Portland (Half) Marathon! Holy moly, I can't believe I did it, truly. Official chip time was 2:29:40 -- that sub-2:30 was brought about by my hauling ass at the end. I was solid up until mile 8, when the hydration and Gu energy gels and stuff started to make me feel nauseous. The rest of the run was a run/walk hybrid to keep from puking. 🤢

Really proud of my performance! Lots to train for next time.

#Running #HalfMarathon #PDXMarathon #Strava #pdx #Portland #Oregon

Beautiful vista of the Hawthorne Bridge just before sunrise. Strava stats below: Run 13.3 mi, Pace 11:16/mi, Time 2:29
Jelmer de Haas - 📸🥁
2 hours ago

Vandaag lekker stukje gelopen in #Utrecht. De #singellooputrecht met mijn zoon. Hij is gister 15 geworden en deed vandaag zijn eerste loopwedstrijd. En liep mij er met 3 seconden af. Een goede wakeup call 🤪. Mijn vrouw deed ook haar eerste 10 kilometer vandaag. #❤️

#strava #hardlopen #running #Utrecht

2 hours ago

10 miles/16 km today and my fastest 10K somewhere in there! 🎉 Felt really good today just putting one foot in front of the other and listening to music. #running

Photo of landscape, tree, and moon with running stats: distance - 10.21 miles; time - 1:59:58; pace - 11:45/mile
Cameron Mulder
2 hours ago

Fantastic 10 mile trail run today! Now getting some beer. #running #trail #beer

4 hours ago

You… shook me all night long
#running #laufen #coros #xeroshoes

4 hours ago

@robyn This is my least favourite animal encounter when running. I am safer with bears, moose, deer, and coyotes than with unleashed fido and an owner yelling (if they even notice) "oh, they're friendly" as fido jumps on me. Even when standing in front of a "No dogs allowed" sign, I have been told it was my fault that off leash fido was growling because I was using nordic poles.

Irresponsible dog owners are the worst. #DogsOfMastodon #Running #Run

@robyn I know that experience ... I'm mostly #running trails in the woods and though dog owners are required to keep their dogs on a leash there, some don't and more than once a dog has snapped at me.

This is clearly not the dog's fault, because it just does what dogs do, but I've often clashed with owners about their ignorance.

However, to protect myself, I've been carrying a very loud siren for a while, which should drive away an attacking dog

Stephen Greenham
5 hours ago

Garmin Connect has been down all afternoon, so I had to manually drag the .fit file off my Garmin watch and throw up up to Strava. Was a nice run this afternoon, was planning for 27km and may have misjudged the route slightly. But it was nice #running on both sides of the Thames valley and through Marlow... Should hit 2000km for the year later this week 😁

One banana, one espresso, wait 20 mins, and boom. A good #run today, passed my 10k target. And honestly, I am just enjoying being back under the 8 min mile average. (I know, @WTL: not the advice you gave!) Between this and an earlier 4 miles in the park with the #beagle, it’s been a good Sunday (and I definitely worked off last night’s burger-and-fries 🤣). #Running #RunnersOfMastodon #Brooklyn #ProspectPark

6 hours ago

When you see this in #Strava and have to wonder if you need to manually enter your #running miles. #run #Garmin #garminConnect

Message on Strava app: “Uploads from Garmin are currently delayed.”
Red alert message from Garmin: Garmin Connect is currently experiencing an outage. We are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.
6 hours ago

1mi @ 8:00 #running (or maybe it was 7:59).

But, Max HR was 216 so, probably not something I should normally do. (Treadmill says average HR was 192, which is also too high but that's a biased average because I hands on the sensors only when I'm stressing/tiring.)

Now to lift.

6 hours ago

Sunny morning #dailyrun today, feeling awfully warm for October in #ottawa #run #running #ottrun #rideaucanal

Blue sky above the tree lined Rideau Canal, with some Canada geese gathering on the water
Blue sky above the tree lined Rideau Canal
Blue sky above the tree lined Rideau Canal
Blue sky above the tree lined Rideau Canal
7 hours ago

August Patreon Reward for of his gym enthusiast Della, going for a Totally Normal brisk morning run. She's trying out something new with her outfit to see if it helps you join in, is it working?
See my art a month early by pledging $5 to my Patreon!

#cat #feline #female #naked #publicnudity #nsfw #boobs #running #della

brad m
7 hours ago

“Sunday's weather forecast elevated the races into black-flag status (extreme and dangerous conditions), prompting their cancellation”
“record-setting #heat conditions that do not allow a safe event for #runners, supporters and volunteers”
“With the #marathon distance it's good to take precautions because, man, it can be a real dire situation in the #heat” 🥵 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃 #TwinCitiesMarathon #Minnesota #extremeheat #globalwarming #climatechange #running #safety

7 hours ago

Of course #Garmin has a server outage after I have finished my longest #run in years.

#running #strava

Bucktown 5k Chicago: one of our favorite races, hadn’t been able to run in person since 2019. Slow steady progress, and progress nonetheless. Still managed top 10 in AG, which in this race ain’t bad. Targeting this for next year’s full comeback. #Bucktown5k #3RUN2 #ChicagoIsForRunners #running #RunFree #BreatheDeep #FinishStrong

Jason Rush
8 hours ago

Couple hours later, couple hours sweatier 😅

#running #portlandmarathon #halfmarathon #portland #rosecity #pdx

Post-race runner all sweaty and tired, holding a rose and a finisher medal in front of the Hawthorne Bridge
robyn ✨
8 hours ago

ok so. dogs that are fully not under control by their owners are number one on my list of Things I Haaaate When Out #Running.

obv if I am not running through an off-leash park, I should expect to see all dogs be leashed. that's apparently a crazy expectation, for one!!?? I am especially fond of situations where it's a) more than one dog and b) you can't even see the owner because they're so far away. leash. your. dogs.

so anyway... yesterday I went for a run through a park. I see a group of three is blocking most of the path ahead, so I give them a berth and run around them. suddenly a small dog SHOOTS OUT from the centre of the group, coming straight for me. he's on one of those unspooling, retractable type leashes, and nobody is paying attention or pressing that button to hold him back. so he's coming straight for me, growling and barking and just... being extremely aggressive. I jerked my foot away at the right second when he reached me, not sure what would have happened if I hadn't.

so then you'd think the owners would at least apologize - NOPE!! they laugh!! because how precious, our little angel
🤗🤗 so cute, how angry he gets and how he just tried to take out that runner 🤗 💜

no. stop it. git your dog away from me.

my feelings on the matter are accurately summarized in this

#run #runner #runnersOfMastodon

Alan Stryder
9 hours ago

My 5k race today went really well! I placed 19th of 136 overall and 2nd in the M40-49 division. I finished in 21:07 mins. My dad did very well too! Once I was done I circled back and ran him in. He placed 4th in the M70+ division. Also on a side note, #garmin servers were down (still are), and will not link with #strava either, so I don't have any real stats to share, but here are screenshots of
#running #oldmanrunning

My official times, 19th of 136 overall, Gun Time 21:07, Chip Time 21.04, Pace 4:13 /km, Division M40-49, Division Place 2nd of 12 in M40-49
My dad's official times: Overall 70th of 144, Gun Time 29:11 Chip Time 29:02 Pace /km 5:49, Division M70+, Division Place 4th of 8 in 70+
9 hours ago
Drawing of a feral striped hyena with a mail-bag and a mailperson's hat. The hyena is running towards the right, a happy expression on its face.
Daniel Düsentrieb
9 hours ago

Dafür dass ich es früher gehasst habe zu #laufen , macht es mir mittlerweile richtig Spaß, ich kann den neuen Wohnort erkunden und bin mächtig stolz, dass ich mittlerweile 5km am Stück schaffe 6:20 min/km, keine Ahnung wie gut das ist.


9 hours ago
Kurzurlaub in Holland. Wetter traumhaft, Laune tiefenentspannt, Lauf durch Dünen und über den Strand großartig :-)

12,09 km Dauerlauf in 1:04:48 (5:22/km) - Dünen & Strand

#laufen #running #coros #shammasandals #warriorsmaximus #apex2 #zoutelande #strand
Senhor Schlauschlau 🪐
9 hours ago

#Sonntag​s gilt: Nach dem Lauf ist vor dem Heilandt-Zitronenkuchen 🫠

#run #mastodonlauftreff #laufen #running #thisiscologne #outdoorrun #nikerunclub #nrc #morningrun #runcologne

Ich halte einen fast leeren Coffee-to-go-Becher mit einem Rest Milchschaum und eine braune Papiertüte in der Hand
9 hours ago

I will never understand but kudos to those who choose to do run streaks. I love my days off especially after a long weekend run. Charges the batteries like no end #Running #runstreaks

9 hours ago

Die Sonntagseinheiten in meinem Trainingsplan sind immer die schlimmsten (= schönsten?!)


10 hours ago

#laufen 23-112 25,2km 2:00h - henner und chris über die historie zum intel pentium-prozessor. der pentium 100 war mein einstieg. #stayforeverDE #podcast #running #retro

zwei intel pentium prozessoren. oben der pentium 100, unten ein pentium 200 ohne mmx.
Aaron Ouellette
10 hours ago

Coming off back to back peak milage ever training months, feeling ready for my race, I'm going to be full on taper anxiety the next two weeks until race day. #Running
Also this is my favorite time to run in #NewEngland

10 hours ago

The start of a new month with my last long run before #manchesterhalfmarathon in 2 weeks time. Wonder if I will reach September’s distance this time round 🤔🤨 #running #longrun #sundayrunday #halfmarathontraining #adidasrunning #loverunning #runningmotivation #runningfitness #runningcommunity #runnersofmastodon #mastorunners #oldguysrule #dreadlockrunner

Selfie with dreadlocks falling over my face and body. Photo has run stats at bottom 19.01 km distance 2hrs 16 seconds time and 6:19 minutes per km average pace
Route taken during run it has run stats at bottom 19.01 km distance 2hrs 16 seconds time and 6:19 minutes per km average pace
Screen shot with total distance of 190.4 km for the month of September. 19 runs at an average of 6:03 minutes per km and total time running of 19 hours 11 minutes and 7 seconds
10 hours ago

September #MonthlyRecap

- #GameDev this month was working on some animations for my base sprite. Art isn't my forte, so I may start working with a pixel artist I know.

- I've started #running via the couch to 5k (#c25k) program.

- I went to #SantaMonica and #LosAngeles for the first time. This was a work trip, so I got to meet all my coworkers (all lovely people). We also went to #UniversalStudios. #MarioWorld was cool.

- My s/o and I saw #Wicked!

10 hours ago

*grumble grumble* 32:46 #5k #running

10 hours ago

Day 1658 🏃‍♂️ / 45°F / 7.25°C / Went a smidge short. Vaccination arm is a little sore. Also notably cooler this morning. #dailyrun #running

A map showing a 6.5 mile run completed in 57:16
A sunrise over the Columbia River. Tones of orange are low in the horizon fading into dark blues. The colors reflected in the river with clouds over a low part of the horizon.
Jason Rush
11 hours ago

Pre-sunrise start for the half marathon at the Portland Marathon series! Standing in front of the Hawthorne Bridge in downtown Portland.

#running #halfmarathon #portland #portlandmarathon

Me standing in front of the Hawthorne Bridge in downtown Portland

Just for the heck of it, I bought a pair of Nike Vaporflys recently to see why Nike got one of their shoes banned in the Olympics.

It's insane how easily I broke my personal best each time I've worn them. :ablobcatreachflip:


Today’s #race:

12.2 km around the Pfäffikersee in Wetzikon, Switzerland.

Goal: < 65 minutes
Official time 1:05:54

#running #run #RunnersOfMastodon #laufen #corsa #fitness #health #Strava #HealthFit #AppleWatch #Tempo

Race map with result from Tempo app
Momo le Mamouth 🐝
11 hours ago

Usual crowd, too hot to move #oldmanrunning #running

Photo d'un héron au bord d'un lac
Monsieur Lu
11 hours ago

@AnnemarieDatBenIk not the total time I was expecting but quite a good race. #running

Personal records beaten today. Strava screenshot.

10 km
PR - 47:49 - 4:47 /km

5 km
PR - 23:28 - 4:42 /km

2 miles
PR - 14:15 - 4:26 /km

1 mile
PR - 6:43 - 4:10 /km

1 km
PR - 4:06 - 4:06 /km

1/2 mile
PR - 3:17 - 4:05 /km
12 hours ago

Today is National Walk Your Dog Day! Celebrate by taking your pal on a walk through the park, woods, or around the block. #NationalWalkYourDogDay #WalkYourDogDay #walking #running

Jean-Marie Vailloud
13 hours ago

Parfois, dans la campagne, il n’y a personne au bord des routes. On entend quelques cloches, ce sont les vaches. C’est contemplatif, tu réfléchis sur l’ainsité de ta condition de coureur.

Parfois, quand c’est dur, la Sonnaz notamment, ou la montée avant l’arrivée, et là, c’est quasi le Tour de France.

Letzter Longrun vor Amsterdam und Frankfurt. Heute wieder zu Gast bei Athletik Waldniel. Bei Traumwetter ging es zunächst mit den anderen der RCB auf die 20K-Runde und danach für mich noch auf die 10K-Runde. Es lief echt bestens und ich fühle mich jetzt wirklich gut vorbereitet für die beiden Marathons in zwei bzw. vier Wochen.
#Running #Longrun #MarathonTraining #AmsterdamMarathon #FrankfurtMarathon

🎮 MrLafia
13 hours ago

Et ben ça a piqué tout du long !
#MoratFribourg #running
#garmin #beatyesterday

Dagegenbewegen :kassette:
14 hours ago

Entspannter Sonntagslauf um die Alster. #laufen #running

Karte von Hamburg-Mitte, eingezeichnet ist die Laufstrecke um die Außenalster. Unten steht: Lauf 14,8 km, Tempo 6:05 /km, 1 h 30 min
François Cuenot
14 hours ago

Un immense bravo à tous les dossards du jour 💪 @GrangeBlanche @edouriez @noroland @dcateau @MrLafia et tous les autres


Last run in the #zkbzürilaufcup this season - goal: 12.2 km in < 65 minutes

#running #RunnersOfMastodon #run

Me in front of the Start of today’s race
14 hours ago

Petite erreur de levage de pied 1km avant l'arrivée. Et paff le bonhomme ! Par terre. Un bobo au genou pour la peine 😑
#Course #CourseAPied #Running #Gadin

Jambe avec son bobo qui saigne

@Sourdough Agree with you, ideal for trails, wet and mud. I love the minimal cushioning because it gives me full control and contact with the ground, this is important for me on rough terrain. #running

François Cuenot
15 hours ago

Belle course, superbe ambiance, très belle cause 👚💪
#beatyesterday #garmin #running

Juhani Lehtimäki
15 hours ago

Exactly one week until my first Marathon.

Unfortunately, an injury prevented proper training the last month so a time goal is out the window. Hence, new goals:

A) Complete the run with a negative split pacing
B) Run all the way, i.e. don't have to resort to walking
C) Just get over the line

My biggest wish at the moment is that I get to start the run pain free. Yesterday's run, everything hurt. Hoping for a recovery until Sunday.


16 hours ago

Morgenlauf zu den ersten 10 km im Oktober. Mit @sneakpod und #skyewallace im Ohr. ☀️🏃‍♂️

#twitterlaufgruppe #beatyesterday #nevernotrunning #RunFatboyRun #running

🥳 _-/\-_ 🤯
16 hours ago

Had a beautiful morning run today 🥳

#MorningRun #Running

A photo of a paved road between fields and trees in the background with dense fog laying over the land
Aske Kammer
17 hours ago

#running #MastoRunDK #EveryRunHasAPurpose

Sydkystløbet (21.1k) in T minus 14 days.

19 hours ago

Felt good on this run, after cutting short the previous one. Redemption is always on the table. It’s in moving onto the next attempt. It’s in our moving forward.

#life #run #running #runnersofmastodon

Marcel Bischoff
19 hours ago

Alright, today is the day of my first official marathon run ever. See you on the other side. #running

robyn ✨
1 day ago


turns out the screws on a
#Forerunner 35 are Torx T4s!! once the set of precision screwdrivers arrived, it was easy-peasy to get the new strap on.

this fairly ancient Forerunner just got a new lease on life thanks to everyone who had tips and suggestions
😄 no more chewed-up, torn, dirty #Garmin strap for me!! I really like the new strap, it isn't as bulky as the original strap, and doesn't have a clasp. looks cute, too.

#running #runnersOfMastodon #hiveMind


a closeup of a (fairly ancient) Garmin Forerunner 35 on a light-coloured desktop mat. but this time with a new strap!! the strap is black with a colourful woven pattern on it.
Matthew Clover
1 day ago

Did a solid 12 miles today on the CZ Trail here in Oregon with the #alaskanhusky Yoté. The sun was out yet the temperature was cool. This is my favorite kind of running weather.

#trailrunning #running

Man and his Alaskan Husky with blue skies and pine trees in the backgroun
Alan Stryder
1 day ago

I'm about to go and buy my first ever pair of waterproof trailrunning shoes. After that I guess i'm committed to some cold Canadian winter #running. Any tips for other winter running attire?

1 day ago

*️⃣ 40' #juggling
*️⃣ 4 km #parkrun
*️⃣ 3 km walk

The plan today was to do an 8 km run. However after 4 km my calf started to tighten and that's now the sign I use to decide to stop. Continuing in this state jeopardizes my training week and I want to avoid it at all costs.

The good news is that I could hold the mills mess trick with 3 balls for 5 rounds, yay! I've been practicing it for a very long time.

Scottish have been spotted becuz of rugby world cup

#running #fitodon

Running map & stats:
4 km in 28min
Scottish supporters in kilt admiring one of the pedestrian bridges the Citadel park before the rugby match against Romania this evening.
The Deûle river

I got a new pair of #inov8 X-talon G235 running shoes today. It was about time to replace the old ones. I can't wait for my running session in the hills around Oslo later today. #running #oslo #xtalonG235

INOV8 X-talon G235 running shoes

My #running stats for the year so far looks like 486 miles or 782km. This breaks my previous records already. 🎽

When I started, I couldn't run for longer than 60 seconds at a time.

#keto #fitness

2 days ago

Turns out, if you run more and do varied training, you can get faster. Set a PB at #Greenway #Parkrun this morning, and only 30 seconds off my 5km PB.


When the month ends on a Saturday, do you run your long run on Saturday to end the month strong, or on Sunday to start the month off strong?

Or, are you an overachiever who runs both days?


Mike Lawton
2 days ago

The good:
* I got out to the greenway and the weather and scenery were quite pleasant.
* Any run finished without injury is always a good thing

The bad:
* Could not keep my HR under control. “Disheartening”.💔
* Track running has made me soft and I struggled with elevation changes


The sun is sinking below the tree line, casting shadows along the left bank of the Roanoke River. Wispy clouds adorn the otherwise blue sky. My running stats are along the bottom: 10km in 1:08 for an average pace of 6:47/km.
2 days ago

I'd like to take a moment to recognize and thank everyone in their steadfast support in my return to running and celebrating my success today ( TA heart-felt thank you to all, you’re why I have made #Mastodon my home online. #Running

Memoji of me making a heart with my hands.
2 days ago

This weekend I’m signed up to run my longest race ever, a trail half marathon with 2000 foot elevation. I’m nervous!

#TrailRunning #Running

2 days ago

Success today on many fronts! Eighty seconds of plank, 25 pushups, started with my and I (slowly) completed my first half-marathon around #Ottawa since the injury side-lined me. Now, if I'm honest, the last five or so kilometres were a very real struggle - that annoying little voice *to just stop* that many runners have heard got very loud, but I managed to push it aside. Very sore, but pleased. #Running

Three iOS screenshots:
1) Timer App showing 1:20.87 seconds.
2) 25 Push Ups
00:39 Duration
0.85s Avg. Time
6% Consistency
3) Half Marathon Award - You just ran a half marathon! That's huge. Time to celebrate!
Six landscapes:
1) The Minto bridge, with ornamental lights that are on, with trees in the background.
2) Looking over the Ottawa River at Parliament Hill, with trees in the foreground and a cloudy sky.
3) A small creek, with trees.
4) The northernmost span of the Chief William Commanda Bridge, with some colourful grafitti and a cloudy sky.
5) Looking north along the Trillium rain line, with trees on both sides.
6) The recreational path along the Rideau Canal Western Pathway with pine trees towering over it.
Apple Map showing 22.99 KM Outdoor Run, starting in Bordleau Park, crossing the Minto Bridges, up to Sussex, over the Rideau Falls, across the MacDonald-Cartier Bridge, along the Voyageurs pathway, over the Chief William Commanda Bridge, along the Trillium Pathway to Dow’s Lake, along the Rideau Canal Western Pathway, over the Corktown bridge, along the LRT line, behind the new Lee’s OttawaU building, over the old train bridge, along the Rideau River Eastern Pathway, back over the Minto Bridges, and ending in Bordeleau park.
Apple Fitness Running Details
Total Time: 2:57:27
Total Distance: 22.99 KM
Average Pace: 7'43"/KM
Average Cadence: 154  SPM
Rhett Bratt
2 days ago

I strained a hamstring on a run this morning, so I’m limping badly and grimacing every so often when a step goes wrong. I’ll be infinitely more patient the next time I see someone who needs a little more time to get around.! #injury #hamstring #running #trailrun

robyn ✨
2 days ago

Heyyy #runners of Mastodon. quick (silly?) question. #BoostOK

I've got this
#Garmin #Forerunner 35 that I use for my runs. As you can see, one of our cats got ahold of the strap and chomped down on it. Like, a lot. It looks like this in several places, such that it's very nearly coming apart.

So I purchased a new strap -- and it turns out the screwdriver included in the set doesn't fit, so I can't get the screws out to replace the strap. We don't have a screwdriver this small with that star-shaped head at home.

What's my best course of action here?
Buy a set of precision screwdrivers?
Go to a jeweller, since they may have the tools available - Screwdriver-as-a-Service kind of thing?

I've already tried a running store that sells Garmin products, they weren't able to help.
😢 I don't want to replace the watch yet - it's not the fanciest, but still working great.

#yegRun #yeg #Edmonton #running

Aaron Ouellette
2 days ago

I ran a bucket list race this spring, I didn't have quite the dream experience, but that was a long time goal. I've achieved personal bests three times, 2 distances and feel fit for a fourth in the next few weeks. Hit a peak distance months.
My misses: I didn't run a full marathon time I'm happy with, Not doing the small stuff, streaching, core, weights, consistent diet. Lots of non running things need improvement as well. I am happy with the progress, and aware I can always improve. #running

2 days ago

Managed to bruise my metatarsal so no running for me today. 😠 #running

Adriana N
3 days ago

Comme tous les ans une belle course à faire. Cette année elle sera virtuelle, mais c'est mieux que rien. #EnsembleContreLeCancer #EnsembleOnEstEncorePlusForts #OdyseeaParis #running #10k #SportInnovation

Aaron Ouellette
3 days ago

We are more than 75% through 2023, how is everyone doing on their #Running Goals for the year?

Call out your big wins, for kudos, your big lessons, and it's ok to talk about things that didn't go as planned.

Hank G ☑️
3 days ago
Training advice just heard on this episode of Marathon Training Academy podcast on masters running training but applicable to all: “You can only advance as far as you can recover.” #fitness #running #exercise #longevity #health…
Matthew Martin (Runner)
3 days ago

BAA: Cut off time for Boston is 5:29...
me: 5.5 hours, oh, that's like a run-walk.
BAA: ...minutes faster than 1/3 of BQ #runners can run!

#bostonmarathon #running

3 days ago

Did an early morning run at 4am, and it was wonderful: the full moon, Jupiter, and Venus were out. And lake Geneva was shimmering in the moonlight, Evian blinking timidly through the morning mist.

In the forest the leaves were white with morning dew, and everything was nice and silent. Some cat eyes reflecting my headlight, and some misty parts. Just wonderful.

And bless the energy crisis for most street lights turned off at this time of the night.

#running #full_moon #Venus #Jupiter #insomnia

3 days ago

Am glad I’ve made peace with abandoning runs when needed. I just bailed on what should’ve been a 10K Tempo run.

Everything was good until almost halfway; then equipment failure 😏. I’m OK to abandon some runs if they’re doing more harm than good. So I did.

Getting to a point where I can bail on a run and be OK with has taken work. It’s OK to abandon runs if they’re are going to hurt more than help.

Let’s normalise this.

#run #nrc #running #runner #runnersofmastodon

3 days ago

Another day, some more progress. Up to 76 seconds of plank (for an actual second, I though I'd make it to 80, but nope), stretching, 25 pushups, and then out for 1km of fast walking, switching to 7km of #Running, and then grocery shopping before wandering home. Busy day in the home office, and I have a meeting out in the world soon.

Two vertical iOS screenshots:
1) Timer app, showing 1:16.47 for time.
2) Push-up Pal
25 Push Ups
00:40 Duration
0.91s Avg. Time
-35% Consistency
Apple Fitness Running Details
Total Time: 0:58:04
Total Distance: 8.10 KM
Average Pace: 7'10"/KM
Average Cadence: 156  SPM
Sun rising just over the horizon of the Rideau River, with trees in the foreground, part of an old bridge in the water, and the sky a pale orange.
Sunrise over the Rideau River near the Adawe Crossing into Strathcona Park, with the shore and trees on the left, the sun reflecting on the river, and the east shore lined with trees.
Aaron Ouellette
3 days ago

Part of me says make it a weighted lottery for those whom qualify, part of me says the system rewards those who get the lowest times semi equitably.

I'm not sure I know the right solution. I know it is going to be really hard for those who were 5 minutes below their BQ time, and didn't get in.

There could be a significantly more inclusive greater Boston area marathon, but would it have the mystic of 'Boston'. I have very mixed emotions on this.

#Marathon #running #bostonmarathon2024