The Xylom
2 hours ago

Here's our Editor-in-Chief @alexip718 with contributor
@DrWendyRocks at the Cambridge Science Festival!

#boston #science #StructuralGeology #scicomm

Editor-in-Chief Alex Ip (left), in a pink hoodie, poses with contributor Dr. Wendy Bohon (right), in a black t-shirt wearing a white badge, with Dr. Bohon's orange life-size statue in between.

"Our members have been working diligently on policy reports addressing various science policy challenges. Our aim is to contribute evidence-based recommendations to policymakers and the broader scientific community."

Read more about how Yale students foster a more informed electorate with the power of science:

#SciPol #SciencePolicy #Policy #SciDip #ScienceDiplomacy #Diplomacy #SciComm #ScienceCommunication #Advocacy #Community #Training #Career #Engagement #Vote #GOTV

Quote: NSPN has connected us with a diverse community of science policy enthusiasts from across the nation. This network has allowed us to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate on various initiatives. Yale Student Science Diplomats. Yale University. NSPN Chapter Spotlight. Digital stock image of several silhouettes of faces created from wrinkled paper in different colors.
Yale Student Science Diplomats. Background photo of the United States Capitol Building.
Matteo Farinella
10 hours ago

All right, I'm going to take on the
#SciCommInk drawing challenge and try to illustrate all these #SciComm concepts.

The first up is STORY.

Join me for this new adventure! I'm going to post every 3 days. Come back on Wednesday for more.

#drawing #sciart

Dr. Simon Bunchuay-Peth
12 hours ago

Great to see that the report from ORF (austrian television) picked up on the point I highlighted in the interview (in German) that we need to include indigenous environmental knowledge when looking at migration and #resilience in the context of environmental change

#ecmnNetwork #climatechange #migration #SciComm @geography #sustainability #Kipppunkte

Thiago Carvalho
15 hours ago

“It became the custom in such cases to give credit solely to the one who actually made the experiment work, even if others may have also conceived the idea. It was the drosophilists’ golden rule. Ideas that were engendered in the group’s informal shoptalk were treated as communal resource and not as personal property.”
(Robert E. Kohler, Lords of the Fly)

#Books #Bookshelf #ScienceHistory #SciComm #Drosophila #bookstodon

Deanna C. Hooper
16 hours ago

Do you have questions about the universe? Join me today (or any Sunday) on #CupOfCosmology for an #AMA about #cosmology and ask all your questions! I'll be live on YouTube at 7pm CEST / 1pm EDT:

Lydia Gil
19 hours ago

‼️El silencio se ha convertido en un lujo inalcanzable para muchas personas en esta sociedad en la que, según la OMS, el ruido es la segunda causa ambiental de pérdida de años de vida sana después de la contaminación del aire.‼️ 🗣️ Darío Pescador.

#scicomm #ruido #salud

SETI Institute
23 hours ago

We're thrilled to share that your generous contributions these last 2 weeks of $20,328 have unlocked the full $20,000 match -- bringing the total amount you raised to $40,328!

Thank you so much for supporting the search for life beyond Earth!

If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, you can still make a gift here:

#science #seti #thankyou #fundraiser #scicomm

Night sky background with numerous stars and one galaxy in the center. Text reads: Thank you! for unlocking $40,000 for the SETI Institute.

As others have said, sometimes you have to get at what's really motivating the resistance. At first it seemed like a logical problem "How could this equal this? Something's missing", but it turns out the real issue is likely that this person feels forced and there are probably other emotional reasons behind that.

Some folks you'll never persuade, but others you need to listen to because it's not about the logic it seems to be about. It's about (sometimes perfectly valid) feelings. #SciComm

Ran across someone online arguing that they didn't believe what people said about CO2/GHG production from combustion automobiles because gas "only weighs 6 lb/gal so how can it create 19.59 lbs of CO2"? I geared up to answer, but someone beat me to it. The upshot was they still didn't believe the scientific explanation and said that it wasn't "settled science" and they "didn't like being forced".

It's certainly a window into what climate scientists must deal with all the time. #SciComm

Pinky and the Brain | Scicomm
1 day ago

📙 Interesting read!

“Conspiracy theories are inherently exciting,” says sociologist Lars de Wildt.


#Conspiracy theories and #misinformation are not just a rational problem, they have an emotional component."

"With #CitizenScience and similar approaches, #science communicators want to educate citizens to be critical and doubt truths. In unexpected and sometimes undesirable ways, conspiracy theorists are doing just that."

#SciComm #ScienceMastodon #academia #reddit

1 day ago


Herzlich willkommen vom idw-Team! Wir begrüßen drei neue Profile aus der #Wissenschaft auf unserer #wisskomm Instanz. Wir freuen uns auf eure Meldungen 😃

#neuhier #fediverse #mastodon #scicomm #ScienceMastodon

I know, I know, it's the last day of September. So, coming this October to ... ancient biomolecules!

@princetonupress @princetonnature

#AncientDNA #Genetics #Fossils #Paleontology #Palaeontology #Books #BookReview #Bookstodon #Scicomm

A photos of two books resting on a wooden bookstand. On the left, Elizabeth D. Jones's Ancient DNA from Yale University Press, on the right Dale E. Greenwalt's Remnants of Ancient Life from Princeton University Press.
Geology Fieldwork Bot
2 days ago

You cross a river and almost fall in. 'That was close', you mutter to yourself. A group of people approach you and ask what you're doing. You tell them about about the wonderful world of geology - yay #SciComm!

2 days ago

24–30 September: This week in science: cosmic dirt from Asteroid Bennu, rare creatures, neutrinos, and cake! #TWIS

​Bennu dust
Hybrid dog
Coffee cake

#science #stem #space #health #physics #nature #LHC #ScienceAlert #ScienceDiscoveries #ScienceNews #SciComm #BlueTarantula #ScienceEducation #AsteroidBennu

It’s here! After seven years and 6.21 billion kilometers, NASA's OSIRIS-REx has delivered a capsule of precious Asteroid Bennu dust to Earth.

A stunning new species of tarantula found scurrying around the forests of Thailand shimmers with dazzling electric-blue highlights.

A new study says adding used coffee grounds or tea leaves to your cake recipe could enhance the nutritional value and extend shelf life.

A stray canine in Brazil is most probably the first of its kind – a hybrid between a South American pampas fox and a dog.

A brand new Parkinson's trigger has been found, showing that the condition might begin far earlier than had previously been thought.

The papers are in and it's official! Earlier this year, for the first time, scientists detected neutrinos created in a particle collider.
More at
Elise "yuuana" Moreno
2 days ago

A reminder in these times of terrible #scicomm - correlation is not causation.

In other words, the noticed tendency of A to happen alongside B (in other words, A having a "link" to B) does not mean A causes B nor that B causes A. Much more science needs to be done to establish any such thing, during which we might just find out that actually, they have nothing in common!

Science is the continual process of testing theories, one study is never enough.

Sterling Ericsson
2 days ago

The massive die-offs of the global coral reefs should be a concern to all of us.

With the increasing ocean temperatures causing coral bleaching due to a symbiosis breakdown between coral polyps and algae, research on how to prevent this is ongoing.

Italian scientists have found that using antioxidants, like curcumin, to combat the reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation causing bleaching protects the coral symbiosis.

#Coral #Symbiosis #Curcumin #Science #Scicomm

SETI Institute
2 days ago

We're nearing the end of our September match challenge and so far we've raised just over $19,084, but we need your help to reach $20,000 by tomorrow! Can we count on you today to help us unlock $40,000 for the SETI Institute? Your gift will fund transformative projects and other cutting-edge research in the search for life in the cosmos.

Will you help us shoot for the stars with your most generous gift? Donate today:

#seti #science #outreach #scicomm

Upper text banner: We're SO close! Followed by a fundraising thermometer marked at $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, and $20,000 levels. The bar is almost full. Middle text banner: Help us reach $20k! And a QR code to the donation site below.

While on the subject, AAPD has a call out for testimonials to the US Dept of Justice as to how web inaccessibility affects you. Comments need to be received by Oct 2:

#DisabledAndSTEM #SciComm #a11y

2 days ago

Max’s Mobile Museum is at it again! Today we’re at Park Hill Elementary in San Jacinto, CA. #FossilFriday #paleontology #scicomm #fossil #M3

You may think "eugenics" is an exaggeration here, but if you're a public agency disseminating information people need to make decisions about their safety and the safety of their homes in a form that can only be fully read by abled people, in the midst of #ClimateEmergency, then you're not just ableist but eugenicist. #DisabledAndSTEM #SciComm

NWS continues to flout ADA and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act...after the breaches have been repeatedly brought to their attention

Don't tell me ableism in STEM is no big deal. What the hell use is your #SciComm if you refuse to communicate important data (weather alerts, warnings, disasters) accessibly? Eugenics, is what it ends up being. #DisabledAndSTEM

Screenshot of webpage for the Sacramento, CA office of the US National Weather Service. The Inspect feature on Brave browser shows that the image has no alt text or image description. All the data given to sighted people is kept from those who use screenreading software (blind and low vision folks as well as  others who cannot look at or read the images for some reason).
Bunnik lab
2 days ago

Ready to submit our manuscript "Malaria—Why Do Mostly Children Get Sick?" to Frontiers for Young Minds!

We learned so much while writing this manuscript, and that's even before we get the peer-review reports from the kids!

#scienceoutreach #malaria #scicomm

All amazing artwork for this article was done John Heim.

Susie Leopold l
2 days ago

How, you might ask, does a perfectly formed #zircon get into a sapphire?

Sapphire melting temp: around 2030 °C. (wikipedia)
Zircon melting temp: high melting point (over 2500°C). (
Tiny zircons can withstand a lot of what makes and destroys other minerals.


#TeamZircon #MinCup23 #MinCup2023 #MineralCup23 #MineralCup2023 #MineralCup #MinCup #SciComm #Science #Minerals #Geology #Mineralogy #Teaching #Education

Dreamy blues in a sapphire that is host to some perfectly formed zircons and monazites.
Susie Leopold l
2 days ago

Just leaving this here. Zircon and monazite. You're not going to see calcite in a sapphire, it couldn't take the heat.
#TeamZircon #sapphire #MineralInclusions #euhedral #MinCup23 #MinCup2023 #MineralCup23 #MineralCup2023 #MineralCup #MinCup #SciComm #Science #Minerals #Geology #Mineralogy #Teaching #Education #STEM #Zircon

Dreamy blue sapphire that has some other crystals with it. The crystals are mostly zircon, but monzanite is also present.
David C. Norris
2 days ago

To prevent getting kicked off this instance, I actually did some #scicomm at last. It's an 'explainer' (with embedded @observablehq app h/t #QuartoPub!) for my paper in the upcoming CPT: #Pharmacometrics & Systems #Pharmacology special themed issue on Dose Optimization in Oncology.

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
2 days ago

what happens in your brain when you change your mind?

The Neurobiology Of Changing Priorities In A Songbird | study out of Columbia & Cornell | published by Nature

by @GrrlScientist via Forbes Science / Forbes

#SciComm #birds #neurobiology #dopamine #learning #motivation #memory

Who is behind opposition to #wind #energy?
Stephen Leahy has written a story about a study looking at who opposes wind energy -- and where their funding comes from. Includes a link to the original #PNAS report

#climate #greenenergy #emissions #fossilfuel #scicomm #electricity #birds

Swapna Krishna
2 days ago

What's at the center of our galaxy? Meet our friendly neighborhood supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*.

#space #science #womeninstem #scicomm

Petra van Cronenburg
2 days ago

Always a wonderful feeling: the new #podcast episode of #NatureMatchCuts is ready. On the to-do list now:
❎ Make coffee
❎ Prepare snack
❎ Attentive test listening 50 min
❎ Write texts
❎ Convert and upload file
❎ Be lazy
Editing took more time than recording. My topic: Shifting Times. Tomorrow at the latest in your podcast app or on ! #ReconnectingWithNature #nature #shift #change #moreThanHuman #animals #biodiversity #SciComm

Screenprint of the Audacity file of my podcast episode No 8. The above part shows all sounds and music, the part below is speech.
Dr. Samuel Wein
3 days ago


The winner for me has got to be this unsolicited email. Mainly its the colors that gets it the win, but the "structural" use of asterisks for decoration, and the gmail address for the editor also play a role.

#AcademicChatter #PublishOrPerish

A screenshot of a colorful email inviting "Dear Researcher" to submit a paper to a journal that is nowhere near "Researcher's" field. The font and colors give the impression of a late 90's era geocities page.
Gravity Grinch
3 days ago

Do you already know the AASNova Author series?!
Here my recent favourite:

This idea is quite promising to finally understand Lambda in terms of physics, given that we can't go to the rim of the universe to check boundary conditions there... Stay tuned for more!

#cosmology #astronomy #scicomm

SETI Institute
3 days ago

#PPOD: Olympus Mons, the largest known volcano in the Solar System, as captured by ESA's Mars Express spacecraft. The volcano is about 620 km across and 21 km tall. The textured landscape at the bottom is made up of giant landslide deposits.

Credit: ESA/Mars Express; Processing: Jacint Roger Perez

#science #space #scicomm #mars #volcano

Seen from space, Mars' volcano Olympus Mons, a shield volcano, rises above the surface of Mars. The curved horizon of the red planet is in the background against the backdrop of space.
Sterling Ericsson
3 days ago

Light might be an additional weapon against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Researchers at New Zealand's Massey University have been investigating the use of dual UVC and LED lights for disinfection.

They found that light resistance isn't automatic in the "superbug" extended spectrum β-lactamase-producing E. Coli, though sublethal exposure did cause resistance, so proper application is required.

#Light #Ecoli #AntibioticResistance #Antibiotics #Science #Scicomm

Rebecca Heisman
3 days ago

PSA: Social media is super confusing these days but I also have an *email list*! I send out an email every two months or so with my latest bird/ornithology writing, upcoming events, book recs, etc. If you're into birds, nature writing, science writing, etc., maybe sign up? #birds #bookstodon #scicomm

Mindy Weisberger (she/her)
3 days ago

Ever heard of fairy circles? They're clusters of round, barren spots in arid landscapes, known previously from the Namib Desert and Western Australia.

But a new survey found lots more fairy-circle-like patterns in places where they've never been seen before, across 15 countries on 3 continents. Scientists used a neural network to analyze satellite imagery and detect fairy-circle like patterns on a global scale.

#science #SciComm #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

Swapna Krishna
3 days ago

Hubble observed the globular cluster Terzan 12, returning a stunning photo -- but why are so many of the stars red? Let's dive into what we're seeing here:

#space #science #scicomm #hubble #womeninstem

Juan Carlos Muñoz
3 days ago

Ever wondered why astronomers need so many different telescopes and instruments? Different colours or wavelengths of #light tell us a lot about the objects we study.

In the latest episode of Chasing Starlight we tell you how we use this "super-powered vision" to capture what our eyes can't see.


#astrodon #astronomy #space #scicomm

Mindy Weisberger (she/her)
4 days ago

It's that magical time of year when the Alaska Peninsula brown bears (Ursus arctos gyas) at Brooks River in Katmai National Park and Preserve are so very round that the park holds a contest (Oct 4-10) where you can vote on who's the heftiest.

Beginning in June, the bears gorge on calorie-rich salmon, gaining up to four pounds per day. And the rangers track how big the bears are (by volume) BY PINGING THEM WITH LASERS

#SciComm #science #bears #FatBearWeek

Petra van Cronenburg
4 days ago

🤫 I am sure you will love the sounds of my next #podcast episode of #NatureMatchCuts: You'll hear Madame Woowoo, Bilbo's big friend, and Krächzel (well, someone of his tribe), a lot of crickets .... and as always, my neighbour's roosters have to talk in the background. Appears Saturday in your podcast app! Subscribe! More info:

Who am I and why do I publish this podcast? The story behind the scenes ▶️ #nature #reconnecting #sciComm #naturelovers

A magic scene in the forest: My dog Bilbo, a black-brown beagle mix, walks into the forest with bare trees and autumn leaves on the ground. In the foreground, is a tree stump thickly overgrown with moss. Backlit rays of sunlight come out diagonally behind a tree trunk. It looks as if Bilbo is walking right towards the sun.
SETI Institute
4 days ago

#PPOD: The small icy moon Mimas, floating in space above the giant planet Saturn, crossed by shadows of its vast ring system. The image is PIA06176, taken by the Cassini spacecraft on 18 January 2005; at the time, the spacecraft was 1.4 million km from Saturn. The scene is in approximately true color. Credit: NASA/JPL/SSI/CICLOPS

#saturn #science #space #scicomm

The blue cloudy surface of gas giant Saturn, crossed by multiple darker lines that are the shadows cast by the ring system. In the upper right of the photo is a tiny moon, mostly in shadow, called Mimas.
4 days ago


Once again, the IHC will participate in the European Researchers Night in the city of Évora. You can visit our stand and also participate in any of the three activities that we're offering.



#Histodons #Archaeodons #EuropeanResearchersNight #ScienceForEveryone #MSCA #SciComm #NEI2023 #NoiteEuropeiaDosInvestigadores #CiênciaParaTodos

Poster for the activity "Onde Estão as Mulheres?", meaning "Where are the women?", a guided tour showcasing the presence and contributions of women in ancient societies we may assess through archaeological materials.
Poster for the activity "Analisando a qualidade do ar com o aparelho portátil de Orsat", meaning "Analysing air quality with Orsat's portable apparatus", where participants will get the chance to know what is the Orsat's portable apparatus and how to build a simple air particle collector.
Poster for the activity "A Caixa de Ward", meaning "The Wardc Box", where participants will get the chance to know the artefact that facilitated the circulation of plants between continents.
Swapna Krishna
4 days ago

OSIRIS-REx successfully returned a sample of the asteroid Bennu to Earth! Here's more about the landing, recovery of the sample container, and what comes next:

#space #science #scicomm #OSIRISREx #womeninstem

SETI Institute
5 days ago

#PPOD: Beautiful Jupiter

The Juno mission's JunoCam has taken some lovely images in seven years at the gas giant, including this one of Jupiter's "eye" captured early on during Perijove 09. The key to these amazing pictures, however, is in the citizen scientists who process them. Learn more:

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstädt/Seán Doran

#space #science #citizenscience #scicomm

Close up image of a swirling storm on Jupiter, with white and blue clouds curling around a darker blue and white eye with a green flare in the middle. Darker blue and green clouds lay to the top left corner of the image, while the the remainder of the image is made of primarily brown, wavy clouds.
EU Research Executive Agency
6 days ago

Are you implementing a #research project and need support to make it more visible? 🤔

Every Tuesday we will be sharing #communication resources and tips with you to help your project stand out 💎

But first: how would you describe your knowledge about #communication requirements, tools and channels when implementing your EU-funded project?

#REAdyToLearn #SciComm #TuesdayTips

Survival is Insufficient
6 days ago

The most important part about science communication, in my opinion, is that the folks doing the communicating are missing their mark because of socioeconomic and cultural differences. For example, a veterinarian preaching about spaying and neutering to Indigenous people regarding the Rez dogs better be careful af, considering our country forcibly sterilized Indigenous people and still does. This is applied anthropology, and it can be problematic as well-- like cultural profiling for the state or in advertising. Tread carefully, and for fucks sake, stop saying social science isn't science. #SciComm #AppliedAnthropology

Sterling Ericsson
6 days ago

Fungi are amazing.

You probably already know this, from food to antibiotics to industrial uses, the humble fungus can do great things.

Now, Australian and Hong Kong scientists have created living mycelial sheets that are fire resistant, making them perfect for use as building materials without negative health impacts.

Will these fungal sheets be in your walls someday soon?

#Fungi #Fungus #Fire #Fireproof #Science #Biology #Biochemistry #Scicomm

SETI Institute
6 days ago

For many, near-death experiences are proof of an afterlife. Now neuroscientists are seeking the scientific underpinning of these seemingly paranormal phenomena. Will they succeed? It’s “Skeptic Check: Near-Death Experiences” on Big Picture Science.

Listen here:

#podcast #scicomm #science

Image of a white man in a blue hoodie with his back to the camera walking toward a bright white square opening set against darkness, invoking the concept of someone "going toward the light" during a near-death experience.
GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
6 days ago

An Endangered Mexican Parrot Is Thriving In Urban Areas Of South Texas | @TAMU @TAMUVMTH | @DiversityMDPI

by @GrrlScientist via @ForbesScience / @Forbes

#SciComm #parrots #ornithology #EndangeredSpecies #conservation #Texas

SETI Institute
6 days ago

#PPOD: This image of an unnamed mesa on Mars was taken by the Mars Orbiter Camera onboard the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft on 8 April 2001, from a distance of 450 km. If this picture vaguely reminds you of something, that's because this was the mesa that originally sent the so-called "face on Mars" to the archives of pareidolia. Erosion does this all the time on Earth. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

#space #science #mars #planetaryscience #scicomm

A black and white image of an oval mesa on Mars, with one central crack at the top and several around the northeast edge.
Ionica Smeets
6 days ago

De VU zoekt een promovendus op het gebied van metaforen in wetenschapscommunicatie

🚨 Droombaan 🚨


Marc Robinson-Rechavi
1 week ago

Peter Hotez on calling out Anti-science agression: "Misinformation makes it sound like it’s random junk that appears out of nowhere on the Internet. It’s not: it’s an organized, well-financed, politically motivated campaign that’s meant to tear down the fabric of science. And we have to frame it in that way." #antiscience #scicomm

1 week ago

"Opinion: Scientists have become sitting ducks. We need leaders to step up and defend us"

Although, I would add that ag scientists are still under attack, and were before Covid. Weirdly enough, by the same cranks like anti-vaxxer funded #USRTK.

#scicomm #VaccinesSaveLives #agriculture

1 week ago

The Signal Awards Finalists were announced, and the episode of Daily Space (now EVSN) we submitted has been selected as a finalist! We are incredibly proud of the work we did. Please vote for us before October 6:

#scicomm #podcast #signalawards #science

The night sky with the Milky Way is in the background. The top text reads: We've been nominated for the. Followed by the Signal Awards 2023 Finalist badge. The bottom text reads: Vote for us before October 6th. The CosmoQuest X watermark is in the lower right corner.
Dr. Victoria Grinberg
1 week ago

* collecting art supplies or learning new tools is a hobby of it’s own and not the same hobby as making art
* understanding of basics is helpful: how to build up a page? how do shadows work? how to colors work together?

And that's it. I do hope you find it useful and maybe encouraging to try on your own!

#VicisArt #AcademicChatter #SciArt #SciComm #WissKomm #Art

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
1 week ago

1/16 This July, I gave an invited talk in the "Communicating Science Through Art" session at the European Astronomical Society annual meeting, organized by the amazing @theastrophoenix . And I thought it may be something that would also interest you #fediverse folks.

The aim of the talk was partly to give people insight into my why & how of my art. But mainly to encourage others to just try. In a very subjective manner.

A thread: 🧵

#VicisArt #AcademicChatter #SciArt #SciComm #WissKomm #Art

A simple white slide, reading
"But I can’t draw …! A very personal take on art (or is it illustrations?) & science"
Swapna Krishna
1 week ago

I'm doing the news today again on Science Friday! Be sure to tune in on your local NPR station!

#science #scicomm #womeninstem

Dr Nathalie Brusgaard
1 week ago

New episode out on the sounds of the Netherlands in the past, in which I'm wild boar spotting 'in the Roman period' 😃 🐗 (in 🇳🇱 )

Really cool podcast concept in which the sounds of the Netherlands' past are brought to life. And really fun to participate in! #scicomm #podcast

Research Whisperer
1 week ago

Vicky Howe provides a heart-felt explanation of why research communication should start at home.
"Some people think of science communication as a formal, deliberate act. ... But science communication works its way into our everyday interactions. Science communication starts with our friends and family."
#SciComm #ResearchCommunication #FirstInFamily

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
1 week ago

Physics World has talked to me about my science and about all the things I do as a scientist that are not my science - climate activism and Astronomers for Planet Earth (@a4e), my art and outreach in general :)

If podcasts are your thing, you may like this one (also download able on all usual #podcast sources):


#astrodon #scicomm #XraysAreTheBestRays

Michele Banks
2 weeks ago

I wrote a little about my #SciArt work and about communicating through words and images #SciComm

blue painting of brain scan images with half-visible text

My first book is out! Well, I edited, coordinated and wrote much of a #book on the #history of the Science Writers & Communicators of Canada/Canadian #Science Writers Association. :"From Typewriters to Twitter". It is 92 pages long with lots of fun photos, and may be the only book about science #writing in #Canada. It covers 50 years of the association, and profiles a number of big name Canadian science #journalists - including some eccentric ones. Controversies the association has faced in the past are included.
A digital copy is available on the SWCC and is free to members -- available on the link below.
*IF* there is interest in getting digital copy and you're NOT a member, send a note to the SWCC office ( I think it's still free.

If you are interested in a possible soft-cover #print version, contact the SWCC office and let them know. They're gauging interest.
A print version will only happen if enough people are interested - and would pay to get a copy to cover costs. It would probably be about $30 (plus or minus) plus shipping -- and you wouldn't need to be a member.
And ask them to let me know.
#scicomm #journalism #press

Bogi Takács
2 weeks ago

Today is LAUNCH DAY for an anthology I edited!

#RosalindsSiblings: Fiction and Poetry Celebrating Scientists of Marginalized Genders.

The Rosalind Franklin memorial anthology!

ToC + direct purchase from publisher:

#SFF #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Anthology #Science #SciComm #RosalindFranklin #QueerBooks #Feminism #AtthisArts @bookstodon @shortsff @shortstory #Bookstodon #Books #SpeculativeFiction #SpeculativePoetry #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity

Cover art by Mia Carnevale: a sepia-toned drawing of Rosalind Franklin looking into her microscope.
Dr. Simon Bunchuay-Peth
2 weeks ago

Are you living in #Vienna and interested in #sustainability projects? Check out this #SustainabilityMap by our great @univienna #geography students Flora Male and Marissa Lammers. You can add sustainability projects to the map too.

#SciComm #OpenMinds #goodnewsmovement #mapsforfuture #fridaysforfuture

If you do #scicomm in Canada and are a member of the Science Writers and Communicators of #Canada -- come to the Zoom AGM meeting on Sept. 19, 5:30. I'll have an announcement.

To Get Kids Interested in Science, We Have to Let Them Do Science - Scientific American


“By getting kids hooked on science now, we not only shape the future of research—we help more people see themselves as scientists and start them on paths toward careers in the exciting world of fundamental research.”
#Canada #Science #Scicomm #Education

Given the week that I'm having, I'm sharing another one of my covid-themed games for today's #SciArtSeptember post.

In this game, what looks like paper snowflakes float down the screen. Except these snowflakes are made from virus diagrams!

The game is keyboard controlled, and you 'shoot' vaccines at the viral snowflakes and the drift down.

It's free to play on itch:

#SciArt #SciComm #art #MastoArt #indiegame

Screenshot of Viral Snowflakes game. The snowflakes are based on virus diagrams. There is a syringe at the bottom and it is shooting vaccines at the viruses.

Seriously regretting my life choices right now.

I knew all this before, but now being able to go, “oh, shit, that ridge I always pass on the freeway was pushed 20 feet in the air in a SINGLE EARTHQUAKE?” and “that beach park I went to was formed because of a tsunami?”

Nick Zentner is a badass #SciComm wizard…but his excited smile after infodumping the above made me start yelling at my TV. 😝

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Zack Labe
3 weeks ago
Ionica Smeets
3 weeks ago

Wat een geweldige keynote over public engagement van Madelijn Strick bij de opening van het academisch jaar aan de Universiteit Utrecht (29:25)


Sometimes, #SciArt is about communicating the enormity of a number...and remind that each number represents a person.

I created this piece in 2021, as the number of Americans dying of covid surpassed 400,000. It's an animated piece.

I also wrote up my thoughts, while working on the piece:

#SciArtSeptember #art #DataVis #SciComm

Screenshot of animation showing silhouettes of people and text that says "how big is 400,000?"