Mark Walters
22 hours ago

The sand slowly fills up with half sunken bodies as you keep dying. Cool feature or too grim? 🤔

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4 days ago

I cannot help thinking about Starlight Glimmer when I saw the title of this music, which is literally an unequal sign...

≠ / one eleven

#takumi3 #rhythmgame #starlightglimmer #mylittlepony #mlp #friendshipismagic #mlpg4 #cartoon

A screenshot from "The Maud Couple" ("My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Season 8 Episode 3). Notice the "banning equal sign" icon in the right of the picture.
The cover image of the music "≠" by one eleven.
1 week ago

I was heading for 99.5% on this new chart but accidentally got full combo with only 2 greats!

Twisted Escape, (hidden) MASTER 11, FULL COMBO (AP-2).

Too bad I probably do not have time to aim for all perfect.

#musedash #rhythmgame #gaming #xi #fullcombo

11 Twisted Escape
silver S
SCORE 812139 New Best!!
HI-SCORE 807283
alxdre301 :KaitoIceCream:
1 week ago

6★ but not best score...

#ToneSphere #RhythmGame

1 week ago

My first All Just in #TAKUMI³! (Actually I have AJ-ed another chart before, but it was in DAN mode, not recorded.)

VEZZELiX INSANITY 15+ All Just (max-8).

I didn't expect this since I have not AJ-ed even a 15 before.

#rhythmgame #allperfect #takumi3 #gaming

Screenshot of gameplay result.
Ranking 17.751 (+0.002)
JUST (colorful) 1408
JUST 0008
GOOD 0000
OK 0000
MISS 0000
F 003
L 005
999,432 (+671)
Rank S+
Mark Walters
2 weeks ago

Would be cool if I can give players the same feeling as when they reach the other side of the Gerudo desert for the first time.. 🤔

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2 weeks ago

Rhythm Heaven (Wii) making a come back reminded me I never finished it because of the lag on my TV at the time (Plasma, still have it too) so I'm putting to the ol'Steam Deck and giving a go.

Latency is way better in the Steam Deck than that TV (even in "game mode")

#SteamDeck #Wii #RhythmHeaven #RhythmGame

Rhythm Heaven game on a Steam Deck. The boy kicks a ball (ball is currently off screen) away and two animals jump for joy. The girl sitting on the bench beside the boy looks away as she is unaware of the balls coming in from the left side (stage right)
Mark Walters
2 weeks ago

Added a heat haze effect and sandstorm mechanic to the desert level. Depending on where you are, the sandstorm can intensify and make it harder to see your surroundings.

#ScreenshotSaturday #RhythmRabbit #Steam #rhythmgame #indiegame #gaming #gamedev #indiedev #GodotEngine

2 weeks ago

Ieri notte, cuffie in testa obbligatorie, ho chiuso l'ultima sequenza, tra l'altro la migliore anche per la disposizione su schermo.
Ottimo anche se con una parte centrale un po' debole e allungata per incrementarne la durata, una difficoltà forse un filo alta in alcuni passaggi (che può essere addolcita con l'aiuto del segnalino che scorre sulle note).
Un'esperienza particolare che nonostante poggi su basi da #rhythmGame classico ("ascolta&ripeti" di un RhythmTengoku) , resta unica nell'offerta

3 weeks ago

Capendone nulla di musica i #RhythmGame dei #videogiochi li uso per ricavare parte delle soddisfazioni che perdo non suonando uno strumento.
Hanno una base competitiva, ma ci sono situazioni come in #AMusicalStory in cui il gameplay (tasti giusti al momento giusto) è al servizio di una storia da accompagnare in modo meraviglioso, via sonorità 70s ripetendo le sequenze proposte. In caso di fallimento si può riprovare restando dentro un ritmo che non si ferma mai

primi 10'

Mark Walters
3 weeks ago

Almost finished making a new environment. Now I just need to make the sandstorm work to give it its own unique challenge.

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3 weeks ago

音札 (Otofuda, sound cards): Competitive #RhythmGame where you don't just tap the buttons at the right time, but also swipe your hand over a sensor to grab at hanafuda cards and "pick" them to add to your hand. Your final score combines both your rhythmic accuracy as well as the point value of your cards! It sounds like a lot because OH BOY it is. Fun tho!!

#デジゲー博2023 #IndieGames

Emmy 🐱
3 weeks ago

I'm really happy, but also in somewhat of a bittersweet way, that in my most recent visit to Round 1, I had much more of a fun time with any other #rhythmgame that wasn't #DDR

As much as that game has been a huge part of my development as a person, it's incredibly hard to enjoy it in it's current state due to the way new content is distributed and Konami not communicating openly for anything. This goes for any of the other Bemani games too.

I'm glad for any of the other dance pad games and Stepmania existing thankfully, and supporting the niche rhythm games from both arcade and home versions have always been more appealing to me.

1 month ago



Like out of goddamn nowhere.

(Previous record was 910k)


Project OutFox rhythm engine
1 month ago

We are bringing a #ProjectOutFox dance setup to @PonyConHolland this weekend! Be sure to stop by and say "hallo"!

#rhythmgames #rhythmgame #dancegames

Project OutFox rhythm engine
2 months ago

After months of coding, patching, and yelling at OS vendors, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of #ProjectOutFox 0.5.0-pre42!

This build has the longest changelog of any public alpha build we've released since our first in December 2019, so this is a major milestone for us.

The build will be finalized over the next week, in preparation for a release during Halloween week. Further details will be released this weekend.

#rhythmgame #gamedev #rhythmgames

2 months ago

This is the beginning of everything.
#BeatSaber #Tournament #RhythmGame #RhythmGames

Andy Carolan :prami:
2 months ago

OMG, no way! Muse Dash has TouHou Bad Apple in it!?

Don't want to boast, but first try on easy, got full combo and S Tier ranking lol

#MuseDash #Steam #Mac #RhythmGame

Muse Dash selection screen showing TouHou Bad Apple
Andy Carolan :prami:
2 months ago

Muse Dash on a Mac using an 8BitDo controller is awesome!

#RhythmGame #8bitdo #Mac

Muse Dash being played on a mac mini. 8bitdo controller in foreground, Streamdeck and Hesh ANC headphones also in frame
2 months ago

#Arcaea (not really) "Lasting Eden" pt. 2 review


wtf i thought the story ended with the lesbian Hikaritsu shenainigans
Apparently side story is now a main story and Lasting Eden is not really a lasting's really a Severed Eden.

I believe that the Maya "missing" cliffhanger indicates a potential new story because you just can't leave a partner "missing" for eternity and there needs to be something.


Also, LOWIRO IS CRACKED WITH THE IRRUPTION SONG EFFECTS. It feels like lowiro is trying to compete with SDVX, the Sega games, and the Pigeons for the best effects in a rhythm game. I know that they have been doing that since Ether Strike, but now we are getting arcade quality effects, especially with the dynamic song background.

I see why this is labeled as 5.0 (because Severed Eden is now the main story, and all major updates are main story related).

Oh boy I will have a very fun time playing this on the Nintendo Switch.

What I like (or should I say love):
Magnolia-like unlock sequence
UI change
Main Story Act II

What I do not like:
"Domain breached" scene
Unkown character
Super tedious course

#rhythmgame #rhythmgames

A lot of tries and finallyyyy to be able to FC the ending part... Gotta say it's so depressing... I love this track
#EnsembleStars #RhythmGame


#Arcaea booth while you are at it!!!!

Also, I am looking forward to what Konami, Valve, and SEGA have! I am a massive
#rhythmgame geek and I am so lookinf forward to what they have.

2 months ago

Godot is so cool. Using the AudioEffectSpectrumAnalyzer effect and creating separate buses, I was able to put this cool little spectrum effect in the bg that only monitors the music and not the metronome #GodotEngine #GameDev #rhythmgame Heres the demo I used as the base for this:

2 months ago

#ARCAEA 5.0???????????
oh no. I will be ANNIHILATED.
Hopefully it's not the mess that was Fatalis last year. I am predicting a side story anomaly (that would be cool!), maybe a 12. But that is too much

Hopefully the artist is Feryquitous

Also, congrats to our local Fediverse artist !!!! Great job!!! You deserve the spot in Arcaea. Welcome to the world of glass!

#rhythmgame #rhythmgames

Project OutFox rhythm engine
2 months ago

We have recently added new pages to our website that allow users to download simfile templates and submit charts for OutFox Serenity without the need to use Discord. Read our blog post for more info.

#ProjectOutFox #RhythmGame #rhythmgames

Andy Carolan :prami:
3 months ago

I LOVE rhythm games... I honestly think it's my fave genre of game.

Today I've been playing Muse Dash (Steam) Such a fun game, with some awesome music.

Other faves include Rhythm Tengoku/Paradise/Megamix (GBA/DS/3DS), Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS) and Taiko no Tatsujin (Switch, with the Drum)

#RhythmGame #RhythmTengoku #TaikonoTatsujin #Nintendo

3 months ago

My librarian is REALLY going to do it
#rhythmgame #rhythmgames

3 months ago

Ideas so far:
Custom Camellia tiebreaker map
(most likely something from TERA IO)
3D printed trophy
Advertising via homecoming email schedule
Maybe posters for HC???
Three difficulty selection
Form for registration
1v1 tournament bracket
Gradual difficulty escalation as one gets closer to the end
#rhythmgame #rhythmgames #school #tournament

3 months ago

My school is going to do a #BeatSaber tournament and I will help plan it which feels AMAZING. But OMG I HAVE ONLY PLAYED TWO TIMES IDK WHAT TO DO VSUEMYBGIHNTVDYGKR

I'm only doing this since I'm a Proud Rhythm Gamer (TM) and I just wanted to bring some RG flair to my school

I swallowed my pride in doing this since I was like "school is an academic place" yet I plan this LOL
I will make a thread detailing everything.
I feel super excited but also super embarrased . Hopefully all goes well

#rhythmgame #rhythmgames

[Rhythm game news]
It's been a few days since the orginal post.
Jmak, a member of Ra:8bit Studio, announced their situtation on their Twitter, stated that Calice (a rhythm game by Ra:8bit Studio) would go to its ending. The game server will be shut down, Jmak will leave the team and the server.
#RhythmGame #Calice

First A on Lv.16...
#VOEZ #RhythmGame

Lost in the nowhere
Hard Lv.16
Score: 905798 (119 / 5 / 9)
3 months ago

Che gran #RhythmGame che è Crypt of the #Necrodancer , e che colonna sonora!

Per chi lo conosce nella zona 3 ci sono due aree, una calda e una fredda. Cambiando l'area in cui si muove il nostro personaggio cambia anche l'arrangiamento della canzone che dà il ritmo ai nostri movimenti.
Video per capire meglio:

Un mio caro amico ha unito le due tracce, montandone una nel canale dx e una nel canale dx.
Il risultato in cuffia è fenomenale:

Project OutFox rhythm engine
3 months ago

Summer is almost over, which means it's time to to reveal the songs for #ProjectOutFox Serenity Volume III: Fall. This season features songs by AAquatek, Team COWCOW (Mrmoomooc0w and NokoniPuro), and Kurio Prokos

Check out the crossfade trailer at

For more information on the Serenity pack project and how to contribute, visit

#gamedev #rhythmgame #rhythmgames

The guitar solo part confuses me a lot, I thought it should be 12ths/16ths instead of 6ths/8ths 😕
#Arcaea #RhythmGame

Beyond 9
Score: 9'815'364 (19 / 10)

暫くは🐴ガチャロードおおまかで全出しムーブかも/ shorts)一時期で⑧⓪突破だわ🥺と思ったらまた70後半戻ってたのでもし🔘✓ぽちぽちしてくれてたら土下座のemojiだけ送ります​:taiko_hantei_ryou:​​:sugoi2:​​:blobcatsweatflips:​​:meowpensivepray:​​:attouteki_kansha:​​:attouteki_kansha:​

​:cri:​  現在メイン寄り❔としたら↓ですかね
#otoge #rhythmgame (MuseDash/Phigros/OverRapid/app:jubeat/Liminality) #ウマ娘プリティーダービー #mlbpi23 (パーフェクトイニング)

3 months ago

Senza un motivo per farlo, ma neanche per non farlo, sto provando #videogiochi #Playstation2 genere #RhythmGame nello specifico “ballerini a ritmo”.
Dopo gli antropomorfi di ieri, oggi si va di protagonista icona jpop con #FitnessFun
Poche opzioni, tasti da premere al momento giusto per completare la danza. Impegnativo. Fine.

Essenziale a ragione appartenendo alla serie #Simple2000 (etc.)
Tra l’altro cercherò nuovi spunti proprio dentro quella categoria budget-priced

3 months ago

#videogiochi PS2 jap
Protagonisti antropomorfi per un #RhythmGame bizzarro nell'aspetto.
Si accompagnano a ritmo le azioni compiute dai protagonisti su schermo seguendo i suggerimenti delle icone da premere, come da tradizione del genere. Un’interfaccia non sempre chiara da leggere, un cerchio “brillante” poco usabile e tempi (ad easy) non sempre a ritmo.
Test piacevole
SubEng amatoriali

3 months ago

Does anyone have any tips for which VR headset I should save up for so I can play Beat Saber and my parents can also use for XR/Mixed Reality as well?

I have an old Samsung Gear VR but it does not work with Beat Saber since it does not include any controllers (very sad).

PC specs if anyone needs them:
Acer Aspire A515-51 with 20GB of RAM
Intel i3-7100U with integrated graphics
Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma with Wayland

My parents also have an LG Gram with 16GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics, an Intel i7, and Windows 11 (I don't remember the exact specs). It is much speedier than my Acer. I just mention it since my parents are also considering a VR headset (mainly because my dad is a UX/UI designer that is considering using it for work).

It would be ideal if the headset can connect to the computer so it can play custom Beat Saber songs.

Thank you!

#vr #mr #xr #virtualreality #computing #rhythmgame #rhythmgames #advice #computeradvice

3 months ago

This week is a very good week.
So yesterday I played
#BeatSaber at school for the very first time. My friends recommended me do I did it and let me say it was THE MOST FUN RHYTHM GAME I PLAYED (even for a non normie!). I played Spin Eternally by Camellia (me being a @cametek stan 🎩) and Stronger by Stonebank. I have the footage but I don't want to upload it due to privacy concerns.


#rhythmgame #rhythmgames

4 months ago

been playing more taiko again! really fun gamemode that i had a banger learning

here's to getting even better at it!
#rhythmgame #osugame

I'm not good at Arcaea lol
#Arcaea #rhythmgame

Dark Sage Torunka :verified:
4 months ago

I find it oddly heartwarming that, almost 20 years later, the #RhythmGame community still has not forgotten what #Konami DID to #InTheGroove back in 2005.

4 months ago

lowest accuracy full combo ever #maimai #rhythmgame

4 months ago

i was SO surprised with the hybris score??? i took at least a month and a half off arcaea and i somehow managed to upscore it??? that's really cool

held PM for nulctrl until the ending section too!
#rhythmgame #arcaea

4 months ago

evening in scarlet is horrible to sightread, but i don't think it's too hard

false embellishment on the other hand... i've grinded that chart for AGES and i still can't EX+ it...
#rhythmgame #arcaea

Hi, if you're a rhythm gamer you might be familiar with one of the popular composer Akira Complex, who recently pass away not long ago.

Thank you for Akira's kindness and generosity in helping me with this CLOUD9999, I'm truly grateful and wish we could have met in real life. I would love to hang out and talk with her with so many things.

Rest in peace, Akira Complex.

However, please do give this track a listen! Is a really special collaboration between me & her + is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube & Bandcamp.
💚 #vtuber #envtuber #vtuberen #artist #anime #animeartist #akiracomplex #rhythmgame #music

4 months ago

finally gold plate after three versions and 1.5 yrs of playing! #maimai #rhythmgame

4 months ago
Does anyone in the #RhythmGame community have a problem with #DanceRush misreading one foot as two? I was playing today and noticed the issue came up when i leaned too far on one side. I think it may be cuz im wearing arched shoes, but i think ive have this issues with sandals. I used to think it was my pants touching the floor, but i was wearing shorts today.
5 months ago

scores from my last maimai session!

#maimai #rhythmgame

5 months ago

i played the washing machine video game

#rhythmgame #maimai

Kerjaan hari ini tuntas, pengen chill stream bentaran. Mostly bakal ngobrol mungkin. Tapi biar gak sepi sepi amat, kita dengerin lagu yang ada di Melatonin yesh? wwww
10.00 WIB (22.00 GMT+7)

Emmy 🐱
5 months ago

With the new influx of users recently, how about a re #introduction

Hello there! My name is Emerald, or Emmy if you feel like it.

I'm a #furry who lives to brighten peoples' day and will post #fursuit pics and videos when I can.

I make #music, usually #harddance or #trance inspired works under the name EmeraldX.

I also like to post about #rhythmgame stuff, as well as have novice skills in tech.

Finally, I have #autism and #adhd and hope to connect with other neurodiverse people here.


6 months ago

This taiko stuff can almost kinda be considered a workout. The drum isn't super sensitive, so you have to hit it quite hard to be able to get consistent inputs in the game.

3 monitors, of which the middle monitor is displaying osu!taiko, in front of the monitor, there is a playstation 2 taiko drum connected to my pc through a diy adapter.

The drum is surrounded by 3 2.5kg weights so that it doesn't move around while playing
7 months ago

So I found this arcade #rhythmgame in Hiroshima, which is basically osu!, but with 2 hands, and on a big touchscreen, with this anime girl who is also playing the game on screen.

I was unlocking new songs, so I decided to get one of those passes to keep my progress.

After getting card, I threw 300 yen, assuming that I would be able to use some credits now, and some later. Turns out, you can't sign out until you spend all of them. I then spent like half an hour behind that machine.

A big vertical, human sized touchscreen, with an anime girl on it. The screen says:

lv8 expert
score: 249084
Max combo: 224
Rank: SS
PERFECT: 188, GREAT: 33, GOOD: 3, MISS: 0


My name is crossed out for privacy reasons
7 months ago
Is this intentional?
#phigros #rhythmgame #rhythmgames
The Chariot's image is upside down
7 months ago
Absolute genius.
I never knew a game would intentionally crash your phone.
Great use of programmed glitches
#phigros #rhythmgame #rhythmgames

Also my offset works and I can finally play 15s
PhigrOS Crashed

Sinulation completed.
Thank you for your participation.
May we meet again in the tower.
7 months ago
@running_zebra @solidsanek @alice @DevinovA Once I get home I will also go on a spree.
Yes please see if you can make a public post with the artists' handles you find. This would serve as quality content


Context: Several #rhythmgame artists joined the Fediverse

@cametek @Sakuzyo @getty8getty @noriken @xi_com_giko_31
@tpazolite @usao926

Oh and PLEASE tag FediFollows at social dot growyourown dot services so they can tag artists for fedifollows
7 months ago

More #rhythmgame artists
I would love it if you could please feature these accounts plus @kurokotei and @cametek please!!!!

Also, what's up with Misskey? Why did it become so popular in Japan?
Joystick Directory
8 months ago

Random Controller of the Day

🪘 DK Bongos
🗓️ 2001
➡️ Game Cube

The DK Bongos were a Rhythm-game Controller for the Nintendo Game Cube, designed for use with the Donkey Konga rhythm games. It had two drum-pads and built in microphone (to detect clapping).

#nintendo #RetroGaming #rhythmgame #GameCube #DonkeyKonga #DonkeyKong

9 months ago
@alexm @running_zebra She has reached her peak performance, her music is just underrated

#rhythmgame #rhythmgames
9 months ago
@alexm I used to play osu! with a phone stylus on a touchpad

#osugame #rhythmgames #rhythmgame
9 months ago
@LunaFoxgirlVT Faucetwos and Phoenixwans are really good! tokaku makes good reviews on rhythm game hardware, check her out. I don't play BMS or IIDX but I did use to play USC (an SDVX simulator) and I love my faucetwo.

#rhythmgame #rhythmgames

Yoooo! VT Social and beyond! We're streaming a cute 3DS rhythm game today. Come hang out and chat ♥

#vtuber #rhythmgame #aikatsu #aikatsustars #citra #3ds #anime

10 months ago

Ok, I suppose it's that type of day.

#rhythmgame #ddr

Going live in a few minutes to play Rock Band 3 and Riders Republic.
Come hang out ♥

#vtuber #gaming #stream #music #rhythmgame

With a short story for each of the 58 songs available on the original #RockBand, author Cade Wiberg dives headfirst into the brutal and beautiful years that shape us into the people we become, and the music that gets us through it all.


#Gaming #Memoir #VideoGames #VideoGame #PS2 #PlayStation2 #PS3 #PlayStation3 #Xbox360 #MusicGame #Book #Books #Bookstodon #RhythmGame #Harmonix #PiStudios #BelleIsleBooks #MTVGames #Music #Rock #Band

The cover of "My Life According To Rock Band: Or 58 Short Stories about Life, Love and the Greatest Video Game Ever Made". The title resembles neon-white and purple signs against a brick-wall background.

I got my first PERFECT on EXTREME difficulty in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+

It feels good to know I'm still improving every time I play.

#HatsuneMiku #ProjectDiva #MegaMix+ #RhythmGame #FullCombo #Accomplishment #Growth

okay #introduction remake time
hi hi i'm viosmic, former
#vtuber, current #anime lover, #technology and #linux enthusiast, and avid #rhythmgame fan!

i also like
#cooking, #plants, #nature, and music! my favorite artist would be a tie between laur and sakuzyo (check them out i love them so much)

i'm also currently learning japanese, and am a cs major who wants to learn
#python at some point, nice to meet you~

2 years ago

vib's cozy corner has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

osu! yus that game

#streaming #owncast #osu #gamering #RhythmGame

5 years ago

Hi there, I'm Myst!

I'm a digital artist and amateur music producer/songwriter who mainly works with the voice synthesizers #VOCALOID, #UTAU and #CeVIO. I created the UTAU voicebank Kikyuune Aiko.

Other fandoms include but are not limited to: #Splatoon, #Pokemon, #bandori, #jjba, #classicwho and #Nintendo & #rhythmgame titles in general.

Happy to be here!