2 months ago

The kitten with no name wishes you all a happy #caturday and hopes that your plans are going as well as his plans to take over the house. We did not put the cat on the vacuum 😀#adoptdontshop #rescuecatsofmastodon #catsofmastodon #utahanimaladoptersfoundation #uaaf

A small orange and white kitten rides around on a robot vacuum cleaner. The kitten also plays with the cleaner’s brushes. There was no human involvement in this video.
7 months ago

Mimu celebrates #caturday by ensuring that Sprout the dog knows his place in the animal hierarchy. #catsofmastodon #SproutTheBerner #BerneseMountainDog #dogsofmastodon #adoptdontshop #rescuecatsofmastodon

A small black and white cat, to the right, approaches a large Bernese Mountain Dog. The cat, called Mimu, is the boss and the dog knows it.

My parents last rescue was the fist cat me and my brother got to name. We were adults but mum said it would be fair since she named all the others. We locked ourselves upstairs, discussed and made lists. When we came down our parents looked both curious and afraid.

With a ceremonial tone worthy of announcing the Nobel Prize winners my brother declared the cat to be named Winstone!

Our parents were relieved! But, my mother still feels a bit odd when she call his name. #rescuecatsofmastodon

A long haired cat is sitting on the floor looking up. The fur is white with brown details.
11 months ago

Our new kitty. He just came home on Thursday. Henry is another #rescuecat #RescueCatsOfMastodon #catsofmastadon

Grey and white cat laying on the sofa. Eyes closed.

The years go by so fast. The first and last time me old cat Nasse (sitting on the floor) met the then new addition to our catfamily Alfons (laying on the footstool). This was seven years ago. Nasse left us that spring, Alfons this year. I have a weak spot for red cats, and an even weaker spot for strays needing a home. Remember #AdoptDontShop ! #rescuecatsofmastodon

Two red cats in front of a fireplace. On cat lies on a footstool, the other one sits on a brown and white rug.
Sam Oldman 🐀
1 year ago

@LadyParadis I don't know how to choose hashtags. If I pick a word like #rescuecat everyone else could be following #rescuecats or #rescuecatsofmastodon

I think #Mika is still a little stressed and depressed over my recent surgery. 😿

#CatsOfMastodon #TortoiseshellCat #Tortoiseshell #Tortoie #LonghairedTortoiseshell #RescueCatsOfMastodon

Mika resting on my jacket.
Mika resting on my jacket.