Against The Storm review: Excellent city builder game is coming out of Early Access, gets a glowing review
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Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
6 days ago

Add your vote on our top rogue games we reviewed this year! Help us determine a winner for the upcoming roguelike playoffs

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1 week ago
Checking out Vampire Hunters, an FPS survivors roguelite from Gamecraft Studios - From the Steam description: 'To hunt vampires, you'll need guns. Lots of guns. Mow down vampires, demons, and more by stacking your guns into absurd, impossibly awesome builds.' Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this product from
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Allie 🏳️‍⚧️
1 week ago

November 24, 2023 - Day 327 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 347

Game: Danger Scavenger

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Mar 26, 2021
Installation Date: Oct 21, 2023
Unplayed: 34d (1m3d)
Playtime: 18m

Danger Scavenger is a cyberpunk-themed isometric twin-stick roguelite crawler set on top of a series of skyscrapers.

Pick from one of four archetypes, pick a start weapon, make your way across the rooftops, shooting objects for parts, killing robots, collecting cases, and weapons, and trying not to fall off the side of the skyscraper.

It's relatively easy to write about games I don't like, or games I do like, but after playing it last night, I've struggled all day to write anything about this game.

Danger Scavenger is:

2: Meh

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Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
2 weeks ago

Our last game of the season is here and it's a good one: Dead Cells! Grab a drumstick and heal for 50% HP as we try to understand the shield parrying system and how to pronounce "blaz"

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💡 Against the Storm, in uscita l’8 Dicembre anche su Xbox PC Game pass
La piccola software house Eremite Games punta a competere con le grandi produzioni tripla A grazie all'innovativo concept di Against the Storm

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2 weeks ago

Il prossimo 8 Dicembre uscirà ufficialmente Against the Storm, solo per PC; il gioco è stato presentato il 18 ottobre 2021, ed è stato rilasciato in accesso anticipato a Novembre 2022. Against the Storm è prodotto da Eremite Games, un piccolo team di 5 sviluppatori indie con sede in Polonia. Against the Storm è il loro gioco principale.

Durante la fase di accesso

Against the Storm
Dimas T.
3 weeks ago

Working with games is hard due to A LOT of reasons. A minor but annoying one, is "player illiteracy". Every time I work or discuss a #roguelike or #roguelite title, there's an avalanche of complaints about things that are basically genre staples.

"It's too repetitive", "The game already starts too hard", "I've lost all my itens!", "Why are power ups so hard to get"... Like, this is LITERALLY what a roguelike/roguelite is. Don't buy a book by its cover.

Fabian Fischer
3 weeks ago

FYI: Rack and Slay demo is coming tomorrow! 👀

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Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
3 weeks ago

Good to see some Roguelite representation at #TheGameAwards!

#DaveTheDiver in the "Best Indie Game" category and #Hades2 in the "Most Anticipated" one.

Videogames just keep getting better don't they?

#roguelite #roguelike #gaming #indiegame

3 weeks ago

WELL BOUND by ゲムシャリコ: Vertical #roguelite where you play a frog who kicks off of the sides of a deep well and other obstacles in order to get to the top. On the way, grab pickups and take out enemies, and try not to crash and fall! Simple premise executed well. Set to release later this year

Demo available:

#デジゲー博2023 #IndieGames

3 weeks ago

AK-xolotl review
A charming rogue-lite with a cute animals and so many guns. SO MANY GUNS. But it's cute!
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Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
4 weeks ago

This week in the podcast, we lock and load our AK-47s and hand them over to our amphibian friend to talk about the twin stick shooter roguelite AK-xolotl.

If you ever thought your runs of mowing down forest creatures needed more baby burping minigames, then you've come to the right place! 🔫🐸

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Welcome, Survivor! A new YAZS devlog is live! :ablobcatbongo:

Important gameplay survey, Demo version update, new team member, Bullet Heaven Fest & plans for the upcoming 0.5 update 👀

Read more at:

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Sanji rabbit being petted
John Girvin
1 month ago

Rogue Declan has been updated to v1.2.0 with fixes, optimisations and refinements!

Get it here:

One hero. Two sticks. Forty billion dungeons. And now fewer bugs and a nice in-game options panel :)


#Amiga #RetroGaming #HomeBrew #RogueLite

Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
1 month ago
1 month ago

Checking out Rungore, an unhinged card battler roguelite! From the Steam description: 'Card game mechanics - check; Real time battles - check; Silly humor - check. If this isn't the game of your dreams i don't know what is (Also we have hidden memes everywhere lol)'

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this product from
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Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
1 month ago

This week we bend the roguelike lens as hard a we can in the #dwarffortress direction to talk about Rimworld!

Just in time for spooky season, we talk totally normal things like cannibalism, insect infestations, mechanoid boss battles, and being set on fire. Just another day on a desolate planet on the galactic rim!

Thanks again for the #roguelikecelebration hosting me to talk about "The Data Science of Roguelikes"!

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John Girvin
1 month ago

Rogue Declan has been updated to 1.1.3, and a WHDLoad hard drive version is also now available.

Are you ready to get down? Grab the update here!


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1 month ago

You can throw flares! :)

#indiedev | #gamedev | #roguelite | #gamemaker

Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
1 month ago

My presentation uniform for today's #RoguelikeCelebration hosted by @roguelike_con ! Details at

Shirt design based off of @zenorogue 's great game set in hyperbolic geometry, HyperRogue.

Very excited to talk about APIs, charts, and user behavior research for "The Data Science of Roguelikes"!

#roguelike #roguelite #datascience #data #gaming #math

Hey, you! Do you like slaying zombies? I thought so 😎

Yet Another Zombie Survivors - Content Update 0.4 is now live!

🏆 Two new game modes
🔒 Lockdown, Skip, Fatigue
🫠 Tons of improvements & QoL

Read more at:

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Yet Another Zombie Survivors Update 0.4 banner/art
Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
2 months ago

Teaser image #2 my upcoming Roguelike Celebration talk. Very excited to talk about this one in particular!

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Dominik Dammer
2 months ago

Combine Breakout with Tetris and make it a survival game and you come up with "Breakout Survivors"

In this breakout arcade roguelite you can level up, collect new balls and artifacts and try to reach the highest wave you can get to.
Its starts slowly but will become hard very quickly!

its quite the fun!

#Arcade #RogueLite #Breakout

Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
2 months ago

Teaser image #1 for my upcoming talk "The Data Science of Roguelikes" at the Roguelike Celebration talk series hosted by @roguelike_con.

What could this chart be signifying? 🤔

Event details here:

#roguelike #roguelite #data #techtalk #gaming #roguelikecelebration

John Girvin
2 months ago

NEW! Rogue Declan, the big post-AmiGameJam update is NOW AVAILABLE! Many new features, play modes and fixes have been added.

One hero. Two sticks. Forty billion dungeons. Are you ready to get down?


#Amiga #RetroGaming #RogueLite #TwinStick

Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
2 months ago

We come to it at last: the great battle of our time. What is a Roguelike?

A contentious debate for any fandom, we take our longest episode yet to look at every aspect of what makes games roguey or not, rogue-like versus -lite, and everything in between.

Is Minecraft a rogue-style game? Is Solitaire? Come for the Berlin Interpretation, stay for the Elf Metal!

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Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
2 months ago

Rogue-style games tend to come in two major flavors: rogue-likes, and rogue-lites. But what's the difference?

@gmtk has a great video about how meta-progression and permeant unlocks factor into the equation!

#podcast #gaming #roguelike #roguelite

Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
2 months ago

Roguelike evolution has been on a blistering pace since @mossmouth released the revolutionary Spelunky in 2008.

This video by DesignDoc is a great dive into the components that make up rogue-style games, and how fusions of genres can bring new, unique experiences to a long-lived genre:

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Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
2 months ago

Most people these days think of roguelike games in terms Vampire Survivors, Binding of Isaac, or Risk of Rain 2. Others will contend with traditional roguelikes such as NetHack or Angband using the dreaded "Berlin Interpretation" from 15 years ago.

@slashie has an amazing blog post on how roguelikes were defined going back to the UseNet days. Worth a read!

#roguelike #roguelite #gaming #podcast

Rubén Garat
2 months ago

We are happy to share our new trailer and improved Steam Store page

Please Wishlist 💥Cleanup Crew💥 on Steam

#roguelite #bullethell #IndieGameDev #indiedev #bulleheavev

Grogpod Roguelike Podcast
2 months ago

For our 1 year anniversary special, our next podcast episode is tackling the question: "What Is A Roguelike?" I think we will have some ideas and debates planned to talk about, but we want to hear from you as well!

What do you think a rogue-type (like/lite) game is, and how do you think the genre is evolving?

#podcast #roguelike #roguelite #gaming

IT News
2 months ago

Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core looks like a tougher, action-minded co-op dig - Enlarge / No bugs, or even weapons beyond a pistol, are seen in Rogue C... - #deeprockgalactic #realtimestrategy #ghostshipgames #deckbuilding #roguelikes #roguelites #roguelite #gaming

Engine of Creation
2 months ago

For reference:
(read ALT-text for description)
#roguelite #vr #fps #gaming #quest2

Dead Hook in-game render from the players point of view.
Both hands are visible, as common practice in first person VR games.
The right hand is firing a pistol, from the back of the left hand a thick metal chain extends out of the frame to the celing.
The shot is taken high up in a large industrial / temple-like space, decorated with ghastly, man-high spikes.
In the upper middle and right of the picture two creatures are attacking, resembling a ball with horns and large, sharp teeth, extending crab-like apendages; both have the size of a large dog.
In the upper left corner the stylized logotype "Dead Hook" is placed.
Engine of Creation
2 months ago

Nothing fancy:

"jumpy", clear and defined rhythms and offbeats (I'd describe it as "electronic tribal dance music"), very easy to move to and that's what I'm looking for as it's perfect to fuel my "Dead Hook" session and keep up the #flow.

"Dead Hook" is a #roguelite #vr #fps best described as an union between Doom Eternal, Spider Man and Max Payne. It's quite physically demanding on room-scale so it'll be nice to have something to move along to.
#psytrance #gaming

My Next Games
2 months ago

I’ve been using my #screenshotsaturday to launch our new #free experimental murder mystery #roguelite - Starship Murder - on different platforms. This week it’s #gamejolt

#indiedev #indiegame

Weküfu Studios
2 months ago
2 months ago

Yo! Need something with mechanics overload and tons of bullets??

Cavity Busters has you covered!

Pick it up for 25% off during the #SteamShmup sale :)

#indiedev | #roguelite

John Girvin
2 months ago

Come and join us to get a preview of the new version of Rogue Declan!

I’m currently aiming for next weekend (6th?) for the release of the new version. Stay tuned ⚔️🕹️🕹️⚔️

#Amiga #RetroGaming #RogueLite

Weküfu Studios
3 months ago

New update to our asset pack!

If you are using Unity, I think it's a good moment to switch to Godot and use our asset pack :) #unitytogodot #unityscam #banunity

- 3 new weapon effects + their icon
- 2 new armors
- New weapon UI
- Weapon icons
- New enemies: snake and tribal guys

#pixelart #roguelike #roguelite #bear #forest #itchio #gamedev #assets #assetpack #indiedev #indie

September 14, 2023 - Day 257 - RePlay Review

Game: Aces & Adventures

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Feb 24, 2023
Library Date: Sep 13, 2023

Playtime: 52m (1h16m total)

Aces & Adventures is a fantasy RPG deckbuilding roguelite using poker mechanics.

Yeah, when I woke up this morning, I decided to give it another shot over coffee to see just how much of my ability to understand the game had been clouded by exhaustion.

Turns out, pretty much total.

When I played it this morning, it all made a hell of a lot more sense, both the way that the various kinds of cards work, and also the synergy between them.

In addition, I could actually remember a bunch of poker hands that evaded me last night.

Essentially, each round presents you with one or more cards with a bunch of hitpoints, health points, armor, etc etc. The cards also might have certain abilities.

You get one attack per round, but triggering abilities doesn't count as an attack, so if you can clear the board before your attack, you do that.

This morning's run had a card with first strike, and another set of three cards, that each time you kill one, the rest get stronger, so it helps if you have an ability card that synergises with your draw that enables you to hit all enemies for three damage at once.

Which I did, and required two spades to trigger.

During the attack round is when the poker hands come into play (pun intended); you play your hand and then the AI attempts to defend.

If you play a single Ace, for example, the best the AI can do is block that with an Ace. Play a King, and the AI can block it with a King, or trump it with an Ace, which means you take damage.

But a poker hand? Double or triple your damage, particularly if you've collected some upgrade cards that stay with you until the end of the round. Maybe you pick up a card that's +1 damage per spade played.

It's a nice damage addition when you drop a single spade, but when you drop a straight?

That won me the round against a boss mob.

So with some sleep under my belt, it's fair to bump Aces & Adventures up to:

4: Good

#AcesAndAdventures #Fantasy #Roguelite #Deckbuilder #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming
#Project365ONG #Project365 #RePlay

September 13, 2023 - Day 256 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 277

Game: Aces & Adventures

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Feb 24, 2023
Library Date: Sep 13, 2023
Unplayed: 0d
Playtime: 24m

Aces & Adventures is a fantasy RPG deckbuilding roguelite using poker mechanics.

It's the fourth game in this month's Humble Bundle, and the first where, in spite of a tutorial, I had no idea what was happening half the time.

I don't know. I'm still not sure exactly what happened.

You play as one of several classes, each of which (other than the first) you unlock by playing. I completed playing "Spring" as a dwarf warrior and unlocked the rogue class.

It's turn-based combat, in which you have three decks in play simultaneously. The attack deck which is a standard 52 card deck, a second deck of ability cards, and a third deck of upgrade cards.

At least I think that's what was happening. Admittedly, I'm very tired right now, which might have stunted my understanding of how to play, but I muddled my way through to completing the first... section? Quest?

In any case, I think I need to give Aces & Adventures a pass this time, and blame it on myself, so for now it's:

3: OK

#AcesAndAdventures #Fantasy #Roguelite #Deckbuilder #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

3 months ago

Added a little more loosey juicey to the starting elemental select screen. Which element would you pick?

#gamedev #roguelite #gamemaker #indiedev

Trese Brothers Games
3 months ago

Over the weekend, #ScreenshotSaturday had pics of a bunch of cool games being worked on, including:

@Tearcell's dark fantasy horror adventure game.
@OtterSpaceDev's low-poly fantasy roguelite.
@aaronteefeylee's exploration-filled Irish adventure.
• our own squad tactics heist RPG (last week for the free demo!)

Support a #GameDev: boosting / following / wishlisting games that seem promising is super helpful!

#GamingNews #VideoGames #Gaming #IndieGame #Steam #IndieDev #Games #Roguelite

Somnipathy, by
Uncounted Isles, by
An Aisling, by
Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, by

There have been many definitions of roguelikes and roguelites thrown around over the years, and Berlin Interpretation aside (it's too broad), a guy I was talking to the other day sent me a great, concise definition of both that I really liked (simplified, paraphrased and rewritten a bit):

Roguelike: (looking to "Rogue" for comparison): single character turn and tile based strategy rpg (i.e. NOT games like Rogue Legacy - they're just platformers!)

Roguelite: subgenre of roguelike built around metaprogress.

Rogue is a "Hack-like" (Hack is basically a proto-Nethack) and Nethack is a hack-like -- so Rogue, Nethack and Hack are all roguelikes.

#rogue #roguelike #roguelikes #roguelite #roguelites #hack #nethack #strategy #turnbased #rpg

Weküfu Studios
3 months ago

We published an asset pack with the assets of the roguelike. Check it and consider buying to support the studio:

#pixelart #roguelike #roguelite #bear #forest #itchio #gamedev #assets #assetpack #indiedev #indie

August 25, 2023 - Day 237 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 257

Game: Banners of Ruin

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Jul 30, 2021
Library Date: Aug 9, 2023
Unplayed: 16d
Playtime: 19m

Banners of Ruin is a roguelite deckbuilder in which a mouse and a bear attempt to take back their city from the corrupt folks who stole it.

With two and a quarter hours sleep last night, I figured I'd get in early for a NewPlay and review, because I'm not even sure I'm going to make it through the morning.

Banners of Ruin came in the same bundle as Shred 2, and where Shred 2 felt like a "oh well, nothing lost", Banners of Ruin is a bit of a surprise.

Although it's quite different, it reminds me mostly of Slay the Spire, and while initially put off by the idea of trying to play a deckbuilder and remain conscious, it's actually fun.

The tutorial was well done, but a little bit too loquacious, and determined to hold my hand even after I'd grasped the basic mechanics, but once through the tutorial, I had a fun, if short run.

On the downside, it insisted on starting on a secondary monitor, and we had a fundamental disagreement about which monitor is which. It also supports a quite limited number of resolutions for a game that was released mid-2021, only running up to 1920x1080, but Fullscreen is an option, and the graphics don't suffer at all.

All in all, Banners of Ruin seems to be a fun way to kill 15 minutes here and there, and is:

4: Good

#BannersOfRuin #RogueLite #DeckBuilder #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Temple of the Roguelike
4 months ago

What's your personal, very own, non-transferable #roguelite vs #roguelike boundary?

Deepnight Games 🥋
4 months ago

I guess it now feels more like some dark alley. What do you think? #gamedev #pixelart #roguelite

John Girvin
4 months ago

Check out this in-depth review of Rogue Declan Zero from @10MARC

Get the game:


#Amiga #RetroGaming #RetroGames #TwinStick #RogueLite #RogueLike

John Girvin
4 months ago
5 months ago

It's been months, but we have a new version of NovaMundi, the procedural exploration game with tactical combat in which you lead a group of indigenous warriors and explorers to traverse the vast and dangerous territories of the Andean mountains seeking to unite the Muisca populations and prepare them to stand against the upcoming invasion efforts from European powers in the XVI century. More info here: #roguelite #procgen #indiegame

Emily :autism:
5 months ago

I didn't think I was going to be successful with today's escape attempt out of many, but I finally did it! #Hades defeated, and Zagreus finally meets his real mother. Happy but bittersweet, and I know he'll return to see her, now I know where he got his hair from! Remember Zagreus, yes Hades is your father, but he isn't your daddy.

#videogames #roguelite #shareyourgames

He's may be your father, but he's not your daddy.
So beautiful
It's cold
All the feels

July 14, 2023 - Day 195 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 215

Game: Going Under

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 24, 2020
Library Date: Dec 25, 2022
Unplayed: 201d (6m19d)
Playtime: 82m

Going Under is a roguelite dungeon crawler set in a late-stage capitalist hellscape and I am absolutely here for it.

I got almost 4 hours sleep on Thursday night, and woke up feeling pretty ragged.

When I got home from work I was down to one cylinder, and went grocery shopping, then came home ready to crash.

I figured I could knock 15 minutes of a game out and then write the review today.

Almost an hour and a half later I dragged myself to bed.

Dungeon crawlers are traditionally darkly-lit demon-infested horror-crawls, not brightly-lit, cartoonish, horror-crawls. The horror in Going Under comes from the biting satire of late-stage tech-startup capitalism in a VC-funded world, with nods to anyone who's worked in a knowledge worker / IT-related role.

The game starts with your first day as an -unpaid- intern (because of course it does), watching an introductory video about your new workplace, a recently acquired subsidiary ("Fizzer") of a multi-national conglomerate ("Cubicle").

You've been assigned to Fizzer by the company's AI (of course), and just as the video gets to the explanation of why no Cubicle employee should never enter the dungeons underneath the Fizzer office, your Project Manager boss assigns you to enter the dungeons underneath the Fizzer office to kill the "monsters" that are invading.

The dungeons themselves, and the monsters, are previously acquired start-ups, with names like "Joblin" (a gig worker app), and "Winkydink" (a dating app).

Between the roguelite elements and the quests to build up rep with your "mentors", Going Under really nails that "just one more run" feel.

Going Under is:

5: Excellent

#GoingUnder #Roguelite #DungeonCrawler #StartUp #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

5 months ago

Yay, had a successful run in #SlayTheSpire after a lot of failures. Getting the new character in The Watcher (who I have no idea how to play after doing a taster run) is a neat reward. Fairly sure I've beaten the spire before but I might have misremembered?

#Roguelite #Steam #gaming #cardgame #SteamDeck #pcgaming

John Girvin
5 months ago

Stress testing RDZ map generation by putting it into an endless loop and seeing if it hangs, crashes or fails any internal asserts...

#Amiga #RetroDev #RogueLite

5 months ago

I've been playing a lot of reverse bullet hell roguelites of late, such as #VampireSurvivors, #20MinutesTillDawn, and #Brotato. Does anyone have recommendations for new ones to try out?

Also, always on the hunt for new games to play on the #SteamDeck!

#Games #Gaming #PCGaming #Steam #RogueLite

Screenshot of Vampire Survivors. A pixelated figure is surrounded by bones, books, scythes, and other weapons, all attacking pixelated horror monsters in a style that is almost completely taken from (though legally distinct from) Castlevania.
Screenshot of 20 Minutes Till Dawn. A pixelated girl in the center of the screen is surrounded by a circular shield. She's firing a gun at pixelated Lovecraftian enemies to the right, which leads to a large group of lightning bolts where the bullets are hitting. Stray flames spew from the gun as well, and a single trail of bullets leads behind her to the left. Some enemies along the left have blocks of ice on them to indicate that they're frozen.
Screenshot of Brotato. A potato person is towards the center, surrounded by six guns that are firing at purple aliens of various shapes and sizes. Flakes of green gems litter the battlefield, along with a gem-covered tree, a crate with a gem on its side, and a couple of gun turrets. Red X's indicate where enemies are going to spawn in.
John Girvin
6 months ago

These gorram spike traps were easy enough to implement but took FOREVER to get the position generation working acceptably 🙄

I hope you come to hate them 🤣

#Amiga #RetroGaming #RogueLite #RetroDev

6 months ago

Where do you prefer to follow the development of an indie game you're interested in? (where development is too early for steam)

#indiegames #indiegame #gamedev #devlog #games #game #roguelike #roguelite #shooter #topdown #videogames #godot #godot4 #godotengine #unreal #unrealengine #unity

My son is over and we're playing a bunch of games. My current favorite (and also one of his) is the INCREDIBLE roguelike Death Road to Canada. And like it sounds, you're fighting pixelated digital zombies in the apocalypse, trying to make your way to the safety of Canada. This game is SO fun and replayable (but beatable, we've beaten it three times since he's been here) and I suspect it would make an EXCELLENT party game. Up to four players can jump in and out. Every game is random and you don't win every time, but it's so wild and really hilarious too. I won this game in a giveaway and was pretty psyched but had no idea it was such a great game. Just a blast. You can even make your own characters too (and you'll meet some familiar ones), as you grab buffs, upgrades, and all KINDS of weapons. There's some really cool decision making involved along the way, along with skill you learn and luck you hope to have. Onward to Canada!

#DeathRoadToCanada #IndieGames #SwitchGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #zombies #ZombieGames #roguelike #roguelikes #roguelite #roguelites #horror #HorrorGames #Canada

Death Road to Canada zombie outbreak in town at dusk
Death Road to Canada - one of the roadside camps where you can trade items and get new recruits for your party
Death Road to Canada - frying some zombies with a flamethrower
The Death Road to Canada title splash screen! Get this game and try it!
ausretrogamer ☑️
6 months ago
Paul Lawitzki
6 months ago

The big green release button has been pressed and all the evil demons have been released. Go grab your copy of #HallsOfTorment over on Steam. It's below $5 and people told me it's fun as hell 😈
#madewithgodot #indiegame #gaming #roguelite

May 16, 2023 - Day 136 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 152

Game: Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Nov 17, 2018
Library Date: Dec 25, 2022
Unplayed: 145d (4m24d)
Playtime: 43m

Steam went down while I was writing this, which was a little disconcerting.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is the "definitive edition" of Bad North, which I'd never played. It's a real-time cozy tactics strategy roguelite.

I threw "cozy" in there, because of all the games this reminds me, it's actually Townscaper that it comes closest to in terms of atmosphere.

It's somewhat minimalistic in design, but that gives it a unique character. You defend a series of islands against Viking invaders, so it's like the anti-Assassins Creed Valhalla.

I wish I had more to say about it, but I've come down with some kind of not-COVID (according to two tests so far), and couldn't stay awake last night to post the update.

I then went to bed and couldn't sleep, so it's a lose/lose.

I really must look up the difference between roguelike and roguelite, because all of these subcategories are doing my head in.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is:

4: Good

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8 months ago

Cavity Busters is now available on #PS4, #PS5, #Xbox and #Switch

It's time to chomp your way through the Bloated Kingdom!

#roguelite | #bullethell

🎮 NintendoSwitch:

🕹️ PS4 | PS5:

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John Girvin
9 months ago

Test run of one level, with the status bar in place now.

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10 months ago

Also if anyone has advice on places to meet up with programmers for a #GameJam other than Develteam it would be really appreciated.

I have been developing an idea for years that is a #roguelite style of #Gameplay that is influenced by an early game freak game on the SNES.

I have always wanted to make a #IndieGame I can do the music and art and have made some pen and paper games so have a foundational idea of how game design works. Just never been able to pick up programming.

Slime Team
1 year ago

Meet the first boss for our game, we haven't started programming it but it already has it's idle animation😅

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1 year ago

This is it! Moment of truth. My #Roguelite #Shmup, #Gunlocked has exited Early Access!

It has been an incredible experience to develop this game with everyone in the community that gave such great feedback. It has been life changing, in a very tangible way (I'll talk more about that some day).

Check out the linked trailer below, and please boost and share and toot until your heart's content!

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1 year ago

I'm Jamie, I do #gameDev/#indieGames and #pixelArt.
I made a #bulletHell #detective #visualNovel game called Star Apprentice: Magical Murder Mystery and a #roguelite #platformer called Vain Ascendance, both on steam.
I like creating an over-the-top #anime vibe in my games.
Also a fan of #GodotEngine.
Some of my favourite games include #AceAttorney #Persona #Touhou
Uhh... that's all I can think of to cram in here.
Looking forward to trying out mastodon!

Minnie Star and Detective Lasnam from Star Apprentice
Valerie and Teri from Vain Ascendance sitting at a bar
Théotime (local AAA battery)
1 year ago

Hey there! I'm doing my introduction again because I forgot hashtags ^^'

I'm Théotime, I'm a French computer science student from Auvergne.

I mostly play roguelikes, metroidvanias (Hollow Knight my beloved) and monster tamers (i.e. "Pokémon-likes", such as Nexomon, Coromon, Monster Sanctuary,...). These days, I play a lot of Breath of the Wild, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Dead Cells, and 30XX.

I watch pretty diverse series, my favourite shows at the moment are Doctor Who, The Owl House, Inside Job, The Good Place, Rick and Morty,... Feel free to recommend me shows, I don't really have anything to watch these days.

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Jason Evangelho
1 year ago

I already sunk a bunch of time into the 2022 game of the year on my Steam Deck. Am I eager to start all over on #Xbox?

Yes. Yes I am!

(#VampireSurvivors is responsible for pulling me into all kinds of similar #roguelite games. Most of which were recommended by the always awesome @gamingonlinux).

But seriously, play this game.

The main menu for video game Vampire Survivors in Xbox.