Kenny Smith
2 minutes ago

It took bad air coming out of #Florida to get #NewYork to stop talking about the bad air coming out of #Canada.

#Trump #indicted #indictment #gop #republicans

Why should political cults be acceptable when they become a serious issue of national security.

#Politics #USPoli #GOP #Republicans

Stop the GQP & Fox News
33 minutes ago

Donald Trump has wronged so many people over his life, a Hoover Dam worth of karmic justice just burst with his indictment. Here's a thread to post gifs and memes of everyone having a cathartic laugh about Donald's legal woes.

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#USA;There are no democratic #republicans, those who stayed on that cesspool are #traitors to democratic values. And they will try to react the only way they know, with lies and threats.

Stop the GQP & Fox News
1 hour ago

Former President Donald Trump claims he's been indicted on Truth Social. And we're not talking indicted next Tuesday -- but NOW. This is real, so buckle in.

#TrumpIndicted #TrumpIndictment #magameltdown #indicted #trump #donaldtrump #truthsocial #formerpresidenttrump #jacksmith #justiceiscoming #justiceishere #news #politics #uspolitics #uspol #uspoli #republicans #gop #gqp

Image of Trump with orange filter. Words state "Indicted!"
ManyRoads :coffeecup:
1 hour ago

It's about time...

"Donald Trump indicted over classified documents case"

#Unfit #Crime #GOP #Republicans #News #Trump #Democrats

Josh, or whatever
1 hour ago

Fundraiser! Make me money!

Frigging #trump and the awful #maga #republicans.

2 hours ago

#Republicans are super busy trying to downplay toxic clouds of wildfire #smoke blanketing large parts of the US.

"There’s just no health risk"

"This doesn’t kill anybody, it doesn’t make anybody cough, this is not a health event"

"This has got nothing to do with climate. This is not because of climate change."

Now "isn’t the moment to start lecturing people about the science of climate change"

Greg Kelly praises the smoke, calling it a "beautiful, interesting aura."

Right-Wing Media Is Saying the Wildfire Smoke Is Good, Actually
Conservatives are doing everything they can to convince Americans the hazardous air quality has nothing to do with climate change

"Now that Republicans have returned to power in the House, the dysfunction has gotten so bad that business—even bad business—can’t get done."

#Republicans #Congress #dysfunction

"Dysfunction seems to have become a hallmark of Congress when Republicans are in charge. In the early to mid-2010s, Tea Party insurgents regularly disrupted the regular order, prompting House Speaker John Boehner to abruptly quit in 2015. The Trump-era GOP majority brought about multiple government shutdowns, including one that lasted 35 days just before Christmas in 2018—the longest federal shutdown in U.S. history."

~ Joe Perticone

#Republicans #Congress

"For half a century, Robertson was known to the world not as a vehicle of bottomless faith, but as a political voice, making political declarations while signing God's name to the bottom of them. He used his tele-religious empire to become a very rich man with a private jet, and died with enough money in the bank to count as a mortal sin (greed) no matter how you might look at it."

~ Hunter

#PatRobertson #evangelicals #Republicans

3 hours ago

👉🏼#FBI agent who testified for Republicans was suspended over leaked sensitive information

#House Democrats are asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate whether Garret O'Boyle, who was presented as an FBI #whistleblower by #Republicans, lied to Congress.

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
4 hours ago

The GOP action plan for ending abortion nationwide is shown in this handy Informative Chart.

#Republicans #GOP #Plan #Abortion #Nationwide #AbortionBan #Women #Health #WomensHealth #Science #Misinformation #Lies #Disinformation


A photo of a white board with the words "Informative Graph" written across the top. The rest looks like a roughly-drawn chart, with the X-axis (on the left) having increasing values labeled "Science/Numbers" and the Y-axis (at the bottom) having increasing values labeled "More Things". (This is a "fake" chart so there aren't any actual numbers or dates shown. Just the labels and arrows pointing up and right, respectively.) The "data" is plotted as a line graph with two lines in the chart and they cross each other near the center. The red line is drawn as a upwards-sloping diagonal that shows increasing values and is labeled "GOP Bullshit". The blue line is drawn as a downward-sloping diagonal that shows decreasing values and is labeled "Women's Health".

George Santos' lawyer took part in Jan. 6 march on Capitol: report

#news #politics #republicans

#Montana … where #hungry #children are just too much #paperwork

#Republicans fretted about #kids, what they learn in #schools, the #library #books they can read, to arming #teachers. They worried about microscopic cells in the womb. Montana's legislators feared #dragqueens so much they won't let them be seen anywhere in the state. Let us prioritize the real issues that affect children's well-being

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Montana #TransKids #FoodInsecurity

"Robertson helped solidify evangelical support for Donald Trump, dismissing the candidate’s sexually predatory comments about women as an attempt 'to look like he’s macho.'"

#PatRobertson #evangelicals #Republicans #Trump

"He called for the assassination of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez in 2005. Later that year, he warned residents of a rural Pennsylvania town not to be surprised if disaster struck them because they voted out school board members who favored teaching 'intelligent design' over evolution. And in 1998, he said Orlando, Florida, should beware of hurricanes after allowing the annual Gay Days event."

#PatRobertson #evangelicals #Republicans

"[Pat Robertson] will be remembered by honest historians as one of the primary architects of our current political situation, and as one of the primary architects of a political party gone drunk on hatred, fear, and a very strange idea of what the gospels really mean. Paranoia is the rock on which Pat Robertson built his church."

~ Charles Pierce

#PatRobertson #evangelicals #Republicans

8 hours ago


The entire Republican Party is engaged in an active attempt to overthrow our government. They have the support of most of the FBI, probably most local law enforcement agencies, and much of the military and every other federal agency. We're all pretending it's not happening, and that's a very big mistake.

#Trump #JimJordan #JoshHawley #Republicans #LawandOrder

"With one or two federal indictments looking like a strong possibility, some GOP lawmakers are calling for Congress to defund the DOJ and the FBI — including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Michigan), a Trump ally who supported his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results."

~ Alex Henderson

They believe he's above the law. They believe Republicans should be above the law.

#Trump #JimJordan #JoshHawley #Republicans #LawandOrder

John Linton Roberson
8 hours ago

PS The masks were never to save your useless lives, #Republicans, they were just to keep you from killing others. That's not the issue here, go nuts. The hazard is where it belongs: only with you.

John Linton Roberson
8 hours ago

#MattGaetz(spiteful smile): Everyone ready--NOW (all #Republicans cut off own noses) Take THAT #KevinMcCarthy!

"Target seems to have given in to the “backlash,” which increasingly resembles not a boycott but a terror campaign. And just as chillingly, the people making death threats are being cast—as The Washington Post did in that same story—not as extremist thugs, but as “emboldened shoppers.” " - When Target has had Pride displays since 2015, why the current vicious attack on Target?

#Target #LGBTQ #Republicans

@grinningcat whoa, whoa, now slow down, partner! For a minute there, I thought you were suggesting that #Democrats exercise power to play political hardball the way #Republicans would do in the same circumstance. I'm going to need another energy drink to process this concept.

John Linton Roberson
10 hours ago

This time, I implore all #Fox viewers hosts and staff to not wear masks and breathe in all of the smoke in New York. Why? Because it's not contagious. It'll only hurt them.

@godzero @georgetakei

We shouldn’t have to be pleasantly surprised at occasional “ok” rulings.

It’s high time to PASS THE JUDICIARY ACT of 2023 to expand, rebalance, and UNpack the Supreme Court!

(It would enlarge SCOTUS to 13 justices.)

House Democrats should make its passage a necessary condition for the House being able to conduct business as usual.

#SupremeCourt #SCOTUS #ExpandTheCourt #Judiciary #Republicans #Democrats

"To make sense of the campaign against Target, we need to understand how an amalgam of influencers, from white Christian nationalist politicians to violent far-right street groups, have been unashamedly grafting a vintage Satanic Panic narrative of child mutilation and pedophilia onto the retailer’s annual displays of mass-produced rainbow kitsch (which is more celebrated for its high meme potential than anything else)."

#Target #LGBTQ #Republicans

When Target has had Pride displays since 2015, why the current vicious attack on Target? Melissa Gira Grant writes,

"There is an important story here, but it’s not a story of backlash."

#Target #LGBTQ #Republicans

"The Republican Party has shown consistently that not only does it refuse to address the issues young people care about, but they are actively seeking to roll back our rights.

The Democratic Party and President Biden, on the other hand, have proven they will deliver for young people."

~ Victor Shi

#youth #voters #GenZ #Republicans #Democrats

BREAKING News - the reason Florida and Texas can’t handle immigration in their States is because California is a sanctuary state. - Ron #Desantis 🤣
#republicans #politics

11 hours ago

@Tamera @stopgopfox The #gop #republicans want women to die if the fetus dies. The same mindset that #women should be punished for #abortions but #men shouldn’t for irresponsible ejaculation is operating here. #miscarriage #childbirth #pregnancy #sepsis #misogyny

Adamas Nemesis
11 hours ago

Blink and you might have missed his announcement, but of all the Republican candidates not named Trump or DeSantis Doug Burgum might have the best chance of running away with the 2024 election.

@baseballot gives some good reasons here:

#politics #elections #GOP #Republicans #GOPprimary #primary #2024election

"It’s like burning a cross on someone’s lawn: It’s an attempt to frighten people into compliance and submission.

The Republican politicians pushing anti-L.G.B.T.Q. laws usually pretend that their principal, if not their sole, motivation is to protect children. But these laws operate in furtherance and protection of the fragile patriarchy, in perpetuation of the twin evils of homophobia and heterosexism and in reinforcement of abusive gender-identity policing."

#LGBTQ #Republicans

Charles Blow looks at the terror campaign the Republican party has mounted nationwide against the LGBTQ community and what it intends:

"The way this kind of terrorism works is that it not only punishes expression, condemns identities and cuts off avenues for receiving care but also creates an aura of hostility and issues grievous threats."

#LGBTQ #Republicans #terrorism #violence #cancellation #erasure

13 hours ago



" a derogatory and discriminatory were made in the hearings, as they have been made in #statehouses across the country. It turns out that getting the anti-trans #Republicans on the record with their statements helped block the bill in court...

The judge points out that by blocking parents from controlling their children’s medical care, #Florida violated their rights as parents....

Hinkle firmly establishes on the record that...gender identity is real."

15 hours ago

Cognitive Dissonance
#Pence doesn't even have the *male parts* to stand up to his own attempted murderers... how can he run a country?
You know why they can't find any decent, honest presidential candidates for the Republicans? Because there aren't any..

#USPoli #Republicans #GOP

"Pence's run is historic.  No one has EVER run for the nomination of a party that tried to MURDER him before!"
- Rachel Bitecofer, Political Strategist
Joseph Lim :mastodon:
17 hours ago

@thejapantimes "The 1st exception was 2011 when Republicans tried to use the threat of default .. Note in passing the rank hypocrisy of the maneuver. #Republicans have no problem adding debt when they occupy the White House; concern over spending only surfaces when a #Democrat is president .. the GOP’s refusal to consider raising taxes, closing loopholes or providing the means to better enforce the tax code is a damning tell about their priorities" #binaryPolitics #dysfunctionalDemocracy #USA

23 hours ago


I blame #Democrats bc they specifically declined to pass a clean debt ceiling bill during the lame duck session when they controlled both chambers of Congress. Then they refused to follow the 14th Amendment, instead pretending the debt ceiling statute supersedes the Constitution. Now they're celebrating it as a "win".

They clearly wanted this outcome while publicly saying they didnt and that they had no choice but to go along w/ #Republicans

My 2 cents.

#DebtCeiling #FoodStamps

Kenny Smith
23 hours ago

I wonder who will get blamed for this.

"13,000 Alabamians risk losing food stamps under new debt ceiling deal"

#Alabama #SNAP #DebtCeiling #Republicans #Democrats

Big Head Tales
1 day ago

#Republicans have proven that they hold Trump above the United States. They are raising a fascist #FourthReich.

Aure Free Press
1 day ago

Federal prosecutors have notified Donald Trump that he is a criminal target and likely to be indicted imminently in a probe into alleged classified documents
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #MAGA #Republicans #TrumpCrimeFamily

Aure Free Press
1 day ago


Trump ally Steve Bannon subpoenaed in special counsel Jack Smith's Jan. 6 grand jury probe

The Washington, D.C.-based grand jury is separate from one investigating the former president's handling of classified documents.
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #MAGA #Republicans #TrumpCrimeFamily

Aure Free Press
1 day ago


Trump’s lawyers told he is target in Mar-a-Lago documents investigation

Move dramatically raises stakes for former president as investigation appears to near its conclusion
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #MAGA #Republicans #TrumpCrimeFamily

Looks like they had a come to Jesus

'Are you listening, Donald Trump?': Mormon church tells members to vote for 'integrity' regardless of party

#news #politics #republicans

Democracy Matters :verified:
1 day ago

Desperately trying to keep #immigrants from #fleeing, #Florida, State #GOP tries to highlight the #immigration #law #Loopholes

#Republicans admit law was designed 100% to scare migrants, try to claim no intention to actually enforce it stating that the "bill really doesn't have any teeth".

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Florida #Immigration #RepublicanParty #Hate #Bigotry #Violence #Genocide #Discrimination #Xenophobia #Homophobia #Transphobia #ThePartyOfHate

Mx. Kit O'Connell
1 day ago

By me, from “The Awful 88th” at @TexasObserver:

Although Republicans floated dozens of anti-#LGBTQ+ bills during the regular session, just a handful of them made it to the governor’s desk. Still, each one whittles away at the rights of #queer folks in #Texas in different and distinctly harmful ways. These include: banning medically-necessary #gender-affirming care for #transgender young people, banning transgender athletes from participating in #sports at public colleges and universities, a broadly written bill targeting “sexually explicit” performances (meant to criminalize drag performers), and a bill to ban or restrict public library books that #Republicans deem to be “sexually explicit” or “educationally unsuitable.”

The most immediately harmful bill of the bunch looks to be Senate Bill 14, which prohibits evidence-based, frequently life-saving care for transgender young people under 18, including treatments like hormones and puberty-blockers, a reversible treatment to slow the onset of adolescence. Doctors caught providing these forms of #healthcare to trans kids would be stripped of their medical licenses, even though essentially all of the same treatments can legally be used on cisgender individuals (and most controversially, intersex people) under other circumstances. For example, some cis kids who enter puberty too early may be prescribed the same blockers now banned for trans kids.

A coalition of groups including Lambda Legal, the Transgender Law Center, and American Civil Liberties Union (#ACLU) of Texas have pledged to sue to block the bill’s enforcement on the grounds that it creates an illegal double standard. Thanks to Abbott’s signature on Monday, the new law goes into effect September 1, and it’s already becoming harder to access trans healthcare in the state as doctors and clinics move or close.

“In the last two weeks, we have probably gotten somewhere between 40 and 50 phone calls from panicked parents,” a leading New Mexico pediatric physician told the Observer. “What I’m hearing from families is that appointments that they had already scheduled are now gone,” said Dr. Michele Hutchison, chief of pediatric endocrinology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. That leaves families scrambling to secure care in neighboring states to avoid disastrous interruptions in treatment.

Senate Bill 12, the so-called “drag ban” bill, underwent significant changes in its journey through the two chambers. Explicit references to #drag performers were removed but the bill’s scope was broadened to ban so-called “sexually explicit” performances anywhere minors are present. A last-minute addition targets the usage of certain prosthetic body parts, such as the silicone breasts or artificial phalluses sometimes worn by drag performers—and by some transgender people, too.

“There is no good version of this bill,” said Ash Hall, a policy and advocacy strategist at the ACLU of Texas who focuses on queer rights. “Because it’s not limited to business premises anymore, a major concern I have is how this is going to play out in #Pride parades,” they said.

However, Hall suggested Abbott might veto the bill because, as written, it could even affect performances by groups like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Of course, if this one is vetoed, the next step could be passage of a new version of the bill in special session. Already, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has called for a special session bill to ban drag queen story hours at public libraries.

Despite the record-breaking attacks on LGBTQ+ rights this year, Hall said they find hope in the queer community, which came out by the thousands to oppose the bills.

“They want us all to go back in the closet and be miserable or shut up, but we won’t,” Hall said. “#Trans people have always been here and always will be. They can’t legislate us away.”


#politics #transphobia #trans #HumanRights #SB14 #censorship #books #Libraries #FreeSpeech #LGBTQIA+ #TXLege

Texas Observer Lives!
1 day ago

“Data shows for the first time that the peak demand for electricity this summer will exceed the amount we can generate from on-demand, dispatchable power, so we will be relying on #renewables to keep the lights on.”

But rather than fix the grid, #Republicans spent their time in the #Texas legislature trying to block renewable #energy:

#environment #infrastructure #ClimateChange #TXlege #politics #news #USpol #OilAndGas

2 days ago


The obvious attempt by CNN to grab Fox Corporate viewer cattle after the Dominion judgment was obvious.

This should be a warning to grifters everywhere but they are blinded by greed.


Charles Pierce on the new manufactured tantrum of Republicans about something that will never happen — government officials ripping your gas stoves from your kitchens:

"The House drew up a bill to prevent something that was never going to happen, because that's the way Republicans roll these days."

#Republicans #FauxOutrage #WasteofTaxpayerDollars #ScareTactics #infantilism #TemperTantrums

In Noah Berlatsky's view, the eliminationist intent of Republican anti-trans rhetoric and policies has to be squarely faced: genocidal elimination is what this rhetoric and these policies intend.

#trans #elimination #Republicans

The Japan Times
2 days ago
2 days ago

@TucsonSentinel Of course #Republicans oppose #RankedChoiceVoting, because they prefer minority rule.

Stop the GQP & Fox News
2 days ago

After years of stirring hatred and violence, Republicans in Florida are now pleading for migrants not to leave. The MAGA movement loves talking about hard work, but they sure do seem scared at the prospect of having to do it.

#politics #uspol #uspoli #uspolitics #news #desantis #rondesantis #migrants #florida #desantisdestroysflorida #gqp #gqpclownshow #gop #republicans #republican

Rick Roth speaking to migrants.

Republicans say they know enough information to believe Trump's followers will abandon him.

That's why so many GOP candidates are running.

'Actively rooting for Trump to go down': Insider says many Republican Trump allies are praying for indictment

#news #politics #trump #republicans

Alice Marshall
2 days ago

#Republicans Are Now Trying to Defund the Libraries
Claiming to protect children, Republicans are going after libraries and librarians instead of the police, gun manufacturers, and actual child sexual abusers.

2 days ago

"4 - Push candidates to justify their positions.

#Republicans who hide out in right-wing media have grown accustomed to seeing their absurd positions go unchallenged. That’s not acceptable in mainstream media coverage...

It’s the mainstream media’s job not simply to recite candidates’ positions but to expose #hypocrisy, #lies and leaps of logic."

#Journalism#News #Media #Politics #USpolitics #USA

Text from article:
4 - Push candidates to justify their positions.

Republicans who hide out in right-wing media have grown accustomed to seeing their absurd positions go unchallenged. That’s not acceptable in mainstream media coverage.

For example, starving the Internal Revenue Service of funds to go after rich tax cheats (those making more than $400,000) widens the deficit and allows theft of taxpayer money. It literally makes no sense unless you are propagating the myth that IRS agents are storm troopers. Why do they stand with tax cheats instead of honest taxpayers?

It’s the mainstream media’s job not simply to recite candidates’ positions but to expose hypocrisy, lies and leaps of logic.
Mx. Kit O'Connell
2 days ago

Lately my favorite episodes of #KnowledgeFight #podcast are the ones where Jordan sits down to chat with a guest like Jeff Sharlet. Sharlet is wise twhen it comes to the state of things, and I appreciate his view that we are currently moving through #Fascism, as opposed to the common idea that fascism is something that will take place in our future if we don't stop it.

It's here, now. What we have is the opportunity to prevent a far-right fascist regime from fully taking over.

(In before someone says "But the US has always been fascist. Yes, yes, but we need to be able to have conversations about the ways things are getting worse and more dangerous for everyone right now).

#Extremism #Republicans #Antifa #politics #news

Mx. Kit O'Connell
2 days ago

“You have to ask yourself why it’s so important for politicians and figures with large cultural influence like #ElonMusk to try to either ignore this or suggest it’s not true,” Michael Edison Hayden of Southern Poverty Law Center said. “It should be a no-brainer to want to distance yourself from things like incel misogyny or a purely hateful ideology.”

.@TexasObserver's #extremism correspondent @stevanzetti has done important work here, reaching out to #Texas #Republicans and demanding they disavow the nazi beliefs of the #Allen shooter. Not a single one would do so.

Stories like this are vital as they force us to confront the fact that key tenets of #fascism, such as hypermasculinity and extreme nationalism, are becoming mainstream GOP positions. Also, highlighitng the dangerous idol worship of figures like Tim Pool. Great work by Steven Monacelli that should be widely shared:

#TimPool #MassShooting #nazis #racism #WhiteSupremacy

Texas Observer Lives!
2 days ago

“We invite all elected officials … to speak out against #racism and extremist ideology and all forms. We think they have a real responsibility to do that.”

On the one-month anniversary of the #Allen shooting, Special Investigative Correspondent @stevanzetti reached out to the 15 elected officials who represent constituents in the town. Not one Republican would condemn the shooter's beliefs:

#Fascism #news #Politics #guns #MassShooting #Texas #Republicans #Extremism

"But in response to the threats to your stores, you did something that we in the community cannot do. You see, we can’t simply pull our identities and our lives off the shelves. We can’t just take the rainbow flags down, hoping these monsters leave us alone.

In fact, we know they won’t….

Bullies are the same the world round, and they must be dealt with the same.

You cannot give them what they want, because they will only come back, demanding more."

#LGBTQ #trans #Republicans #Target

George Takei tells Target,

"Welcome to our lives.

LGBTQ+ people are facing attacks and threats as never before. Our identities are being erased from classrooms, our gatherings and festivals are being targeted by armed militias, and our children are being singled out and denied life saving, gender affirming medical care."

#LGBTQ #trans #Republicans #Target

"A generation and a half ago, the ideological forefathers of these same people were telling America that dangerous blacks were luring innocent young white children into lives of sex and depravity, with jazz music and the innate sexuality of Black men.

Just twenty years ago these same people were telling the world that gay marriage would lead to people marrying ducks and goats.

They always fight this battle, because it’s all they’ve got."

#trans #Republicans

"To follow the rhetoric of anti-trans leaders like Ron DeSantis and right-wing propaganda outlets like Fox News, the push for transgender acceptance is corrupting the souls of the innocent, brainwashing innocent kids through rainbow t-shirts at Target and drag show clips on TikTok."

#trans #Republicans

Oliver Willis writes that the current war of the right on trans people is a new iteration of an old war against any group the right finds convenient to demonize at the moment.

He writes,

#trans #Republicans

Raw Story
3 days ago

George Santos begs court not to reveal who paid his $500,000 bond

#news #politics #republicans

"The politically active religious right is not nuts at all, though. It is the product of a deliberate and brilliant strategy. The unholy alliance between capitalists and churchgoers was born in the era of the racist south’s 'segregation academies,' nominally religious tax exempt schools set up for white kids in the wake of Brown v Board of Education."

~ Nina Burleigh

#evangelicals #Trump #Republicans #capitalism #racism

Does anyone else find it weird that #Biden is touting the #debtCeiling compromise as a victory instead of pointing out that he negotiated with #Republicans who were holding the entire country hostage just so they could starve poor people more?

Aure Free Press
1 week ago

Gov. Gavin Newsom and other top California officials Thursday cautioned school administrators against restricting what students read and learn about marginalized groups — marking their most forceful response to a spate of conservative-led book challenges to date.
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #democrats #Republicans

Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

Happy 🏳️‍🌈 #Pride Month! 🏳️‍⚧️

Although #Republicans are targeting the #LGBTQIA+ community in #Texas, this is nothing new. We've fought for decades—and won before. We will win again.

We will always be here.

#History #books #Dallas #homophobia #TXlege

1 week ago


"If McCarthy’s “child … with no job” comments were made in error, it was an error that McCarthy appeared to make twice — in the same context, on the same day, on the same network (Fox News)."

#GOP #Republicans #McCarthy #ChildLabor #USA #News

Text from article:
If McCarthy’s “child … with no job” comments were made in error, it was an error that McCarthy appeared to make twice — in the same context, on the same day, on the same network (Fox News). In Rupar’s video, McCarthy was seated in a studio, and he said:

[begin block quote]
… but we also did something different in this family. We may have a child that, uh, able-bodied, not married, no kids, but he’s sitting on the couch collecting welfare [laugh].

We’re gonna put [laughs] work requirements on that individual, so he’s gonna have work requirements — he’s gonna get a job! And it’s gonna make their life easier.
[end block quote]
Grinning Cat :heart_bi:
1 week ago

@Npars01 @KatM @Teri_Kanefield #Biden should have directed the Treasury to ignore any #DebtCeiling as unconstitutional on its face, rather than make ANY concessions to domestic terrorists (#Republicans).

1 week ago

The House voted tonight to suspend the #DebtCeiling until Jan. 2025.

71 #Republicans and 46 #Democrats voted against the bill, which now moves to the #Senate.

See how your Representative voted at ProPublica Represent:

Screenshot showing part of the voting roll call for this bill. The column on the left is the Yes Votes (314). The column on the right is No Votes (117).
Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

Earlier: What the public saw—regardless of the lawmakers’ intentions—was the eruption of fissures that have more to do with pride and power than justice. It was a cross between the state’s largest intra-party catfight and its most public self-inflicted gunshot wound ...

#news #politics #TXlege #USpol #KenPaxton #impeachment #Republicans #Texas

I actually have a little hope that this will work out for "the best": once the #Republicans blow up the #DebtCeiling agreement, the Democrats can stop "negotiating" with them in "good faith" and just tell them what they should have to begin with:

STOP HOLDING THE AMERICAN ECONOMY HOSTAGE. We don't "negotiate" with terrorists.

One can dream. #USpol

Tom Sullivan
1 week ago

In any "catastrophic default" preciptated by #Republicans' debt ceiling hostage-taking, the #GOP views its own supporters as collateral damage. Acceptable casualties. Expendables.

It's the same with their vote suppression measures.

BluePeony :bow_blue:
1 week ago

Whoa! I bet Beto won too and Paxton threw out mail in ballots in favor of Abbott. #Republicans are the cheaters and liars!
They rigged the election because they know that they are the minority and can't win unless they cheat!

Paxton: Trump Would've Lost Texas If It Hadn't Blocked Mail-in Ballot Forms

>"We would've been one of those battleground states," Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.

1 week ago

Via @emptywheel:

How did we decide to call the targeting of vulnerable people by the far right "the Culture Wars"?

No one is calling up Target and making physical threats bc they sell shirts with crosses on them.

How did the #media come to give sustained attention to a bunch of far right wingers yelling "woke! woke! woke!" rather than the fact that their only policy proposals are to beat up Disney and undermine sound health guidelines? #fascism #Republicans

Conservatives going after #Target for their #Pride merchandise is just one part of their overall plan. The LGBTQ+ community isn't their only target; so are Muslims, people of color, people with disabilities, etc.

The goal, of course, is #genocide, leading to a white ethnostate.

All of us have to stand together, and fight MAGA fascism. #USPol #fascism #PrideMonth #MAGA #Republicans

I live at the end of a cul-de-sac that gets as much traffic as the 2-lane highway a few blocks away.
1) They have to look at my big purple house with #rainbow #flags
2) I want them to see what I think of #Republicans

Grateful Dread
1 week ago
John Scott-Railton ☕
2 weeks ago

Proven way to stop an autocrat?

Don't be a spoiler candidate like this guy.

#elections #Democrats #Republicans

Big Head Tales
2 weeks ago

I want to know what he really did to be impeached by #Republicans, especially Texas Republicans.

I mean, the GOP never cared about corruption, theft, sexual assault, pedophilia, or treason before.

Steve Silberman
2 weeks ago

Meet Adam Bird and Beth Lear, two Ohio #Republicans so freakishly obsessed with teenage genitals, they've designed a law to prevent trans kids from using the right bathroom at school.

2 weeks ago


"Before hitting the share button, practice a thorough check. These crucial questions will guide you:

✔️ WHO is behind it?
✔️ WHAT is the source?
✔️ WHERE did it come from?
✔️ WHY are you sharing it?
✔️ WHEN was it published?

Together, we will triumph over #misinformation, one click at a time.

#FactsMatter #EUvsDisinfo #PledgetoPause

elizabeth veldon
2 weeks ago

now they're just saying the quiet part out loud

#Fascism #Republicans