Jan D
5 hours ago

Today’s reads:
🧫 "The sociology of a genetic engineering technique" (Jordan, Lynch)
🧶 "A game of cat's cradle" (Haraway)

#STS #ethnomethodology #academia

Alexander Nussbaumer
12 hours ago

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join a panel on the politics of open infrastructures at the STS Austria Conference 2023. I presented the @openwebsearcheu project and its approach to create an ethical and alternative web search infrastructure.

The Politics of Open Infrastructures

STS Austria Conference 2023

#STS research

Marc Moelders
12 hours ago

Go EASST 2024 Amsterdam | Panel by Claudia Göbel and me on:
Re:organizing science in society. Organizations as sites and agencies of social transformation
Asking: How can the notion of organization be used to study and shape current societal transformations?
Will #STS and #organization scholars find a common language? Translations welcome, for paper proposals visit:

#sociology #transformation #soziologie

Julie Mewes
1 day ago

📢 Are you a #STS researcher planning to attend #EASST4S2024 in Amsterdam? Look no further, this panel, which is currently calling for papers, concerns all of you and us as a community, as it deals with how #WeDoSTS (better).

🛤️ #WeDoSTS stands for transformative ways of embodying radical reflexivity & scientific integrity in STS. The panel welcomes contributions & activities that study &/or situate themselves within the #WeDoSTS movement.

@4Sweb @easst @stsing @sts


Screenshot of panel description: Transforming STS via #WeDoSTS, full text via link.
Julie Mewes
1 day ago

📢 Join us at #EASST4S2024 in Amsterdam to discuss digital fieldwork and 'Careful method practice in/of digitized worlds through Methodography' with us. I am delighted to be working again with Frauke Rohden @fraukero & Sylvia Lysgård for this panel. Please get in touch with any questions.

👁️ We look forward to receiving abstracts and creating a space for the exchange of diverse digital fieldwork approaches in #STS.

@sts @4Sweb @easst


Screenshot with Panel Description on EASST website
Dr. jonny phd
1 day ago

Ok who of yall has embedded with this project and done some #STS shit about it

Bart Penders 🥚
2 days ago

Join us for #EASST4S2024 in Amsterdam to discuss: *Scientific cultures in conflict and transition: Studying #reform in action* | @alexrushforth & @nicole_c_nelson
We welcome papers from all across the #metasci and #sts communities. 1/

Brit Ross Winthereik
2 days ago

Considering going to Amsterdam for #easst4s24? Our panel 'The Human' in Human-Centred Innovation and #STS is among the 390 accepted panels and is eagerly expecting your abstract
@easst @AndersKMunk @taschn

Some days most of what you get done is spend the afternoon racking your brains for a reference, but then you finally get it:

Latina/o/e technoscience: Labor, race, and gender in cybernetics and computing by Iván Chaar López

The article follows closely the role of Arturo Rosenblueth in development of cybernetics & of Mexican women workers in computer semiconductor assembly.. Latina/o/es as unaccounted entities in the infrastructural assemblage of cybernetics

#STS @sts

Just listened to a very interesting talk on Linux & IBM, excavating the corporate underwriting of #FOSS development, by Davide Carpano at UCSD Science Studies. This is a published companion piece, "Chromium as a tool of logistical power: A material political economy of open-source"

#STS #Commodon #FLOSS
@sts @communicationscholars

Frau Dr Auntie Occident
2 days ago

@easst the
European STS /4S conference is in Amsterdam next year and is now open for abstracts. There are some fab panels this year. We - Noopur Raval, Mashinka Hakopian, Xiaowei Wang Ranjit Singh and Shazeda Ahmed and I - have a panel proposed and accepted : P115. #4S #easst #sts

Peter Kahlert
2 days ago

We are hosting a panel in the #STSGraz24 conference's #OpenScience Track: "Hack the Hackathon: Challenges of Inclusion, Participation, and Fairness.
The conference is taking place May 6 - 8 2024 and, of course, in Graz, Austria.

You can find our call for abstracts (and others) here:

Or download it directly as pdf here:

You are invited to submit your research and share it with your colleagues. Looking forward to your contributions. See you at the venue! ;)

#STS #ScienceAndTechnologyStudies #STSGraz #Hackathon @sts

Dorothea Strecker
2 days ago

In this new paper on data journeys, the authors draw on the concept of domestication to show how data are made usable at sites of reuse:

Based on ethnographic fieldwork at two sites of biomedical research, the authors identify four dimensions to data domestication: storytelling, standardization, formatting and cultivation.
The study stresses the importance of local settings for data work, even in a global data economy.

#STS #datastudies

Michael Nagenborg (he/him)
3 days ago

I am looking forward to two stimulating days at the “Mining Matters” workshop at #utwente : #PhilTech #STS

4 days ago

excellent, excellent lecture: "Slaving Science: Natural Historical Collecting and the British Slave Trade" by Dr. Kate Murphy

context: biological specimens of plants, insects, birds, skeletons, etc., were crucial to early western science. those early scientists were on an encyclopedic mission (wanting to know about all kinds of stuff from all over the world) & very few people got to travel, so receiving a specimen of, like, an ostrich egg from very far away could be a huge deal for an early scientist in england.

these specimens were often pulled together into collections owned by wealthy collectors, and many of these private collections formed the starting collections of large national institutions that are for-the-most-part still around, and still educating millions of the british museum.

in fact, if you ever went to a museum of natural history & saw biological specimens, you've been a part of this history (in a small way).

herbaria were important places for the development of early *botanical* knowledge. i've actually been to an herbarium! at duke university, of all places. it was a wonderful place that smelled like tea, where thousands of dried plant samples were pressed between pages of huge books.

anyway, back when western scientists were developing taxonomies & basic understandings of plant biology (like the various parts of plants & their functions), herbaria were really important.

yea, it might suck to try & understand what's going on with a flattened, dried, little patch of some grass, but at least you could look at the actual *plant* & not just a drawing.

also, herbaria still provide value in botany because you can take small samples & do genetic analysis, or whatever other kind of analysis you want. the fact that they're historic specimens means that a scientist can do historic analysis as well. so these old samples are not just relics.

how these samples ended up in western herbaria is a very interesting question. there's a colonial romantic image of a "plant hunter" on a "collecting expedition". he's (it's almost always a 'he') single-minded, dedicated, unafraid, adventurous, and *doing it for science*. it has its appeal! that's why i call it the colonial romantic - it has a romance about it, but there's a nerdy purity too. i mean, it's indiana jones, right?

but that's not how it really happened (surprise!). if you know much about how things (and people) from around the world ended up in england (and its colonies, like america), you know that it was basically always a total nightmare.

these colonials were engaged in a project of moving people, plants, animals, and specimens all around the world, like pieces on a chess board.

so, a slave ship might be carrying enslaved people, but it might also be carrying live plant specimens, live animal specimens, seeds, nuts, dried plants, fossils, butterflies, & all kinds of other stuff.

and that's what this talk is about: how, exactly early science was related to the slave-trading industry of england, specifically.

on a personal note, i live in hawai'i, a place where you can see *literally in what grows on the land and in what people are here* the effects of that colonial project of moving around people, plants, and animals. so if i ever start to wonder "hey, how did tree x end up on the island?" maybe it was brought as part of a plantation project. and if you meet a third generation japanese or filipino person on the island, their grandparents might have been brought over as workers for a plantation, part of that exact same colonial project. so all of us are still very much living in the world created by this global colonial project of places like england, spain, portugal, etc.

every time i look into how colonial powers moved plants around, i see that that movement was intimately tied to the goals and material reality of slavery, colonialism, and imperialism.

it's a hard history to look at, but it is real.

#plants #science #STS #ScienceHistory #botany #slavery #history

Kristin Wilson
5 days ago

Doing science in times of climate breakdown.

blogpost from the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University.

#STS #SocialEcologicalSystems

Ingmar Lippert
5 days ago

@pvonhellermannn don’t trust the #privateSector with optimising for the environment. They can maximally be expected to optimise for selling #greenness. We have to expect, the private sector will ignore all environmental implications they can get away with, i.e. externalise as much as possible within any #internalisation project. #EnvironmentalEconomics

My @sts #STS take on #carbon in the #finance #industry is @bigdatasoc at

Teri Radichel
5 days ago

Keeping Sessions Short In AWS Assume-Role
ACM.364 Deploying resources with a job that requires MFA in a container with a short-lived session
#AWS #Cloud #Security #STS #Session #AssumeRole

Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
5 days ago

This was a part of our cozy hybrid workshop in Bochum on data infra, knowledge creation and planetary matter. Thanks to all participants for a great experience,

@mel_hogan @Aepasek @tschuetz @laurawatts and more!

#sts #mediastudies #criticaldatastudies

Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
5 days ago

Subsurface surfing. With the help of the maintenance staff, we went underground, following the maintenance track that connects all buildings on our Ruhr campus.

In total, it’s more than 8 km, we walked 2.5 km, from the uni datacentre to our faculty building.

#sts #infrastructure #it #photography

Picture of cables well organised on the path to eternity, in a grey concrete surrounding. It'd a long barrow path, pipes to the left, cables to the right. Boring and exciting at the same time.
A ladder teaching upwards. Again, dark, grey, concrete, dead
A man walks along a narrow concrete path. He wears blue maintenance staff clothing. He walks quickly. You see the concrete wall on the right with red paint fainting. Eerie

How embarrassing for me


Screenshot of an online word puzzle where I have made the word actant and the puzzle says it's not a word
Brit Ross Winthereik
6 days ago

Two great newses right here, right now:
@taschn and @AndersKMunk will join the #STS group at DTU.
I am so looking forward to working closely with such amazing scholars. *cheering* *smiling* *singing* It was possible!

Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
1 week ago

An excavator has struck.

The cloud system of various universities in the state of Northrine Westphalia, Germany, is offline. It’s an unfortunate timing, we shared all our workshop texts for tomorrow there. But it’s also a perfect fit: planetary actions and knowledge meet.

#tech #sts #infrastructure

Translated post of informing about a disturbance due to infrastructure. Brilliant because vague
Phil Brooker
1 week ago

A little while back, I posted the below image, saying I've made a thing but I wasn't sure what it does, what it's for, or why...well now I've discovered all those things! Time for a thread about it; welcome to "#Solarpunk Futures", a device that exists on the fringes of the #TerraPi and #Skylab2049 universe!

#sociology #STS #ethnomethodology #RaspberryPi #electronics

A blue rubber work mat on my office desk; on the mat there is a HDMI cable, a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, a stack of Raspberry Pi peripherals including an E-ink display, an LED array and a touchpad, a power supply lead, some screws and a hammer
Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
1 week ago

Through Cory Doctorow’s recent linkdump I learned about the charming non-standard standardisation story of the #fediverse. It was a lucky punch, very unlikely to happen. But here we are with a capable, open, acommercial system. #sts #mastodonmigration

"None of the big players… no one took us seriously. No one saw [the SocialWG] as a threat. No one expected it to go anywhere…. The feeling was, it was small beans...

Michael T. Bacon, Ph.D.
1 week ago

Flagrant self-promotion/query. I'm thinking about doing a thing where I do summaries and responses of academic papers I'm reading. These would be a mix of planning, data science, #STS, ecology, geography, GIS, and all that.

If this would be of interest to you, please vote below whether you'd rather see each paper response as a single blog post or as threads #OnHere, or not at all.

"The HPV vaccine story is really the story of sexualizing cancer—the title of the book—which is not meant to be a loaded or persuasive term on my part. Rather, it’s a way to frame an evolution of thought: how we went from thinking about cancer as relatively separate from STIs & sex, to bringing those ideas more fully together in a way that shapes individual lives and public health in the broadest sense. "

Author interview makes this book look really interesting:


Looking forward to reading Dominic Boyer’s new book No More Fossils @UMinnPress. Somehow appropriate to have a Formica tabletop as the background for this snapshot

#sts #Anthropology #NewBooks #Energy #EnvHum

snapshot of my hand holding the book
Daniel Breslau
2 weeks ago

New book! Climate, Science, and Society - a reader aimed at undergrads. #STS perspectives on #climate . Proud to have a chapter in this collection!

the book cover, featuring some sort of infrastructure pole sticking up out of floodwater(?)
Trystan Goetze 🦉🔧
2 weeks ago

This week I facilitated a session in a mechanical engineering course on values-sensitive stakeholder analysis. We talked about social and political challenges around renewable energy siting and how considering stakeholder values in design can improve outcomes for all.

#sts #philosophy @philosophy #ethics #education #teaching #techEthics #engineering

Photograph of several piles of paper on a desk. One stack is a case study about a town deciding between a wind or solar energy facility. One stack contains a set of graphics illustrating values. Two stacks, which are spread out to show individual sheets, describe ten stakeholder groups in the town, as well as discussion questions. The last stack instructs the reader to take on the role of a consulting engineering firm that is determining what to recommend.
Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
2 weeks ago

Shady knowledge.


#photography #asbestos #infrastructure #sts

Snapshot of Ruhr Uni Main Tram Station, with morning sun and mist. It's a cold day amid brutalist infrastructure
Picture of campus buildings and forest in the background. It's a bit eerie, because you see workers with protection wear. This is a large building that is to be destroyed, and it's full of asbestos
Anne Fausto Sterling
2 weeks ago

10 fellowships at Käte Hamburger Center 4 Advanced Study in the Cultures of Research in Aachen ( In 2024.2025, we will focus on methods and perspectives of STS and also continue to work on the topic of Life-Likeness. Application deadline is December 31, 2023. #jobopportunity #STS

The SFU Dean's Lecture by Dr. Safiya Noble was fantastic!!

"What AI Tools do is that they flatten the human experience. . . Humanity is the antidote to this. Everywhere we can resist dehumanization through tech is the pathway through."


#techethics #techjustice #technology #sts

Teri Radichel
2 weeks ago

AWS Service Endpoints and VPC Endpoints
ACM.379 Fixing the STS network problem blocking STS assume-role in Lambda and containers
First of a couple of posts to reverse-engineer inaccurate error messages.
#AWS #STS #IAM #Network #Security

Ideas on Fire
2 weeks ago

“What does it mean for technologies that are built for short-term use, real-time updates, and perpetual refresh to broker individual and collective legacies?” Listen to Tamara Kneese @tamigraph explain on the latest episode of Imagine Otherwise

#TamaraKneese #ImagineOtherwise #IdeasOnFire #DeathGlitch #MediaStudies #DigitalStudies #InternetStudies #CulturalStudies #STS #IoFAuthors #IoFAuthor #NCA2023

Above quote on a yellow and red glitch background
Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 weeks ago

#AI #STS: "This commentary starts with the question ‘How is it that AI has come to be figured uncontroversially as a thing, however many controversies “it” may engender?’ Addressing this question takes us to knowledge practices that philosopher of science Helen Verran has named a ‘hardening of the categories’, processes that not only characterise the onto-epistemology of AI but also are central to its constituent techniques and technologies. In a context where the stabilization of AI as a figure enables further investments in associated techniques and technologies, AI's status as controversial works to reiterate both its ontological status and its agency. It follows that interventions into the field of AI controversies that fail to trouble and destabilise the figure of AI risk contributing to its uncontroversial reproduction. This is not to deny the proliferating data and compute-intensive techniques and technologies that travel under the sign of AI but rather to call for a keener focus on their locations, politics, material-semiotic specificity, and effects, including their ongoing enactment as a singular and controversial object."

Ideas on Fire
2 weeks ago

🎙️New Imagine Otherwise episode alert! We dive into the relationship between Big Tech and mortality.

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews media scholar Tamara Kneese @tamigraph about her new Yale University Press book Death Glitch: How Techno-Solutionism Fails Us in This Life and Beyond.

#TamaraKneese #ImagineOtherwise #IdeasOnFire #DeathGlitch #MediaStudies #DigitalStudies #InternetStudies #CulturalStudies #STS #IoFAuthors #IoFAuthor #NCA2023

Tamara Kneese wearing an orange shirt, text reads: Tamara Kneese on death in the digital platform age, episode 157, with the Imagine Otherwise logo next to cover of Death Glitch with a multicolored glitch image on a blue background
Michael T. Bacon, Ph.D.
3 weeks ago


Hey #STS folks, here's a #maintenance/#maintainers story that could use a boost (and possibly serve as a case illustration).

Kim TallBear
3 weeks ago

The Centre for Engineering in Society, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada announceS a job posting for a tenure-track Assistant Professor. They are looking for someone with a PhD in #STS and with at least an engineering or computer science degree in their educational background. Applications DUE JAN 15.

Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
3 weeks ago

Thanks to @mel_hogan for the hint to the anthology edited by Paul Bogard! We've discussed Solastagia as part of our work on an #sts volume on Predictions. (Which will be a great collective performance.)

Kim TallBear
3 weeks ago

Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Technoscience and Indigenous Communities (Associate/Full Professor) School of Health Policy & Management and School of Nursing, Faculty of Health. DEADLINE NOV 15. #STS #indigenouspeoplesday

Kim TallBear
3 weeks ago

Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Technology, Society and Disability (Associate/Full Professor) Department of Social Science, Department of Sociology and the School of Public Policy and Administration, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. DEADLINE JAN 22. #STS #DisabilityStudies

Charlotte Högberg
3 weeks ago

Can someone please recommend any good open source programs for qualitative data analysis? I am using Nvivo, but would like to find alternatives.

#opensource #openscience
#QDAS #STS #qualitativeresearch #qualitativedata #academicchatter

Noel Kelly
4 weeks ago

Vale Ken Mattingly. Age 87.

NASA Astronaut Group 5
Time in space: 21d 04h 34m


@dkiesow @Chanders I'm most disappointed in anyone who studies political economy and/or history. I do also think Bsky will go up in flames, tho don't know when. Doesn't seem like they have any plan for proper modding once they open it up.

I guess I also like that #STS (my home of homes) has a good crew here. We are small but mighty. (If a significant cohort is going over there now, I don't want to know!)

B. Ricardo Brown, PhD
1 month ago

We are hiring!
Assistant Professor – Science and Technology Studies (71102)
Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies
Pratt Institute: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies seeks applicants for a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor.
@Sociology #CulturalStudies #SocialScience #STS
And FT & PT faculty at Pratt are Unionized (UFCT Local 1460)!

Jeffrey Yost
1 month ago

Each year the CHARLES BABBAGE INSTITUTE for COMPUTING, INFORMATION & CULTURE awards the Tomash Fellowship to an outstanding ABD researching/writing a history of computing/software dissertation.

Many leading scholars of the history and sociology of tech are past Tomash recipients!

Info at link. Deadline is January 15, 2024.

#technology #tech #science #history #sts

Michael T. Bacon, Ph.D.
1 month ago

Like a decade and a half ago when I first read We Have Never Been Modern, the idea that insisting on an ersatz "purification" between nature and human society was an intrinsic part of a Western "modernist constitution" seemed just way too on the nose.

But once you see it . . .

#STS #Latour #Indigenous #LandBack

(Link is a "gift link" -- please share widely as you see fit)

Washington Post headline

Opinion: In Maine, a return of tribal land shows how conservation can succeed

By Bina Venkataraman
November 1, 2023 at 7:57 a.m. EDT

Image shows an upstream shot of a small, rocky stream with yellow beech leaves in the foreground and yellow grasses in a riparian meadow in the background.
Modern environmentalism has been deprived of Indigenous knowledge, in part, because it has seen nature as something apart from humans. Early thinkers hold some responsibility for this. John Muir, long lauded as the father of the national parks, believed that natural landscapes needed to be stripped of the Native Americans who lived on them to create his ideal of pristine wilderness. In the Muir tradition, the U.S. government drove tribal people out of areas that today are considered America’s most beloved landscapes — Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Everglades — a history documented by David Treuer, an Ojibwe writer.

Did someone on here say they were thinking or reading about a connection btwn the "user turn" in STS and neoliberalism, or did I hallucinate that? @sts #STS

Holy sh*t, people are buying billboard space to "advertise" how #LongCovid is affecting them. Update the culture jamming & people's plague management handbooks I guess. #STS #Commodon #MedAnthro

Billboard on busy city street. Text reads “Long Covid stole my life from me”. Via user longcovidlinds on Dead Bird
Map of billboard location. Central Business District in Denver, CO. Via user longcovidlinds on Dead Bird

Thank you #PublicBooks & Ryan Boyd for this very thoughtful review of #OilBeach!! So honored 😊

"[Dunbar-Hester] makes no promises about the future, and she is not in the business of bromides. But when your economic system is suicidal—when the ordinary business of procuring goods and services is boiling the planet to death—there is no better basis for that than hopeful solidarity, and no option but action"

@UChicagoPress @josephcalamia @sts @communicationscholars #STS

Ed Summers
1 month ago

@tonygilkerson @Sheril I was going to say that it sounded like you were on the same page--I'm happy that you were!


Kristin Wilson
2 months ago

9 interdisciplinary fellowships for STS, open science, and socio-environmental researchers and community organizers.

#STS #OpenScience #SocialEcologicalSystems #Interdisciplinary

Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
2 months ago

Fixing the telephone wires. Love lines.

#Hanoi #Vietnam #tech #sts

A group of four men in blue collar dress sitting on the pavements, the road is open and you see lots of colourful tiny cables. The men smile, partly. It's been shot in the old town of Hanoi

York University's Science and Technology Studies grad program is accepting applications from potential MA and PhD students:

I'm affiliated with the program -- let me know if you have questions about it!

All students get funded. The program is particularly interested in recruiting Canadian students in the MA program. (International students are also very welcome to apply!)

#STS @academicchatter #grad #MA #PhD

☠️ On Saturday 14 Oct, I will be on a panel with @pirateradiomap and Stephen Dunifer:
Walking the Plank in the United Stages: Stories of Un/lawful Radio Transmission

We'll be virtual for the in-person event. If anyone on here is in #NSW & interested in #PirateRadio #MediaActivism, come check it out! Free to register

#radio @soundstudies #Australia @communicationscholars @sts #Commodon #STS

Ingmar Lippert
2 months ago

Welcome @easst over here in the #Fediverse! Looking forward to your updates on #EASST, #EASST4S2024, @sts, #STS #ScienceAndTechnologyStudies more generally.

New book by @firuzehshokvalle looks great!

"Drawing on fieldwork in Costa Rica and a transnational feminist digital organization, Shokooh Valle explores the ways that feminist activists, using digital technologies as well as a collective politics that prioritize solidarity and pleasure, advance a new feminist technopolitics"
#STS #FeministSTS @sts @communicationscholars
#StanfordUniversityPress #NewBooks

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 months ago

#AI #STS #Fauxtomation: "How can we examine so-called ‘artificial intelligence’ (‘AI’) without turning our backs on the STS tradition that questions both notions of artificiality and intelligence? This special issue attempts a step to the side: Instead of considering ‘AI’ as something that does or does not exist (and then taking a position on its benefits or harms), its ambition is to document, in an empirical and agnostic way, the performances that make, sometimes, ‘AI’ appear or disappear in situation. And it comes out, from this perspective, that 'AI' could be considered a vast commensuration undertaking."

2 months ago

...this book is still entirely too brown-nosing when it comes to these guys tho. the section about allll the different people who called newton and leibniz "geniuses" was just neverending... at least it also talks about how they were both difficult people, but still.

that "Great Man" myth is a zombie! it should be dead, but yet it ambles on and on...

so far, my favorite part of the book is when it talks about how disgusting london was and how much madness there was in western medicine. although i do feel very sad about the people who were forced to live in this horrible place in this horrible time, and the people who were subject to these medical procedures....

anyway, the book is "The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World" by edward dolnick.

edit: also, this book is a candidate for a para-text all about the women who enabled them to focus on their beautiful work. who left the trays of food that newton left untouched because he was way too in the zone? the book never says. (see: "who cooked adam smith's dinner" by katrine marcal)

#books #STS #ScienceHistory #history

2 months ago

i am reading "the clockwork universe" by edward dolnick and it just asserted that robert boyle (a founder of the royal society, namesake of boyle's law, & a famous chemist) believed that the best cure for cataracts was to blow powdered & dried human excrement into the patient's eyes.

according to wikipedia, he was also an alchemist and a director of the wicked east india company. "In his will, Boyle provided money for a series of lectures to defend the Christian religion against those he considered "notorious infidels, namely atheists, deists, pagans, Jews and Muslims""

so yea, Great Men and all that! 😬​

#STS #ScienceHistory #history #books

Bart Penders 🥚
2 months ago

Happy to share the news that from November onwards, I will be spending a year at RWTH Aachen, as a Fellow at the Käte Hamburg Kolleg “Cultures of Research”. I’ll be working on the intersection between scientific collaboration and scientific reform. #philsci #histsci #sociology #STS #Metasci 1/

Mike Ananny
2 months ago

New piece in Nieman Lab, with Jake Karr & growing out of the Knowing Machines project:

"Press freedom means controlling the language of AI":

"Generative AI systems act like 'stochastic parrots,' using statistical models to guess word orders & pixel placements. That’s incompatible with a free press that commands its own words."

#sts #Commodon #Communication #MediaStudies #AcademicChatter #journalism #ai #generativeAI

cc @niemanlab @communicationscholars

Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
2 months ago

Technopolitical myths travel quickly.

On 12 September, a fire in a #Hanoi house killed 50 residents. A tragedy that gained more local interest than the Biden visit.

Suddenly, new fire extinguishers pop up everywhere. And there is a national fear of e-scooters. There was a rumour that the fire was started by one. Turns out it was a normal scooter and a gas pipeline. But the myth is here. Like, an entire uni campus banned charging e-scooters. It's the usual anti-e. #sts

Anne Fausto Sterling
2 months ago

"“There is no magic lens that will enable us to look at, to see nature unclouded … uncolored by any values, hopes, fears, anxieties, desires, goals that we bring to it,” Keller told journalist Bill Moyers in 1990 for his “World of Ideas” show on PBS."
I've know about this for a few days, but here is the official news release.
#STS #FeministScientist

public data lab
2 months ago

A new article examining COVID-19 testing situations - moments in which it is no longer possible to go on in the usual way - on Twitter published in Social Media + Society, co-authored by @NoortjeMarres @gabrielecolombo @lbngr @jwyg Carolin Gerlitz & James Tripp.

#sts #feministsts #methods #visualmethods #commodon #socialmedia #covid19 #testing #situationalanalysis #situationalimageanalysis #testingsituations #nolongerpossibletogooninusualway

A matrix of composite images for selected couplings of images associated with COVID19 testing in society, to facilitate situational image analysis. The column headers read "state", "intimate relation" and "family", and the rows read "exposure", "death" and "positive result". There is a 3 by 3 grid of composite images, each comprising of collections of of images associated with the themes (e.g. "state" and "exposure"). The image is from the article: "Testing and Not Testing for Coronavirus on Twitter: Surfacing Testing Situations Across Scales With Interpretative Methods" which is available at:
Josh Wells
2 months ago

Prepping next week's activity on #SciFi as #STS critique for my social #informatics and cyborg #anthropology students.

We all watch a short film version of *Car Wars* by @pluralistic and then the class examines the plot from three different critical perspectives.

Students are working together as teams in Google Docs within the same classroom, F2F discussion, shared workspace.

Whole class shares and debriefs toward end of session.

Feel free to reuse CC-BY.

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Week 06 Thursday - SciFi Ethics and Doctorow's *Car Wars* a¥ Instructions: Conduct the activity below and when finished, each person copy/paste your group's final answers into a new discussion post for yourself here

Synopsis: Read about the ethics of autonomous vehicles, and the freely available short story *Car Wars* by Cory Doctorow, to consider how the fictionalized (but very plausible) stories of emergent human-technology interactions surrounding self-driving cars can be seen as object lessons about practical and ethical behaviors.
1. Read the concerns of technology ethicist Cory Doctorow regarding self- driving cars. Doctorow, Cory. 2015. “The Problem with Self-Driving Cars: Who Controls the Code?” The Guardian, December 23, 2015, sec. Technology. https:/ driving-cars-who-controls-the-code & 2. Listen to Doctorow’s *Car Wars* short story audiobook with animations (recommended that you consume the story this way) * Best version - https:/ wars-my.html & « OR https:/ (copy/paste link; not activated here to prevent YouTube player on page) « Backup, original story text (if you need to ctrl-f and clarify anything in the text) © https:/ // = 3. With your group, create answers to some topical questions as new posts into the class discussion forum. Your particular answers are assigned by last name: 1. Group Google Docs here [LINK] & 1. Add your name to the table on page 1 2. During the movie, take notes in your area related to answering your questions 3. After the movie, work with your group to answer the questions on page 2
© Relate two chapters of the story to Kling (week 1) - How is the science fiction story a kind of "folksy" version of social informatics with elements of "orientations" or other goals of social informatics? These might be two divergent examples, or examples that reinforce a similar issue.

o Next, using your choice of topics from our science fiction and futurism readings from this week, how is Doctorow creating an educational story about the sociocultural construction and use of technology?

o STUDENT LAST NAMES G-N (at least 200 words total)

o Relate two chapters of the story to Hanson (week 1) - What story elements can you explain using the concepts of joint responsibility and extended agency? These might be two divergent examples, or examples that reinforce a similar issue.

o Next, using your choice of topics from our science fiction and futurism readings from this week, how is Doctorow creating a moral and ethical fable about where we are going?

* STUDENT LAST NAMES O-Z (at least 200 words total)

© Relate two chapters of the story to something you've read so far in Coleman (weeks 1+) - how do concepts of openness show up in the story? These might be two divergent examples, or examples that reinforce a similar issue.

o Next, using your choice of topics from our science fiction and futurism readings from this week, how is Doctorow creating a practical or ethical argument about openness that you can see in other problems portrayed in science fiction?
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I need to seriously reduce my time looking at screens, my eyes are virtually hurting.

What are your favourite podcasts? A bit nerdy, informative, deep dives, tech, ecology, queerfeminist discussions, Asia-Pacific.

I'm thinking in the lines of Cultures of Energy, @mel_hogan Data Fix, @parismarx Tech won't Safe Us, @emergencemagazine, Wohlstand für Alle, You're Wrong About, ... but also some format I do not have on my radar. @sts @academicchatter

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Event announcement for friends at + other #STS #mediastudies scholars and data activists in #Cambridge #Boston.

Next Wed. Sep. 20 at 5pm (MIT 9-451), join the Data + Feminism Lab and Tierra Común at Data, Bodies, Territories: a conversation on Global Majority challenges to data colonialism with Paola Ricaurte, @JulianPosada, @kanarinka, and yours truly.

Flyer for MIT Data + Feminism Lab and Tierra Comun event titled 'data + bodies + territories' to be held on September 20, 2023, at MIT.