FLOX Advocate
33 minutes ago

#SeaGL is hybrid in November, #CfP is open until Wednesday

talks in #Seattle or pre-recorded

We're seeking:

* Community and Culture
* Education
* Hardware
* Languages and Tools
* Machine Learning and Big Data
* Open Source Careers
* Performance Art
* Security and Privacy
* Systems and Platforms
* Everything Else

We have a health and safety policy, so you can see what protocols will be in place for the conf

@SeaGL #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent

Bob Svercl
2 hours ago

Had a pleasant walk nearly the length of Beacon Hill and back, just enjoying all the flowers grown by neighbors while going down unfamiliar streets on a gorgeous afternoon. Also, someone yelled “Hi, Bob!” from the window of a passing vehicle; I don’t know who, but I waved back 👋🏻
#Seattle #BeaconHill #walk

2 hours ago

I'm so fortunate to have magnificent #trees like this in my back yard. It does mean tons of needles and cones all over everything, but still... Every time I go outside, I look up and am reminded that we live among giants.

#seattle #PacNW

Looking up at a tall conifer tree, the base covered in green leafy vines.
Looking up at another tall conifer tree, with the sun directly behind. Wide-angle view.
Anya Adora :heart_trans:
4 hours ago

All of my releases since 1996 can be downloaded freely on Bandcamp and found streaming everywhere else.

My last album was produced entirely with hardware instruments, DAWless and all tracks are recorded jams without any additional overdubs.

You may listen and download it for free if you'd like below.

#ElectronicMusic #Electronica #Seattle #PNW #Bandcamp #Transgender #LGBT #Artist #DAWless #IndieMusic

Anya Adora :heart_trans:
5 hours ago


Hello :) I am a disabled artist in Seattle, Washington. I am sharing my photography on and it seems like having an actual Mastodon account would be helpful as well.

I like technology, linux, art, photography, music, meeting nice people, animals, and nature especially.

I am friendly and follow back if you'd like to connect.

#Seattle #Photography #Photographer #DSLR #Music #Musician #PNW #Linux #Tech #Disabled #Bipolar #Transgender #NonBinary

5 hours ago

Nice lenticular clouds and alpenglow.
Near my hometown of #Seattle.

Julie Webgirl
5 hours ago

Thennnn... Where did the bazillions of ppl who were exposed during those times go? What is timing on #measles.. contracting it & then contagious period. Like, oh I don't know, the clinic where masks are no longer recommended. Did you see the same doc days later? Were they not showing symptoms yet contagious? Oh & if it's airborne, can we use the same formula for #Covid? Can stay in the air up to 90 hrs? I could go on. This is my brain everytime I leave my house #Seattle #CovidIsNotOver

7 hours ago

These two Stellar’s Jays making a big scene with their less-than-stellar singing voice picked the absolute least photogenic spot in the neighborhood for their shenanigans. Also, who the heck did this wiring? It looks insanely dangerous.

Two Stellar’s Jays hanging out in a tangle of poorly connected power lines under a pole- mounted transformer? against a blue sky.

Seattle being #Seattle gave us a cloudy morning ☁️ but a sunny afternoon.

Perfect to be outside, or even to be inside configuring a self-hosted mail server.

Btw, if you want to join #Seagl as a #volunteer we are looking for people to join our different committees:

If you want to join as a presenter, the #cfp is how you can come in:

#Linux #Floss #conference #opensource

8 hours ago

Important notes about my plans to see the Wimps at the Tractor Tavern tonight:
1) I'm not your dad
2) I'm not the landlord shutting you down
3) I'm just a man with no plans trying to spend some time at night getting out of the house
#Seattle #Olympia #IndieMusic #KillRockStars

Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
8 hours ago

obligatory fountain and space needle photo at #seattle #folklife

international foundation and space needle in distance with many children playing in the fountain and a deep blue sky and a few clouds
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
9 hours ago

normally this kind of commentary is reserved for mei but i can go with it

#overwatch #ashe #seattle #folklife

bin labelled “ashes only”

I got up close and personal with AMTK 315 this morning, pulling the 7 train back to Seattle slightly ahead of schedule. #trains #amtrak #seattle #alc42

a photo of a red white and blue amtrak ALC-42 locomotive, followed by a viewliner baggage car, all coming very close to the photographer
12 hours ago

Chilly, foggy morning in #Seattle - great excuse for breaking out the good stuff from Mulkiteo Roasters. If you're looking for an excuse to try a new coffee roaster, I highly recommend - Anthony's or Happy Hippie. #coffee

Kat ♾️
13 hours ago

@howiecohen Yep. We only have our memories now. The old #Seattle way of life is gone. We flew under the radar for a long time, then big tech companies put us on the radar, and everything became so bourgeoise with the growth of extreme wealth.

13 hours ago

I’m looking for a ~1 month Airbnb type apartment rental or house-sitting opportunity for the month of #June in #WestSeattle. For my folks, who are visiting while I deal with some health stuff.

They’re in an Air Bnb now, but moving out June 2, and looking for what’s next - but availability is looking like a challenge. Trying to avoid the Residence Inn, etc.

Figure I’d check with the Fediverse, so many nice folks here.

#Rental #Seattle #Alki

Emmett O'Connell
16 hours ago

Facinating read, but I was disappointed there was only a vague mention of the school district becoming "more diverse" without going into the overall demographic changes of displacement marked by these maps:

Some majority non-white neighborhoods in Seattle have in fact become more white as black families were displaced out of the district

Why #Seattle schools are more segregated today than the 1980s |

1 day ago

9 pm, saturday, broadcasting live from seattle... 🕘

time for the KEXP punk show, sonic reducer!!! 🎵

KEXP is non-profit listener-powered radio 📻

if you're near seattle you can listen on a real radio at 90.3 FM 👂

or from anywhere online here 🎧

the playlist is at 📝

shows archived for two weeks here 📚

it goes for three hours, from 9 to midnight 🎶

happy listening 😁

#KEXP #seattle #radio #NowPlaying #punk #SonicReducer #️⃣

sonic reducer

punk & hardcore


saturdays, 9 pm to midnight

and there's a skull with liberty spikes and the text looks all punky

Today is a hot and sunny Saturday in #Seattle ☀️

Don't forget to drink water, or tea.., or beer.. But stay hydrated! 💦

Also, don't forget that the #cfp for #SeaGL is open until next Wednesday! Don't wait too long.

#linux #floss #water

2 days ago

it is optimal selfie weather in #seattle today

perfectly cloudy

Alice Marshall
2 days ago

Friday night, and can't wait to read the proposals you've submitted!

But if you haven't, our #cfp is still open. You can chose between a short 20min talk or a longer 50min one. You can also chose between come to meet in person at the UW in #Seattle or online, because this year we're going hybrid!

#SeaGL #linux #floss #opensource

2 days ago

How many bazillion people were at "Pike Place Market from 3:45 to 6:45 p.m." on May 13th?! #pikeplacemarket #seattle #measles

2 days ago

Yay, #Measles exposures in #Seattle... "people at Aki Kurose Middle School between noon and 5:45 p.m. on May 11, and from 8:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. on May 12, may have been exposed. On May 13, anyone at Pike Place Market from 3:45 to 6:45 p.m. or at World Market on Western Avenue from 4:15 to 6:45 p.m. could have been exposed. On May 15, those at HopeCentral, a clinic on South Othello Street, from 2 to 5:45 p.m. may have been exposed. " #outbreak

Bob Svercl
2 days ago

Final update: my coworker is back home & is now resting. Feeling some relief.

⚠️CW violence⚠️

Here’s what happened:

She was walking across Denny when a driver turned left into her, hitting her & sending her 10 feet where she hit the back of her head on asphalt. She got a concussion & sprained wrist
#Seattle #VisionZero #CapitolHill

Seattle Bike Blog :btnps:
2 days ago
Illustration of the trolley problem meme with the five star safety rating holding standing at the switch saying, "this trolley needs a bigger crumple zone."
Bob Svercl
3 days ago

Update: they are doing better & should be released from the hospital later today.

I confirmed with them that they are the pedestrian in this report from Ryan Packer:
#Seattle #VisionZero #CapitolHill

Bob Svercl
3 days ago

I’m still waiting on details, but I’m pissed off because I learned that a coworker was hit by a driver & sent to the hospital while walking to the office from Capitol Hill this morning.

When will the epidemic of traffic violence end?
#Seattle #VisionZero #CapitolHill

Finally Friday, prelude to a long weekend in #Seattle. The weather is looking great for riding a bike 🚵, or perhaps swimming a little 🏊, or better yet, submitting a proposal for #Seagl
#Cfp is open all weekend.

#Linux #Floss #Conference

Patch, the seagul, relaxing on a chair, wearing sun glasses and drinking lemonade with a straw.
Stephanie May (she/her)
3 days ago

#geobreakfast is ready 😎 #seattle #gischat #geochat @ Lost Lake Cafe, 8:30 - 10 am every Friday

Diner table in the foreground with sunglasses, counter in the background.

I wanted to sit on the dock of the lake and waste time, but the ducks had other ideas…

#Seattle #Bellevue #LakeWashington #OtisRedding

A dock at dusk, with ducks clustered around the end.

Can you think on someone who would be a great Keynote speaker for #SeaGL 2023? We would love to hear! Submit your nomination here:

#floss #linux #conference #keynote #seattle

Andres Salomon
3 days ago

It's weird watching #NYC get an influx of refugees/immigrants and seemingly not giving a shit about building more housing.

At least #Seattle kind of gave a shit (#HALA in response to what was effectively Amazon employee numbers growth wasn't great, but it was better than nothing at all). But NYC is just like, "meh, whatevs."

Bob Svercl
3 days ago

I'm leading a #freeGroupRide for @CascadeBicycleClub to visit bike infrastructure around South #Seattle on Sun June 4 at 10 am! We'll see new, ongoing, & future projects on 7.4 mile loop starting at Cafe Red. Bring your bike/e-bike

Extra info:
-Gather at Cafe Red patio for coffee at 9:30 am, start riding at 10
-Cafe Red is across street from Othello light rail, near bus rt 36, 50, 106
-Yes, we'll use new bike runnels on S Henderson Stairway!
#SEAbikes #BikeTooter

Bicycle wheel up close as it rests on a bike runnel on the side of a concrete stairway outdoors
Chris Pirillo
3 days ago

Looking to host an #ai conversations / networking event in the #seattle area in July if you're interested:

Paul Constant
4 days ago

For the Seattle Times, I wrote about Fremont used bookstore Ophelia’s Books. Now, with a new co-owner, Ophelia’s is making some big changes: For the first time in 26 years, the store will carry a small selection of new books. #Seattle #Fremont #Bookstore #books

4 days ago

Thanks to the Merlin app, I'm pretty sure it was a Barred Owl. This is my very first wild owl sighting (hearing?) and especially notable for this area. I know they frequent some of the forested park areas, but here? Two blocks from Rainier Ave S? That is unusual. That rules. I am hyped. #seattle #birds #owl

4 days ago

LATE BREAKING NEWS: I just sat down in bed and I heard a noise and thought it was a weird dog, but weird dogs don't make a repetitive call, a hooting you might even say, and then, then I realized: I HEARD AN OWL!!!!! #seattle #birds #owl

Remember SeaGL #cfp is still open until the end of May!!!

Need some inspiration? Read what we are looking for and check some examples from previous years:

Remember this year we will be a hybrid conference so you can choose to present on-line or in-person.

#seagl #linux #floss #seattle #conference

Patch the seagul.
5 days ago

#Kelp has long been an important part of the #Samish diet and culture. The Samish Indian Nation's Department of Natural Resources dive team, formed in 2021, was created to gain a better understanding of the health of kelp forests, after elders noticed they weren't finding kelp fronds, which are traditionally used to wrap salmon.

📝: Luna Reyna
📸: Genna Martin/Crosscut

#kelpforest #SalishSea #Seattle #PNW #environment #science

A frond of kelp floating near the surface of turquoise blue water.
A man wearing a backwards baseball cap, glasses, and a bright orange safety jacket is blurry in the foreground. In focus is the Salish Sea and the islands and mountains behind it.
Two divers prepare to submerge into green-blue water. One of the divers is holding on to an object connected to their boat by a rope.
Two divers seated on the deck of a small boat. Their gear is strewn around the deck. The sun is glaring behind the cabin.

Is it dinnertime? Wait, what do you mean it’s 3:30pm?!

I am so proud of myself for going grocery shopping at 8pm PT yesterday, when I was almost dozing on my feet.

Also: WA is the first state I’ve lived in that sells alcohol in grocery stores with no strings attached. So I bought cheap wine just on principle.

I may not have a frying pan, but I have a corkscrew. #priorities

#jetlag #PAinWA #SleepyInSeattle #Seattle #PNW

Joe Veyera
5 days ago

REMINDER: Admission is free this Friday, and the last Friday of each month, at the #Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park (1400 E Prospect St), open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hannah Weinberger
5 days ago

“The crazy-making thing is they’ve been promising this for over 4 or 5 yrs. & now, all of sudden, it’s ‘Hurry up & get it done.'”

SCC will vote this pm on ordinance re: trees on private property—but some residents want more time to review the changes.

#trees #UrbanForestry #seattle #SeattleCityCouncil

Queer Satanic
1 week ago

Reposting for a #Seattle comrade and their household who lost basically everything in their home in a fire.

The fire seems to be from a faulty dishwasher they reported to their apartment multiple times as being broken but was never fixed.

Venmo: @sebastian-dorrance, CashApp: $sebastiandorrance, PayPal: @sebastiandorrance
- - -
Some photos from today. Very very few things were salvagable. We were able to save some of our string instruments, patio chairs, and a handful of other small hard items like metal jewelry and crystals.

I want to thank everyone who has donated and reached out to us so far. We’ve been nonstop busy with phone calls, insurance, and paperwork since this happened, so it’s been hard for us to communicate as much as we want to with everyone. The outpouring of support has been incredible, but anything we can get helps. We’re still at the beginning of rebuilding our lives and the mountains of paperwork and phone calls that go into it, once I have a better handle on other ways we could use support, I’ll post and/or reach out. I also intend to hold an in memorium post for at least Leaf, and may let Jordan and Gus to get to say some words about Paul and Poppy first, respectively.

Thanks again everyone. We are currently looking for very affordable 2 bed home/apartments in the Seattle area, pref on the north side. Let us know if you have leads. We’re still in need of financial donations if possible. Venmo is @sebastian-dorrance, cash app is $sebastiandorrance, PayPal is @sebastiandorrance
- - -
#Aid #Fire #HouseFire #ApartmentFire #PetDeath #Homeless #Unhoused #SeattleWA #LakeCity #LakeForestPark

Person looking at completely destroyed, blackened kitchen, so burnt it’s almost unrecognizable. Fridge is closest in frame.
Long view of living room showing complete devastation of all belongings in household
Another view of the burnt kitchen focused on the sink

Shout-out to the yinzer in Issaquah with the South Hills Subaru-purchased vehicle. I've been away for ~48 hours and it already made me perk up. #Seattle #Issaquah #PAinWA #Pittsburgh

Mark Lobbestael 🦆
1 week ago

Bought some Van Moof S3’s at the Van Moof Outlet! We are going to see if we like e-bikes! #vanmoof #eBike #SEAbikes #Seattle #BikeTooter

New Van Moof S3 bikes we just purchased.
Joe Veyera
1 week ago

If you were at Pike Place Market in #Seattle between 3:45 and 6:45 p.m. last Saturday, or the nearby World Market (2103 Western Ave) from 4:15 to 6:45 p.m., you may have been exposed to measles.


EZ Lorenz Imagery 📸
1 week ago

Nice sunset tonight…, I guess those are crepuscular clouds.

#Seattle #Washington #PNW #Sunset

Sunset with sun rays, some clouds and pine trees in the foreground
colorblind cowboy 😷
1 week ago

I’m not sure I’ve ever lived anywhere with such beautiful clouds.

A wee iPhone snap.


Clouds at sunset. A scattering of white against blue, rays spread outwards. A crop of dark trees on the horizon. Pale gold is over the land.
Nancy Gleason Photography
1 week ago

Hey #Seattle people! This beaver lives at the pond at the north end of Golden Gardens park. Shooting with a telephoto lens gives the illusion of being up close and personal, but I was not actually anywhere near this cute little critter. I watched it cross the pond a couple times bringing grass to its home.

#SonyAlpha #WildlifePhotography #animal #NaturePhotography #UrbanWildlife

The top half of a swimming beaver is visible above the green water in a pond. The beaver's face is reflected on the water's surface.

Seattle folks, Swanson's Nursery in Blue Ridge has a jawdropping Ukigumo Japanese maple in its spring (white leaf) state.

it's spectacular, at least for the next few weeks. if you find yourself near 95th and 15th NW, stop by.

(if only I had a place to plant it…)


#seattle #pnwgardener

Swanson's Nursery - Acer palmatum 'Ukigumo'
Bob Svercl
2 weeks ago

I'm leading a history ride around Lake Union (meet at Gas Works Park, Sun May 21 at 9 am)! We'll ride casual pace on 10.5 mi route, mostly hill-free, & no drop (we'll wait for everyone). Bring your bikes/e-bikes! #FreeGroupRide @CascadeBicycleClub #SEAbikes #Seattle #LakeUnion #BikeTooter


Over winter, I've examined and modified my history rides to focus on the interesting stories and be more efficient with my timing; I'm excited to see how this year's rides go

G. Willow Wilson
2 weeks ago

Seattle! I’ll be at Golden Age Collectables in Pike Place Market from 1-3pm this Saturday to sign copies of Vol 1 of Poison Ivy, out next week. Stop by and get your copy early! #seattle #comics #bookstodon #poisonivy

EZ Lorenz Imagery 📸
2 weeks ago

#ThrowbackThursday to this apocalyptic sunset few yrs ago due to wildfire smoke.
We’re already getting some smoke from Canada again, our sunrise yesterday was pretty similar…

#TBT #Wildfires #Sunset #Seattle #PNW #Climatechange #AYearForArt #Photo

Pinkish/ grayish sunset over the Seattle skyline due to wildfire smoke from Canada. Photo by EZ Lorenz Imagery
David Morford
2 weeks ago

Happy Syttende Mai Day!

#Ballard #Seattle

The Deer Whisperer 🦌⚓
2 weeks ago

Jupiter just before disappearing behind the Moon last night in Seattle, Washington:

#Photography #Occultation #Moon #Jupiter #Seattle #WashingtonState

photo by Steve Rice

Jupiter just before disappearing behind the Moon
Kevin Severud
2 weeks ago

Syttende mai #Seattle
CC: @ruario 🇳🇴 🚲