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This is what Azeri trolls posting and liking on internet

The call for genocide is very similar to those before in #Rwanda right before the mass killings started.

The first step towards a genocide is dehumanizing the victims. The language used by Azeri media and activists clearly of such behavior

This is a danger that should not be taken lightly.

#Genocide #Artsakh #Azerbaijan #EthnicCleansing #Politocs #StopAliyev #SaveArtsakh

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THE BRIDE trailer | BFI London Film Festival 2023

Director Myriam Uwiragiye Birara

"Rwandan scholar Eva’s childhood is abruptly cut short when she is snatched away from home to become a stranger’s bride, in this striking feature debut."

#TheBride #BlackMastodon #MyriamUwiragiyeBirara #BlackFediverse #Black #Rwanda #AfricanCinema #Cinema #Film #BFI #Cinematography #Cinemastodon #Creatives #Academia

Laceys House
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Habari za asubuhi ☀️ Good Morning ☀️🇰🇪 #LaceysHouse #LaceysHouseAfrica #News #FocusNewsAfrica #Kenya #Uganda #Tanzania #Rwanda #Africa

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(fin XIXe jusqu'à la fin de la première guerre mondiale où les "possessions" allemandes seront partagées entre le Royaume Uni, la France et la Belgique..)

Il en est de même pour le swahili avec le mot "hela" (même sens, même origine).

#kirundi #Kinyarwanda #Burundi #Rwanda #AfriqueOrientale #kiswahili #swahili #colonisation #afrique #HistoireDeLAfrique #tanzanie #AfriqueOrientaleAllemande

Curiosité linguistique:
En Kirundi (et également en Kinyarwanda, les deux langues étant très proches) l'une des façons de dire "argent" dans le sens de "monnaie" est "ihera" (pluriel : amahera)

Ce mot vient de l'allemand "heller" qui était une pièce de monnaie en vigueur à l'époque de la colonisation allemande en Afrique ...

#langues #afrique #HistoireDeLAfrique #Rwanda #Burundi #kirundi #Kinyarwanda #AfriqueCentrale #AfriqueOrientale #AfriqueOrientaleAllemande #colonisation

Pièce de 1 Heller, recto verso. Sur le côté face, l'indication "Deutsch Östafrika" (Afrique Orientale Allemande) 1912
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@HampshireKarin @Lazarou @TJ1001 Agree, overall the plan is far better than the #Rwanda nonsense and barges
But its a very, very low bar

Criminals should be treated as criminals
And victims treated as victims

Human rights lawyer #Starmer knows that - but cant resist a " tough" image and feeding the racists

In fact, what was proposed, is only about the proceeds of crime, so nothing unusual - but the terrorist stuff was just too tempting

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#Starmers announcement about migration
Ending #Rwanda scheme
Speeding up processing
Greater International cooperation including accepting a fair quota of refugees

Seemed well....., not utterly terrible
Or did i miss something?

Obvs there were dog-whistle bits for the twats about "terrorism" ( though it was IIRC only standard "proceeds of crime stuff" )
And the framing was predictably negative -

#labour #immigration #UKPolitics #UKPol

TAP news agency
2 weeks ago

#Tunisia: the city of #Tunis was awarded two prizes at the "Leadership for Smart Cities: Investing in Inclusive and Sustainable Cities of Future" Summit, held from September in #Kigali, #Rwanda, said @Ministere_TC.
Source: @TapNewsAgency

Julien Benedetti
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#vendredilecture Hélène Dumas, Sans ciel ni terre. Paroles orphelines du génocide des Tutsi (1994-2006). Une lecture évidemment très difficile de par la violence des mots, mais un ouvrage magistral s’appuyant largement sur le témoignage écrit des orphelins du génocide. "Tu comprends bien que nous avons vu tellement de choses que nous pourrions détester l'humanité toute entière" #histoire #histodons @histodons #Rwanda #tutsi #Afrique

Ciarán Fahey
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Bayern Munich refutes accusations of ‘sportswashing’ after replacing Qatar deal with Rwanda sponsorship

#FCBayern #Qatar #Rwanda #sportswashing

The Rwanda Investigation Bureau said the suspect told the police he learned to kill from watching famous serial killers.
Rwanda police arrest serial killer suspect after finding bodies in kitchen
3 weeks ago

▸ Springpojkarna i de kriminella nätverken har flera likheter med barnsoldaterna i krigshärdar.

Springpojkarna i de kriminella nätverken har flera likheter med barnsoldaterna i krigshärdar. Sverige skulle genom att titta på dem kunna lära sig mycket om hur#kriminellanätverk #rwanda
Gängens rekrytering av barn har stora likheter med barnsoldater i krig

Laceys House
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Inside Rwanda's Rwf15 billion plan to fix gender inequality in peacekeeping #Rwanda #News #Africa #GenderEquality

Dale Yeager
3 weeks ago

Heartwood Foundation tour 2022 #STEM #rwanda

William Bell
3 weeks ago

The annual gorilla naming ceremony is slated for September 1 and will see 23 baby mountain gorillas born in the last 12 months named.

#Rwanda #Africa #Gorilla 🦍

Faces of 8 baby mountain gorillas to be named on September 1

@PamCrossland @openrightsgroup @marianods
Problem is, the #ToryFascistDictatorship is looking to take the UK out of ECHR (their denials ring hollow) as they want to ship people off to #Rwanda.

Laceys House
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Already not in the mood for this ugh 😑 Sasa 👋🏽 #EastAfrica #Burundi, #Rwanda #Kenya #Uganda #Tanzania #Africa #Newspaper

Justin Kraft :VeryQueer:
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In Rwanda, das zu den 20 ärmsten Ländern der Welt gehört, stehen die Sponsorings schon lange in der Kritik. Sie machen mittlerweile einen erheblichen Teil des Staatsbudget aus, wurden aber nie vom Parlament debattiert oder beschlossen. Es sind Alleingänge Kagames. Finanziell ist der Deal natürlich eine Farce. Anders als #Qatar hat #Rwanda ja gar kein Geld.

Justin Kraft :VeryQueer:
4 weeks ago

Zitat Sascha Düerkop (Twitter):

Nach Kritik am #Qatar-Sponsoring wählt der #FCB einen Sponsor mit noch schlechterer Menschenrechtslage.

Das Sponsoring von #Arsenal, #PSG und jetzt den Bayern ist ein Privatprojekt von Autokrat Kagame, der seit Jahren damit angibt Kritiker weltweit umbringen zu lassen.

Offiziell ist die Idee, dass die Sponsorings den Tourismus nach #Rwanda stärken soll. Bislang ist das nicht passiert. Die staatl. Airline überlebt, weil Kagame sie finanziell am Leben hält.

Laceys House
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1 month ago

DR Congo: Killings, Rapes by #Rwanda-Backed M23 Rebels | Human Rights Watch

Previous efforts to combat teen pregnancies were met with success in Rwanda, but that progress has now stagnated.
In Rwanda, teenage pregnancies are rising. The cost is heavy, analysts say
Poetry News
1 month ago
1 month ago

If, as the article says, 40 people from #Rwanda have been granted asylum, then, by definition, Rwanda can not be a safe country can it. (rhet)


Laceys House
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☀️ Habari za asubuhi. Bwakire 👋🏽 #Kenya #Uganda #Tanzania #EastAfrica #Africa #Rwanda #news Good Morning 😃

Marcus Jenkins
1 month ago

It's also how you secure a dose of #legionella and what is, basically, several years of jail without trial. If you're really lucky, you win a one-way ticket to #rwanda, Calvin. So, rock on, mate. Chuck your passport overboard and hope not to see you soon.


Laceys House
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Bwairire 😴 usiku mwema nyumbani kwangu #Africa #EastAfrica #Rwanda #Tanzania #Kenya #Uganda #NEWS #Newspaper #GoodNight

Hundreds of young athletes from across the African continent have come together in Rwanda to mark a special anniversary.For two decades, the Giants of Africa...
Giants of Africa: Programme uses sport to empower young people
1 month ago

Mashable wrote in the section #socialgood about us. There is a mention about the old famous Docmeup project in #Ghana, the current effort

of Agus Hartoyo in #Rwanda and the CAMERA initiative with Udunna Anazodo from McGill University:

#AIforGood #AI #Africa #prenatal

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
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#Immigration #AsylumSeekers #BibbyStockholm #ChannelCrossings #Racism #Rwanda #Brexit #Braverman #Sunak #ToryCorruption #GTTO

To further illustrate Tory immigration policy, Far right parties like the BNP, NF, EDL Britain First etc, urged their racist Klansfolk to vote CONservative in 2019! 😳

The #Tories are now a legitimate voting option for Britain's #FarRight, which tells you all you need to know about the depths today's #CONservatives have sunken to! 🤷🏾‍♂️

Britain First leader threatening to turn up at people's houses with a gang of his far right, goose stepping, nazi cohorts if people dare speak ill of the Tories!
Queer Lit Cats
1 month ago

Pink News: How the ECHR has transformed LGBTQ+ rights in the UK, as Tories consider leaving it #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #RobertJenrick #Politics #Rwanda #News #ECHR #UK

Rosie Walters
1 month ago

"The leaders of the legal profession in England and Wales have said lawyers are “gravely concerned” by reports that the Conservative party shared a dossier of information about a senior solicitor with newspaper correspondents."

#Braverman #Jenrick #Chalk #Rwanda #Asylum #NastyParty

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago
1 month ago

#Jenrick is on #SkyNews talking about the #Rwanda scheme. He says: "We are waiting for a decision from the Supreme Court, and you can't doubt the government's committment," almost as if he knows he has failed and that the majority of people do not agree with this wicked and evil measure.

Felicien Kabuga, who is nearly 90 and has dementia, is accused of encouraging and bankrolling the Rwanda genocide.
Rwanda genocide survivors criticise UN court’s call to halt suspect’s trial
Steve Woods
2 months ago

I'm old enough to remember when Tory Party deputy chairmen were polite and did not use foul language in public.

Could we send #30pLee to #Rwanda or failing that, Ascension Island? #GTTO

Judges say Felicien Kabuga, accused of fuelling the 1994 genocide, is unfit for trial or alternative procedures.
Rwanda genocide suspect Kabuga should not face trial, UN judges say
2 months ago

#r4Today The interview with Sarah Dines revealed a disgraceful lack of compassion & empathy. No answers 2 the migrant crisis, #Rwanda & #Ascention are given as solutions. Her callous attitude in the #Malkinson case was frankly deplorable. #ToryGaslighting #ToryLiars

2 months ago

Just noticed that Arsenal football shirts have Visit #Rwanda on the sleeve 😅

2 months ago

From #barges 2 #tents 2 #Rwanda, the obfuscation, the gimmicks pour from #Sunak
like cheap wine at a Young Conservative's bash, maybe he'll suggest migrants dig 4 green cheese on the moon next. Tories should remember these are human beings, not subjects 4 cruel incompetence. #RejoinEU #compassion

Lynton North
2 months ago

#podcast from Just Security #Rwanda #DRC

Over the past year and a half, Rwandan troops have conducted military operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and engaged in direct combat with the Congolese military and armed groups. According to the United Nations and human rights groups Rwandan troops have actively supported the March 23 Movement, M23, a Congolese armed group with longstanding ties to the Rwandan government.

#Cruella #Braverman #Brexit #Immigration #Deportation #Rwanda

"Braverman denying asylum seekers £3 a week payment for healthy food for children under 3 and pregnant women, found to be unlawful"

Seeing as Cruella's been found to be breaking UK Law AGAIN, when's she going to deport herself to Rwanda? 🤔

If she's conflicted over the rules she enthusiastically enforces on others, I'll buy her a commercial one way ticket to Kigali International Airport myself... 🤷🏾‍♂️

Cruella Braverman found to have acted illegally in denying £3 per week payment toward healthy food for Asylum Seeking 3 year olds & pregnant women, Judges rule.


Sadly I think you missed a step. "#Australia got away with it, so we will as well".

Australia had #Nauru with it's somewhat challenged population able to be guided into violence against our refugees. We had #Manus Island with its locals and police able to bring violence and death to #refugees. We had a #government insisting on referring to illegals.

Britain has #Rwanda as a direct result of what our tories did to refugees.

The British have a history of #invasion, theft, #murder and genocide or at least attempts at #genocide.

Apples never fall far from the trees which birth them.

Most Australian #prisons have a measurable percentage of #British #jailers.


Kees N ✅
2 months ago

#VVD doet steeds meer de #Tories na. Denk maar aan Priti Patel en Suella Braverman met hun #Rwanda plannen.

2 months ago

Kenya also has a Safari Train between Nairobi and #Kisumu that comes within ten miles of the equator. There’s a standard-gauge line in the works that would continue past Kisumu to Malaba, which is north of the equator. The long-term vision for that line would cross into #Uganda and circle down into #Rwanda, which would give it a second equatorial crossing.

2 months ago

EXCLUSIVE: #UK Home Office would send just 3 staff to ‘monitor’ rights of 25,000 in #Rwanda.

The department currently has only one person in Rwanda, despite stressing ‘monitoring obligations’ in court.

#Migration #Asylum #Rwanda #UKPolitics #SuellaBraverman #HomeOffice #UKPol #Conservatives

3 months ago

#HomeOffice would send just 3 staff to ‘monitor’ rights of 25,000 in #Rwanda

Ridiculous but now illegal as we all know

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

UK #migration bill: the House of Lords have voted against government plans to weaken #detention limits for #children and #pregnant #women
They also voted to ban the deportation of #lgbt migrants (incl to #Rwanda )

3 months ago

"In September 2021, Deutsche Welle (DW), a German news and current affairs media outlet, compiled a list of ‘mysterious deaths and disappearances’ of people critical of Rwanda’s government. The list, dating back from 1996 up to September 2021,"


should you wish to know more and there is more than please read

WE KNEW #RWANDA WAS UNSAFE as we wrote a report about it.

3 months ago

#Rwanda from the UK's own report

"UNHRC noted ‘Opposition candidates had reported harassment, threats, and intimidation. Government authorities had arrested, forcibly disappeared, or threatened political opponents."

"HRW’s World Report 2022, covering 2021 events, added ‘Arbitrary detention, ill-treatment, and torture in official and unofficial detention facilities was commonplace,"


3 months ago

Leader of the #Rwanda opposition party, Umuhoza, explained to #KayBurley that her country is not a 'safe country.' She referenced the Home Office document 2023 which says:

"The USSD 2020 report noted ‘Significant human rights issues included… political prisoners or detainees … and restrictions on political participation"

(more quotes in my replies to this)

But, condemningly, she then goes on to say, "The British Government KNOWS there's a problem"


25 years ago: Puerto Rico general strike. On July 7-8, 1998, an estimated half million workers in Puerto Rico participated in a general strike, the ...
This week in history: July 3-9
Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

BBC News - #Rwanda #asylum a risk to #UK foreign policy, says ex-minister

Bob Jamieson
3 months ago

Normal Island News

Tory government demands an end to human rights
It's for your protection
You will be ecstatic to hear the moderate faction of the “Let’s Drown Refugees” party wants to have another referendum! Isn’t this exciting? This referendum would be to leave the European Convention on Human Rights so we finally have enough sovereignty to “stop the small boats”

#refugees #Rwanda #NormalIslandNews

3 months ago

A Supreme Court defeat over #Braverman's #Rwanda deal would put pressure on #Sunak to leave the European Convention on Human Rights, or at least to put such an ignominious idea in their manifesto for the forthcoming #generalelection

This would appeal to the RW but not, as witnessed on Thursday's #QuestionTime, to their 'ordinary' voter.

#WhoMakesTheNazis - Mark E Smith

3 months ago

"The housing developments, built as part of the multi million-pound deal, were due to be used for migrants and asylum seekers relocated from the UK, as well as local Rwandans.

But in lieu of any deportations having taken place, the accommodation that has been completed is being offered to Rwandans only."

At least they're trying to solve the housing crisis, I suppose. 💀

#Rwanda #Asylum #Tories

3 months ago

Tory speechless as NO ONE in Question Time audience raises hand to support #Rwanda plan

And this is the usual mainly Tory voter #BBCQT

3 months ago

#Braverman "The majority of British people will be disappointed in this decision," she said after the Appeal Court thwarted her #Rwanda plan

Bruce on #QuestionTime "The majority of people in this audience voted Conservative. Is there anybody here who agrees with this plan.... I see. Not one hand has gone up, and we need to recognise that fact."

3 months ago

Sunak & Braverman doubling down on Rwanda - against High Court ruling, ECHR, & basic human decency.

Not just the cruelty, but also the persistence with an obviously doomed & grotesque endeavour. The sheer waste of >£140m deal, £1.3m lawyer fees, £170,000 cost per deportation.

And to add insult, claiming it's the will of the 'British people'.

This British person would like safe passage, work visas, an end to racist rhetoric, and a new gov't.

#UKPolitics #Braverman #Rwanda

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

UK Court of Appeal judges ruled that #Rwanda could not be treated as a safe third country as #asylum seekers may be sent to their home country

Rishi #Sunak said he "fundamentally disagrees" with the ruling and the government will seek to challenge the decision and take it to the Supreme Court

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said she is "determined" to stick with the Rwanda policy and will be seeking to appeal today's ruling

A British court has ruled that the government's plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda rather than assess their claims is unlawful. Court of Appeal judges r...
UK court rules Rwanda deportation plan unlawful
Jude Jackson
3 months ago

UK plan to deport asylum seekers to #Rwanda ruled unlawful Court of Appeal - World Socialist Web Site

#AsylumSeekers #NoDeportation!

3 months ago

Yvette Cooper is NOT complaining #Braverman's #Rwanda scheme is anathema.

Yvette Cooper is complaining because the #Rwanda scheme has not worked.

And that my lovies is the cigarette paper difference between the Labour and Conservative parties.

#voteGreen xxx

Joe Pajak (Dr)
3 months ago

'The Court of Appeal has declared that the UK government's plan to send asylum seekers to #Rwanda is unlawful.'

Andrew Guilford
3 months ago

Great news!

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the UK Government's Rwanda asylum plan is unlawful

The judges concluded Rwanda is not a safe country to receive asylum seekers from the UK

#RishiSunak #SuellaBraverman #Tories #AsylumSeekers #Rwanda #UKPol

Steve Herman
3 months ago

Court rules #UK plan to send asylum seekers to #Rwanda is illegal.

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

The UK's relocation of #asylum seekers to #Rwanda policy would cost £169 000 per person

#SuellaBraverman is a very expensive #HomeSecretary to have in post:

Total cost(s) of sending a migrant to #Rwanda = £170,000 (yes, you read the numbers of 0s correctly);

Total savings from not having to process a migrant through the UK's immigration system = £103,000

So each #migrant (I refuse the term 'illegal migrant') will be costing us £63,000 to transfer out of the country;

so if you wanted to put a price on cruelty & the inhumanity of Suella Braverman, here's one candidate....

Removing plastics from our lives is…problematic as the modern western society heavily depends upon plastic manufacturing.


For better or worse, plastic is here to stay. I think removing “single use” plastics should be the goal. Some countries like #Rwanda 🇷🇼 have been successful at removing most single use plastics in their country.


Yeah, even Rwanda 🇷🇼 can not remove plastic completely.

Andrew Stroehlein
4 months ago

The audio version of today's top story, touching on #Rwanda, #SouthAfrica, #Russia, and #Ukraine.

4 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago

Nigel Farage declared on Newsnight yesterday that "Brexit has failed".

The frog-faced one famously said that if Brexit turned out to be a failure, he would leave the country. Should we crowdfund a one-way ticket to Kigali?

#NigelFarage #Brexit #BrexitHasFailed #Rwanda #Newsnight

C-drík Kirdec Syrphe
5 months ago

It's Bandcamp Friday, BC waives its revenue shares to support the artists.

Ni Zheng (dark and #cinematic #electroacoustic, #China)

AHA (cinematic #electronica with a touch of electroacoustic, #Egypt #Canada)

Sounding Situations (old scholl #political #hiphop, #jazz, spoken words, #Rwanda #Germany)

Cedrik Fermont (electroacoustic, #Belgium #DRC).

Album covers
Kriszta Satori
6 months ago

UK Home Secretary Suella #Braverman has insisted the government's plan to send some #migrants to #Rwanda is legal and that the country is safe

Her assurances came after she was confronted by Laura Kuenssberg with evidence that 12 refugees were shot by police there in 2018

ArtBear on Mastodon
6 months ago

This afro-french cross-pollination track is gorgeous.

Gaël Faye - Chalouper

#GaëlFaye #music #Afrobeat #Synth #ChillOut #HipHop #Pop #BearTracks #France #Rwanda #20s

Steve Herman
6 months ago

Update: US officials say Paul Rusesabagina of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ fame has been released from custody and will leave #Rwanda soon, reports AP.

Steve Herman
6 months ago

#Rwanda government annoounces it is commuting the terror sentence of Paul Rusesabagina of “Hotel Rwanda" fame and should free him Saturday.