1 week ago
A red and white two year old whippet-sized rescue podenco boy lays on the sofa, with his front paw in his mouth, looking at the camera with a 
cute as heck face.
1 week ago

Missing this pup today. She had a rough start to life and no one thought her ruined legs would take her very far. But she proved them wrong and climbed mountains. #mondog #DogsofMastodon #RescueDog

Photo of a white and brown pitbull dog on leash. She is looking back at the camera with a happy face. The path is dirt and there are mountains in the background.
1 week ago

It's National Rescue Dog Day! Here's my most recently added member of our little pack, a Pyr/Border Collie mix rescue we've named Buddy. This handsome guy was found in an area notorious for dumping dogs. His left rear leg was caught in a metal fence and was so badly mangled that the rescue team could not save it. But the rest of him is doing great! He's young and plays like a puppy, runs and digs and gets up and down the patio stairs just fine. A relentless tripawed! His full name is Buddy Three Sticks. Happy to have him!
#Rescuedog #AdoptDontShop

2 weeks ago

2023 Photo Challenge 135/365
This was a challenging shot as my model was very distracted. There was a few healing tool uses and slight slider work. I preloaded the exposure then brought her out. It ended up being a decent shot. #puppy #rescuedog #2023photochallenge

Puppy on sidewalk with mowed lawn on each side, shed and fence in the background.
David Wakeham
2 weeks ago

Missy says “although I want your love, if you are near the car I’ll stay up here…”

#RescueDog #DogsWithAnxiety #DogsOfMastodon #AdoptDontShop

Photo of a black dog with white markings sitting on a set of 9 wooden steps leading up to the front door of a house. Behind the dog are three blue and white aircraft animal crates. There is green foliage on either side. The rear of a white SUV can just be seen, out of focus, on the right hand side of the photo.
Mitzi Szereto
2 weeks ago

Cooper tries to decide which is better for summer reading - The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Famous & Infamous Criminals or the Vietnamese translation of The Best New True Crime Stories: Small Towns.
#books #truecrime #bookrelease #rescuedog #readers #bookstodon #truecrimecommunity #nonfiction

sliding in with a late, (maybe?) unconventional #MothersDay post! :zerotwo_peek:​

early in my adulthood, my mom (like many #Asian parents) would regularly badger me about getting married and having kids, because she wanted grandchildren asap and i'm her only child. :namazu_dead:​

unluckily for her, i'm like 99% sure i never want any biological children of my own - at the very least, not anytime soon (i'm 29). also, i like taking care of animals *much* more than i like taking care of human children.

so i adopted a #RescueDog. his name is hiro (pronounced like "hero") and he's my baby. (he's actually 8 years old - and we've had each other for 7 of those years - but he'll always be a baby to me.)

now, whenever my mom asks me when i'm planning on having kids, i point to hiro and am all like "i already have one! there's your grandson!" :vulpix_sparkle: :giggle:​

and she says something about how he's a dog, not a human... but i don't care. i'm his mom and he's my baby and i love him to bits. the end. :dog_boop: :hug_love:​ :lots_of_love:​

#pets #animals #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #mastoDogs #mastoDog #dog #dogMom #sillyDoggy #boostsOK

My dog Hiro, a white Corgi-Jindo mix with tan ears, dark eyes, and a pink nose, lying in one of his doggy beds. He's mostly wrapped up in a fluffy white blanket with brown dogs printed on it, and only his head is sticking out. He looks like a cute, comfy, swaddled baby.

Gibbs would like us to have an earlier bedtime. He once again gave up on us and went to bed first.

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #GreatPyrenees #Komondor #Pyrendor #GiantBreeds #LGD #RescueDog

Zonked out large fluffy white dog sleeps on the floor beside a bed
Mike D
3 weeks ago

Nice try. Your not going to make me get teary eyed this early.


3 weeks ago

Intelligence of animals is way beyond us humans to comprehend. He always creates this little Pillow Harem perfectly, you'd think a human set it up that way.

But no, he brings pillows from 3 different dog beds, located in 2 different rooms and builds this little 'My Palace, My Style' pillow-arrangement .. it's just so impressive to my little pet-crazy heart.

I love you baby boy. XOYOX -szebastian-

#DogLovers#DogLovers #RescueDog#RescueDog #almostNakedCEO#almostNakedCEO

4 weeks ago

Some lovely moss in spring mode and a bonus dog butt.

#mosstodon #rescueDog

Light green moss with bare tree branches sticking out of it. In the background, the butt of a small dog and some out of focus tree trunks.
Luna⁷ 🌙
4 weeks ago

I'm feeling overwhelmed today from managing Theo. He's always on high alert and he's stressing out Bonnie (our Yorkie).

I made a vet appointment, though the lady on the phone didn't sound too sure that they could help us. I'm hoping that they'll refer us to a behaviorist if they can't.


1 month ago

#RescueDog training wins - Nico was able to be in his crate with almost no fuss for a lot of the weekend as we were out with friends. A bit of crying at first but he got the picture and calmed down. It makes me hope that one day we will be able to go to work and leave him home alone (at least for a few hours)

Ted Garrison
1 month ago

@rdaily #RescueDog is the best dog.

Greg Leunig
1 month ago

I was out of town for two days, during which Zelda was given the go ahead to play with soft toys a week after her dental surgery. She likes to celebrate my return by squeaking toys and running away when I reach for them. She unearthed a squeaky toy that has somehow survived for like 7 years in celebration of my return ❤️❤️. #dogsofmastodon #rescuedog

A 23 lb dachshund mix holding an orange “pumpkin spice latte” squeaky toy and wagging her tale.
Jo McNally
1 month ago

When you have a large geriatric dog, this is what your mornings look like. 🙃 I’m setting up for the week. Neither Himself nor I come anywhere CLOSE to taking this many meds—certainly not enough that we need a pill organizer! But this helps us make sure we haven’t forgotten (and don’t double) a dose. Luckily she’s still a peanut butter girl, so it’s not TOO much of a struggle. 😏 #geriatricdog #rescuedog

Large weekly pill organizer open with 7 pills in each day’s slot. Also a stack of pill bottles and peanut butter behind it (and my coffee)
Large white dog  on a large ottoman covered with a blanket in front of a large bay window. Her throne!
1 month ago

hard day at the park

#dogs #dogsofmastodon #rescuedog

close up of the right shoulder and head of a sleeping brown and white dog
1 month ago

My dogs, Buddy and Daisy, getting watered after a long walk. Mutts. #dogsofmastodon #dogs #pets #rescuedog #mutt

Buddy, a dog, drinks water from a bowl
Daisy, a dog, drinks water from a bowl
Coyote Jones
1 month ago

Welcomed a new member to our home:
Mr. Johnny Cash, the pup in black.

#puppy #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #puppylove #puppyadventures #rescuedog #johnnycash

Black puppy with his stuffed duck toy.
Luna⁷ 🌙
1 month ago

Don’t be fooled by those puppy eyes- he’s a cocky lil 💩

He’s slowly learning that he’s not in charge though, lol.

#DogsOfMastodon #RescueDog

A fluffy white and tan Maltese mix looks at the camera as if he’s innocent and hasn’t been chasing the cat and fighting over toys.
Greg Leunig
1 month ago

Mean mugging with Zelda just before her surgery. A week ago, this 14 yr old #RescueDog had a tooth break off. Yesterday they knocked her out to remove the broken off roots. She was obviously in pain and disoriented by the drugs coming out of it, but she’s already begging for cheese and protecting the house from evil cyclists and enemy dogs the next day. Feeling hopeful/optimistic that we have many good years left #dogs #dogsofmastodon

A bearded man (me) in the car, and next to him a dog with big ears. The rising sun shines through the window from behind.


My friends at Lviv Volunteer Kitchen were aware of my ❤️ for rescue animals🐶

As I was leaving, I was gifted a nice handmade 🐱kitty keychain ring by a local Ukrainian woman and a ribbon by an American gentleman, both amazing volunteers.

Glory to Ukraine🇺🇦

#pets #cats #rescuepets #rescuecat #rescuedog #ukraine #rescueanimals #caturday #lviv #volunteer #photo #picture #photography #catsofmastodon

David Wakeham
1 month ago

You may also fascinate and captivate a woman (Missy) with an egg.

Darn that silly self fulfilling prophecy I instigated when the cashier asked where I wanted to place my eggs…

“So long as I remember” I believe was my exact quote. At least it did make bringing in the rest of the groceries easier.

Which was still difficult, as my porch lights weren’t working and I haven’t eaten in far too long to be healthy.

#DogsOfMastodon #AmericanBulldog #NeapolitanMastiff #RescueDog #AdoptDontShop

Photo of a book opened at page 97 with a finger pointing to a single line in the text. The title at the top of the page reads “SPELLS, CHARMS AND INCANTATIONS”.

The line of text pointed at reads: “You may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese”.
Pam Lach (she/her)
2 months ago

Two years ago this little creature came into our lives and it’s been pure joy ever since. Happy Pablo’s Day!
#DogsOfMastodon #dog #RescueDog #PandemicPuppy

Black dog with brown eyes,  folded ears and golden beard sits in a turquoise couch. He’s looking off to the left
Greg Leunig
2 months ago

7 years ago, we adopted a senior dog (6-8 years old). Right away she drew comfort from having toys to play with. 7 years later and a lot of white on her muzzle and she’s still going strong! #dogsofmastodon #RescueDog #dog

A dog resembling a corgi, surrounded by toys
The same dog, older with a white muzzle, with even more toys around her food dish.
Adam M Sparks
2 months ago

beautiful lil wolf opines: dude, we been inside too long

#DogsOfMastodon #RescueDog #mutt #chihuahua #brass #trumpet #trombone

Adorable wee tan/blonde mutt is in a stretched-out yoga pose, looking directly into the camera, telling me that he's ready for a walk. We're close up on the dog, but behind him is a chair, and behind that a yellow plastic trombone and a silver trumpet, both vertically sitting on floor stands. Dog is on a tan sisal carpet.
Adam M Sparks
2 months ago

i don't ever have to leave here, right?

#DogsOfMastodon #RescueDog

A small dog's head emerges from a ridiculous pile of colorful blanket (blue with light gold dots), dog bed (light blue and pink) and sheets (white with orange-pink swirls). The dog looks both sheepish and concerned.
Greg Leunig
2 months ago

Please enjoy this cozy old loaf of #dog on a cold and gross Saturday (or even if your Saturday is neither cold not gross). Zelda the #rescuedog #seniordog #dogsofmastodon

A close up of a senior dog with a white muzzle, big brown eyes, and long soft pointy ears.
M.L. Rhodes
3 months ago

A Bill selfie. 😂🤣😍 He's passed out in my arms. Hard day playing.

#rescuedog #yorkie #dogsofmastodon #dogs

A young, fuzzy tan Yorkshire terrier asleep on his mom's lap, on his back, his mouth slightly open showing his teeth.
Koko The Collie
3 months ago

Hello, my #fediverse friends

How have you all been? I hope you're all keeping safe and well ❤️

I've been for another walk in the woods today. It's one of my all-time favourite places to go because of all the wonderful smells there! 🐾 🐕

Just don't ask what I rolled in when mum and dad weren't looking 👀

Have a wonderful day. Lots of love to you all 😍

*snoot boops*
Koko ❤️ 🐶

#Dog #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #RescueDog #BorderCollie #AustralianKelpie #AdoptDontShop#SmellySheepPoop #NeedABath

A fawn and white Collie in a yellow harness stands on a dirt path in a forest.  He has a big smile on his face as he looks into the camera, and his front left paw is slightly off the ground.
Behind him, the path disappears off into the distance in between trees on both sides as far as can be seen, with leafless trees on the left and evergreens on the right.
There are lots of old brown autumn leaves still scattered everywhere on the ground.
3 months ago

It might just be me but I think Molly might be a wee bit spoiled. #dogs #rescuedog

it's been way too long since i last posted a photo of my #sillyDoggy, so let's make up for it with two photos!! 😊 :corgi_butt:​

i especially love these because in the first one it looks like he's smiling a big smile, and in the second one you can see all of his cute little crooked front teeth 🥺 💜 🥰

#pets #animals #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #mastoDogs #mastoDog #dog #rescueDog #dogMom #boostsOK

[originally posted on january 9th, 2023]

A medium-sized fluffy white dog lying on the floor. He's looking in the direction of the camera and one of his ears is perked up. His tongue is hanging out of his mouth and it looks like he's smiling.
A photo of the same dog, taken a few seconds after the previous photo. Now his mouth is only slightly open and his tiny crooked front teeth are visible.
autumn [parody account]
3 months ago

looking through some old photos of #worldDogStar. #rescueDog #chihuahua #mutt

white woman holding chi mix like a baby. the dog has her eyes closed and her tongue out, very cute.
chi mix with her teeth showing. (she has an underbite.)
chi mix wearing a hawaiian shirt and her mouth is wide open, showing her teeth.
chi mix wearing a taco costume. her ears are flat against her head because she’s not particularly fond of said costume.

Wolf Boom Zoom informing his dog, Gibbs, that catnip-filled cat toys are only for cats.

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #DogsOfMastodon #dogs #Mondog #RescueCat #RescueDog #pyrendor #GreatPyrenees #Komondor #boundaries

A solid gray cat with orange and white catnip toy stares firmly at a large fluffy white dog.
Koko The Collie
3 months ago

Hi pals, and happy #Sunday wherever you are in the world. I hope you're all doing great ❤️

Sorry I've been a bit quiet on here lately, but it's been a busy couple of weeks for mum & dad, so I've tried to behave myself and keep quiet 👀

As a treat, they've given me the most pawsome #weekend #exploring some of my favourite places 🐕

This is me up on the hills on a misty Saturday morning.

*snoot boops*
Koko ❤️ 🐶

#Dog #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #RescueDog #BorderCollie #AustralianKelpie #AdoptDontShop

A fawn and white dog in a yellow harness stands in a grassy field.  He has a smile on his face and is looking  at something above and to the right of the camera.
The grassy field slopes gently away from the camera and to the right.
In the mid-distance, trees can be seen around the perimeter of the field, with more distant trees fading into a misty morning.  The mist obscures the sky into a uniform grey colour.

Gibbs thinks he might have heard somebody in the kitchen and is wondering if he's being left out of something very important!

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #RescueDog #pyrendor #GreatPyrenees #Komondor

A fluffy long-haired white dog looks over the back of a couch.

Gibbs is resigned to taking a nap through yet another Zoom meeting.

#DogsOfMastodon #dog #RescueDog #pyrendor #GreatPyrenees #Komondor

Extreme close-up photo of a very large, fluffy white dog lying on the bed with his eyes mostly closed.

my spoiled little #sillyDoggy knows he can get unlimited belly rubs by coming to my side of the bed and looking cute. i'm in bed a lot of the time (thanks to #MECFS) and he's cute all of the time, so he pretty much always gets what he wants 😌 🥰

#pets #animals #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #mastoDogs #mastoDog #dog #rescueDog #saturDog #dogMom #bellyRubs #cute #boostsOK

A medium-sized white dog with short legs is lying on his side on the floor next to a bed, receiving belly rubs from me. Only my arm is visible in the picture. His eyes are closed and he looks happy.
4 months ago

We have an amber weather warning for snow here, it's wild outside and very cold. Its a little thing in the grand scheme of universal woes, but it does my heart good to know that this little dog at least is inside by a fire, not in her freezing run on bare concrete. #DogsOfMastodon #rescuedog

Two cosy dogs by a fire

it's been way too long since i last posted a photo of my #sillyDoggy, so let's make up for it with two photos!! 😊 :_gaysparkle:

i especially love these because in the first one it looks like he's smiling a big smile, and in the second one you can see all of his cute little crooked front teeth 🥺 💜 🥰

#pets #animals #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #mastoDogs #mastoDog #dog #rescueDog #monDog #dogMom #boostsOK

A medium-sized fluffy white dog lying on the floor. He's looking in the direction of the camera and one of his ears is perked up. His tongue is hanging out of his mouth and it looks like he's smiling.
A photo of the same dog, taken a few seconds after the previous photo. Now his mouth is only slightly open and his tiny crooked front teeth are visible.
Jeremy Tekell
5 months ago

Haze wonders about it all. Me too buddy.
#DogsOfMastodon #Mutt #Rescue #RescueDog #Photography #Dogs

5 months ago
A sleepy Blue Nose Pitbull is curled up atop a red, blue, yellow and green floral-patterned quilt. The gray dog has his nose tucked into the tummy of his favorite plushie friend, a beige teddy bear.
Adam M Sparks
5 months ago

when you're feeling super confident and secure and great but maybe we could just go home now pleeeeeeease

#RescueDog #DogsOfMastodon #Mutt #Chihuahua

[ his name is Ser Davos and I am basically his Stannis #ASOIAF ]

The most confident look of the series is the wee mutt looking right at the camera with his big Chihuahua eyes, but one of them half-closed because he is needlessly hiding under a bag hanging from a railing above him.
Wee dog avoiding eye contact and ineffectually hiding underneath a bag hanging too far above him to provide real cover.
Dog has approached the photographer but his head is turned completely around in an exaggerated show of deference.
dog has turned head partially towards photographer, but his head is down at an angle and he is yawning, more or less grovelling in desperate display of subordinate status
Steve B
5 months ago

Ollie, my wee #chihuahua #rescuedog on the day we got him, and now.

Unlike some of my other rescues he took no time in settling in.


Two pictures of Ollie the dog in one: the first is Ollie in the cage at the rescue centre. The other Ollie at home asleep.
Roger Ward
5 months ago

This is Archie, a wire-haired terrier/poodle cross, surveying his domain. He's an RSPCA rescue dog from Brighton, UK. He was badly treated for the first six months of his life, and classed as difficult. He's bonkers, but really lovely, happy and friendly now.

I follow back other dog lovers, boosters, & like minded people.

#DogsOfMastodon #Archie #Boost #photography #photo #picoftheday #like #photographer #Sussex #Dog #Dogs #rescuedog #rescuedogs #style #instalike #happy #Brighton

This is Archie, a wire-haired terrier/poodle cross, Surveying his domain. He's an RSPCA rescue dog from Brighton, UK. He was badly treated for the first six months of his life, and classed as difficult. He is bonkers, but really lovely, happy and friendly now. 

I follow back other dog lovers, and boosters. 

Composer Greg
5 months ago

#introduction After decades studying music, I designed and patented a #machinelistening #technology now used to track people's mood allowing corporations to advertise to them more effectively. For this I am simultaneously proud and very very sorry.

Which may explain why I live in a cabin on the side of a mountain in northern #NewHampshire with a #rescuedog named Scully, and #makemusic in a 7.1.4 studio.

When not releasing music you’ll likely find me #camping somewhere in the #northcountry.

Ashley Kolodziej 🐰
5 months ago

These two have been Very Good Puppos all day and are asleep peacefully. Did someone forget to tell them you’re supposed to be good ALL year, not just on Christmas Eve?

They’re still getting lots of treats tomorrow. ❤️

#dogsofmastodon #rescuedog

Close up of two small dogs napping, with their snoots on each other’s hind legs. One is a Chihuahua mix and has a short, diminutive snoot, while the other is a Potcake and has a long, elegant snoot.

Twas the night before Christmas...

Our family has a habit of adopting from the San Francisco SPCA at Christmas. 😍 This is Ravioli, he's an 8 week old Australian Shepherd mix. Broke him out of the pound this morning 😎

#GrandPuppy #Christmas22 #Puppy #PuppiesOfMastodon
#sfspca #pets #animallovers #sanfranciscospca #pet #animalrescue #cute #rescuedog #adopt #happyhealthypets #gotchaday

8 week old ravioli, a small mostly black with brown accents puppy.  He is wear his Christmas pajamas while sleeping in a bright red dog bed.

Things that you accidentally teach your dog. This is Gibbs and his towel. He would like to trade it for a treat. This is always successful. 1/4

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #photography #RescueDog #pyrendor #GiantBreeds #AccidentallyTaughtTheDog

A large fluffy white dog holds a teal hand towel in his mouth.
5 months ago

I’ve made an #introduction for myself, but let’s be honest: you’re a lot more interested in my #dogs:

Laddie has been my buddy for 7 years. He has major beef with the FedEx truck and is a #goodboy.

Lizzie is a 2.5 year #rescuedog and she’s 45 pounds of chaos and love rolled into a cuddly lapdog. She’s a #goodgirl.

Follow for more #dog pics

#MastoDog #MastoDogs #DogsofMasto #DogsofMastodon #pets #animals #mydog #mydogs

My two dogs snuggling together on our couch
My oldest dog, Laddie, in a backyard smiling
Me cuddling with my youngest dog, Lizzie

my #sillyDoggy has a snaggletooth and it kinda makes him look like he's frowning all the time even though he's a happy boi 😂

i love him and his silly lil tooth so much :blobmelt: 🥰 💜

#pets #animals #dogs #mastoDogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #dog #tuesDog #rescueDog #goodBoy #dogMom #boostsOK

A medium-sized white dog with tan ears, a pink nose, and dark eyes looks into the camera. His mouth is closed, but one of this bottom teeth is sticking out prominently and another one is slightly visible. His curly tail is visible in the background.

It #snowed in #Seattle today for #MonDog! Chewie wanted me to come out and play with her in the snowy backyard. I declined in favor of my cozy WFH clothes and hot coffee. 😉

#RescueDog #DogsOfMastodon #RescueDogsOfMastodon

Looking through the glass window of our backdoor outside to our backyard deck, where our 70 pound dog is puppy-bowing and asking me to come out and play in the snow.
autumn [parody account]
5 months ago

another day of #dogAgility! #lokiOfPineview got distracted by the leash runner on our first course, womp womp. he did much better on our second course, but the fence was down on the far side, and he wandered out to waste some time and skip a jump, so no qualifying scores today. still super happy with him!

#rescueDog #dogSports #australianShepherd

i see your #caturday posts and raise you...

my #sillyDoggy seeing a #cat up close for the first time! :blobcat: he stared at it like this, utterly perplexed, until it swatted him away 😂

#pets #animals #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #rescueDog #goodBoy

A medium-sized white dog with tan ears stares at a tabby cat lying on a couch. Their faces are about a foot apart. The dog looks confused and the cat looks slightly grumpy. They are both very cute.
Robin Catesby
5 months ago

Super overdue #introduction post!
I’m a #Lefty, a former #Theater techie, a #Karaoke host, and an obsessive but far too forgetful #Gardener. When I’m writing, which isn’t often enough, I write #SFF, #Horror, & #AlternateHistory, and I’m a produced #Playwright of children’s musicals. Also: #DS9 is the best Trek, the #trailblazers will win an NBA championship again someday, my #RescueDog is the best dog, and I work in #Aviation #analytics so I could probably tell you where Elmo’s plane is.

Freezing rain is the worst. Even Sky refused to do more than pee and go directly back inside this morning. Poor pupper. She's gonna have to poop sometime!


5 months ago

Rupert is a believer in the power of restorative #naps. He also ticks himself into bed. #DogsOfMastodon #Chihuahua #Dogs #RescueDog

Small chihuahua naps under covers on a big bed.
Mark Hufstetler
6 months ago

Five years ago today, I drove down to the struggling animal shelter in Dillon to find a friend. The place was overflowing with forgotten dogs, and my heart was broken a hundred times as I walked around. The shelter's heroic, in-over-her-head director thought I'd be a great fit for a little McNab Shepherd that had come in from one of the big ranches there, so I took him home.

Happy anniversary, Lewis. We've sure had a great time together.

#montana #dogs #dogsofmastodon #rescuedog

Lewis the McNab Shepherd, sitting on my sofa with his squeaky ball.

Lugs McGee 😆 Can hear the grass grow! #RescueDog #DogsofMastodon

Small black terrier type dog with massive ears looking at the camera