3 hours ago

by Brian Bilston

They have no need of our help
So do not tell me
These haggard faces could belong to you or me
Should life have dealt a different hand
We need to see them for who they really are
Chancers and scroungers
Layabouts and loungers
With bombs up their sleeves
Cut-throats and thieves
They are not
Welcome here
We should make them
Go back to where they came from
They cannot
Share our food
Share our homes
Share our countries
Instead let us
Build a wall to keep them out
It is not okay to say
These are people just like us
A place should only belong to those who are born there
Do not be so stupid to think that
The world can be looked at another way

(now read from bottom to top)

© Brian #Bilston

With kind permission of the poet](

Raymond Scott Pert
6 hours ago

Political debate and cross vetoes crack EU migration policy

> The approval of the last chapter of the pact to change the #asylum system stagnates and faces the rejection of partners such as #Poland and #Hungary. Brussels is fighting to save its controversial agreement with #Tunisia to curb arrivals

(Española/Spanish) #migration #refugees #immigration #EU

A group of migrants, upon arrival at the port of the Italian island of Lampedusa on September 18.
Raymond Scott Pert
6 hours ago

Polish far-right party jostles for third-place powerbroker role

> President Andrzej Duda, a PiS appointee, recently compared #Ukraine to a drowning person who clings on to their rescuer, endangering both their lives. Government officials have signalled that the benefits enjoyed by Ukrainian #refugees will end next year and not be renewed. #Poland #FarRight

Confederation leader Krzysztof Bosak denies his party is pro-Russian © Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto/Getty Images
City of El Paso in Texas pleads for help amid a dramatic increase in asylum seekers crossing into the US from Mexico.#Migration #Politics #Refugees #Honduras #LatinAmerica #UnitedStates #US&Canada #Venezuela
El Paso, Texas, ‘at breaking point’ amid surge in refugee, migrant arrivals
Raymond Scott Pert
13 hours ago

With temporary status for Venezuelans, the Biden administration turns to a familiar tool

> A political, social and economic crisis over the last decade has pushed millions of Venezuelans into poverty, with teachers, professors and public employees relying on side jobs or money from relatives abroad to make ends meet. At least 7.3 million have left the country, with many risking an often-harrowing route to the #US #Venezuala #immigration #JoeBiden #migration #refugees

APTOPIX Immigration Texas

Migrants climb over concertina wire after they crossed the Rio Grande and entered the U.S. from Mexico, Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023, in Eagle Pass, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Migrants who crossed the Rio Grande and entered the U.S. from Mexico are moved for processing by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023, in Eagle Pass, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Raymond Scott Pert
14 hours ago

#Canada - Dramatic increase in #asylum seekers at Montreal airport

> Between Sept. 1 and 18, border agents at the Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (YUL) processed 2,053 asylum seekers, for an average of 114 a day. #migration #refugees

1 day ago

Deutsche Journos, wenn sie endlich wieder komplett hemmungslos Naturkatastrophen-Metaphern für Geflüchtete benutzen können #asylrecht #refugees

Eine schwarze Katze sitzt vor einem Laptop und prügelt auf die Tastatur ein. Dazu die Überschrift “let’s go! Let’s go!!!! Let’s goooooooo!!!”
1 day ago

I missed this. Hauptführerin Suella Braverman is now starving an estimated 1000 of the 8,000 Afghan refugees brought to the UK under its resettlement scheme. Their food & cooking facilities have been withdrawn from the hotels they have been ordered to quit by the end of this month.
As ever, the cruelty is the point.
#Refugees #HomeOffice #Afghanistan #SuellaBraverman

Raymond Scott Pert
1 day ago

#Netherlands - Gov't looking for 1,200 shelter spaces for asylum seekers by Monday, incl. 550 for kids

> ... asked municipalities to create hundreds of shelter spaces for #asylum seekers. He needs 450 spots from Saturday, including 250 for unaccompanied children. From Monday, he needs another 750 places, of which 300 are for unaccompanied children, NOS reports. #migration #refugees #immigration

A small group of people gathered at the Ter Apel asylum seeker reception center in November 2014 - Credit: Flickr / Directie Voorlichting/RVD - License: CC-BY-NC-ND

To date, #Canada has provided nearly $10 billion in aide to #Ukraine, and welcomed 175,000 #Ukrainian #refugees


SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 days ago

#Cartoonists create #ColouringBook for #refugees in rebuff to #UK government

#WelcomeToBritain produced after minister ordered mural at Kent #migrant centre to be painted over

Jon Hancock
2 days ago

"The British public who chipped in to fund the colouring book are sending a clear message to the government: give children arriving in this country, having fled war and persecution the warm welcome to Britain they deserve"

#Refugees #Cartoonists #Books #UK

@Natasha_Jay #Westminster: "Ah, so you'll be wanting us to be crueller to #refugees then? We'll get right on it!" 🤡

Raymond Scott Pert
2 days ago

West’s ‘plundering’ of Africa blamed for migrant crisis

> “This escalation of the migrant crisis is one of the appalling consequences of the plundering of natural resources of countries made poor by #slavery, #colonisation and Western #imperialism, terrorism and internal armed conflicts,” he added. #migration #immigration #refugees #asylum

Central African Republic President Faustin-Archange Touadera addresses the 78th United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York City on September 21. — AFP
Luna Vives
2 days ago

"Far-right leaders are setting many parts of the #EU agenda. Aggressive #migration policies that include the illegal pushback of #refugees, and are grounded in racist, demonising narratives, are increasingly favoured by mainstream European leaders."

Europe is sleepwalking into a far-right trap. Who will sound the alarm?

Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 days ago

Oh wow, I only just found out: - call for submissions deadline THIS SUNDAY, 24 Sept.
Mobility, Home, and Belonging Across East and Southeast Asia:

This fellowship aims to give back power with a chance to tell their own stories. We aim to conduct a capacity building, in the form of a Story Fellowship grant and mentoring, for migrant and undocumented communities in the regions. Through this programme, we aim to publish stories that highlight voices, concerns, and aspirations from the communities.

(...) Selected fellows will receive training and mentoring on storytelling and advocacy by experts in journalism and human rights advocacy, as well as US$1,000 per contribution to fund their proposed work.


#TootSEA #SoutheastAsia #EastAsia #journalism #fellowship #writing #WritingGrants #publishing #Malaysia #Singapore #Indonesia #Philippines #Myanmar #Thailand #Laos #Vietnam #Cambodia #Brunei #Taiwan #Japan #SouthKorea #migration #refugees

Toni Michel
3 days ago

With 3 million #Ukrainian #refugees projected to permanently stay abroad and birthrates dramatically low, the country faces huge #demographic & economic challenges - impacting everything from exchange rates to direct #GDP losses of up to $113 bn till 2032.

🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
3 days ago

It's amazing that many #politicians can put themselves out there like to proclaim that the Mediterranean needs more protection without anyone asking why or from what.

So, a majority society that always and everywhere wants to determine everything even that #refugees in the Sahara or on the #Mediterranean do not trade illegally with sand or salt water, can hardly be called otherwise than totalitarian.

Or what exactly is the Mediterranean to protect against? From living Refugees?

Centre for Population Change
3 days ago

📄 New article by CPC-CG members Jackie Wahba OBE and Valentina Di Iasio for the #Economics Observatory discusses how understanding the factors affecting choice of destination is a first step towards helping #policymakers design better schemes for #asylumseekers 👇

#migration #refugees #welfaresystems

Seebrücke Frankfurt
3 days ago

In das Gesundheitszentrum in Hajnówka🇵🇱 werden seit über 2 Jahren Geflüchtete von der polnisch-belarussischen Grenze geschickt.

Während zu Beginn vor allem Unterkühlungen u. Dehydrierung zu behandeln waren, sind es seit dem Bau des Grenzzauns hauptsächlich Patient*innen mit komplizierten Frakturen in das Krankenhaus, an Armen u. Beinen, teilw. gleichzeitig, der Wirbelsäule o. der Beckenknochen.

#BordersKill #Polen #Belarus #Refugees #BorderViolence #FortressEurope

Seebrücke Frankfurt
3 days ago

🇵🇱|🇧🇾 "Unsere Patienten baten oft darum, sie länger im Krankenhaus zu lassen, weil es ihr Leben retten würde", sagt Tomasz Musiuk, stellv. Direktor des Krankenhauses in Hajnówka in Podlachien, "so kam es manchmal vor, dass eine Person länger im Krankenhaus blieb, nicht nur um sie medizinisch, sondern auch psychisch auf die Beine zu stellen"

#Polen #Belarus #Refugees #BorderViolence


4 days ago

Stacker referenced data from The Refugee Processing Center to compile statistics on the number of refugees and their countries of origin resettled in New Mexico in August 2023. #NewMexico #Refugees

Christine T
4 days ago

Seen earlier today. Asking for permanent visas to be granted sooner - not to be stuck in years and years of limbo without access to schooling, Medicare and stable work.

#protest #activism #refugees #AsylumSeekers #Australia

A peaceful street protest. Signs: 14 years too long! Permanent visas for 12000 refugees in limbo. 11 years for Iranian asylum seekers is too long. Help us for better future.
A peaceful street protest. Signs: Refugee not Refuse. Eleven years is too bloody long. 12000 refugees stuck in limbo, we need change. Permanent visas for all refugees now.
A peaceful street protest. Chanting around the crossing and traffic lights during every red light.
A lady holding a sign: do not tell me go back to where you came from. Ask me "why you came here"
Autonomie und Solidarität
4 days ago

Nein zu Faesers Abschiebeplänen! #NoBorders #NoNations #StopDeportations
Demonstration Mittwoch, 27.09. um 15 Uhr #Berlin #MigrationIsAHumanRight
"Die Bundesinnenministerin #NancyFaeser will die Abschiebegesetze verschärfen. Anfang August hat sie dafür einen “Diskussionsentwurf” vorgelegt.
Es ist an uns allen, gegen die brutalen Abschiebepläne von Nancy Faeser und die inhumane Asyl- und Migrationspolitik zu protestieren!"
#Refugees #SPD #Bundesregierung #Deutschland #Migration #Antireport

Flyer mit einem Megaphon und erhobenen Fäusten. ää
Nein zu Faesers Abschiebeplänen 

Stop Deportation!
Raymond Scott Pert
5 days ago

DEBUNKED A flood of misinformation about migrants in Lampedusa

> Thousands of individuals predominantly from sub-Saharan Africa, have recently arrived on the small Italian island of #Lampedusa, reigniting the discussion on the #EU and European states' approach to handling illegal #immigration. Amidst this context, people online have been sharing three deceptive videos with the intent of disparaging #migrants arriving in #Italy #migration #asylum #refugees #misinformation

These images were associated with the influx of migrants to Lampedusa a few days ago. However, they were not taken on the Italian island. © Observers
Kriszta Satori
5 days ago

#BBCNews - Pain and #humiliation at toxic #Brook House, inquiry finds
#migrants at Brook House, near Gatwick Airport, were subjected to #degrading treatment and to #racist and derogatory language by staff.
#refugees #UKImmigration

Margarete Rosalind
5 days ago

#Syria #refugees #earthquake
🚨 🙏 😰
"Some families living in the camps are unable to secure some of the necessities of living due to the high prices, the situation is deteriorating and we must work to secure a decent life for these children."

Michal Pawinski
5 days ago

In August, the gov. of #TrinidadandTobago deported #Venezuelan migrants and refugees in contravention of #humanrights and 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of #refugees

I am organazing a #webinar The Ebb and Flow of Trinidad and Tobago's Migratory Legal System: Impact and Challenges on Venezuelan Migrants.

You are invited to register and join the event via

Please also distribute the flyer to promote the event. #venezuela @politicalscience @academicchatter

Autonomie und Solidarität
5 days ago

#EU Kommission und #Meloni Regierung beschließen Schulterschluss gegen #Migration
"Nach der massiven Verschärfung des #Asylrechts in #Deutschland wird nun auch auf EU-Ebene härter gegen Migration vorgegangen. Bei ihrem Besuch auf #Lampedusa traf sich Kommissionspräsidentin #VonDerLeyen mit der faschistischen Premierministerin Italiens Giorgia Meloni und stellte einen 10-Punkte-Plan vor."

#Rassismus #FortressEurope #Fightthefortress #Refugees #Italien #Antireport

Pact that promised Tunisia financial support in return for stopping migration is being debated in Europe.#EuropeanUnion #Migration #Racism #Refugees #Europe #Italy #MiddleEast #Tunisia
Europe frets over migration; Tunisia moves refugees to departure points
Daba is determined to cross the English Channel and finish the journey his brother started 17 years ago.#Documentary #ShowTypes #Migration #Refugees #Europe #MiddleEast #Sudan
Fleeing Sudan: A refugee’s journey to Europe
European aid is increasingly being used to prop up autocratic leaders who restrict their citizens' rights, analysts say.#Migration #Refugees #MiddleEast #Tunisia
Analysis: Concerns raised in Brussels over EU-Tunisia migration pact
Bob Jamieson
1 week ago

Article from 1 February 2018
‘Migrants are more profitable than drugs’: how the #mafia infiltrated #Italys #AsylumSystem
#Crime families have cashed in on the ‘refugee industry’.
Joy, a young Nigerian woman, was standing in the street outside the sprawling, overcrowded Cara di Mineo reception centre for asylum seekers in central Sicily, waiting for someone to pick her up when I met her. It was late summer 2016, and the weather was still hot.

#refugees #capitalism

Bob Jamieson
1 week ago

Article from 20th June 2019
Are your tinned tomatoes picked by slave labour?
How the Italian mafia makes millions by exploiting migrants.
On 6 August last year, 14 immigrant farmhands in Foggia, on the ankle of the Italian boot, were coming home from a 12-hour shift picking tomatoes in 40C heat. The minibus carrying them was registered in Bulgaria; the driver didn’t have a licence or insurance.

#tomatoes #Italy #refugees #ModernSlavery #capitalism

Bob Jamieson
1 week ago

How the Italian mafia makes millions from tinned tomatoes – video
If your tinned tomatoes come from southern Italy, it’s likely that organised crime had a hand in getting them from the farm to the supermarket shelf. The mafia controls much of the region's agribusiness, and it's big business, adding billions of euros to its yearly turnover. So how is the mafia making all this money, when tinned tomatoes are so cheap?

#tomatoes #mafia #refugees #SlaveLabour #capitalism

1 week ago

"Today was an opportunity for Keir Starmer to inject some decency and compassion into the debate around refugees. Instead, he chose to mirror the gimmicks and divisive rhetoric employed by the Conservatives.
Smash the gangs’ may get him a headline in the Sun, but it’s not a plan.”
Steve Smith, CEO Care4Calais on Labour's plans to stop small boat crossings.
#AsylumSeekers #LabourParty #UKPolitics #Refugees

Forty survivors part of suit alleging Greek authorities failed to protect lives of those on boat that capsized in June.#Migration #Refugees #Europe #Greece
New lawsuit filed against Greece on behalf of refugee shipwreck survivors
Kriszta Satori
2 weeks ago

'It was either the sea, lynched, or abandoned in the desert'

Accounts from #Tunisia of #migrants and #refugees gathered on board of #GeoBarents , the #MSF rescue ship, published by Medecins sans Frontieres,-lynched,-or-abandoned-in-the-desert.html
Contains graphic descriptions of torture ans violence

Erika Sumner
2 weeks ago

P.S. I'm a #humanist, #progressive & expert in #policy whose parents were #WWII #refugees & whose grandfather died b/c he couldn't get a visa. That govt pays my family #reparations to this day b/c of what the Nazis did to him. Abandoning humans fleeing war is inhumane, abandoning #Afghanistan when the #US promised safety AND when the only result would be Taliban rule, DEMANDS we honor the the military we sacrificed & help the #Afghans who worked w/ & BELIEVED in us that now fear for their lives.

Fighting between Palestinian factions have claimed at least 10 lives over the weekend, sources in the camp say.#Fatah #Refugees #Lebanon #MiddleEast
Fighting intensifies in Lebanon’s Ein el-Hilweh camp despite truce talks
Record numbers have crossed the Darien Gap, a strip of jungle between Panama and Colombia once seen as impassable.#HumanRights #Migration #Refugees #LatinAmerica #Panama
Panama to increase deportations, efforts to halt Darien Gap crossings
PL 🇵🇱: Solidarnie z Agnieszką Holland i twórcami filmu "Green Border" #petycja.
EN 🇬🇧: In solidarity with Agnieszka Holland and the makers of the film "Green Border". #petition.…
#GreenBorder #refugees #AgnieszkaHolland
Thousands of Syrian refugees have crossed into Lebanon in recent months through porous border points.
Lebanon’s PM says Syrian refugee influx could upset ‘demographic balance’
Ang Black
2 weeks ago

#PrivateEquity profits from #climate disaster clean-up – while investing in #fossilfuels

> Exclusive: Study shows resilience workers, mostly #refugees and #immigrants, poorly protected as top firms ‘pad their pockets by cutting costs’

As the industry has become more profitable, at least 72 companies that specialize in disaster cleanups and restoration have been acquired by private equity firms since 2020, according to the research, by the Private Equity Stakeholder Project (PSEP) and Resilience Force, a labor rights organization with thousands of members.Wage theft, lack of protective clothing, and other unsafe conditions are rampant across the industry at the expense of workers, communities and climate, according to the report, Private Equity Profits from Disasters, shared exclusively with the Guardian.At risk are tens of thousands of resilience workers, traveling from disaster to disaster cleaning up and rebuilding American communities while facing hazards such as unstable buildings, ash and other toxins, and water-borne diseases.Researchers found that an increasingly complex web of franchises, contractors and subcontractors, insurance providers, labor brokers and agencies and mostly temporary jobs makes it difficult for workers to know who is ultimately accountable for violations
SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 weeks ago

#PrivateEquity profits from #ClimateDisaster clean-up – while investing in #FossilFuels

Study shows resilience workers, mostly #refugees and #immigrants, poorly protected as top firms ‘pad their pockets by cutting costs’

while investing in fossil fuels - #ClimateCrisis #Greedagedon

3 weeks ago

EXCLUSIVE: Aid workers ‘demand sex for food’ in Mozambique’s refugee camps

Workers are preying on desperate women and girls with promise of food, while refusing to feed elderly people.

#Mozambique #Aid #refugees #food #women #girls

4 weeks ago

#OTD in 1939, on the cusp of WWII, Max Baum, a former stage performer from Germany then Lithuania and Latvia, a Jewish #refugee from the Nazi advance, was remanded at #Falkirk Sheriff Court after entering #Scotland on a boat.

#ScottishHistory #refugees

31 August 1939 newspaper clipping describing the travails of Max Baum in his efforts to escape the Nazi advance into Eastern Europe.
1 month ago

The much hated #braverman was on #SkyNews bemoaning that charities, amongs, other organisations, were thwarting her plans for deporting #Refugees

Age UK, that very militant organisation FFS

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

How is the #war in #Sudan impacting #Chad ?

Conflict in Sudan has forced more than 300,000 #refugees to flee to neighboring Chad

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

#Krakow main square on #Ukraine independence day - it has been preempted by a dozen or so of what looked like #Polish ultranationalists suggesting " #Poland had enough of the Banderovites" (there were three times more police than protesters) but they couldn't spoil the mood of hundreds of #Ukrainian and #Belarusian #refugees , celebrating indepent #Ukraine's 32nd birthday

Plenty of people with Ukrainian and Belarusian flags celebrating Ukraine independence day on the main square in Krakow, Poland - beautiful historic buildings lit up in the background
Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

'A far-right backlash against the home secretary’s asylum policy has brought a deluge of hate to a peaceful Welsh town'
By Aditya Chakrabortty, v @therightarticle
#refugees #Llanelli #SuellaBraverman

Autonomie und Solidarität
1 month ago

Solche und ähnliche autoritäre Kontrollvorhaben werden von Staaten und Behörden (oft in Kooperation mit privaten Unternehmen) gerne an Geflüchteten oder anderen Gruppen getestet und optimiert, die rechtlich schlechter gestellt und ihrer Gnade ausgeliefert sind. So gibt es etwa in #Australien seit einigen Jahren eine "Cashless Welfare Card", die arbeitslose und #Sozialhilfe empfangende Menschen statt Bargeld/Kontoeinzahlungen erhalten und die so programmiert wurde, dass nur bestimmte Waren an bestimmten Orten damit erworben werden können.

Dazu drehte juicemedia bereits 2020 eine sehenswerte Folge:

#Überwachung #Autoritarisierung #Bargeld #Staat #Herrschaft #Migration #Refugees #Diskriminierung

Forget oil, the next global wars will be over water.

It’s bad now because humans have chosen to ignore increasingly dire warnings for well over 50 years.

It’s only going to get much, much worse — really quite quickly.

The coming tsunami of drought refugees moving north will make the Channel crossings look like a day at the boating lake.

You can’t whine you weren’t warned.

#ClimateBreakdown #ClimateEmergency #Refugees

1 month ago

Until last month, newly recognised refugees and survivors of trafficking had 28 days to find alternative accommodation after receiving a “notice to quit” before being evicted from Home Office accommodation they had lived in while officials were processing their claims. The Home Office has now reduced this to a minimum of seven days, so thousands could become homeless.

As ever, with the Tories, the cruelty is the point.
#Refugees #AsylumSeekers #UKPolitics #HomeOffice

Tu Thanh Ha
1 month ago

Two years after the Taliban swept back to power, many Afghans who helped Canada’s military and qualify for resettlement programs remain in limbo in Pakistan.

They live precariously, fearing deportation, confined to hotel rooms, their children unable to attend school.

#Afghanistan #Canada #Refugees

Second Chance Bikes
1 month ago

Anybody want to help get this in some little kid's hands Tuesday? It is it great shape except tires are shot. I have training wheels and a replacement seat previously donated. I added this set of two tires and tubes to the wish list. I have six other larger kids bikes to fix and probably have most needed parts.
#bike #RecycledCycles #kids #refugees

14 inch "hot wheels" red  kids bike
Amazon posting for the needed tires and tubes added to wishlist
Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

'The number of people taking the world’s deadliest #migratory route – across the central #Mediterranean – to reach the #EU has more than doubled.

As #migration returns to the top of #Europe ’s political agenda, including in Britain, Europe’s border and coast guard agency said on Friday irregular arrivals had risen by 13% between January and July to 176,100, the highest number for the period since 2016'
#refugees #Med

Natalie Sedacca
1 month ago

Weeks of the government screaming that of course the Bibby Stockholm barge is safe and anyone suggesting otherwise is an idiot biased lefty lawyer - then days after the first asylum seekers are moved there they have to be evacuated because of potentially deadly bacteria. Their lives have been uprooted and health put at risk for performative cruelty

#AsylumSeekers #refugees #health #humanrights

Alexander Hay
1 month ago

But oh, it gets worse, as #Refugee charity, #Care4Calais is now reporting the government did NOT inform #Refugees about the presence of #Legionnaire's disease on the #BibbyStockholm prison barge, or immediately move them off once they knew it was there.

Worse, there is the possibility they were still moving refugees onto the barge even once the problem was known.

#UK #News #Dorset #Tories

A Facebook post (oh, do stop complaining), published 11/08/2023, at 18:57 BST, by Care4Calais, a charity supporting refugees in France, Belgium and the UK. It documents serious allegations against the British government and its handling of the notorious Bibby Stockholm prison barge. 

At the bottom is an aerial shot of the barge, which does indeed look rather carcereal. There are 72 likes, including   Angry and Sad faces, plus 11 comments and 27 shares.

The post says (edited for length):

"...This morning, it emerged that unsafe levels of Legionella pneumophila bacteria had been found in the barge's water supply... Because of this risk, everyone on the barge should have been evacuated immediately. 

"However this did not happen. 
At lunchtime we were contacted by three men on the barge who had not been informed of the outbreak, nor warned to avoid the water....  It transpired that other refugees were on the barge, but none knew of the danger....

"The Government must now explain:

"• When the results of the legionella testing, which took place on July 25 were known. 
• If it followed its own guidelines in re-commissioning the heating and ventilation systems on board the barge.
• Why people were not told about the risk to their health once the authorities were aware of it.
• Why people were kept on the barge, and why more transfers were attempted, when the presence of the bacteria was known.
• If everyone who was aboard the barge has been tested for Legionnaire's disease..."
1 month ago

Every day, Britain slips closer to the dystopian end-times world from Children of Men…

(seriously, what kind of psychopath thought up the idea of putting them on a barge?)

#ChildrenOfMen #UK #Britain #Refugees #AsylumSeekers #BibbyStockholm

Alexander Hay
1 month ago

...And it ends with this total kicker.

"...Even before news of the #Legionella #Bacteria broke, other health concerns over the barge were emerging.

"Oxford-based GP Dr Dominik Metz said that he was concerned about risks to #AsylumSeekers, after one of his patients who was being treated for latent #Tuberculosis was told he was being moved to the barge."

#UK #News #Dorset #BibbyStockholm #Refugees #Tories

Alexander Hay
1 month ago

The slowest of slowclaps now ensues. Also, note the use of 'migrants'.

"#Migrants are being temporarily removed from the #BibbyStockholm barge after traces of #Legionella #Bacteria were found in the on board water system.

"The #BBC understands that routine testing was done before migrants moved on to the vessel, moored in #Dorset.

"But test results showing traces of the bacteria came back only after migrants had moved to the barge..."

#News #UK #Refugees #Tories

Natalie Sedacca
1 month ago

“I feel they are being treated like livestock, only slightly worse, as livestock are prohibited from being transported with active infection” - the doctor treating an an asylum seeker with latent tuberculosis who’s been told they will be moved onto the Bibby Stockholm barge

#AsylumSeekers #refugees #migration #Health #PublicHealth

Greg Dance
1 month ago


This Friday we see refugees being herded into prison barges & being micro monitored with all resources available to UK authorities

While a ‘Variant of Interest’ (WHO) runs amok across the country as authorities announce that no one under 65 will get a booster.

Long Covid has, & still is smothering the lives of millions, but that isn’t important, whereas kettling thousands of victims in a cramped barge is 'OK'

Arrogant & irresponsible, the Tory’s new norm!

#covid #refugees

Lauren Hall-Lew
2 months ago

From Homeless Network Scotland: "The Illegal Migration Act bans almost everyone fleeing war and persecution from claiming asylum in the UK. You can add your name to this open letter to the Prime Minister organised by the joint council which includes the Scottish Refugee Council and Just Right Scotland. Take action now" --

#sign #pleasesign #petition #asylum #refugees #UK

David Stirrup
2 months ago

Corporate profits are responsible for 60% of inflation, but sadly no one can think of a way to slow inflation down, not even the politicians who are owned by corporations. It’s not like taxing the shit out of profits would help us transition to clean energy to avoid an influx of refugees when wild fire reduces southern Europe to ash. #politics #ClimateChange #refugees #corruption #Profit

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
2 months ago

Rainbow Railroad is announcing the launch of a new, historic partnership with the Government of Canada, allowing for more LGBTQI+ refugees to safely resettle in Canada.

#RainbowRailroad #LGBTQ+ #Queer #Refugees

Screenshot of linked article with a rainbow flag on a flagpole and headline.

Major Announcement - Getting LGBTQI+ People to Safety in Canada
Rainbow Railroad is announcing the launch of a new, historic partnership with the Government of Canada.

#auspol #Dutton #Manus #Refugees

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Gets even worse. Majority owner of company that ran Manus Island’s immigration detention centre transferred more than $1.2 million to his mum that worked at Home Affairs.

Untenable for ⁦@AlboMP
⁩ to leave the 75 refugees still trapped in PNG there

2 months ago
My fellow Europeans, maybe now you understand how easily common people can turn into refugees.
Spot the difference!
#Rhodos #Rhodes #fires #wildfires #Refugees

Alex Wild
2 months ago

I somehow missed this version of Elton John’s “Rocket Man”, re-imagined in 2017 as a story of human migration by filmmaker Majid Adin. Powerful.

#refugees #EltonJohn