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“Rishi Sunak accused of hypocrisy after backing phase-out of fossil fuels at Cop28”

A global consensus emerges that Sunak is full of shit.

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"Fossil fuel companies are way better at capturing politicians than at capturing emissions." — #AlGore

He also says, that UK government were "in the pocket" of #bigOil. Surprise!

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1 day ago

Welcome Greeks issuing profanities.

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Front page of Greek newspapers with English headline "Fuck you bastard" aimed at Rishi Sunak.
1 day ago

"Al Gore Suggests UK Government 'In The Pocket' Of Fossil Fuel Industry"

Difficult to disagree with Al Gore on this point.

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1 day ago

Say what you like 'walk tall' Brexiteer Rish! Sunk has put front and central on the world stage. OK not really.

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Photograph of the national leaders at COP28 with Rishi Sunak on the back row and the caption: "Rishi insists Britain is a 'leader' and can 'walk tall' at Cop28 climate summit in Dubai... as he is relegated to back row of 'family photo' "
Marcus Jenkins
2 days ago

Just checking in on how Europeans feel about the British Tory politicians. Oh.

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Rishi Sunak admits not a single leader takes him seriously or even bothers to talk to him.
I mean, why bother? He'll be gone next year.

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Sunak says not a single leader at COP28 
 has criticised UK's petrol car ban delay
2 days ago

Well this is pretty disgusting by Rish! Sunk, Dodgy Dave and Brian Windsor, not to mention hypocritical.

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Headline from the Independent newspaper below a photograph of Rishi Sunak and David Cameron saying:

"Sunak, Cameron and King Charles each take own private jets to travel to Cop28 No 10 insists government not interested in ‘reducing people from flying’ amid environmental outrage"

While #UrsulavonderLeyen recently acknowledged mistakes made by European leaders in handling #Britain’s departure from the #EU, in contrast, #RishiSunak reaffirms his commitment to #Brexit.

#RejoinEU #Brexiters #PritiPatel #DavidCameron

Despite the #Tories anti #migrant rhetoric, as the #RefugeeCouncil notes, over 75% of those whose claims for asylum have actually been processed have a legitimate (legal) reason to stay in the UK.

However, the backlog of claims currently lies at 123,000, which (incidentally) is over 25,000 more than arrived via the channel (in 'small boats') between Jan 2018 & June this year.

No wonder #RishiSunak wants them processed abroad; its the only way he can make his policies appear to be 'working'!

Just saw a headline saying Rishi Sunak accused the Greek prime minister of “grandstanding” re: the Elgin Marbles.

The Elgin Marbles that Britain stole, and then put on display in a museum. The Elgin Marbles we have no right to possess whatsoever, and if we had a shred of decency as a country, we would give back and repatriate.

𝑻𝒉𝒐𝒔𝒆 Elgin Marbles?


#ElginMarbles #RishiSunak #BrokenBritain

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
4 days ago

🥥 How an English web site used the 200-year-old tale of the stolen #ElginMarbles to take the piss out of anti-immigration supporters and the #RishiSunak Tories with satire.
Trust me, it's read-worthy. 🥥

I think the majority of the British People understand how our masters see us, with utter contempt.
Well poshos, the feeling is mutual. We've begun negotiations with the Orcas....

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4 days ago

'Sunak attacks Starmer for "supporting the EU instead of his country" by choosing the Ode To Joy as the music to 'sum up' Labour.

Did that work for Rish! Sunk? Nope. Starmer's response: : "Is he now saying that meeting the Greek PM is supporting the EU? Rather than deal with facts he's prosecuting a one-man war on reality."'

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4 days ago

Another one.

Starmer: "I met with the Greek PM, we talked about the economy, security, immigration. I also told him we won't be changing the law regarding the marbles. It's really not that difficult."

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4 days ago

A zinger from Starmer today:

"It is ironic that [the PM's] suddenly taken such a keen interest in Greek culture when he's clearly become the man with the reverse Midas touch," says Keir Starmer.

"Everything he touches turns to... well maybe the Home Secretary can help us out here."

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4 days ago

PMQs is not going well for Rish! Sunk, again. His worst ever according to some observers. He is really, really bad at the job.

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4 days ago

"Sunak accused of trying to ‘reset’ climate credentials at Cop28"

Sigh. Rish! Sunak is a very stupid person who thinks that everybody else is as thick as him and that they will have forgotten recent headlines like:

"Rishi Sunak Prepares To Row Back On Net Zero Commitments In Wake Of Uxbridge Victory"

#RishiSunak #NetZero #UKPolitics
4 days ago

Sehr wahrscheinlich stehen die Pyramiden nur aus dem Grund noch immer in Ägypten, dass sie den britischen Imperialisten zu schwer und unhandlich gewesen waren, um sie für eines ihrer Museen zu stehlen.


5 days ago

Because #RishiSunak is the latest in a long line of weak PMs who cannot afford to alienate any of his base voters - even at the risk of popular policies.

In short, #ToriesUnfitToGovern

Matt Green
5 days ago

New video:

Rishi Sunak snubs Greek PM over Elgin Marbles!

#comedy #satire #funny #ElginMarbles #RishiSunak #politics #ukpolitics

Quite apart from concerns about the costing & planning for #RishiSunak's #NetworkNorth rail proposals (intended to replace aspects of #HS2), for those of us living in #Lancaster & the surrounding areas, once again the large urban area of Lancaster-Morecambe is right in the middle of a blank area....

There's a strange blindness about Lancaster; we have a top 10 University, a major new visitor economy development (Eden North) & a large population yet somehow are always missing from plans!

Map of the various projects of Network North showing nothing at all between Liverpool & Barrow

For those hoping to see some clear blue water open up between the #LabourParty & the #Tories, you'll be glad to know that while #RishiSunak seems to be dismissing the prospect of any sort of arrangement to return the #ElginMarbles (so called), #KeirStarmer has let it be known that he is willing to discuss the artefacts return to #greece.

(that is unless #RachelReeves' commitment to fiscal probity halts that too?)

6 days ago

Oh dear. New Zealand said it will scrap the smoking ban that Rish! Sunak modelled his proposed smoking ban on. 😂

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PKPs Powerfromspace1
1 week ago

@mattblaze #CovidInquiry 🇬🇧 #RishiSunak ’let them die’ comments prove this ☝️ empirically

Next week, #RishiSunak appears at the #CovidInquiry - we can expect a certain of evasion, claims not to recall specifics (we were so busy), and flat out contradictions of previous evidence.

But throughout he'll oscillate between that self-satisfied smile & looking like a brow-beaten school boy.

The big Q. is how much blame will end up being attached to him, and how that plays out afterwards in the #tory party.

More letters of no confidence?

Or a shrug of their (collective) shoulders....

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
1 week ago


Go for it mate, but be quick. All the smart money's on a May election & the latest polling data suggests #RishiSunak could be the first sitting UK Prime Minister to lose his seat at a General Election! 🤷🏾‍♂️

Jude Jackson
1 week ago

“Just let people die” said “#DrDeath the chancellor,” now UK prime minister, #RishiSunak - World Socialist Web Site

#COVID #EatOutToHelpOut

Khurram Wadee ✅
1 week ago

Rise in net #migration threatens to undermine #RishiSunak’s tough talk | #Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

I thought #Brexit was going to curb immigration and “give us control of our borders”. I cant recall what proportion of leave-voters voted for it on that basis but it wasn’t a small number. They can’t blame the opposition for that.

#Politics #Tories #UK

Matt Green
1 week ago

Taxes are coming down! (Or are they?)

As The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt declares a tax-cutting Autumn Statement, top correspondent Jonathan Goodenough has more...

#comedy #satire #ukpolitics #autumnstatement #JeremyHunt #RishiSunak #funny #sketchcomedy

2 weeks ago

Good to get confirmation Rishi just doesn't give a fuck about anyone at all dying, rather than him just being unmoved by the loss of 5.5k kids in other countries.

#RishiSunak #UKPol

Excerpt from Patrick Vallance's diary, a section highlighted in yellow:

DC says, "Rishi thinks just let people die and that's okay." 

This all feels like a complete lack of leadership.
The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol was set to arrive in the U.K. on Tuesday to launch negotiations on a new free trade agreement, as both he and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak try to burnish their international credentials ahead of respective general elections. #asiapacific #politics #uk #southkorea #rishisunak #bloomberg #yoonsukyeol #ai #trade

Asbjørn Ulsberg
2 weeks ago

@gasman "Bop the stoats" sounds like fun for sure! I have to admit I can't wait to hear Rishi Sunak's opinion on tabstops, to be honest. Also curious about what he believes a hobo test should entail.


Rishi Sunak on a podium labeled "apt hobo tests".
Rishi Sunak on a podium labeled "apt bet hotpot".
Rishi Sunak on a podium labeled "bath stop toes".
Rishi Sunak on a podium labeled "tabstop those".

and already #DavidCameron's fantasy #politics is having an effect, as #RishiSunak thinks about calling a snap #generalelection... just like Cameron's #EUReferendum to keep the Euroscpetics quiet (and which he thought he would win for remain)....

Of course, that said, having an election right now would suit a lot of us, although not the best time (it transpires) for Labour to be pulling together... but again, for some here, a weak(er) Labour Govt. might be no bad thing!

Perhaps symbolic of the mess that is UK #transport policy is in, #RishiSunak looks likely to pledge money saved by axing #HS2 will be used to fill potholes in #roads.

Most of us would welcome less potholes (don't get me wrong), but the transfer of funds from a pubic transport project to maintenance of #infrastructure that supports car journeys is not really quite the right direction if one is serious about #climatechange actions... but then the #Tories aren't!

2 weeks ago

Another good cover from Private Eye this week.

#UKPolitics #PrivateEye #RishiSunak #SuellaBraverman

Cover of the most recent Private Eye cover with the title: "Remembering the fallen - Last post for Suella" with a picture of Rishi Sunak and Sue-Ellen Braverman at the Cenotaph with her saying: "We can't have extremist troublemakers at the Cenotaph" and Sunak saying: "Ok, you're fired!"

Of course #RishiSunak is claiming he has brought down #inflation... but the actual Q. which he should be asked is: what exactly did he do to bring it down?

And of course the answer is sweet FA.... he's been too busy playing party politics to be attending to real issues.... and if he then claims its the BoE what done it, then the Q, is at what medium term cost...

ggrrrrrr [the sound of an Emeritus Professor of Political Economy grinding his teeth]

Chart: Uk inflation. Annual % change in consumer price index.

Shows inflation between 2008-2020 remaining in a band between 0-5%, then rising to above 10% last year before this month falling back below 5%, at 4.6%.
European News 🇪🇺
3 weeks ago

UK's Rwanda deportation policy ruled unlawful by Supreme Court

Major blow to Rishi Sunak's government as court rules Rwanda is not a safe country to send asylum seekers to.

#News #EuropeanNews #Europe #UK #UnitedKingdom #Rwanda #RishiSunak #Refugees

Spare a minute this morning to think about poor Terry Smith of Fundsmith, whose pay last year dropped from £36mn to £31mn last year (and of course this was further eroded by #inflation).

Yup. #financialservcies is another world, whose chief protagonists haven't any connection with the real world of #workers & society.

Which is why #RishiSunak who is of this world, really isn't fit to head up a government. The sooner he heads back to his chums the better.

So #SuellaBraverman has written a letter critical of #RishiSunak's leadership & specifically his betrayal of a bargain with her on her rightist agenda... well no surprise there.

When the FT asked an un-named Cabinet member whether the letter would be a rallying call for 'her troops'... their response was ''Definitely not. She has no troops'!

Well, I guess we are about to find out whether that's right or (for the #Tories at least) dangerous complacency.

Shambles isn't the half of it!

BBC News
3 weeks ago

News at 12PM: Rishi Sunak reshuffled his cabinet, with former PM David #Cameron appointed as Foreign Secretary and Suella #Braverman sacked as Home Secretary. In international news, concerns escalate over #Gaza's hospitals, particularly Al-Shifa, amid Israel-Hamas conflict. On the economic front, #UK wages rose 7.7% year-on-year in Q3, outpacing inflation, while Eurozone employment increased by 0.3%. US economy remains 'fundamentally strong', says Treasury Secretary Yellen. #RishiSunak #BBC

BBC News

#RishiSunak's #reshuffle yesterday confirms that since the #Brexit vote the 'churn' in ministerial roles has accelerated.

As Tim Durrant (Inst.of Gov) has argued this focusses ministers on 'quick wins' leaving strategic issues ignored or under-emphasised. Moreover, this lack of continuity means a repeated change of priorities & emphasis that makes governance incoherent.

Its pretty clear that this country is not being governed so much as farmed for personal advantage.


Chart: Ministers' length of tenure has decreased dramatically. Average tune (days). 

Before the EU referendum (1979-June2016)/After the Eu Referendum (July 2016-Nov.2023)

Prime Minister - 2715/670
Chancellor - 1726/447
Foreign Secretary - 1094/460
Home Secetrary - 938/447

With #Cameron and #McVey in the #cabinet, both who've broken anti-lobbying rules, I think we can safely say that in-cabinet lobbying is now been ok'd by #RishiSunak.... just more #ToryCorruption!

Oli Mould
3 weeks ago

I see that absolute shower of a person Andrea Jenkyns has submitted a letter of no confidence in #RishiSunak. How many more now will, and how many already have done so? Odds on a leadership contest by the end of the week?!

The #Tories really are a spent force.

#Tories #CONservatives


#FarRight Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns submits a letter of No Confidence in #RishiSunak! 👀

And so it begins... 🤷🏾‍♂️

Andrea Jenkyns
BBC News
3 weeks ago

Good afternoon. It's 12PM, Monday, 13th November. The headlines: David #Cameron has been appointed as Foreign Secretary, while Suella #Braverman has been sacked as Home Secretary, with James Cleverly taking her place. This comes amid a government reshuffle by Rishi Sunak. Five people have tragically died in a house fire in Hounslow. #DavidCameron #SuellaBraverman #RishiSunak #BBC #News

BBC News
3 weeks ago

Jim Pickard of the FT is reporting that Braverman has been sacked. Better late than never, but Sunak should have done it last week.

#UKPolitics #SueEllenBraverman #RishiSunak