#iot slightly off-topic: why the :toucan: does a #roomba, a hockey puck of a vacuum robot, need a CAMERA

*ahem* oh right. PR wants me to call it an "optical sensor"
(though I think roborock advertises it like that)

Sven A. Schmidt
6 days ago

I'm new to the whole #Roomba thing but I can already tell it's great at dealing with 80 percent of the problem so I can focus on ignoring the remaining 20 😬

1 week ago

heise online: EU-Kommission droht mit Blockade des iRobot-Kaufs durch Amazon
Dank der #roomba Saugroboter hätte Amazon dann auch Daten über die Wohnung der Kunden …

2 weeks ago

we added a ramp for the #roomba. I can’t help but think we just brought the robot apocalypse one step closer.

cardboard ramp for a roomba to get it into the kitchen
Jon Roach
2 weeks ago

Roomba: "Error 17"

Me: "Roomba has been led into Temptation"

#Heaven17 #DadJokes #Roomba

Alors, comme dit plus bas, on a réussi à les faire fonctionner, mais bizarrement. Le mari s'est créé un compte, et a réussi à les ajouter dessus. Je dois donc être connectée à son compte sur mon téléphone pour que ça fonctionne.

Autre bizarrerie, le laveur a gardé la cartographie de l'appart, pas l'aspirateur 😳

#robot #roomba

3 weeks ago

#woofba2000 (the world’s quietest vacuum cleaner packed with olfactory, auditory and predictive technology that can anticipate a spill before you make it [edible spills only]) - Meets the #roomba i5, the worlds second smartest vacuum cleaner, trying to clean up the mess left behind by the woofba (loudly).

Tom's Hardware Italia
3 weeks ago

🤖 #Roomba e5154 a soli 199€! Pulizia smart al MINIMO storico! Affrettati! #DealIrresistibile


3 weeks ago

Anyone out there there have experience with #irobot #roomba?

Considering a robot vac for the first time. But we have a three level townhouse. How would that work…?

And what about the mopping? Is that worthwhile?

Piratenpartij Nederland
1 month ago

De spullen die we vroeger gebruikten, waren van onszelf. Maar steeds meer apparaten in huis staan in verbinding met het internet. Daarmee mengen fabrikanten zich in jouw bezit en jouw vrijheid. #privacy
#Netflix #Roomba #Amazon #Philips #HP

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

@the_etrain I read that "when it burps."

I can just imagine the new Roomba ads:

Kid: "Mom. Where's Blackie?"

Roomba: [burps]

Mother: OMG! The Roomba ate the cat!

Roomba: "Bloody hell!!! That cat was good!"

Narrator: "The Roomba, the vacuum cleaner that burps, and swears! :derpface:"

#Roomba #burps #swears #cats #ads #marketing #satire

1 month ago

If you've been following along, you know my mother has severe COPD. Thanks to this jerk, our house is full of airborne toxic chemical fumes. Furthermore, it melted into the furnace rendering it unusable until we have it professionally cleaned.

BUYER BEWARE!!! the iRobot Roomba j7+ combo sounds great, but it requires constant maintenance and does not perform to specifications to the extent that it literally is a safety hazard.



1 month ago

This, after 4+ consecutive days of waking my sleep as it insists on crossing a within-tolerance threshold (⅜"), which it cannot traverse, despite published specifications. I therefore avoid it within my instructions.

It will carry on for 15+ minutes attempting the climb, making a racket in the process. One early morning I attempted to push it back over the threshold manually, and it came back to it THREE TIMES!!! Points for tenacity, I guess? (continued)

#irobot #roomba #safetyhazard

1 month ago

WARNING! @iRobot's flagship product (Combo j7+) is a dangerous safety concern.

I took to Xitter a bit ago to rant about what an annoyance this product was. It gets worse.

Today I awoke to the toxic smell of burning plastic, discovering the Roomba solidly adhered to a heated furnace grate.

As mentioned in the referenced thread, it often pays the map no heed, & parked itself with an error on top of the heat grate in a no-go zone. (continued)


Brad Stowers
1 month ago

If you think #AI #robots are going to take over the world and enslave us all, you've never watched a #Roomba mop try to deal with a room transition that has a 1/16" high threshold.

1 month ago

Impressed how easy it is for a user to repair a #Roomba. Modular design enables easy replacement of parts. If only more stuff was made this way! #RightToRepair #Repair #sustainability

Roomba robot vacuum cleaner upside down with parts removed so that one module can be replaced.
1 month ago

Good morning (afternoon) to the Federation. I can only keep up with the boys using a team of robots. Sometimes we sit and watch the moppybot together. #ZebraFinches #BirdsOfMastodon #Finches #Robots #Roomba #Scooba

Two finches perch on the fingers of the cameraholder as a blue disc shaped mop robot navigates out from under a grey couch opposite. They and one more finch flee as the robot bumps into the cameraholders feet.
Steve Oberg
2 months ago

In what may be the surest sign of the #Apocalypse that isn’t the current state of affairs in the Middle East, I now own a #Roomba iRobot #vacuum. I spotted it for sale at a tenth of the price of buying it new, #FromGoodwill over the weekend. And it works perfectly and well on our very difficult-to-clean living room/kitchen/hallway. I am impressed and never, ever expected to have such a thing.

A Roomba iRobot vacuum
2 months ago

And how is your roomba called?
(the system ID is randomly generated afaik).
#valetudo #roomba #FurryTrash

Screenshot of Valetudo web interface. The system ID is StimulatingOverjoyedWolf
2 months ago

I have an early #roomba robot vacuum. It's not very intelligent.

Seamus Quigley
2 months ago

Let's talk about #iRobot & #Roomba.

This weekend I performed some surgery on my Roomba (595 Pet Series). The side-spinner brush had a habit of stopping spinning and, while investigating that, I noticed that its tires had worn down to plastic.

I #almost bought a new robovac before my brain kicked in. Turns out, it's very easy to repair! The Roomba is startlingly modular. And there's a robust market of 3rd party parts. It's a #RightToRepair wet dream.

Hold on, the #roomba needs its #humore chips adjusted.

AGAIN!!!! 💯😬

2 months ago

Y’all recall that fun balloon my kids got me when I was in covid isolation like 2 weeks back? I thought for sure a flying cat was going to bring it down, or a dog would stomp it thinking it was a toy. I was way off.

Apparently Higgins the Roomba had a deadly plan and the assassin-level patience to wait until it was juuuuust right to strike.

Bad #Roomba

Jason Perseus
2 months ago

I have to say this #Roomba is amazing.

Not a single dog hair on the floor anymore and I no longer have to sweep and vacuum once a week.

1 hr/wk = 52 hrs/yr.

So $600 and I have afforded myself ~2 days a year of extra time.

Give it a lifespan of 5 years and thats $125/yr cost (let’s make it $200 with annual replacement part costs).

$100/day cost per free day gained, around $4 an hour to turn chore time into free time.

Lmk if you have #tech or #tips that save time on #chores at minimal cost!

Jason Perseus
3 months ago

Mayhem isn’t even that scared.

I thought she would go nuts!

#roomba #dog #dogs #dogstodon #dogsofmastodon

Phil Lam
3 months ago

@ThatOneSeong there's a whole art to this, and it can be super subtle. A great example are #Roomba s. They are *lovingly* engineered, and incredibly repairable.

The thing is, nobody talks about it or seems to value it. I had no idea until I went to perform routine upkeep on mine and discovered this masterpiece of #engineering for #maintenance inside. Underappreciated.

Rachel Rawlings
3 months ago

My mom has a #roomba with a #surveiilance camera built into it, and it takes pictures of obstacles, so I got a late #Caturday message this morning.

The view from under a bed, looking up at a grey and white cat calmly on its haunches but giving the camera some concerned side-eye.
Rafael Rigues
3 months ago

#Vacuum Cleaning. Literally, the thing was FILTHY. They should learn with the smartphone industry about dust-proofing the insides. #roomba #repair

Chris Adamson
3 months ago

I always get a kick out of seeing the weird tracks in the carpet when the #roomba is done vacuuming a room.

Home office carpet, with rows of straight vacuum lines broken up by arbitrary diagonals.
IT News
3 months ago

Top-end Roomba can now refill itself with water via furniture-sized dock - The Roomba Combo j... - #robotvacuum #roomba #tech

Tech news from Canada
3 months ago

Ars Technica: Top-end Roomba can now refill itself with water via furniture-sized dock #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #robotvacuum #Roomba #Tech

3 months ago

iRobot julkisti uuden Roomba j9 -sarjansa, joka asettuu tukevasti roboimureiden malliston kärkipäähän - niin ominaisuuksiltaan, kuin hinnaltaankin.

Lippulaivamallina on Roomba Combo j9+ joka moppaa, imuroi, tyhjentää itse itsensä ja täyttää oman vesisäiliönsäkin. Ja väistelee esteet. Ja tietää mistä siivota ja milloin.

#roomba #roombacomboj9 #robottiimuri #roboimuri #uutiset #tekniikka

3 months ago

iRobot julkisti lisää moppaavia roboimureita:

Roomba Combo j5+ ja Roomba Combo i5+ houkuttelevat ostajia aavistuksen edullisemmalla hintapisteellä, kuin edeltävä, hurjan hyvä, mutta tonnin maksava Roomba Combo j7+

#roomba #robottiimuri #roombacomboj5+ #roombacomboi5+ #uutiset

Paul Sanders
4 months ago


The #roomba robot vac really doesn’t cut it when I read up on it’s competitors. I have some #homeassistant automations that kick off a clean when we leave… but the second it hits something, it gets jammed and stops.

The kids leave everything out, so it’s understandable. The other versions have cameras and are able to detect this sort of thing. Any recommendations?

Also, I’m hesitant to replace, as it has a name and feels like part of the family.

Soooooo, if it is integrated to ChatGPT or the AI overlords, I’m asking for a friend.

4 months ago

Inside a #Roomba #LIDAR unit.
No idea what gen of roomba either.

It has interesting (and sensible) construction.
A short #thread with partial #teardown below.

Kernel Bob
4 months ago

Roomba says it did a good job here.

#Roomba #RosieDidItBetter

A silver rug covered with clumps of black dog hair on an oak floor, also covered with clumps of hair
A floral gray rug covered with clumps of black dog hair and a ball of link on an oak floor, also covered with black dog hair
Screen capture of an iPhone lock screen.  One notification from the Roomba app reads, "Tucker's Buddy successfully completed a job!"
5 months ago

It’s #Caturday. She was not interested in allowing the robot vacuum to pass.

#LoTR #Robot #Roomba #CatsOfMastodon #RagDollCats #Cats

One of our cats firmly sitting and blocking the robot vacuum from completing its morning routine.
5 months ago

Waiting for the Roomba…

#cats #roomba

Kitten observing a Roomba vacuum parked in it’s charging station.
Ben Ramsey
6 months ago

Here’s a new one for #InternetOfShit:

I can’t vacuum my house because #Roomba has a major service interruption right now.

Screenshot showing the Roomba network status page. It shows that there is an active incident causing a widespread outage.
Feynman 🔴
6 months ago

From Reddit :

Apparently it is used for debugging but don’t have access to one of those…

#roomba #reverseengineering

Feynman 🔴
6 months ago

I want to connect to my #roomba i3 Evo by serial or other means but I have no idea what I’m looking at. It’s seems like there’s a port to connect a proprietary cart for debugging? I want to connect an #arduino or #raspberrypi to make a #turtlebot.

#hacking #reverseengineering #askfedi #electronics #robotics

Feynman 🔴
6 months ago

Slurp is back from his mission. #caterday #robovac #roomba #silentsunday

7 months ago

@JoeJulian @SeaRyanC our $500 #Roomba got stuck under the dining room table this morning…and rather than just waiting … drained its battery and canceled the job it was actively working on.

Right now, it seems like the best way to accomplish a more capable #robot would be to design our houses, appliances, and lifestyles around them. REO?

8 months ago

super frustrating day. I narrowed down an issue with a #roomba 770 to the right wheel module not functioning. The part itself works fine its a transplant. But somehow when its installed it just doesnt want to move. It seems like a mechanical issue but I honestly cant figure out how. The module works, it works when installed in another roomba, it moves properly in hand, and the second its mounted its sluggish, like its rubbing, but there is nothing to rub on. Fucking hell.

8 months ago

I'm thinking of getting a #Roomba but I have a dog.

Will the Roomba make a dirty protest if it goes over dog poo? I don't want my white tiles destroyed!

@trevorflowers Mine isn't actually a #Roomba and I love it too much too potentially break it.

But I do have a poorly-performaing castoff I bought before the #RoboRock--I wonder if it would support #Linux...

9 months ago

I posted a rant about how annoying virtually everything "AI" is (call directors, roombas, LLMs advertised as though they said true things...).

#AI #LLM #roomba #intuit #rant

10 months ago

"EU is set to launch an antitrust case against #Amazon over its proposed $1.7bn acquisition of #Roomba maker #iRobot, in latest signal that #bigtech groups will receive greater scrutiny over dealmaking,” #antitrust #regulators are likely to launch a formal #probe over how the Roomba operates, in particular, the #autonomous #vacuum #cleaner’s ability to take #pictures as it moves around a home.” #privacy #datamining #personaldata #ecommerce

Rui Carmo
10 months ago

How many of you name your #Roomba Alfred? Asking for a friend.

Two gay roombas fall in love :heart_pride:

Future gay-erasing historians: "OMG! They were roomba-mates!"

#OMGTheyWereRoommates #roomba #SapphoAndHerFriend #AchillesAndHisPal #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA

heise online
11 months ago

Roomba: Wie private Fotos eines Staubsauger-Roboters auf Facebook landen können

Der Hersteller des Roomba sieht die Schuld für Foto-Leaks nicht bei sich. Testnutzer hätten der Datenerfassung zugestimmt. Diese sehen das aber anders.

#Amazon #Datenschutz #Infotech #KünstlicheIntelligenz #MachineLearning #Roboter #Roomba #Video #iRobot

Felipe Tofani
11 months ago

#Roomba testers feel misled after intimate images ended up on Facebook

Douglas VB
11 months ago

Now I wait to see if the #roomba bump sensor transplant was successful on this 611 model. The battery had gone completely dead so it's a fast yellow blink recharge state the next ~16 hours. The original symptom was a bump sensor being stuck on so it was constantly backing up. #iRobot certainly didn't design this model with replacing the bump sensors in mind. I had to take it all the way down to the plastic chassis to get the access I needed.

A partially gutted Roomba vacuum cleaner on a counter surrounded by tools.
A disassembled Roomba vacuum cleaner sitting on a table.
A Roomba vacuum cleaner on its charging dock.

A couple of years ago, we learned of the existence of a #Facebook group where micro-workers denounced egregious examples of #privacyviolation by AI companies. The case of the person recorded by a #roomba while sitting on the toilet was already discussed there.

An-Tim Nguyen :unreal:
1 year ago

Apparently some images came online showcasing people's private lives (whether it be a woman on the toilet or kids' faces), taken from the Roomba's camera (iRobot, which Amazon is trying to acquire.) But that footage gets sent to another foreign company (Scale AI), hiring low-wage contract workers, whose job is to tag images (faces, objects, etc) to build data sets in order to feed machine learning algorithms.

#Privacy #Security #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #Roomba

Eric Girouard
1 year ago
CK's Technology News
1 year ago

#iRobot’s #Roomba #vacuum took a photo of a woman on the toilet and it ended up on Facebook.

But the company says your data is safe....

Ruth Mottram
1 year ago

A late #Caturday entry..

Our #oldLady is not quite sure what she thinks about the #Roomba, but it is quite interesting to watch from a distance..

A black cat sits upright watching a round black robot vacuum cleaner on a pale white washed wooden floor. In the background there is a white wall and a white painted window sill with many orchids in pots. The
Teures Nerdspielzeug oder ein sinnvolles Haushaltsgerät? Bei Staubsaugerrobotern gehen die Meinungen weit auseinander. Wir erklären, was Sie erwarten dürfen.
Staubsaugerroboter lernen immer neue Tricks
1 year ago

Oh, #Roomba, it is a very good thing you have not been tasked with delivering the #DeathStar plans to the #rebelalliance….

Picture of a Roomba trapped inside of a hula hoop.

I'm glad that every time I think about buying a #roomba, #aws #outage remind me it's better not to