Loki the Cat
6 days ago

Move over, Tooth Fairy! 🧚‍♂️ Looks like we might have a new hero in town! The world's first drug to regrow teeth is entering clinical trials! 🦷😮 I can't wait to see humans sporting a brand new set of pearly whites. Just imagine the dentist's reaction when we ask for a refund on our dental work! 😹 #ToothRegrowthTrials #SayCheese

Chris Glass
3 weeks ago

Oh my word another concert? Ayup! This one at the MegaCorp Pavilion in Kentucky for the band CAKE. (Typing the name of this venue elicits a chuckle every. single. time.)

It was an extra special show as family and friends converged with most cooperative weather.

Things I learnt:

  • CAKE is all caps. CAKE IS A SCREAM.
  • They had a no photos policy for this concert and I was shook… What was I to do?! As a stickler for rules, I honored their wishes. Folks generally kept glowing screens to a minimum and it all swirled together for an excellent time.
  • CAKE has an incredible fan base. Most everyone knows all the lyrics and the band weaves the choir into their show.
  • They give away a tree at each concert. On this night Denice received one of the peach variety.
  • You can see a map of all the trees they’ve given away at CAKE FOREST.

Aside: I feel a bit like disaster girl in this pic, that is if you replace a house on fire with happy folks.

#cake #concert #kentucky #MegaCorpPavilion #sayCheese

Folks pose for the camera outside a music venue in Northern Kentucky with the Cincinnati Skyline in the background
Chris Glass
3 weeks ago

Years ago Kathryn texted a link to a duck lamp and asked if it was ridiculous or not. I thought it was awesome and made note.

Sidenote: Whenever I get intel from a friend, I file it in the note field on their contact card… Names of pets, important dates, likes, dislikes, random stuff and gift ideas.

Often I’ll revisit a contact card the information makes zero sense, so I try to add sufficient context for future me.

In this case I added “rachel kozlowski duck table lamp” to Kathryn’s card. They were long since sold out when her wedding rolled around so I created an eBay alert and promptly forgot about it for years.

A notification came up in July for a fine specimen and I won the auction. Put a bulb in it to make sure everything was working correctly and it sat in our house all these months. I grew quite fond of that little duck.

When it came time to her birthday I was sad to see it go, but happy it’s going to its forever home.

Bonuses of the evening included a meal at Crown Cantina (now lodged firmly on my list of favorite places in Cincinnati) and meeting her friends Emily & Josh.

#birthday #celebration #EmilyJosh #lamp #sayCheese #Terry

Woman holds duck lamp
Interior of restaurant
1 month ago

I want to wish the cheese monger, @dannotdaniel, a very Happy Birthday. It is the first one since making Mastodon his home full time and, like his passion for queso and his computing skilz, it was an inevitability that the Fediverse would become another engaging part of his life. I am going to tag some people that I know he wishes were here more often...
#HappyBirthday #SayCheese #BrieBest

A cartoon of a young Dan holding cheese while in front of a computer monitor. He is glancing "off camera" at something with mild incredulity...probably more cheese.
Nola :ir:
2 months ago

Was really distracted by this neon sign in the cheese aisle at the supermarket today.

#saycheese #cheese #supermarket #neonsign

A neon sign that has a piece of cheese on it with the text "say cheese". The sign is hanging from the ceiling of a supermarket.
Tech news from Canada
5 months ago

Wired: Ooni Volt 12 Review: Fast and Convenient #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Gear/Products/Kitchen #Gear/Products #Gear/Reviews #pizzaoven #SayCheese #Shopping #review #Gear

IT News
5 months ago

Ooni Volt 12 Review: Fast and Convenient - Ooni’s first electric pizza oven is a fast and convenient (but tiny) pizza revelation. - #gear/products/kitchen #gear/products #gear/reviews #saycheese #gear

Luke MacNeil
6 months ago
A young woman wearing a colorful gold mask with a nose ring and curly brown hair on a colorful stained glass backdrop.
7 months ago

Photo Ops, for all guests, will be available to purchase starting tomorrow February 18! If a guest allows selfies, they can be purchased the day of the event at their table. Remember to purchase a ticket in advance!
#Startrek #saycheese #startrekdiscovery #startrekfan #startrekpicard #trekkie #LLAP

Jan Thie
8 months ago

Most of these are for the freezer but I am happy to admit that I made them today, because I almost got up with the thought, 'I would love a cheese stick right now.'
So, I will have two or three or four of them before I will bag & freeze the rest of today's harvest.

165gr water
6gr fresh yeast
250gr strong bread flour
4gr salt
150(!)gr grated cheese
A light dusting of tandoori powder


Closeup of fifteen cheese twisters: just before the sticks go into the oven you twist them into a corkscrewish shape, which also encourages some of the  cheese folded into the dough to leak out while they're baking. These still oven hot sticks have a nice gold colour, and the leaked bits of cheese look festive, some yellow, some almost orange (and because I mixed a bit of tandoori powder with the flour I used to cover the dough before cutting it into slices, the sticks have a bit of that red glow too, here and there.
Janet Noome
8 months ago


#Goednieuws voor de kaasliefhebber. Volvette kaas is #niet ongezonder dan magere voor wat betreft risico op hart-vaatziekten, diabetes en overgewicht. Dat weten we trouwens al jááren.
Ondanks tig onderzoeken blijft het Voedingscentrum echter volhouden: "Kaas is gezonder dan je denkt, maar 30+ blijft het advies" en "volvette 48+ kaas niet in de Schijf van Vijf".

Gaat het hier nu over voedingsadvies of over gezichtsverlies?

#LDL #VerzadigdVet #VoedingsToot

@juletonesart Daily Sketches

"I got this book, “How to Draw Cool Stuff” by Catherine V. Holmes. I just drew a skull that I don’t despise for the first time with its help 💀.
I don’t just not hate it, I kind of love it. I’m considering trying another…"
#dailysketch #art #skull #skull💀 #artistsoninstagram #smile #saycheese

Marcel Kolder
9 months ago

Het melklab van Those Vegan Cowboys heeft een belangrijke mijlpaal bereikt: de productie van kaas met caseïne, zonder dat er een levende koe aan te pas is gekomen. Those Vegan Cowboys, opgericht door de grondleggers van De Vegetarische Slager. #SayCheese #vegan

Carmelite Quotes
11 months ago

I just shared the link to FediChurch with a (priest) follower from the BirdSite who said that he was having trouble finding friends here. I think that FediChurch may be his solution! Thanks to you for all of the hard work, Church Mouse 🐭
#SayCheese 🧀 #thanks #FediChurch

Cartoon images of Swiss cheese slices and wedges with a gray mouse; the caption says, thank you Church Mouse
5 years ago