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2 days ago

One Year of ChatGPT: How A.I. Changed Silicon Valley Forever - ChatGPT’s release a year ago triggered a desperate scramble among tech companies and alar... - #computersandtheinternet #deepmindtechnologiesltd #artificialintelligence #open-sourcesoftware #hawleyjoshd(1979-) #nvidiacorporation #metaplatformsinc #hintongeoffreye #zuckerbergmarke #anthropicaillc #searchengines #microsoftcorp #altmansamuelh #chatgpt

In an extremely fast moving industry, @rustybrick is the one thing that is constant and not changing. For 20 years he has been reporting on the big and small issues in the search business.

And he does this with great passion. Every day of the year, we can rely on him to cover the most relevant things.

Thank you very much for your tireless, unwavering and most appreciated service to our industry, Barry! 🎉

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Название книги “All Flesh is Grass” имеет несколько значений в зависимости от контекста.

  1. Библейская фраза: “All flesh is grass” - это фраза, найденная в книге пророка Исаии в Старом Завете. Она означает, что человеческая жизнь является временной и непостоянной. Это выражение часто используется для подчеркивания преходящести человеческой жизни и ее неизбежной смерти Source 1.

  2. Название научно-фантастической книги: “All Flesh is Grass” - это также название научно-фантастической книги, написанной американским автором Клайфордом Д. Саймаком в 1965 году. В этой книге маленький город в Висконсине изолирован от внешнего мира неизвестной преградой, установленной инопланетными существами Source 0.

  3. Название книги в серии “Time Lord Victorious”: “All Flesh is Grass” также является названием книги в серии “Time Lord Victorious” о Докторе Кто. В этой книге Доктор Кто пытается остановить Коттурух, чтобы прекратить смерть и принести жизнь во вселенную Source 3.

В зависимости от контекста, название может иметь различные значения.

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⭐️ OpenSearch #AdventCalendar Tip 1
Search operators help get more accurate search results in most search engines:

🔴 Plus sign +
Used to connect several search words. Today, you can simply write those in the search field.

🔴 Minus sign -
Lets you exclude search results.

🔴 Inverted Commas "..."
For specific groups of words in a certain order or a word in exact spelling.

⬇️ More tips:

#AdventCalendar #OpenWebSearch #SafeSearch #SearchEngines

Key Visual for the #OpenSearchAdventCalendar - Day 1
Terje Fjelde
1 week ago

Haha, I found an old list of search engine bookmarks that I made in 2004. I used most, if not all of these. How things change!

AOL Search
Ask Jeeves
MSN Search

#searchengines #search #internet

Nicholas A. Ferrell
1 week ago

I received an email from the Bing Webmaster Team:

We hope this message finds you well! We've noticed it's been a while since you last visited Bing Webmaster Tools, and we've genuinely missed having you around!Webmaster Tools has undergone some exciting updates and improvements recently, and we think you'll be pleased with the enhancements we've made. Your feedback has always been valuable to us, and we're eager to hear your thoughts on the latest features.

My main project, The New Leaf Journal, was blacklisted by Bing in January 2023 and not reinstated until July (I received formal confirmation near the end of August). The process was annoying enough to prompt me to create a GitHub repository (my choice of Microsoft-owned GitHub was intentional) collecting Bing-ban stories. I still do not know why Bing took adverse action against my site (they will never say), but I can report that our standing with Bing and Bing-dependent DuckDuckGo has finally returned to what it was on the eve of the troubles in January. Of course, this Bing email is a misunderstanding for a reason unrelated to my complicated Bing history. I usually use a Google account I set up for Search Console purposes to log into Bing Webmaster. This email was sent to my Bing-only account that has never been used. Bing can rest assured that I am alive and have seen its new Webmaster features.

#bing #nlj #searchEngines #webmaster

Aurelie Herbelot
1 week ago

For German speakers out there, here is a podcast episode where I talk to Kristina Bodrožić-Brnić about our small open-source company and the development of regional Web search solutions. Hope you enjoy it!

#opensource #searchengines #ai #sustainability

Really, Google?! Beginning of November @rustybrick reported on SER about multiple local packs on SERPs (

Today they have taken it to another low. I had to go to the 4th screen on a desktop search on Google Germany to see the second organic result.

To get to #2, I had to get past:
- 4 ads
- a local pack
- organic #1
- another local pack
- a people also ask element

Hmmm ... 🤔

#SEO #SERP #google #search #SearchEngines #LocalSEO

A search engine result page from Google Germany for "Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Hamburg" (lawyer´s office Hamburg).

From top to bottom there are 4 ads, one local pack, the #1 organic result, another local pack, a people also ask element.

The screenshot is spanning 4 screens. The two organic results are highlighted by two small green arrows on the left side for better identification.

Today I signed up for alternative search engine Kagi because I fell for their Small Web initiative:

#smallweb #kagi #search #searchengines

Melissa Atwell
2 weeks ago

How easily search engines (and A.I.) are manipulated! We must be cautious about immediately accepting web searches as fact, and not jump to conclusions. Find corroborating articles, interviews, reports, and links to stories. Don’t just automatically accept them at first glance!

“Does Australia exist? Well, that depends on which search engine you ask”

#SearchEngine #SearchEngines #ArtificialIntelligence #Bing #Google #Microsoft

Jeremy Mallin
2 weeks ago

Does anyone have suggestions for alternative #SearchEngines that actually have good, meaningful results?? That's going to mean no deeply flawed AI, no SEO gaming the system, just useful results.

This isn't about privacy or a lack of privacy. I'm just really getting sick of not finding what I'm actually looking for.


2 weeks ago

🧑‍💼J'ai mis en ligne mon support pour les SIB Enssib ➡️ "Recherche documentaire et Information Scientifique et Technique (IST) enjeux, principaux outils"
#searchengines #IST #basesbibliographiques #WoS #Scopus #Bibliographicdatabases #infolit #tools

Linux ☑️
2 weeks ago

PRESEARCH | Privacy search engine got some grants from Nvidia 💹

This is beneficial although these 2 are VERY different entities: NVIDIA Inception helps startups during critical stages of development, prototyping and deployment.

"It propels us towards developing unprecedented advancements in generative AI-powered search results and revolutionizing the future of online privacy." ~Tim Enneking (Presearch)


#Presearch #Nvidia #Inception #searchengines #deleteGoogle #AI

13 barn owls in a trench coat
2 weeks ago

Just ran out of Kagi searches on the $5/300 search tier.

To give it a proper try, I switched to using it as my main search engine on the 7th. It's not been a very search-heavy month for me at all, and even so I've used up 300 searches in 13 days.


  • Almost no search engine chum (trash content, AI generated features, stolen articles) - this is its main advantage over DDG
  • Clean, accurate, on-topic results
  • No fucking ads or tracking or search history or any such bullshit.


  • Having trouble finding the right mode for me. International searches skew too US American, French searches cut out international content entirely.
  • It's fequently just a search engine for reddit, per its top results. I've turned on the Small Web lens to see if this helps.
  • Eh, I have uncomfortable feelings about Kagi AI, which attempts to extract useful answers from documents. That said, if the forthcoming video question answering service means I don't have to watch a 15 minute video to find a 20 second answer that could have been one line of text, I may warm to it.

I was hyper-aware of only having 300 searches, and didn't like that at all. It affected my search habits and make me less likely to just casually look stuff up.

I'll upgrade to the $10 unlimited plan for the rest of the month, given that being able to research stuff is key to my professions.

#Kagi #SearchEngines #DeGoogleing

Nicholas A. Ferrell
3 weeks ago

Back in 2022, I wrote an article on the importance of being in good standing with Microsoft Bing for reaching searchers who prefer privacy-friendly search solutions. While Bing itself is far from privacy-friendly, many alternatives such as DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Ecosia, and Swisscows use Bing’s search index. That particular article was inspired by a post on Cheapskate’s Guide about being de-indexed by Bing and, as a result, being unavailable to DuckDuckGo searchers. I learned today from my New Leaf Journal Koko Analytics referrer logs that I had received referrals from Blue Dwarf, which is a small independent social network run by the admin of Cheapskate’s Guide. Sure enough, the referrals came from the author of the excellent Cheapskate’s Guide post discovering my article. Very neat. My original article came before The New Leaf Journal itself suffered a Bing blacklisting, but we were restored after just more than half a year and are now doing well with Bing and all of its derivatives. See my GitHub repository on Bing bans.

#bing #duckduckgo #nlj #searchEngines

3 weeks ago

how many of these give you a proustian reverie, fedi?

#search #searchengines

a wall of old search engine logos, including yahoo, alltheweb, factbits, redzee, aftervote, icerocket, turbo10, completeplanet, collarity, bingbong, mahalo, dogpile, kazazz, kartoo, tookei, wink, infomine, spock, and dmoz
3 weeks ago

new ranking algo just dropped

#catsofmastodon #caturday #search #searchengines

a black and white cat surrounded by search result snippets, she is touching one of them with her nose, below is a mojeek search, printed out, for "fish"
A Creative Expresssion
3 weeks ago

PS: Stay tuned for my next email, where I’ll share how you can 10x your traffic by targeting the most valuable keywords.

Read more 👉

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3 weeks ago

So, I've been playing with Kagi search this week, and I do quite like it:

I've been seriously fed up with Google's search recently: results full of ads and/or SEO spam, to the point that it's hard to find info.

The results in kagi search are overall good (though the map is really lacking), but it's just very expensive. I'd definitely need their $10 per month plan, and I'm not sure I could justify this, given there is free (though arguably worse) competition. 🤔

I guess I could cycle through the trial by creating a new account every week (the joys of having my own domain name) but that seems a little ridiculous, too 😆

#search #SearchEngines #SearchEngineOptimization
#web #kagi #google

3 weeks ago

Footer text ads on now rotate. 'Cause spins are special. :)

Oh, and despite rotating, impressions are charged only once per page load. So advertisers get potential ♾️ impressions for the price of 1.

Double oh, and all of the ads are still JUST TEXT. Who's the wise guy who thought auto-playing a video on every random web page would be a wonderful idea? If I want videos, I'll search for them myself, silly. 🤦 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️

#SearchEngines #search #ads #oddnugget #gopher #webdev #site

Miguel Afonso Caetano
3 weeks ago

#Google #Apple #BigTech #Antitrust #Search #SearchEngines #Antitrust: "Google's default search deal with Apple is worth so much to the search giant that Google pays 36 percent of its search advertising revenue from Safari to keep its search engine set as the default in Apple's browser, Bloomberg reported.

Google and Apple objected to making this key detail public from their long-running default search deal. But their closely held secret came out on Monday during testimony from Google's main economics expert, Kevin Murphy, during the Department of Justice's monopoly trial examining Google's search business.

"Probably the biggest slip of the entire trial," Big Tech on Trial, an account dedicated to providing updates from the Google trial, posted on X (formerly Twitter)."

IT News
3 weeks ago

What Google Argued to Defend Itself in Landmark Antitrust Trial - The tech giant, which is wrapping up its arguments in the federal monopoly trial, has fra... - #antitrustlawsandcompetitionissues #android(operatingsystem) #computersandtheinternet #decisionsandverdicts #mozillafoundation #chrome(browser) #searchengines #pichaisundar #webbrowsers #innovation #mehtaamitp #googleinc #yahoo!inc #software

IT News
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How Microsoft’s Legal Legacy Shapes the Antitrust Case Against Google - Lawyers for the Justice Department and Google as well as the judge in a monthslong trial ... - #antitrustlawsandcompetitionissues #netscapecommunicationscorp #suitsandlitigation(civil) #computersandtheinternet #justicedepartment #searchengines #microsoftcorp #mehtaamitp #googleinc #software

IT News
3 weeks ago

What Google Argued to Defend Itself in Landmark Antitrust Trial - The tech giant, which is wrapping up its arguments in the federal monopoly trial, has fra... - #antitrustlawsandcompetitionissues #android(operatingsystem) #computersandtheinternet #decisionsandverdicts #mozillafoundation #chrome(browser) #searchengines #pichaisundar #webbrowsers #innovation #mehtaamitp

IT News
3 weeks ago

Google witness accidentally blurts out that Apple gets 36% cut of Safari deal - Enlarge (credit: SOPA Images / Contributor | LightRocket)

Goog... - #departmentofjustice #googlemonopolytrial #googledefaultdeals #onlineadvertising #searchadvertising #searchengines #googlesearch #onlinesearch #antitrust #monopoly #google #policy #safari #apple

#Hackers have found an insidious way to #attack you with #malware — don’t fall for this.

#Thinkbeforeyouclick now also applies to #ads in #searchengines.

— While this isn't specifically LGBTQ related, it can be essential to be aware of issues like these especially if you are still in the closet.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Technology #Internet #Security

1 month ago

How can advocacy for a search engine monopoly be reduced (by practical editorial changes) in the English-language #Wikipedia?

This is a fundamental meta-academic question (reviews of knowledge) for which practical participation - with evidence and arguments - would be better than postmodernist gobbledegook or neoliberal empty rhetoric.


#Monopolies #SearchEngines #SelectionBias #OpenScience

I don't have much time for blogging these days so I've allowed the SEO Theory blog to sit idle. But I did recently update this blog post as part of an ongoing ActivityPub experiment.

"The Theorem of Search Engine Optimization"

#seo #searchengineoptimization #digitalmarketing #searchengines

1 month ago

Finally finished modifying the way handles its index to cram millions of pages into (very little) active memory!

Also showing the actual match snippet now and only matching EXACTLY what was searched for instead of getting fancy with it. More to come!

I've gone from -_- to :) and 0.0 in short order.

#SearchEngines #searchengine #search #gopher #gopherspace #internet #protocol

Ha! Interesting how Google started with the "general search engine market doesn't exist" during the DOJ's arguments, to "we know it's there, but we don't care" now.

The truth will set you free, they say.

Good catch by @MeganGray
#USvGoogle #BigTech #searchengines

A tweet showing that Google's VP of Search admits the existance of the general search engine market, which Google is adamant to accept this is the market they dominate.
Link of the Day
1 month ago

🕖 Link of the day THROWBACK
This day, one year ago...

📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Internet » Search engines

Wayback Machine allows you to see websites as they were in a given point in the past. Internet Archive, the company behind it, also offers a trove of freely accessible or borrowable books, movies, documents, pictures and software.

#lotd #searchengines #internet #computers #web

Creeped out by the big #SearchEngines' hunger for data? Don't be!
There are #AlternativeSearchEngines that value your #privacy a lot more, e.g.
@duckduckgo @mojeek_search_engine
@ecosia @Swisscows

Maybe it's time to give it a shot! Happy Halloween! 👻

#OpenWebSearch @openwebsearcheu

Drawing of a ghost and a halloween pumpkin.

Ghost says: 
Booh! It's spooky season. So watch out, which Search Engine you are using!
Happy Halloween!
Stefan Eissing
1 month ago

The common business model is to build a nice, free highway for everyone and give access to rob to the highest bidder, unless you want to do it yourself.

The internet is a medieval place. But we have been there before.
#searchengines #platforms

Seth G.
1 month ago

@mttaggart I hope that for independent search indexes like @Mojeek and #Qwant, this will drive more user adoption. Even my non-techie relatives and friends hate the #AI injection into current #SearchEngines, and I've been able to point them to these alternatives.

Mike | Raymond Tec
2 months ago

Is DuckDuckGo the best alternative to Google? Or are there other options? Is DuckDuckGo completely open source? I still find myself relying on Google a bit for my own search needs and I have Bing set to default on my kid's Windows PCs because it's built into Microsoft's Family protection stuff.

I feel like these are valid questions and I'd love to be involved in something like this if there is a project already.

#FOSS #OpenSource #SearchEngines #Google #DuckDuckGo #Bing

2 months ago

#Business #Trends
Publishers need to wake up to the truth about Google traffic · “The SEO era is coming to an end, at least for large chunks of traffic.”

#SEO #Traffic #SearchEngines #AI #Chatbots #Website #Blog #Content #Audience

2 months ago

🌱 A ‘Green’ Search Engine Sees Danger—and Opportunity—in the Generative AI Revolution

「 Ecosia switched partners in hopes of finding a way to participate in the profound shift in how people search the internet triggered by AI. The company is only testing its partnership with Google and isn’t immediately going to be using the search giant’s AI tools—though it hopes to do so in future 」

#Ecosia #AI #GenerativeAI #SearchEngines

2 months ago

@divya #WebBrowsers #SearchEngines #DuckDuckGo

I use the DuckDuckGo's (DDG's) search engine in #Brave, #Chrome, #Edge & #Tor but, I also like using DDG's browser (which gives you as good an indication of the trackers that it's blocked as Brave & To too) but also offers you "email protection" by allowing you to forward email to a home email address using a private (randomly generated) email ID.

2 months ago

#Business #Reviews
Robots exclusion checker for Chrome · Check if search engines can crawl and index your webpage

#SEO #Bots #Crawlers #SearchEngines #Development #WebDev #HTTP #HTML #RobotsTxt #ChromeExtension

Schmutzie 🦉
2 months ago

"Testimony during Google’s antitrust case revealed that the company may be altering billions of queries a day to generate results that will get you to buy more stuff." #Google #GoogleSearch #Search #SearchEngines

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 months ago

#Google #Search #SearchEngines #Monopoly #Antitrust #Algorithms #SERP: "This onscreen Google slide had to do with a “semantic matching” overhaul to its SERP algorithm. When you enter a query, you might expect a search engine to incorporate synonyms into the algorithm as well as text phrase pairings in natural language processing. But this overhaul went further, actually altering queries to generate more commercial results.

There have long been suspicions that the search giant manipulates ad prices, and now it’s clear that Google treats consumers with the same disdain. The “10 blue links,” or organic results, which Google has always claimed to be sacrosanct, are just another vector for Google greediness, camouflaged in the company’s kindergarten colors.

Google likely alters queries billions of times a day in trillions of different variations. Here’s how it works. Say you search for “children’s clothing.” Google converts it, without your knowledge, to a search for “NIKOLAI-brand kidswear,” making a behind-the-scenes substitution of your actual query with a different query that just happens to generate more money for the company, and will generate results you weren’t searching for at all. It’s not possible for you to opt out of the substitution. If you don’t get the results you want, and you try to refine your query, you are wasting your time. This is a twisted shopping mall you can’t escape."

Friday is #FreeWebSearch Day #FWSD23!

Join the free #EthicsInSearch #webinar:
@FrauPlote + Jasmin Tietgen will take a look at ethical aspects of #WebSearch and #SearchEngines and discuss concrete examples.

⏰ 16.30 CEST, 29 September

#fwsd23 Webinar
Behind the scenes of Google & Co: How web search works and how we can use it better and safer
29 September | 13.00 | online
#FreeWebSearch Day is an annual event promoting free, open and transparent internet search.
Metin Seven 🎨
2 months ago

Search tip:

To get generally more objective, often research-backed results, add "site:*.edu" to your search, yielding results from educational domains.

Google search link:*.edu+query

#google #search #SearchEngines #tip #tips #advice #MastoTips #FediTips

Davide Bucci
3 months ago

Since #SearchEngines are crap nowadays, I propose to share on this discussion small websites you like, kept by individuals or small groups of people and dedicated to #DIY or #electronics

3 months ago

I just discovered this while stumbling around:

YaCy is free software, under the terms of the GPL 2.0, that provides a decentralized search engine. It runs on a peer-to-peer network.

Generally I've used DuckDuckGo, but this sounds even more interesting.

It may turn out to be a dud (occasionally these things are), but, I'll try it out to see.

#Privacy #OpenSource #Linux #SearchEngines #YaCy #P2P

3 months ago

#Google #SearchEngines

Hi I have installed Firefox as my default browser. Is there a better, more secure search engine that I can use. I really, really don't find duck, duck go useful and whoogle works but I'm struggling.

What are the best UK #Amazon alternatives for everything you want to buy?

So not only #books but household items like cleaning products.

Where else can I shop?

I'm asking the #Fediverse because #SearchEngines aren't going to tell me shit.

#AskFedi #AskFreddy

PJ Coffey
3 months ago

If someone had said to me

"PJ, in 2023, AskJeeves style search engines will make a roaring comeback because human-curated searches will just be so much better and accurate than Google."

I'd have questioned your intellect and possibly your hygiene.

And yet here we are.

#AI #SEO #SearchEngines

Happy Holliedays
3 months ago

Edit: Problem solved in comments! :)

Is there a way to search on Duck Duck Go that eliminates something? For instance, if I want to search on Google for the title of a book but I include "-Amazon" then it won't include results from Amazon. But Duck Duck Go doesn't seem to do this. I did some searches on searching syntax but couldn't find the answer.

#questions #SearchEngines

Dave Mackey
4 months ago

The founder is Mark Joyner, who I've followed since the 1990's. I became interested in his work because of my long-time interest in #SearchEngines and he ran one called Aesop (I think) way back in the day.

From there I ended up on his Guerilla #Marketing newsletter but never really applied it

Things dwindled off until he launched Simpleology - which he has been running for the last 18 years!

End of June @rustybrick reported about larger product images for search snippets (

Now Google is at it again. This time they are not only showing new image variations, but surprisingly also mixing square and bigger 16:9 images on SERPs.

Seems to me that results with these square images will have a distinctively smaller chance to get clicks ... 🤔

#google #SERP #search #SearchEngines #ImageSearch #SEO

Lower part of a German Google search engine result page for "Lakritz Bonbons" with three variations of image elements on the right side of snippet.

The first result has a 16:9 format with one image in the left half and two horizontal images in the right half.

The second results show a 16:9 element consisting of 3 vertical images.

The third result has a smaller square image besides the snippet.
Leonardo Di Ottio
4 months ago

@rodhilton I wonder if this period, when the old search engines are ruining their performance with LLM nonsense, is the ideal moment for an alternative search engine to cut through.

I’ve started using more often as they are sometimes better than Google or Bing.

#Google #Bing #Qwant #SearchEngines #ChatGPT #LLM #AI

4 months ago

An overview of search engines (mainly English language ones for now):

#search #WebSearch #SearchEngines

#HatTip to @indieterminacy for the link in a matrix room.

Lennard van Otterloo
4 months ago

@baldur That’s interesting. I had noticed the decreasing quality of Google, but not Bing yet.

My standard search order was always DuckDuckGo -> Google -> Qwant but am contemplating DDG -> Qwant -> Google.

Perhaps I should look into Qwant -> DDG -> Google instead.

#Qwant #Bing #Google #DuckDuckGo #Search #SearchEngines

Just saw the sneakiest ad label on a search engine EVER.

I wonder, if you can spot it at first glance.

It´s hard to find a good reason, why Bing would test something like this, which could potentially piss off lawmakers.

#bing #ads #SEO #SearchEngines #SERP #search

First two results of a Bing SERP for "buy car". The first is a paid advertisement, which has a light grey "Ad" label at the end of the description.
The same Bing SERP for "buy car". This time only the first (paid) result is shown. A yellow highlight is added for the ad label in order to make it easier findable.
Andrew Woods
5 months ago

One of the biggest problems on the web is search — especially from a privacy perspective. we need to setup our own search engines, so that get more universal results without manipulation. Also could we federate the m? Remember how the original Napster worked?! Perhaps we could setup our search engines to work like Napster.

#Search #UX #SearchEngines

Nikki Halliwell SEO
5 months ago

For context, the image below is just one example of what can happen if you migrate a website without SEO input.

You may even see a more dramatic drop than this, and it can take quite some time to recover!

Don't make the same mistake! 📉🤦

#migration #Website #SEO #TechnicalSEOTips #TechSEOTuesday #searchengines

For some vintage and retro devices (or for a variety of other reasons) you might want a super-lightweight method of searching the web or simple links of news.

I saw @osz mention the SUPER lightweight search site (which is powered by DuckDuckGo) and also (which is a simple HTML link version of Google News).

These two sites are SO cool and potentially useful.

Know any more sites/things like this? Comment em!

#search #news #HTML #retro #RetroComputing #RetroGames #RetroGaming #VintageComputers #VintageComputing #vintage #SearchEngines #simple #DuckDuckGo #Google #GoogleNews #LightweightSearch #LightWeightNews

A screenshot of FrogFind, a lightweight search engine powered by DuckDuckGo
A screenshot of, a simple HTML version of Google News
Tomas Ekeli
5 months ago

altavista -> yahoo -> kvasir -> ask-jeeves -> google -> duck-duck-go -> qwant -> self-hosted searx

#searchEngines #evolution

5 months ago

I was just reading about AI remaking the web (, and realized I hadn't actually used google proper to search for anything in memory. I've built my own internal catalog of places to search that are more likely to give me results than trusting their aggregation. It demonstrates that they lost my trust in their search a long time ago. #searchengines #ai

“Google is getting a lot worse because of the #Reddit blackouts / Reddit’s community-filtered posts are a great way to beat search engine ads and spam, but what happens when parts of the internet’s biggest forum turn out the lights?”

#tech #RedditBlackout #Google #searchengines

Shaula Evans
6 months ago

What are the best alternatives to Google Reverse Image Search?

#SearchEngines #ImageSearch #ReverseImageSearch

Patty A. Gray
6 months ago

And when I used #Neeva to ask for alternative #SearchEngines that don’t #track or collect #data, it recommended #Bing. So there’s your reliable #AI result…. 😂

I have read so much in the way of #searchengines when it comes to #degoogle . However, none seem to compare in the quality of results. #DuckDuckGo #you are not quite there. #neeva was good but now closing so now I'm trying out #startpage.
What do you all use?

#googlesearch #yousearch #startpagesearch #search

Lanie Carmelo
7 months ago

For those interested in #accessibility, #privacy, and private #SearchEngines, #DuckDuckGo is looking for testers for its #Windows browser, which is in beta. Might be a good opportunity to influence accessibility. I just joined the beta and downloaded it so we'll see how it goes. So far not impressed. Also, I'm new to private search engines so let me know if there's another #accessible one I should check out.
#a11y #blind

Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
7 months ago
Tobias Zeumer
7 months ago

So, now there are at least two cross-instance opt-in searches for the fediverse (or Mastodon). Both with different approaches and scopes, but searches nonetheless.

* (by @buercher)
* ( explains it fine)

Any more I missed? :)

#SearchEngines #Mastodon

7 months ago

I wish it was as easy to mute (or block) entire web sites from search engine results as it is with Mastodon and apps like (@ivory).

(And I don't want an extension to do it, as I want the same number of results, just filtered)

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Large red MUTE button.
Dave Mackey
8 months ago

#question of the day (#qotd?):

Most #SearchEngines have paid #APIs one can use to retrieve results but there are also #metasearch engines which seem to pull these results without paying for them (e.g., on the small scale, independent #seeks instances). I'm curious about the #legal issues surrounding metasearch. Who pays for the #API? And who uses other methods and why?