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Defenders of the phrase #FromTheRiverToTheSea often say that the line refers to a #OneStateSolution to the conflict between #Israelis & #Palestinians over that tract of land between the #JordanRiver & the #MediterraneanSea, in which #Arabs & #Jews could have equal voting rights. But the #UN & the #US position is that #Israel has a #RightToExist as a #JewishState & that the conflict should be solved w/a #TwoStateSolution, one country for each group.

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A conservationist campaign wants to give nature the right to exist. It aims to make ecocide a crime and recognize the legal personhood of natural entities. It hopes to create a new relationship between humans and nature.

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"Communities created by unhoused people can be places for revolutionary dreaming, rad mutual aid projects, and sites to mobilize political resistance to the criminalization of extreme poverty. Government-run encampments take away what can be empowering about living in an encampment by turning the encampment into a “service.” The institutionalization of encampments reinforces the carceral logic that unhoused people and poor people can only legally exist within a system that is designed to reform them, even if the only difference between being in the system and on the streets is whether it’s your tent or a tent issued by the city. Institutionalization also completely alienates the sense of community that characterizes most encampments on the streets; since the advent of contemporary homelessness in the early 80’s, people have banded together in community with friends and allies to protect themselves, their belongings, and each other. It is a natural form of survival and togetherness in lives that are way too often dangerous and incredibly isolated."

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These outrageous acts of socioeconomic cleansing (see thread linked below) give the lie to all the mendacious claims that evictions of poor people’s encampments are about public health, safety, or “environmental impacts”. Even those that are exemplary models of minimizing those impacts are being evicted all over the country to appease landlords and upper-middle-income gentrifiers who have many times more detrimental effects on the local community and global ecology.

This is not about public safety, the environment, or even “quality of life”. It’s about maintaining extortionate housing prices and propping up the system of rentier capitalism by comprehensively criminalizing the mere act of existing anywhere, in any way whatsoever, without paying the banks and landlords their monthly pounds of flesh and engaging in the consumer economy at a level that the wealthy consider “respectable”.

There is simply no conceivable moral justification for this legalized neo-feudal protection racket, where if you don’t keep making skyrocketing extortion payments every month, the landlord / “property investor” class sends a band of sadistic psychopaths with guns to rob you of your belongings and displace you from your home by violent force.

This is happening practically everywhere and every day across the entire USA. And it’s not going to stop until people of conscience start organizing in large numbers to say, “No more! We won’t be forced to pay rent to live on the earth where we were born!” Every time these thugs show up for another round of evictions against the most marginalized people in this country, they need to start finding themselves faced with overwhelming resistance, including support for elements willing to engage in vigorous, forceful self-defense if necessary. That’s the only way we’re going to keep these crimes against humanity from continuing to accelerate.

This is, for me, on an equal footing with the climate and ecological emergency as the most urgent domestic problem in the US today, and it is inextricably intertwined with all the others. If we have no right to exist (and no, something we have to purchase is not a right - it’s a commodity), then none of our other rights count for a goddamn thing. This country’s unhoused people are on the front lines of one of the most crucial and urgent social justice struggles of our time, and need a hell of a lot more solidarity than they’re currently getting. Let’s all step up!

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@photocyte if #Minnesota can do the #RightToRepair maybe we can get a #RightToExist WHILE we pull scrap out of dumpsters and repair it.

I wish we could move from twitter to here. Although I doubt we'd be able to reach enough folks but we'll try anyway. We are a collective of houseless people in so called Portland Or focusing on mutual aid and communal urban camping. for more info or to request aid. We are looking to network with other collectives which could benefit us both. #mutualaidpdx #mutualaid #pdxmutualaid #PDXdefendthehouseless #pdxhouseless #comunitysupport #abolishcops #houseless #righttoexist

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This is also happening in East Oakland right now. They just fired up the BBQ at the new #RighttoExist curbside community. Come through and support this evening or any time.