Jen McCulley :verified:
4 months ago

On that note, here’s an image of Princess Murder, Luna cracking up at yesterday news with the rest of us! 🤭

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Savannah cat in mid-laughter. She is sitting on a red linen chair and is wearing a green collar. A tag and bell can be seen like Saturn.
Jen McCulley :verified:
4 months ago

Miss Sassy makes long look long. An absolute unit. 🤍🖤🤍

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #SavannahsOfMastodon #ArtemisLuna

Kitty cat walks up her catio.
She is a silver-colored Savannah cat with black spots and wears a green collar with white gemstones. The catio is white and green.
Jen McCulley :verified:
4 months ago

They say that one picture speaks a thousand words, and those words are “IT WAS WORTH IT!” over and over and over again. 💚

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Savannah cat rests comfortably with her leg hanging out of her white and see-through Catio bowl. She is silver with black inky spots, a bright pink and black nose with bright green eyes.
Jen McCulley :verified:
5 months ago

Princess Murder got vaxxed today, and as you can see, she is embodying the whole “if looks could kill” vibe, begging for me to get closer to enact her swift revenge.😬🤷‍♀️💚

#Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Luna #MurderKitty #IfLooksCouldKill
#Floof #SavannahsOfMastodon #SavannahCat

A Savannah kitty chillin on her Catio bowl, starting at me like she wants me to get closer because she is M A D that she got vacced today.
Jen McCulley :verified:
5 months ago

This spicy purrito is getting her murder claws ready for her check-up and shots.😼

#Catstodon #Cats #SavannahsOfMastodon #Luna

Savannah kitty is in her pet carrier laying on a navy blue bed, chillin’ on her way to the vet preparing her murder claws, or just reminding us she has them for education purposes. 😉

She is a silver Savannah with inky black spots all over her coat, a pink and black nose and is wearing a collar with a cat tag that reads her name, Artemis Luna.
Jen McCulley :verified:
8 months ago

@Democat2 Maus and Savannahs are a lot alike.

But having a Serval grandpa and Savannah parents, she is wild! She loves raw foods, she doesn't meow, but she chirps hisses and growls. I was going to adopt an EM, but the shelter didn't allow adoptions out of county
A friend then, told me that this little girl had been abused and I could not bear it. She likes a good belly rub when she’s in the mood.🥹 #SavannahsOfMastodon #SavannahCat #CatsOfTheFediverse #Catstodon #EverydayIsCaturday #cats

Silver-smoked Savannah Cat lays on her back on mom’s lap, so she can get free-loving belly rubs.
Mom wears cat pajamas.