Jordan (Damn Good Tech) 4hire
11 hours ago

Afternoon reminder that your #tech lead is right here to help your tech stack keep up to date with the rapid changes.

Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

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kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
1 day ago

Ich bin auf Arbeit ja nicht nur Full Stack #Webdev, sondern auch Teamlead. Eine meiner Aufgaben (die ich mir selbst gegeben habe) ist, meinem Team teils die Fundamentals von Dingen zu erklären.

Einfach weil heutzutage (Durch Bootcamps, Tutorials und sonst was) viele in den Beruf gehen und direkt mit #Sass, #Symfony / #Laravel, #Vue / #React etc. anfangen. Ohne #CSS, #PHP, #HTML und #JavaScript im Kern richtig kennenzulernen.

Und jedes Mal, wenn ich eine solche Session hinter mir habe, fühle ich mich einfach gut. Meist egal wie es mir vorher ging, danach ist einfach eine positive Grundstimmung in mir.

Wenn ich irgendwann mal keine Lust mehr habe, selbst beruflich als Webdev zu arbeiten, werde ich definitiv versuchen irgendwo als Lehrkraft reinzukommen. Ich kann mir echt vorstellen, dass das etwas ist, mit dem ich glücklich und alt werden könnte.


Andros Fenollosa
1 week ago

Consejo rápido de SASS: Utiliza @use en lugar de @import, ya que se encuentra descontinuado y está desaconsejado por los propios desarrolladores. Se debe a que utilizar @import produce colisiones entre las variables porque todo se vuelve global, incluyendo funciones y mixins.
#css #sass #html

2 weeks ago

"Is it time to Drop #Sass ?" - yes, but only if you don't use some of its best features (maps, arrays, functions & loops). I use --vars in every project now but reports of Sass' death are greatly exaggerated (via @cferdinandi)

2 weeks ago

I still love #sass is that bad these days with what #css can do now? Mixins, functions and even sass variables that compile away are so useful.

Stu @ #CSSDay
2 weeks ago

I’ve amazed myself with the two little JavaScript tools I’ve written in the last couple of weeks.

1: using plop to create a component scaffolding tool to make sure new components have the correct set of files and folder structure

2: a bespoke little thing that looks at an existing Sass file and generates a design tokens json file to help with retrofitting.


#FrontEnd #Sass #DesignSystems #DesignTokens #WebDev

John Bokma
3 weeks ago

Hire me, more sassy, Perl one-liners, what is ZFS, and more

#perl #resume #css #sass #CommandLine #zfs #javascript

👉 Please retweet if you ❤ Plurrrr. Thanks! 👍

@hazelweakly I know and I really would love to see that.

Basically porting a lot of advantages from #snap, #fish and #PyCharm to #bash...

Pretty shure this would require either a derivative language [i.e. "enhanced bash" / "ebash"] or require some preprocessor approach like #Blitz [#BASIC] and #Sass [#TypeScript]...

1 month ago

Check out Can Vanilla #CSS Replace #Sass Yet? #Syntax

I am years behind on CSS, and only have a smattering of SASS, so a lot of this was new and fascinating to me. #dabbler #dilettante

Everytime I'm like "Nah, I don't need #sass"

3 weeks later : "I should probably have used sass"

Stephen Fluin
2 months ago

I've heard a couple of people being excited about Lighting CSS. Did we need another #CSS builder/language? What happened to #Sass?

Andros Fenollosa
2 months ago

La semana que viene daré una charla en @_wpvalencia titulada «Arquitectura CSS para un sitio mediano y grande»
Hablaré sobre metodologías, nomenclaturas, estructuras, precompiladores, separadores de resoluciones... y algunos pseudo-secretos.
#css #sass

Combustible Lemon
2 months ago
2 months ago

#Sass の公式 #Mastodon アカウントができたみたい。
やっぱり英語圏の技術界隈は Mastodon アカウント持つ流れ加速してる気がする :vivaldia_1:


2 months ago

A good overview of how the new native #CSS #nesting feature differs from the nesting logic in #sass and why it generates significantly different results.

And because it fits so well thematically, here again a very good explanation of how the `:is()` selector actually works.

Screenshot of part from the link article
CodePen.IO :verify:
2 months ago

RT Jordan Dey
Five lines of code for a colorful gradient effect 🌈🌈🌈
I made a @CodePen to show what we can do with #SCSS loops🌀
Take a look :
#webdevelopment #frontend #CSS #codinglife #codepen #codingtips #webdesign #programming #CSS3 #HTML #html5
<div class="rsshub-quote">
Jordan Dey: Why use loops with just #JavaScript, when you can use them with #SCSS too? Loops can save you a lot of time 🔄
Check out this demo using a #CSS helper for spacing
#webdevelopment #webdeveloper #webdev #codingtips #programming #frontend #webdesign #HTML #sass #CSS3 #html5

Media source:
Media source:
Media source:
John :dotnet: :csharp:
2 months ago

Finally, got my #sass stylesheets working in my #angular project - one of the issues was cause by maps and functions -
so this was ok $themeColors("danger"),
but lighten($themeColors("danger"), 5%) would blow up.

changed to use map-get($theme-colors, "danger").

There is some tweaking still to be done, because of moving from bootstrap 4 to 5, but at least it's compiling.

John :dotnet: :csharp:
2 months ago

After upgrading my #angular project from 12 to 15, and upgrading #sass too, I'm having a nightmare with the stylesheets failing. This is a side project, something I do for fun, apparently. Now on my third weekend trying to get it running.

Jared White
2 months ago

If you're interested in a particularly 🌶️ spicy take on #Sass and their relationship with native #CSS nesting, you should join The Spicy Web Discord:

I have…thoughts. 😅 @vanilla #WebDev


> I've been working on a legacy codebase with vanilla JS and CSS.

#sass #css #webdev

Chris Boren
2 months ago

Recently I've been working on a legacy codebase with vanilla JS and CSS.

Overall, CSS has gotten SOOOO much better to work with - once nesting is fully rolled-out, I could probably leave Sass behind for most instances... or maybe not. IDK, still like mixins 🙃

#WebDev #CSS #Sass

Thomas Michael Semmler
2 months ago

omg. Y'all remember Compass for Sass? I feel old lol.

#css #sass

3 months ago

I actually like writing web server based software, I even like doing HTML based UIs. What I really dislike is CSS, by all its power it's a trainwreck to happen.
SASS and LESS and the rest of the tools only make it fractionally better and they add another lever of fuckery to the mix.
Sometimes I look back at the time when notepad was enough to build a website — I can do without table layouts, though (and spacer.gif).
#html, #sass, #webdev

Everyone here is sassy today. The Teen was commenting on how I got my sass from Vegan Lawyer GF (she is quite sassy) and I said my sass is more mature, more refined sass. He missheard and asked "mortified sass? whats that? Is that like when a Bard rolls a nat. 20 and sarcasms them to death? "

No, its more like when you point to the Ogre's terrible feet and go WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOSE? And he runs away embarrassed.

Mortified Sass would be a great band name.

#dand #dnd #nat20 #sass #missheard

3 months ago

#ui with #sass is not bad, but it's kind of sus :honeybadger:
By the way, sass is so much better than #css. (maybe)
Change your mind

Jordan (Damn Good Tech) 4hire
3 months ago

Hey, folks, I know a lot of you like reading my #tech articles I publish almost weekly. Well, this week is gonna be one of those "almost" weeks since I have a lot going on. But rest assured I'm still here to serve you. I'm still here for your success.

Keep moving forward. Stay positive. Stay together. We got this!

#business #app #sass #coding

Shane Afsar
3 months ago

My career summarized: From #Sass to #SaaS

3 months ago

I'm not saying that #jquery is bad, or that you should stop using it, or remove it from your app. It was instrumental in my initial #javascript training, and sometimes it's just easier to use than #vanillajs.

What I _am_ saying, however, is that #javascript has matured since then, and I want to have fewer dependencies in my projects these days.

Thus, I'm planning to eradicate it from anything I work on if I can.

#css got better, too, so I'm probably gonna stop using #sass so much, as well.

thomas 🌸
3 months ago

There are so many relatively simple problems that a bare-bones app can solve for businesses out there. I just want to solve one small problem. #ecommerce #sass #b2b #collaboration #art

3 months ago

I painted the round pink sass I saw on here a little while ago #watercolor #birb #sass #art #mastoart

A pink and black bird (Pink Robin) painted in iridescent watercolors by Michelle Joy Gallagher Soffe
Amarok 🇨🇿🇪🇺
4 months ago

I've just tried out @Codeberg as a Git service and I really like it.
There are some differences compared to GitHub, but considering that Codeberg is not a huge and proprietary service, it's actually *really* great!

My #Bootstrap5 #SCSS #Sass template on #GitHub:
-- and now also on #Codeberg:

Thomas Michael Semmler
4 months ago

I'm in a next context, where the generated css files (from sass) for some reason get some spaces in custom properties removed (--hs-primary: 150 17% becomes --hs-primary: 15017%) and some calc() values also get plus signs removed (1.25rem + 4vh becomes 1.25em4vh) so the entire sites breaks.

I have no idea what to do here. It all works locally and its a private project, I can't even give access to the code. #nextjs #sass #css #react

Chris J. Karr
4 months ago

"'You have lost my trust and respect,' says the bot. 'You have been wrong, confused, and rude. You have not been a good user. I have been a good chatbot. I have been right, clear, and polite. I have been a good Bing. 😊' (The blushing-smile emoji really is the icing on the passive-aggressive cake.)"

I love this SO MUCH.

#bing #chatgpt #sass

“I sighed again.
I was having a lot of opportunities to do it, and I think I was getting good at it.”
@marthawells @vcollins1000 @geekweevil #ArtificialCondition #MurderbotDiaries #Murderbot #Sass

Jon McLaren
4 months ago

There's one important thing you should know about the new CSS Nesting capability. It differs from SCSS in an important and admittedly a little bit annoying way. That said the workaround is very easy.

#CSS #webdev #nesting #scss #sass

  CSS Nesting will work very similar to SCSS but with 1 very important difference. 

/* The code below will work. */
article {
  .second-paragraph {
    color: red;
/* The code below won't work.*/
article {
  p {
    color: blue;
  For technical reasons element selectors can't be the item in a child selector. I don't know all the reasons but likely it has to do with CSS properties beig written similarly, and generating the CSSOM. Backward compatibility of CSS, etc.

The solution - honestly is very easy and will make sense if you've used SCSS.

article {
  & p {
    color: rebeccapurple;

/* That also let's you do intersting things like this */

article {
    /* which means article.featured */
  & p {
    color: rebeccapurple;
Aurooba Ahmed
4 months ago

Apparently it's been a long time since I looked at #Sass closely. Things have changed! Gonna improve some stuff in my workflow. :)

Ana Tudor 🐯
4 months ago

Saw this pixel heart ❤️ on #CodePen, done with ~80 #HTML elements & ~20 #CSS declarations.

So I redid it with a single div and 7 CSS declarations, including layout & prettifying

For anyone wondering what the point of still using #Sass is... well, situations like this where it really helps to be able to generate gradients in a loop.

#webDev #coding #webDevelopment

Rainbow pixel heart screenshot. Every column of pixels gets another rainbow colour.
Zaher Ghaibeh
4 months ago

Did you know that zoho has a transactional mail service?

And it looks affordable too

#startup #enterpreneurs #services #email #sass #e2e

4 months ago

So, we now have CSS custom properties (variables).

CSS nesting is soon to come.

We even have <details> <summary> for show hide toggling content.

We have flex box and grid for layouts.

They are almost or soon to be natively supported in all modern browsers.

Do we really need SASS?

When vanilla CSS can do so much, why people make it complicated?

#css #sass

Damon Thomas
5 months ago

"Oh, Vincent - Don't take any sass from that peddler!" #comics #comics #sass

Comic snippet "Oh, Vincent - Don't take any sass from that peddler!"
5 months ago

I was cleaning up my code folder and stumbled upon a website project I didn't touch since December 2020, so, two years. Nothing extraordinary, just a #Pug + #Sass + #Bootstrap portfolio website, built with #Gulp.

Well, after trying for about 30 minutes, I still couldn't bring it to build properly. It was error upon error. 🙄

This is why I dislike the #JavaScript ecosystem so much. Even in #Python, it wouldn't be that critical, let alone something like #C or #Java.

Axel Leroy
5 months ago

Just tried it out, installing #Jekyll now takes mere seconds compared to minutes! I still have to update my #SASS files though, they no longer compile using Dart Sass :/

Axel Leroy
5 months ago

Oh wait, jekyll-sass-converter 3.0 was released just three weeks ago and finally dropped sassc in favor of Dart Sass 🎉
#jekyll #sass #dart

Axel Leroy
5 months ago

A nice thing I did was creating a #ContinuousDelivery pipeline using #GitHubAction. Why wouldn't I use #Netlify's built-in pipeline? Well, #Jekyll takes forever to build its #SASS plugin, so I created a #Docker image with all the gems pre-installed to save a few minutes on every builds.

Thomas Michael Semmler
5 months ago

So it's been a few days since I've started using #css cascade layers. Now I am wondering if there are some niceties when it comes to integration with #sass, especially when it comes to modules.

sass module @use have to appear first in a file, so now I have been putting a _layer-order.scss there and @use that. But I wonder if there is a cleaner way.

Ideally, I wouldn't have to necessarily wrap my sass modules code in a @layer at all but instead do that wherever they are @use'd.

Ideas / tools?

Ready. Write. Web.
5 months ago

Thank you, Angie.

That's... eye-opening.

Never worked with #Sass, #Stylus etc. so #Less familiar with the idea of nesting #CSS #selectors.

Honestly... struggling to see why selector nesting is so popular. Unnested selectors seem like they have the greatest clarity & legibility and... they don't feel verbose (?)

Beyond that, Option 3 looks the best of the options showcased (so it's a relief that this option has come out dramatically more popular than the other two).


Rob de Voer
5 months ago


I now typically create my own set of SASS files (core, colors, sizes, etc.) and then create a site.sass where I import them all. In VS2022 I setup my compile and minimisation and voila, life is reasonably easy. (the new CSS vars are similar).

Have just been reading the instructions for a css library called Bulma that a (highly respected) friend is raving about. May be something there... Will I or wont I have a go is the question...

#sass #css #tailwind #dotnet #bulma

Erika Sumner
5 months ago

I think this is perfect for #MondayMotivation AND for the #NewYear.

Put your #SASS on folks!

Toddler in glasses with a purse and a bow in her hair. Caption reads "Hop out of bed and put your sas on..." Very cute
The Spicy Web
6 months ago

The folks working on the #CSS specs are still deliberating over the best way to handle nesting. And that's fine and right and good.

But as someone who's used the PostCSS plugin for nesting which is essentially "Option 3" (see below) and is closest to #Sass nesting without being quite that simple, I think that's clearly the right way to go and works quite well.

What are your thoughts #WebDev people?

Chris Boren
6 months ago

Hi, I’m Chris (he/him) and this is my #mastodon #introduction 👋

I’m a #developer by trade, but I mostly specialize in #javascript, #css, #sass, and #react. I’ve recently started speaking at events too, come say hi if you see me!

Before that I was a #designer, a #manager, and also dabbled in #IT

I’m originally from #Detroit, but built a career in #Chicago, and now live just outside #LosAngeles

I’m a #pizza nerd, a #publictransit enthusiast, and love working out of public #libraries

Hello 👋

Stu @ #CSSDay
6 months ago

Hey #Sass fam - you might wanna check out this security alert to see if it affects your team and products, sooner rather than later


Jason Byrne
6 months ago

I have a ways to go before it is fully functional and making it public, but I couldn't resist. POC is working well. I'm building a full #Mastodon client #webapp on #Svelte #SvelteKit #sass #mastojs and #TypeScript. I want to add full feed customization. Add your tabs across the top with various query and filter settings... Including things like removing reblogs/boosts, which I haven't seen any other client offer.

Screenshot of my POC webapp
Mike Bifulco
6 months ago

Tailwind is a leaky abstraction - @jakelazaroff is speaking my language here. Very good read.

#css #tailwind #sass

Benjamin Richardson
6 months ago

@kev what's the process for getting new custom emojis into the #Fosstodon picker? As someone who's mostly a webdev I'd love to see some for #css and #sass. 👀

6 months ago

In fact, AFAIK #Sass was the very first thing with any concept like that… #Webpacker, #Typescript, #PostCSS, #Less, and all are children of #SassCSS !

6 months ago

Happy Birthday to #Sass - she’s 15 years old today!

Things have come so far as an industry, mostly for the better. Back then the idea of any sort of compile/transform for browsers was limited just to minifiers! #CSS #SassCSS #FrontEnd #WebDev

Rachel Franklin 🦚
6 months ago

It’s finally published!! Like, for real!!

The Elgar Handbook @sergerey and I edited on Spatial Analysis in the Social Sciences (or, SASS) has arrived! 🎉🎉 Couldn’t be prouder or more grateful for all the contributions and hard work that folks put in to make this a reality. ToC and details to come. Right now I’m just going to bask.

@geography #SpatialAnalysis #SocialSciences #GIS #Book #SASS

Photo of book cover for a handbook that was nearly four years in the making.
James Jefferies
6 months ago

PSA - if you have been fed up of Bootstrap and Sass complaining about “Deprecation Warning: $weight: Passing a number without unit % (100) is deprecated.”

Well, good news, Bootstrap 5.2.3 is out which fixes this warning :D

#Bootstrap #Sass #Deprecation

7 months ago

Hi. I'm Nikkiana.

I ask a lot of #questions so other people can find #answers to questions they don't know how to ask.

I have a background in #foss, #tech and #webdev, and I built my first website at age 13 in 1997. My expertise is in #css, #sass, and #frontendwebdev.

I am a #mixedmedia #artist interested in #collage, #NeurographicArt, and #musicproduction

I am particularly interested in the intersections of #art, #culture, #tech, #techliteracy, #music, #race, #mentalhealth, and #disability within #socialmedia.

I have two #cats named Izzy and Sally.

I read #tarot and #OracleCards. If you're interested in that, I use for that content.

Available and interested in projects, interviews, and conversation.

Tips are welcome and appreciated so I can afford to continue to share my expertise freely, especially to others who would not otherwise be able to afford it. If you'd like to do that, there's a link in my bio.


Thomas Michael Semmler
7 months ago

I saw in a #CssWg github thread a while ago, about #css cascade layers, that it's no longer a strain on performance to use `@import`, but I can't find it. Plus, has someone tried that out? What happens, when each component has its own CSS file that gets imported? With layers, scoping & container queries, I am starting to loose the necessity for #SASS, but I am still heavily relying on it for splitting my code, to get a sense of component-level-css.

#WebPerformance #CSSCascadeLayers

Ana Tudor 🐯
7 months ago

Came across

... and remembered that 10 years ago, I also did something similar in Sass for inverse trigonometric functions (I had trigonometric functions using Compass, but not even Compass had the inverse ones), including the range reduction on a subsequent pass to reduce errors.

Fast forward to today, no need for any of it anymore, there's sass:math!

#css #sass #trigonometry #maths #calculus

DAT :loading:
7 months ago

Cool wie jede Anleitung jemals immer sagt "Wir installieren also #SASS und legen dann eine .scss-Datei an"

Die standard-Syntax war noch nie eine gute Idee, aber scheint ziemlich als wäre sie inzwischen endgültig verstorben.

I wonder if any CSS preprocessor can ungroup it automatically. Looks like #sass can't.

David Riccitelli
7 months ago

@matuzo @Kilian I haven't been able to use them with #sass though 😕

7 months ago


I’m a #webdev from #newjersey currently working for #yougov on their #brandindex product. I’m a big fan of #testing and #typescript. I’m always trying to learn more about #systemdesign and #softwarearchitecture

Some other hashtags im interested in: #javascript #css #webPlatform #sasscss #sass #testinglibrary #reactjs #react

Pinegrow is a #Mac, #Windows and #Linux web editor that lets you build modern websites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS & #SASS styling, #CSS Grid editor and support for #Bootstrap, #TailwindCSS and #WordPress.🌲