May 5, 2023 - Day 125 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 140

Game: Samorost 1

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 20, 2021
Library Date: Aug 26, 2021
Unplayed: 617d (1y8m9d)
Playtime: 16m

Given my current state of mind, I wanted to play something relatively simple, that didn't take too much thought.

The first game I picked was so dire, that I actually uninstalled it and as it was a free licence, removed it from my account.

Then I picked Samorost 1 out of the list.

At which point I began to wonder if I may actually have fallen asleep at the keyboard.

Not only was it the most surreal game I've played this year, it was also the shortest. That 16 minutes playtime includes stopping the game once to get it back into fullscreen mode, and unintentionally restarting it after I'd completed it, thinking I'd missed something.

It is, apparently, a 2003 game that was remastered with new graphics in 2021.

It's a weird as hell point-and-click puzzle game, which has had two follow up games, which I will more than likely play, given the opportunity.

I can't say more than that, because I don't know how, and it will take me longer to write the review than it did to finish the game.

It's free on Steam, so, uh... maybe just play it?

WTF just happened to me? Samorost 1 is:

4: Good... I think?

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