Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
6 days ago

You can't see the sides so I'm not sure if this is a WD Elements external drive or a Trashcan Mac Pro.

This is Microsoft’s new disc-less Xbox Series X design with a new gyro controller

#Microsoft #XboxSeriesX #FTC #Controller #Redesign #Hardware #Console #GamingNews

Brooklin, the leaked Xbox Series X refresh with a disc-less, more circular design.

I must admit #chrome's #redesign looks damn good

MailPerson Kyle
1 week ago


#transportation #redesign #cities #StrongTowns #urbanism

This was touched on in today's strong town podcast for folks wanting to learn more about this

The Transportation Historian
1 week ago

If we could simply go out and work on our #transportation problems, we could fix the vast majority of them tomorrow. We could implement cheap, temporary solutions until a proper #redesign could be done. We could reprogram signals, paint crosswalks, and create protected bike lanes, everywhere, if only it were legal to do so.

But, it is far too complicated, expensive and difficult to do anything in the current system. So, we continue to let our #cities and designs fail us.

#StrongTowns #urbanism

Clayton Hove
2 weeks ago

I asked AI to help me remodel my bathroom in a style better suited for me.

#ai #bathroom #remodel #redesign #toilet

2 weeks ago

Durchaus wichtiger Hinweis von Google für Website ReDesigns - (temporäre) Ranking Verluste sind nicht zu vermeiden:
(von @SEOSuedwest )

Ich schätze mal, wird auch für andere #Suchmaschinen gelten, auch weil selbst die Konkurrenz teils Suchergebnisse von #google benutzt.

- Tagliste:

#Webdesign #SEO #ReDesign #redesigning #Suchmaschine #suchmaschinenOptimierung

2 weeks ago

#Design #Guidances
We need better hyperlink hygiene · Let’s try to avoid a disgusting web phenomenon: link rot

#InformationArchitecture #UxDesign #WebDesign #Redesign #Process #Content #Hyperlinks #Redirection #LinkRot

Poetry News
2 weeks ago
Annette Schwindt
3 weeks ago

#Redesign in #WordPress mit #fullsiteediting fertig. Demnächst kommt noch ein Blog dazu.

4 weeks ago

13 SHIFTcycles♻
refund: 🌐

Mit unserem Gerätepfand übernehmen wir Verantwortung für die Geräte, die wir verkaufen. Wir schaffen damit einen Anreiz und eine Motivation, die Geräte nicht in der Schublade zu vergessen, sondern sie uns für weitere Nutzungs- und Recyclingkreisläufe zurückzugeben, egal wie beschädigt sie sein mögen.

#shift #shifthappens #shiftphone #cycles #refund #release #recycle #reduce #repair #reuse #return #redesign

@androiddreams This looks like some #OGame #Redesign screenshot for a "small freighter"...

1 month ago

I think if #firefox would get a #redesign more users would use it. A good #ux is necessary to attract users (makes sense right?). I know there are #userChrome customization options but that's too complicated for "normal people". They already have a good design-team so why don't redesign Firefox to match the look of a #ModernUI ? I would love to see that.

1 month ago

I am using Pocket for mutiple years now in my flow of reading through RSS feeds on Feedly/Newsify and saving the interesting ones to read them later in full.

Unfortunately, the Pocket App on iOS is by now completely broken by design. I can’t think of a reason why @mozilla would do this, but they did.

Does anyone out there have alternatives? Is it possible to go back to Instapaper?

#pocket #redesign #followerpower #enshittification

Martin Trokenheim
1 month ago

Remember Thundercats? I tried a redesign of #Cheetara a couple of years ago.
#thundercats #illustration #drawing #digitalart #Cheetara #redesign #cartoon

Kreig Durham
1 month ago

The upcoming #Slack #redesign makes me anxious because I solely use Slack for work, and I do not have the capacity to adjust my workflow to sweeping changes like this.

Иiĸa '23 :heart_sp_bi:
1 month ago

It's truly a small world, where stands users are naturally drawn to one another... 😲🌏

(Disclaimer: I'm as short as Koichi, and my birthday is close to his, so messing with him is kind of a self-joke...)

#JJBA #JJBAFanArt #JojoComic #YoungstarsAU #redesign #timeskip #MastoArt

First slide of four. The scene features my redesigns of Josuke (30yo), Giorno (27yo) and Jolyne (21yo) from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Josuke welcomes Giorno and Jolyne. Josuke says: "Welcome! Did you have trouble getting here?". Giorno replies: "Well, traffic was kinda tough, but we managed to pull through anyway". Jolyne adds: "Nice house, Josuke!". Josuke speaks again: "Thanks, but come in! Don't stay at the door. Let me introduce you to these two".
Second slide of four. They're two scenes. The first scene introduces Okuyasu (29yo). Josuke holds him by the shoulders. Josuke says happily: "He's Okuyasu, my better half and best friend". Okuyasu, with his hand raised, says: "Yo! Glad to meet you!". Josuke adds: "We were enemies when we met at first, but... C'mon, he's lovely, right?". The second scene introduces Koichi (29yo). Since Koichi is a short guy, Josuke is leaning with his arm on top of Koichi's head. Josuke says: "And he's our beloved, adopted son...". Koichi shouts, very angry: "I told you I'm tired of that f***ing joke! We're about the same age!!". He continues: "And get off me! I'm not furniture!!". Josuke laughs: "Hahaha, it's still hilarious to me, sorry. Just kidding guys, he's our friend Koichi...".
Third slide of four. There are three dramatic close-ups to the eyes of Giorno, Koichi and Jolyne. Everyone's frowning and their eyes are wide open. "Wait a second...". "You are...". "... Koichi!?".
Fourth slide of four. Both Koichi and Giorno point at each other, and shout: "I remember you!". Then, Koichi says: "You're Giorno! I met you in Italy twelve years ago!". Giorno replies: "You're Koichi! You're that Japanese who helped me defeat that stand!". He continues: "You won't believe what happened to me after that...". Jolyne points to Koichi, menacingly, and says: "やれやれだわ。。。Are you that Koichi my dad keeps talking about and comparing me to? What's so great about you, pocket-size dude!?". Meanwhile, Okuyasu and Josuke appear in the background, confused. Josuke adds: "... wait, what's going on?".
Adrian Segar
1 month ago

Good design can improve a humble bucket. Good meeting design can radically improve conferences. Why not add it to your bucket list?

#meetings #EventDesign #redesign #eventprofs

improve conferences improved bucket: an illustration of an improved redesign of a bucket

Redesign bei Slack: Das ändert sich am User-Interface

In den letzten drei Jahren hat Slack zahlreiche Features herausgebracht, ohne die Benutzeroberfläche großartig anzupassen. Jetzt wird es Zeit für ein Redesign.

Das erwartet euch:
#slack #redesign #messenger

Slack-Logo auf einem Laptop-Bildschirm
2 months ago

re-designed an OLD old oc of mine today :]
had lots of fun with her :3
#mlp #art #mylittlepony #redesign #digitalart

a my little pony base in show accurate style, edited to look like my oc "violet shine" she is a unicorn with a dark blue coat and a split dyed medium length mane in hot pink and aqua, her eyes are purple and her expression is that of a grimace
violet shine, now redesigned. her colour palette is similar but now desaturated to a degree, her horn is longer and has a strong curve to it and a hanging piece of bright blue gemstone at the tip of it. her hair is shorter and fluffier, now with a pastel pink to white gradient and pastel blue highlights. she wears a collared short cape around her shoulders, tied with a string bow. it has a star shaped hairclip attached to it. her hooves are golden and on her front right leg she wears a vibrant pink and blue bracelet. her eyes are now neon blue and pink, with a white star shaped pupil. she wears red tinted round glasses with golden string that loops around her ears, it has small blue gems hanging from it at even spaces. her cutiemark is a neon blue heart surrounded by a neon pink sharp shape, inside the heart is a gold star.
2 months ago

13 SHIFTcycles♻
Was meinen wir mit "release"?

Es ist uns wichtig unserer Kundschaft Freiheit zu gewähren.
Durch das Öffnen und Reparieren unserer Geräte geht die Garantie nicht verloren. Wir möchten die User nicht dafür bestrafen, dass sie eigenständig Probleme lösen. Außerdem besitzt jede/jeder die Freiheit, das Gerät zurückzugeben oder unsere Upgrade-Option zu nutzen.🙂

#shift #shifthappens #shiftphone #cycles #release #recycle #reduce #repair #reuse #return #redesign

Keith Bradnam 📈
2 months ago

I know that it is all too easy to have a negative first-take on the redesign of a web page or app.

Having said that, my negative hot take of the new #BBCNews app is that they’ve made it so much harder to quickly explore multiple news sections.

Removing the ability to horizontally swipe between news sections means I will probably discover far less news.

#BBC #News #ui #redesign

2 months ago

If you're curious, we posted all of the designs on our Tumblr page:

We also published a series of videos recapping each design and reflecting on the results. The final episode was published last week. Full playlist:

#Pokemon #Pokemonart #redesign #creaturedesign

2 months ago

Here are a few more of my favourite redesigns I took the lead on for The New 151!

#Pokemon #Pokemonart #redesign #creaturedesign

A redesigned Gengar with deep dark skin and glowing reddish extremities. One arm and one leg appear detached from the main body, surrounded by a purple cloud. It also has a long catlike tail, with a purple cloud surrounding the tip.
A redesigned Electabuzz with thick forearms, plug-shaped claws, a thundercloud-shaped tail, and blue accents.
A redesigned Eevee. It looks very similar to the original, but with more exaggerated proportions and simplified rendering. Its eye has yellow, red and blue accents.
A redesigned Mewtwo with greenish skin. It has two tails, one green and one purple, that appear to originate from the head and thread through the body. It has a blue blob around its chest.
2 months ago

From 2016 to 2022, I worked with my friends Infinipede and Banana Meteor on redesigning all 151 Kanto Pokémon. We called the project The New 151. Here are some of my favourites that I took the lead on!

#Pokémon #Pokemonart #redesign #creaturedesign

A redesigned Pidgeot with bigger wings, shorter crest, and Eye of Osiris markings around the eye.
A redesigned Dugtrio. Three Digletts with star-shaped noses can be seen inside a swirling mound of soil and rocks. The mound resembles the shape of a large star-nosed Diglett.
A redesigned Psyduck that resembles a platypus. It has a paddle-shaped tail with blue bubble markings on it, blue duck feet, blue hands and a blue bill. It hodls its hands to its head and has a pained expression, with a bulging vein on its temple.
A redesigned Magneton made of three octahedral Magnemites. The central Magnemite is bigger and darker than the other two. Magnets, nails and screws float around them, disconnected from the main body.
Kalinga Athulathmudali
3 months ago

Chrome's upcoming Material You-based redesign brings rounded corners, thicker address bar, and updated custom themes with Mica effect for the active tab. Chrome's new look gets closer to Microsoft Edge's aesthetic. Exciting update ahead!

#GoogleChrome #Redesign

3 months ago

#Design #Approaches
Avoiding pitfalls in reporting user behavior changes · Ways to better understand the impact of design changes on user behavior

#DesignChange #Redesign #UserAnalysis #UserBehavior #UxMetrics #ProductDesign #UxDesign #WebDesign #Psychology #Sociology #Economy #Politics #Technology #Environment #Demography

Abdujabbar Bozdar
3 months ago

It's not that easy to #redesign, rebuild, and revamp your personal #website. 😩

Calvin Lin
3 months ago

In 2013, I was asked to draw some fantasy archetypes. Recently, I decided to redesign them again to see how much my style has changed in 10 years. Turns out, quite a lot!

Here's my take on a Knight, a Wizard, a Mercenary, and a Paladin!

#MastoArt #Redesign #Redraw #Art #DND

A comparison of two digital drawings. On the left, the version from 2013: a line less drawing of a knight with red hair, pale skin, and gold and silver armor. On the right, the version from 2023: a knight with dyed red hair with red cloth under metal armor.
A comparison of two digital drawings. On the left, the version from 2013: a wizard who is a white man with a white beard in blue robes holding a staff with crystals at the end. On the right from 2023: a black man with blue robes, brown leather armor and a staff. Their robes host a large amount of patterns
A comparison of two digital drawings of the Mercenary. On the left, the version from 2013: a pale orc with black and gold armor and an axe. The orc has tattoos covering the side of their face. On the right, the version from 2023, the orc is now green with hair, though there are still tattoos. The outfit is now more metallic silver than black but the gold remains
A comparison of two digital drawings. On the left, the version from 2013: a paladin who's body is completely covered in silver and gold and red armor. They have a bulky frame. On the right, the version from 2023: the paladin has swapped the helmet out for headgear so the face is visible. The armor is also more detailed but still has the signature colors from before

Did I need to #redesign my #blog? Of course not.

But I did it anyway, and now it's changed but there's still more work to do, which will likely fall by the wayside within a couple of days.

Thanks #adhd 😆

#ADHDer #AdultADHD #ADHDlife

@vantablack Now I feel older cuz the "#Redesign" is now over 12 years old...

4 months ago

#GitLab's latest #redesign *is* actually a huge improvement over the previous one. I know that doesn't say much, but still.

I’m a little late to the party, but Alex Hollender’s post about the 2023 #redesign of @wikipedia is a great read. It’s the first major change since 2004!! 🤯

I'd made some changes to the story of my comic voidstar that meant Avernix, the main antagonist, needed a redesign. I finally go around to it, and while I think her outfit in particular need some more adjustments, I'm liking this new direction for her.

#comic #comicCharacter #Character #CharacterDesign #WebComic #villain #antagonist #Redesign #voidstar

An illustration of a pale blue alien in a dark green dress standing tall with her 4 arms behind her back. The dress has a bright green sash that turns into a cape showing a simplified diagram of a helium atom on it. The dress has a number of lime green, glowing accents running down the sleeves and skirt.
Hilary Palmén
5 months ago

Really enjoyed picking up a Freitag bag, recycled lorry coverings an safetybelt straps. Thoughtful designs and wonderful customer service that makes it feel like choosing a bag is making a partnership. Often there are parts of letters in the bag. I was there for over an hour, thoroughly enjoying myself before making a commitment to a turquoise messenger bag

Photograoh showing a tote bag with the outline of a letter s against a backdrop of drawers, each has a photo of the bag it contains. Every bag is unique
Akira Sanz
5 months ago

Pues este es mi rediseño de los Kin. El casco no termina de convencerme y lo mismo lo rediseño de nuevo o lo mismo no, ya depende de si tengo ganas o no en un futuro XD. #digitalArt #warhammer #warhammer40000 #leaguesofvotann #redesign

Dibujo en blanco y negro digital rediseñando visualmente a los Kin de Warhammer 40000. Hay dos Kin con la misma armadura, uno con casco y otro sin casco.
5 months ago

#GWB - YouTube: Völlig neue Oberfläche für den Videoplayer im Test – Video-Empfehlungen dominieren (Screenshots) - #redesign #youtube #Google

Boiling Steam
5 months ago

Flathub Has Been Redesigned, and Each App Page Contains Much More Info Now:
#linux #linuxgaming #update #foss #flatpak #redesign #flathub #site

CK's Technology News
5 months ago

#GoogleSearch #redesign mixes tabs and suggestions

Not everyone might be seeing this, I have no idea if/how they A/B test and release these designs.

6 months ago

Weiter geht’s im SHIFTcycle mit „redesign“. Um nachhaltige Veränderungen voranzutreiben, müssen wir beim Produktdesign ansetzen.♻️

#shifthappens #shiftphone #cycle #redesign #sustainability #economy #modular #design

My newest visible mend is maybe more of a reuse project. My partner's sweater had holes on both elbows, and the area around the holes was also worn thin. My earlier attempts on mending this were not so successful. Solution: patches on the whole shebang. I had matching materials at home: an old tired sweater and leftover yarn from an earlier knitting project. The stitching technique is basically swiss darning. I hope it lasts—if not, it's still part of the learning process!

#mending #redesign

Square photo of a woolen sweater lying on a parquet floor with arms partially crossed so the elbow patches show. The sweater is green with a light grey collar with a black stripe. The elbow patches are made of light grey knit fabric with black woolen thread zigzag hand stitching around the edges.
Square closeup photo of a green woolen sweater with a light grey collar with a black stripe. There's a folded light grey woolen sweater with a skein of black woolen thread lying on top of the green sweater.
Square closeup photo of the left elbow of the green woolen sweater. The elbow patch is made of light grey knit fabric with black woolen thread zigzag hand stitching around the edges.
Square closeup photo of the right elbow of the green woolen sweater. The elbow patch is made of light grey knit fabric with black woolen thread zigzag hand stitching around the edges.

I hope to unlock the "weirdest bug found" achievement

I just raised as an issue against the @w3c website beta:

"keyboard+click combo in Firefox to "open in a new tab" links from "cards" opens the link both in origin AND new tabs"

#w3c #webdesign #redesign #firefox

My kids have played this song for me for years on our way to school.
Here it is for you now. #lemonDemon #redesign

7 months ago

I spent time in the early morning today before work to redesign my website.

I'm using Astro build now and Newspaper theme.

#blog #website #redesign

I documented my process to select a firm to work with us to #redesign the @w3c website.

From writing the RFP, evaluating the bids, awarding the project to @simonrjones and planning the work(*).

It's all there in public slides.

"W3C Website redesign:
vendor selection & plan"

(*) the covid-19 outbreak put a serious dent in our timeline, but I'm pretty pretty sure it was overambitious by far, to begin with!

7 months ago

Soon internet is going to be way more regulated and restricted. The global supply chain may collapse. Energy, water, food, clothing, housing will only get more expensive.

Pseudonymity (like I rely on) will mostly be a thing of the past for individuals.

Hopefully we can keep #usenet alive and community run.

Consider getting your #AmateurRadio licenses.

Find like minded people in your local community and establish mutual aid groups?

Maybe together set up a community wide mesh network to keep everyone informed and have communication available should something happen to the non-community run ones?

#Reduce, #Reuse, #Repair, #Repurpose, #Regenerate, #Reimagine, #Redesign, #Recover, #Recycle

Learn to mend clothes. Learn to make clothes.

Learn gardening. Collect rainwater. Compost. Grow food. Keep chickens. Keep bees. Learn to cook and preserve. Stock up.

Learn to repair and salvage.
Learn to make tools. Learn to design and write programs. Learn electronics.

Fight for the #RightToRepair and #RightToSalvage

Teach others.

“The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone. Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.”

Simon R Jones
7 months ago

Just spotted the talk I did at Web Summer Camp on our experience working on the W3C redesign is online at @w3c #W3C #OpenWeb #redesign

Andrew Woods
7 months ago

if there’s something about my current site that isn’t working for you, or could be more accessible, I’d like to know.

Do you have any thoughts or constructive criticism about the design of ?

I’m planning to design my site for the IndiieWeb and probably add Fediverse features, if they feel appropriate

#IndieWeb #Redesign #WebDesign

@omglinux It says a lot when a #redesign is so good that even the #linux community, which is one of the most averse to #design changes, loves it wholeheartedly.

Mike Taylor 🦕
8 months ago

I see that like every other #website #redesign ever in the whole history of the world, #Wikipedia redesign has made the site much worse.

* The table of contents, invaluable for long articles, has gone.
* You are limited in how wide you can make the page, so that viewing wide tables is horrible.

I just don't understand how this kind of dumbassery gets past reviews.

Matthias Ott
9 months ago

✨✍️ New post: Updating My Site in 2023

I’ll redesign my personal website this year and will document the process in regular blog posts.

#blogs #personalsites #redesign #HTML #CSS

Koen Van den Eeckhout
9 months ago

💡 Here's another great example of how a horizontal bar chart often outperforms a vertical bar chart, especially when the category names are relatively long. All the text is now nicely horizontal, and much easier to read!


#dataviz #datavisualization #informationdesign #visualstorytelling #infographic #redesign

10 months ago

Finished the #redesign of my #website . Ohh it feels so good. I am getting slight pain in the chest which you feel whenever you get excited. I took inspiration(I am very thankful) from @kev's site and some ideas from @joel's site and here's the result:

heise online
10 months ago

Apple veröffentlicht im neuen Design

Das Webinterface der iCloud wurde komplett neu gestaltet. Statt Icons gibt es Widget-ähnliche Kacheln mit Schnellzugriff und mehr Informationen.

#Apple #iCloud #Design #Redesign

Das neue Aussehen von
Jennie Kermode
10 months ago

I'm looking for a UK-based #webdesigner (individual or company) up for taking on #redesign work at Eye For Film (, hopefully at a price we can actually afford. Drop me a line if you're interested or can recommend anyone.

Das "iPad 10" kommt im neuen Look. Angeblich beginnt die Produktion bereits, könnte aber von Stromknappheit in China tangiert sein.
Frische iPads im Herbst: Endlich Redesign für klassisches Modell
Florence Chan (陳安雯)
1 year ago

For this month's Character Design Challenge; Marvel's Infinity.
I don't know a lot about the character and to be frank there doesn't seem to be a lot of info available for those who haven't read the books in which she appears.
I sorta wanted to take her look a bit more toward that of her brother, Eternity. Originally was gonna be a bit more art deco (a la White Diamond), but that was somewhat lost along the way. Maybe I'll revisit it at some future point?

#MastoArt #fanart #redesign

fanart redesigning Marvel's character, Infinity. A feminine figure floats on a starry space background, wearing a skintight black outfit revealing yellow lined skin on her face, arms, and chest by virtue of being sleeveless and having a deep V neckline. She has no visible hair but wears a cowl. Bold stripes of dark energy eminate from her head and a dark wispy cloak falls behind her, silhouetting her with some unknown spacey light.
2 years ago

Almost finished. #pixelfed #redesign

New pixelfed timeline user interface with a full width layout
2 years ago

An early look at our post UI redesign

- Cleaner, content-first layout
- Album carousel redesign
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Better comments
- New meta fields

Let us know what you think! #pixelfed #postUI #redesign

Pixelfed post redesign
heise+ | Website-Relaunch: So ziehen Sie Ihre Website in zwanzig Schritten erfolgreich um

Mehr Besucher, höherwertige Inhalte und ein schöneres Design – die Ziele eines Website-Relaunchs sind vielfältig. Wir zeigen, wie der Umzug gelingt.
Website-Relaunch: So ziehen Sie Ihre Website in zwanzig Schritten erfolgreich um
2 years ago

What if the F-Droid logo was updated to look more 2021. 🤔

(Just a concept)

#fdroid #design #redesign #icon

A slightly updated F-Droid icon with soft gradients and more depth.
Mit dem Redesign wollte die Plattform seinen Nutzern eigentlich einen Gefallen tun, doch nun sollen die Aktualisierungen zum Teil wieder verändert werden.
Nach zahlreichen Nutzerbeschwerden kündigt Twitter erneut Design-Updates an
iOS und macOS erhalten eine umgestaltete Browser-Oberfläche. Apple will eigentlich vereinfachen, verwirrt aber mit einem neuen Bedienkonzept. Kritik am neuen Safari-Design