Die Datenschleuder
4 hours ago

Tag ➖2️⃣3️⃣, viel los im Kalender. unter Anderem feiert heute den freedom day und kaufen Leute aus dem Knast, die da wegen Fahren ohne Fahrausweis sitzen. Außerdem Weltbodentag, International Volunteersday und Dienstag. Zeit für einen Ohrwurm:

#freiheitsfonds #37c3 #FireShonks #remote #irl #CountdownCalendar #datenschleuder

Illustration: Eine Rakete trägt einen Haarreif, auf dem die Nacellen der Enterprise angebracht sind. Umgeben von Planeten, die an Fäden hängen.
23 hours ago

For a reason currently unknown, my server had restarted.
Probably because a power outage.

Anyhow, I could still use my phone at lunch break at work, to remote unlock the full disk encryption, boot up the server, mount needed data disk, and start the services again.


#Linux #Server #SelfHost #Remote #LUKS #Mastodon #MastoAdmin

Die Datenschleuder
1 day ago

Tag ➖2️⃣4️⃣, Heute vor 25 Jahren startete die sechsköpfige Crew der Endeavour in den Orbit um mit dem Aufbau der ISS zu beginnen. Außerm ist aber auch Montag, chilliger Mix zum Wochenbeginn.

#37c3 #fireshonks #remote #irl #countdowncalendar #datenschleuder

illustration. eine rakete fliegt durchs schneegestöber

potentially of interest to #Seattle area #JobHunting #JobSearch folks, which I know plenty of folks on here are. they're also open to #Remote other US-based candidates. this came across my desk as a sponsored advertisement on Facebook but I'm pretty sure the organisation is legit and doing good work. #GetFediHired

2 days ago

Hello, where I'm apparently now appearing in your timelines.

I'm a miniature painter who focuses on non-GW games and is currently obsessed with Infinity.

Please enjoy these pictures of a Vertigo Zondbot I painted recently.

#infinitythegame #infinitytheuniverse #corvusbelli #nomad #zond #remote #robot #miniatures #miniaturewargaming #armypainting #warhammer #minipainting #miniaturepainting #miniaturewargaming #wargaming #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames #tabletopminiatures #tabletopwargaming #miniaturegames #painting #kimerakolors

Die Datenschleuder
4 days ago

Die #datenschleuder eröffnet den Chaos Countdown Calendar an Tag ➖2️⃣7️⃣
Für alle, die sich auf #37c3 , #fireshonks , #remote oder #irl auf nerdige Zeiten freuen, gibt es jeden Tag ein Linkchen. Heute, am internationalen Welt AIDS Tag präsentieren wir , lasst uns gemeinsam knobeln.

Bunte Illustration einer Rakete  beim Abflug. Im Vordergrund ein winkendes Wesen im Raumanzug
4 days ago
Multiverse Mike
5 days ago

It was just joked about in our sprint that we either need more engineers or more time in a day

It's a good thing I'm #remote because I just lost every bit of my shit...

It's Not The Same - Vanilla Ica GIF
Serhii Nazarovets
5 days ago

Scientists have concluded that remote work can hinder innovation, while researchers who work together physically make more breakthrough discoveries. Remote workers have a broader collective knowledge, but they are less likely to deal with conceptual issues:


It's strange, because we have people working in the same place for half a century, but it doesn't seem to affect the number of breakthrough studies. 😉

#remote #collaboration #research

a–d, Our dataset includes 20,134,803 papers published by scientists across 3,562 cities between 1960 and 2020 (a,b), as well as 4,060,564 patents filed by 2,732,326 inventors across 87,937 cities between 1976 and 2020 (c,d). a,c, We visualize the geographical distribution of these scientists (a) and inventors (c). Each dot is a city in our dataset. Note that although there are nearly an order of magnitude fewer patents than papers, there are still over an order of magnitude more patenting cities than paper-producing cities. The greater geographical span of patenting reflects that industry is more dispersed than academia. b,d, Building on a,c, we show where disruptive (D > 0) papers (b) and patents (d) are produced. A dot represents all on-site teams based in that city, and an edge between two cities represents all remote teams with members in both cities37. The colours of dots and edges indicate whether disruptive work is observed at a higher (red) or lower (blue) probability relative to the population baseline. We analyse dots and edges that contain five or more teams to effectively calculate the probability of observing disruptive work, and find that on-site teams are more disruptive: 76% of cities in science (representing 58% on-site teams) and 48% of cities in patents (representing 76% on-site teams) are red. We also note that remote teams tend to be more developing: 71% of city pairs in science and 63% of city pairs in patents are blue.
6 days ago
6 days ago

🕵️‍♂️ How to find software engineers in Latin America | LatamRecruit

#Recruiting #Latam #Remote

1 week ago

😮‍💨 Tragedy of Return to Hostile Offices - Benji's Blog

#RTO #Remote #Hybrid

Open Source JobHub
1 week ago

Do you love @libreoffice development? @tdforg is hiring a full-time, remote LibreOffice developer. Learn more and apply now on #OSJobHub #developer #LibreOffice #OpenSource #languages #RTL #CTL #CJK #remote #Unicode #FOSS

LibreOffice | The Document Foundation logo
2 weeks ago

Remote work has evolved to being a norm, with more and more companies offering remote positions. If you're interested in a remote job, it's important to be prepared for the interview process. check out more on tips at #remote #interview #jobs #remotework

Dan Shuman
2 weeks ago

Come work with me!

Senior Estimator for Energy Storage. Build utility-scale energy storage plants across the US with a growing, young, and highly-accomplished team. Fully #Remote.

#FediHired #FediHire #GetFediHired #JobSearch #RemoteWork #EnergyMastodon

Auf Jobsuche?

Mein Team sucht eine:n weitere:n Site Reliability Engineer für die Cloud-Infrastruktur der Fahrzeugtelematik bei Daimler Truck. Der Standort ist Leinfelden-Echterdingen, aber das Team arbeitet remote. Verkehrssprache ist Englisch. :boost_ok:

#Job #Stuttgart #Remote #SRE #Azure #k8s #Tarifvertrag #DaimlerTruck

Die elektrische Sattelzugmaschine  eActros 600 mit Auflieger vor der Firmenzentrale von Daimler Truck in Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Fabio Natali
2 weeks ago

Public Service Announcement: #London #Guix #Meetup (#remote!) kicks off in 60 mins, hurry up! :)

Join the video call at 6pm UTC:

Main topic: "The patch-review process in Guix" with Arun Isaac.

(This is my first scheduled toot, if you get this in December, in a different century, or in a parallel universe where Guix is pronounced gu-ee-x, please ignore.)

Foreground text:

Welcome to the London Guix Meetup, 20 Nov 2023


- Quick round of intros
- The patch-review process in Guix, with Arun Isaac
- Any other Guix or Guile business :)

More info and contacts


Background image: a dark photo of server racks with various cables and LED lights.
Timo Schmidt :deckverse:
2 weeks ago

I can't wrap my head around why the :playstation: PlayStation Portal won't let you connect to either public Wi-Fi or a MacBook's hotspot. This device truly shines when it works properly, but otherwise...

#PlayStation #Portal #PSPortal #Gaming #Console #Remote #Tech

Natik Gadzhi
2 weeks ago

Posted a note on how to make #remote work well for your teams:


Fabio Natali
2 weeks ago

A slightly updated page for our #London #Guix #Meetup, Monday 20th Nov, 6pm UTC:

The event's title and main topic is "The patch-review process in Guix". Full agenda at the link above.

It's a fully #remote meetup, all welcome! See you on Monday.

3 weeks ago

I read the new post by Signal

I was a fan before

I am +1 now

I am willing to help them going forward

if unpaid: a few hours each month, volunteer FOSS upgrades on perf

if paid: either steady PT or FT

tech in mix making it easier for me to say yes:



but @Signal must reach out

3 weeks ago

for all you "O(N)" algorithmic impl morons out there:

sometimes N will be... more than 1 !!!!!!!

sometimes more than 3 !!!!!!!!!

sometimes even more than 30 !!!!!!!

more than 300 !!!

*your* type of programmer and software "designer" is a plague on the rest of us. you know, the vast majority of humanity?


Ross A. Baker
3 weeks ago

Stable company, figured out remoting before the pandemic, Typelevel stack. I work with this team part time. If you'd like to work with me, or if you'd like to work in FP and can tolerate me ... check it out! DMs are open.

#Scala #Typelevel #Kafka #Remote #Hiring

#RecrutementIT 👨‍💻 AdminSys #Linux

On recherche un(e) #SysOps confirmé(e) pour notre Centre d’expertise.

Tu es un(e) pro des technos #OpenSource en mal d'autonomie ? Tu as le sens du service ?

Rejoins la Capen'Team :

#adminsys #remote #jobit

Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
3 weeks ago

Long before #remote jobs there were "Bastard Operator from Hell"-worthy stories of IT workers hiring Indian programmers to do their coding, keyboard scripts to imitate working etc.

IT folks juggling three jobs cuz why not
3 weeks ago

My wish is to stay always like this,
living quietly in a corner
of nature.

—Claude Monet

#Photography #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #provincelife #quotes #Remote #Sunset #Nature #naturephotography

Photograph taken at the end of a day in a Philippine province; the sun is setting behind low clouds and it is reflected on a pond of water in the foreground.
3 weeks ago

#Golang #programming 

#performance & #scalability 

#rescues, #rewrites, #refactors 

#remote, #expert, experienced #contractor 

FREE initial 1 hr convo, #consulting & advice 

weekly rates 

first 2 wks at heavy discount (far below market) 

wk 3+ rises to normal rates, but quoted in advance & honor/freeze it for u, up to 40 wks 

1 wk min engagement 

PING ME today! always fun to talk to anybody & useful to grow pro/biz networks. let's make each other laugh or get inspired, ideally both!

3 weeks ago
Benji Weber
3 weeks ago

Tragedy of Return to Hostile Offices.

I'm sad to see people forced to return to offices that are noisy, cramped, illness-spreading, collaboration-killing environments

But offices can be joyful too!

Can you craft the best environment for your team?

#blog #office #remote #work #leadership #management

4 weeks ago


Did they finally realize that #CovidIsNotOver ?

"> CDC hiring for ‘many vacancies’ with up to 6-figure salaries, including remote work"

#Jobs #Hiring #CDC #Remote

Dylan </>
4 weeks ago

Had an incredible experience #hiking Camelback Mountain recently. I've never hiked anything that intense before. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes but would recommend if you're looking for a complete body workout with great views. 11/10, would recommend!

#wfh #remote

I'm wearing sunglasses, a blue Kernelcon T-shirt, and backpack while I climbed Camelback. I'm very sweaty.
The view from across the valley facing towards Camelback. A large cactus frames the right side of the frame while Camelback Mountain breaks up the blue sky from the lush, greenery below it.
I'm wearing sunglasses, a blue Kernelcon T-shirt, and backpack while I climbed Camelback. I'm very sweaty.
Real Programmer
4 weeks ago

Tired: #remote your office is overhead, ditch it.
Wired: #unboss your boss is overhead, ditch them.

The first guy I ever worked with who insisted on working remotely lived in rural Montana, and rented an office space in town; despite the roads being buried in snow many days out of the year. It was *that* important to him to have that discrete space away from his family. He forced himself to commute, even though his house had broadband.

I wonder if I should do that too sometimes.

#remote #remoteWork #office #coworking

@cyb3rkitties would you be open for #remote positions with employers from overseas if no relocation is mandatory?

Fabien Loup
1 month ago

The company I last worked at just laid off half of its staff, 16 people out of 32.
If you are looking for great QA engineers, great Ruby & JS/Typescript developers, please reach out. People based in North and South America & Europe, with experience working remotely.

#FediHire #fedihired #ruby #javascript #typescript #remote

Code & Supply
1 month ago
(webdev Tory) :emacs:
1 month ago

I have a recurring problem with multiple users working on the same #remote codebase, in particular with #git. Because git is creating and deleting files at each stage of the game, shareable #FilePermissions get lost each time someone uses git. Any ideas on the best way to manage this?

1 month ago

⛺ Workers with in-person jobs spend about $51 a day that they wouldn't remotely, survey finds

「 66% of U.S. employees who returned to the office to work five days a week or full time, spend an average of $51 every workday.

“There’s no question” about whether working in person is “wildly more expensive” today than it was before the pandemic 」

#Remote #RTO #Hybrid

🤦🏻‍♂️ Ethan
1 month ago

🌴👨🏻‍💻 Perhaps you, or someone you know, is #OpenToWork ?

😬 Job market's ROUGH out there. Lotsa competition for fully remote roles. Layoffs exacerbated this.

Here are some #remote job resources that have been helpful for me in my #jobhunt .

Some of these resources are especially suited for #dev #webdev #jobs, though many have much wider scope.

Please let me know in the replies: what are your favorite remote work job search resources? 🙏

#fedihire #fedihired #wfh

Dall·E 3 Prompt for this image: "Stock photo of a man working on a laptop. He is laying in a hammock. There is a tropical drink on the table next to him.

Editor's note: Editor's note: he drinks to dull the pain of AI disfiguring his left pinky. 😉
Björn Schießle
1 month ago

#Nextcloud continues to grow. We are looking for people in all areas. Do you want to join my #PreSales / #SalesEngineering team? With customers all over the world we are also hiring worldwide and aim for diverse teams on all levels. Work #remote or join one of our #offices, you decide.

Do you want to bring more #DigitalSovereignty and #OpenSource / #FreeSoftware to the world? Than check out our job offerings and get in contact with us!

#opensourcejobs #remotejobs

Join Nextcloud!
Eberhard Wolff
1 month ago

Don't overdose on #DomainDriven Design #DDD!
Enjoy my talk at #JCON #remote conference
I have five free tickets - let me know if you are interested!

Bogi Takács
1 month ago

Final lineup of the Druze Studies symposium at the University of Kansas next month! Nov 15-16, hybrid online / in person. With Arabic & English interpretation.

A very dear Druze colleague of mine, Dr. Rami Zeedan, is organizing it. Check it out -

#Druze #Israel #Palestine #Arabic #Conference #Remote #KU #LFK #LawrenceKS

The Office Jeannie
1 month ago

💼💻 Stay organized while working remotely:
1️⃣ Set clear goals
2️⃣ Prioritize tasks
3️⃣ Use technology for communication & collaboration
4️⃣ Establish a routine
5️⃣ Take breaks
#managementmonday #officejeannie #productivity #organization #remote #workfromhome #efficiency

Attie Grande
2 months ago

One of my customers is looking to build out a team developing novel technologies in the SMS delivery space. They're primarily looking for backend devs, but will definately consider anyone interested with full-stack experience too (the role will generally be more backend-heavy). Their systems currently use Java, MySQL & Azure services, though they are very open to a shakeup! Experience in the SMS world is a benefit (e.g: SMPP), but not required if you're open to learning.

#jobs #uk #remote

heise online
2 months ago


Widerwillige Rückkehr ins Büro: Studie von Owl Labs warnt vor strengem Bürozwang

Mehr als zwei Tage Büroanwesenheit stoßen bei den meisten Befragten auf Abwehr. Die Mehrheit wünscht sich ein Recht aufs Homeoffice.

#Büropflicht #Homeoffice #HybridArbeit #RückkehrinsBüro #remote

2 months ago

Just realizing that I never ended up posting this here, and I know it's Saturday but here we go anyway:
I'm actually looking for work!👀

I'm looking for #devrel (with a specialization in #devex, web standards and OS communities) or #fullstack eng roles (primarily #javascript but I dabble in half a dozen other languages, from Rust to Go to embedded C/C++ & happy to learn), have quite a bit of experience/interest in #webassembly, #cloudnative and can hold my own in #devops (e.g. the #RustFest infra used for the EuroRust live stream was hosted by us).

I am based in Tallinn, and looking exclusively for fully #remote (ideally seasoned async/flexible remote teams and I am happy to help building a great culture as well using my previous experience at Mozilla & other companies in the past 7 years).
Also open for part-time and/or contracting with the right people/product.

If you know someone would appreciate an intro, say hello @

:boostRequest: boosts appreciated

Nicole Wolf
2 months ago

Freue mich sehr, dass @wechange eine Position als hauptamtliches geschäftsführendes Vorstandsmitglied (d/w/m) anbietet! #Teilzeit, #remote #jobangebot #vorstand
Mehr Info hier:
Schnell weitersagen oder direkt selbst bewerben!

George Laskowsky
2 months ago

Well, it seems it was my turn to be fired.

From now on I will be looking for a #remote work in Europe (I live in Hamburg, Germany)

My recent XP is with Unity/C#. But I have done C, old school C++, and now I am learning #godot.

I have worked as dev, lead, engineer manager, game director and CTO.

I used to do some engine programming but my forte is gameplay.

At the moment, I am looking mainly for a programming position. I want to get my hands as dirty as possible again.

Boost is appreciated!

:ruby: Remote Opportunity

Hi everyone,
One of my contacts on LinkedIn is looking for a Ruby on Rails developer for a potential remote gig based in Australia.

Either you can contact them directly, or send me your CV and I will pass it on, thanks.


Taffer :godot: 🇨🇦
2 months ago

I'm still updating my collection of remote companies, shout out if you know one that I don't have on my list!

#remote #wfh #jobs #careers

Indigo ♿ she/her
2 months ago

Feeling very frustrated and defeated. I need #remote #wfh jobs and I've already started seeing two upsetting patterns:

1. Companies only want to let people work from home as a reward for good performance at the office

2. Companies who don't subscribe to the first pattern seem to think that they don't have to pay anyone working from home.

My #disability has become worse with #mobility and #pain since the car accident. So I need a remote job but one that pays enough for my expenses.

Nicole Wolf
2 months ago

@wechange bietet aktuell eine super Stelle: Hauptamtliches geschäftsführendes Vorstandsmitglied (d/w/m)
Mehr Info hier:

#remote #Teilzeitjob #hiring #stellenangebot #joboffer #Vorstand #JobMitSinn

Pratik Patel
2 months ago

Paid #Google #remote study for #blind or #lowVision YouTube viewers who use the YouTube App on their TVs for at least 3-4 days a week:

• Date(s): October 16th -20th
◦ All qualifying participants must have an active YouTube account.
◦ Participants will be asked to use a secondary device (eg. logitech camera/tablet/phone/mobile device with working camera) to angle towards TV during research session. 
• Incentive: $100 USD/ $125 CAD

Respond here:

Important #ITsec Announcement - #PleaseBoost!
:boost_requested: :boost_animated: :boost_ok:

Please #Update your #FritzBox #CPE's - espechally at your "#TechIlliterate" parents' and friends' houses.
There's a #remote-exploitable issue and it's really a big problem - and it also applies to those that don't have any #RemoteAccess or #VPN configured.

Nicole Wolf
2 months ago

Hier kommt eine tolle Stelle:
*Hauptamtliches geschäftsführendes Vorstandsmitglied* (d/w/m)

#remote #Teilzeitjob #hiring #stellenangebot #joboffer #Vorstand #JobMitSinn
@jobangebot @hiringbot
Teilt was so viel ihr könnt, bitte!

Krafty :fedora:
2 months ago

#AskFedi Does anyone know of any #remote #job or #internship opportunities in the US that will hire someone who has recently graduated high school? #Linux related job recommendations would be appreciated.

#FediHired #GetFediHired

Mark Carter
2 months ago

Ever wanted to be part of an SRE team supporting 300 million users and the worlds largest companies? Vimeo is hiring multiple senior and principal site reliability engineers 🪄 roles #remote in both #USA and #India 🌎🌏 as a bonus you get to work with the amazing Sergio Salvatore

#jobs #Hiring #SRE #Cloud #Video

Dans l'idéal j'aimerais :
• Être chez un éditeur car cela permet de suivre les projets jusqu'au bout
• Avoir la possibilité d'être en télétravail complet
• Utiliser et contribuer à des outils open-source
• Intégrer une société de taille raisonnable où tout le monde se connaît

Si je vous intéresse je suis joignable ici et ailleurs (liste :

#FediHire #OpenForWork #JobSearch #Jobs #Job #Emploi #Teletravail #Remote

Note: Tout partage/boost sera grandement apprécié


For those that have been remote working within the past few years, what's our status on remote work? And what does your team/company do well to make it work?

Our company does high school "morning announcements" (officially called a briefing) every Friday.

A representative from each department give the top three news stories from their department and a news anchor like person facilitates. The announcement giver is often not the department head or vp, but can be

#work #remote #remotework #wfh

Nefertiti Matos Olivares
2 months ago

Descriptive Video Works is seeking #freelance native #Korean #AudioDescription #Narrators for TV, movies, advertisements, PSAs, games, educational videos, and more. Vancouver-based talent preferred but we are open to working with #remote narrators too. #Job

2 months ago

There are many ways we can make **#remote** more interactive and engaging. Have you tried any of these? Any other good ones?

Quick list of six tools to make remote fun for you:

Nicole Wolf
3 months ago

#Stellenangebot Product Owner:in (d/w/m) bei @wechange
Start: 01.10.2023
Dauer: unbefristet
Stunden pro Woche: 24
Vergütung: orientiert an TVÖD 13
Alles weitere hier:

Und denkt dran: Unbedingt auch bewerben, wenn nicht alle Punkte matchen! Das ganze Team freut sich darauf, dich kennenzulernen.

#remote #Teilzeitjob #joboffer #ProductOwner #jobmitsinn

Markus Tacker
3 months ago

Pretty cool #remote #job for the #AWS people out there: Head of Engineering at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences.

Zamaie C. :infinity_rainbow:
3 months ago

Hello! I'm a #JobSeeker looking to #GetFediHired for my first corporate job since graduating from college in December 2020.

My job preferences are already stated in my #LinkedIn profile, but I'll expand upon them here.

I'm mainly considering any part-time #Remote positions related to #WebDev, #WebDesign, #GraphicDesign, #Blogging, #Podcasting, etc.

I've always been interested in technology & design ever since my teen years, so having the opportunity to work for a company in that field would be an honor.

Since I have an official autism diagnosis under my belt, I'm willing to work through obtaining any necessary accommodations with future bosses & managers to ensure that I can be a highly productive employee.

NOTE: My resume is currently a bit out of date, but I will make it available for anyone to read as soon as it's fully updated.

If anyone has any questions and/or would like to offer me an interview, my DMs are always open for recruiters.

P.S. Any boosts on this toot are greatly appreciated! 💜

#RemoteWork #RemoteJobs #WorkFromHome #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #ActuallyAutistic #LGBTQIA #Neurodiverse #Neurodivergent #OpenToWork