1 hour ago

📰 Irene F. Pimentel escreveu uma crónica para o @Publico sobre a investigação acerca da #Shoá e de outros genocídios:

"Enquanto historiadora, penso que afirmar a especificidade da Shoá não elimina a necessidade do estudo comparativo com outros genocídios."

#Histodons #HistoryOnTheMedia #Holocaust #Genocides #Colonialism #SciComm #SciComPT

SETI Institute
1 hour ago

Part of our mission is to understand the evolution of the universe. We have a good idea how it all began. Find out how it might end. Listen to “End of Eternity,” our latest episode of Big Picture Science:

#podcast #science #space #scicomm

An artistic representation of the end of the Universe, showing a massive black hole surrounded by pale blue streams of matter swirling in and around. There are streaks from stars and galaxies in the mix.

Going to record a batch of episodes now. I have three ready and I'm not sure which one I want to edit and publish tomorrow.
What do you think?#podcast #scicomm #insects

Bob Nicholls Art
5 hours ago

Today's not-so-random portfolio artwork (sticking with the Urvogel) is my life-size model of Archaeopteryx (50cm long), which I built for the Cole Museum (Reading University), in 2021. [The mould was built by my friend Jade Hughes.]

#Art #Painting #PaleoArt #PalaeoArt #SciArt #SciComm #DigitalArt #Illustration #Dinosaurs #Birds #Reptiles #Palaeontology #Paleontology #Archaeopteryx

Wissenschaft im Dialog
6 hours ago

We'll have to postpone our conference with MSC Lab in Munich due to the strike. This is sad, because we feel the enthusiasm for evaluation of #scicomm. We'll keep you updated about the new date and are looking forward to seeing you then in Munich.

FZ Jülich-JSC
7 hours ago

Do you ❤️ #SciComm and being a part of the world of #HPC and #QuantumComputing?
Then this is for you!
➡️ Dissemination Officer / Networking Coordinator - International Supercomputing Projects

Lydia Gil
9 hours ago

🫁🎙️ Has escoltat el nou capítol de #TotaPulmó, l’espai impulsat per l’Associació Espanyola d’Afectats de Càncer de Pulmó a Ràdio Cambrils?

En aquest episodi parlem amb la Dra. Marga Majem sobre #CàncerdePulmó amb perspectiva de gènere i també coneixem els testimonis de Celso Fernández i Ariane Patout.

#Cambrils #Scicomm #Càncer

Peter Guhl
15 hours ago

Trying To Solve The 150 Year Old Mystery - YouTube #Science and #SciComm by #theactionlabman

Bob Nicholls Art
16 hours ago

Today's random portfolio artwork is my painting of Archaeopteryx, for DINOSAURS, NEW VISIONS OF A LOST WORD, by Michael J Benton (Thames & Hudson).

#Art #Painting #PaleoArt #PalaeoArt #SciArt #SciComm #DigitalArt #Illustration #Dinosaurs #Birds #Reptiles #Palaeontology #Paleontology #Archaeopteryx

Gravity Grinch
16 hours ago

Für alle, die wissen wollen, wie man Dunkle Energie in unserer kosmischen Nachbarschaft messen kann, hier der Link zum Vortrag noch einmal:

A cordial thank you to Noam Libeskind from @AIP_Potsdam for the slide on CLUES and to @pomarede for the great pics of cosmicflows!

#scicomm #astronomy #astrophysics #german #outreach #science

Peter Guhl
21 hours ago

E.Coli Bacteria Turned Into Bio Ink For Organ 3d Printing - YouTube#Science, #SciComm made by #WhatDaMath

21 hours ago

📻 @victorpereira foi o convidado desta semana do Tempestade 2.1, programa da lusófona Radio Alfa, onde esteve à conversa acerca da sua investigação e do livro "C’est le peuple qui commande. La Révolution des Œillets : 1974-1976" (Éditions du Détour).

#Histodons #NewBook #HistoryOnTheMedia #HistoryInThePublicSphere #PortugueseRevolution #50Anos25Abril #RévolutionDesŒillets #25A50 #PoliticalHistory #HistoryOfPortugal #HistoireDuPortugal #SciComPT #SciComm

SETI Institute
22 hours ago

#PPOD: Venus' nightside was photographed in the infrared and processed in false color for studying the atmosphere, as shown in this image captured by JAXA's AKATSUKI spacecraft back in September 2016. On the nightside, the spacecraft observed infrared light coming from the lower atmosphere through clouds. The shadow of the clouds can also be seen in the image. Here, bright and dark are reversed to show clouds in whitish color. Credit: JAXA/ISAS/DARTS

#venus #wallpaper #scicomm

Phone wallpaper sized image of Venus, taken in the infrared and rendered in false color for studying the atmosphere. The clouds swirl in a mix or dark and bright areas.

Electric Eels’ Shocking Ability To Alter The Genetics Of Nearby Animals | out of Nagoya University published by PeerJ

by @GrrlScientist

#ElectricEels #evolution #ecology #genetics #SciComm

What could be more exciting right now than listening to Dario Alessi share stories about his work unraveling the mysteries of how the LRRK2 gene contributes to Parkinson's disease? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. (At least in my opinion.)

#neuroscience #scicomm #brain #parkinsonsdisease #parkinsons #genetics #research #science #podcast #podcasts #LRRK2

This is an image of the podcast cover art for our show in partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. The show title is pictured on the left, and the text reads "The Parkinson's Research Podcast: New Discoveries in Neuroscience". The MJFF logo appears in orange in the bottom left corner. There is a line art depiction of a microscope in orange on the right.
Penn NeuroKnow
1 day ago

Lots of students at UPenn are passionate about science communication. We're honored to be highlighted alongside them in a recent Omnia post, "Getting creative to communicate science".

Read about a few of these important efforts here:


Helena Klara Jambor
1 day ago

I was invited to speak at ASCB this week on the linked worlds of Science & Art.
In a nutshell: I think science and art converge in #DataViz.
For effective #datavisualization and any #visualization we use a number of time-tested practices from the arts. And we need them especially where we communicate data in #SciComm.

Read more in the blog:

Text: the 7 practices we use in data viz from art: representation, abstraction, patterns, rules, breaking of rules, emotional response, and fashion trends. Decorated with colorful random dots.

Endometriosis: It’s time to change the pattern of pain, stigma and barriers to diagnosis and treatment.

“Patients described being dismissed, that their pain was “just muscle pain,” “all women go through this,” and “this is the way cycles are for women,” and to live with it.”

“…endometriosis patients need more research, more options and more attention to be paid to the disease.”

#Endometriosis #WomensHealth #Reproduction #Canada #Science #Scicomm #Medicine

Petra van Cronenburg
1 day ago

@rygorous I consider myself highly educated, but I still don't understand how a quantum computer, an LED bulb, or quantum tunnelling work. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the lack of people who can translate all this into normal, understandable language?
Perhaps a better #sciComm in #physics instead of arrogance that I often find there could help?

1 day ago


Hello and welcome from the idw team! Great that you have landed on our #wisskomm instance and on #mastodon 😃
We look forward to your posts!

#scicomm #newhere #sciencecommunication #research #ai

The Air Whisperer
1 day ago

While humans often express admiration for the way (or ways) birds navigate the atmosphere, the ways in which we demonstrate that appreciation can be surprisingly DISMISSIVE.

The action of a bird's wing is routinely identified as 'flapping'

- but nobody would talk of a marathon runner 'flapping their legs' or a piano player 'flapping their fingers'.

What a bird's REALLY doing with its wing is AT LEAST as subtle & varied.


FZ Jülich-JSC
1 day ago

📣We're hiring someone who ❤ #SciComm !
➡ Referent:in für Wissenschaftskommunikation
➡ Required languages: German and English
➡ Long-term perspective in our awesome new "Office for (inter)national coordination and networking"

Screenshot of the JSC website showing the job add for this position:
"Verstärken Sie diesen Bereich zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt als Referent für Wissenschaftskommunikation (w/m/d)", a photo of a female member of staff in front of a supercomputer and the description of the JSC.
Carsten Buus
1 day ago

A “hypothesis” is a presumption that will first need to be tested. “Theory” can substitute for “hypothesis” in everyday speech, but it has additional meanings, such as in contrast pairs like “theory versus practice”. Conversely, a scientific theory is a full system of cohesive and tested claims about reality. Researchers often use theories to confirm their hypotheses. 🤔

“Hvad er forskellen på ‘teori’ og ’hypotese’?” Mølgaard 2023. @videnskabdk.

#SciComm #Terminology

2 days ago

Sometimes, I draw people. And the fun is to represent variety and diversity.

Here is a composition with some assets I created for a client's work, which can not yet be disclosed because it is a research grant application.

I can help you in your next grant application. Just contact me at

#infographic #scicomm #human #scienceillustration #nature #natureillustratrion #grantwriting

SETI Institute
2 days ago

#PPOD: Taken by NASA's Curiosity rover with its Mastcam on sol 3386, 13 February 2022, as the rover was on its way up to Mount Sharp inside Gale Crater. Blackcraig Butte is just one of several sedimentary structures imaged by the rover on its climb toward the Greenheugh Pediment. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS / @andrealuck

#space #science #scicomm #mars

A sedimentary butte on Mars made of layers of brownish-orange sediment, compacted and fractured, towers against the pale yellow Martian sky.
Astronomy Cast
2 days ago


Astronomers talk about all the amazing discoveries they’re making, but sometimes, it turns out, they were wrong. After decades and centuries of discoveries, how have they changed their minds?

#astronomy #podcast #scicomm #science

2 days ago

Max’s Mobile Museum #M3 is out bright and early for a visit to Chester Morrison Elementary School in Menifee, CA!

@westernsciencecenter #museum #fossil #paleontology #scicomm

Mobile Museum trailer with the sun rising behind.
Bob Nicholls Art
2 days ago

Today's not-so-random portfolio artwork (following on from #Arthropleura) is a life-size model of a #Pneumodesmus (15cm long), which I built for MUSE – the Science Museum of Trento, in 2014.

#Art #Painting #PaleoArt #PalaeoArt #SciArt #SciComm #DigitalArt #Illustration #Dinosaurs #Birds #Reptiles #Palaeontology #Paleontology #Devonian

Penn NeuroKnow
2 days ago

You've probably heard about neurons, but what about another "star" of the nervous system, astrocytes? Learn all about astrocytes in Serena Chen's post: "Astrocytes: the "stars" of our central nervous system".

#neuroscience #sciComm #brain #astroctye #glia

Sigrid Neuhauser
2 days ago

TL;DR; Gezielter Anbau von schnellwachsenden Braunalgen im Ozean könnte eine Technologie sein, die uns hilft den CO2 Gehalt der Atmosphäre langfristig zu reduzieren. Aber wie viele Kohlenstoff-Speicher Technologien kann es nur ein Teil eines größeren Konzeptes sein und muss sich erst in der Praxis bewähren. 4/4 #science #scicomm #wissenschaftskommunikation #Carboncapture #nachhaltikeit cc @uniinnsbruck

Sterling Ericsson
3 days ago

As ocean temperatures rise, more and more coral reefs are put at risk of extinction.

A collaborative research team have developed a method of isochoric vitrification that allows coral to be cryopreserved without harm and then revived with a prepared solution, allowing them to be moved to increase biodiversity and genetic resistance to increasing temperatures.

#Coral #Reef #Cryopreservation #Ocean #Vitrification #Biodiversity #Science #Biology #Ecology #Scicomm

Starry Time Podcast
3 days ago

Our newest #podcast episode is all about the #astronomy of the #constellation Hercules (you can listen here:

As promised, here's a great (and approachable) video to learn more about my Gold Star of the month pick --The Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall!


#Astrodon #GammaBurst #Cool #Space #Science #SciComm #space #video

Bob Nicholls Art
3 days ago

Today's random portfolio artwork is a life-size model of a small Arthropleura (40cm long – they grew to 250cm long), which I built for MUSE – the Science Museum of Trento, in 2014.

#Art #Painting #PaleoArt #PalaeoArt #SciArt #SciComm #DigitalArt #Illustration #Dinosaurs #Birds #Reptiles #Palaeontology #Paleontology #Arthropleura #Carboniferous

SETI Institute
3 days ago

The universe may last forever, but there’s no guarantee. A Big Rip, a Big Chill, proton or vacuum decay are all threats to the cosmos, ushering in a final curtain. It’s “End of Eternity” on Big Picture Science. Listen here:

#podcast #science #universe #cosmos #scicomm

An artistic rendering of a black hole and material swirling into it. The material is a faint blue, with stretched out galaxies and stars visible. The image signifies the end of the Universe.
3 days ago

I finally finished the first draft of this poster explaining Yellow Rattle as a tool for grassland restoration. Apologies it is not accessible, I will make an HTML version soon.
#botany #ecology #scicomm #ParasiticPlants

SETI Institute
3 days ago

#PPOD: This 3D image of Ryugu was put together by Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist and guitarist for the British rock band Queen. The top and bottom are inverted compared to how we usually show the asteroid, and this photo has Ryugu’s south pole at the image top. The Otohime Saxum, which is a large boulder, is clearly visible.

Credit: JAXA, Univ of Tokyo, Kochi Univ, Rikkyo Univ, Nagoya Univ, Chiba Institute of Technology, Meiji Univ, Univ of Aizu, AIST; Claudia Manzoni, Brian May

#scicomm #space

A stereoscopic view of the asteroid Ryugu, with matching left and right images slightly offset to create a three-dimensional version if you look slightly between the images and allow your eyes to unfocus slightly.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
3 days ago

Did you know that galaxies are almost empty? Stars within them are so far apart that when galaxies clash their individual stars don't collide – they just get tossed around due to gravitational interactions, distorting the shapes of the galaxies.

More here:

#astrodon #astronomy #space #scicomm #galaxy

Dr. Marie McNeely
3 days ago

In this new #podcast interview, Dr. Erdem Tabdanov discusses how a fascination with asymmetry sparked his interest in #science, new research findings on how cells move that may improve cancer treatments, his creative hobbies of calligraphy and digital art, and more.

#biology #bioengineering #cancer #CancerResearch #immunology #podcasts #science #STEM #scicomm

On the left side of the image, there is a headshot photo of Dr. Erdem Tabdanov. He is a white man with brown hair and a brown mustache. He is wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and black-rimmed glasses. On the right side of the image, the text reads "People Behind the Science Podcast), and our logo is pictured below in two shades of blue-green on a white background.
Steve Dodge
4 days ago

I used to think my particle physicist colleagues were overreacting when they accused Sabine Hossenfelder of presenting a distorted picture of their science in order to get clicks. But as she has become a full-time science communicator and ventured more into political controversies, I’ve begun to see their point.

#science #scicomm

From: @davidho

Starry Time Podcast
4 days ago

I know we're onto the #constellation #Hercules for this week's #pdocast & I can stop thinking about the pilot of the #TVShow Andromeda, but here's a nice explanation of time dilation from Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson!


#Astronomy #physics #space #science #SciComm #AstroDon #astrophysics #Time

4 days ago


As for my part of the project, I developed the visual style and designed all elements and interactions; came up with the structure, story progression, and game mechanics; orchestrated the development of the game, sound design and built the website.

#scicomm is my most favourite thing, and I’m really striving to make the world better, one design at a time :-)

4 days ago

This year I finished one of the most fascinating projects I ever worked on.

Together with a team of researchers from the molecular neurodegeneration department at Amsterdam UMC we came up with a visual and interactive way to present their latest paper on tau protein aggregation and its effect on astrocytes.

#neuroscience #dementia #alzheimers #science #scicomm #design #UI #gamedev #ScienceMastodon #visualStorytelling #astrocytes

a grid from the first level of the game, made out of boxes with tau protein symbols inside of them, some tau filled with white color, some outlined. the goal of the first level is to place white tau proteins in the boxes so that there are no outlined symbols remain

The #InsectInsights has just reached 200 starts on spotify :blobaww:
thanks for liking my little insect stories
#podcast #scicomm #insects

Bob Nicholls Art
1 week ago

Today's random portfolio artwork is a life-size Diplodocus mural (human figure for scale), which I painted for the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

#Art #Painting #PaleoArt #PalaeoArt #SciArt #SciComm #DigitalArt #Illustration #Dinosaurs #Birds #Reptiles #Palaeontology #Paleontology #Fossilfriday

Eva Amsen
1 week ago

Two weeks ago I spoke with science artist Briony Marshall at a PubSci event, and the resulting piece is now up on Forbes. #sciart #science #scicomm #WroteThis

Universität Innsbruck
1 week ago

Project PEAK launched:
We are intensifying our science communication in the areas of climate, biodiversity and sustainability. A new online platform makes the broad range of expertise even more visible - with insights into current research results and a comprehensive database of experts: ➡️
#scicomm #ClimateCrisis

MPI for Biol. Intelligence
1 week ago

Breeding penguins sleep ten thousand times a day! 🐧 💤 New study finds that with second-long microsleeps the penguins’ sleep still sums up to 12 hours a day! Microsleep seems to be a successful strategy to breed safely without losing the essential functions of sleep.

Find out more:

#wisskomm #scicomm #science #sciencemastodon #sciencemagazine #research #researchnews #penguins #pinguine #animals #animalsleep #sleepresearch

SETI Institute
1 week ago

Part of our mission is to study the evolution of life. On this week’s episode of Big Picture Science, why biological coloration has adaptive value, how color perception is a trick of the brain, and why platypuses glow under UV light. It’s “In Living Color”:

#science #podcast #scicomm

A bioluminescent springhare, shown with vibrant red patches amid brown stripes.
Mindy Weisberger (she/her)
1 week ago

In my latest for CNN I take a step back into the past to look at ancient, birdlike footprints from southern Africa, dating to more than 210 million years ago (much older than the oldest skeletal evidence of the earliest birds).

Fossil tracks blow my mind because they preserve impressions of the animal's ACTUAL FEET, and they often provide unique clues about body morphology and the animal's behavior.

#science #SciComm #paleontology #evolution

Laurie Winkless
1 week ago

… and if you're looking for links to the three papers I covered, you'll find them on my site (scroll down to today's date) #scicomm

Laurie Winkless
1 week ago

Do you have 10 mins free and want to hear about three fascinating new research papers (on robotic touch, traffic and blood pressure, and an answer to the dolomite question)? Have a listen to my latest #science segment on #RNZ Nine to Noon #scicomm

Ian Rose
1 week ago

Do I know anyone here who does scientific illustration, especially in the Northwest US? If so, I might have an opportunity to pass along. Feel free to DM and forward if you know of someone.

#SciComm #ScientificIllustration #ScienceJobs

Ionica Smeets
1 week ago

HURRAH! Liselotte Rambonnet and Auke-Florian Hiemstra win the 2023 Communication Initiative Award for their fantastic project De Grachtwacht! So proud to have Liselotte as a PhD-student at our department Science Communication & Society (even though she makes us canoe in the rain to collect waste from the canals).


Mars Buttfield-Addison 🛰
1 week ago

Brand Tasmania’s “Little Tasmanian” campaign looks at childhood in Tassie. They gather info, provide services, and wrote a children’s book about Tasmanians. They also do spotlights on locals who do youth-facing work, and I was one of them.

From all my rambling interviews about science, the writers extracted a thoughtful story about small gestures that meant the most to me as a child, and what I want to share onward to others as a science communicator 🪐

#lutruwita #Tasmania #Tasmanian #Tasmanians #nipaluna #Hobart #SciComm #WestCoastTas

Peter Guhl
2 weeks ago

#Galaxien Kollision • James Webb (JWST) & Hubble Bilder • Simulationen • vAzS (95) | Josef M. Gaßner - YouTube #Science, #SciComm by #UWudL #Astronomie

2 weeks ago

For your #BlackFriday shopping needs, Discover Magazine has a guide to the best gas station Viagra.

What a shameful decay for a #scicomm outlet.

I tried to track the author "Amber Smith" at one point. I'm pretty sure she's AI. Atrocious series of nonsense.

A screencap of a page at Discover Magazine. It is in the "Lifestyle" category. The headline says 
"9 best gas station viagra in 2023" written by someone called Amber Smith from October 24, 2023.

Two reviews for the price of one!

Wallace, Darwin, and the Origin of Species is a detailed and even-handed analysis that convincingly argues why Wallace deserves recognition as the co-discoverer of the theory of evolution.

#Books #BookReview #Bookstodon #Evolution #Darwin #Wallace #HistoryOfScience #ScienceHistory #HistSci #Scicomm @bookstodon @royalsociety @harvard_press

Two reviews for the price of one!

On the Organic Law of Change is a lovingly produced annotated transcription of Wallace's Species Notebook that shows why he deserves recognition as the co-discoverer of the theory of evolution.

#Books #BookReview #Bookstodon #Evolution #Darwin #Wallace #HistoryOfScience #ScienceHistory #HistSci #Scicomm @bookstodon @royalsociety @harvard_press

2 weeks ago


This episode covers a weird white dwarf doing things our Sun may do billions of years from now and how satellite images can now be used to measure river flows here and on Mars and Titan. Plus, climate change.

#space #science #scicomm #podcast

SETI Institute
2 weeks ago

We’re shining the spotlight on one of our SETI AIR alumni. George Bolster joined the program from 2016-2017, but his experience with the AIR program continues to echo through his creative work. His artworks fuse 1960s sci-fi imagery, 19th-century technologies, and 21st-century concerns about our planet’s future. By transporting us to other planets, Bolster’s films and installations challenge our anthropocentric point of view while delighting our senses.

#sciart #scicomm

2 weeks ago

@dailygrail @coreyspowell The survey does not seem to distinguish between scientists as providers of information and scientists as policy makers. One problem during the pandemic is that "scientific" assertions were also mixed with value judgements and non-scientific ideas about how society operates.
#scicomm #science

Bianca Nogrady
2 weeks ago

New Zealand microbiologist Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles is suing her employer, the University of Auckland, for not doing enough to protect her from the online/IRL abuse and harassment she endured as a high-profile scientist-communicator during the pandemic.
The case includes discussions of academic freedom, and the importance of institutions supporting academics to exercise their role as 'critic and conscience'.
But the counter is whether health and safety considerations pose a limitation to academic freedom.
#pandemic #ScienceCommunication #scicomm #AcademicFreedom

Kathy Reid
2 weeks ago

A very warm welcome to another #ANU #Cybernetics colleague, @theEllamo - Ella McCarthy.

Ella is a #SciComm #honours #honors student at #ANU, with interests in #SolarPunk ☀️ 🧷 #STEM

She hosts the #Sci_burst #podcast with @1sabelR and you should totally follow her!

#Mastodon #AcademicFedi

Mars Buttfield-Addison 🛰
2 weeks ago

Was adding a minor update to my CV and realised that my presentations section is like an evolving story of the plague and also my getting fed up with tech and fleeing into science.

#COVID #COVID19 #Tech #AcademicChatter #SciComm

A list of talks is shown in descending order by date. Annotations mark "pre-COVID" (pre-2020), "max COVID" (2020-2021), and "post-COVID" (after 2021) - with "post" sarcastically quoted. Because the location of each talk is shown, it's clear that talks given pre-COVID span the globe, during COVID are all online, then post-COVID are near to the speaker's home - around Australia / New Zealand.

Full list is thus:

2023: ASRC Hobart, 'It Takes a Spark!' Conference Hobart, University of Tasmania Graduations Hobart, Science Meets Parliament Hobart, Ockham’s Razor Hobart, TastroFest Devonport, Island of Ideas Hobart.

2022: D2L Ignite Melbourne, Science in the Pub Hobart, TasICT Conference Hobart, the Royal Society of Tasmania Showcase Hobart, West Coast Community Learning Pathways Zeehan and Queenstown, Women in Data Science Hobart.

2021: PyCon AU Online; National Science Week Hobart, Launceston and Online; NZGDC Wellington; GDC Online; and LinuxConfAu Online.

2020: PAX Australia Online, National Science Week Online, ACS Emerging and Deep Tech Webinar.

2019: SwiftAlps Crans Montana, SAconf Berlin, TensorFlow World Santa Clara, AIconf San Jose, NZGDC Wellington, AWS Community Day Melbourne, PyCon AU Sydney, OSCON Portland, The BiG Day In Hobart, YOW! Data Conference Sydney, Strata Data Conference London, AIconf New York, Reinforce AI Conf Budapest, SAconf New York.

2018: CreateWorld Brisbane, AIconf San Francisco, /dev/world Melbourne, OSCON Portland, Women@WWDC San Jose.
Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Because so many useful research & gov't sites use, I'm curious how hard arcGIS is to make accessible? How well does it play with screenreaders? How much is intrinsic to the whole platform vs how much is due to a particular implementation? #a11y #Accessibility #SciComm