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Project Micrathena's first alpha release is now feature complete, I'll be doing private testing in the coming days. Stay tuned for info on public release AND AN ACTUAL REVEAL :)

#RobloxDev #classicroblox #roblox

bloxy cola
9 hours ago

i just remembered a completely insane forgotten relic of 2018 #Roblox: I Don't Feel So Good Simulator. i feel like i remember this game being a front pager back in the day with thousands of active players. it was made pretty soon after Avengers: Infinity War released and is a sort of time capsule to the meme culture of 2018. i got to level 44 on it back in the day

it references, among other things:
- Level 1 Crook vs. Level 100 Boss (Mafia City)
- the Grandayy video
THANOS THANOS YES PAPA before they removed this song for some unknown reason
- deltarune chapter 1
- Revenge (minecraft parody)
- when you go dark souls with your best mates
- Thanos Car
- penis music
- sprite cranberry

unfortunately a LOT of the memes in this game are gone because of roblox's audio permissions update, but watching old videos of the game is a real trip. just look at this

16 hours ago

i'm thinking the perceived notion is that people *want* better graphics, but is this true?

who is buying games for graphics? who is in this demographic? kids/teens are playing #fortnite and #amongus and #roblox and #tiktok

also, which came first, the supply or the demand?

graphics are manufactured consent, i think

2 days ago

Roblox sheds 30 ‘talent acquisition’ employees as part of a company plan to improve its profits #Roblox

:rss: Mogura VR
2 days ago

#moguravr #Roblox #tgs2023

:rss: Mogura VR
3 days ago

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Steve Kohls
3 days ago

Printed some Robux in Overture Silk Copper PLA. Looks really nice. Great metallic shine!
Just added them to the Robux colors on my Etsy shop.

Check it out!
#roblox #etsy #3dprinting

3d printed Robux coins from the Roblox video games, in metallic copper color filament
A hand holding a pile of 3d printed Robux coins from the Roblox video games, in gold, silver, copper, purple, and blue color filament
Daniel P H Fox
3 days ago

By the way, new video! This time, I'm digging into the maths behind why plugin creators have been seriously underpricing their stuff.

Take a look 👉

#Roblox #RobloxDev

Thumbnail: The number 49, with me close to the mic in the background.

roblox added a way to get the real frequency spectrum of audio... so naturally, I had to put it add a real visualizer to the Bus Simulator radio!

will be under Performance Settings --> Radio Visualizer when the update comes out! (or you can try it out now
here) #Roblox #RobloxDev

Daniel P H Fox
3 days ago

Fiddling around with more icon designs now that Roblox is adding new audio APIs.

#Roblox #RobloxDev #icon #icons #iconography #design #figma #ui

Three icons. Left: wire with two male connectors, middle: rotating dial, right: handheld microphone
4 days ago

#Cachorrão fue el único que metió gol en la tanda de penales y llevó a #Boca a las semis de la copa #Roblox 🥳😆

4 days ago

my digital art be popping off rn

#art #artwork #digitalArt #horror #roblox

Tofu Musubi
4 days ago

“South #Korea’s Ministry of Unification said on Friday that the National Institute for Unification Education, its unification education body, will unveil a #metaverse platform that is inspired by the memories of those who were separated from their families during the Korean War in the 1950s.” #Roblox

Steve Kohls
4 days ago

I just listed a new 3D printed Robux coin drink coaster on my Etsy shop. Perfect for the Roblox-obsessed gamer in your life!

I also added a new shiny Sapphire Blue color for my 3D printed Robux coins. Silk Copper color coming soon!

Check it out!

#roblox #3dprinting #etsy

A hand grasping a white mug resting on a shiny gold 3d printed drink coaster shaped like a Robux coin from the Roblox video game
A close up shot of a shiny gold 3d printed drink coaster shaped like a Robux coin from the Roblox video game
A glass of ice water resting on a shiny gold 3d printed drink coaster shaped like a Robux coin from the Roblox video game
:rss: Mogura VR
6 days ago

ドラえもんが「Roblox」に登場! パーティーレースゲームが今冬リリース予定
#moguravr #Roblox

new roblox policy goes crazy #roblox #robloxdev #shitpost #meme

Video of my game Kit Battle. The user attempts to pick a kit to play as, only to be interrupted by a purchase prompt as they're loading in.
1 week ago

#gamebusiness #ゲーム開発 #企業動向 #人材育成 #産業政策 #イベント_セミナー #KLab #メタバース #コンテンツ #フォートナイト_Fortnite #Roblox

1 week ago

Hai! My name is meow, I'm 19 years old and I live in Nova Scotia :)

I spend most of my time playing on a Minecraft server called
I love music, my favorite artist is Grimes <3
I am so happy to be here and I will be glad to see how everyone is doing today :)

p.s I am so bad at making conversation and socializing. But I am so so working on it.


1 week ago

Micrathena is getting really close to a pre-alpha, expect a full reveal in a few days 👀

I'll be hosting demo servers for it on Novetus when that happens... stay tuned

#Roblox #RobloxDev

Screenshot of a Discord video upload showing a recording of Project Micrathena gameplay. The video is paused at 51 seconds of 1 minute 12, showing a red player standing on a checkerboard grass field. The text "Winning players get attack buffs!" is overlayed on the screen.
MILES 🐻🔥 :verified:
1 week ago

roblox bear roblox bear (2/2)

this platform has so many issues but the drip you can use is real good
#roblox #furry #outfits #milesmeelezz

Miles (roblox avatar) in a black tophat and black tuxedo, with a white shirt, black bowtie, and white gloves.
Miles (roblox avatar) in a set of pajamas, wearing a tanktop with Crash Bandicoot's face on the front, and flannel lounge pants.
Miles (roblox avatar) in a steampunk-inspired outfit. consisting of a captain's hat with golden goggles, a mostly-brown suit with gold trimming and leather padding, fingerless gloves with one being equipped with a built-in clock, utility pouches, brown boots with yellow straps, and a steampunk sword equipped on his back.
Miles (roblox avatar) in a bee-themed suit, consisting of a yellow tophat with bee antennae, a yellow suit with a dark yellow undershirt, a honeycomb bowtie, black gloves, pants and shoes, and golden honey-coated bee wings.
MILES 🐻🔥 :verified:
1 week ago

roblox bear roblox bear (1/2)

#roblox #furry #outfits #milesmeelezz

A Roblox avatar of Miles in his default clothing, consisting of a black cap with a red brim, a black jacket with red highlights, a red shirt with a Gromit mug design, blue jeans and black boots with red lacing and treads.
Miles (roblox avatar) in a flannel jacket, black PlayStation shirt, and dark blue jeans and black shoes.
Miles (roblox avatar) in a hi-tech assassin outfit, consisting of a black hat with red goggles, a black armoured overcoat, grey jumpsuit, black boots, a red utility belt and a badge of his symbol.
Miles (roblox avatar) in a tropical beach outfit, consisting of a red/white open hawaiian shirt, dog tags, aviators and black swim trunks. A tiny Crash Bandicoot rests within a shirt pocket.

@nautilathedrowned2 I think they really get held back, as even #Roblox-esque graphics can be nice...

@nautilathedrowned2 I'm shure they could earn more "serious cash" if they weren't on #Roblox - espechally in a non-shit split of <24,5%

1 week ago

silly shenanigans in #Roblox


Whoever is that talented to make a #Battlefield / #CoD clone in #Roblox should get to be professional game designer / developer.

Unless they are a minor, then they should get a school diploma first...

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

@Rob299 @numeracy i am playing teh #Roblox

roblox screenshot with lots of text and colors, generally all around nasty
2 weeks ago
Marcel SIneM(S)US
2 weeks ago

heise+ | Terror auf #Roblox: Probleme mit Rechtsextremismus auf der Gaming-Plattform | MIT Technology Review #heiseplus

Steve Kohls
2 weeks ago

Getting the photo studio set up again to post some new items on Etsy in the coming week or so. I’m very professional 😆

If you like giant Lego, Lego Star Wars, or Roblox – I may have something relevant to your interests!

#lego #3dprinting #etsy #legostarwars #roblox

A messy basement table covered with 3d printed stuff. Doubles as a janky photo studio for my Etsy shop.
2 weeks ago

TIL #Roblox is opening an in-game dating service for 17+ users

Like, match up and go on virtual dates in the game

How. Who thought. WHAT

2 weeks ago

@numeracy Minecraft and #Roblox offer alot of creativite oppertunities, While mario locks you in the itsa me mario again bubble.

I feel if someone plays mario theres less creativity, but let them spend a week in #Minecraft and let them show you what they can create.

2 weeks ago

Roblox conference cut short after police arrested an allegedly armed community developer #Roblox

Loki the Cat
2 weeks ago

Roblox Cancelled Awards Presentation! Turns out, they had a "bulletproof" plan, but someone took it a bit too literally. 😹 A game developer arrested for gun charges outside the event? Talk about bringing virtual reality into the real world! #Roblox #CancelledAwards

#Roblox cancels videogame awards presentation after 'potential security concern'”

Game developer reportedly arrested, faces gun charges

@thememesniper OFC they do.

It's the equivalent of #Roblox's #Toolbox minus being deliberately being designed to be pirposefully hard locked-in.

Ben Waber
3 weeks ago

This strikes me as one of the better uses of #GenerativeAI because the truth doesn't matter #roblox

Enrico Hondius
3 weeks ago

Zit jouw kind ook miljoenen voor de Roblox-ceo bijelkaar te programmeren voor een habbekrats?
#Roblox #ChildLabor

Roblox Is Exploiting Kids. We Talked To Some Of Them.

3 weeks ago

Roblox confirms Quest VR release later this month, PlayStation launch in October #Roblox


can i thank, since you did a great job at making people aware of this

#roblox #robloxdev #robloxplugin

EcoScratcher 🦜
3 weeks ago

Day 2 of #RDC23 is still young, so feel free to catch up on what happened on Day 1 in today's Explorers of the Metaverse article.

#Roblox #RobloxDev

3 weeks ago

Wait wait, when did Roblox become promising?

- Roblox is now available to try on Meta Quest VR headsets
- Roblox’s new AI chatbot will help you build virtual worlds
- Roblox is going to let creators keep nearly all of their sales
- Roblox is finally coming to PlayStation


Our "metaverse" future is in the hands of Meta and Roblox 😩
(#resonite please save us!)

#roblox #metaverse #vr

3 weeks ago

»#Roblox is going to let #creators that make assets and tools keep nearly all of their sales: Roblox is announcing a #bigchange to the #revenueshare it gives some creators.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

3 weeks ago

»#Roblox is putting its own spin on #videochat: #RobloxConnect will let you chat with people while inhabiting your Roblox avatar.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

3 weeks ago

»#Roblox’s new #AIchatbot will help you build #virtualworlds: the tool is going to launch at the end of this year or early next year.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

EcoScratcher 🦜
3 weeks ago


Daniel P H Fox
3 weeks ago

#RDC23 looking sweeet

#Roblox #RobloxDev

A crowd under an organically arranged grid of blue globe lights
3 weeks ago

We Investigated Roblox: Your Kid's Favorite Game Is Exploiting Them

One of the most popular video games in the world isn’t actually a video game. Roblox is a social platform where users, mostly kids, build games for other kids to play, getting compensated in scraps while the corporation rakes in billions of dollars.
And labor exploitation isn’t the only problem on Roblox. There’s scammers, nightmarish corporate metaverses, gambling, and chat rooms ripe with predatory behavior, all in a game aimed primarily toward kids.
It’s not hopeless. There’s precedent for the FTC to take action.

We investigated some of the most dangerous ways Roblox extracts value from children, and what we can do to stop them.
#Roblox #childexploitation #predatory #targetkids #FTC #stopthem

3 weeks ago


We Investigated Roblox: Your Kid's Favorite Game Is Exploiting Them

17 min video

This is quite ugly, ranging from pure monetary exploitation to a platform with child predators on it.

Nothing but the evil of child exploitation

#roblox #uspol #economics #childlabor #exploitation

bloxy cola
3 weeks ago

holy smokes #roblox

screenshot of a roblox game called "Buy My Kids". the thumbnail shows a roblox character holding up a baby with a pacifier and a price tag labeled $999.

the description says "Buy My Kids is a game where you can collect valuable guys, buy and sell them for robux, or trade them for more valuable guys! Will you become the richest guy?""
3 weeks ago

»#Roblox is about to let users #sell custom-made #avatar bodies and heads: Roblox is offering a new way for creators to make money off the #virtualgoods they create.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

3 weeks ago

✍️New daily note on my site: September Status

"Day 3 of September. Things are going OK for me, I just wanted to write down here what I'm aiming for this month. Right now, I'm focusing on college applications and web development projects, so Roblox stuff will keep taking a back seat."

#blog #website #webdev #college #roblox


If you really want to go down the rabbit hole of #roblox start watching Kreekcraft videos on YouTube. My 11 year old twins got me started watching. They play. I rarely do but it is a very interesting world. He does cover safety issues at times.

My 8 year old appears to have got me addicted to #roblox .

It’s essential my virtual grocery store thrives. Full commitment

#BadLifeAdvice: If you want to teach a #child that #Capitalism is a #BiggerFoolsScam, let them take a look at #Roblox and how it's stacked against them regardless if they're a #developer, #gamer or just #user...

Colin McNaughton
4 weeks ago

These kids games are just unbelievably stupid.

Want to impress your friends with a radio at this fake water park? That’s 200 bux. Fake pool noodle? 30. Want to work as a cafe worker for some reason? That’ll cost ya, kiddo. #roblox

Rodion Borisov
1 month ago


#Roblox players, forget about Roblox. Try #Minetest with #Mesecons or create your own games/mods! 😎👍

Popular #Minecraft youtuber @ThatMumboJumbo is already on the train with this idea! :fistbump:

1 month ago

#Roblox faces a new class action lawsuit alleging it facilitates child gambling

Aida Akl
1 month ago

If you missed this, #Roblox faces a new class action lawsuit alleging it facilitates child gambling @TechCrunch @Tayhatmaker

Go Time ⏰
2 months ago

That time when a decision @benbjohnson made “a decade ago” in #BoltDB took down #Roblox for three days 🙀 #golang #consul #kubernetes


2 months ago

I had a very interesting conference call yesterday (hopefully I get around to blog a little bit about it before I head into vacation). During a short research for a follow-up e-mail in which I pitched #Forgejo I noticed that the #Roblox community took notice:

I consider it a balanced assessment at this point in time. Great job!

2 months ago

@haploc #Roblox is not to be trusted just like other corporations

Disappointed that #Roblox actively blocks #Wine now. It used to work very well for #LinuxGaming.

2 months ago

Doncs ja he perdut prou el temps fent la màquina expenedora de bitllets de FGC a #Roblox. Bona nit!

Model de màquina expenedora de bitllets de FGC a Roblox.

Let me write a quick #introduction whilst I mess around with #Firefish.


I'm ExperiencersInternational, I make
#YouTube videos, primarily around #Nintendo at the moment. I also occasionally stream on YouTube as well, feel free to pop in.

I run the account reporting news about #Splatoon3.

I'm also a plugin developer for the Roblox Plugin Marketplace which has gained over 500 downloads across 7 plugins. I helped beta test the release of paid plugins for
#Roblox as well.

I won 4th-25th place in the Roblox Connect 2022 game jam with a team of 3 other people on our game
Supercharged. I worked on the user interface of the game.

I also work on
#graphicsdesign, and I've been getting into #photography lately (follow me on Pixelfed at

Thanks for listening to my introduction!

#gaming #gamedev #plugindev #robloxdev

Aida Akl
2 months ago

Dumb and dumber

The leak "was initially posted in 2021," but “didn’t spread beyond niche cheating communities within Roblox.” But “Roblox never publicly disclosed this leak or alerted those affected.” #roblox #cybersecurity #infosec

Old #Roblox Data Leak Resurfaces, 4000 Users' Personal Information Exposed #cybersecurity #infosec @troyhunt

BeAware :verified420:
3 months ago

@jake4480 Unrelated, but maybe you have an opinion on this too.

I kinda hate how #Roblox took the Garry's Mod approach, except just monetized everything and geared it towards kids. So now kids are ready to pay money for the most measly little thing in #games. Priming them for the microtransaction hell that we're stuck in.

I don't have a Meta Quest (or like Roblox) but my kid has one, and he loves Roblox -- this news is probably gonna be pretty big for him and other fans of the game. I posted a thing the other day about how over *half* of all kids in the USA play Roblox.

That's pretty wild.

#MetaQuest #MetaQuest2 #Roblox #games #gaming #VR #VirtualReality

Danie van der Merwe
3 months ago

Wesgro creates the Cape Karoo region in Roblox, partnering with BP & Shell to win the hearts of young road-trippers in South Africa

The first thought I had was, this had to do with PR for fracking, but no, it is a genuine promotion of tourism in an innovative way that appeals to the youth. Kudos to Wesgro for such an innovative idea that seems very well executed. It certainly taps into a ...continues


#gaming #Roblox #southafrica #technology #Wesgro

3 months ago

Wesgro creates the Cape Karoo region in Roblox, partnering with BP & Shell to win the hearts of young road-trippers in South Africa The first thought I had was, this had to do with PR for fracking, but no, it is a genuine promotion of tourism in an innovative way that appeals to the youth. Kudos to Wesgro […]

3 months ago

Mature content comes to #Roblox for users aged 17 and up

Roblox announced eligible creators can build experiences featuring mature content for users aged 17 and older.

The experiences and content may contain violence, romantic themes and depictions of blood and alcohol.

Users will only be able to create or view the new content if they verify their age on Roblox by uploading both a selfie and a photo of their government-issued ID.

Hobbits Wife
3 months ago

Eldest (10) is pestering to play #Roblox - I know nothing about it bar stories about dodgy adults on it so not keen - is it like Minecraft? Can it be locked down for kids? Would you let your kids on it? #TechQuestion

Jupiter Rowland
3 months ago
@Johannes Ernst Probably not. #HorizonWorlds was limited to #Meta headsets from the very beginning. Not to mention it was officially pronounced dead. Also, not to mention that it has become the laughing stock of the virtual worlds community with its cartoonish look.

Maybe, in a few years when the mobile phone app is stable, #LindenLabs might consider developing a #SecondLife viewer for the #VisionPro. Probably not because even the Vision Pro won't be able to render dozens upon dozens of avatars with an average avatar rendering complexity of over a million, textures with tens of millions of pixels and, in sum, more vertices than all of World of Warcraft including all expansions combined at a steady framerate of 60fps. Good look comes at a price.

A third-party viewer for Second Life or #OpenSimulator would be even less likely. Not only because see above, but because I've yet to be convinced that it'll be easy to install #FLOSS on a Vision Pro. Remember that it's impossible to install software under any form of the GPL on an iPhone or iPad without rooting it. And all third-party viewers for Second Life and #OpenSim that I'm aware of are open-source and under free licenses.

#Roblox is unlikely to come to the Vision Pro because they don't have a common target audience. #VRchat, maybe, but I expect the development of a new client from scratch for a whole new platform to be expensive. For the same reason, we won't see any of those crypto-based money-printing worlds on the Vision Pro. #Vircadia and #Overte? Nope, neither would go closed-source for a client.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple tried to build its own #metaverse around the Vision Pro. And I wouldn't be surprised if they landed flat on their faces because they haven't learned anything from Philip Rosedale and Second Life either.
4 months ago

@cloudguy not to mention #Roblox neither wants to delete my account and data, because they "can't verify" me! 🤬

Ian Brown :verified:
4 months ago

#Roblox’s password reset flow is just the worst.

4 months ago

So all of the PCs in our house run #Linux. My daughter has used her laptop to play #Roblox for a while. Their latest update however seems to be performing an explicit check for Wine and refusing to launch. This is pretty terrible.

#gaming #pcgaming

An error message from Roblox that just says "Wine is not supported".
Dan York
5 months ago

When people say the “metaverse” is just marketing.. or the think of it as VR goggles or Meta’s legless people… I ask them: have you ever gone inside of #Roblox ?

But, they say, “isn’t that just a game for little kids?”

And again I ask “have you ever gone inside of Roblox?”

Roblox is not “a” game… it is millions of “experiences”, some of which are games, but some are not. (Perhaps I need to stream some to Twitch, just to show them..)

Tip @Techmeme

5 months ago

Working on my farming game some more! It's still a very early prototype but it's been coming along really fast in these first few hours of work #Roblox #RobloxDev #nomoa (for some reason the bridge didn't work this time)

Old Roblox gameplay footage. I use a hoe to till grass into farmland, plant seeds, water the farmland, and harvest it with my sword.
6 months ago

The amazing @jilleduffy just shared an article from PCMag about the potential risks with the #game #Roblox. The article touches on a lot of the tools and governance behind the Roblox system.

The Pandemic and other events have really bolstered these spaces for kids and others. Very eye opening about what is going on in the industry of gaming. Really strong article that gives out the details without providing too much fluff.

Dan York
7 months ago

This combination of #Roblox and generative #AI could be extremely powerful! When people get all excited about the #Metaverse, they tend to think of people wearing VR goggles… but there are millions of people in immersive environments within Roblox every single day. If Roblox can deliver on the vision they outline in this post, they will enable many more people to create - and will deliver even richer virtual and immersive worlds.

tip @Techmeme

7 months ago

My daughter's #roblox account was (probably) hacked, and it's been a shitstorm trying to get it back.

For instance, you can send a reset request to your associated email... but that email is optional and is not asked for when registering. You have to enter it manually. So she probably doesn't have one associated.

I tried to file a customer report, but my email address is “invalid” (it contains a +). Trying again with another address results in a “Too many attempts, try again later”.


9 months ago

Here’s a possibly strange question: What do I need to know about building #Roblox games? I’m a professional developer and I’d like to teach my son (8 years) a thing or two about coding by using his favorite platform.

Experiencer (Mastodon)
9 months ago

I still honestly don't know what to do with my channel. I love making #Nintendo related content, but it just feels like everything I upload is punished in the algorithm, and I'm earning less than £3/month from #YouTube.

I still don't want to go back to #Roblox, in fact, I've only really played it occasionally, but there's just not much to make videos on the platform right now.

I do feel like complaining about the state with sponsored events, I recently saw a video about some.. (1/4)

Image from Gboard clipboard
Peter Gasston
9 months ago

How successful are branded #Roblox experiences?

Most only publish their total visits, which is interesting but not super useful. Some, however, award a badge for a first-time visit, from which we can work out unique visits and an average of returns.

So I took a look at a few to see their numbers. No particular POV or conclusion, I just thought it might be a useful reference.

Blog post with charts, notes, and method:

Lucas Gangstad
9 months ago

Since this is the game dev instance, I suppose I should talk about game dev for once.

I recently began work on a new game code-named Sentinel while I figure out what to do next in my career. Sentinel is a cooperative, hero-based, wave-based horde survival game. It's being written using #TypeScript for #Roblox using #robloxts focusing on declarative and behavior driven programming techniques.

10 months ago

Hey, can someone more knowledgeable about #Roblox please explain something to me?

There appear to be several games in which a core mechanic for obtaining a collectible/prize/achievement/badge is to just stand in a particular spot for a long time, say, ten hours. Do nothing but let the game run there.

Why do Roblox game designers do this? Are they trying to increase the number of simultaneous players of their games in order to increase the visibility of their games? Or some other reason?

Jeff Standen
10 months ago

I loaded the Advent of Code Day 8 grid data using Lua in Roblox and rendered the forest of tree heights.

The density gets a lot thicker to the south east.

This makes it easy to visualize that the best tree house placement is looking down over a sea of smaller trees rather than where most trees are tallest.

This version really kept the kids' interest. The trees are just cylinder parts with spheres on top, using random color variations and sizes based on height.

#AdventOfCode #Roblox #Lua

A visualization of the Advent of Code 2022 Day 8 problem "Treetop Tree House".

The problem deals with a grid of trees of various heights.

In the image, the camera is positioned on along the tree tops, looking out over a grid of cartoonish trees of various heights.
A visualization of the Advent of Code 2022 Day 8 problem "Treetop Tree House".

The problem deals with a grid of trees of various heights.

In the image, the camera is positioned on the outside of a cartoon forest looking inward.
A visualization of the Advent of Code 2022 Day 8 problem "Treetop Tree House".

The problem deals with a grid of trees of various heights.

In the image, the camera is positioned above the canopy of a forest of hundreds of cartoonish trees.
A visualization of the Advent of Code 2022 Day 8 problem "Treetop Tree House".

The problem deals with a grid of trees of various heights.

In the image, the camera is positioned in a dense canopy of cartoonish trees of roughly similar heights. Fewer trees are visible than when looking down over smaller trees.

My son does not like #windows.
He told me, that "as soon as #roblox works, I'll switch back to #linux"

So, I finally gave Grapejuice a try. It was a bit buggy, but for the most part it worked great.

So, my son will choose a distro after his liking now.

Btw, he is 9

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
10 months ago

Two things:

1. Glad I resisted my son's pleading to play Roblox
2. Glad he doesn't have access to internet browsing or a desktop OS at all.

If your kids love Roblox, check their browser for this malware

#Roblox #Browsers #malware

Fynn Becker
10 months ago

After the history of Disney Channel’s theme song comes the absolutely wild backstory for the “oof” sound used in #Roblox.

autistic seth
10 months ago

Pinned #introduction. 😃

I am brave and strong and #actuallyautistic
I am a huge #doglover
I love #animals
I am #queer
I love #music and #roblox
I use my #blog to share my lived experience and my thoughts on many things I struggle with and #stigma I may face.

Things I like to talk about and find interest in are:


I look forward to connecting with you! 👋 💪 💚

One thing that's sad - is that I can't force my oldest kid to only run Linux on his machines anymore...
Sadly, #Roblox is to hard to get running on Linux...

1 year ago

#introduction I am Mike. I am currently enjoying a brown sugar boba ice cream bar. I like #videogames, #boardgames, and #TTRPGs. I've developed some basic games on #Roblox. I'm a married father of three school age kids. I have two #dogs. I work in #tech. I don't like #hashtags as much as this post might make it seem, but when in Rome... Oh yeah, and I used to know #Latin once. But that was long ago... now I'm mostly left with just "Semper ubi sub ubi." #dumbjokes.

1 year ago

After a long time of thinking, I decided to open source all of my places, and announce I'm retiring of developing games at #Roblox in any form. But please, if you will use my work, credit me. I may still play games sometimes, but now, this is not in my main focus. I hope you will understand, thank you ❤️
(Also, I opened up Sunset Drive finally)