Not sure if pagination makes sense for #goosle, my Meta Search engine.
DuckDuckGo doesn't support it and Google's "relevant" results ignores it. Besides, if you can't find what you're looking for in the first 30-50 results, you're probably using the wrong search query 🤣

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9 hours ago

As people leverage the power of AI to get their questions answered simply, Microsoft is seeing people’s behavior change with Search and Chat.

ComScore just posted new Search market data that reflects this dynamic with Searches moving to new Chat entry points.

"Enter Generative AI Search" - ComScore, Inc.

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PPC Land
15 hours ago

FYI: Comscore unveils Generative AI #Search measurement capabilities

Aral Balkan
21 hours ago

A neat little thing you can do in most operating systems is to enter a mathematical equation in the system’s search field and get the result back.

This also works on GNOME Shell but if it’s not working for you, go to Settings → Search and make sure that the App Search toggle switch is on at the top and that the Calculator app’s toggle switch is on under Search Results.

(For some reason, the latter was off for me on Fedora Silverblue.)

#GNOME #calculator #search #linux #fedoraSilverblue

Screenshot of GNOME Settings app showing the Search section with App Search toggle switch on at the top and Calculator toggle switch on under the Search Results section.
21 hours ago

Has (#Google​'s) #search gotten worse? I saw people here on Masto saying yes, but I think they're wrong.
So I wrote a post about it:

(I still switched from #DDG to #Kagi.)

@leyrer +9001%

Unless you have a good & searchable #chat system like #Zulip, cuz #Slack, #Mattermost, #MicrosoftTeams and #Rocketchat are just unbearable and have no good #search!

And don't even get me started on #Discord!

In an extremely fast moving industry, @rustybrick is the one thing that is constant and not changing. For 20 years he has been reporting on the big and small issues in the search business.

And he does this with great passion. Every day of the year, we can rely on him to cover the most relevant things.

Thank you very much for your tireless, unwavering and most appreciated service to our industry, Barry! 🎉

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PPC Land
2 days ago

FYI: Google updates #Search Quality Rater Guidelines to enhance user experience 📚
2 days ago

If you're not a fan of Google Lens, you can restore reverse image search on Chrome. Here's how.

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PPC Land
3 days ago

FYI: Google Ads API now supports #Search Themes Beta for Performance Max Campaigns

Fascinating Stuff
3 days ago

🗂️ The birth & death of search engine optimization - Xe Iaso


🏷️ #internet #search #seo #interesstingRead #jasonsFeedReader

Adam Fortuna
3 days ago

That went better than I thought!

There were two major changes:

Rails: Switched from algolia-rails gem to the (beta) typesense-rails gem and removed a few algolia-only settings from my Rails model.

React: Even easier! react-instantsearch-hooks-web takes in a "client" object. Just had to switch it out for the Typesense one and that was it.

More tweaking is needed to order the results, but one hour to get this far is amazing to me. 🤯

#rails #react #search #RubyOnRails

PPC Land
4 days ago

ICYMI: Comscore unveils Generative AI #Search measurement capabilities

Peter Butler
4 days ago

Well, I finally opted in to full-text search. I don’t know why it took so long — I just forgot about it, I guess

To opt in, go to Preferences > Public Profile > Privacy and Reach and scroll down to Search, then click the box next to "Include public posts in search results”

C’est tout!

#Mastodon #Search

PPC Land
5 days ago

ICYMI: Google updates #Search Quality Rater Guidelines to enhance user experience

PPC Land
5 days ago

Comscore unveils Generative AI #Search measurement capabilities

I'm considering releasing my Meta Search Engine that uses #Google and #DuckDuckGo and finds Torrents for others to use.

No trackers, no distractions, no nonsense features, just private search.

It takes like 5 minutes to set up and get going. Anyone with hosting and a domain should be able to use it.
#goosle #metasearch #meta #search #searchengine #searchengine #php #nojs #apcu #bittorrent #torrent

And testing is continuing for the rich images element: Google today showed 2 rows with 6 square images each.

Besides, they were testing showing no top navigation on image SERPs. Instead an option to close the image SERP and return to the general search page as well as some refinement bubbles are offered.

#SEO #SERP #Google #ImageSearch #search

Google image search engine result page for "caramel bonbon". At the top is a images rich element with 2 rows with 6 square images. Each with a title and the domain name.
Top of a Google image search engine result page for "caramel bonbons". The first bubble is blue saying "X Images" and gives the option to return to the general search. Right next to it are 5.2 bubbles with images and suggestions to refine the search term.
PPC Land
6 days ago

ICYMI: Google Ads API now supports #Search Themes Beta for Performance Max Campaigns

PPC Land
6 days ago

Google updates #Search Quality Rater Guidelines to enhance user experience

Terje Fjelde
6 days ago

Haha, I found an old list of search engine bookmarks that I made in 2004. I used most, if not all of these. How things change!

AOL Search
Ask Jeeves
MSN Search

#searchengines #search #internet

I made a meta #search #engine

PPC Land
1 week ago

Google Ads API now supports #Search Themes Beta for Performance Max Campaigns

1 week ago

Audio search engine for Australian wildlife
Using sounds to understand 'how things are changing.

Run audio similarity search on the Australian Acoustic Observatory media archive. A2O Search uses Machine Learning models developed at Google to find similar audio recordings across space and time. It is intended to augment and enable bioacoustics research. The audio search is open source.

Using Google AI and automatic audio recognition, users can upload audio recordings of an animal species, find similar sounds across the database, filter by location and date, and download the results.

#birds #wildlife #sound #search #AudioSearch #bioacoustics #SoundScape #SoundEcology #conservation 📚
1 week ago

Microsoft is going all in on generative artificial intelligence, even if that means walking away from its fight over internet search with Google.

#microsoft #generativeai #google #search

1 week ago

6,000,000+ pages in the Gopher index now! WAHOO :cate:

#search #index #wahoo #milestone #gopher #oddnugget

Really, Google?! Beginning of November @rustybrick reported on SER about multiple local packs on SERPs (

Today they have taken it to another low. I had to go to the 4th screen on a desktop search on Google Germany to see the second organic result.

To get to #2, I had to get past:
- 4 ads
- a local pack
- organic #1
- another local pack
- a people also ask element

Hmmm ... 🤔

#SEO #SERP #google #search #SearchEngines #LocalSEO

A search engine result page from Google Germany for "Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Hamburg" (lawyer´s office Hamburg).

From top to bottom there are 4 ads, one local pack, the #1 organic result, another local pack, a people also ask element.

The screenshot is spanning 4 screens. The two organic results are highlighted by two small green arrows on the left side for better identification.
Art Rosnovsky
1 week ago

I know, I know, I’m slow…

Just discovered, a paid search engine, a few days ago, and now it’s the default search engine on my every machine. What a difference it makes when a search engine has only one incentive: provide people with the best search results possible! No ads, no paid links, no SEO garbage, no GPT (unless you want it). It’s so refreshing to be served by the search engine that only cares about _my_ experience. #kagi #search

Boiling Steam
1 week ago

GitHub: Can no longer search code without being logged in:
#github #search #broken #login #worse

News18 India
1 week ago

The incident took place while the girl was going for tuition with her 8-year-old brother, who said she was kidnapped by four people in the car including a woman
#Kerala #GirlKidnapped #Kollam #Family #RansomCall #Lakh #Search

Alaska Native News
1 week ago

Remains of Fourth Member of the Heller Family Discovered in Wrangell Slide Area
[the_ad id="30587"]

On Sunday the Department of Public Safety announced that on Saturday the remains of a fourth victim of Wrangell's horrific landslide had been recovered from the debris of the slide at mile 11 of the Zimovia...
#family #florschutz #heller #landslide #search #victims #wrangell

“Ingenious Librarians: A Group Of 1970s Campus Librarians Foresaw Our World Of Distributed Knowledge And Research, And Designed Search Tools For It”, Aeon (

#Search #Psychology #SUPARS #Librarians

Tabletop Games Blog (they)
1 week ago

Wow! Tabletop Games Blog reached another milestone: 2,500 clicks from Google Search in 28 days! What's next? 😀👍 #boardgames #blog #statistics #clickthroughs #search #achivements

Google Search Impact
Congratulations! Your site reached 2.5K clicks from Google Search in the past 28 days
Nov 24, 2023

ripgrep: 2016 post introducing a new Unix file searching tool, talking about why it is so fast. 7 years later and it is still great
#ripgrep #search #linux #text #unix #code #rg #+ 📚
1 week ago

Using Google for your searches comes with a privacy trade-off. Here's how to make your web searches more secure and private.

#google #search #privacy #security

Oakland Privacy
1 week ago

Google is the master of fake Privacy features

Google started out with a "don't be evil" motto when it launched its first product, Google Search. Today, Google is a different company...

#Google #privacy #sandbox #IPAddress #Search #Chrome #surveillance

Tech news from Canada
1 week ago

Today I signed up for alternative search engine Kagi because I fell for their Small Web initiative:

#smallweb #kagi #search #searchengines

R Scott Jones
2 weeks ago

Since search seems to suck so much these days—thanks seo!—I'd really prefer to have a personal search engine that just returns results from a list I've given it of my friends' websites and social media accounts.

I want to see if any of my friends have been to [place], or read [book], or tried out [gear] so I can ask them personally what they thought about it.

Anything exist like that?

#tech #search #indieweb

Alaska Native News
2 weeks ago

Search for Victims of Wrangell Landslide Switches from Active to Reactive
[the_ad id="30587"]

Slide area. Photo courtesy of Caleb Purviance

In an update on Thursday, the Department of Public Safety says that the search for the missing adult and two juveniles has changed and will be a reactive search rather than an active one after the constant searching for the past days has bore no results.

The search...
#wrangell #landslide #search #reactive

2 weeks ago

Today I was chatting with a friend, lamenting the lower quality of search results in a post-GPT world with lovely articles like: spasifikmag-com/how-to-prevent-fence-from-well-water-damage-complete-step-by-step-guide/

He's young, so I was telling him about free text search quality pre-Google and how it was so bad we had to rely on hierarchical directories like DMOZ and the original yahoo.

Does anyone know of any indie directories that aren't filled with broken links

#web #search #webSearch

Alaska Native News
2 weeks ago

Remains of Two More located and Recovered from the Zimovia Landslide South of Wrangell
[the_ad id="30587"]

Destruction in the Zimovia Slide area. Image-State of Alaska

Alaska State Troopers announced on Tuesday evening that the confirmed fatalities of the Wasilla slide at mile 11 of the Zimovia Highway had risen to three.

According to the trooper dispatch, a drone...
#zimovia #highway #landslide #wrangell #alaska #fatalities #search #rescue

Iulia Feroli
2 weeks ago

Our mascot is just the most adorable thing ever 😍 gotta catch em all!!
#elastic #search #elk #elkstack

Iulia Feroli
2 weeks ago

Getting busy! We just heard from Jim Ferenczi about the latest breakthroughs #Elastic brought to #lucene to make vector search faster, more memory efficient, and of course more accurate. Read more about even more cool stuff coming: #elasticsearch #elasticon #search #vectorsearch

Iulia Feroli
2 weeks ago

#elsticon at the old Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Pretty cool venue, pretty cool content to come. #elastic #search #elasticsearch

Your Autistic Life
2 weeks ago

When you can't find something, look and look again...

... in the same place if possible...

... especially if you are me.

I was looking for my tape measure. I looked everywhere, including twice in a drawer in my office.

Third time's the charm. I looked there again, thinking it was probably in vain, and it was under a bit of crap, true, but it wasn't flat out *hidden*.


#search #findability #IAmAnIdiot #ChemoBrain

Iulia Feroli
2 weeks ago

looks great, thank you! This is exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping to find ;) Time to work on a #search website I guess @hamatti @djangodenmark

Jonas R. (er/ihm)
2 weeks ago

@Sebastian Oft (aber nicht immer) nutze ich zuerst Ecosia, und wenn ich damit nicht weit genug komme, tja, dann Google.
Bei mir kommen recht oft Suchen vor, die sich auf spezielle Bestände wie Google Books beziehen. In diesen Fällen bemühe ich Ecosia gar nicht erst.
#search #Google #Suchmaschine

2 weeks ago

how many of these give you a proustian reverie, fedi?

#search #searchengines

a wall of old search engine logos, including yahoo, alltheweb, factbits, redzee, aftervote, icerocket, turbo10, completeplanet, collarity, bingbong, mahalo, dogpile, kazazz, kartoo, tookei, wink, infomine, spock, and dmoz
Mark Vanderbeeken
2 weeks ago

Many here on #Mastodon are asking how people can justify still being on #X.
My personal experience is tolerable because I don’t use #ForYou and #Following, but only #Lists. So my feed is #chronological, not #algorithmic. I don’t see pushed posts by people I don’t follow, nor do I have any advertising. It only gets bad when I do a #search and select “Latest”.

Paul Chambers
2 weeks ago


It is a hog but I like to be able to do a wider range of searching. I find I am replacing Google for some things by searching the #Fediverse through #Mastodon. Get better results and info I am seeking from thoughtful posts, esp hobby, tech, politic searching. #Search.

Edit: I limited the resources, esp memory, but dang if I remember which file I tweaked.

2 weeks ago

new ranking algo just dropped

#catsofmastodon #caturday #search #searchengines

a black and white cat surrounded by search result snippets, she is touching one of them with her nose, below is a mojeek search, printed out, for "fish"
AJ Kohn
3 weeks ago

What Pandu Nayak Taught Me About SEO

A breakdown of Pandu Nayak's anti-trust testimony and how it can help you be a better SEO.

#SEO #Search #Google #AntiTrust

3 weeks ago

You can bitch all you want about #Google, but at least it knows this.

#Search #Temperature #Fahrenheit #Celsius #UnitConversion

Google got asked "57 fahrenheit in real temperature" and it answered: "57 Fahrenheit = 13.88 Degree Celsius"
Eric Buijs
3 weeks ago

I'm trying out Metager as alternative for DDG and even considering buying some keys to see how that works.

#search #metager

3 weeks ago

So, I've been playing with Kagi search this week, and I do quite like it:

I've been seriously fed up with Google's search recently: results full of ads and/or SEO spam, to the point that it's hard to find info.

The results in kagi search are overall good (though the map is really lacking), but it's just very expensive. I'd definitely need their $10 per month plan, and I'm not sure I could justify this, given there is free (though arguably worse) competition. 🤔

I guess I could cycle through the trial by creating a new account every week (the joys of having my own domain name) but that seems a little ridiculous, too 😆

#search #SearchEngines #SearchEngineOptimization
#web #kagi #google

Aidan H
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

@stux, wondering if you have any ideas on search functionality coming back to The results are almost a month out of date. :blobpray:

#search #MstdnSocial

Iulia Feroli
3 weeks ago

Hi everyone! This is Iulia (iulia not Lulia).

I’ve been talking about tech, data science, and ML for a while now; either on YouTube or while working at Microsoft / AI Unicorn Dataiku.
Now, it’s my main job! As a Developer Advocate @Elastic, I build content using #python for #search and #observability with some #AI sprinkled in.

We have an awesome Dev community in Amsterdam that I take care of (come to our meet-ups!)
And I travel across Northern Europe to speak at conferences.


I recently ran into a similar problem - and unfortunately did not find a solution

the #search functions need improvements

AJ Kohn
3 weeks ago

All things (mostly) search that are goog enough

Come for the round up by @jon that includes yours truly and Glen Allsopp but stay for the adult merit badges.

#Search #SEO #Google

3 weeks ago
And this is why we don't use Google but duckduckgo

#search #Phishing

@Mojeek anything planned on automatic dark mode for the web interface? 👀

#Tech #Privacy #Search #Mojeek

Stefan Bohacek
4 weeks ago

A really great addition to the search functionality, particularly on small/one-person instances, would be an option to specify which instances will be included.

Does this sound feasible?

#mastodon #fediverse #search #MastoAdmins

Miguel Afonso Caetano
4 weeks ago

#BigTech #Google #Mobile #Search #Antitrust #Monopolies: "There’s a setting on your phone and web browser that Google is desperate to keep you from discovering. How desperate? In 2021 alone, Google paid Apple, Samsung and others $26.3 billion to keep it buried.

That’s more money each year than McDonald’s makes selling burgers.

This setting affects who gets to track your location and watch what you look up online. It affects the usefulness of the information you see and how much of your screen is taken up by ads.

I’m talking about your search engine — what pops up the answers when you type into the search bar. Google pays the makers of phones, laptops and browsers to be your default and to stop them from even presenting you other options during setup. It’s billions for a favor.

Most people haven’t thought much about the search function on their devices, much less how Google got there. But this default funny business might make you take a second look at not only Google, but also your trust in Apple, Samsung and other companies for selling you out."

4 weeks ago

I throw #️⃣Hashtags around knowing they’re the only way niche communities can possibly connect here

The #DisabilityRights community did not migrate to Mastodon partially because there was no way to connect here because search mechanics did not exist

Hashtags were not enough without the global #search to find even more niche communities

Denying them even hashtags is just salt on the wound of that huge marginalized network

#DisabilityJustice #disability