ACE Entertainment
3 days ago

Who knows a funny little bug could turn harmless fishy🐟 into…… Fishzilla🐲 !

#humour #gamedev #indiedev #indiedeveloper #madewithunity #indiegames #indiegame #SteamGame #screenshotsaturday

3 days ago

I consider "Resident Evil 4" to be one of my favorite games of all time. I play it every couple of years so I can say with certainty that it's still good almost twenty years after it came out

So, for the remake to be blowing me away as much it has, it must be something really special! I'm glad that more people are getting to see this one in all its goofy, freaky, action-packed glory 😄

#ShareYourGames #RetroGaming #ScreenshotSaturday #ResidentEvil4Remake

Leon with his gun drawn and pointing it toward the camera
Mendez after transforming into his mutated form
Leon faces off against El Gigante
A profile photo of Lord Sadler

Currently working on Solv geometry, basically start with a euclidean plane & stretch the X axis by 2^height & Y axis by 2^(-height). So cross sections in the XZ/YZ planes look like binary trees of voxels expanding in opposite directions.
#noneuclidean #gamedev #godotengine #screenshotsaturday #voxel

3 days ago

Late #ScreenshotSaturday #WIP about our free #visualnovel #vn #indiegame in #development dialogue system

Taking the dog for a walk

Project Patou with @ratking and music by Paul Hanisch

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #indiedevelopment #dog #unity3d

Pawel - Witchcrafter dev ✔
4 days ago

Forward Rendering in Defold with Illumination by
and textures by
- I learned a lot and want more!

Hmm, with shadows + SSAO it might be a good foundation for a horror game 🤔

#gamedev #indiedev #MadeWithDefold #screenshotsaturday #rendering #opengl

4 days ago

Hi! My first post here! 🙈

I'm Damian, a solo developer working on a casual game where you have to search for hidden objects! 😎

The game will surely be released on Android, but iOS and PC versions are possible as well (will decide after beta tests) 🧪

This is one of the levels - rotate your camera and find items from the list! By the way, this is the actual in-game look! 😊

#introduction #gamedev #indiegame #casualgame #hiddenobjects #mobile #videogames #lowpoly #screenshotsaturday #dev

Beau Seymour
4 days ago

Been too engrossed in grass recently, so decided today I'd just make something simple.

Bootleg procedural tree generator, GO!
#screenshotsaturday #GodotEngine #madewithgodot #indiedev

4 days ago

Quick experiment with door bashing

#ue5 #indiedev #screenshotsaturday

4 days ago

Ok this exchange had me rolling. I'm going to start using the phrase "I hope Jesus can forgive you for being a dick." 😂

Also, this is a friendly reminder to add ALT text to your photos for those who are sight-impaired (or are just having trouble loading images).

#ScreenshotSaturday #PleaseHateTheseThings #InteriorDesign #Instagram #AltText #Disability #Jesus

Screenshot from the Instagram account "Please Hate These Things." On the right is a photo of a poorly laid out kitchen, with a black dishwasher under a black counter stove top. Installed above the counter where you'd normally have upper cabinets, is a white oven.
On the right are the comments. A commenter named Karndawn says "Tell me that's not the oven." A commenter named "Jesus_Christ_died_for_you" replied, "the dishwasher is on the ground. Oven is on top." In a follow-up comment, they add, "It can't be that hard to tell the difference. [crying laughing emoji] Have you ever used either one? Or both. [crying laughing emoji]
A 3rd commenter named 67Monterey responds, "okay so I'm old and have cataracts and it's difficult for me to see somtimes. I hope Jesus will forgive you for being a dick."
4 days ago
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🔁 Boost 😉
Dark and Swarmy
4 days ago

#screenshotsaturday Nucleo is almost done (he says, knowing #marketing is the hardest…)

Alessandro Cuzzocrea
4 days ago

Back safely at the Onion House #ScreenshotSaturday #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGameDev

Alessandro Cuzzocrea
4 days ago
Alessandro Cuzzocrea
4 days ago
4 days ago

A closer view of the main enemies in my game: knife wielding rabbit-headed men. He's patrolling a incomplete area of the game. I've got some low poly trees in here, but the structures are still greyboxed. #screenshotsaturday #horror #godotengine

A knife wielding rabbit-headed man patrols a partially finished forested area.  There are structures with grey grid textures in the background.
Alessandro Cuzzocrea
4 days ago

Uh-oh, time to implement a proper tutorial... (2) #ScreenshotSaturday #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGameDev

Alessandro Cuzzocrea
4 days ago

Uh-oh, time to implement a proper tutorial... (1) #ScreenshotSaturday #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGameDev

Slime Team|✨Wishlist SPELLRAIN
4 days ago

wip but we are upgrading how spell level ups and it's cards look :>

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGameDev #indiegame #pixelart #roguelike #indiegamedeveloper #WIP #uiux

#ScreenShotSaturday, I must share my desktop then I guess! =3

Juno Jove
4 days ago

Attempt to bring this into a dithered style by using Palette Shader 2.

I like it, though it does not work as a direct concept, only a second level visual target.

On second thought... #screenshotsaturday #concept

A rough, dithered, palette-stripped version of one of the images, clouds and huge lightning blasts form a chaotic image.
4 days ago

Here's Jake, who's coming along for an adventure with Renata this time around! 🐸💙🐍
#screenshotsaturday #lowpoly #gamedev

Jake and Snatch, a boy with a jacket and green pants, wearing a purple snake-themed bandana, and a pink snake curling around his arm.
Pixel Cowboy
4 days ago

The boss of the Dead Horizon demo is very mobile and very good at shooting you. He tries to avoid your own targeting--Oh no!

He shot straight through your computer monitor! DUCK!

Serious question to all of you out there in Mastodon land... does this kind of thing ever bother you? The screen breaking? Does it feel clever? Annoying? Intuitive?

Also... try the demo!?!:

#gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #pixelart

4 days ago
Jorge M. Carvalho 🐳
4 days ago

They are as big as they are cute! 🦝

For this #screenshotsaturday, we're showing the big creatures and animals we’ve sprinkled throughout the world of Explora! Considering you're a full-fledged airship, we thought the best way to make the world even more cosy and cute was to fill it with fellas the size of your ship! 🦆

You'll be able to meet these big creatures and more in Townseek! If you like the #gamedev work that you're seeing considering checking our Steam page! 🤗

Jason Kries
4 days ago

This week I published my first educational multiplayer activity made in Godot. The first release is a review of information about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. #gamedev #indiedev #godot #screenshotsaturday 🌀
4 days ago

Thought it would be fun to put together a HarleQuest! ensemble poster with all the game's characters that we've made so far. Does this count for #screenshotsaturday?

This will be part of our press pack during the campaign :)

#dreamcast #indiegame

My Next Games
4 days ago

Even superheroes have a dark side. Behind the capes and masks lies a struggle between good and evil. This is especially true for our time traveling, alcoholic vigilante - Hank.

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #indiegame #comic #Superhero

This is an animated concept art for a free video game I'm making with a friend. If you're interested, here's the link

4 days ago

Infinite corn is gone! 😈

No more farming the same plant for eternety, now resource nodes will deplete over time!

#pico8 #gamedev #screenshotsaturday

Damian Yerrick
4 days ago

I'm working on a proof of concept to detect whether certain kinds of #RGB modification (NESRGB or Hi-Def NES) have been done to an #NES Control Deck by reading a value from the PPU's internal data bus.
#ScreenshotSaturday #nesdev

PPU open bus result: 80 (80 normal; C0 interposed by NESRGB or Hi-Def NES)
Game Boy Scene
4 days ago

RT Nikita Kurylev


Gravitorque has been released!
In this puzzle-platformer you can manipulate gravity to walk on walls, ceilings and cross huge gaps by falling sideways

Play for free on

#gbstudio #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #gameboy #homebrew #itchio #pixelart

video of gravitorque gameboy game showing player flipping gravity to solve puzzle
Dr Johnny Blanchard
4 days ago

For #ScreenShotSaturday I've got a short video of the early progress of /Access. I did start developing this in SwiftUI but am moving it to Godot given the good experience I had making Jurl #GameDev

4 days ago
Screenshot of Sonic Hellfire. Sonic stands in a castle looking background looking at what appears to be the remains of another Sonic that has been mummified or turned to stone. On the wall above him is scrawled "way out... where?"
PSA Games
4 days ago


Here's an end of a boss fight where the villain reverts to human form after an Akira style transformation. He's nude.

Do you find it offensive? How about the joke referring to the size of his phallic?

#howilearnedtostopworryingandenjoytheendoftheworld #pixelart #rpgmakerxp #rpg #akira #nude

Jakub @ Unbound Creations
4 days ago

It's #screenshotsaturday, which means some a-hole with a leafblower is probably making your morning miserable 🤬

But here's the twist: YOU can be that a-hole! 😱🤯

👉 Do the wishlist:

Petar Toushkov
4 days ago

I recorded some #Heretic REMASTERED footage. Best viewed while listening to Everybody Dance Now ->

Heretic HD - Eyeing That Golden Key - YouTube


4 days ago

🕹️📺 Ce soir, je vous invite à aimer et partager mon chef d'oeuvre du jour, sur Twitter…
RT @martingamedev
🕹️ This level demonstrates wall jump. #IndieDev #ScreenshotSaturday

Nikita Lisitsa
4 days ago

Full day fighting with loading & applying skinning to glTF models and I finally have properly animated windmills! The animation is hard-coded, though, so the next thing to do is to load the animation itself from glTF as well.

#indiedev #screenshotsaturday

Early Coffee Games
4 days ago

Added a delay to John falling for comedic effect

#screenshotsaturday #swissgames #indiegames #gamedev

Tim Hengeveld
4 days ago

With the basic level design in place, I'm having fun finding ways to add new paths. Like this fire escape, which first needs to be opened from inside, but then provides a convenient shortcut inside.

#screenshotsaturday | #LevelDesign | #indiedev | #indiegame | #ProjectArtThief

4 days ago

It's dangerous to go alone, but it's okay, home is just around the corner. Be safe... 🚶‍♂️🏙

#screenshotsaturday | #rpgmaker | #indiedev | #indiegame

The city of VONA looking pretty grimey in the rain and dirt. The image shows 10 buildings, each of differing heights and levels. Some are apartment buildings, some are more commercial, but very rundown and potentially out of business. It is foggy. Our protaganist stands on the right of the screen, waiting to move forward. There's very little light to guide them home.
4 days ago

Furry Talk for a racing game...

Very basic dialog system is mostly working, all I want is to write the dialog and let the scene populate the panels and control the flow of the text. It doesn't have to be perfect for now, just functional. I'll try to make it pretty later-ish...

#GodotEngine #GameDev #GameDevelopment #ScreenshotSaturday #IndieGameDev

4 days ago

SCHiM runs natively on the #SteamDeck 🎮

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev

4 days ago

adding collectables 💎🔊

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #GodotEngine #n64

Hastily Assembled Games
4 days ago

Zombie Admin: Where water cooler talk is replaced by zombie groans! 🧟‍♀️💬 Survive the workday and escape the office apocalypse!


#ScreenshotSaturday #IndieGame #MadeWithUnity #SteamDeck

4 days ago

Prefab Concrete Plant is your colony's first proper industry. It can make concrete out of sulfur and stone that your mining drills mine. It can also recycle concrete out of scrap.

It's not very fast, but just like all prefabs, it's quick to build and doesn't require much maintenance.

Concrete is one of the two basic most abundantly needed construction materials. As it's heavy and easy to produce locally, the colony fleet didn't bring too much with it, so it's important to start producing it early.

#AlienHorizon #ScreenshotSaturday #CityBuilder #GameDev #IndieDev #SoloDev #LowPoly

White rectangular structure with red stripes along its sides and an entrance at the front. A large cylinder with a ladder leading to its top is positioned by its side, along with some small industrial machinery.
Pipes are leading to the structure from the right and two people in space suits are walking next to the structure.
It is night and the entrance is lit.
4 days ago

"Every revolution has its counterrevolution - that is a sign the revolution is for real." - C. Wright Mills

#screenshotsaturday #ttrpg

The words "Nasty, Brutish, & Long" in a medieval handwritten font, the capitals in different illuminated colours. The background looks like parchment paper, with hand drawn medieval scenes of battle, sieges, and executions in the corners, predominantly blue and pink.
4 days ago

The very first attempt at guided missile modifier for the launcher weapon. Could be worse.

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #lowpoly #godotengine

Johan Peitz - on Patreon
5 days ago

How it started vs How it's going
#screenshotSaturday #pico8 #indieGame

Johan Peitz - on Patreon
5 days ago

There's now a web demo available on itch if you want to try out Hellgineers before buying it!

Try now:

#pico8 #screenshotSaturday #indieGame

5 days ago

#barrenplanet is nearly ready for beta testing. Just a few little things to tidy up first. #ibmpc #cga #msdos #screenshotsaturday

Barren Planet, standard palette.
Barren Planet, CGA palette 1.
Barren Planet, monochrome palette.
Switchback Studio
5 days ago

My game finally has a store page! 🎉

Grippy Golf is a rapid-pace golf game where what hits, sticks!

Wishlist now:

Please give it a boost if you want to support me! 🙏

#ScreenshotSaturday #GameDev #IndieDev #Golf

Grippy golf, where what hits, sticks!
Joni Korpi
5 days ago

Evening & sunset at this neat island I found. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

Stylized WebGL rendering of the end of a large island. Part desert, caused by the rain shadow from a steep cliff. Part rainforest, leading into the distance, where it recesses into a basin with a barely visible town in it. Lots of vividly coloured fog in the distance. Placeholder player character in the foreground.
Sandro Figo
5 days ago

More effects ✨

#screenshotsaturday #vfx

quest gets completed in the game Coral Cove and shows a lot of particle effects
5 days ago

#gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday
(Open for poll)

I'm revisiting my metriodvania map tiles resource on, and might add some plugins/code for dev tools to make them even easier to use.

Right now they are just retro tiles that create old style map screens, with a few formats but no code examples. I've seen purchases but have no feedback so I'm in the dark on how to improve it.

If you make metroidvanias or maps in your games, what would be most helpful to you?

Please retoot!

Juno Jove
5 days ago

The new camera system feels amazing. I am elated!

Most of the maths is figured out, now all that's left is lookups and tweens.
Lookups and tweens, the Elmer's Glue of game development!

And oops, it's Saturday!

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #spacegame #space

Video of video game progress, with the camera smoothly moving around a series of Jupiter's moons. 

Hey again, fellow Jovians! It's Juno the Tigress. Ooh boy, was it a week! I'm excited to share that the camera system is so much better now. You can seamlessly navigate anywhere using the mouse wheel, whether it's around celestial bodies or any point of interest in sight. The smart camera heuristic eliminates most unintentional inputs and sudden movements, ensuring your experience feels controlled, deliberate, and wonderfully silky smooth. I'll be polishing the - well - currently non-existent transitions to get rid of object popping. After all, we need those camera clipping planes to have a purpose, right? Then, just a little bit of looking up and linking stuff to ECS to bring the local command & control systems online again. Once done, everyone's ships can finally traverse the vastness of Jovian space, instead of floating around their local moons where they spawned.
2 weeks ago

Working on a toad-ally cool new bonus level for Rog & Roll 🐸

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #pixelart

Pixel Cowboy
2 weeks ago

Dead Horizon is a game where you can 'solve' more than a few 'problems' by using your gun.

There are also many 'non gun' ways to solve problems. For cowards.

Be you coward or cowpoke... try the demo!?!:

#gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #pixelart

2 weeks ago

I made the ocean!
There's a joke in here about sine "waves" but I'm too excited to figure it out
Special thanks to
@spokethesandy for recursive assistance.

#mastoArt #Learning #PICO8 #PixelArt #Ocean
Does it count for #ScreenshotSaturday if it's a gif?

Pixel art beach with sea stars & sea weed. The waves move up & down, revealing the KW logo.
Evil Turtle Productions
2 weeks ago

Experimenting with #godot4 LUTs and Reflection Probes in our game Disinfection

#godotengine #screenshotsaturday #indiegame

Yup, #WaitWait is one of the best shows on #radio, and 10 points to @NPR for being on Mastodon! 💡

Late #FollowFriday and #ScreenshotSaturday of the PocketCast app playing #WaitWaitDontTellMe

Screenshot from my phone of the PocketCast app playing Wait Wait Don't Tell Me from NPR.
Nikita Lisitsa
2 weeks ago

First crude water tests for today's #screenshotsaturday. Wanted to cheat & make it a special semitransparent specular layer, but it doesn't work for many reasons, so I'll have to come up with a proper way of rendering water. And the FPS is horrible right now :) A long way ahead.

Sebastian Lind
2 weeks ago

Cards with Personalities only needs 1 more review to get a rating ✅

If you would leave one it would mean a lot to me!🍓

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev

2 weeks ago

working on rolling marble sounds 🔊

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #GodotEngine #n64

🜏Biblically Accurate Shoehead
2 weeks ago

Still no real #screenshotsaturday from me while I sort out my life but I DID manage to tile this entire part of the overworld today in between work stuff!

🜏 #pixelart 🜏 #gamedev 🜏 #indiedev 🜏

Switchback Studio
2 weeks ago

Ok folks, I need some help coming up with a name for my game.

Any suggestions?

#GameDev #IndieDev #ScreenshotSaturday #golf

Current working title is Sticky Golf.
Ron Gilbert
2 weeks ago


Something to enjoy while you eat your Cheerios this morning.

Pixel Dominus
2 weeks ago

for this #screenshotsaturday, a showcase for more platforming sections planned.

#pixelart |#PixelGameMakerMV|#indiedev

Dr Johnny Blanchard
2 weeks ago

Getting taken out by a Laser unit in the latest iteration of my game, Jurl #ScreenShotSaturday

2 weeks ago

Who wants a good look at Renata and Frogun's new models? 🐸🆕
#screenshotsaturday #lowpoly #gamedev

Renata, holding the Frogun. She wears an open vest over a dark shirt now, and a longer skirt with big pockets on it. Her hair is a bit longer.
Joni Korpi
2 weeks ago

Finally found a decent way to procedurally generate roads. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

Stylized rendering of a headland with a road passing through to its end. It snakes by a town and around some patches of taiga forest.
Roads snaking around lakes and carving visible lines through woods.
A road passing through a narrow land bridge separating a desert biome and a rainforest biome, avoiding the patches of woods there when possible.
A road snaking around a snowy tundra mountainside, trying to stick to level patches of land, sometimes creating dead ends.

Hey #screenshotsaturday 👋
Made this prototype today, I call it Conway's game of breakout 😜

Jorge M. Carvalho 🐳
3 weeks ago

Are you a cat person, or a stone person? 🐱🗿

This #screenshotsaturday for Townseek, we’re highlighting the towns of Meowosville and Stonehedge, which used to have an, ahem, rocky relationship. But they’re cool now! They’re one of the interesting town dynamics which we hope to explore in the game! ✨

Fluffy or tough, you'll meet a lot of friends in Townseek! If this looks up your alley, please check our Steam page and support our #gamedev! 🐈

Tom Francis
3 weeks ago

A #screenshotsaturday for Tactical Breach Wizards why not.

You've just arrived in Kalan, and face a number of Riot Priests that suggests you should not have gone to Kalan.

Pixel Cowboy
3 weeks ago

Dead Horizon is a game where you can 'solve' more than a few puzzles by using your gun. Just like all great heroes!

Currently trying to add more non-gun solutions to things!?!? Thoughts?

Try the demo!?!:

#gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #pixelart

curious quail
3 weeks ago

"The Witch?

Don't know much about her, honestly - she and her wife moved into the mountains long before the war forced the rest of us - but of the over sixty-thousand files we have in this office...hers is the only one that moves.

Creeps me the fuck out."

#MagicalInsuranceBureaucrats #SalvageInsuranceBureau #mastoArt #ScreenshotSaturday

Graph paper featuring a small stamp reading 'SALVAGE INSURANCE BUREAU' with an image of a green lamp of some kind.
A hooded, cloaked figure with a toucan beak and ram antlers is sitting on a tree stump and holding a ball of magical energy that floats in their hand. A staff of some sort floats next to them. Light from the magic, the staff, their eyes, and glowing portions of their gloves all glow in unison.
Joni Korpi
3 weeks ago

Discovered the joy of varying coloured fog! #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

Stylized WebGL scene running in a Chrome window. Time-lapse of snow-covered islands with dark exposed cliffs, surrounded by heavy, brightly coloured fog.

For fast movement under the city there was an underground system of capsules. This secret tunnel system was destroyed. Mechatrons were everywhere, even underground


#gamedev #pixelart #indiedev #ドット絵 #픽셀아트 #indiegame #adventure #ScreenshotSaturday

Under the Island
3 weeks ago

Hi all,
I made some minor adjustments to the cemetery (e.g. the gate) and summarized the whole thing in a video. It's just better in motion.
What do you think?

#screenshotsaturday #videogames #RPG #gamedev #indiedev #MastoArt #pixelart

3 weeks ago

The one thing you dont do to celebrate getting a piece of code working is start on a new project. Mostly a proof of concept, but I think it'll work :)
#ScreenShotSaturday #Pico8 #GameDev

Andrew Wang
3 weeks ago

WIP: now my game for #7DRL has both procedural generation & also procedural destruction!

#GameDev #IndieGameDev #ScreenshotSaturday

Pixel Cowboy
4 weeks ago

Dead Horizon is a game where there are multiple solutions to just about every problem!

I was shooting for three, but sometimes there are even more.

Take this breakout of jail classic!

Try the demo!?!:

#gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #pixelart

4 weeks ago

calling this done for now, i think its best to move on before i totally overdo it. this is a LOT more complex than my original plan, but I'm also pretty proud of it. Lets get some actual game assets going so I can decide if this is too distracting! #gamedev #pixelart #screenshotsaturday

4 weeks ago

i should start doing #ScreenshotSaturday shouldn't i

video of a text conversation between Trixi, our protagonist, and a slab of "Implausible Beef" that she finds in some guy's fridge. she's trying to figure out why this is here, remarking that the expiration date is for a year ago, while the camera zooms closer and closer into the meat.
4 weeks ago

Trying to define a style for the houses in the game. 🏡

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev

Under the Island
4 weeks ago

Last week, in my polishing time, I touched the cemetery of #UnderTheIsland again. The cemetery was really one of my first areas ever and is probably already 4 or 5 years old. Do you like it?

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #pixelart #indiedev #videogames
#RPG #MastoArt

Joni Korpi
4 weeks ago

New camera angle! Not sure what's going on with the glitchy black bits on some of the ledges, but they kinda remind me of MissingNo. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

Stylized, isometric-ish WebGL scene running in Safari. Scattered woods on a coastline below a large cliff. A town with reddish rooftops and a kind of closed harbor area in a cove. Red-brown savannah peeking from the edge of the screen.
Gabor Heja
1 month ago

Good Boy... just very hungry, my game for Nokia 3310 Jam 5 is now online!

It's a short game, made for theme Fast & Slow. It's about a dog, his human and a huge, tasty meat.

I made it in about 4 days using Godot.

Unfortunately in this game you can't pet the dog... but YOU ARE the dog!

It is playable in browser, but needs a keyboard or gamepad.

(edit: added image texts)

#gamedev #GameJam #Nokia #Nokia3310 #Godot #GodotEngine #ScreenshotSaturday #pixelart #NokiaJam

The title screen of the game. In the lower right corner there's a dog sleeping, indicated by the Z letters above his head. He's dreaming of a big tasty chunk of meat. The title reads "Good Boy" and with much smaller letters "just very hungry".
A screenshot of the game, in the middle a human facing his dog, saying "Hey buddy!" to him.
A screenshot of the game, in the middle a dog jumping, his ears and tail flapping. He sees the big chunk of meat, above it is an arrow pointing at it with the comment "Looks delicious!". There is also a TV set in the room, and an interface on the screen: a gauge titled "Sus" (short for suspicious) filling up and two actions: button X for "Tail wag", button C for "Puppy eyes".
A screenshot of the game, in the middle a dog walking outdoors between trees and a flower.
Jan Orszulik
1 month ago

Saturday weapon testing never killed anyone.. expect those guys right there.

#Precursor #screenshotsaturday #pixelart #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev

Juno Jove
1 month ago

I think I have stylized the living daylight out of these puppies.

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #spacegame

The four inner moons of Jupiter, in a lineup scene, with stylized graphics as a light source wanders around them.
Pixel Cowboy
1 month ago

Dead Horizon is a game where you don't have to listen to bosses monologue unless you want to. To start the shootout just start shooting!

Taking a drink for courage beforehand is optional.

Try the demo!?!:

#gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #pixelart

Johan Peitz - on Patreon
1 month ago

One solution does not fit all.
#screenshotSaturday #gamedev #pico8

Jeremiah Fieldhaven
1 month ago

And now the Inode is textured and rigged, next up is getting it actually moving around!

#GameDev #IndieGame #IndieDev #ScreenShotSaturday

1 month ago

Hopping on the station🚉
#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev

1 month ago

And for #screenshotsaturday here is a little still from the #gameplay video above! #gamedev #monogame

Fireball flighing at the player. Thrown by a skeleton. Voxel optic.
Joni Korpi
1 month ago

Went looking for islands. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

Stylized WebGL rendering, like all the following images. A smallish island mostly covered by a forest that cuts across it. Coastline with more woods and cliffs in the distance.
A large island split in half. On the left an orange-red tundra and a town, with bright cyan rooftops. On the right dull green taiga, with patches of woods and a little pond. Some cliffs and surrounding islets on both sides.
Long, thin strip of an island. Bright green woods on this side, darker greens and orange patches in the distance. Gap in the middle.
A town with magenta rooftops, at the central low point of an island, flanked by a forest on two sides. A fairly tall cliff creates a rain shadow, splitting the island into lusher woods and dryer taiga. The shadow also catches some smaller islets.