8 hours ago

A little advertisement for #AudiobookShelf which I recently discovered. Finally I found a #selfhosted tool worthy of storing my #audiobook collection gathered over decades. I'm a very happy camper.

Why not just use Audible or the likes? Because they occasionally renegotiate licenses with publishers/authors and books you have already paid for may disappear. I often re-listen to books in my collection, and that really pisses me off.

Screenshot of AudiobookShelf - Library overview
Screenshot of AudiobookShelf - Author overview
Screenshot of AudiobookShelf - Book details
Screenshot of AudiobookShelf - Series overview
Brian McGonagill
1 day ago

WriteFreely - #OpenSource #SelfHosted writing, blogging, journaling platform that keeps it simple. Just write and publish! Runs on #Linux, #Docker, and #Awesome!

Jason Raimondi
1 day ago

There are dozens of selfhosted chatgpt web ui's that have been abandoned for the last 6 months and have dozens of issues. Are there any #selfhosted #chatgpt web ui's that are active? With GPT4 and multiple chats with custom prompts. Anyone know of any good ones?

Ryan Peters
1 day ago

Those running docker hosts, where/how are you managing mounted volumes? What path/naming convention are you using on the host? E.g., do you have a "/sites", "/docker", or "/volumes" folder which contains content/mounts for each site?

I previously stored each in my user folder (e.g., /home/ryan/sites) but curious if anyone has a preferred set of conventions. Thanks!

#docker #selfhosted #selfhosing #containers #boost

I think `iostat` is my new favourite #Linux command. It gives you so much information about what exactly your hard drives (or SSDs) are doing. It takes a while to get used to, but here is an example of the output:

# iostat -xht /dev/sda /dev/sdb
09/26/2023 11:26:52 AM
avg-cpu: %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle
40.4% 0.0% 4.5% 18.3% 0.0% 36.9%
r/s rkB/s rrqm/s %rrqm r_await rareq-sz Device
102.18 2.9M 10.33 9.2% 21.72 29.5k sda
0.00 0.0k 0.00 0.0% 0.00 0.0k sdb
w/s wkB/s wrqm/s %wrqm w_await wareq-sz Device
34.98 2.7M 14.72 29.6% 170.21 78.8k sda
29.97 2.7M 9.33 23.7% 193.34 90.6k sdb
d/s dkB/s drqm/s %drqm d_await dareq-sz Device
0.00 0.0k 0.00 0.0% 0.00 0.0k sda
0.00 0.0k 0.00 0.0% 0.00 0.0k sdb
aqu-sz %util Device
7.94 95.7% sda
5.73 43.5% sdb

#iostat #SysAdmin #SelfHosting #SelfHosted

Tobias Schmidl
2 days ago
2 days ago

Dear self-hosters,

We are proud to present you an all new applications catalog for #yunohost :tada:

🏷️ Categorized view inspired by your own #selfhosted server’s webadmin.
🔍 Searchable list, including apps alternatives
⭐ Use your forum account to star apps that you like, use, or long for
🚀 Longing for, we said? The catalog now integrates the apps wishlist. You can star them and propose your own.

and much more, enjoy!

2 days ago

I don’t know what I’m going to do, I need the new server to run on the subnet I have established for #kubernetes but I can’t really have that server in the same room as the other nodes due to the high levels of noise it produces. Well, a solution eventually will appear. #selfhosted #homelab

Ben Pettis
2 days ago

We are back. We are so back. My #selfhosted adventures of "quickly" upgrading to #Mastodon v4.2.0 in a short ~15 minute process has concluded after about 18 hours.

Things we've learned:

1. the database backup works as expected
2. check ruby versions, doh!
3. When in doubt, delete the gems and start fresh--

Deleting the entire directory:


and reinstall with `bundle install`

--is SO much better than trying to chase down dependency and compilation errors

2 days ago

I helped a friend get a Kubernetes environment setup over the weekend

Found a bunch of assumptions in my notes/scripts that caused some issues.

We got it running tho 🤘

I've considered trying to polish things a bit and writing it all up in a blog series

A few things are stoping me:
1. Probably a bajillion copies, with more rigour than I'd include
2. Not sure where I'd blog to, substack? Idk, for anonominity reasons
3.a few parts aren't smooth around proxmox
#kubernetes #homelab #selfhosted

Amadeus Maximilian
2 days ago

I forgot to include relevant hashtags when I posted about this yesterday, so here we go again. 😅

I'm working on a generic sync server for #PWAs that would allow #selfHosted, #encrypted and #decentralised synchronisation for #Qami and other offline-first apps.

Here are some details:

I'd love to get some thoughts and feedback on the matter. 😊

#webdev #buildInPublic #design

2 days ago

Well that was an interesting time upgrading to 4.2.0...

Even after cutting back everything to the bone I didn't have enough RAM (or enough disk space for a bigger swap).

This post from @matt was the only thing I found that worked for me!

#mastodon #selfhosted

Steel Titan
2 days ago

#Introduction #Welcome

Please repost for visibility, so I can find people with similar interests. Like or comment for me to take a look at your profile, and possibly follow.

Likes/Interests: #Programming #Technology #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #Fediverse #OnlineFreedom #Privacy #Anonymity #Anonymous #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #Manjaro #Linux #Science #Socialism #HumanRights #SocialJustice #MultipolarWorld #Programming #Python #Golang #Rust #RetroGaming #Gaming #SelfHosted #TechNews #Matrix #Youtube #Movies #Anime #Hentai #Erotica #Futurology #AI #Singularity #Fitness #Health #Collapse #ClimateCrisis #Audiobooks #Books #Fantasy #SciFi #StarWars #Fanfiction #Conspiracy #CriticalThinking #Cooking #DataHoarding #Piracy #FileSharing #Meshnet #Decentralized #Distributed #P2P #PeerToPeer #IPFS #Zeronet #Freenet #I2P #Tor

Dislikes/Disinterests: #Music #Memes #Sports #Coffee #Animals #Cats #Dogs #Nazis #CIA #NATO #UsEmpire #Oligarchy #Plutocracy #Kleptocracy #Imperialism #Fascism #Racism #Capitalism #Billionaires #Woke #Wokeism #Liberals #Democrats #Republicans #Conservatives #BigTech #ClosedSource #Microsoft #Discord #Copyright #Censorship #WesternMedia #MaintreamNews #OfficialPropaganda #Surveillance #PoliticalCorrectness #SurveillanceCapitalism #DRM #DataMining #FakeNews #Misinformation #Disinformation #EchoChamber #FilterBubble #CorporateMedia #Consumerism #Materialism #Overconsumption #PlannedObsolescence #FastFashion #Waste #EnvironmentalDegradation #Gentrification #Inequality #Neoliberalism #Globalization #FantasyFootball #Apple #Tech #BoardGames #TTRPG #DnD

Best to worst: #fopnu #nicotine+ ( #soulseek ) #aMule ( #edonkey2000 #ed2k ) #EiskaltDC++ ( #dcpp ) #gnutella #Shareaza #qBittorrent ( #BitTorrent #torrent )

My dream social media platform. What do you think, what are the most interesting ideas, what other features would you like to see, how would be your perfect social media platform?

3 days ago

If you need/want something #selfhosted without giving up the amazing ui of google photos, I strongly recommend #immich I’ve been using Nextcloud photos for about a year at this point and it was incredibly slow compared to this (to the point I didn’t even bother looking at my images). The immich ui is fast responsive quick and has just the right amount of A.I elements

#kbk #selfhosted

#SUTOM #625 4/6


Patrick Laimbock
3 days ago

@jonatan I use Greek mythology but also have a Cubietruck called Cubie and an Odroid N1 called Odie #homelab #selfhosted

Konstantin 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

@dave I published a post about what I had to go through to update my #Mastodon instance… with a shoutout to TootSDK because why not 😅

#selfhosted #IndieDev #TootSDK #Swift

Jonatan Steuernagel
4 days ago

I'm curious: I know many Homelabers have a naming scheme for their servers.
I use Greek mythological figures, I've already heard people use Pokemons, and many more.

What is everyone else using around here?

#homelab #selfhosted #sysadmin #question

4 days ago

Gotta say, #Tailscale on my #AppleTV sounds pretty cool. I’m going to be trying what @ironicbadger describes here in the next few days.

[ #SelfHosted #HomeLab #VPN ]

4 days ago

Who self-hosts their own email and what are your interesting tales to tell? #selfhost #selfhosted

Firefly III
4 days ago

📢 Woohoo! Version v6.0.26 of Firefly III has just been released 🎉. Check it out over at GitHub, Docker, or download it using your favorite package manager.

#opensource #oss #newrelease #php #software #personalfinance #selfhosted

Are there any Push-To-Talk apps known to humankind that respect your privacy?

#askfedi #apps #SelfHosted

4 days ago

Discovering FreshTomato supports Intercepting all NTP requests on the LAN on a rainy weekend is fairly nerdy, I must admit.

#selfhosting #selfhosted

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
4 days ago

After wrestling with numerous technical doohickeys I FINALLY upgraded my own #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance to 4.2.0! 🥳

I followed the instructions on and spent a LOT of time troubleshooting errors.

The only thing I haven't configured yet is ElasticSearch which allows for full-text search. Will configure it later! I'm just so happy I got Mastodon 4.2.0 working at least.

Screenshot of the bottom-right corner of my Mastodon instance's page showing is on version 4.2.0. A green circle and arrow point to it saying "Nice" with a sunglasses emoji.
4 days ago

I love decentralized stuff but the thing that annoys me the most about it is that there is so few aggregators. Like looking on thirty different discourse forums or checking all the jellyfin instances or git-forges for projects, threads, notifications, tv-shows/movies, etc.. is quite annoying.

does anyone have some pointers?


Chris Beiting
4 days ago

So far I’m really happy with my #selfhosted #mastodon setup. It’s
been over a month and it’s running like a champ.

I only wish my followers migrated over. I did all the steps, and none of them came.

Not that I had a ton, but it wasn’t a small amount.

Now I have under 20.

Maybe I’ll do a reintroduction.

#MastoAdmin #RaspberryPi #nerddad

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
4 days ago

Alrighty! Round 2 of trying to update my #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance to 4.2.0. Wish me luck (again)! #FamousLastWords

DevOps Weekly
4 days ago

Gitness: Open-Source Code Hosting and CI/CD Pipeline Engine


#devops #selfhosted

5 days ago

I'm not great at being consistent, but I was especially bad at having and internal-only personal wiki for my self-hosted stuff. So I'm making posts public! Hopefully the pressure will keep me going.

I'm not sure about the subdomain yet, but check it ou at I'll post stuff about #git, #neovim, #selfhosted, #diy, #cli, #python, and whatever else seems interesting.

Feels like I'll be setting up a self hosted Funkwhale instance this weekend while @Balloonicorn and I plan out where/how we're going to host a regional Mastodon server.

#Mastodon #Funkwhale #Fediverse #hosting #selfhosted #homelab

can confirm. The new fulltext search works great, and is awesome! I just searched for "footiMac" which I know only I use and it returned results very very quickly. I can go way back. Including to it's very first mention back in January!

This ability is so very important for the usability and attractiveness of Mastodon!

#footiMac #Mastodon #Mastodon4dot2 #search #ElasticSearch #mastoAdmin #selfhost #selfhosted

5 days ago

@joel Are there publicly available #CastoPod instances (like Mastodon, PixelFed, & #PeerTube ) which users like myself can join or…

Is castpod individually #selfhosted or subscription based using the official castopod?

@umiamz I just reenabled ElasticSearch and made that modification to the jvm options and instead of 13.4GB/15.6GB I'm at 7.3GB of 15.6GB. Excellent. Thank you for the tip. I will tweak as required. ElasticSearch is definitely taking some CPU time as well but this could be just from being new, so I'll let it run for a few days and see what the experience is like.
#MastoAdmin #ElasticSearch #footiMac #selfhost #selfhosted #Debian

A screenshot from htop showing CPU, RAM and Swap usage.  Elasticsearch is at the top of the CPU list.
Jason Nabein
5 days ago

I'd like to share a bunch of videos from travel and my life, self-hosted.

Ideally, #peertube is what I want, but I feel that adds now necessary moderation to be blocking undesirable federated servers (and posting all videos as unlisted).
I can't find anything similar to Peertube and it's interface on the "Awesome-Selfhosted" github.

Any other suggestions? Simple video self-hosting with a nice UI that I can easily add new video uploads, that people can follow maybe?
#selfhosted #selfhost

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
5 days ago

Just had to restore my own #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance from a week-old #DigitalOcean backup after having lots of problems while trying to the new Mastodon 4.2.0 update. Thank goodness for back-ups! 😪

I admit I'm not quite familiar with updating Ruby, Node.js, NPM and Yarn, but I am learning. As I'm on 4.1.7 currently, I'll try updating to 4.1.8 and then 4.1.9 first before updating to 4.2.0 as mentioned in 👍

Got any tips for upgrading? Do let me know! #MastoAdmin

Lynze :mastodon:
5 days ago

Pues otro recurso de #SelfHosting para la saca y nuestros dockers:
#SelfHosted #Docker #DockerCompose #SaaSS

5 days ago

I just migrated the 50 odd repos from my #selfhosted #Forgejo instance used for small and personal projects and deleted it (which ran #Gitea and even #Gogs before).

The dev-ops push has made it too big, slow and difficult to maintain for me (new versions frequently breaking things). 90% of the projects only need issue tracking, pull requests and a wiki anyway.

I'll now try a barebones ssh-hosted setup with git hooks, #GitBug and #markdown files instead. #minimalism

Arch :arch:
5 days ago

Published a new blog post! Talking about my current monitoring setup using Prometheus, Grafana, and Alertmanager :3

#selfhosted #homelab
5 days ago

This Week in Self-Hosted (22 September 2023)

News, updates, launches, and a spotlight on @nextcloud Hub 6 in this week's newsletter!

#selfhost #selfhosted #homelab #opensource

Oh. Immich unterstützt jetzt externe Libraries.

(Immich ist eine selbst gehostete Google Photo Alternative, mit automatischen Backup der Photos auf dem Smartphone)

#homelab #selfhosted #immich

Phew! That was a big one. Upgrading ruby to 3.2.2 and running the compile for Rails were both fairly long. Also had to learn about "git stash" to preserve my modifications (character limits). I saved the files it specified in a safe place. Only had to modify two files (app/serializers/rest/instance_serializer.rb and app/validators/status_length_validator.rb) to increase the character limit instead of three.

Commands used for upgrade:
(all done in the live directory except the backup script and restarting processes)

$: (You have a backup script to backup your database and redis right? :))
$: RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS=--with-jemalloc rbenv install 3.2.2
$: git fetch --tags
$: git stash
$: git checkout v4.2.0
$: bundle install
$: yarn install --frozen-lockfile
$: RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile
$: SKIP_POST_DEPLOYMENT_MIGRATIONS=true RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails db:migrate
— (restart all Mastodon Processes —
$: RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails db:migrate

Changes in instance_serializer.rb:
After def registerations block add…

def max_toot_chars

Then in status_length_validator.rb change "MAX_CHARS = 2000”.

#mastoAdmin #selfhosted #selfhost

Jan :rust: :ferris:
6 days ago

This makes Ferris happy :awesome: 🎡 :ferris:

kellnr | A self-hostable, fully Open Source registry for #Rust crates

See their announcement:

#kellnr #RustLang #Crates #SelfHosting #SelfHosted

1 week ago
1 week ago

A reminder that this Friday (9/22) is the deadline for completing the 2023 Self-Host User Survey!

#selfhost #selfhosting #selfhosted #opensource #homelab

My Actual Brain
1 week ago

What selfhostable YouTube front end does everyone prefer?

I want to host one for personal use. I’ve been using a public instance of invidious, but it does not have sponsorblock and more importantly, it does not track video progress.

I’m also considering viewtube and piped.

#youtube #selfhosting #selfhosted #linux #homelab #privacy

Ryan Peters
1 week ago

I'm spinning up a new #ubuntu #linux host for #docker workloads only. Would you suggest Ubuntu server 20 or 22? Thanks!

#selfhosted #selfhosting

EDIT: Done! Thank you everyone! Got some good data in there. Much appreciated. Thanks @oh_that_courtney @danso
@stephanie @JustAnotherJay

---- Test Complete Ignore Below ---- :)

Hey followers: Could one of you please use your mastodon web client to search for my pixelfed account? @ chris @

Let me know if you are successful. I'm monitoring the logs on my #selfhosted server to try to fix something.


1 week ago

STOP Paying for TV and cut the Cord for good. I haven't paid for OTA TV in over a decade, and neither should you. I made a guide on how to build your own DVR with Plex, Inc. for their Pro Week!

Check it out👉

#plex #overtheairtv #cutthecord #selfhosted #dvr #homelab

Indie Interesting Websites
2 weeks ago

Fediverse.Party - explore federated networks



Screenshot of taken with SpiderAPI
Ryan Peters
2 weeks ago

What's a good paste-bin style app that's lightweight and #docker compatible?

#selfhosted #selfhosting

Chris J. Karr
2 weeks ago

I'm a baseball guy, so I get a little jealous when I go into the admin backend of my own Mastodon server and see all these (American) football hashtags trending.

Maybe this will change once the MLB playoffs begin?

#Mastodon #SelfHosted #TrendingHashtags #NFL #Football #MLB #Baseball

American football hashtags trending on my personal server.

Took two days but the #homelab looking 🔥

Was able to remove this rather expensive managed switch for a smaller one, though I'm not using it as a managed switch yet. I think i'm going to use it in place of my netgear switch cause it's rather loud and. I know have some more gear to try to unload.

#minilab #selfhosted #racksononracks

A picture of two mini pc's sitting above a tplink switch with cables dangling from it.
A picture of an empty 10 inch network rack with several shelves and blanks set up.
A picture of the a 10 inch network rack with now a patch panael populated with 2 mini pc's on and ready to be used.
Picture of a closed 10'inch rack with all of the tech stuff inside of it.
Ryan Peters
2 weeks ago

After several years, I'm thinking of ditching my self-hosted Synapse/matrix server and Mastodon servers, as I am the sole user on each. I realized I see very little value now in hosting these with only one user, as it's not worth the log files and storage data that they accumulate. While I love self-hosting at home, I feel federated and social applications make little sense if there's just one person on it - outside of running it as a hobby effort.

#mastodon #synapse #matrix #selfhosted

Low level #homelab shit, but it took some energy to get done. I was able to update both my proxmox host to 64 gigs of ram.. I should be set there for a long time. I got my #lxd host back and I am back to full force on a #debian. I really wanted alpine to work out.. It just didn't. Slowly going to rotate #ubuntu for #debian. Why you ask.. Just cause they they moving funny!!!

#homelab #selfhosting #selfhosted

Brian McGonagill
2 weeks ago

Homepage is an #opensource #selfhosted personalized information dashboard for your system monitoring and quick access needs. Runs on #Docker and #Linux of course!

Robert @ Tech Addressed
2 weeks ago

Considering setting up my own Mastodon instance but before I decide, I'd like to know what kind of bandwidth & disk space people's instances are using.

Sound off below - please boost for reach.

#mastodon #fediverse #selfhosting #selfhosted #selfhost

2 weeks ago

Unclear when this happened, but with a bit of reading and configuring #Piwigo is now very usable as a photo gallery! #selfhosted

3 weeks ago

well i'm glad you asked

so here is the main thing you should take into account when you write anything you expect to be hosted by more than you or your employer:

You Are NOT The Only Thing Running On This Server

what does this mean in practice?

- don't attempt to handle common tasks such as ssl yourself. a reverse proxy is generally the first thing that gets set up, you can safely assume one exists.

- make your reverse proxy setup as painless as possible, ideally it shouldn't be more than a proxy_pass/reverse_proxy call (but unfortunately situations like /.well-known exist)

- don't bundle common dependencies like databases or redis, because there will generally be something else that will already require one set up.

- don't run multiple common dependencies at the same time (cough cough lemmy-ansible and a million other stuff running 2 half-configured nginx instances for the same thing that can be done with 1 well-configured instance)
- a big hell no to anyone who puts apache inside a php container. i get it php hosting sucks but at least go for php-fpm

- prefer common dependencies over obscure ones if possible (you better have a really good reason to pick an sql db that isn't postgres. mysql is begrudgingly acceptable. sqlite doesn't count)

- that said, resource usage is a really good reason to pick one dependency over another (say, a lighter search indexer than elasticsearch)

- don't assume you have full control over the above common dependencies (compiled extensions, weird configuration requirements)

- don't pollute the filesystem in a way that can't be trivially cleaned up
- so, either use the package manager or place files in predictable and non-shared places

- containers do not solve any of these problems (ok maybe except the last one), they just sweep them under the rug. do not rely on containers as your only way of installation.
- and for sure do NOT bundle common dependencies
INSIDE containers, (cough cough gitlab)

- opaque install scripts are even worse than containers and should not be your only way of installation (cough cough pihole)

- opaque install scripts that assume a clean slate and blindly overwrite global configuration is a horrible idea and should have big red warnings.
- opaque install scripts that set up containers under the hood are only slightly less bad (still a bad idea)

- that said, for those who want the option, the last couple are definitely nice to have (they should not be
required, however)

- the only thing necessary to host your thing should be a reasonably normal linux system (no cloud function serverless whatevers)

- try keeping resource usage in mind, unused ram is not wasted ram if there are 20 different services all competing for that ram

- scaling down is more important than scaling up. don't hoard excess resources ahead of time if the only reason you're doing that is so you can scale up in the future

- have actual installation documentation beyond "docker compose up" or "curl | sh" or "todo"

- while you are not obliged to support weird setups (musl, bsds, whatever) you shouldn't be hostile to them. they know they're running something unsupported and as long as you fix the often-not-that-hard compat issues they report, they'll do the hard work themselves

- you should never EVER
REQUIRE a mail server, what is wrong with you?

there's probably more but it's apparently 3am so my brain is starting to go into eepy mode

#selfHost #selfHosting #selfHosted


The #homelab been kicking my ass all day!!! Lost a #proxmox host, bad ram.. maybe! Took out a stick and things came back, lost a #lxd host, couldn't get it back. Need to rebuild my 3rd #lxd host as well as add ram to my #proxmox host. Currently having an internal debate if I really need to add ram, or am i using this as an excuse to spend more money!

I should buy more ram right.. some one tell me to buy more ram!!! 😂

#selfhosting #selfhosted

3 weeks ago

Hey self-hosting crowd, who is using a dedicated domain name for their "internal services" and recommend a good/funny/punny/cheap TLD for that? I want to get the stuff off my main domain name. #selfhosted #selfhosting #homelab

Tobias Schmidl
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

For everyone building their own Mastodon 4.2 beta images: there's an issue with the current Dockerfile, but a PR that fixes it has already been committed.


Shoutouts to @vmstan as well.

#MastoAdmin #selfhosted #docker

Clayton Errington 🖥️
3 weeks ago

The good side of analytics and a quick nod to how I moved my site to a new hosting provider, #vercel, and update on how I also got #umami to be #selfhosted on vercel to provide an analytics solution that works for me.

#100DaysToOffload #analytics #hosting #staticsite

Hey guess what! I made my own Pixelfed server! Federating is always a challemge on your own so If you are on pixelfed I would really really appreciate you finding me and following. If you're not on pixelfed but would still like to help my new instance federate, please boost so I can find more #pixelfed people!
I am
#Fediverse #ActivityPub #PleaseBoostThis #selfhosted #selfhost #Debian #PixelfedAdmin #footiMac

Tobias Schmidl
1 month ago

@aral @Codeberg what's, in your personal opinion, the advantage of using a public provider over a #selfhosted instance of @forgejo ?

1 month ago

Trying my luck again.. 🙃

I’m the dev behind @buttercup, the open source password manager available for all major platforms. For some time it’s been a one person show, but I’d really like it not to be.

We get the odd contribution from the community but Buttercup would really benefit from having another founding member or two that want to help push the project forward into its next phase.

It’s all #OSS right now, with mixed licenses of MIT and GPL. We want to put out some SaaS so there’ll be some closed source in the future, which will hopefully support a small business, but the #FOSS side is one we want front and centre at all times. It’s what made us and we’re passionate about it.

It’s all #javascript and #typescript, with #react, #reactnative, #electron, #browserextensions etc. that make up the majority of the software.

We have some few thousand users, many hundreds of which are daily active.

We’re interested in adding a lot of new functionality: #webauthn, #Passkeys, #fido #fido2, #yubikey, #selfhosted and sharing.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please give me a shout! We’re looking for someone that’d be interested in sharing ownership.

I’ve got some busy days ahead of me so if I don’t respond immediately I will as soon as I can. Here’s some places to react me:

- here 😎
- Keybase:
- @buttercup

#passwordmanager #passwordmanagement #password #passwords #vault #passwordvault #founder #LookingForHelp #desktop #mobile #software #programming

1 month ago

@thomasfuchs F!@k that sh!t! #LibreWolf , or any non-Chrome-based browser all the way!!

#Firefox #Chrome #GoogleChrom #Chromium #DeGoogle #De-Google #SelfHosted

1 month ago

Looking for recs: #selfHosted photo collection to replace Google photos??? Dont need any of the fancy neural net stuff (though I mean being able to do search would be a plus), mostly looking for backup and albums. I have tried piwigo but pretty dang janky. I can/will search more myself so mostly looking for any personal experiences ❤️❤️.

1 month ago

Uptime Kuma is awesome.
Self description: A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool.

You should check it out if you don't know it yet and you have some services to monitor.

#Linux #Selfhosted

1 month ago

Does anyone know of any simple #selfhosted file drop software?

Not to be confused with file transfer such as I want anyone to be able to upload files but only authorised users should be able to download them, not even the person who uploaded the files.

#foss #selfhosting

1 month ago

Today is starting off as a Good Computer Day™!

Finally put my blog engine rewrite online - wrote a blog post about what changed, primarily under the hood:

Aaand I managed to fix the S3 timeouts plaguing my Mastodon instance since the upgrade to 4.x:

#homelab #blog #mastoAdmin #selfhosted

Carlos Solís
1 month ago

That reminds me! Since I moved from #Akkoma to #Firefish and had to switch subdomains, I think a new #introduction is in order!

Hi, my name is Carlos Solís, from Costa Rica (or Rich Coast, for the Spanish-challenged in the audience
😉). I'm a computer science graduate and have been working in the digital area for ten years now. I've been on the #FreeSoftware scene since my college days on and off for over ten years now, and in fact I've taken it so seriously, that this message has been posted from my #SelfHosted server in my own house in Santa Ana.

My other interests include
#Linguistics, especially #Auxlangs and #Conlangs (besides of my native Spanish, the related #RomanceLanguages such as Portuguese and Italian which I can sort of understand, and the bits of German and Japanese that I learned online, I also know the basics of #Esperanto and #Idolinguo, plus I've dabbled in more obscure languages such as #LingwaDePlaneta and #Uropi), #FreeCulture and #Copyleft works (though for historic reasons I've drifted away from some projects such as the SCP Foundation), #Accessibility / #A11Y (especially relevant since I work a lot on frontend online tools), and #Cybersecurity (again, relevant as I sometimes work full-stack).

Pronouns if you need them: "He" is best, "they"/"it"/"one" are odd but understandable in context, "she" is very much a miss (pun a bit intended there!)

1 month ago
#selfhosted Crowd: I'm looking for a public RSS aggregator / archiver. General idea is to take content from various sources (pixelfed, Mastodon, Flickr), display this in an aggregated public timeline and (ideally) keep a copy of each of these articles in some way locally. Runtime would be a shared web hoster, PHP (and web cron, as there's no shell access on that machine). Any ideas? Is there anything purpose-built for that to recommend? Played with certain self-hosted RSS aggregators but most of them are focussed on being clients for reading / consuming feeds...
Bryan Redeagle
1 month ago

I'm trying my hand at more self-hosting. I got a Firefish (fork of Misskey) for posting, and a Gitea for my code, and I'll be spinning up a Bookstack site for some documenting I want to do.

#SelfHosted #FireFish #Gitea #Bookstack #yunohost

Ah. Das awesome-selfhosted GitHub hat eine Webseite bekommen.

#homelab #selfhosted

Brian McGonagill
1 month ago

Run your own #WebRTC Turn Server using #Free and #OpenSource, #SelfHosted software. #Coturn can give your #Matrix #xmpp #nextcloudtalk app a rock solid real-time #audio #Video connection. Runs on #Linux, of course!

Heads up: #selfhosted folks.
If you use the Limit IP Tracking in iOS and you have the new iOS 17 beta that includes iCloud Private Relay, it may limit your ability to use a home-based server on your local network. I couldn't figure out why Tooot and Ivory were not connecting to my #selfhost when I still could with Safari. It turns out this feature was the cause. Something to do with reverse proxy blocking non-browser traffic?

#MastoAdmin #iOS #iPhone #proxy

a screenshot of the Wifi settings screen with limit ip tracking circles and turned off.
MOULE :RainbowLogo:
1 month ago

Over the next few days, I’m going to see if I can change my #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance’s config, DNS, and SSL certificate settings to rename it from “” to “”.

From what I understand, this may cause #federation issues with other servers that know mine as “”, and my instance may not be available to others.

If you’re a #MastoAdmin with experience renaming instances, feel free to drop me some tips! 👍

haliphax 👾
1 month ago

My mind is currently reeling from the possibilities of this. Got a proof of concept stood up on my desktop machine with relative ease. 🤯 #VSCode #SelfHosted #dev

1 month ago
uuzi algu 15.8.2023
sama uvvessah
new start

jag försöker med någonting nytt, #SelfHosted one man instance på Raspberry Pi

döda löv i bäcken, lite deprimerande foto kanske men himlen reflekteras en aning om man tittar noga

dead leaves in a brook, the sky is reflected a little bit here and there

vetty, vatten
Danie van der Merwe
1 month ago
Self-hosting your data and services with Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a great way to free yourself from the spiralling costs and tangled web of subscription fees. Whether you’re simply looking to back up your photos or stream 4K movies on your travels, there’s a wide range of products to pick from, but not quite so many to suit all budgets.

If you’ve been tempted by one of the best NAS systems but are put off by the expense or lack of gradual upgrade paths, building a cheap DIY NAS could be a better alternative for you.

I have a mini-PC running OpenMediaVault at home, with two external notebook drives (they power off USB power). OpenMediaVault runs a daily backup which copies data from the primary drive over to the second drive. It's not fancy, but it offers a couple of home-hosted services that I run inside the house, as well as a Nginx Proxy Manager service that securely manages any external connections from the Internet.

The only downside is that the combination of LAN network, mini-PC power, and externally connected drives via USB, means that it has been too sluggish for me to do proper desktop backups over the LAN to it. Maybe I must try tuning it again, but this is a potential bottleneck if you wanted to back up hundreds of gigabytes of data. Still, it is highly functional, and I find it very worthwhile running. All my self-hosted services are running in Docker containers under OpenMediaVault.

So, as the article says about some options, you can go extremely budget, or if you pay a bit more, you get more functionality and speed. Off-the-shelf NAS hardware is a great way to get started, especially if you’re limited on time. But hopefully, this guide will convince you that a self-built PC or Mini-PC/DAS setup is a great way to take control of the setup yourself. Plus, it’ll cost you significantly less and net you a lot more hardware than a Synology or QNAP.

See I saved $100s building my own NAS home server

Building a DIY NAS is the cheap option to get setup with a home server, here's how I did it and everything you need to know to get started.

#technology #selfhosted #NAS