Russ Cheshire
4 hours ago

Backlit by the afterglow of the already set sun, the bulk of Dùn Mòr looms over the small settlement of Ellenabeich. Venus, at the left of the image is also reflected in a flooded, long abandoned, slate quarry.

#Easdale #SlateIslands #Argyll #Scotland

The 105m high Dùn Mòr silhouetted by the set sun; Venus shines in the sky to the left of the image; below Venus, lights in the near sea-level village give an idea of scale.
Mark@RCR 🌀
4 hours ago

🎧 “Welcome to our brand new section of the podcast - The Beastie Bothy! Come, grab a cuppa, and settle down into the bothy on the moors with Róisín and Rosie to hear all about the folkloric beasties that lurk around every corner in Scotland!”


#folklore #scotland #podcast #storytelling

The Beastie Bothy - The Folklore Scotland Podcast with a filtered photo of an old ruined Croft in the hills of Scotland
The Wee Owl Studio
6 hours ago

A bit of the Scottish Highlands as seen from a bus window on the way up to Glencoe. To me, the most beautiful place in the world.
Original soft pastel painting - Scottish Highland View With Trees via @Etsy
#Highlands #Scotland #SoftPastel #painting #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original soft pastel painting - Scottish Highland View With Trees
A view of tall slender pine trees on the hills in the Scottish highlands. 
Materials: soft pastel, sanded pastel paper
Width: 22.5 centimetres
Height: 15.5 centimetres
Steve Wetherill
6 hours ago

Here's "Iona Boat Song" in context, in an excerpt from the YouTube video the arrangement was created for. The full video is here:

#Scotland #TraditionalMusic #Travelogue

Iona Boat Song, a traditional Scottish tune seen here in the context this arrangement was created for.
it's kat!
6 hours ago

i live in the perfect place to produce a scottish remake of a classic horror film & call it 'the hills have ayes'. #dadjokes #sorry #film #scotland #horror

lsd edit of a photo i took of the ochil hills in clackmannanshire, scotland. pink clouds roll through a dark purple sky & over burgundy hills covered with neon orange-y pink gorse.
7 hours ago

Iona nightlight rendering using :qgis: and data copyright :osm: contributors. DEM from Scottish Remote Sensing Portal. Using the 'day for night' compositing technique.

#qgis #blender #iona #openstreetmap #scotland

Rí Rua
7 hours ago

Another Highland Cow photo!

#HighlandCow #Scotland

A Highland cow looks into the camera whilst its friend stands guardedly in the green field.
Vivienne Dunstan
7 hours ago

My #Somerset husband just tried to ask the #Sky Q box to search for “Scotland’s greatest escapes”. It thought he said “surprised potatoes” 😜 We are now aching with laughing and I’ve still got tears running down my face. #VoiceControl #Accents #WestCountry #England #Scotland #OoArr

Mick Garratt
8 hours ago

Coire na Creiche

This north-west facing corrie of the Cullin hills is known as 'the hollow of the spoil' in Gaelic: Coire na Creiche. It earned this name due to its reputation as a preferred hideout for those seeking refuge after successful raids. However, our exploration yielded no valuable spoils; instead, we stumbled upon a trashed tent flysheet and a scattered collection of plastic bottles.

It was in Coire na Creiche ...

#Scotland #Skye #17thcentury

BBC News Top Stories
8 hours ago

Lewis Capaldi cancels shows until Glastonbury to 'rest and recover'

The Scots singer says he wants to be at his best and return to the stage at Glastonbury.

(c) #BBC #News #Scotland

9 hours ago

Happy Birthday to James Connolly. Born in Scotland, executed by the British in Ireland.

"Apostles of Freedom are ever idolised when dead, but crucified when alive."

#IWW #Socialism #Syndicalism #Ireland #Scotland

A black and white photo of James Connolly. He is a white man with a roundish face. He has receding dark hair, bushy brows and a big brush moustache. He's wearing a 3 piece suit and his white shirt has a small rounded collar. He's looking slightly to his right and seems to be containing a smile.
Freddy Tran Nager
9 hours ago

Can't believe some of these place names are real... or that there haven't been concerted efforts to change some of them. That said, I now have a list of places I must visit in the #UK.

#England #Scotland #Wales

10 hours ago

@OliverNoble @potatogunkelly @ferrous @adrianfry

Well we are talking about UK politics & westminster has been like that for hundreds of years. #Scotland differs - thanks to the #blair govt setting a different electoral system. But I am not sure perpetual domination by a single nationalist party is that good an idea for #England or the UK as a whole.....

Mike Bolam
11 hours ago

High tide on the Solway

#DumfriesandGalloway #Scotland

High tide covers the salt marsh opposite Kippford in South West Scotland

Save Loch Lomond - object to Flamingo Land 2.0!

#Environment #Scotland #Nature

BBC News Top Stories
11 hours ago

We're adding some new hashtags to help you filter content if you wish to limit what you see:


#England #Scotland #Wales #Ireland


Peter Brett
12 hours ago

@geomannie That would be brilliant! Unfortunately still too many missing links in Peebles itself. When the cycle paths reach the edge of town it's, "You're on your own with the SUVs now. Good luck!" #Peebles #cycling #Scotland #activeTravel

Peter Brett
12 hours ago

@geomannie Bob, the new segregated cycle path from Peebles to Eddleston has been in use for a few weeks now. The official opening will be on June 17th. It's a high quality route and I hear rumours it will be extended to Leadburn. #cycling #Peebles #Scotland

12 hours ago

Low Cloud over Dun, #StKilda

In the end it looks like I have three of these low cloud square images, perhaps I need to make a triptych out of them!

Taken with my point and shoot camera, Rolleiflex 2.8E on Delta 400. #BelieveInFilm #Scotland

Hazy black and white image of the isle of Dun, St Kilda in low cloud.
Undiscovered Scotland
12 hours ago

The north side of Balbirnie Stone Circle. The circle comprises eight stones in a partial circle some 15m in diameter and was probably erected over 4,000 years ago. It stands close to the A92 on the eastern side of Glenrothes in Fife. More pics and info:

#Scotland #BalbirnieStoneCircle #Balbirnie #StoneCircle #Glenrothes #Fife #UndiscoveredScotland

The north side of Balbirnie Stone Circle. The image shows a mown grassy area with lots of daisies and trees in the background on the right. Five standing stones form one side of a circle. The one nearest us is lying down but others are standing, getting smaller as we move around the circle. The scene is in sunlight.
Colin Gourlay
12 hours ago

Made the most of the weather today and headed out to #Garvald in #EastLothian on the #bike. It was a beautiful ride, with plenty of hills to keep me entertained. Finished with a pit stop at The Lanterne Rouge, which is quite possibly my favourite pit stop in the area. Great food, friendly staff, and a lovely atmosphere. I highly recommend it!

#cycling #outdoors #adventure #EastLothian #Scotland #Strava #BikeToot

A slice of Victoria Sponge cake on a plate with a fork all on top of a cafe menu - alongside a cup of coffee
Eric H
14 hours ago

I don't really have the words to express how much we loved #Scotland. We feel like the US is the bad place now, so I need a #scot to help me find the "the grass isn't greener it's just different" for there. Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of #edinburgh #eileandonan and the #glenelgferry

A photo of Eilean Donan castle taken late in the evening when there were no tourists there.
A photo of an old building in Edinburgh looking up from the park.
A closeup of small yellow flowers looking over a body of water towards Glenelg from the Isle of Skye
14 hours ago

This is what we do it all for... #polytunnel #volunteer #garden #gardening #Glasgow #Scotland

Wooden palettes on red stone with beans and peas planted in them. A barrel planter in the foreground with runner beans in with a cane support teepee style. On the right a glass cabinets laying sd own, used as growing cloches, white metal and glass, door opened upwards
A blue glazed container white white "snow in summertime" plant in. Small flowers with grey blue stems that spreads and casdades
Raided polytunnel beds showing broad beans, staked and two beds of runner beans each with a tent like arrangement of garden canes
Close up of nearly full grown broad beans

Thrift is blessing. Branch closed.

Mosaic at former bank, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

#Edinburgh #FotoMontag #Scotland #PhotoMonday

former bank entrance with mosaic above door, Edinburgh
15 hours ago

Guess I need to walk 500 more, then! #fitBit #scotland #proclaimers

Screenshot from the FitBit app. Text:
500 lifetime miles
Impressive! You've walked distance of the Serengeti - one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.
Earned on 5 June 2023"
The background is green, and there's a round badge design in the centre, depicting a giraffe in the middle of a grassy plain, in a simplified digital design
18 hours ago

I love living in Scotland. It is a wonderful place in many, many ways, but today I had a reminder that there is always a price to pay.

I give you... the Monday Morning Midges.

#Scotland #midges #river #midges #photography #midges #nature #midges #silly #animation #loop #midges #drawing #midges

A short animated loop of a rocky river.  Four simple cartoon characters stand on the rocks and flap their arms ineffectually against the rampaging dots that are the midges. It is overcast, but warm and the air is moist. The midges love it. The people less so.
19 hours ago

Blackwaterfoot was the perfect location for a coffee break. When I was back on my bike, I had to start climbing immediately, and when I looked back I could enjoy a fantastic view across the center of #Arran, this time including #Goatfell, the highest peak on the island at 874 m #Scotland
#biketour #cycling #britain #BikeTooter

View from an ascending road backwards from my bike. In the foreground the scattered houses of Blackwaterfoot and a bit of the shoreline on the left. In the background the mountains of Arran are rising, looking like a giant elephant is rising from the horizon
19 hours ago

Jedburgh Abbey is ruined Augustinian abbey founded in the 12th century.

#scotland #scot23 #motorcycle #advrider #Honda #africatwin #crf1000l #makelifearide #enduro #bikelife

a motorbike in front of the Jedburgh Abbey

Marvel at how something as uncontroversial as a Scottish recycling scheme could become a constitutional bin fire🔥

Is Scotland's #DepositReturnScheme all washed up? Whatever, Westminster trying to derail a policy all 5 Holyrood Parties agreed on just makes it all the more imperative #Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 regains it’s #independence

#DRS #PlasticPollution #ClimateEmergency #IndyRef2 #CircularEconomy,is-scotlands-deposit-return-scheme-all-washed-up

Bylines Scotland
19 hours ago

🆕 The EU powers ahead, and, as UK political leaders wallow, voters swing towards closer European ties |

Read just a few of the new EU policies driving growth and promoting peace.

#Brexit #EU #Scotland #UK

Undiscovered Scotland
21 hours ago

The north side of Hailes Castle, south of East Linton in East Lothian, towering the (Scottish) River Tyne. Originally built in the 1240s, it was expanded in the centuries that followed. More pics and info:

#Scotland #HailesCastle #RiverTyne #Castle #EastLothian #EastLinton #UndiscoveredScotland

The north side of Hailes Castle. The image a view of an embankment nearer the camera on the right bottom of the frame and further on the left bottom. Above it are the extensive honey-coloured stone walls of a castle, with window openings and a doorway. There’s part of a tree on the right of the frame and more in the distance on the left. The sunlight is coming from beyond the castle, to its right, putting the face on this side in shadow.
Dale Harvey
1 day ago

Very friendly pair of horses while on on a wander.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

2 white horses in front of a dramatic glen
Russ Cheshire
1 day ago

Small cruise boat at anchor, Easdale Bay, #Argyll, #Scotland.

A small passenger boat sits at anchor in the reflected light of the full moon.
Nicki Lygo
1 day ago

I love the colours in this pic, which I took just along from the Coruisk Memorial Hut on Skye. With the eye of faith, you can just about make out dots around the edge of Eilean Glas, a tiny, rocky island in Loch na Cuilce, near the mighty Cuillins. Each is a basking seal. A lovely calm place to be.

#Scotland #HighlandsAndIslands #Hebrides #Photography #Skye #VanLife #RoadTrip #SoloFemaleTravel #Adventure

A small white and blue boat makes its way through the green tinted waters of a lock, surrounded by lighter, mossy green hillsides. The side of a small rocky island can be seen to the left of the photo. The scene looks quiet.
John Leach
1 day ago

Just saw Kris Drever in Saltaire again. He has a band now! It sounds like this but they have drums too:

Was wonderful. Ghosts with a four part harmony was something else though #folk #music #scotland #krisdrever #yorkshire #saltaire

1 day ago

Mal ein bisschen im Fernseher rumgezappt und #BBCALBA hängengeblieben. Zuerst lief ein Bericht über die westschottische Insel Canna, auf gälisch mit englischen Untertiteln.

Jetzt läuft ein Konzertmitschnitt von einer mir noch unbekannten schottischen Band namens 'Mànran' - gefällt mir sehr!

Musik mit Dudelsack, Flöten, Violine, Akkordeon, Gitarre, E-Bass, Schlagzeug und Gesang auf gälisch und englisch.

#Scotland #Musiktipp #Mànran
@MisterB 👂

Craig Mcgee
1 day ago

imagine theres a way of shrinking oneself and I wanted to shrink down and be swallowed to find out what it's like in your belly, and neither of us would be harmed, would you agree to it?
#shrink #question #unusual #weird #odd #scifi #fantasy #fetish #vore #belly #food #hungry #eat #eating #eaten #ate #consume #drink #beer #junkfood #takeaway #mcdonalds #pizza #scotland #scotsman #scotsmen #scottish #manchester #mancunian #lancashire #wales #welshmen #welshman #cockney #london #australian #aussie

Alistair Davidson
1 day ago

The situation on #Glasgow's roads is out of control. Something must be done, and urgently. #urbanism #cycling #scotland

BBC Glasgow & West front page. 2 pedestrian deaths and 1 cyclist death, all on the same page.
Undiscovered Scotland
2 days ago

St Monans Windmill, standing above the shore near the beautiful village of St Monans in the East Neuk of Fife. It was built in the late 1700s to pump sea water from tidally-fed reservoirs into coal-fired pans for salt extraction. More pics and info:

#Scotland #StMonansWindmill #StMonans #Fife #Windmill #UndiscoveredScotland

St Monans Windmill. The image shows an embankment covered in low vegetation from near the camera on the left to further away on the right. A set of stone steps leads up it left of centre and at the top is a stone windmill in the centre of the frame. There are railings along the top of the embankment. The scene is in sunlight.
Mike Bolam
2 days ago

Not official, but according to my weather station it’s officially a scorcher here in South West #Scotland #ScotScorchio #Kirkgunzeon

2 days ago

I don't think I'll ever not be bereft about not living in Scotland anymore. It's been almost two years, and I still can't get over it. We're planning to move somewhere else because Germany just isn't working out for us but wherever we end up going, everything in me will still be screaming that it's not Scotland. That I just want to go back. I want to go *home*. But I can't. Because now I need a work visa. And it's hard enough to get a job in this economy, let alone one with visa sponsorship. I know this. But something within me cannot accept that reality. I wonder if my heart will just stay broken forever now because I'll have to remain forever outwith Scotland.

#Scotland #Edinburgh #Caledonia

Undiscovered Scotland
2 days ago

The lovely Sango Bay at Durness, in the wonderful far north-west of Sutherland, where the main stops heading north and starts heading east. More pics and info:

#Scotland #Durness #SangoBay #Beach #Sutherland #UndiscoveredScotland

Sango Bay at Durness. The image shows a view over a sandy beach with dark rocks in it to a series of grassy headlands with dark rock edges. The sea is to the right of the frame and is turquoise. The scene is in sunlight.
Mick Garratt
2 days ago

The “Viking Canal” at Rubh’ An Dunain

After yesterday's lapsus calami when I misidentified a whole mountain ridge (see Mark's comment), I thought I had better be extra attentive.

The Rubh' An Dunain is a remote headland located approximately 6km south of Glen Brittle. It is renowned for its notable feature, the "Viking Canal," which connects Loch na h-Aide with the Soay sound. Accessible only vi ...

#Scotland #Skye #19thcentury #medieval

it's kat!
2 days ago

big much #forest therapy today at puck's glen in #argyll forest park in #scotland.
#nature #photography #magic

old, charming, arched stone bridge over a rocky burn looks magical under filtered sun through the forest trees at puck's glen in argyll forest park in scotland.
wide stone steps lead up beside a rocky burn & up into puck's glen in argyll forest park.
a small, arched stone bridge over a narrow, rocky burn lends a distinct japanese garden feeling to this scottish forest scenario of ferns & pines in argyll forest park.
sunshine filtered through trees at puck's glen in argyll forest park in scotland.
Charles Harper
2 days ago

A selection of wild flowers from the garden in a vase designed by Jaime Hayon.
Reminds me of one of Elizabeth Blackadder’s paintings. Except not so clearly composed. They both have a linear quality. It’s in the lobby. It’s a welcome for visitors. The poem in the ALT text is ‘The Art of Listening’
By Veronica Aaronson

#wildflowers #scotland

Hunt out wild flowers, reach out, not to pick them but as an offer of intimacy.  Stay open-hearted, don’t put your ear to the ground to listen  for sap or soil, instead tune into the words written between the lines –  visible in the way bluebell, pink campion, stitchwort offer up their secrets,  have made themselves vulnerable against pale and dark greens.  This is an offering – last chance to hear this moment’s prayer.
Katie Featherstone
2 days ago

Port Ellen this afternoon.

#IsleOfIslay #InnerHebrides #Scotland

row of white houses with slate roofs around a sandy bay, on sunny day
it's kat!
2 days ago
a california redwood (in scotland at puck's glen in argyll forest park) glowers down at me as i snap a photo.
a califoria redwood in scotland? yes - & it dwarfs an average human male & his oblivious rescued white staffy as they stand underneath during a stroll through puck's glen in argyll forest park.
2 days ago

Just noticed that the Scottish Remote Sensing Portal has 25cm DSMs of Iona.

They're tucked away in their own category, took me a while to find them. Look for 'Lidar/hes' after selecting an area over Iona.

Here is a turntable animation of Iona Abbey done in Blender.


#qgis #blender #GISChat #scotland #iona

turntable animation, showing a rotating 3d view of Iona Abbey
Undiscovered Scotland
3 days ago

The ramparts of Chesters Hill Fort in East Lothian. This Iron Age fortified village dates back some 2,000 years and is believed to have comprised a number of roundhouses occupying the fairly extensive upper area of the hill. More pics and info:

#Scotland #ChestersHillFort #Chesterds #HillFort #EastLothian #UndiscoveredScotland

Chesters Hill Fort in East Lothian. The image shows a view down onto a landscape formed by a series of ridges from bottom right to upper left, with higher mounds on the right of the frame. There is farmland in the background and a small information board at the bottom left of the frame. The scene is in sunlight.
4 days ago

Off out shortly for weekend of #ScienceFiction fun at @cymerafestival , two and a bit days of excellent authors in the Pleasance and hopefully catching up with some old chums. I'll also be onstage on the Sunday chairing an event with Mike Carey, Ever Dundas & Dave Cook.

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #books #livres #Cymera23 #Scotland #Ecosse

Water scarcity issues expected to escalate rapidly across #Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 👀

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis

Katie Featherstone
4 days ago

I'm not in the habit of seeing both sunrise and sunset when they fall only a few hours apart in June; it was hard to feel resentful on a night like this. That's #morar there on the horizon in the first photo.

#Morar is obscenely beautiful.

#ScottishHighlands #Highlands #Scotland #WildCamping

bog cotton flowers, the sea and distant island at sunset
green mountains and shadows near sunset
Lochs and mountains with bog cotton flowers, near sunset, with a rock in the foreground
a tent at sunrise, with mountains behind
Jim Frost
4 days ago

From an overnighter on Carn Liath a couple of nights ago. Temperature inversion, sun pillars and a drone Brocken Spectre #Cairngorms #Aberdeenshire #Scotland

Sun Pillar above a temperature inversion. The Cairngorms NP, Scotland
A Brocken Spectre above a temperature inversion. The Cairngorms NP, Scotland
A sea of cloud. The Cairngorms NP, Scotland
The moon above a temperature inversion. The Cairngorms NP, Scotland
Katie Featherstone
5 days ago

A few photos from my research trip to the #IsleOfCanna. There will be more, but I've had connection issues...

#InnerHebrides #Hebrides #Scotland

Woman standing on a clifftop on a sunny day
A clifftop with bog cotton flowers, looking over to mountainous island on a sunny day
A highland cow, standing on hills, with coast and Islands behind on sunny day
A woman in a red tshirt walking along a green clifftop on a sunny day
Hannah Graham
5 days ago

Asking GlasgowGPT (new Scottish #AI chatbot) questions to get a sense of responses and representations of different issues in Scottish politics and society. For example:

🏘 Q: 'What do you think of landlords?'

🌿 Q: 'Should Scotland pursue land reform?'

#ScotPol #AI #GlasgowGPT #scottishpolitics #Glasgow #Scotland #SocialJustice

6 days ago

The Edinburgh Castle on eerie night in city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Mighty medieval fortress of the Kingdom of Scotland emerging from thick fog giving it ethereal look. #Edinburgh #castle #Scotland #fog #mastoart #art #photography #travel #buyintoart #ayearforart #spooky #haunted #ethereal

The Edinburgh Castle on eerie night in city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Mighty medieval fortress of the Kingdom of Scotland emerging from thick fog giving it ethereal look.

The Falkirk Wheel. This astonishing piece of engineering celebrates its 21st birthday this Saturday. The only rotating boat lift of its kind in the world, it allows boats and barges on the Forth and Clyde Canal to continue their journey along the Union Canal - 24m above and on toward #Edinburgh

It takes just 22.5 kilowatts (kW) to power the electric motors, which consume just 1.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy in four minutes, roughly the same as boiling eight kettles of water.

#Scotland #Canal #Barge #Falkirk #Engineering

Aerial photograph showing the Falkirk Wheel boat lift and Falkirk Canal Basin.

Mark Smith is welcoming people to the third day of the DjangoCon Europe 2023 in Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦄🚀

#DjangoCon #DjangoConEurope #Django #conference #edinburgh #scotland

CC @djangoconeurope @judy2k

Mark Smith on the stage of the DjangoCon Europe 2023
Greg Restall
1 week ago

Taking in some writing inspiration, at the site of St Columba’s hut on Iona.

#writing #iona #scotland.

Greg Restall, standing atop the site of St Columba’s writing hut, on Iona, near the Abbey.
A selfie, taken atop St Columba’s writing hut, with a view of Iona Abbey behind.
Dale Harvey
1 week ago

Wasn't feeling particularly in the zone during this walk but actually ended up liking this one a lot. A quick wander up Meall Chuaich

⛰️ 88 / 282

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

Mark Smith is welcoming people to the second day of the DjangoCon Europe 2023 in Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦄🚀

#DjangoCon #DjangoConEurope #Django #conference #edinburgh #scotland

CC @djangoconeurope @judy2k

Mark Smith on the stage of the DjangoCon Europe 2023
Mr. Tengu 👺
1 week ago

Comforting arm: two young boys walking away from the camera with one boy's arm over the other, Gorbals, #Glasgow, #Scotland, 1968 - by David Peat (1947 - 2012), Scottish


Russ Cheshire
1 week ago

Red campion (Silene dioica) out in force.

Church Brae, Kildonan, Isle of #Arran.

#Scotland #Spring

Red campion growing and blooming on a roadside bank on the Isle of Arran.

I live in a country where another country controls our TV schedules, where the news output is massively biased against my country and where most of the political parties which stand in my country are not even registered here.
What other country would put up with this?
Welcome to Scotland.

1 week ago

I’m posting local pictures on my socials atm as I’m moving and thought I’d highlight the area surrounding where I live now.

#scotland #scottishhighlands #easterross #fearnpeninsula #cromartyfirth #nigg #niggbeach #cromartyfirth #scotlandphotography #scotlandphotographer #scotlandinsta #photooftheday #nofilter #sun #sea #sand #walking #localview #downthehill

Blue sky with a starburst sun, silhouette of a town across the icy blue water, pebbles at the shore line and ridged sand towards the right edge of the photo

Martin Geissler from BBC Scotland has let slip that the UK Government has 'a leash that can be tugged' to keep Scotland in line.
All pretence that this is a union of equals is slipping.
A leash? Is Scotland just a dog to London rule? Is it any wonder so many want to break our chains?

I post things like this to give people across the UK a view of what happens in Scotland as I guess such things won't be widely reported outside Scotland and our kennel.

Dale Harvey
1 week ago

Caught another Brocken spectre the other day, always such a curious and slightly ominous thing to see in the morning.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

A brocken spectre projecting a shadow in the clouds with a rainbow around it
1 week ago


Kibble Palace, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, #Scotland

A white marble statue of a naked woman in a large Victorian glass house, filled with lush green plants, a blue sky outside.
Hannah Graham
1 week ago

I am among those quoted in this article calling for urgent attention and action regarding serious issues at HMP Addiewell.

It is a credit to Karin Goodwin @theferret that these further troubling claims and issues are being brought to light, following a very negative report on HMP Addiewell by HM Inspectorate of Prisons.

'Violence, failure and rotten food: Life in Scotland's last private prison'
#Prison #Criminology #CriminalJustice #Scotland #InvestigativeJournalism

SubtleBlade ⚔️
1 week ago

#UK ‘demanding’ glass bottles removed from #Scottish #DepositReturnScheme, Yousaf says

The #FirstMinister said he had received a letter late on Friday ‘demanding’ glass be dropped from the Scottish scheme.
#DRS #Scotland #Democracy #Independence #ToryPoliciesInAction #Environment #Sustainability