Jan :rust: :ferris:
10 minutes ago

@Jdreben @guardiarris @maegul Yes, at least #Leptos takes the #SolidJS approach of using signals to update only the minimal amount of DOM that actually changes.

Regarding JS: you don't need to touch it explicitly in those frameworks, BUT: it is still used to manipulate the #DOM.

For this to work, a lib called wasm-bindgen is used (awesome piece of technology!), which basically bridges #Rust <-> #JS:

leptos_dom depends on it:

#RustLang #WASM

🔍 The paper selection process for #RustLab2023 is in full swing! Our team is reviewing all the submissions. It's very hard but we're happy! 😅
Stay tuned. Exciting things are coming your way! 🦀
#RustLab #RustLang

Rust Weekly
2 hours ago

egui_overlay - A transparent Overlay window where you can only click the "egui parts"


#programming #rustlang

Kirsten Freitag
3 hours ago

Diese Anleitung vom schlechten Beispiel zum funktionierenden Code war recht interessant.
Falls ihr Übungsaufgaben in
#RustLang kennt, bei denen man zum Beispiel einzelne Fehler finden und beheben muss, würde ich mich gerne mal daran versuchen. #Rust #LearningRust #Sabbatical

Join us in our commitment to promoting #inclusion and #diversity in tech! 🏳️‍🌈
RustLab's Sponsorship program allows us to provide free conference tickets to underrepresented individuals. Support our mission! Sponsor #RustLab2023 today.

Balthasar Teuscher
4 hours ago

@soller imagine this must be quite special to you as BDFL of @redox . I actually don't remember if i discovered redox or #RustLang first, anyways coding some rust on a #riscv based @system76 device running redox is what I am hoping for. might the best of you and the community converge!

Just published the 8.3.0 version of the geos crate.

It prevents the compute_voronoi function to panic by adding new variants in the geos::Error enum.

#rust #rustlang

The Rust I Wanted Had No Future

Great blog post by @graydon about what would have happened in the alternate universe, where Graydon is BDFL of Rust.

"If I'd stayed in charge (...) the result would have been, I think, fairly unpopular. The Rust I Wanted probably had no future, or at least not one anywhere near as good as The Rust We Got. The fact that there was *any* path that achieved the level of success the language has seen so far is frankly miraculous."


Rust GameDev 🦀🎮
9 hours ago

#RustyGameJam 3 has concluded!

🥇Find Ferris
🥈Tug of Orb
🥉 The Veiled Path

This jam had few but high-quality and awesome games! We wish all the participants good luck in their future endeavors!

You can find the submissions here:

#rustlang #gamedev

15 hours ago

Just wrote a piece on Yew, a Rust framework. If you're intrigued by #Rust or #WebAssembly, this might be right up your alley! Give it a read: #Yew #rustlang

Rust Weekly
18 hours ago
Earthy Tonez
19 hours ago

If you’re in the early days of learning #rustlang and nothing is going right, you should know that the last statement in a function is auto returned by that function, unless it has a semicolon at the end.

Which I found unintuitive.

"Experimental Patches For Rust-Written Linux Network Drivers" by Phoronix (mirror bot at @phoronix ) - #Linux Kernel infrastructure introduced to support #Rust🦀 network drivers. #RustLang #networking #OpenSource #software #engineering #tech

\x1b orhun 👾
21 hours ago

There are some exciting changes in the new release of "uutils coreutils"!

🦀 Cross-platform #Rustlang rewrite of the #GNU coreutils.

⭐️ GitHub:

🚀 Changelog:

Rust Weekly
22 hours ago


With latest commits, the functionality of the #rustlang based code is almost equivalent to the the #typescript prototype.

It renders references with basic templates into a properly-sorted JSON AST, and I've implemented basic disambiguation (such as Doe, 2020c).

And it seems roughly 10x faster than the typescript code.

23 hours ago

Wow! I'm absolutely in love with the learning environment of #rust / #rustlang and #rustlings and #rustbyexample. What an incredible combo.

I wish I had a similar environment to learn #python or #julialang in.

For those who are unfamiliar, Rustlings is an interactive learn-by-fixing program you run in your terminal. It correlates directly with Rust's official guide (The Book). They even link together and to the docs. So cool!

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 day ago

It's here! 🎉

Announcing match-commutative | A #Rust macro that helps matching on patterns commutatively, reducing the use of duplicated patterns. ✨

This can be useful, if you need to match on `(operant1, op, operant2)`, where `op` builds a commutative relation between `operant1` and `operant2`.

Please see the docs for the actual use case and an example:

Tagging @rjacobson and @tuck, because they've been interested in this. 😉

#RustLang #Crates #CrateTip

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 day ago

"#Rust developers usually are not just looking for "less buggy".

They are addicted to the clicky sound of legos." - by @Amirography in this thread:

Urgh, this quote is so 100% true!😄

Thank you @Amirography for expressing this!

#RustLang #Quote

#GoLab is gladly remembered also for its Social Events, where the features of Italian taste we're best known for (enjoying life, leisure, food and drinks) find their home ground. 🍷🪩
Please come back to check what we've planned for this edition!

#GoLab2023 #SocialEvents #RustLang

Rust Weekly
1 day ago

[Problem Solving Rust Video] We Built a WASM Video Conferencing System in Rust capable of handling 1000 users per call


#programming #rustlang

I see what people were talking about when they say #Rust is hard to get going for a new project. I've got the idea set up, but I have to get it all implemented and it's a bit of a pain.

Definitely like this more than #C or #Python though, the compiler is a great help.


Rust Weekly
1 day ago

Pure Rust implementation of a minimal Generative Pretrained Transformer


#programming #rustlang

Seve_py :vim: :python:
1 day ago

Get started with #Typst #rustlang typesetting system.
(#Vim - #windows )

Jacob Lewallen
2 days ago

I've noticed that in #RustLang during an "introduce module" refactor I'll copy and paste using blocks and sometimes seeing what you can delete from either "side" of those copies is very satisfying.

Dion Dokter
2 days ago

Ok so what if I have this type `struct Foo<const CAP: usize> { }` and I want to use it non-generically, what are my options?

Ideally I'd want something like this:

`fn use_foo(foo: Box<Foo<dyn>>)`

But that syntax doesn't exist of course.


2 days ago

New buffer management is working now. Instead of one giant buffer I'm using a lot of separate buffers and suballocate them. And each of them is used by it's own allocator. Not perfect, but I think it will work. #Vulkan #rustlang #gamedev

jbz :catjam:
2 days ago

🦀 Announcing Rust 1.70.0
➥ Rust Blog

"You should see substantially improved performance when fetching information from the index. Users behind a restrictive firewall will need to ensure that access to is available. If for some reason you need to stay with the previous default of using the git index hosted by GitHub, the registries.crates-io.protocol config setting can be used to change the default."

#Rust #RustLang

Jan :rust: :ferris:
2 days ago

Shout-out to all the #Rust'aceans who are not that publicly visible in the interwebz, but doing amazing work for the whole #RustLang community! 🥳

You guys are awesome! 🎡

#Community #Shoutout #Rustacean

David Runge
2 days ago

Hacking on #checksum support for the alpm-types crate today, as I have forgotten to add one for sha256 before the 0.2.0 release (which I actually need for .BUILDINFO 🤦 ).

Once the #traits fun is out of the way, the addition for generic checksum support is surprisingly small.

#archlinux #rustlang #alpm

Hacker News Discussions
2 days ago
Rust Weekly
2 days ago
Rust Weekly
2 days ago

Sniffnet, the Rust-based network monitoring tool, has now an official website


#programming #rustlang

2 days ago

Excellent blog post by Adam Chalmers to understand what Pin types are in Rust and why they are needed

#rustlang #programming

2 days ago

The #relm4 project silently released version 0.6.0 without announcement. relm4 is a #RustLang UI library based on #gtk and inspired by #elm. I've been using the 0.6.0 beta for some time now and absolutely enjoy it.

Rust Weekly
3 days ago
3 days ago

I am starting a new project that is intended to be designed as a (#p2p) protocol eventually with implementations in multiple languages. I know #Python well, but I have been learning #Rust and think I'll need to write at least some of the perf-sensitive components in Rust. Do I prototype it in Python and then rewrite in Rust later, or try and power through and write it in Rust now?
edit: added hashtags fwiw

Rust Weekly
3 days ago
Starr Horne
3 days ago

I never really feel happy with the aesthetics of my #rustlang code and I’m not quite sure why.

Jan :rust: :ferris:
3 days ago

In my 4 years of #RustLang, I've never written any macros, because I didn't felt the need to learn them and I honestly felt a little intimidated by them. 😳

But holy cow have I missed out on this feature! #Rust's (Declarative) Macros can be _really_ useful!

I might put the one I'm currently implementing up on in the next few days. 🤞 The macro is able to simplify pattern matching in certain scenarios.

Stay tuned! :ferris:

Chris Biscardi
3 days ago

My #rustlang 1.70 release train video is up. Including a bonus mention for cargo script!

Jan :rust: :ferris:
3 days ago

Another crucial aspect in this matter of #AI rewriting your code:
You should make your tools reusable, so that others can benefit from it as well. This is not possible with #LLMs. Sure you can share the prompt, but the output is all wishy-washy.

Use a proper tool for this kind of task, e.g. ast-grep - ⚡ A fast and polyglot tool for code searching, linting, rewriting at large scale. Written in #Rust:

#RustLang #Code #DevTool #CodeTool #Programming


A hardware-accelerated GPU terminal emulator powered by WebGPU, focusing to run in desktops and browsers.

Written in Rust, it’s still under heavy development, but it looks neat.

#terminal #RustLang #gpu #WebGPU


Real-Time Interrupt-driven Concurrency (RTIC) framework for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers:

> A common question is whether RTIC is an RTOS or not, and depending on your background the answer may vary. From RTIC's developers point of view; RTIC is a hardware accelerated RTOS that utilizes the hardware such as the NVIC on Cortex-M MCUs, CLIC on RISC-V etc. to perform scheduling, rather than the more classical software kernel.

#RTOS #embedded #RustLang #cortex

3 days ago

Be careful when updating to Rust 1.70, it has many goodies, including the new cargo sparse protocol being enabled by default (wow, it's much faster!). Unfortunately, updating will incur toil on your side if you don't want to leave a few gigabytes of cache in your home directory. See the release notes:

Once you have fully committed to using the sparse protocol, you may want to clear out the old $CARGO_HOME/registry// paths.

On one of my machines, that's ~2GB of cache that will not be deleted automatically :

> du -h --max-depth=0 .cargo/registry/*/*
118M .cargo/registry/cache/
926M .cargo/registry/index/
1010M .cargo/registry/src/

(there was a proposal to make this cache cleanup part of cargo clean but it was deemed surprising that cargo clean would work outside a workspace (?!))


3 days ago

May as well do a #introduction post
Hi! I'm Skye, who used to be

Some quick facts about me:
- I'm transfem
- I have autism
- My sona, also called Skye, is a transfem shark
- I live in the UK (aka TERF Island :/ )

My hobbies:
- I do a lot of programming in languages such as
#c++ , #rustlang , #kotlin and #pythonlang
- I know a decent amount about HPC programming (I've used
#cuda , #opencl , #hiplang and #vulkan compute)
- I own an FPGA that I want to do something useful with
- I really love old computers, esp ones to do with the history of HPC, such as SGI machines - sadly I do not own any of these computers as of writing this :(
- I've participated in the homebrew scenes for the Original Xbox, and the PS3
- On the note of consoles, I own: an Xbox One S, a PS3, an Original Xbox, a Wii, and a GameCube
- Other than programming aligned interests, I really like:
- Trains (expect me to post a lot of train photos/videos when I go on them lol)
- Cosplay - sadly I've never actually owned a cosplay or made one, however, I've been to quite a few comiccons around the UK, and one day, when I have the money, I'd love to make/buy a cosplay (I might make a cosplan post at somepoint?)
- I'm also into Mountain Biking, and when I do it I may upload videos of cool shit I do lol

Shows I've watched and loved (and where my cosplans mostly come from lol - also, these are in no particular order):
- The Dragon Prince
- She-Ra (2018)
- Yakitori
- The Owl House
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- The Legend of Korra
- Arcane
- Brand New Animal
- Voltron

- My GitHub profile:
- My Transistor Cafe site:
- Discord - ask me personally for my tag if you want it
- My Email:

Also, if anyone wants to donate some money to me (i have none rn lol), then you can do so via my PayPal which you can get by communicating with me directly in a DM

Anyway, thanks for checking out my profile!

This seems like a great learning resource for #Rust #RustLang if you want to understand the lower level behavior of the language's high level constructs

Jan :rust: :ferris:
4 days ago

👆 Rustaceans will like this!

> This is what a crab looks like, and apparently what _peak performance_ might look like [...]

> When a _trait_ appears [...]

> Their diversity makes it tricky to _pin_ down [...]

Why is #RustLang so "punnable" (is that a word?)?😅

Sorry, @laurahelmuth if you have no idea of what I'm talking about. It's a joke in the #Rust programming language community.

#Rust🦀 1.70.0 released by Rust Language Release Team - sparse by default for crates-dot-io, OnceCell & OnceLock stabilized, is_terminal on fds, named levels of debug info, enforced stability in test CLI #RustLang #OpenSource #cybersecurity #software #engineering #tech

Celebrating Rust 1.70, @togglebit and I meet to discuss seemingly everything except our game. #RustLang #Podcast

Axel Rauschmayer
4 days ago
Rust GameDev 🦀🎮
4 days ago

🐌 This Month in #RustLang #GameDev for April 2023 is late again but still brings a lot of updates - 16 games, 3 engines, 12 learning resources, 5 tools, and 11 libraries - from various corners of our ecosystem that you may have missed:


A Matrix client, in the terminal, for Vim addicts.

It's even written in Rust. And it's even using the Matrix Rust SDK (

#matrix #client #tui #RustLang

iamb in action

I'll be available starting July, so if you know someone that is hiring full-remote Rust freelances/contractors and is not scared away by me working a 4-day week, let's get in touch 🙌

More info on my LinkedIn post:

#rust #rustlang #FediHire

Aram 🌈♾️
5 days ago

You don't hate async #rustlang, you just hate capitalism

5 days ago

@thomasfuchs True, true... but can we please stop using C++ for all new projects?
It's been fun, but let's avoid null from now on.

(This toot is sponsored by #rustlang gang 🦀)

6 days ago

I might have just started my #rustlang journey during a random wednesday night. Time will tell if this was a wise decision.

Cargo is cool!

6 days ago

Update - both Josh Triplett and Josh Gould have come out with personal statements about being responsible:

Josh Triplett's statement:

Josh Gould's statement:

(#rustlang for visibility)

Statement from Josh Triplett on the events that lead to the RustConf Keynote change, and next steps
#Rust #RustLang

1 week ago

There's an official statement from #rustlang leadership on @thephd 's keynote:

No personal accountability, yet, though the post alludes that individuals may come forward? It does mention the individuals have stepped back from governance positions.