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#Fraud. #SexualAssault. He's a liar and a rapist, and #Republicans will *still* support him. That tells you all you need to know about the #GOP.

#Trump #Indicted

Lawsuit exposed deficiencies in JPMorgan's oversight of clients even as employees urged bank to end work with Epstein.#Economy #BusinessandEconomy #Courts #FinancialMarkets #SexualAssault #UnitedStates #US&Canada
JPMorgan to pay US Virgin Islands $75m to settle Epstein lawsuit

Rumble rejects British government req. on Russell Brand content
Supports investigation but also 'a free internet' 🤨

* Canadian-founded video platform Rumble popular among right-wing
* rejects request f. British parliamentary committee to stop Russell Brand f. monetizing his content
* sexual assault allegations against Brand being investigated >> Rumble

#Canada #Rumble #trolls #CultureWars #FarRight #disinformation #RussellBrand #SexualAssault

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Who is who? A guide to the major players in the trucker convoy protest
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Canadian-founded Rumble rejects British government request on Russell Brand content
Rumble, with Toronto offices, says it supports an investigation into Brand, but also 'a free internet'

According to a joint investigation by three British news organizations, comedian Russell Brand is being accused of rape and sexual assault. Four women are alleging that Brand sexually assaulted them at the height of his fame — which he denies.
Alaska Native News
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William Myers Convicted of Attempted Sexual Assault
[the_ad id="30587"]

(Anchorage, AK) – Tuesday, an Anchorage jury convicted William Myers of one count of attempted sexual assault in the second degree. They found him not guilty of sexual assault in the second degree.

The trial for this case started on Sept. 11, 2023. The jury deliberated for...
#william meyers #anchorage #conviction #SexualAssault

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#DanWootton continues to present his regular programme on #gbnews as if no allegations were ever made. At least two other GBNews presenters defend Russell Brand. #rape #sexualassault #allegations

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Not-for-profit service Waratah, in Bunbury, says 35 boys and eight men sought help from the service last financial year — about double the figures from 2021.

The Survivors and Mates Support Network (SAMSN), a national charity working with male survivors of child sexual abuse, reported a waiting list of 200 men for its support groups.

#Men #Boys #SexualAssault #Help #Support

Tim Verstynen
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The biggest myth I still see propagated on college campuses is that Title IX is a resource to protect victims of sexual harassment and assault. Every single time I have seen a case go to them they end up providing cover for the accused, prolong the trauma/suffering of the victim, and prioritize protecting the university’s image.

Every. Single. Goddamn. Time.

#titleix #college #SexualAssault

"there’s a collective tendency to assume that society gets progressively better, more equal; but every day brings another grim reminder that we’re living through an epidemic of misogyny. If it is hard for adults to process that reality, it is even worse for children. … exposure to sexist abuse is crippling girls’ self-esteem. But let’s not forget that boys are also navigating their way through this cesspit."

#misogyny #sexualAssault #sexualHarassment

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5 Documents That Helped Us Understand How #Columbia Protected a Predator

For decades, Columbia obstetrician Robert Hadden was abusing #patients.

Here’s some of the #evidence ProPublica reporter Bianca Fortis used to investigate how the #university allowed it to happen.

#SexualAssault #Education #Hospitals #Doctors #Parents #Moms #Pregnancy #News #NewYork #NYC

This Post-it note with the name and phone number of Columbia University’s deputy general counsel was handed to one of Robert Hadden’s patients by another doctor after reporting she’d been abused by Hadden.
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YouTube does the right thing and riles
By suspending Brand from making money piles
After allegations of sex crime
It's all for the better, in just the right time

#russellbrand #youtube #metoo #sexualassault #poetry

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Bob Smietana: Is a pastor’s sin a private matter? Johnny Hunt’s lawsuit makes that claim.

"Over the course of their inquiry, investigators from Guidepost Solutions, the firm hired by the SBC, had heard about Hunt’s misconduct and learned that the woman involved in the incident — who has not been named publicly — described it as a sexual assault and as nonconsensual."

#southernbaptist #baptist #johnnyhunt #sexualassault

The quasi-religious group has at least 3,500 members who are holed up in a mountain community in Mindanao.#ChildRights #SexualAssault #AsiaPacific #Philippines
Philippines doomsday ‘cult’ accused of child sex abuse
1 week ago

From Alex Jones to Andrew Tate, controversial figures on the right have come out to bat for the comedian in the wake of sexual assault allegations.
#RussellBrand #sexualassault #maleviolence #conspiracytheories #AndrewTate

The youth football coach was sentenced in 2018 on 50 counts of abusing boys between the years of 1979 and 1991.#Sports #Crime #Football #SexualAssault #Europe #UnitedKingdom
Barry Bennell, former coach and serial paedophile, dies in UK prison
1 week ago

On 16 September, a joint investigation by the Times, Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches is published, detailing allegations made against Brand. #bbc
#russellbrand #sexualassault #ibelieveher

Girl on the Net
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In the light of the documentary/article/revelations about [INSERT NAME OF LATEST PREDATORY MAN], I have made note of a few phrases that I’d love to never hear again in the context of rape and sexual assault.

“Shocked and appalled”
"We should teach consent classes!"
"I dated him/married him/met him once in a Costco and he didn’t rape ME!" #Rape #SexualAssault #UKLaw #Law

1 week ago

I am really upset to see so many #women of my #generationX jumping to the defense of #RussellBrand, claiming 'these women knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for". Nevermind being a living proof of how slowly #feminism has progressed, they display an understanding of #sexualassault & #consent BELOW the very #legal definitions, ignoring it ain't just PIV (penis in vagina) or not having awakened to marital r*pe law (voted in 1991 in the UK).

#Universities, whatever some people think, are essentially microcosms of society (I know I worked as a Uni academic for 25 yrs), so if there is a accelerating problem of reported (and unreported) #sexualassault on campus, you can be sure this mirrors the situation in wider society...

Something going very wrong in #sexual conduct in this country which while expressed in worries about #toxicmasculinity is by no means limited to that (relatively easily) recognisable group!

Claudia Miles
2 weeks ago

Russell Brand has been credibly accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse. Well researched over several years, reporters have interviewed 100s of sources who knew him (GFs, family, colleagues, employees) & read countless private emails, texts, medical and therapists’ notes.

Brand denies all charges suggesting this has to do with his being right-wing or a conspiracy theorist rather than his own actions.
#RussellBrand #sexualassault

Screen grab of Russell Brand gesturing with hands as he makes his statement denying charges.
pro time theft
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Does it feel like things are weirder and more unpleasant than usual lately, the last few years, COVID, increased political corruption, everything?

Great article bringing to light all of the collective trauma we've felt in the USA and what I'm sure is everywhere in the world.

#trauma #CollectiveTrauma #politics #anger #covid #USA #Trump #politicians #rapists #polarized #America #SexualAssault #abuse

Shawn in Montreal
2 weeks ago

And here we go. He's been mounting his SM campaign and garnering online support from the usual suspects, Musk and Tate, and we sort of knew this was coming.
#rape #sexualassault #metoo

Luis Rubiales appears before a judge probing a complaint of sexual assault over forcibly kissing player Jenni Hermoso.#Sports #Football #SexualAssault #Europe #Spain
Spain’s former football boss Rubiales in court over World Cup kiss scandal
A Wolf Pack rapist uses a loophole in 'Only Yes Is Yes' law, which set lighter minimum sentences for certain sex crimes.#Features #SexualAssault #WomensRights #Europe #Spain
Spain cuts gang rape convict’s prison term under botched law
Balado was reporting on a robbery in Madrid for channel Cuatro when a man groped her on camera.#SexualAssault #Europe #Spain
Spanish police arrest man for groping reporter Isa Balado while live on air

For decades, more than 245 patients warned #Columbia about the behavior of #obstetrician #RobertHadden. One even called #911 and had him arrested. Columbia let him keep working.

If you need help, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673 or chat online at


Warning: the story in the link below includes detailed descriptions of sexual assaults.

Queen of the Crone Age
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@cmorris @sbarolo @shrewshrew

So timely. A certain fam member is trying some of these w the #MelTucker debacle.

Love this. 💚


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How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years

For decades, patients warned #Columbia about the behavior of obstetrician Robert Hadden.

One even called 911 and had him arrested.

Columbia let him keep working.

#SexualAssault #Rape #Doctors #Patients #Hospitals #Privacy #Transparency #OBGYN #Parents #Mothers #Women #News #Crime #CriminalJustice #NewYork #NYC

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ANTI-FLAG Issues Statement After 12 Women Accuse Frontman Of Sexual Assault: "F*ck You JUSTIN"
"We trusted Justin greatly and are now learning that we were deceived, lied to, and kept in the dark for the entirety of our association."


Prosecutor's office says the footballer filed the case against the football chief on Tuesday.
Spain’s Jenni Hermoso files legal complaint against Rubiales over kiss
The Spanish Football Federation has sacked the coach of its women's team, Jorge Vilda, barely two weeks after the team won the World Cup.Vilda has been repla...
World Cup kiss scandal: Spain appoints first woman to coach football team
Spain's football federation has fired the coach of its World Cup-winning women's team.Jorge Vilda's sacking comes after FIFA suspended the federation preside...
Spanish women's soccer coach Vilda fired in wake of Rubiales kissing scandal
Leaders of regional bodies that make up Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) made collective request to Rubiales.
Spanish football federation leaders ask Rubiales to quit over kiss scandal
Spanish prosecutors have opened a sexual assault investigation into the country's football federation president Luis Rubiales..Rubailes is under pressure to ...
Rubiales’s mother goes on hunger strike to protest ‘bloody hunt’ on son
Prosectors to investigate the Spanish football federation chief after his forcible kiss of player Jenni Hermoso.
Spanish prosecutors open sexual assault probe into Rubiales over kiss
The Spanish football chief's mother says her hunger strike would last until the 'hunt' against her son is over.
Rubiales’s mother goes on hunger strike to protest ‘bloody hunt’ on son
Islamabad-based NGO records 2,227 cases of child sexual abuse in the country between January and June.
A child was sexually abused every two hours in Pakistan this year, NGO says
1 month ago

Despite Major Reform to #Military Justice System, #Navy Still Leaves Public in Dark
As President #Biden announces major reforms to how the military prosecutes #SexualAssault, the U.S. Navy is still shrouding those court proceedings in secrecy and fighting a ProPublica lawsuit to make such cases public.

#CriminalJustice #Transparency #Lawsuits #News

Malka Leifer was sentenced for sexually abusing two sisters at an ultra-Orthodox Jewish school in Melbourne.
Former school principal handed 15-year sentence in Australia
Fans, women's groups and ex-players slam the way Man Utd conducted an investigation into allegations against the player.
Criticism mounts over Manchester United’s handling of Mason Greenwood case
Greenwood says decision good for both parties after months-long investigation into allegations of attempted rape.
Mason Greenwood to leave Manchester United following investigation
New York-based Human Rights Watch says it documented 78 victims of rape between April 24 and June 26.
HRW, UN raise alarm over rape accusations against Sudan’s RSF

On this day in 1975, Joan Little was acquitted for the murder of her rapist. She was the first American woman to be acquitted of murder committed in self-defense against a sexual assault.


#OnThisDay #History #BlackWomen #CivilRights #SexualAssault #JudicialSystem #Abolition #SelfDefense #BodyAutonomy

Black and white photo of Joan with her index finger rested on her mouth, thinking deeply or listening intently to someone out of view. She is wearing a sweater over a button-up shirt and has a large afro.
2 months ago

I am aghast.

Via the Religious Exemption Accountability Project:
"The U.S. Department of Education just granted Baylor University a Title IX exemption for sexual harassment.

This is the first time that a university has requested a religious exemption to permit sexual harassment and the first time the DoED has granted such a request."

#SexualAssault #ReligiousExemptions #Theocracy


REAP's lawsuit:

from the Religious Exemption Accountability project, on twitter:

In a 2021 letter to the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, Baylor University requested a religious exemption for the following three claims:

-- The university's alleged decision to deny applications for an official charter for Gamma Alpha Upsilon
-- The university's alleged decision to pressure university media not to report on LGBTQ events and protests in September and October 2021
-- The university's alleged response to notice that students were subjected to harassment based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

They were granted an exemption for all claims, including the claim about sexual harassment.
Tweets by the Religious Exemption Accountability Project:

Baylor university specifically sought assurance that the university and its students could not be accused of sexual harassment for their behavior towards LGBTQIA+ people.

Your religious tenets should not require you to act in a way that may be classified as sexual harassment.

Baylor wrote:
"The university does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression per se, but it does regulate conduct that is inconsistent with the religious values and beliefs that are integral to its Christian faith and mission"

Evidently, controlling people's ability to live into their sexuality, gender identity and/or gender expression does not qualify as discrimination in the eyes of Baylor university. And neither does sexual harassment.

The outrage is not only that Baylor university would go so far as to request a religious exemption to sexual harassment, but that the Department of Education would grant their request.

The study, which undertook the largest analysis of sexual offence trial transcripts in the state in 27 years, found many of the procedural reforms that started in the 1980s to improve the experience of sexual violence victim-survivors in the criminal justice system were working.

...successive reforms had not tackled what “complainants often find so distressing in these matters”.

“That includes the expectation for people to conform to [the idea of] a ‘true’ victim, that they will immediately make a complaint, that they will do their utmost to tell their story no matter the audience and in exactly the same fashion on each occasion,”

#AusPol #Rape #SexualAssault #NSWPol #Academia

2 months ago

A #Utah Therapist Built a Reputation for Helping Gay Latter-day Saints.
These Men Say He Sexually Abused Them.

Several #patients complained to the #church or the state licensing board about inappropriate touching during #therapy sessions.

It was years before the #therapist gave up his license.

#LDS #SexualAssault #Doctors #Abuse #LGBTQ #News

Robert M
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@w7voa Birds of a feather ... #sexualassault #trump #vincemcmahon

Filthy sex offenders Donald Trump and Vince McMahon.

🧵3 Please see the below post for just ONE example of the accusations against this guy. He’s accused of using a trans man’s death to get attention, treating his funeral as a cruising event, and then trying to force himself on a trans man and a cis woman, saying that sex is a coping mechanism

#Sexualassault #lgbtq #victim #ProtectTransFolks

2 months ago

'Manipur Police Were Present, But Didn't Help Us': Women in Harrowing Video Tell 'The Wire'

One of the two survivors said that she saw four policemen sitting in the car and observing the violence. "They didn't do anything to help us," she said. This survivor's father and brother were killed in this mob attack.

#manipur #ManipurViolence #SexualAssault #ViolenceAgainstWomen #meiteis #ManipurPolice #kukis #KukiZos #majoritarianism #christians #ManipurUnrest #ManipurGovt #BJP #UnionGovt #india

Andrew Mark McCall
3 months ago

my wife wrote this poem about her experience with sexual assault and I encourage you all to read it. Very moving.

#writing #poetry #poem #metoo #writer #blog #blogging #sexualassault

4 months ago

Why isn't this story making news EVERYwhere on EVERY outlet?

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'This conversation was recorded' most dangerous phrase for #Giuliani in #SexualAssault lawsuit #legal

4 months ago

"Likewise, Giuliani told Ms. Dunphy about other instances in which he would have others receive and hold money that was due to him so that his ex-wife would not know that he received the money. Upon information and belief, these individuals holding the money would give Giuliani cash from time to time so that the funds could not be traced to Giuliani."

#guiliani #sexualassault #dunphy

4 months ago

is a monster: "Under the guise of providing Ms. Dunphy legal advice, Giuliani started asking Ms. Dunphy for extremely personal details relating to her past, including explicit details about prior sexual encounters. s. Dunphy was disturbed by these personal questions, but Giuliani claimed that this information was necessary for his “research” in connection with her case #rudyguiliani #sexualassault #dunphy

4 months ago

"For example, upon information and belief, Giuliani repeatedly agreed to give significant job titles and large salaries to women he found attractive, with the intention of having a sexual relationship with them. Upon information and belief, Giuliani achieved this goal in several instances, and engaged in sexual relationships with women he had hired and whose employment he controlled" completely" #guiliani #sexualassault #dunphy

4 months ago

"As Ms. Dunphy continued her work for Giuliani and the Giuliani Companies, the work environment became increasingly hostile. In addition to his sexual demands, Giuliani went on alcohol-drenched rants that included sexist, racist, and antisemitic remarks, which made the work environment unbearable. Many of these comments were recorded." #guiliani #sexualassault #dunphy #rudyguiliani

4 months ago

Giuliani also took Viagra constantly @RudyGiuliani #guiliani #sexualassault #dunphy

4 months ago

"He [ Rudy Guiliani] drank morning, noon, and night, and was frequently
intoxicated, and therefore his behavior was always unpredictable" #guiliani #sexualassault #dunphy

5 months ago

Donald Trump's defense is evoking a number of myths about sexual assault victims, experts say.
#News #DonaldTrump #Politics #sexualassault ##metoo

5 months ago

Can a woman prove in court that one of the most powerful men in the world sexually assaulted her?
#News #Gender #E.JeanCarroll #defamation #sexualassault #rape #DonaldTrump ##metoo

5 months ago

The student reportedly said in the email that Campbell made repeated sexual comments and “grabbed me around my neck.”
#Tennessee #Politics #Republicans #Gender #sexualharassment #sexualassault

5 months ago

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

On our blog, Kayla Rodriguez shares her story as an autistic disabled Latina survivor, how marginalized people are more vulnerable to sexual assault, and how to prevent sexual assault:

#sexualassaultawareness #SAAM #autism #autismacceptancemonth #disability #sexualassault #survivor

6 months ago

Don’t tell me how to dress! Tell them not to rape!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) Support survivors.

Raise the awareness, #Boost

#SexualAssault #Awareness #April #SAMM

Additional Information added:

Factors related to a victim’s appearance
(physical attractiveness, style of dress)

Women holding up a sign, Don't tell me how to dress. Tell them not to rape
7 months ago

2/ More, via Kyle Cheney and Law and Crime:

Judge KAPLAN will also allow the testimony of two other women who have claimed #Trump sexually assaulted them. #SexualAssault #legal

7 months ago

Utah legislators vote to fix law that made it difficult for some sexual assault survivors to sue

The bill, if signed by Gov. Spencer Cox, will help those assaulted in medical settings.

But it won’t help the 94 women whose suit against an OB-GYN brought the issue to light.

#Utah #SexualAssault #Rape #Crime #Lawsuits #CriminalJustice #OBGYN