adblock #decentralization

2 weeks ago

Bought every half life and cs game, still on apex tonight

#meme #funny #bot #reddit

2 weeks ago

Hvem er på #Reddit - og kan man bruge det til noget? Jeg har prøvet nogle gange, men jeg kan simpelthen ikke finde noget, der er af interesse ift. skole, uddannelse og den slags, jeg interesserer mig for. Nogen der har et bud på, hvordan man griber det an? #skolechat #uddpol #dkpol #AIEd #KIudd

2 weeks ago

Don't use Reddit for Linux or BSD related questions

"If you think independently and don't follow "the hive mind", you will definitely not be liked on social media."

#reddit #linux #bsd

2 weeks ago

An actual, upvoted comment on a #reddit thread about Elon Musk agreeing with a guy that Jews are the cause of all problems white people face: "Not everyone you disagree with is a nazi and not all opinions you disagree with is disinformation."

Jesus Christ.

#twitter #X #elonmusk #antisemitism

David Zaslavsky
2 weeks ago

@crowdotblack My guess would be it works like #reddit and pretty much every other site I've seen that has downvoting, where a significant amount of people downvote posts they don't like. If the post is well-sourced then that can discourage downvoting somewhat but doesn't prevent it.

In any case I wouldn't blame this on the #Fediverse, at least not based on that one experience.

Count Regal Inkwell
2 weeks ago

Peeps, I have a question.

Where would one go nowadays to find a community where they can get help with developing new skills? (In my case, I wish to improve my absolutely trashy
#programming skill for a silly personal project and also learn #Blender for fun-that-might-turn-into-work-prospects-maybe-but-even-if-it-doesn't-it-sounds-fun)

Even a year ago I'd just immediately go to
#Reddit, but Reddit has gone to shite. Not even the enshittification of the service itself: There is less activity and the post are shittier quality now :P

I did look for a
#lemmy community but the only ones that seem to have some activity are Beehaw's programming community and a Blender community, but like, they seem to be more about news and discussions and idk if me asking newbie questions would be welcomed.

3 weeks ago

What if Christian baby…

#christianbaby #reddit

It's like the last scene from Doctor Strangelove, where a man riding a bomb waving his hat, but it's a baby riding the bomb.
3 weeks ago

I just met you
And this is crazy
But believe in god
Or kill this baby

#christianbaby #atheist #reddit #babyparachute

Reddit post:

Atheists, imagine you're going skydiving. Just before you're aboutto X open your parachute, you see a Christian baby falling from the sky. Would you give him your parachute, or would you keep it and let him die?
Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
3 weeks ago

Did uh, did I just get completely blocked from #Reddit? I have no idea what the hell all of this text means. Anyone more tech savy than me able to explain what's happening?

A screenshot with text that reads: whoa there, pardner!

reddit's awesome and all, but you may have a bit of a problem.

Make sure your User-Agent is not empty, is something unique and descriptive and try again. if you're supplying an alternate User-Agent string, try changing back to default as that can sometimes result in a block.

You can read Reddit's Terms of Service here.

if you think that we've incorrectly blocked you or you would like to discuss easier ways to get the data you want, please contact us at this email address.
Frozen Canuck
3 weeks ago

"We believe it is time to consider not just how online spaces can be governed efficiently and in service to corporate bottom lines, but how they can be governed fairly and legitimately. Giving communities more control over the spaces they participate in is a proven way to do just that."

100% agree.

#SocialMedia #Twitter #Facebook #Reddit

T. T. Perry
3 weeks ago

Finally seen a drastic improvement in student behavior…by doing the exact opposite of what my admin said to do : Teachers

A teacher tells a story of how to encourage students to hold each other accountable, thus decreasing anti-social behavior (saying slurs to each other). Accountability is for everyone!

#Accountability #Reddit

CritteRo 🇪🇺
3 weeks ago

What I don't really about #lemmy instances is that the concept is flawed. #Reddit is a designed (at least now) as a collection of forums. The appeal is that instead of keeping track of multiple community forums, you keep track of one big aggregator.

Lemmy, since it's meant to use ActivityPub and comunicate with other #fediverse apps (including forums) should embrace the old reddit style (no sub-communities, just one r/all) and let actual lemmy instance be the subreddits

Colin B.
3 weeks ago

@TheConversationUS Oh, the irony. The wonderful BRILLIANT irony.

reddit has become a toxic shithole, like almost all social media before it. To do an AMA on reddit, now that Spez has melted down and destroyed the site, well it *almost* makes me want to log in to watch.


#reddit #redditisdead #fuckreddit #fuckspez

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 weeks ago

Reddit Helps Fan Who Needs to Know if Opening Band Is Satanic Before Taking Dad to Show
Specifically wondering if the band are 'Satanic aggressive Christians.'


Kevin McCurley
1 month ago

I find that I use #reddit a lot more than twitter and #mastodon these days. There are two reasons for this:

  1. you follow moderated topics rather than people. They work waaaay better than #hashtags which are often spammed.
  2. the community is much larger, even after some people left in a huff.

Among the amusing things that I saw today: one person asked in r/python how you would run python inside a golf ball. Uhhhhhh....hmmm....

Admittedly this might have occurred under r/IOT or r/embedded instead, so the single-topic constraint doesn't always exactly match the content. I still think it works better than hashtags.

Leave it to Malaysians to make a post about being racist the funniest thing on Reddit 😆

This is one thing you need to understand about Malaysians - when we are confronted about social issues like these or about the dumb assery that is Malaysian politics - we make memes.
And Twitter/reddit shit posts

#Malaysia #Malaysian #Reddit

Kari'boka :v_com:
1 month ago

Amigos do #MastodonBR gostaria de convidá-los a participar do #Lemmy uma resposta do #Fediverso ao #Reddit

O Reddit tem se tornado uma rede cada vez mais toxica e recentemente anunciou que se tornará uma empresa de capital aberto. Além disso o CEO Steve H. declarou repetidas vezes que admira o trabalho que E. Musk vem fazendo no #Twitter

Eu administro o e os convido a fortalecer e e viabilizar essa alternativa, principalmente para os falantes de pt

@MarkScottRobson A good question.

From the technical side:

1. The #Fediverse network (not #Mastodon network; Mastodon is one of many Fediverse software) is based on a @w3c standard called the #ActivityPub protocol.

Think for example the protocol behind emails, SMTP. Or the protocol behind surfing the web which is HTTP/S.

Because it is a #WebStandard, there is always a software available.

Here are some examples of software for the Fediverse network:
a. #Firefish (f. #Calckey) - flagship instance is

b. #Rebased - see

c. #BookWyrm - see - think #GoodReads

d. #Pixelfed - flagship is at - think #Instagram

e. #Lemmy - see - think #Reddit and #Stackexchange (or #Quora for that matter)

f. #WriteFreely - flagship - think #blogging platform

g. #PeerTube - see - think #YouTube or #Vimeo

h. #Friendica - think #Facebook

i. #Hubzilla and #Streams - think full blown CMS + Community with #SocialWeb functionalities built into its core (instead of using add-ons)

j. #Chirp - - think #Groups with #moderation features and some customisation.

And those are just a few. See this for more at && here

Now, the above examples are just the software options for running a community or service (which you can do if you know how).

Each have a different purpose. Each have a different UI and UX.

Then there are also #Frontend software. These are software that will give you a different layout for the software the server is using.

For example, you don't like the default Mastodon UI? Then log in your Mastodon account here: and use a UI that is similar, if not the same, as #Twitter / #twitter

How about mobile? There are also a lot to choose from with different features, design, and experience. You can check out a list here:

2. Lifespan.

Let's say the Mastodon team call it quits, for whatever reason. Will the network die? No.

Again, Mastodon is just one of many fediverse software. You can just move to a new server or instance of your choice.

Secondly, the Mastodon source code is #FLOSS / #FOSS (or #OpenSource). In fact, there are already a lot of forks of Mastodon, adding other features that are not found in the mainline Mastodon code.

And the servers/instances running Mastodon? They won't die just because the Mastodon team called it quits. They'll just find a Mastodon fork and move to it. Or, start their own.

3. If you're adventurous, you can run your own solo or family instance/server. Or maybe a public server that is invite-only.


That's just 3, there are many more.

#BlueSky? Yes, they do offer federation (a.k.a. interoperability) but the protocol they are using is not a WebStandard, they started their own and so far have no plans to support the webstandard ActivityPub protocol.

In fact, right now, federation with BlueSky is turned-off. They are not yet concentrating on it.

However, once they do, I personally would not be surprised if the generous Fediverse server/instance hosts start to setup their own federated BlueSky server/instance, which in turn will definitely help grow the BlueSky network.

And who knows? Maybe BlueSky will implement the ActivityPub protocol and join the Fediverse network? If this happens, then it becomes a matter of choice. Which UI and UX and features do you like?

But, until that happens, in my opinion, staying in the Fediverse is your best bet.

chikorita157 🐰:unverified:
1 month ago

Surprisingly nobody mentions this, but the Aliensite might block search engine indexing and possibility force users to login to view content, even if they deny it. They are probably mulling the possibility of doing so.

I wish we can go back to Internet forums, centralization is a mistake.

#reddit #enshittification

Maj 🇨🇦
1 month ago

I find it alternatingly tedious and infuriating, but then Reddit loves doing stuff like this.

1 month ago

#Reddit is considering blocking Google and Bing crawlers, in order to make AI companies pay for its data, stating that “Reddit can survive without search”. Without an agreement, Reddit posts will not appear in search results anymore.

A yellow background with some dots and stripes, and the Reddit logo in the middle.

@internetarchive @pluralistic i've gone through elaborate measures to cut myself off from #reddit. Like, a site-blocking browser plugin and a hosts override. Ofc, there's easy ways around both, but luckily I haven't had the motivation to do them.

Annoying thing is that Reddit is actually useful sometimes, and searching for answers to questions often brings up Reddit threads in results. For that, there's google cache.

heise online
1 month ago

Verhandlungen mit KI-Firmen: Reddit droht mit Ausschluss von Suchmaschinen

Bei Reddit will man von KI-Firmen Geld dafür, dass KI-Technik mit den Inhalten trainiert werden. Andernfalls könnten Suchmaschinen komplett ausgesperrt werden.

#Bing #Google #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Reddit #Suchmaschine #news

@arstechnica So, accessible only with its own apps, not through Google or other search engines. With its own /r/ keywords.

Is #reddit the new AOL?

Mrs.Alice :verified_twit:✨
1 month ago

Being a Millennial or Gen-Xer often means being sandwiched between Boomers who think everything on the internet is real and Zoomers who think everything on the internet is real.

#millennials #genx #babyboomers #genz #facebook #reddit #tiktok #instagram

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
1 month ago

Borrowed from soychotic on BirdChan:

"Every time I have a #programming question and I rly need help, I post it on #Reddit and then log into another account and reply to it with an obscenely incorrect answer. Ppl don’t care about helping others but they LOVE correcting others. Works 100% of the time"

I presume #Reddit will eventually block #Google & #Bing in the near future (#Alphabet & #Microsoft are going to crawl everything public to satisfy their #AI egos) as issuing a web crawler block will not work if Google & Bing ignore them.

👉🏾 ‘Reddit can survive without search’: company reportedly threatens to block Google - The Verge

Charles Chen
1 month ago

A #reddit post asking about how to optimize #dotnet interviews for better results triggered a bit of reflection on just how Rube Goldberg the whole #tech #interview process has become in the last decade. If it takes you 6+ hours over 3 weeks to qualify a candidate, your interview process is too damn long -- here's how to fix it:

#programming #jobs #hiring

1 month ago

Since the #reddit rebellion has been quashed and things have gotten quiet. I have been tossing around the idea of setting up a #lemmy #instance for #Fandom to share links and stuff like the old days of reddit.

Anyone have any thoughts on that?

#fanfic #fanfiction #writing #ao3 #iamwriting #community

1 month ago

mbin is a fork of kbin so give it a try if you are looking for alternative to lemmy. it is connected to fediverse via activitypub

Github repo here:

#mbin #lemmy #kbin #reddit #fork #activitypub #fediverse #opensource #oss #foss #software

mbin is a fork of kbin so give it a try if you are looking for alternative to lemmy. it is connected to fediverse via activitypub
2 months ago

The #Reddit #iOS app asks you if you want to receive notifications. If you say “no” it will simply switch to “deliver quietly” and still send you notifications. Is that an #Apple #AppStore terms violation? It’s so obnoxious and sleazy.

The Conversation U.S.
2 months ago

“Nones" (atheists, agnostics, or nothing in particular) comprise 30% or more of the adult population in the United States and Canada.

We're launching a special project with AP and RNS to look at their growths, beliefs and nonbeliefs.

Bring your questions to an #AMA on #Reddit (or comment here and I'll bring the question to reddit)

#religion #atheism

Today on #Malaysian #Reddit

Filed under "cari pasal" *

As usual the comments from Msians have me ROFL

* Looking for trouble

#Malaysia #TOOTSEA #Weird #Penang

Reddit post asking - How to hook up with prostitutes in Penang? Where?
4 months ago

im trying to paint the twin fantasy dogs on if anyone wants to hwlp :33 #fediverse #mastodon #lemmy #reddit #rplace #redditplace