Nancy Marguerite Anderson
57 minutes ago

Once they made #Edmonton House #AB, the York Factory Express men (who travelled with the #Saskatchewan Brigades) must mounted horses and made their way to the Athabasca River, via the Athabasca Portage to Fort Assiniboine. Here is Edward Ermatinger's story: #Blogpost #History

Packhorses make their way across a small river that runs past a tree-lined riverbank. Image from Glenbow Archives.

Opinion: Cost of new Saskatoon arena district could fall on taxpayers

We have plenty of corporations in Western Canada and #Saskatchewan, such as Nutrien, making billions. They can contribute money to the arena, for a tax write off, that is supposed to be for increased business in the city anyways. Taxpayers are fed up subsidizing businesses.

Prism & Pen
11 hours ago
Jeff Cliff 🦝
18 hours ago
times the #saskatchewan government has used the notwithstanding clause
1) force striking SGEU workers back to work (1986) setting up the concept of 'essential services', ie everyone up to and including the people who work at the doughnut/coffee shop in the hospital, of not having collective bargaining rights that extend to the right to a strike -- since the government can just up and order you back to work
2) to basically steal money from the public to fund the catholic school board (this turned out to be legal and they didn't need to actually use the notwithstanding clause to do it). Also probably similar deal for the muslims/protestants
3) to force teachers to use ONLY state-approved pronouns and nicknames for children
LA Legault
19 hours ago

#Saskatchewan every time I check the prices of flights there I am astounded. So can someone kick Scott Moe in the shins for me? 🙂

Jeff Cliff 🦝
23 hours ago
> When I was talking with makowski he said he had no idea that 1 in 5 kids live in poverty in the province. The minister of social services!! Had!! No!! Idea!!

*This* Makowski.

This guy doesn't even have an excuse of being new on the job due to a recent cabinet shuffle...he's been at it for...awhile now

This is disgraceful incompetence #saskatchewan
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
1 day ago

#Edmonton House was built in 1795 on the North bank of the North #Saskatchewan River, but it moved many times as the local fire-wood supplies were used up. Here are some fun stories to tell of old Edmonton House, where John Rowand ruled like a king for many years. #Alberta #History

A selection of furs that might have been hung to dry in any storehouse found in any of theHBC posts in Canada and WA state.
1 day ago

You’re all aware that #Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has killed at least one person, right?

#cdnpoli #Canada

Dylan Shivak
1 day ago
LA Legault
2 days ago
2 days ago

Sad day for #Saskatchewan....

Steve Dinn
2 days ago

@taco I'm resigned to the fact that this #saskatchewan bill will most probably be passed. Here are my thoughts on what should happen next:

2 days ago

If #Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant Governor resigned today they would not be able to pass the necessary bill invoking the notwithstanding clause until the federal government replaced them.

Also interesting. 🤔
#cdnpoli #Canada

The Ocean Cowboy
2 days ago

I did not have #Saskatchewan outdoing #Alberta in the #bigotry department on my 2023 Bingo Card.

Robson Fletcher
2 days ago

I just noticed that exactly half of Canada's provincial premiers (5 out of 10) pay for blue checks on #Twitter / #X.

They are:

☑️ Alberta Premier Danielle Smith

☑️ Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe

☑️ Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson

☑️ New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs

☑️ Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston

#cdnpoli #ableg #apboli #skpoli #mbpoli #newbrunswick #novascotia #nspoli #manitoba #saskatchewan #alberta #canada

2 days ago

You all understand that there’s a zero percent chance Trudeau actually has the balls to stop #Saskatchewan, right?

Because if he did he’d have to justify why he allows #Quebec to commit on-going cultural genocide without intervention.

The courts and the ballot box are the only salvation here.

#Canada #cdnpoli

NDP questions appointment of former Premier Grant Devine to USask Board of Governors

“Devine’s confidants, close friends and senior staff diverted taxpayer dollars into numbered accounts and stole more than $800,000 from the people of Saskatchewan. Over a dozen Devine insiders were criminally charged.”

Yep…that Grant Devine.
#Corruption #Saskatchewan #skpoli #Canada

2 days ago

QAnon influencer Romana Didulo and her followers moved themselves into an abandoned school in small town Saskatchewan. Now the local children are too scared to play in the town's park.
#News #RomanaDidulo #qanon #Canada #Saskatchewan

LA Legault
2 days ago

Imagine being so insecure that you recall a legislature, cause a constitutional crisis, and risk international condemnation from the U.N, because you don’t like pronouns? #Saskatchewan

Jeff Walters
2 days ago

Below: released this morning, my letter of resignation as leader of the @saskprogress and intent to step away from politics.

A party leadership race will soon be called.

#skpoli #saskatchewan

Anna Anthro
3 days ago

“Thousands of new orange and black ‘Every Child Matters’ hockey sticks are on shelves of sporting goods stores across #Canada.

They are meant to do more than just send pucks into nets.

Clay DeBray of #saskatchewan designed the sticks to spread awareness about what happened to generations of #Indigenous children who were forced into Canada's residential school institutional system.”

3 days ago

Earlier Thursday, Justice Michael Megaw issued his 56-page ruling...: "I determine the protection of these youth surpasses that interest expressed by the government, pending a full and complete hearing."

The Premier- concerned more with implementing his faulty policy than with protecting children, or legal due diligence, or Canadian Human Rights- says he will use the notwithstanding clause to override the judge. i.e. fascism.

#skpoli #canada

LA Legault
3 days ago

I hope the good people of the #Prairies camp on Scott Moe’s lawn until he backs down. #Saskatchewan #SaskGov

Sherwin Arnott
3 days ago

Happy to see a judge put a pause on the anti-trans government in Saskatchewan. "A Regina judge has ruled that the Saskatchewan government's naming and pronoun policy should be paused for the time being..." #cdnpoli #Saskatchewan

LA Legault
3 days ago

Who is going to tell Premier of #Saskatchewan, Scott Moe, that he will cause international condemnation from the #UN if he uses the Notwithstanding clause? After an already embarrassing 2 weeks for #Canada.

Ed Wiebe
3 days ago

@CBCNews Good grief these are terrible people, #Saskatchewan .
More court drama to come.

LA Legault
3 days ago

#Saskatchewan, don’t let Moe run over your Charter rights, it’s a slippery slope. The Notwithstanding clause should not be used frivolously #Canada

3 days ago

The time to test disallowance and reservation powers to strike down unconscionable legislation that invokes the notwithstanding clause is long past, but it’s coming around again full circle if #Saskatchewan decides to use section 33 to entrench it’s legislative transphobia.

The argument that the powers are null and void with time doesn’t hunt, especially given that they were explicitly included in the Constitution at repatriation to counter the notwithstanding clause.

#cdnpoli #Canada

LA Legault
3 days ago

🇨🇦 I want a Canadian Heritage moment that says “Children are persons under the law.
#Saskatchewan #Canada

Sask. Ministry of Education took 9 days to create naming and pronoun policy, affidavit shows
Nine days of idiocy and discriminatory behaviour. The affidavit says it all.
#Saskatchewan #inclusiveness #Canada #skpoli #Pronouns

Prof. Sam Lawler
2 weeks ago

Today I saw a billboard advertising how great it is to travel to North Dakota. I laughed really, really hard.

But yeah, I guess there really aren't many places that North Dakota can advertise itself as a warm tourist destination, and #Saskatchewan is one of those places.

How the ‘parental rights’ movement gave rise to the 1 Million March 4 Children

An important history to know about in these times

#Canada #Education #ParentalRights #cdnpoli #Saskatchewan #Alberta #Ontario

Addendum 19
See also addendum 9

Saskatchewan judge to hear school pronoun policy injunction application

* lawyers for UR Pride, org. representing LGBTQ people in Regina, to argue in favor of injunction
* lawyers f. Egale Canada & McCarthy Tetrault LLP say policy violates 2 sections of Charter incl. equality rights & right to security of person

#Canada #Saskatchewan #transphobia #TransLivesMatter #populism #FarRight #CultureWars #neoconservatism #URPride #EgaleCanada

[thread] Manitoba, politics

Big Money & Manitoba Election: Dark money set ssights on Manitoba

* Canada Growth Council:
* registered 3rd party advertiser tied to Alberta & Saskatchewan conservatives, oil lobbyists, & obscure religious sect known as Plymouth Brethren:

#Canada #Manitoba #Saskatchewan #politics #ConservativeParty #FossilFuels #CanadaGrowthCouncil #neoconservatism #DarkMoney #FarRight #CultureWars #ChristianRight #PlymouthBrethren

The rights of children.

“When we remove the ability of educators to exercise good judgment, all we’re left with is less good judgment, and significantly increased risks of harm for at least some children. People need to think this through and see it for what it is.”

#Canada #Saskatchewan

LA Legault
2 weeks ago

#Saskatchewan’s Children’s Advocate said the new rules surrounding the use of preferred pronouns and first names in schools violate provincial human rights laws and #Canada ‘s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. |

Addendum 17

Saskatchewan Child Advocate: Pronoun policy could run contrary to human rights laws, needs changes

* Sask. Child Advocate says prov. gov.'s new policy regarding use of different pronouns in schools could violate human rights
* policy req. students <16 y.o. to seek parental consent before changing pronouns or preferred first names

#Canada #populism #Saskatchewan #ScottMoe #FarRight #education #transphobia #Action4Canada #SOGI #ChristianRight #HumanRights

Addendum 16

NO ONE claiming this: classic wedge tactic/attack
Next they'll push "litter box" anti-LGBTQ+ conspiracy theory 🤨 🤬

Litter boxes in schools hoax:
Furry fandom:

Saskatchewan school: not letting students identify as furries >> "wedge tactics" OR "wedge strategy"

#Canada #populism #Saskatchewan #ScottMoe #FarRight #education #CultureWars #transphobia #Action4Canada #SOGI #ChristianRight

"wedge tactics" OR "wedge strategy"

Wedge strategy
Wedge strategies
Foreign electoral intervention
Discovery Institute
Discovery Institute
Creationism_s Trojan Horse
Wedge issues
Discrimination via Conscientious Objection
Discrediting the Transphobic "Bathroom Predator" Myth
Discovery Institute
Ian Hecht
2 weeks ago

My fellow Saskatchewanians.... Saskatchewanites? Pre-Albertans.

Since many media accounts previously available on Twitter are not available here, I've put together some #Saskatchewan #news bots you can follow:

CBC Saskatchewan - @cbcsask
CTV Regina/Saskatoon - @ctvsask
Global Saskatchewan - @globalsask
APTN Saskatchewan - @aptnsask
The Star Phoenix - @starphoenix

They're running off the RSS feeds for the source, and are automatically CW-ed for death, violence or sexual assault. Enjoy!

To Get Kids Interested in Science, We Have to Let Them Do Science - Scientific American


“By getting kids hooked on science now, we not only shape the future of research—we help more people see themselves as scientists and start them on paths toward careers in the exciting world of fundamental research.”
#Canada #Science #Scicomm #Education

LA Legault
2 weeks ago

Good for people in #Regina & #Saskatoon #Saskatchewan for showing up for kids 💪

Addendum 15

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe ready to use notwithstanding clause to protect new school pronoun & name rule
Clause would allow provincial government to pass laws that override certain Charter rights for up to 5 years

Notwithstanding clause: >> search: Scott Moe"

#Canada #ConstitutionalLaw #NotwithstandingClause #populism #Saskatchewan #ScottMoe #FarRight #education #CultureWars #transphobia #Action4Canada #SOGI #ChristianRight

Scott Moe
Saskatchewan Party
Saskatchewan United Party
Buffalo Project
Joseph Bourgault

Ordinary Guy Celebrated by Scott Moe is Linked to Group Lobbying to Weaken Saskatchewan's Labour Laws

Jamie Salé
Gerry Ritz
Joseph Bourgault
Ontario Party

Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Nature - Earth - Countries - Canada - Legal system - Constitution of Canada - Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Supreme Court of Canada
Catholic Civil Rights League

[Canada] Our journalists are facing more harassment, threats for doing their jobs
As vaccine-mandate protests rolled into Ottawa [Freedom Convoy 2022], CBC took extra measures to ensure the safety of our journalists covering these events. We reduced our visibility and hired extra security. We identified fallback positions for our reporters and field crews. We conducted risk assessments for each deployment. These precautions were warranted: we've seen multiple examples over the last several weeks of our teams and other Canadian media being verbally harassed, threatened and intimidated simply for doing the job of journalism.
Alberta union goes to court to challenge UCP law that criminalizes public protest

Alberta health minister tells college of physicians and surgeons it can't let doctors quit

Stephen Joseph Harper
Stephen Joseph Harper PC CC (born April 30, 1959) is a Canadian politician who served as the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada from 2006 to 2015.
2 weeks ago

#Saskatchewan is basically openly admitting that it is unconstitutionally restricting the rights of its citizens with it’s new policy push.

#Canada #cdnpoli

LA Legault
2 weeks ago

Premier Scott Moe of #Saskatchewan in a stunning abuse of power considers invoking the Notwithstanding clause to bully #LGBTQ children with new education policies. Wonder where he learned that one from? (Doug Ford) #skpoli

Boris Mann
3 weeks ago

Good to see @robin @roland @jai at Car Free Day on #CommercialDrive

Apparently Robin wants do some #CoSocialRadio, which would be awesome.

He also has a link to an #ebike company from #Saskatchewan that I want him to share ;)

Addendum 12

Christian group infl. Saskatchewan gov. over pronoun rules

* Tanya Gaw, founder of Christian organization Action4Canada
* influenced Saskatchewan Party to adopt pronoun, sex ed policies
* urged bans on Planned Parenthood & sexual health resource SOGI123 >> search: action4canada
"tanya gaw"
action4canada AND "freedom convoy"

#populism #Saskatchewan #FarRight #education #CultureWars #transphobia #Action4Canada #SOGI #ChristianRight

Andrew Dodge
Brian Dominick
Terry Rekar
Tanya Gaw
ACT For Canada
Canadian Freedom Coalition
ParentsVoice BC
SOGI International Taskforce
Drag Queen Story Hour
Freedom Convoy 2022

More than 90% of heavy oil sites in Saskatchewan don’t measure pollution: scientist | The Narwhal

#bigoil #pollution #carbon #climatechange #science #breathing #saskatchewan #oil #drilling

Robson Fletcher
4 weeks ago

What a sharp decline in male life expectancy in Western #Canada.

Down nearly a full year in #BritishColumbia, #Alberta and #Saskatchewan.

In the early 1990s, boys born in these provinces could expect to live longer than in any other part of the country. Today, life expectancy in all three is below the national average.

In Saskatchewan, male life expectancy is now *four years* less than in #Quebec.

#ableg #abpoli #bcpoli #skpoli #cdnpoli

Addendum 10

Community response to broadly unpopular, politician-fabricated culture war issues

100s rally in Regina against new pronoun/name policy in Saskatchewan schools
Critics say policy will harm trans, two-spirit, non-binary youth

* 100s outside Saskatchewan Legislative Building
* protesting Sask. policy requiring parental consent when children <16 want diff. names/pronouns at school

#Canada #populism #Saskatchewan #FarRight #education #CultureWars #transphobia

Shannon Dea
1 month ago

About to get my craft on. Sign-making for tomorrow’s rally at the #Saskatchewan Legislature opposing the dangerous new “parents rights” policy forcing schools to inform parents when #TransKids change their names or pronouns. #ProtectTransKids

Poster making supplies including pink and blue Bristol board, as in the trans flag

Addendum 9

Legal action filed against Sask. government over new school pronoun rules
Parental consent needed wh. student <16 wants different names/pronouns at school

* community org. representing LGBTQ people in Regina filed legal action vs. Saskatchewan gov. over pronoun policy
* UR Pride Centre for Sexuality & Gender Diversity requested judge to strike down changes

#Canada #populism #Saskatchewan #FarRight #education #CultureWars #transphobia

Addendum 4

Sask. trans students outed to peers by tech company error 🤨
Edsby apologizes for error that affected students in 8 school divisions 👎️

* educational technology company HQ Toronto
* developer, publisher of web-based K-12 learning management system

#Canada #Saskatchewan #education #surveillance #privacy #transphobia #capitalism #neoconservatism #CultureWars #DustinDuncan #Edsby

Addendae 2 cont'd 2/

Saskatchewan school boards request pause on 'sudden' pronoun policy change

* Sask.'s education minister Dustin Duncan announced policy changes req. students <16 to seek parental consent to change preferred names, pronouns at school
* Sask. Advocate for Children & Youth announced immediate review
* said potential impact "deeply troubling"

#Canada #Saskatchewan #education #transphobia #SOGI #neoconservatism #CultureWars #DustinDuncan

Addendae 2

Saskatchewan says parental consent needed for name, pronoun change of students

* Saskatchewan education minister Dustin Duncan says teachers must start seeking parental consent when children under 16 want to change their names or pronouns
* harmful to LGBTQ students
* mirrors recent populist, neoconservative actions in N.B.

Dustin Duncan:

#Canada #Saskatchewan #education #transphobia #SOGI #neoconservatism #CultureWars #DustinDuncan

As a Reproductive Scientist who has done outreach in schools in the past and teaches undergrads #ReproSci, I just have to shake my head at governments, particularly Conservative, who just want to hide #SexEd from students. By all means let them learn the torrent of disinformation instead of the facts, learn painfully about STDs or STIs, or keep their pronouns hidden. Parents can “opt out” of it all and keep youth in the dark ages. Pathetic #SaskGov.
#saskatchewan #skpoli

Jon Bowie
1 month ago

In the #drought even the #spiders are #baling up all the #feed they can #SpidersOfMastodon #Hay #Canada #Saskatchewan

A spider in the middle of its web that is covered in dry grass that has blown off a discbine used for cutting hay
2 months ago

@rbreich #Canada anecdote-Fed Ex and Purolator in #Saskatchewan drop off packages at small town businesses for rural customers to pick up- there is no compensation to the local grocery store or insurance agency who hold, store and distribute the packages. Fed Ex and Purolator rely on these charitable contributions or the alternative is rural customers have no access to consumer products unless they drive 1+ hours to a city.