Yaroslav Khnygin
2 hours ago

Today I learned that Dan Bricklin of VisiCalc fame worked on the arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic package of Multics Lisp:
#VisiCalc #Apple #AppleII #RetroComputing #MacLisp #Lisp #Multics

Walker Boh🛡
3 hours ago

Work is over. Time to play.

Voronoi on the C64 from last night was fun, but it had a problem. The problem was random choice of plot meant it slowed down the further it got as more likely to choose existing point. When it got down to the last few, seasons could change before they were filled. I let it run for nearly an hour and it was still not finished.

Modern language I'd use a list and remove points as they are plotted. So you are taking a random point from the *points that remain*.

This is BASIC, and it doesn't have that kind of functionality. So I flipped the idea.

I created an array of possible plot points, and then shuffled that array to randomize the points.

Then iterated that array to plot them.

The end effect was the same - it filled in the points randomly in a predictable time. It completed in around 15 minutes.

#retrocomputing #c64

The enhanced code with an almost complete voronoi diagram.
New code with green highlighting the point array and shuffling it
Jason Nabein
4 hours ago

I had a nightmare this morning involving EGA graphics and lots of ASCII text... #retrocomputing

Jason Weatherly
5 hours ago

Started to clean up the 6502 register/processor status code as it's been annoying the crap out of me. Figured a bit of `ctypes` action would help out with keeping values sane, and would greatly clean up all of the various flag operations. Also helps out with readability. #retrocomputing #emulation #programming

Visual Studio Code with Python code showing how all of the registers are configured using ctypes uint8 and uint16 values.
Three Status classes that basically implement two structures that are joined by a union which allows flags to be set individually while also keeping the ability to dump the entire processor status as a uint8 value.
5 hours ago

Great remix of Last Ninja's "The Wilderness" theme:
#C64 #chiptune #sid #retrocomputing

6 hours ago

Using a Nintendo Balance Board to play Decathlon on the Commodore 64 (with Unijoysticle)

#retrocomputing #commodore64

11 hours ago

The Gamesmaster - The show originally aired from 1992 to 1998 and was the first UK television show dedicated to computer and video games.

#gamesmaster #90sTV #dominikdiamond #patrickmoore #retrocomputing

8-Bit Boyz
12 hours ago

Delivery complete with some bonus excitement to come! Now some #apple #macs up and running from this delivery of the "Robert Collection"

12 hours ago

#Atari #8bit hacking today. My #retrotink and #fujinet showed up. Having lots of fun. Trying to get a floppy drive to work. My 1010 won’t read or write, and my XF551 will only run (sometimes) when completely out of its case. More troubleshooting required. #retrocomputing

Atari 130xe with my new Retrotink and Fujinet plugged in. A terribly messy bench can be seen in the background
The guts of an Atari XF551 floppy drive with multimeter probes connected to the 5v rail.
4am ❧
13 hours ago
title screenshot from "Lemmings"
loading screenshot from "Lemmings"
gameplay screenshot from "Lemmings"
flux visualization of "Lemmings" disk

I like Renesas 7164S20 for #retrocomputing purposes. It's a (small) SRAM chip that responds in 25ns, comes in DIP, and doesn't mind 5V.

Unfortunately, Renesas has announced that it doesn't want to make more of these, or anything like it, anymore. :blobcatsad:

Any recommendation for a similar replacement?

16 hours ago

For anyone interested, I'll be filming my next AMOS video this week, looking at Sprites again, but this time specifically Channels and Move commands, with an eye on some animation...

#retrocomputing #amiga #amos

AMOS Object editor screenshot
Paolo Amoroso
16 hours ago

Shaun rediscovered his old Psion 3a PDA and marveled at its still largely unmatched design, build quality, and software:

"I would argue that the Psion was the most Apple-like PDA of all and it was way ahead of the Newton."

Cc @thelastpsion

#psion #retrocomputing

8-Bit Boyz
16 hours ago

When you get a text on a Saturday evening with photos and the person is asking "Are you taking deliveries tonight?"
#RetroComputing #commodore #NES #Apple

iNimbleSloth 🕹️ 🦥
16 hours ago

What's your favourite new release C64 game? #C64 #commodore64 #Commodore #Games #retrogaming #retrocomputing

Original Commodore 64 computer
17 hours ago

Just ordered a keyboard connector fixing kit for it. While it is not broken (yet), it makes removing and re-connecting the keyboard easier with no risk of causing damage.

Oh, and battery and leaking caps were taken care of years ago already. 🙂

#Acorn #ARM #Archimedes #RetroComputing #retrogaming #VintageComputing

19 hours ago

Here's my #Acorn A3020. Currently has 2 MB RAM, a 250 MB HDD and a 386sx PC emulator card installed.

Sadly, I somehow blew up the mouse port some time ago, which now needs to be fixed. Also need to get the RAM upgraded to 4 MB.

#ARM #Archimedes #RetroComputing #retrogaming #VintageComputing

Dr Johnny Blanchard
19 hours ago

The rather beautiful NEC PC-8801MC is back out because I’ve found out how to access the BIOS. A few interesting features but the main one being the fact it has BASIC in ROM. #RetroComputing

A white desk, in the middle is a white tower PC style case with the legend NEC PC-8801MC.  There are two, empty, 5.25” drives on the front, oriented vertically and a CD drive sitting flat on the top.  To the left is an SNK Neo Geo MVS with a yellow cartridge and to the right a Commodore Amiga
A setup screen for a Japanese computer, the image suffers from a moire pattern from being take from a screen.  The options are in Japanese with the top one allowing video setup, middle processor speed (8mhz high, 8mhz standard and 4mhz) and the lay being CD options
A black screen showing 5 white blocks at the bottom featuring text: load, auto, goto, list and run and the top features the following text: How many files (0-15)? NEC N-88 BASIC Version 2.3 Copyright (C) 1981 Microsoft 56543 Bytes free OK

Dragontorc es uno de estos juegos que dejan un buen recuerdo y son una mezcla entre arcade y aventura con muchos elementos de los juegos de rol.
Ambientado en la Gran Bretaña medieval tomaremos el papel de un poderoso mago que debe liberar a Merlín del encantamiento que lo tiene cautivo tras la desparición de las gemas del Dragontorc, enfrentarse al cambiante brujo Morag y restituir las joyas a su lugar.
80 personajes con los que interactuar en un mapa de más de 200 «habitaciones» y cientos de objetos garantizan horas de juego, conjuros y deducción.
Gráficamente está a la altura de lo que cabe esperar de un juego del #ZXSpectrum con unos decorados efectivos y personajes bien definidos.
Una delicia que recuerda mucho a los gandes clásicos de Ultimate.
Un gran programa que si bien fue alabado por la crítica no fue un éxito de ventas. Merece la pena recuperarlo desde si te gustan los juegos tipo Knight Lore.
¡Disfrútalo! 😃🕹️👍 #retrogaming #rol #rpg #videoaventura #retrojuegos #retrogames #videojuegos #videogames #retrocomputing #arcade

Walker Boh🛡
1 day ago

So what did you do on a saturday night ?

Bet you didn't implement a voronoi diagram in a 40 year old programming language... 😂🤦‍♂️

Saw this as a #pico8 tweetcart and my brain was already thinking about putting it on the C64.

Not exactly realtime on a 40 year old #retro computer...

#retrocomputing #commodore

The commodore basic version of a voronoi algorithm, showing the output which was building
itgrrl :donor:
1 day ago

I fired up my old CoCo 1 and it’s finally released the magic blue smoke & gone to join the choir invisible… 😬😩😜

The CoCo 2 I recently bought did not release the magic smoke so at least I have one to play with while I figure out how to fix the older one. Generally it’s capacitors that go IIRC so hopefully it’ll be a fairly simple fix 🙃


1 day ago

New this week for the #Commodore64: Dr. Maria

Experimental viruses have mutated and are trying to escape from the research lab.

Help Doctor Maria use her pills to destroy all the viruses before they spread.

#RetroGaming #RetroComputing

1 day ago

I have just killed the last English language account I had left on Twitter.

I created a new profile as @haitchfive for those of you who are interested in retro stuff I used to cross-post pertaining to:

#retrogaming #retrocomputing #ZXSpectrum #Speccy #TS2068 #Spectrum #SpectrumNext #neoretro #ZXSpectrumNext #TK90X

Going forward, there will be less retro stuff here, and more over there at @haitchfive

1 day ago

Just came across @mjhibbett & #TheValidators' song #HeyHey16k again; especially the 2004 video clip version with (#Flash) animations by @robmanuel: (also archived at
Not sure where the photo used in the animation came from; probably a stock photo. Just crazy to think that even if the photo had been made the same year as the video, that the youngest kid in it would be over 20 years old by now. xD

#ZXSpectrum #ZX81 #retroComputing #retroGaming #NowPlaying #MJHibbet #RobManuel #b3ta #IFeelOldNow

Nicolas Ward
1 day ago

Standard Features

(This very old default sign demo mode amused me.) #retrocomputing

A digital sign rotating through the messages
"Standard Features", "RS485/232 Interface", "Fast BAUD rates up to", "38400 1MEG RAM", "<blink>Free Firmware updates<blink> Via", "the Web!"
Spike :donor:
1 day ago

Following the helpful instructions ( and copy of the Mini vMac emulator provided by @paulrickards I've now got a #MacOS #emulator running on my Pocket CHiP computer.

It does seem to be pretty responsive though the screen size is a tiny bit smaller than the standard Mac displays, which can cause problems. Games seem to run fine, applications work as well as they would under #MinivMac and I just can't get over seeing the "Welcome to Macintosh" on this screen 🥰​

#retrocomputing #mediaarchaeology #pocketchip #emulation #MacinCHiP

Epyx Rogue splash screen displayed on the Pocket CHiP
Epyx Rogue game screens displayed on the Pocket CHiP
Welcome to
Thanks, Larry, John, Steve, and Bruce.
2 days ago

For a very brief moment in time, before a single Amiga was sold in any stores (photos by moi)...

#amiga #commodore #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #80s #nostalgia

Telmo 🦕
2 days ago

After 10 glorious years, my #iMac has finally reached the end of its life. A moment of silence for it. In 2013 I bought it maxed out and all my friends called me crazy. Above all, for the ssd which at the time were still very expensive and was a technology that “would not succeed”. 10 years later, all my friends have had multiple computers and I've never had to worry about a thing. They all have ssd drives today. 😆

#apple #macintosh #retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #vintagemac #vintageapple

apple imac 27
2 days ago

Today at noon eastern I'll be working on an eclectic mix of stuff including a sad Apple II plus, an explodey IBM hard drive, and a recap/rebuild of a Mac Classic #retrocomputing

Boris Kretzinger
2 days ago

Enjoying #xparty2023, my first one. Great people, nice chats, some awesome retro stuff to buy, great music ... the list goes on. Fascinating! 😎 So cheers guys, have a great weekend everyone!
#C64 #commodore #retrogaming #retrocomputing

2 days ago

This Jazz16 based sound card from 1994 was my first sound card. Back then in a 486SX25. What was your first sound card?
#retrocomputing #retrogaming

An ISA soundcard, a variety of chips, including the famous Yamhaha OPL3 can be seen.
Alex Kidman
2 days ago

This is just insanely cool. The Commodore 64 is an impressive machine in its own right, but it takes a special blend of genius and insanity to set one up as a web server. Just because you can. #retrocomputing #commodore64

2 days ago

What is your favorite Norton Commander clone for MS DOS, or other operating systems for that matter?
For DOS I absolutely swear by DOS Controller:

#retrocomputing #msdos #nortoncommander

So I'm now actively looking for a programming job on some kind of bizarre, possibly bespoke or ancient architecture.

Like, the place my Mom works is a COBOL shop on ancient (although well maintained) mainframes.

The code she's been allowed to show me is completely different from what I've done, even beyond that it's COBOL.

Learning something like that would be such a cool challenge!

(And I'd have excellent stories to tell other coders. ;) )

Y'all got any leads?

#retrocomputing #jobhunt

Don't crash it... this website is hosted on a 40 yrs old Commodore 64 and I absolutely love this project ❣️

#retrocomputing #8bit #commodore64 #c64 #c64love

3 days ago

anyone with a late 90s era Sony Vaio PCG 700/800/F/FX/XG or XR want a (free) replacement battery? this was in my parts pile, and it'll go out to recycling otherwise tomorrow.

battery part number is PCGA-BP71A
specs: 14.8V, 3000 mAh

you just pay shipping from canada. DM me if desired.


“On many early microcomputers, BASIC was more than a language — it was also the operating system of the machine, the interface between the electronics inside the beast and the gawk-eyed neophyte at the keyboard.”

⸺ G. Michael Vose

From page 298 of Byte Magazine Volume 09 Number 04 (1984 April) - "Real-World Interfacing"

#basic #basicProgramming #retroComputing #vintageComputing

people are not allowed to use the hashtag #retrocomputing for technologies that were invented when I was in my 20s. I will not allow it

4 days ago

New blog post: Macintosh Emulation and Printing using Mini VMac on a PocketCHIP

In this post I go over how I got Mini VMac compiled on the PocketCHIP with LocalTalk options enabled. I also go over how I printed to a real ImageWriter II as well as browsed the web with Netscape 2.0!

Thanks in advance for a boost!

#RetroComputing #VintageComputing #VintageApple #VintageMac #PocketCHIP #LiveLaughLocalTalk #MiniVMac #PocketCHIP #Emulation

A PocketCHIP handheld computer showing a emulated Mac running System 7.5.5. Netscape 2.0 is running on the Mac and showing the Apple homepage from 1998 when the iMac was introduced. It says hello in a script font and below in a serif font it says (again).
A PocketCHIP sitting on top of an ImageWriter II. The printer has a piece of paper coming out with printing on it: the ResEdit icon with the text Hello from the PocketChip next to it. On the screen of the PocketCHIP is the same document that's in the printer but in color as displayed in Quark XPress.
A PocketCHIP handheld computer showing a emulated Mac running System 7.5.5. On the screen is the splashscreen for Quark XPress 3.1.
4 days ago

How about browsing the ✨ Internet ✨ on the emulated Mac? 😅

Using MacIPGW here for MacIP. Writing up a blog post about all of this later today!

#RetroComputing #VintageComputing #VintageApple #VintageMac #PocketCHIP #LiveLaughLocalTalk #MiniVMac #PocketCHIP

Apple home page from 1998 displayed in Netscape 2.0.2 showing the introduction of the iMac. It’s being displayed on a PocketCHIP.
About Netscape Navigator 2.0.2 page. It’s being displayed on a PocketCHIP.
Frog Find search engine displayed in Netscape 2.0.2. It’s being displayed on a PocketCHIP.
Paolo Amoroso
4 days ago

Let's try something.

Ask me anything about Medley Interlisp, the seminal software development environment of Xerox Lisp Machines developed at PARC since the 1980s. Ask about how to learn and use it, its history and revival, and more.

What are my qualifications? None, mostly.

But I'm a passionate user. For the past 6 months I've been using the system daily, reading nearly all existing documentation and publications, doing coding projects, and poking around.

#interlisp #ama #retrocomputing

4 days ago

After a few tries I was able to fully print from Quark XPress to the ImageWriter II over #AppleTalk with the #AirTalk from the #PocketChip! It wasn’t quick but it worked!

#RetroComputing #VintageComputing #VintageApple #VintageMac #MiniVac #ImageWriterII #QuarkXPress

A PocketChip showing a document in Quark XPress using the Mini VMac emulator sitting on top of an ImageWriter II printer. The printer has a page coming out that matches the document on the screen. It says Hello from the PocketChip.
A closeup of the PocketChip showing a document in Quark XPress using the Mini VMac emulator sitting on top of an ImageWriter II printer. The document on the screen says Hello from the PocketChip with a picture of the ResEdit icon.
Hans Hübner
4 days ago

You can sign up to get an Apple II VGA card using this Google form:

#retrocomputing #appleii

4 days ago

#ComputingHistory & #RetroComputing picks of the day:

➡️ @256 - Photos & screenshots about old computers

➡️ @wwwtxt - Human-curated selection of public internet posts from 1980-1994

➡️ @hackers_gifs - Random animated gifs from the film Hackers (1995)

➡️ @techtales - Podcast about tech history including famous & obscure

➡️ @48kRAM - Repairs old computers, hosts retro computing livestream

➡️ @futurewas8bit - Retro computing fan, runs company selling spares, accessories, repairs for 8-bits


Dave Fischer
5 days ago

The boards from a Sun-3/280 server, 1986. (User for scale.)

CPU board - 68020 (includes ethernet)
4 x 8meg ram boards
Tape (9-track)

#unix #retrocomputing #sunmicrosystems #rcsri

8 large computer boards laid out on the floor next to the server chassis they go in. Each board is approximately 14" by 16".