Caleb Hailey
10 hours ago

@marcoarment I recall you tweeting once about pulling in the upstream #SQLite C library into an Xcode project because it had something that wasn't present in iOS' copy of the sqlite C library and it was only a single-digit MB dependency… but Twitter search is failing me and I can't find any other references of the same. Any chance you remember this and could reshare? 😊

#AppleDeveloper #AppleDevelopers

New minor version of #rusqlite_migration:

It’s just a bug fix, I made the mistake of using an open ended range in a dependency specification 🤦‍♂️

#rusqlite #sqlite

CK's Technology News
2 days ago

ecto_sqlite3_extras - Helpful queries and Phoenix Live Dashboard integration for SQLite.

Must-have for #SQLite-powered #Elixir projects.

2 days ago

I'm having the hardest time trying to find a good way of persisting data without relying on a database that:
1. is not embedded
2. does not rely needlessly on LibOpenSSL and needs c compiler #surrealdb
3. Has a CVE against its available driver version. #sqlx #sqlite
4. has a better modelling capability than a simple Key-Value store.


🎒 From Web SQL to SQLite Wasm—the database migration guide:

With SQLite Wasm backed by the Origin Private File System (#OPFS), there's a replacement for the deprecated Web SQL. My latest article guides you when migrating your data from #WebSQL to #SQLite Wasm.

Lars Wikman
6 days ago

F-ing finally. ⚡ 🥫

Some production setbacks doing this one. Wifi interference destroying some of the audio. Lots of reshooting. Thumbnail is 💯

I think the demo and concept is really good and I hope you check it out if you are interested in #sqlite and/or #postgresql :) It do both.

Thanks to @electric for sponsoring my shenanigans.

Michael Simons
1 week ago

My Goodreads repository now contains a bunch of examples how to interact with CSV data, including #sqlite #duckdb #neo4j and #xsv

1 week ago

Added update and insert capability to my #textual based SQLite app, and turned it into a full Python package. Still very much a work in progress.

Now it's called sqint - SQlite IN Terminal. Yeah, I'm bad at naming things...

#sqlite #python #tui #namingishard

Screenshot of Sqint - a Textual-based terminal app for viewing and editing SQLite databases. It's showing the "Artist" table in the sample Chinook database, with the "Aerosmith" entry being edited.
Matthias Luebken
1 week ago
Zane Selvans
1 week ago

Is there some way to ensure that when a datetime64 column is written from a pandas dataframe into SQLite with df.to_sql() the string that SQLite uses to store the datetime has no fractional seconds? Other than preemptively converting the datetime64 column into a string? #pydata #datadon #sqlite

Mykal Machon
2 weeks ago

It's hosted on a #raspberrypi 3b with a sensehat, using #python for data collection, #sqlite for a db, #flask for an API, and @astro for the web app.

Very messy code is up on my GitHub here:

Jari Pennanen
2 weeks ago

I wonder has anyone done an #SQLite fork that can only do queries, basically SELECT statements?

I imagine it would be fantastic for some web pages because it would be (a lot?) a smaller #WASM package.

It wouldn't need to support any Update/Insert/Delete statements, and other weird stuff with WAL and journaling would be easier.

2 weeks ago

I do love SQLite


2 weeks ago

@AstraKernel what a ORM for PostgesSQL or SQLite with Axum you prefer?

#rust #rustlang #orm #postgesql #sqlite #sqlite3 #askfedi #Axum

2 weeks ago

Having fun with #textual in Python and threw together a text-based SQLite database viewer.

Once I figured out a few things in the textual API, I'm really starting to like how it works. My only problem is they keep pushing out releases faster than I can keep up...

#TUI #sqlite #python

Screenshot of a text-based user interface for viewing sqlite database tables. There's a Tree widget on the left side of the screen listing the tables in the database, and a Table widget filling the rest of the screen showing the first 26 rows of the "Customer" table in the Chinook example database.
Full Queue Developer
2 weeks ago

Wrote about the GRDBQuery helpers I keep reusing. GRDBQuery doesn't depend on GRDB, so opening a PR wouldn't wok.

#ios #iodeveloper #grdb #sqlite #swiftui #swiftlang #swiftdeveloper

Austin King
2 weeks ago

I haven't been using co-pilot or other AI code assistants, except for a few days after they came out.

I was about to look up the SQLite docs for CREATE TABLE, when I though I would let ChatGPT do that. It was flawless. I added an error to see if it could quickly tell me and it got it spot on.

This is good enough for me to test using it as a daily driver.

I'm using it with #rustlang, diesel ORM, and #sqlite and it is very helpful.

A chat dialog where ChatGPT using GPT-4 perfectly coaches me through creating a SQLite table.
kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
2 weeks ago

Hey #WebDev/#Coding bubble. I'm just looking for a CMS that has the option to publish the same post in multiple languages. I explicitly don't mean that I have 2 identical pages just one in German and one in English. I'd like to have an editor for one language and then just switch over.

Bonus points if it's possible to add DeepL as a starting point.

Should work with #PHP (8.2) and #PostgreSQL or #SQLite. (File based would be okay too) Perfect would be Laravel based so I can easily add features myself. I honestly just need a starting point.

Target is just have a blog that works in German and English. WordPress is pretty much out of the table, I know most of the multilanguage plugins and they're terrible. :D And I had to work with WordPress a few weeks ago and I'm glad that this is over.

Philip Zucker
2 weeks ago

[New Blog Post] MiniLitelog: Easy Breezy SQLite Datalog #SQL #sqlite #datalog

Andrea Lazzarotto
3 weeks ago

Una delle cose più piacevoli (e importanti) del mio lavoro è la formazione continua.

Recentemente ho partecipato a un corso di #Belkasoft sul tema dell'analisi di database #SQLite a fini forensi, compreso il recupero dei dati cancellati.

#DigitalForensics #InformaticaForense

3 weeks ago

[#make] Ugh ... last but not least a final example using SQLite(😵) instead of shell as recipe language in a Makefile.

As you can see - everything is possible.

Example repo :

#make #makefile #sql #sqlite

Corwin Brust
3 weeks ago

Posted new Emacs 29 pre-release snapshot binaries for Windows (emacs-29.0.60_2) with OOTB support for sqlite and tree-sitter today.

Let me know if you have troubles with these:;O=D

#emacs #sqlite #treesitter

Before I end up building my own on top of SQLite, is anybody aware of any single-file document/graph databases similar to SQLite?

#sqlite #nosql #graphdatabase

Preslav Rachev
3 weeks ago

We have #sqlite and #postgresql with first-class SQL and JSON support, and you are trying to offer me your as-a-service thing that will cost me a fortune and scales 100 times as bad?

Ehm, no, thanks!

Christoph Engelbert
3 weeks ago

@plluksie I could name #TimeScaleDB like somebody said #InfluxDB, but I feel like both are not as simple as #SQLite 😅

Dioramic Life
3 weeks ago

Hey my first #oss contribution in a very long time! #sqlite #capacitorjs #ionicframework

Hopefully it will be an easily-approved merge request.

Amarok 🇨🇿🇪🇺
3 weeks ago

Migrace #SQLite databáze do #MySQL se ukázala být stresující činností.
Tolik nekompatibility jsem nečekal.
V budoucnu se na SQLite asi vykašlu úplně.
#databaze #SQL

Justo cuando pensabas que tu aplicación en un #contenedor estaba lista ¡pum! versión incorrecta de #sqlite en #debian #bullseye por un pinche dígito menor.

Dígito menor que trae exactamente la característica que necesitas.


3 weeks ago

til #calibre libraries are just #SQLite databases. i haven't wanted to set up a proper calibre server and merge Nikki's and my libraries until we've both finished sorting ours but SQLite means I can just do data migrations as we go!

Eric Snyder
3 weeks ago

@mazunki check out fossil from the #SQLite devs. Or write your own, that sounds like fun.

Preslav Rachev
4 weeks ago

#SQLite is not only one of the most widely available databases out there, but also among the most battle-tested ones. There are hundreds of thousands of distinct test cases, which after parametrization, turn into billions of tests that run before each new release:

#database #programming #podcast

Lars Wikman
4 weeks ago

I will be streaming some more Electric SQL experimentation in an hour. This time I have a plan!


#elixir #sqlite

Lars Wikman
1 month ago

Livestream on more Electric SQL, @electric, in 45 minutes or so.
I think we might end up doing collaborative text editing. Because I'm a sucker for pain.
#elixir #sqlite

Lars Wikman
1 month ago

Another Electric SQL stream tomorrow at 15.00 sweden time.
Expect Elixir, SQLite and audacious goals. Supported by @electric ⚡️
#elixir #sqlite #postgresql #postgres

Kees N ✅
1 month ago

@jeffZA Not an IDE or a query builder like MS Access, just a GUI for #SQLite databases: DB Browser for SQLite .
I prefer to develop using cmd shell, sql scripts (DDL and DML), make and Notepad++ myself.

Philipp Hartenfeller
1 month ago

New Video about Uploading, Storing and Retrieving Images in #SvelteKit (with #SQLite)

Kees N ✅
1 month ago

#sqlite agrees:
SQLite version 3.40.1
sqlite> SELECT julianday('now');
😂 😎

Kees N ✅
1 month ago

@sydonahi Instead of #bash, I use #awk for data cleaning and generating INSERT statements. Very powerful. In my case for #sqlite

Lars Wikman
1 month ago

Live in 6 minutes. Electric SQL, Elixir and if we feel frisky. Deployment. Towards Fly?
#elixir #sqlite #postgresql

Lars Wikman
1 month ago

Excited to experiment further with replicating SQLite databases using Electric SQL tomorrow (friday).

It'll be here:

#elixir #sqlite

So I hired a couple of #frontend developers this week and they're getting stuck into things. Now I'm interviewing for a #backend dev, and boy, did the first one not go well. Fortunately it was short enough that I can fit the whole thing in one toot.

Backend Dev: I can't agree with the #sqlite and monolith choice
Me: what would you suggest doing instead?
BD: things in the industry are done with #microservices
Me: and why is that?
BD: if you want to learn about this, you should Google
Me: I don't want to know about *how* that's done, I want to know *why*
BD: look, I'm a paid expert...
Me: I know the answers, BD, what I need to find out is if you do
BD: when you go to a dentist, you don't interview them first
Me: I'm not coming to you to clean my teeth, I'm talking to you to find out if you are the dentist whom I want to clean my teeth
BD: ...
Me: look, let's save ourselves some time. We aren't going to work together well. Best of luck with your next job.

@craigmaloney @mdhughes @Canageek

Anyone else heard about fossil?

Looks like #sqlite is still using it for their development...

For a hot minute I thought about adopting that. However, yes, the war seems lost.

Lars Wikman
1 month ago

With any luck I'll have figured out the hard part (importing a module in Node.js) and we only have local-first SQLite distributed systems the rest of the way. Smooth sailing. Next session is this friday as I keep working with Electric SQL :) First session was good fun.
#myelixirstatus #elixir #sqlite

Lars Wikman
1 month ago

Live stream poking around with Electric SQL in about 3 hours. Sqlite replication under Elixir with a sidecar is probably first. So many databases :D

#elixir #sqlite

Lars Wikman
1 month ago

It's a great joy to get to do occasional open source work for hire. Even better when done in the open.

Thanks to the Electric SQL folks there will be a livestream on Tuesday the 21st and another one Friday the 24th.
Link is here:

Electric SQL syncs SQLite and Postgres using the BEAM. You bet I'll make it do Elixir.
#elixir #erlang #sql #sqlite #postgresql

Drew Breunig
1 month ago

Here's a little script for downloading #podcasts, transcribing them using #whisper, and loading everything into a #sqlite database:

Chris Lagasse
2 months ago

I just want to run a #SlimPHP site in a #serverless instance. Is that possible? #Vercel is having problems (their non-official runtime has an out of date #sqlite build)... seems promising. What else is out there?

Jed Fox
2 months ago

Just discovered an old blog post by @ongardie about how to put a #SQLite database in Git and still get useful diffs — neat!

So on Samsung Android devices, there are few of their system apps that keep detailed logs of app usage, times, and lists all deleted apps in SQLite databases.

Samsung Context Log:
Samsung Smart Manager:
Samsung Members:

#InfoSec #DFIR #Forensics #Samsung #Android #Privacy #Tracking #SQL #SQLite #adb #CatSalad

Andreas Scherbaum
2 months ago

And now for something completely different:

Patrick Donnelly from Red Hat explains how to run databases (in this case #SQLite) on #Ceph.


Paolo Melchiorre
2 months ago

I finally updated the first article on web maps with Django and SpatiaLite (SQLite) that I wrote in 2020. I tested the guide with Python 3.11, Django 4.1 and Ubuntu 22.10 and made some small improvements. ✨

I hope you find it interesting. 🤞

Any feedback is welcome. ✅

Happy reading. 👍

#Python #Django #Map #SpatiaLite #SQLite #GeoDjango #GIS #Leaflet #Javascript

I was a bit slow to realize, but I think tad by @antony might just check all boxes.
#csv, #parquet, #sqlite, #duckdb, #GUI

Philipp Hartenfeller
2 months ago

I wrote down my #SvelteKit with #SQLite video into a blogpost:

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

has anyone noticed recently on #google that the same results are coming up multiple times? For example, I queried #sqlite and am seeing multiple listings (not ads) for #SQLiteStudio (

#LetsBuildANewSearchEngine #SearchEngine #HumanAugmented

2 months ago

So anyway, back to the question of #SQLite and #email. Do any of you know of a current mail client OTHER than #vivaldi that stores its data in SQLite? (or even a similar local, but open DB)

I'm kinda bewildered that this isn't the standard way of doing things.

Why do so many futz with flat files when the could use a DB & get free full-text search along the way?

Wrangling message threading IS hard, but i don't think storing things as flat files helps make that easier.

Philipp Hartenfeller
2 months ago

I made a small tutorial on how to add Authentication and Authorization to #SvelteKit 1 with #SQLite. Includes a small users table with hashed passwords, sessions with cookies and using session info with svelte hooks and locals.

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

anyone played around with #DBBrowserForSQLite creators' #DBHub (

Not much documentation, but it seems to provide a github like service for data (in #sqlite #databases).

So far, I like it...rough around the edges, but dang, I love version controlling my db's!

Kees N ✅
2 months ago

@phocks Wow, the newly developed SQLite-WASM in action!
#wasm #sqlite