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Yes, 1980s saw the advent of the #CasinoSociety.

However, if you read books about the #RoaringTwenties with its #RobberBarons of #industry up to the #BlackFriday in 1929, I am not quite so sure...sounds similar.

Don Meyer
2 months ago

Does anyone else understand why various rich/famous people who have actual respect and admiration wake up one morning and say, โ€œI think today is a good day to irreparably damage my reputation and legacy.โ€

Feinstein, Giuliani, Rowling, Adams, etc.

It's like the tried-and-true Robber Baron trajectory of โ€œbe awful, then start endowing libraries so that's what Iโ€™m remembered forโ€, but in reverse. (Bill Gates as a recent example.)

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@chris thats too tame.

The 1900's folks coined "Robber Barons", aptly describing how their monopolists robbed the public sphere and became an untouchable class of their own.

Ours are doing the same, but on a larger and much more destructive planet-killing scale.

I vote something like "Grande Dacoits" or "Uber Dacoits"

#GrandeDacoits #UberDacoits #Billionaires #Billionaire #UltraRich #OnePercent #Elite #RobberBaron #RobberBarons #SuperRich #capitalistextremists

Eva Chanda
2 months ago

@chris Bring back the term #RobberBarons! #EatTheRich

Lawrence Herzog
3 months ago
Big grocery and the corporate food supply chain is making more money than ever. CEOs are lying if they say they arenโ€™t benefitting from the windfall profits inflation is bringing them. Letโ€™s not forget they gouged consumers throughout Covid by raising prices and refused to pay or continue paying their workers premiums for the extra risks they faced. #grocery #CEOs #liars #profittaking #inflation #robberbarons
Lawrence Herzog
3 months ago
โ€œ[Inflation has not been] caused by workers having too many jobs and making too much money. It's been caused by profit taking โ€” not just by supermarkets, but by powerful companies at every step of the supply chain." โ€” Jim Stanford, economist at The Centre for Future Work #inflation #groceryprices #robberbarons #liars #CEOs #inequality #inequity
Lawrence Herzog
3 months ago
It is beyond me why people choose to give their money to big banks when credit unions are readily available as a way better alternative. #bigbanks #robberbarons #legalizedtheft

The Rogers acquisition of Shaw is very likely to go through in the next few days. While I doubt the usefulness of online petitions, Iโ€™ve decided to sign the petition against the merger. You might want to add your signature too.

#RogersShawMerger #MonopoliesAreBad #Competition #RobberBarons #CanPoli #Canada

Alex Enkerli
6 months ago

@DrJRN Sounds like a plan. Are you at all inspired by our current #RobberBarons?

6 months ago

Where is SN?
Talking glowingly about the #IndustrialRevolution & eagerly scouring horizons for the next.

All fairness: it's why he has that job, ofc, to be always ahead.
And realistically, he's asked to do it more unflinchingly than the next 50 white guys gunning for his job. (Is Brad on the same page? Frankly, Idk.)

But you cant wax poetic about "#Empowerment" in the same room w the still-warm breath that just gilded #RobberBarons.

Problem Patient
6 months ago

If a #strike causes major disruption, that's not the fault of #labor.

Don't blame the #workers who want to have sick days during a #pandemic -- blame the #capitalists who decide that slightly more obscene profit is more important than the lives and livelihoods of our #EssentialWorkers . Blame the #RobberBarons who are willing to risk all of us in a radically unequal game of chicken.

This isn't on #labor. Support the #RailStrike and the #unions .

@TinaThePerson Those companies are inhumane and #RobberBarons. Maybe the workers should start peeing in litter boxes and then leaving them at their bosses doors? Using CHEAP litter too.

Maya Gurantz
6 months ago

@WilliamRobert @davetroy Wow that is my JAM right there. When can I come on and talk about #Mazdaznan, the #NXIVM-like sun worshipping cult from the turn of the 20th century that flared into wild prominence with the wealth of #robberbarons, rode the wave of #Eugenics, influenced #Bauhaus AND the American #extreme #rightwing, and now has been totally forgotten?

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 year ago

The West has had the fascism on slow boil since the 1970s. We've been slowing eased into corporate takeover of of govt and cannot even see it.

Fascism is the corporate takeover of govt.

Big Tech.
Big Data.
Big Pharma.

To see the #fascist cabal of #robberBarons for yourself hit Ctrl+Shift+E in TorBrowser before loading a page. Your computer talks to them.

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 year ago


The #financialApartied (read: #bankerCrimes) have indeed began ramping up. We reported in January how a bank was blocking/ attacking selected people in Australia from accessing their (#)bankAccount.

Almost all of #Australia's smaller, more independent banks have somehow been silently pushed onto (#)CloudFlare servers.

The #robberBarons have come back home to roost.

@atomicpoet @bufalo1973

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 years ago

How are people not seeing these #BigTech corporations as the #robberBarons they are?


Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 years ago

If your best judgement leads you to conclude that, effectively, all phones are bad, please start using that phrase. Consider the hashtag, #APAB.

Together we can turn things around.

#AllPhonesAreBad #surveillance #privacy #smartPhones #iot #monopoly #antitrust #robberBarons #rentseeking #bigData #openHardwareNow #openTechNow #publicGoodNow

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 years ago

This week, there's a rather silly explanation of the #JFK assasination being discussed. Its because some CIA representative published their "findings".

To date, the best and most comprehensive explanation that we've seen is this one:

Its a real #historyLesson that requires going back to the era of the #robberBarons, but you'll thank us later.

#eyesWideOpen #bushCrimeFamily

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
3 years ago

Thanks Seasharp,

#Capitalism does imply some competition. In the 19th Century #antiTrust was brought into it as a check and balances to prevent big #monopolies like the #RobberBarons in #rail. They have scarcely been used in modern times. Instead a #tooBigToFail mantra has filled the void.

A lot of mumAndPops who run little businesses will reject speaking ill of "#Capitalism". Many #project themselves though #trade and what and how they trade. We would do better to highlightโ€ฆ1/2

It almost feels like "The Wild West"; all your behavioural data (c f land) is out there for grabs to be "colonized". Anyone can claim my personal information ("you signed this!"). Even if I hide in a cave that's registered by the #robberbarons Google/FB et al.

@Cincinnatus Welcome! Snowden's book is waiting in my shelf ๐Ÿ™‚ I have just started reading Shoshana Zuboff's "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism", which I believe talks both of the money made of our unvoluntarily left behaviour data trail as on the #robberbarons style of Google, FB and others. 500+ pages though...