Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
1 minute ago

Anyone else have a #Vectrex when they were kids?

I had one and I loved it! It was vector based so faux #3D in some games and was NOTHING like anything else around ..and it MAY be in my parents attic, but i'm pretty sure they made me sell it at a #yardsale... Like they did everything else that I didn't play with for 6 months... 😆

This is one of the few things I'm nostalgic about... #retro #rettogames #retrogaming #80s

Vectrex gaming system
23 minutes ago

👾​ To continue with the #Sonic theme from the last pic, here is my #TIGER Sonic mini-game with an i-Zone polaroid camera behind it. The camera apparently has a FM radio built into it too 🤷​. 🎮​

#videogames #sega #segagenesis #genesis #gameboy #gamedev #retro #retrogaming #polaroid #35mmfilm #iZone

Fan Technologii #ExiTT
52 minutes ago

To może na dobranoc coś z serii ''N''?🤔😉 Ładne trojaczki, co..? ;)

Ze zbiorów Michała

#tech #retro #telefon

The Video Game Library 📚
2 hours ago

Who else loves #FantasyZone⁉️

This book, published by Yuzumo Design exclusively in Japan 🇯🇵, is a love letter to the legendary shmup franchise.

It contains info on all the entries and ports in the series, and an interview with Yoji Ishii.


#Gaming #Shmup #ShootEmUp #CuteEmUp #3DS #Nintendo #Shooter #Arcade #Fun #Gamer #VideoGame #VideoGames #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #Retro #RetroGaming #Sega #YojiIshii #VideoGameBooks #VideoGameBook #Arcades

A magazine-like cover of the LOVE! Fantasy Zone 2019 book. It has a Fantasy Zone arcade cab on the cover with a 3DS and a monster energy drink.
Yash Gupta
3 hours ago

Making my generative sketches (more) tangible.

Ported an old Processing sketch to a @RaspberryPi Pico to be rendered on one of those 1-bit, black and white, dot matrix Nokia 5110 LCDs.

#generativeart #algorithmicart #generative #algorithmic #processing #p5js #algorist #pipico #raspberrypi #raspberry #raspberrypipico #nokia5110 #dotmatrix #1bit #1bitart #1bitanimation #design #graphicdesign #animation #archimedeanspiral #mathart #maker #retroart #retro #retrohardware

school memory: calculator racing to 100 against a friend: enter "1 ++" then hit the = key really fast until the display showed 100. The Casio FX-82 was the fastest at this. Modern (algebraic) calculators can't do exactly this

#calculator #game #Casio #retro

Brian Dunaway ✅
7 hours ago

Let's Play | Retro | Jurassic Park 8bit/16bit system games and JackBox Junktopia

#retro #retrogaming #jurassicpark #nes #misterFPGA

Retro Librarian
7 hours ago

It's what's up front that counts (Winston cigarette ad, circa 1964)
#DoubleEntendre #Cigarettes #Smoking #Advertisement #Ephemera #Retro #Vintage

Man holding cigarette, background telescope, night time, and a woman holding cups of coffee
Fan Technologii #ExiTT
7 hours ago

Hmmm... To może coś pobudujemy do popołudniowej kawki?🤔 The Settlers II - pamiętam jak dziś, gdy wracało się ze szkoły i stawiało się swoje imperium po nocach 😉

#retro #gaming

8 hours ago

SGDQ 2023 Upcoming (and Past) Highlights
As noted yesterday, I forgot about SGDQ this year and we're already underway. But there's still five-and-a-half days of it left, so here's some projected highlights and notes. Nearly every day of the weeklong charity speedrunning marathon this year has a Legend of Zelda game. I've boldfaced them below to point them out! All times
#niche #retro #gdq #niche #retro #schedule #sgdq #speedrun

Fan Technologii #ExiTT
9 hours ago

To jaka była Wasza pierwsza sieć komórkowa...?;)

U mnie w rodzinie byli wszyscy na tak, tak 😉#retro #tech

Jason Nabein
9 hours ago

This is the blog I got the initial two images from. 最初の2枚の画像はこのブログから入手しました。

This blog owner, 武田俊哉 (TAKEDA, toshiya) has written some interesting vintage/retro PC emulators as well. このブログのオーナーである武田俊哉(TAKEDA, toshiya)さんは、ビンテージ/レトロPCエミュレータについても興味深いことを書いています。

#source #retrocomputing #retroPC #retro #japan #jp #japanese #info #retrogaming #computing #computers #日本

9 hours ago

@jake4480 Well that's your next weekend sorted. I'm assuming it's this one? because that is a charmingly #retro webpage that seems very similar to yours... coincidence 🤔

Jason Nabein
9 hours ago

1986年、#YKK Global(日本の有名なファスナーメーカー)は、独自のPCシステムを作りました: FACE16です。このシステムに関する詳しい情報をネットで探しているのですが、無駄なことでした。



#retrocomputing #retropc #retro #日本 #富山市 #富山 #質問 #日本語 #jp #jpn #computer

Jason Nabein
9 hours ago

In 1986, #YKK Global (famous Japanese zipper+ maker) created their own PC system: FACE16. I've been trying to find more info on this system online, but to no avail.

I've found photos from one Japanese blog, with no replies from the blog owner. I've also gotten information back from YKK Global, but it was relatively generic ("standard parts... office use")...

I appreciate any info on this, thanks!

#retrocomputing #retroPC #retro #japan #jp #japanese #info #retrogaming #computing #computers

A beige coloured, rectangular
From right to left, the top details:
Two 3.5" Floppy disk slots, A and B
FACE16 is detailed on the front in text
A power button

From right to left, the bottom details:
Micro Computer
YKK (raised letter logo)
LED Activity/Power light
RJ-11? port
A beige coloured, rectangular shaped computer.

From Top to bottom, right to left, system port details:

Slot 3, covered
Slot 2, covered
Slot 1, open with HARD DISK SCSI? connection port, SIO = 0, SIO = 1
Slot 0, open with S, RUN LED lights; RESET button or switch?; SIO = 0, SIO = 1

Ground pin; Color video monitor input which appears to be a 7 pin DIN?; B/W video monitor input with similar inputs; SW0 (some kind of circular dial with dates?); SW1, set of dip switches

Further, a set of system identification/usage information. For brevity, skipping the Japanese text:
AC100V 50/60Hz
CA8911091 (Serial Number?)

Finally, AC IN, with three AC OUT plugs above.
A blurry close up of the FACE 16 system setup and powered on. This photo was taken at the YKK Center Park in Toyama, Japan. The system is shown with a standard CRT style monitor, 13-14", green LED for power and two dials under the monitor. 

The screen shows some kind of software on display, with a blue background and text shown, and some visual imagery of the system components.

Underneath the monitor is the FACE16 system itself, however it looks different than the previous images shown in this Mastodon post; 
This system has two 3.5" floppy disk drives, stacked on top instead of beside each other. Two LEDs, one RED, one unlit. Power button on the bottom left of the system.

A keyboard is shown but details such as layout and design are not visible. It appears somewhat low profile.
1986 - YKK 製 コ ン ピ ュ ー タ ー(FACE①⑥) の 開 発 ・ 生 産 ・ 販 売.

YKK Develops it's own Computer

Photo of a rectangular computer with a monitor on top of it, and a keyboard in front of it.

This is a photo taken of the YKK company timeline infographic found in the YKK Center Park in Toyama, Japan.
10 hours ago

Here's a perfect KryoFlux disk image of the original WEP ... Windows Entertainment Pack by Microsoft. Includes TETRIS, Minesweeper, Taipei, TicTactics, etc.

#Retro #Microsoft #Windows #90s

Retro Librarian
11 hours ago
Three different styles of telephones. All rotary phones, one yellow, one blue one pink
11 hours ago


11 Mode-Hefte, 1956 bis 1961 mit Schnittmuster und Übertragungsgerät

abzugeben aus Nachlass

abholen (Schleswig-Holstein) oder senden nach Absprache.

#retro #nähen #mode
@marktplatz @handarbeiten

Vorderseite eines Modeheftes mit zwei dünnen FrauenZeichnungen mit sehr schmaler Taille.
Vier Modehefte.
Vergilbte Vorderseite eines Heftes „Frohne Modelle Grundbuch“
Aufgeschlagenes Heft mit Schnittmustern. Darauf liegt ein faltbares „Vergrößerungsgerät“ .
To be on Pod
12 hours ago

🎙️ Unser neuer Trailer ist online! Wir geben einen Ausblick auf Staffel 6 und sprechen zudem über das Projekt „Podcassette“ und die Entwicklung unseres Podcasts. Jetzt anhören – Link in der Bio!

#podcast #podcastdeutsch #retrospiele #retrogames #retrogaming #retro #tobeonpod #podcassette

TO BE ON POD / Cassette / 80er / 90er / C64
Michał Stankiewicz
14 hours ago

Sam już nie wiem który dzień czekania aż @Fan_Technologii skończą się pomysły na #retro tooty 😜

15 hours ago

The Internet needs more multimedia!

#retro #sgiandirix #sgi

Miss Addiction
18 hours ago

Take a look at the #citroends Safari, the #BBC's mobile television camera car. Cool #retro clip from before the days of shooting video on a phone.

Mr. Tengu 👺
23 hours ago

#Actress Julie Adams bumped her head doing a scene from Creature From The Black Lagoon. After getting her head wound treated the scene was completed with no problems. This is a cool picture with the cast members and the Creature himself.

#cine #retro #bts

1 day ago

Also dug out an 800, 800xl, and my favorite #8bit of all time the 1200xl. I distinctly remember purchasing an Ultimate 1Mb upgrade to install in the 1200xl but it’s not installed and I can’t find it anywhere. I also can’t find any of the power supplies or SIO cables. More things to buy I guess. (Also the 800 needs a serious clean) #retro #retrocomputing

A family portrait of an Atari 800 (very dirty) an 800xl and a 1200xl
1 day ago

Decided to dig out some #Atari #8bit goodness. This has probably been in storage for 10 years. Discovered some sort of #SpartaDosX board inside that I can’t find any info online about but I have a recollection of installing. After less than an hour of playing I’ve already ordered a #fujinet for it. Can’t wait for it to arrive. (Excuse the messy table) #retro #retrocomputing

Atari 130xe with a tiny lcd monitor on top showing the boot screen of spartados x.
Inside the 130xe showing a spartados x modification installed
Screen showing spartados x version 4.43rc2 booting
Wider shot of the 130xe now showing xf551 and 1050 floppy drives
Fan Technologii #ExiTT
1 day ago

To co, może przed snem coś posłuchamy..?;)

#retro #dobranoc #tech

Pixel Bandits :verified:
1 day ago

Hey! If you love 90s classic point and click adventures, dad jokes and original PS1 hardware, good news!

We're back in broken sword from 21:30 BST tonight. Would love to chat with you as I fail at 25 year old puzzles.

#VideoGames #Gaming #Gamers #RetroGaming #retro #retrogames #90s

Miss Addiction
1 day ago
1 day ago

Heute teile ich mit euch mein erstes Mal! Mein erstes Mal Space Quest natürlich! Keine Ahnung was mich da erwartet aber ich hab gehört man kann draufgehen und das nicht zu knapp. Gut, dass ich mir vorher Mut anspiele mit Duke Nukem 3D. Hat es der Duke 27 Jahre später noch drauf? #retro #retrogaming #retrogamer #retrogames #twitchde #twitch #twitchstream #streamer #twitchstreamer #pc #pcdos #sierra #spacequest #rogerwilco #dukenukem #dukenukem3d

Noventero O Mas
1 day ago

¡Buenas Noventer@s Mastodónticos!

He visto que tenéis ganas de que, entre toda la Comunidad Noventera, tratemos de conseguir esas revistas que nos acompañaron de pequeños y que ahora son casi imposibles de conseguir y en ello me he puesto

Así que, he creado un nuevo canal de Telegram en el que iré compartiendo las cosillas que encuentre y, de hecho, os dejo subidas TODOS LOS SUPLEMENTOS DE POKEMON DE LA REVISTA NINTENDO ACCION🙀 :pokeball:

Espero que las disfrutéis un montón y os unais al canal y al Discord para que la Comunidad Noventera siga creciendo y podamos encontrar más cosas 😍

#Revistas #Retro #Noventa #ComunidadNoventera #Pokemon #NintendoAccion #Dibujos #Anime

Stylus 🦉
1 day ago

I simply can't get enough of this 4096-byte(!) album by Linus Akesson.

#music #chiptune #retro #commodore64 #sid

The UT demo/FPS counter is starting to bug me. It locks out around 50FPS, but it FEELS faster than that.

I tried lowering some graphics settings to increase the FPS, but it doesn't change. I'm starting to wonder if its benchmarking capabilities are buggy.

#Retro #RetroGaming #VintageComputing #UnrealTournament

1 day ago

Das ultimative Retro Nachschlagewerk ist nun endlich online. "Das große Buch für MS-DOS 6.2" aus dem Jahre 1994. Als PDF auf Viel Spaß!

#Retro #MSDOS #Handbuch

Metin Seven
2 days ago

In 1992 our Commodore Amiga platform game Hoi was released worldwide on two 3.5 inch diskettes, but as the US-based publisher didn't pay the royalties, we decided to release an AGA chipset remix for free in 1993.

Here's a full longplay video of the Hoi AGA Remix. We had lots of fun creating the game as three youngsters.

#commodore #amiga #retro #retrogames #retrogaming #game #gaming #gamedev #gamedevelopment #gamedeveloper #platformer #1990s #video #chiptune

Wow. Okay.

It doesn't quite match the 128FPS he got in XP, but it's waaaay above the 50FPS he got in 98.

This also makes me think something is wonky with UT and a similarly low frame rate would be had in XP for that title.

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

That's...less...than what Colin made. 😂

I still wanna see how Quake does. :)

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

I guess while we wait, let's do some benching?

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

3D Mark 99 Max
A futuristic raceway, part of the 3D Mark 99 Max benchmark.'s not looking great so far. With UT99, I'm getting similar results as Colin, around 50FPS.

The version of Quake II I "acquired" was the post 9x version, so I'm off again to hunt for the correct version. :)

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

Checking out the latest Zelda:ToTK tips and tricks while I wait on Quake III to finish...

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98 #Zelda

One thing I've been happy about throughout this process is the 8100's speed. Its HDD in particular; with older laptops it's a gamble whether it will be worn out.

It's been a trooper. :D

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

The GoG installers do NOT like Windows 98.

We're gonna have to go deeper.

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

"The SETUP.EXE expects a newer version of Windows. Upgrade your Windows version."


Dinner is done, were back to the 8100!

I lowered the resolutionto 800x600 and figured out that Fn + F7 will force the GPU to fill the screen.

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

Windows 98, 800x600
Mr. Tengu 👺
2 days ago

Late afternoon in #Shanghai - 1937

#photography #retro #china

We hot with that internet juice, baby!

Though I had to add that TCP/IP stack manually, like a peasant. I love it, such a nostalgic feeling returning to menial 98 tasks after so many years.

I'm gonna take a break for dinner. Be back in awhile. :) 💕

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

Still working with the 8100. Internet Explorer is open with loaded. The Network Control Panel is open to the right, showing the TCP/IP stack added to the 3Com 10/100 Mini PCI Ethernet Adapter.

My hang up now is getting the Ethernet driver installed.

Stand by. :)

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

Tiniest....Passport.mid...ever. :)

Hear that crackle mid-way through? That's something I'll have to tackle as a part of this too. There's still a lot of other drivers to install.

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

A slow reverse zoom on Windows Media Player with Passport.mid as the current track.

I'm copying the .cab files for the next steps. :)

#Retro #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #Windows98

copy D:/win98 c:/win98
Chris Pirillo
2 days ago

hey, i'm trying to be cereal right now ~ why won't you take me cereally ~ #fun #food #saturday #morning #retro

2 days ago

Chrontendo 68!
Dr. Sparkle's epic, Sisyphean journey through the entire library of the Nintendo Famicom/NES, Chrontendo is back! This episode has the subtitle, "The games will get worse until morale improves," and is it ever fitting. Here it is, more about it beneath:
#retro #1990 #arcade #cabal #chrontendo #cinemaware #drsparkle #famicom #jeopardy #kicklecubicle #nes #nintendo #radracer #retro #video #youtube

Chris Pirillo
4 days ago

A Long Time Ago ~ Return of the Jedi ~ 40 Years, Today ~ #history #movies #retro #nostalgia #80s #starwars #scifi #otd

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #ErichHartmann 🇩🇪/🇺🇸 in Loc.: #NewYork USA 🇺🇸 1949 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Retro #Mastoart #Monochrome
#Photography #Fotografie #Artwork ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A black and white photograph of the skyline of New York in 1949. On a wall stands a standing magnifying glass through which one sees the skyscraper upside down. So the top of the skyscraper goes down with the magnifying glass standing in front of it.
Mike Jolley
5 days ago

Not a bad setup for GameBoy games 😎 Not that they look bad on modern TVs, but… #Retro #RetroGames #GameBoy #Nintendo

Mario on the Nintendo Switch GameBoy Virtual Console on an old Commodore CRT monitor
5 days ago

Total Replay 5.0
Apple II preservationist and awesome human 4am (Mastodon) has released the latest version of Total Replay, a collection of Apple II games that can be played both in emulators and on real systems (provided you have a way to read the hard drive image from your Apple). It can even be played directly over the web on its Internet Archive page.

An important note if you t
#retro #4am #apple #appleii #internetarchive #retro #totalreplay

6 days ago

Art by Jean-Claude Mézières

#SciFiArt #SciFi #Retro #Comics

Various alien races can be seen boarding some sort of transport or shuttle. A transparent, tubular, corridor protrudes from the side of a space habitat.

Since the early 00s I've been inclined to creativity. I started writing books at the age of 22, and although amatuer, managed to publish them myself.

Now, in 2023, I'm (slowly) working on writing two books, Dusk Incarnate, a modern vampire story, and Dissolution Protocol, a space opera.


I've also been big into making music, since 2017, when I was coming off the heels of harassment in a job for my transition (currently paused until I can reach a better position in life). Under the moniker #Eyeshadow2600FM, I've released 22 different pieces, and am working on my next (this number will change, and maybe so will this post!).


#sythwave #retro #electro


I also run a #SecondLife store, since 2015, which I originally erected in the virtual world as my first attempt at trying to make my own income, away from the world of the emotional distress of the public. Having taught myself how to model in Blender, I've amassed a business with nearly 300 different products, currently sitting on a sim that I own and run myself.

In-world location:

Web location:


I've also dabbled in the creation of #NFTs. I came into this particular world partially in-disgust at the artificial nature of it all. A lot of the "creators" posting auto-generated pieces that they didn't even make themselves, in a quick cash-grab attempt to make millions off of unsuspecting people.

So, ill-advised or not, I decided I wanted to buck this trend, and make something by hand. And I did. And then I got featured by the official Twitter account (before the website turned sour). I still have this collection, and another I started linked and listed on OpenSea, but am currently not adding anything new as I have a lot that I work on as it is.


In the real world, I'm currently a supervisor/manager at a large retail chain, and it is my hope that I can either move up the corporate ladder enough that I can just work from home, or use all of my skills listed here to simply not work for them anymore, at some point. And that's why I've written all of this here.


I've been on a lot of different instances, but has been my home for years, and will likely be for a long time to come.

Inverse Phase
1 week ago

@thomzane on oldskool systems, #samples are a mess. hardware like the #NES has dedicated sample hardware called DPCM (delta PCM) or some people call it DMC, you get these 1-bit bitstreams that tell the waveform whether it goes up or down over time, and then the hardware can play that back without much resource drain. When you use #famitracker, you can just load a WAV into a slot and for the most part (barring memory limitations) it automagically prepares it for playback.

Two other ways to do samples on #retro (which are closer to what *modern* hardware does) are either (1) to play the lowest note on the hardware where the sound wave for the square wave "sticks" high or low, and vary the volume to the level of the samples, or (2) use PWM, where rather than varying the amplitude of the wave (which is how you'd visualize it on a scope) you use another 1-bit bitstream and the length of time spent on a high or a low would pull the speaker in that direction for that amount of time, and the amount of time is so incredibly small that the speaker might not make it all the way to the other extreme before it gets sent in the other direction by the opposite bit.

Duke NES'em 3D was one of the first NES #chiptunes I ever wrote, so the song was written in soundtracker, and I used a bunch of shell scripts and compilers to compile it into an NSF.

For the voices themselves, first I got Jon St. John (Duke Nukem Himself) to record the lines. Then, to be honest I did a whole lot of bumping around in the dark. I didn't really know what I was doing, other than that I knew the hardware wouldn't push out a full-quality WAV. I somehow found that using a 3-bit amplitude worked out really well. Reflecting, the octal thing was almost definitely a mistake, because that's 3-bit and the amplitude on the square waves can be 4-bit. Maybe I just mis-entered the bit depth to convert the WAV I got from Jon? There was some PWM employed as well because I then converted the sample data to a macro that would get pushed out of a square wave channel rather than the sample channel. It..... kinda worked out? If you think it sounds good, I probably just threw my hands in the air and said "good enough" because the voice was one of the last things I added to the track.

So there you go! My method is NOT the way I would recommend doing it, or the way most people do it these days, but that's how you get that exact result.

Tagging this with a few extra tags so that other people can find this weird piece of history. #chiptune #nintendo #retrogames #retrogaming #8bit

@retronianne @alinanorakari And this is my multi monitor Mac setup from 2002. The PowerMac G3 Yosemite is under the desk. 😃

#Retro #RCT #RetroCircaTweets #VintageComputing

A multimonitor gaming PC setup, circa 2005.

#Retro #RCT #RetroCircaTweets #VintageComputing

A three monitor setup on a wood grain desk. The wallpaper is Master Chief from Halo 2. The monitor on the left has several AIM windows open.
Retro Librarian
1 week ago

What's for dinner?
Tempting Tuna Pizza 1959 ad
#Pizza #dinner #tuna #Advertisement #Ephemera #retro #Vintage #Food

woman's hands cuts a Tuna Pizza with scissors

Your first game setup confiscated from your parents w/ upgrades, circa 2011

#Retro #RCT

A dual monitor setup, one CRT, one LCD, with a media center style PC running Windows 7.
Ben Longden
1 week ago

Oooh. Arrived in the post this morning from Australia. transparent case 😍 #a1200 #retro

Box for an transparent case
Philip Steller
1 week ago

Time for some real retro Love! <3
Let me introduce the first Computer I've ever touched, in almost original configuration. System BIOS has a 2020 Problem though :awesome:
#286er #286 #retro #retrocomputing #vintage #msdos

Old/Retro/Vintage Siemens PCD-2 Computer in original condition, except the Keyboard which is a bit younger.
Bios of the machine (in German(!)) showing System Date Selector. The biggest possible Value is 2020.
Laura E. Hall
1 week ago

2) This in-depth article by Amy Goodchild on the development of early computer art (plus electronic, kinetic and mechanical art), focusing on the 1950s and 60s

Images: Oscillon 40 (1960), Ben F. Laposky / Interruptions (1969), Vera Molnar / Painted slides from Proxima Centauri (1968), Lillian Schwartz / Random Dances (1964 - 1968), Jeanne Beaman at Cybernetic Serendipity

#ComputerArt #GenerativeArt #KineticArt #Dance #Retro #EarlyComputers

A spherical illustration on a black background
A page filled with black lines overlapping in pleasing geometric arrangements
Six painted images with marbled textures
A group of dancers on a stage reading computer-generated prompts off a screen and reacting in motion
Ricardo B�nffy
1 week ago

I guess the next step is to acquire a very #retro #Apple ///plus (the one with interlacing) so I can try doing 384x560 graphics.

Mr. Tengu 👺
2 weeks ago

Members of the Owls, a black women’s softball team in the 1930s

#photography #retro #history

Ricardo B�nffy
2 weeks ago

Dear #retro #apple friends, did the Apple /// have the option to generate an interrupt on vertical blanking like, AFAIK, the //e?

I ask because the ///+ had an interlace mode switch and, by switching graphic buffers on vertical blanking, it *could* do 384x560 graphics.

Free karma at

Welcome to my profile on the fediverse! I'm Kitty, a bowtie wearing digicat with a passion for retro technology and spreading the word of FOSS advocacy! you can typically find me tinkering with interesting, obscure and forgotten vintages devices 🎀

More about me:
- Transfem and asexual
- Transhumanist robotic cat therian ΘΔ
- Devoted Linux user since 2014, my current distro is Arch but I'm also a big fan of Debian
- Accepting of people of all identities and walks of life
- My special interests include: Pocket PCs, ThinkPads, Linux, software and hardware preservation, UMPCs, Tablet PCs, bowties, Sony VAIOs, cats, vintage web dev, art/graphics design, and hardware collecting
- Makes it my mission to find interesting ways to push the boundaries of vintage devices
- Loves affection and showing it to my friends
- Runs a retro webspace designed with older browsers in mind called the Transistor Cafe webspace 🌐

You can find me all around the internet but most of what I do will be posted either here or on my webspace site, if you'd like to see me around more feel free to stop my Discord server ​:discord_brand:​

Want to get in touch? send me a message here or a friend request over on Discord (artwork by #introduction #trans #retro #tech #furry

A drawing depicting me repairing a ThinkPad with a blahaj and tux plushie in the background, a screwdriver in my hand with two sticks of RAM sitting out on the table next to the partially disassembled laptop
2 weeks ago

This is the only Commodore-branded one of these I’ve ever seen in my life. And it still works!

#retro #floppydisk #floppydisks #90s #commodore #80s #commodoreamiga #amiga #retrocomputer #solar

Nathan Smith
2 weeks ago

I randomly came across an old multiplayer level I made for the game Jedi Knight (circa 1997). Those were the good ol' days of a 256-color palette per map, etc. Lots of gray. haha.

The site that hosts the downloads now has a 3D viewer, where you can pan/zoom around.

Back then, it would have taken a minute or two to load in-game. Now it works in the browser.

#gaming #retro #starwars

Aerial view of a multiplayer video game map.
Today On Screen
2 weeks ago

Today, May 17, 1966, H.G. Wells, Tempus, Lois Lane, and Clark Kent time travel to Smallville, Kansas. Tempus intends to kill Clark Kent as a baby. Lois learns that Clark is Superman (Lois & Clark, s02e18 “Tempus Fugitive”, 1993)

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A woman turning to look at Superman, who has just arrived
A man in 1800s clothes standing next to a man in futuristic-style clothes
A finger spinning dials to make the number 1966
Mike Jolley
2 weeks ago

Been finding some nice CIB stuff in Cash Converters. Boxes are in good nick for their age. Had more luck with them than CEX lately #retrogaming #retrogames #retro #nes #pickups

Iron Sword, Operation Wolf, and Battletoads
Silverworker He/Him
2 weeks ago

My newest YouTube video tutorial. This one shows how to make an Art Deco inspired link bracelet with a box clasp. Check it out, like the video, and subscribe for more metalsmithing content! #metalsmith #art #artdeco #maker #diy #tutorial #tutorials #jewelry #jewellery #bracelet #retro

Tokyo, circa 1983

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Tokyo skyline.
A busy, rain soaked street in Tokyo
A busy roadway amid Tokyo's skyline.
Retro Librarian
2 weeks ago

What’s for Lunch?
1988 McPizza - ad .
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Pizza at McDonald’s

Hello ! I'm a #sysadmin from #Switzerland I love technology, I use a lot of #Apple products.

I love video games, old and new. I grew up with #Zelda, #Mario, #Pokémon and so many others.

Today I play mostly on an #Xbox Series X, #Nintendo Switch and a lot of #retro handheld.

Competitively I play #overwatch and #Fortnite

I'm also interested in game design and my dream is to make one.

I'm happy to join the community here and I hope to meet a lot of cool people here :)

Cheers !