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A requested art piece from one of my patrons and friends of my "Uncle Max's Mashed Tater Soup" Based off a joke convo we had a while back 

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#feline #kitty #hybrid #black footed cat #scottish fold #can #canned soup #cat #kiggy #hat #straw #straw hat #potato #soup #soup can

a can of soup labled "uncle max's mashed tater soup" ft a brown cat in a straw hat holding a potato for its label

“This is punch-the-air poetry, the knowing in that feeling place in your gut that someone understands and can put it in words so much better than your own.”

—Alison Craig reviews Roddy Lumsden’s SO GLAD I’M ME
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From 2017: Roddy Lumsden talks about his work & his collection SO GLAD I’M ME, published by Bloodaxe Books & shortlisted for the 2017 T.S. Eliot Prize
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Into perplexity: as an itch chased round
an oxter or early man in the cave mouth
watching rain-drifts pour from beyond

his understanding…

—“The Beautiful”, by Roddy Lumsden (1966–2020) – born #OTD, 28 May
Published in POETRY magazine, Dec 2008
#Scottish #literature #poetry

The Beautiful
by Roddy Lumsden

Into perplexity: as an itch chased round 
an oxter or early man in the cave mouth 
watching rain-drifts pour from beyond 

his understanding. Whether to admire 
the mere sensation, enough, or hold out 
for sweeter ornament, vessels of wonder 

born with that ur-charm of symmetry; 
lovely ones we ache to prize and praise, 
climb into and become because they try 

our day-by-day significance: some of us 
ugly and most of us plain, walked past 
in the drowned streets: pearls of paste, 

salted butter, secondary colors. They 
drift unapproached, gazed never-selves, 
blunt paragons of genetic industry. We 

desire them but cannot want such order. 
We stand, mouths open, and cannot help 
stammering our secrets, nailed to water.

“‘The Circle’ illustrates what can still be achieved in traditional forms at a time when many practising poets might consider adherence to such rigours beyond the pale, or perhaps simply beyond their scope.”

Ben Wilkinson unpacks Don Paterson’s “The Circle” for The Friday Poem
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My boy is painting outer space,
and steadies his brush-tip to trace
the comets, planets, moon and sun
and all the circuitry they run…

—Don Paterson, “The Circle”
Published in RAIN (Faber, 2010)
#Scottish #literature #poetry

The Circle
by Don Paterson

for Jamie

My boy is painting outer space,
and steadies his brush-tip to trace
the comets, planets, moon and sun
and all the circuitry they run

in one great heavenly design.
But when he tries to close the line
he draws around his upturned cup,
his hand shakes, and he screws it up.

The shake’s as old as he is, all
(thank god) his body can recall
of that hour when, one inch from home,
we couldn’t get the air to him;

and though today he’s all the earth
and sky for breathing-space and breath
the whole troposphere can’t cure
the flutter in his signature.

But Jamie, nothing’s what we meant.
The dream is taxed. We all resent
the quarter bled off by the dark
between the bowstring and the mark

and trust to Krishna or to fate
to keep our arrows halfway straight.
But the target also draws our aim –
our will and nature’s are the same;

we are its living word, and not
a book it wrote and then forgot,
its fourteen-billion-year-old song
inscribed in both our right and wrong –

so even when you rage and moan
and bring your fist down like a stone
on your spoiled work and useless kit,
you just can’t help but broadcast it:

look at the little avatar
of your muddy water-jar
filling with the perfect ring
singing under everything.
Malcolm MacWatt
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#Backstage with the wonderful #GretchenPeters for the last night of her farewell tour. A packed Cadogan Hall was treated to an emotionally charged set marking 25 years of performing in the UK. The show was sublime!
Gretchen sang on my album 'Settler'

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SubtleBlade ⚔️
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#UK ‘demanding’ glass bottles removed from #Scottish #DepositReturnScheme, Yousaf says

The #FirstMinister said he had received a letter late on Friday ‘demanding’ glass be dropped from the Scottish scheme.
#DRS #Scotland #Democracy #Independence #ToryPoliciesInAction #Environment #Sustainability

CFP – Provocative & Provoking: Fifty Shades of Byron
26–27 April 2024, Newstead Abbey

2024 marks the bicentenary of Lord Byron’s death. This Byron Society conference will explore Byron’s life, his poems, & his contemporary & current reception worldwide

Deadline: 2 January 2024
#Scottish #British #literature #romanticism #poetry #18thcentury #19thcentury #LordByron #Callforpapers

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A PNG tuber for myself for streaming! So far its just the 4 frames but i intend to add other emotions down the line!

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#png #pngtuber #vtuber #headshot #cat #feline #kitty #black footed cat #scottish fold #hybrid

4 headshots of my feline sona maximum in the same pose with different expressions to be used as a PNG tuber for twitch streaming

John Wagner on Judge Dredd, Bogie Man, & growing up in Greenock

“While Dredd may be his most famous character, Mr Wagner's favourite is Bogie Man, a mental patient escaped from a Greenock asylum who wanders the streets of Glasgow under the delusion he's Humphrey Bogart.“

Comics legend John Wagner on creating iconic characters with Carlos Ezquerra and Alan Grant.

#Scottish #literature #comics #comicbooks #JudgeDredd


Fantastic Feminist Praxis: Consciousness-Raising in the Speculative Fiction of Lady Florence Dixie

– Grace Borland Sinclair discusses gender politics in Florence Dixie’s speculative fiction

Scottish Literary Review 14/1, 2022 – available on #OpenAccess via Project MUSE
#Scottish #literature #19thcentury #womenwriters

Born in 1855, Lady Florence Dixie was a prolific writer and women’s rights activist until her death in 1905. She was a poet, dramatist, novelist, travel writer, children’s writer, and war correspondent. She campaigned outspokenly for educational and professional equality, the amendment of divorce and marriage laws, Scottish and Irish Home Rule, animal rights and dress reform. Yet despite this high volume of productivity and public notoriety during her lifetime, her work has been critically neglected in both the Scottish and British literary fields. This paper seeks to contribute to the ongoing work by scholars such as Valentina Bold, Catherine Barnes Stevenson, Nan Bowman Albinski, Precious McKenzie Stearns and Taryne Jade Taylor who have endeavoured to rediscover and reaffirm Dixie’s life and work. This paper explores Dixie’s utilisation of the speculative text for consciousness-raising (CR) purposes. It demonstrates that by combining the speculative text with an overtly political message, Dixie was able to expand the boundaries of literary genre in this period. The examples discussed illuminate Dixie’s attempt to explore a more nuanced and fluid conception of gender politics, which moves beyond gender inversion or the invasion of the masculinist ‘public’ sphere.

A Restless Intellect: Florence Dixie (1855–1905)

“Widely respected – and regularly attacked (once physically) – in her lifetime, she is now largely neglected; an intriguing aside to feminism or to agnosticism. Dixie deserves better.”

Florence Dixie – novelist, poet, dramatist, war correspondent, campaigning journalist, suffragist, & more – was born #OTD, 25 May. Valentina Bold explores Dixie’s roving life
#Scottish #literature #19thcentury #womenwriters

Agnes’ writing was championed by Kelman and Gray but she remained mysteriously un-celebrated. […] She had also been told her characters weren’t particularly attractive; “One publisher said people don't want that kind of writing… about poor people.”

Agnes Owens, through objects from the Glasgow Women’s Library Collections
#Scottish #literature #20thcentury #womenwriters #WorkingClass

On a grey background, a shiny black metal button-badge. Written on the badge, in white slanted capital letters, are the words


‘I’m writing about strange people, people on the edge, people that society doesn’t like much’: the precariat in the work of Agnes Owens
#Scottish #literature #20thcentury #womenwriters #WorkingClass

‘I’m writing about strange people, people on the edge, people that society doesn’t like much’: the precariat in the work of Agnes Owens.
Ronald Paul

This article explores the way in which Agnes Owens, a 20th century working-class writer from Scotland, gives a literary voice to those most marginalized and underprivileged, a category of workers that is often defined as the precariat. The first part of the article traces the historic origins of the term precariat within marxism, then linking it to the growing number of people working today in low paid, short-term and uninsured jobs often beyond the pale of the rest of society. Their accompanying condition of neo-poverty is what Agnes Owens sought to dramatize in her novels and short stories, two of which – “Arabella” and Bad Attitudes – are chosen for more detailed discussion. The article seeks to show how Owens not only documents the lives of this modern precariat, but also how these new forms of social deprivation are feminized, since it is clearly the women who are most vulnerable in this new context of social and economic precarity.

“From time to time art publicists in London notice things are being achieved in Scotland and send a television company north to report on it. On one of these occasions an interviewer asked Agnes what made her write that story; she answered, ‘Spite’.”

—Alasdair Gray, “Honest Poverty”: Agnes Owens at 70
#Scottish #literature #20thcentury #womenwriters #WorkingClass

“I don’t write about people that are nice people. They’ve got to be sinners, with a wee touch of goodness here and there, you know.”

Giving “people like that” a voice: a conversation with Agnes Owens (1926–2014) – born #OTD, 24 May
A 🎂🧵
#Scottish #literature #20thcentury #womenwriters #WorkingClass

Our book EMPIRES & REVOLUTIONS: Cunninghame Graham & His Contemporaries contains essays exploring ideas of revolution, emancipation, equality, & liberty in the works of RBCG & other Scottish writers of the period—in print & online via Project MUSE

#Scottish #literature #imperialism #19thcentury #20thcentury #revolution #emancipation #equality #liberty

What Scotsman was caught up in a civil war before the age of twenty? Wrote a book that became the inspiration for an Oscar-winning film? Met a runaway teenager in Paris and married her against the wishes of his family? Lost his ranch to raiding Apaches?

A #Scottish #literature 🧵 …

A #Scottish queen on her deathbed informed her daughter of a red calf that would assist her. Later, the princess was mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, who gave her only a coat of rushes and meagre meals.
A red calf came to her, and when she asked for food, it told her to pull it from its ears. The stepmother set one of her daughters to spy on „Rushen Coatie“, and the girl discovered the red calf. The stepmother feigned illness and told the king that she needed the sweetbread from the red calf. The king had it slaughtered, but the dead calf said:
"Take me up, bone by bone,
And put me beneath yon grey stone;
When there is aught you want
Tell it me, and that I'll grant."
The red calf continued to help the princess by providing food and clothing. Eventually, she attended church, where a prince fell in love with her. Despite attempts by her stepsisters to deceive the prince, the girl married him using a glass shoe. However, their marriage quickly came to an end.
#Celtic #FairyTaleTuesday

John D. Batten creator QS-P170,Q13385323, Page 150 illustration in More English Fairy Tales, public domain

Dinosaurs in the Amazon

Alan Brown looks at Arthur Conan Doyle’s Scottish adventurer-scientist-explorer & dinosaur hunter Professor George Edward Challenger. Doyle himself preferred Challenger to the more famous (& successful) #SherlockHolmes
#Scottish #literature #sciencefiction #19thcentury #SherlockHolmesDay

Sherlock Holmes, Hardboiled Detective

“[O]ne of the most striking features of Holmes’s stories is that they have a surprisingly grounded view of crime, and one that arguably fits better into the hardboiled tradition of Hammett and Chandler than the cozy tradition of Christie.”

–Alexis Hall makes the case for #SherlockHolmes as a noir icon
#Scottish #literature #19thcentury #SherlockHolmesDay

According to the Guinness Book of Records, #SherlockHolmes has been portrayed on screen more than any other literary character – & in a recent UK poll, over 50% of teenagers thought that he was a real person…
#Scottish #literature #19thcentury #SherlockHolmesDay

Arthur Conan Doyle was born #OTD, 22 May, at 11 Picardy Place, Edinburgh – a 🎂🧵

Bridget Kendall on BBC Sounds explores the life & work of the doctor & literary superstar who changed #CrimeFiction forever

#Scottish #literature #19thcentury #SherlockHolmes #SherlockHolmesDay

Wise Man
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28 years ago "Sparky's Dream" by Scottish rock band Teenage Fanclub was released in 1995 through Creation Records, as the lead single from the band's fifth studio album Grand Prix. The song was sung by its author and bassist Gerard Love rather than the usual lead singer Norman Blake.
#anniversary #song #single #rock #scottish #indierock #powerpop #junglepop #music #musica

#FolkloreSunday: The #Scottish water bull was unfriendly to humans. The #tarbh uisge often stood guard at the entranceway to #fairy mounds or palaces.
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

water bull, also known as tarbh uisge, clipped from Olaus Magnus, creator QS-P170,Q315804, Carta Marina, public domain
William Meikle
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My Skye ghost story, TORMENTOR is now available for the first time in paperback.

#scottish #supernatural #bookstodon

"...a genuine classic haunted house story that excels in so many different ways." - The Ginger Nuts of Horror

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of LOCAL HERO

“It’s one of those rare ventures where everything gels…”

Neil Drysdale looks at how Bill Forsyth & Burt Lancaster joined forces to create one of Scotland’s most enduring movies

#Scottish #cinema #film #movies #BurtLancaster #PeterCapaldi #LocalHero

Glasgow Comic Con 2023
Sat 3 June – tickets £0–£27.80

Browse more than 130 exhibitors, meet comic creators, enjoy panels from your favourite artists & writers & marvel at some of the best cosplayers in the country. Children can also enjoy the return of the dedicated Kids’ Zone which hosts workshops & activities all day

Tickets are limited – book early!
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It's the start of the weekend, so a bit of a festive turn for #NightMusic tonight, and a wee bit of eye candy as well. It's a #Scottish #fiddle medley for an eightsome reel. In order, the tunes are:
Mrs McLeod of Raasay
The Fairy Dance
The De'il Among the Tailors
Soldier's Joy
The Mason's Apron
Staten Island
The De'il Among the Tailors
Soldier's Joy
The Mason's Apron
Kate Dalrymple

And isn't the bow-tied chappie wearing what looks to be Royal Stewart dreamy?

Archiving Agnes Owens: Asserting the Marginal Voice
#PhD opportunity

This full-time funded project will see the creation of the Agnes Owens Archive.

Owens’ champions point to her class, gender, & age in explaining her neglect. This project will absorb & supersede these contexts in its collation & critical appraisal of Owens’ full literary output, leading to a variety of events marking her centenary in 2026.
#Scottish #literature #womenwriters #archive


Archiving Agnes Owens: Asserting the Marginal Voice

SGSAH CDA Project – PhD opportunity
The University of Strathclyde (Dr Eleanor Bell), with partners from the University of Glasgow (Dr Corey Gibson) and The Alasdair Gray Archive (Sorcha Dallas), are pleased to announce the availability of a full-time funded SGSAH AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Studentship.
This project will see the creation of the Agnes Owens Archive which contains previously unpublished plays, poems and short stories. Owens’ champions point to her class, gender, and age in explaining her neglect; her work is frequently read against her biography. This project will absorb and supersede these contexts in its collation and critical appraisal of Owens full literary output, leading to a variety of public-facing events marking the centenary of her birth in 2026.
Nico :pensive_party_blob:
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A genius #ElonMusk #Twitter #verified story:

Verified Twitter User pretends to be an #Ecuadorean footballer takes a dig at a #Scottish football club. Then tells the #journalist reporting a news about the real footballer that they’re fake.
All the tweets before that tweet are only in #Turkish. The footballer in question never played in #Turkey.

Funny, got lots of interaction made some #news from sites desperate for clicks.

NOW imagine that during a #political campaign,#crisis,#emergency

A Twitter user pretends to be a Ecuadorean footballer/soccer player  to make fun of a Scottish football club and tell a journalist his reports are fake
The Twitter user that pretends to be a Ecuadorean soccer player has only tweets in Turkish language  before doing the controversial tweet. Never played in Turkey or Europe

A feel fur thon wee Lewis keelies stuck in Lunnon
Goggle-e’ed wi chowin the taps aff their shields,
Haimseek fur Norroway ower the faem.

—Jim Alison, “Ingaunees”
#Scottish #literature #Scots #ScotsLanguage #poem #museum #MuseumDay #chess

by Jim Alison

This chaumert cairn kists bitties
O oor bricht an battert past—
A things that Scots hae keepit or drappit or lost
Or couldna tak wi them when they deed
Or went awa for guid.

Dootless there’s ither grand ingaunees ootby
In Russia, India an sic fremmit fields
Whaur gangrel skelfs an shards o Scotland skinkle
Or gether stoor on shelves.

A feel fur thon wee Lewis keelies stuck in Lunnon
Goggle-e’ed wi chowin the taps aff their shields,
Haimseek fur Norroway ower the faem.
One of the Lewis Chessmen. Carved from walrus ivory, probably in the 12th century. This chesspiece depicts an armoured warrior – quilted armour or perhaps chain-mail is suggested by diagonal cross-hatched lines inscribed into the long coat, which also forms a hood over the character's head. He holds a full-length kite-shaped shield in front of him, bearing an X-shaped cross made of four interwoven lines. Holding a sword in his right hand, clutched close against his body, the warrior's outsized face stares over the top of the shield. His top set of teeth are visible, chewing at the shield-top in Berserker battle-frenzy.

Pale yellow letters
humbly straggling across
the once brilliant red
of a broken shop-face
and a blur of children
at their games, passing…

—“To Joan Eardley” by Edwin Morgan
The artist Joan Eardley (1921–1963) was born #OTD, 18 May. Edwin Morgan owned her painting “Sweet Shop, Rotten Row, 1960–1961”, and donated it on his death to the Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.
#Scottish #literature #poetry #EdwinMorgan #Glasgow #art #womensart

"To Joan Eardley"
by Edwin Morgan

Pale yellow letters
humbly straggling across
the once brilliant red
of a broken shop-face
and a blur of children
at their games, passing,
gazing as they pass
at the blur of sweets
in the dingy, cosy
Rottenrow window –
an Eardley on my wall.
Such rags and streaks
that master us! –
that fix what the pick
and bulldozer have crumbled
to a dingier dust,
the living blur
fiercely guarding
energy that has vanished,
cries filling still
the unechoing close!
I wandered by the rubble
and the houses left standing
kept a chill, dying life
in their islands of stone.
No window opened
as the coal cart rolled
and the coalman’s call
fell coldly to the ground.
But the shrill children
jump on my wall.
A painting by Joan Eardley. Oil paint is applied thickly, in blotches of colour. A mustard-yellow sign bearing the letters CONFECTIO sits above a blurred shop front, showing a green window on the left and a red door on the right. Three almost abstract figures of children – two girls and a boy, probably – are dashing past the shop from left to right in a swirl of pinks, browns, and blues. The leftmost child has long black hair streaming out behind her head, adding to the sense of swift movement.
Jon Bowie
2 weeks ago

Now available for #sale at the Jasper Cultural & Historical Centre, the companion #magazine for the Jon Bowie #gallery #show “The #Weird and #Wonderful of #Scottish #Architecture”. Included in the magazine are #bonus #photos as well as some descriptions and #history of the featured #architectural pieces and areas they are found in. All proceeds from the sale of the magazine go to the Jasper Centre.

Franz Graf
2 weeks ago

I already miss the #Scottish #highlands. I'm really looking forward to getting into my photos & sharing with you.

#hiking #scottishhighlands

"The Eddie Show" 😎
2 weeks ago

🎧 LOVE this performance of "To Sir With Love" by #Lulu, 50+ years after the original recording. From a YouTube Session in #London in 2019.

She's now Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, CBE and fierceAF!

#music #pop #movies #actress #singer #Scottish #Scotland

Medieval (Scottish) Gaelic literature: the case of Finn mac Cumaill
23 May, 5–6:30pm BST (6–7:30 CET), free online

Introducing the corpus of #medieval works centred on the legendary hero Finn mac Cumaill. The earliest texts are #Irish – yet, outwith the #Gaelic tradition, Finn is often seen as a #Scottish literary creation, not least because of James Macpherson’s imagining of him as Fingal in the #18thcentury

#literature #CelticStudies

2 weeks ago

And should some brother Scot wander this way...

Full epitaph transcribed in alt text

#cemetery #TombTuesday #taphophile #NewEngland

A rather impressive grave, enclosed in wrought iron. The stone reads: here Steuart sleeps ─ and should some brother Scot Wander this way, and pause upon the spot, he need not ask, now life's poor show is o'er, What arms he carried, or what plaid he wore; So small the value of illustrious birth, Brought to this solemn, last assay of earth; Yet, unreproved, his epitaph may say, a royal soul was wrapped in Steuart's clay, And generous actions consecrate his mound, More than all titles, though of kingly sound.
Scottish Lass
2 weeks ago

Christening the new arrival #Scalan - in honour of the historically significant seminary. It kept the pilot light of #Scottish #Catholic faith alive during dark days. Deliberately tucked away in the middle of nowhere #BraesOfGlenlivet near #Tomintoul. If you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't. Handy name for a machine that will be hidden away...quietly getting along doing the Lord's work.
#Scotland #History

Was Boswell just an idiot who had the good fortune to meet Johnson and write his biography? Or is this “Samuel Johnson” actually a brilliant dramatic character created by Boswell?

Jorge Luis Borges: A Lecture on Johnson & Boswell, in the New York Review of Books
#Scottish #literature #biography #SamuelJohnson #JamesBoswell #18thCentury #Borges


“The Life of Samuel Johnson was an instant sensation. While the works of Johnson were quickly forgotten, his biography has never been out of print”

—When the Worst Man in the World Writes a Masterpiece: James Boswell & the nature of genius
#Scottish #literature #biography #SamuelJohnson #JamesBoswell #18thCentury

“Mr. Johnson, (said I) I do indeed come from Scotland, but I cannot help it.”
“That, Sir, I find, is what a very great many of your countrymen cannot help.”

May 16 is Biographers Day – marking the 1st meeting of James Boswell & Samuel Johnson in 1763
#Scottish #literature #biography #SamuelJohnson #JamesBoswell #18thCentury

Edwin Muir and a Story of Europe

“Muir’s contact with Europe is significant, however, not only in a personal and literary sense, but also in a wider political context which resonates with our own early twenty-first century times. His travels in the 1920s immediately after the end of World War One, and again at the end of World War Two, tell a story of Europe itself at critical points in its history.”

#Scottish #literature #poetry #Orkney #Modernism #20thcentury

One foot in Eden still, I stand
And look across the other land.
The world’s great day is growing late,
Yet strange these fields that we have planted
So long with crops of love and hate…

—Edwin Muir, “One Foot in Eden”
#Scottish #literature #poetry #Orkney #Modernism #20thcentury

"One Foot in Eden"
by Edwin Muir

One foot in Eden still, I stand 
And look across the other land.
The world's great day is growing late,
Yet strange these fields that we have planted 
So long with crops of love and hate.
Time's handiworks by time are haunted,
And nothing now can separate
The corn and tares compactly grown.
The armorial weed in stillness bound
About the stalk; these are our own.
Evil and good stand thick around
In the fields of charity and sin
Where we shall lead our harvest in.

Yet still from Eden springs the root
As clean as on the starting day.
Time takes the foliage and the fruit 
And burns the archetypal leaf
To shapes of terror and of grief
Scattered along the winter way.
But famished field and blackened tree
Bear flowers in Eden never known.
Blossoms of grief and charity
Bloom in these darkened fields alone.
What had Eden ever to say
Of hope and faith and pity and love
Until was buried all its day
And memory found its treasure trove?
Strange blessings never in Paradise
Fall from these beclouded skies.

Old gods and goddesses who have lived so long
Through time and never found eternity,
Fettered by wasting wood and hollowing hill,
You should have fled our ever-dying song…

—Edwin Muir, “To the Old Gods”
#Scottish #literature #poetry #Orkney #Modernism #20thcentury

"To the Old Gods"
by Edwin Muir

Old gods and goddesses who have lived so long
Through time and never found eternity,
Fettered by wasting wood and hollowing hill,

You should have fled our ever-dying song,
The mound, the well, and the green trysting tree.
They have forgotten, yet you linger still.

Goddess of caverned breast and channeled brow, 
And cheeks slow hollowed by millennial tears,
Forests of autumns fading in your eyes, 

Eternity matvels at your counted years
And kingdoms lost in time, and wonders how 
There could be thoughts so bountiful and wise 

As yours beneath the ever-breaking bough, 
And vast compassion curving like the skies.

“Edwin Muir (1887–1959) is a mysteriously neglected, gorgeous, and emotionally penetrating poet. Of all the many pieces of writing spurred by the Cold War and the threat of nuclear apocalypse, and of the other kinds of 20th century apocalyptic writing, his poem ‘The Horses’ may be the most effective, perhaps because it is the most calm and gentle.”
—Robert Pinsky

#Scottish #literature #poetry #Orkney #Modernism #20thcentury #postapocalypse

On the second day
The radios failed; we turned the knobs; no answer.
On the third day a warship passed us, heading north,
Dead bodies piled on the deck…

—Edwin Muir, “The Horses”
#Scottish #literature #poetry #Orkney #Modernism #20thcentury #postapocalypse

"The Horses"
by Edwin Muir

Barely a twelvemonth after
The seven days war that put the world to sleep,
Late in the evening the strange horses came.
By then we had made our covenant with silence,
But in the first few days it was so still
We listened to our breathing and were afraid.
On the second day
The radios failed; we turned the knobs, no answer.
On the third day a warship passed us, headed north,
Dead bodies piled on the deck. On the sixth day
A plane plunged over us into the sea. Thereafter
Nothing. The radios dumb;
And still they stand in corners of our kitchens,
And stand, perhaps, turned on, in a million rooms
All over the world. But now if they should speak,
If on a sudden they should speak again,
If on the stroke of noon a voice should speak,
We would not listen, we would not let it bring
That old bad world that swallowed its children quick
At one great gulp. We would not have it again.
Sometimes we think of the nations lying asleep,
Curled blindly in impenetrable sorrow,
And then the thought confounds us with its strangeness.

The tractors lie about our fields; at evening
They look like dank sea-monsters crouched and waiting.
We leave them where they are and let them rust:
“They’ll molder away and be like other loam.”
We make our oxen drag our rusty plows,
Long laid aside. We have gone back
Far past our fathers’ land.
And then, that evening
Late in the summer the strange horses came.
We heard a distant tapping on the road,
A deepening drumming; it stopped, went on again
And at the corner changed to hollow thunder.
We saw the heads
Like a wild wave charging and were afraid.
We had sold our horses in our fathers’ time
To buy new tractors. Now they were strange to us
As fabulous steeds set on an ancient shield
Or illustrations in a book of knights.
We did not dare go near them. Yet they waited,
Stubborn and shy, as if they had been sent
By an old command to find our whereabouts
And that long-lost archaic companionship.
In the first moment we had never a thought
That they were creatures to be owned and used.
Among them were some half a dozen colts
Dropped in some wilderness of the broken world,
Yet new as if they had come from their own Eden.
Since then they have pulled our plows and borne our loads,
But that free servitude still can pierce our hearts.
Our life is changed; their coming our beginning.

I never felt so much
Since I have felt at all
The tingling smell and touch
Of dogrose and sweet briar,
Nettles against the wall,
All sours and sweets that grow
Together or apart
In hedge or marsh or ditch…

—“A Birthday”, by Edwin Muir (1887–1959)—born #OTD, 15 May 1887
#Scottish #literature #poetry #Orkney #Modernism #20thcentury

"A Birthday"
by Edwin Muir

I never felt so much
Since I have felt at all
The tingling smell and touch
Of dogrose and sweet briar,
Nettles against the wall,
All sours and sweets that grow
Together or apart
In hedge or marsh or ditch.
I gather to my heart
Beast, insect, flower, earth, water, fire,
In absolute desire,
As fifty years ago.

Acceptance, gratitude:
The first look and the last
When all between has passed
Restore ingenuous good
That seeks no personal end
Nor strives to mar or mend.
Before I touched the food
Sweetness ensnared my tongue;
Before I saw the wood
I loved each nook and bend,
The track going right and wrong;
Before I took the road
Direction ravished my soul.
Now that I can discern
It whole or almost whole,
Acceptance and gratitude
Like travellers return
And stand where they first stood.

“Bide the storm ye canna hinder”

Jenni Calder on Helen Cruickshank (1886–1975): poet, author, founder member of the Saltrie Society, Hon Sec of Scottish PEN, & linchpin of the 20th-century Scottish renaissance
#Scottish #literature #20thcentury #womenwriters

Broad in the beam? More broad in sympathy.
Stiff in the joints? More flexible in mind.
Deaf on the right? New voices from the Left
In politics and art more clearly sound…

—Helen Cruickshank, “On Being Eighty”
#Scottish #literature #20thcentury #womenwriters #poetry

"On Being Eighty"
by Helen Cruickshank

Broad in the beam? More broad in sympathy.
Stiff in the joints? More flexible in mind.
Deaf on the right? New voices from the Left
In politics and art more clearly sound.
Arteries harden? Movements then more slow
Allow more time to contemplate and ponder.
High on the Shelf? Horizons farther grow
Extending faculties for joy and wonder.
Acceptance gained of what one has to bear?
The hard is then become more bearable
And comrade Death himself finds welcome, so
Quite cheerfully towards eighty-one we go.

Bide the storm ye canna hinder,
Mindin’ through the strife,
Hoo the luntin’ lowe o’ beauty
Lichts the grey o’ life.

—“Sea Buckthorn”, by Helen Burness Cruickshank (1886–1975), born #OTD, 15 May
#Scottish #literature #20thcentury #womenwriters #Scots #poetry

"Sea Buckthorn"
by Helen Cruickshank

Saut an’ cruel winds tae shear it,
Nichts o’ haar an’ rain –
Ye micht think the sallow buckthorn
Ne’er a hairst could hain;
But amang the sea-bleached branches
Ashen-grey as pain,
Thornset orange berries cluster
Flamin’, beauty-fain.

Daith an’ dule will stab ye surely,
Be ye man or wife,
Mony trauchles an’ mischances
In ilk weird are rife;
Bide the storm ye canna hinder,
Mindin’ through the strife,
Hoo the luntin’ lowe o’ beauty
Lichts the grey o’ life.
Callum (he/him)
2 weeks ago

My family come from a very staunchly British, Protestant, #Unionist Monarchist background

On one side, it's a mixture of United-Frees & Jehovah's Witnesses with a sprinkling of masonry

The other side are a mixture of Orange & high-anglican Royal Household, Balmoral, staff

I'm #English & #Scottish. I'm non-religious, pro #Independence & #republican. My family are now too. Why?

Those Unionist communities couldn't reconcile with my existence as an #lgbtq person

Adrian Fry
2 weeks ago

@ChrisMayLA6 The #Scottish government requires us to pay for approx £12k insulation in our house (built C1880) before we're eligible for a grant to install a #heatpump. The net cost would be about three times that of replacing our oil-fired boiler with another of the same.

I suspect that many are in a similar position where #ecofriendly technology is not an economically viable option.

The government must either increase funding, or reduce the stringent #EPC prerequisites for historic houses.


“Dystopian fiction … has this wonderful ability to heighten our compassion and broaden our empathy for one another. It is a reminder that ultimately nothing can be taken for granted.”

—read BUNKER LIFE, by Rachelle Atalla – on writing THE PHARMACIST

#Scottish #literature #dystopian

Compact Pictures Options Rachelle Atalla’s Acclaimed Debut Novel THE PHARMACIST

“THE PHARMACIST is a stand-out novel and will make an atmospheric, claustrophobic adaptation – in the lo-fi, speculative vein of ‘Children of Men,’ but with a strong female perspective”

#Scottish #literature #dystopian #cinema #adaptation

Franz Graf
3 weeks ago

New #pfp straight from the #scottish mountains. I hope you enjoy what I am posting here. Enjoy the #hiking vibes with me through my lens.

I'd also appreciate a quick hello 😊

(And if you want some of my best photos on your wall at home or as a desk calendar, I can help you out as well 😉)

#profilepicture #selfie #photographer

Self portrait of myself in the mountains
Franz Graf
3 weeks ago

Good morning with this great view from yesterday's hike. More to come after the vacation.

#scotland #visitscotland #scottish #mountains #landscapephotography #hiking #wanderlust #wandern #panorama #photography

View from a mountain over a valley.

Currently available on BBC Sounds – MARY ROSE, JM Barrie’s haunting play about a girl who never grows up…

Written in the aftermath of WW1, Barrie’s play about loss & the mystery of life is by turns comic, eerie, & heartbreaking
#Scottish #literature #20thCentury #drama #WW1

Although Barrie is remembrered today almost exclusively for PETER PAN, he was a prominent 19th-century novelist & the most successful British playwright of the early 20th century.

GATEWAY TO THE MODERN, edited by Valentina Bold & Andrew Nash, explores Barrie’s multifarious career
#Scottish #literature #PeterPan #ChildrensLiterature #19thcentury #20thCentury #drama #cinema #Victorian #Edwardian

Peter Pan & Trainspotting

“Mark Renton and Peter Pan […] share one feature in particular: a mutual reluctance to enter adulthood and instead remain without attachment to society.”

Tracing similar undercurrents in two very different Scottish texts…
#Scottish #literature #PeterPan #KidLit #ChildrensLiterature #Trainspotting

“Neverland is as much a tomb for the unloved and forgotten as it is a map of a child’s mind. It is a place ruled by a boy with a memory as thin as the skeleton leaves he wears.”

– Sabrina Orah Mark on boyhood, motherhood, race, & Peter Pan
#Scottish #literature #PeterPan #KidLit #ChildrensLiterature #motherhood #race

“James Hook, the pirate captain, was a great Etonian, but not a good one…”

– Brian Till explores “The Secret History of Captain Hook” in

📷: Alice B. Woodward (1862–1951), “Right into the jaws of the crocodile”
#Scottish #literature #PeterPan #KidLit #ChildrensLiterature

Captain Hook, dressed in a black frock coat and knee-breeches, with white flounced shirt cuffs protruding from his sleeves, plummets backwards through the air towards the gaping jaws of a crocodile, waiting for him in the water

“To be born is to be wrecked on an island.”

From the true-life adventure of Alexander Selkirk, through Daniel Defoe, RM Ballantyne, & Robert Louis Stevenson, a chain of real & fictional islands leads John Pielmeier to JM Barrie’s Neverland…
#Scottish #literature #PeterPan #KidLit #ChildrensLiterature

“Barrie’s book may ostensibly be about the boys’ eternal childhood, but it’s the mother figures who are the scaffolding upon which his story rests.”

– Liz Michalski, author of DARLING GIRL, on the mother figures in PETER PAN
#Scottish #literature #PeterPan #KidLit #ChildrensLiterature

“Barrie was a wounded creature, from his earliest youth, and his probing of that wound is what makes PETER PAN so enduringly painful to read […] The tensions are bald and excruciating.”

A 🎂 🧵 for JM Barrie (1860–1937), born #OTD, 9 May
#Scottish #literature #PeterPan #KidLit #ChildrensLiterature

Richard Peat 
3 weeks ago

Dear #BBCNews, #WestminsterAbbey has not “hosted every British coronation since 1066”. They hosted most but not all #English coronations from 1066, and none of the #Scottish coronations. Even after the Union of the Crowns in 1603 Scotland continued separate coronations until Charles II, not least because of the #EnglishCivilWar resulting in Charles II being crowned King of #Scotland in 1649 at Scone Abbey, and didn’t become King of #England until the restoration of the monarchy in 1660.

Presence, Process, Prize
“This collection of essays is intended to explore the world of Edwin Morgan & act as a companion to his multifaceted trajectory through space & time”

—read the Introduction to the INTERNATIONAL COMPANION TO EDWIN MORGAN free online
#Scottish #literature #poetry #EdwinMorgan

On 27 April 2010, Edwin Morgan was ninety years old. A gathering of people approached him as he arrived in his wheelchair in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, passing from one conversation to another in small groups, sharing warm words, in an appropriately quiet, festive fashion. The occasion was amicable, without friction or animosity, a collective of goodwill. In his company, we were all friendly, but every one of us paid attention sharply when the necessary moment arrived and he was invited to cut his handsome birthday cake. He extended his hand with purpose, the slight tremble steadied, and Alasdair Gray’s voice rang out, ‘Use the knife, man!’

Edited by Alan Riach

Edwin Morgan is one of the giants of modern poetry. In his long life he produced an incredible range of work, from the playful to the profound.

Available in print or online via Project MUSE
#Scottish #literature #EdwinMorgan #poetry

“The poetry voice first for me. ‘The Death of Marilyn Monroe’, ‘Los Angeles!’ Blew my socks off! His voice always reminded me a bit of that of Ian McAskill the weatherman (though he didn’t turn up on telly until 1978). Another South Side boy, according to Wikipedia.”

—James McGonigal & John Coyle discuss Edwin Morgan as a teacher & a writer
#Scottish #literature #EdwinMorgan #poetry

👆“Signs & Wonders” is one of 47 pieces of Morgan’s prose—journalism, book & theatre reviews, essays & lectures, drama & radio scripts, forewords & afterwords—collected in EDWIN MORGAN: IN TOUCH WITH LANGUAGE, ed. John Coyle & James McGonigal. Out now!
#Scottish #literature #EdwinMorgan

…knew Glasgow – what? – knew Glasgow new – somehow …

“Edinburgh is a city which has never eaten the apple, but Glasgow has, and although it is deeper in sin it is readier for grace.”

—Morgan’s essay “Signs & Wonders”, on #Glasgow & #culture in 1965
#Scotland #Scottish #literature #EdwinMorgan #Sixties #1960s

At ten I read Mayakovsky had died,
learned my first word of Russian, lyublyu…

—written for his 70th birthday, Edwin Morgan’s “Seven Decades” takes us through key moments in the poet’s life
Published in CENTENARY SELECTED POEMS, Carcanet 2020
#Scottish #literature #poetry #EdwinMorgan

Push the boat out, compañeros,
push the boat out, whatever the sea.
Who says we cannot guide ourselves
through the boiling reefs, black as they are…

—Edwin Morgan, “At Eighty”
#EdwinMorgan (1920–2010) was born #OTD, 27 April – a 🎂 🧵

Morgan write “At Eighty” for his own 80th birthday
#Scottish #literature #poetry

At Eighty
by Edwin Morgan

Push the boat out, compañeros,
push the boat out, whatever the sea.
Who says we cannot guide ourselves
through the boiling reefs, black as they are,
the enemy of us all makes sure of it!
Mariners, keep good watch always
for that last passage of blue water
we have heard of and long to reach
(no matter if we cannot, no matter!)
in our eighty-year-old timbers
leaky and patched as they are but sweet
well seasoned with the scent of woods
long perished, serviceable still
in unarrested pungency
of salt and blistering sunlight. Out,
push it all out into the unknown!
Unknown is best, it beckons best,
like distant ships in mist, or bells
clanging ruthless from stormy buoys.
Undiscovered Scotland
1 month ago

Smailholm Tower, between Melrose and Kelso in the Scottish Borders, a reminder this was a deeply unsettled area for centuries. It was built by the Pringle family in about 1450 and remained in use until the early 1700s. More pics and info:

#Scotland #SmailholmTower #TowerHouse #Castle #Scottish Borders #UndiscoveredScotland

Smailholm Tower. The image shows a tower house just to the right of the centre of the frame. It is standing on an outcrop of rock and there are standing walls to its left, nearer the photographer. The setting seems uncultivated and rocky. The sky is mainly blue.
Charles Harper
1 month ago

‘Merge and Emerge’

Bet Low (1924 – 2007) a Scottish painter, notable as one of the Glasgow Girls, and as a co-founder of the Clyde Group.

Low studied at the Glasgow School of Art during WWII and continued her studies at Hospitalfield House under James Cowie in 1945, who stimulated her lifelong interest in literature, philosophy and politics.
Following the war, she was a co-founder of the Clyde Group, part of the left-wing New Scottish Group of writers and artists.

#abstract #Scottish #art

By the 1960s, Low had moved on to the more abstract work for which she is now best known. Of "Merge and Emerge" (1961) Low said, "I was trying to produce an effect of water moving over stones in a riverbed. In some parts, everything is hidden by the depth or movement of water and merged together, and in other parts where the water is more shallow, the stones appear beneath the surface again and emerge into sight"
Chris Shaw
1 month ago

So I got trolled today out of the blue by a Scottish lady who was upset that I put "from the UK" on my profile.

Was she just a disgruntled one-off or do Scottish people in general feel offended when English people say they're from the UK?

#scotland #scottish #scottishindependence

Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 month ago is a server intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish:


The server is open to speakers of English, Scots and Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic).

If you have any questions, ask their admin @trumpet

#FeaturedServer #Scotland #Scottish #Scots #Gàidhlig #Gaidhlig #Gaelic #ScottishGaelic #Mastodon #Fediverse

How native tongues became silent or 'lesser used', children and their grandchildren traumatised with their culture destroyed. The descendants sitting in slums and easing their pain with addictions.

This, from Canada but ditto Scottish #Gaelic, Welsh and Aboriginal tongues on different continents.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Gàidhlig #Colonialism #MastoDaoine #SilentSunday #Cymraeg #Scottish #education

Description of cultural genocide in Canada.

“The view of the Jacobites as quasi-colonial primitives is persistent […] The seriousness of Jacobitism is ignored because the power of the threat undermines the story of British unity.”

—Prof Murray Pittock argues that the conventional historical picture – with Jacobites representing a #romantic, tragic, doomed past, & Hanoverians representing #Enlightenment, stability, & the triumph of #modernity – is a misleading one.

#Scottish #Jacobite #history #18thcentury

“An Incident in the Rebellion of 1745” – oil on canvas painting by David Morier depicting the 1746 Battle of Culloden. Under stormy grey skies, a group of tartan-clad Highlanders carrying round shields and wielding swords, dirks, and halberds moves from the left of the painting to attack a double rank of red-coated British soldiers, armed with muskets and bayonets on the right. The Highlanders are unshaven and in disarray, and already some wounded figures have dropped their weapons to run away. The soldiers are shown as clean, smart, ordered, and determined.
John Altringham
1 month ago

I have uploaded more #Scottish #watercolours to my website
Please boost, buy, do both or just enjoy.
My #WoodEngravings are on the same site.

Watercolour. Storm clearing over mountain scene by the sea. Dark clouds and warm sunset colours.
Watercolour. Sunset panorama of yellow/orange mountains by the sea.
Watercolour. Hilly island and pale, cloudy sky reflected in a calm, pale sea
Watercolour. Rocky mountain ridges receding into a pale blue distance.
Faux around & find out🦊🍸
2 months ago

(Pronouns: he, him, his & idiot).

Hello, from "not your average red fox furry fursuiter." I'm an American, White, #Scottish kilt-wearing highlander descended (❤️ single malts, fish & chips & haggis). I sport a handlebar mustache in memory & out of respect for my late father, whose avocation was a magician.

In real life, I am a remarried widower with a teenager, financially stable & work full time as a tenured #research #scientist /manager in high energy #physics & #engineering .

Mike Bolam
2 months ago

Backlit chequered flowers of Fritillaria meleagris in the garden, It felt almost spring like for half an hour this morning.. but the early sunshine has gone, and we’re stuck under a cold grey dome.. #Scottish #Spring

The chequered bell shaped flowers of Fritillaria meleagris backlit by the morning sun

Available to watch online: “Scottish Shores: Folktales of the Coast”, an evening of tales of spooky shores with Orkney storyteller Tom Muir

#Scottish #Orkney #literature #supernatural #storytelling #folklore #folktales

Mountains with Emma
2 months ago

Ben Glas, child summit to Beinn Chabhair. I set out with a vague plan of attack. The way up I took was adventurous to say the least and to be honest if I was to do it again, I'd choose another route 😂. The rarity of having a whole mountain to myself albeit silently eerie is cherished.

#benglas #beinnchabhair #mountain #scotland #scottish #highlands #lochlomond #hiking #mountainleader #hikescotland #walks #walking #adventure #outdoors #navigation #mountainskills #loch #ordnancesurvey

Florence Marian McNeill (1885–1973) was born #OTD, 26 March. A notable figure in Scotland’s #20thCentury literary Renaissance, her contributions include works on #suffrage, politics, #food #heritage (THE SCOTS KITCHEN remains a central text in all discussions of Scottish cuisine) & #folklore (her 4-volume study of Scotland’s folk festivals THE SILVER BOUGH)

#Scottish #Orkney #literature