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Dive into the exploration of sexuality and enduring partnerships! My work is for those eager to enhance their comprehension of matters concerning women, sexual education, and relationships. #Sexuality #RelationshipGoals

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Please take a look at my website - the gateway to all my research, books & articles! #sexuality #AdultSexEd #relationships

Thought Punks
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Ah, we're back to this sentiment making the rounds again DURING THE MOST SEXLESS, PURITANICAL, SANITIZED MEDIA PERIOD IN OUR LIFETIMES.

I weep for you all.

EDIT NOTE: If anyone else is thinking of coming at me weirdly asking what I'm doing about it [I'm not exactly a media mogul], please pause and realize I'm the guy who wrote:

You Can Be Trash Too -

I Must Find Bigfoot and Bang Him -

#sex #sexuality #movies #media #tv

Twitter screenshot

What movie/show is responsible?
[meme image, someone pouring a cappucino into another overflowing the receiving cup and making a mess all over the table. The pouring hand is labeled "makers", the pouring cup labeled "useless sex scenes", the receiving overflowing cup labeled "any show/move"]
3:40 AM · Dec 2, 2023 · 12.3K Views
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I share educational content daily to foster discussions about the facts, reasoning, and research discoveries that shed light on our sexuality. Join the discussion! #AdultSexEd #sexuality #relationships

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I cannot recommend "Sex at Dawn" by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha enough.

I was raised Catholic, and it doesn't matter how much I've thought I've shrugged off the shackles of shame and the idea of feminine sexiness, feminine divinity as the worst of all sin, I'm finding that I still had hang-ups, they were affecting my sex life recently, and I picked up this book (totally without this intention, just on a whim) at the exact right time.

I will say: these authors don't use language that is all-encompassing of the vast spectrum of gender identities and sexualities. However, I haven't found that this alienates me personally (you might feel differently, though!), and I've just identified with the aspects of myself that are male and female as I read the historical record and scientific information about both. I think that the implications of the information being presented, and the seeming academic rigor that the authors uphold makes that worth overlooking, because I think that people of all gender identities raised in modern (especially Western) societies would greatly benefit from reading this book.

So, for what it's worth. I'm about halfway through, and I'll probably post a much more well-written and thoughtful review once I finish the book.

#BookRecommendation #SexAtDawn #Sex #Sexuality #Feminism #ModernSex #BookRec

NEW — Chief of the republican #Sexuality Police & proud christo-fascist #MagaMike Johnson told a closed leadership meeting today that he spoke to George Santos again today. And said resigning would be a way to avoid republicans having to take a tough vote. Santos refused to resign and adjourned the house.

Republicans are in disarray. The republican crime wave continues unabated.

John Griogair Bell
1 week ago

“If possible, of course, some bad luck could be produced for the victims or for their institution. Pranks, you know. But again, this is not necessary, and may even get in the way of our pure experiment in mind-fuck and image-manipulation. Let the bastards produce their own bad luck out of their inner sadness at being such evil assholes, out of their atavistic superstition (without which they wouldn’t be such media-wizards), out of their fear of otherness, out of their repressed sexuality. You can be sure they will – or at least, that they’ll remember the ‘curse’ every time something bad happens to them.”

Hermetic quote Hakim Bey Wilson The Occult Assault on Institutions mind-fuck image-manipulation inner sadness evil assholes atavistic superstition media-wizards fear otherness repressed sexuality curse
Børge A. Roum
1 week ago

What was the best/most important advice you have received about sex?

Did you receive it when you where young or later in life? Was it from school, parents, a sibling, friends, media or porn?

What is the best/most important advice you would give to someone, maybe your child or someone young in your life, about sex?

#sex #sexEd #sexuality

WIST Quotations
1 week ago

A quotation from Elders, Joycelyn:

As long as I was in Washington I never met anybody that I thought was good enough, who knew enough, or who loved enough to make sexual decisions for anybody else.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #decisionmaking #government #politician #politics #privacy #sexuality

ABC Feeds
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In Melbourne they're in department stores. In Sydney it's a crime
By Daniel Ziffer

Sexual devices like vibrators are sold in department stores and chemists in some parts of the country. In others they can only be sold in stores hidden from public view and subject to intense restrictions.

#Wellness #Crime #SexualHealth #Sexuality #DanielZiffer

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Please take a look at my website - the gateway to all my research, books & articles! #sexuality #AdultSexEd #relationships

ABC Feeds
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Consent issues in spotlight as WA school leavers wrap up celebrations

While WA Police reported a trouble-free week from WA's graduating year 12s, a video circulating on social media puts a spotlight on consent issues.

#SexualHealth #Sexuality #SecondarySchools #Teenagers

Learn About Sexuality
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Dive into the exploration of sexuality and enduring partnerships! My work is for those eager to enhance their comprehension of matters concerning women, sexual education, and relationships. #Sexuality #RelationshipGoals

Jon Erling
1 week ago

I do not care what your #religion, #gender or #sexuality is, I just want you to enjoy #life.
If it helps, I myself is #agnostic 🤗

Carmen Krause
2 weeks ago

#Lektüre-Tipp (nicht nur) für #Queerbrarians:

Bieraugel, Mark: Nail Polish Epiphany. In: Trans and gender diverse voices in libraries. Sacramento, CA : Library Juice Press, 2023, S. 295-307 -

Der Sammelband "#Trans and #GenderDiverse Voices in #Libraries" ( ist kürzlich in der "Series on #Gender and #Sexuality in #InformationStudies" erschienen.

2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 23, 1644: At the height of the English Civil War, John Milton published an anti-censorship pamphlet, “Areopagitica.” He had been censored several times, particularly in his attempts to defend divorce, a radical idea in those days. He anonymously published “The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce” (1643), which was condemned by the Puritan clergy as heretical and supportive of sexual libertinism.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #FreeSpeech #censorship #liberalism #divorce #sexuality #CivilWar #books #writer #author #milton #fiction #nonfiction @bookstadon

Cover of Milton's "The Divorce Tracts"
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I share educational content daily to foster discussions about the facts, reasoning, and research discoveries that shed light on our sexuality. Join the discussion! #AdultSexEd #sexuality #relationships

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From lawyer to sex worker: Why Mitch Larsson's career change was 'one of the best decisions' he ever made
By Anna Kelsey-Sugg and Bec Zajac

Mitch has always been open to new ideas. So when someone suggested sex work, the early-career lawyer decided to try it as a 'side hustle'. It turned into something more.

#FamilyandRelationships #Parenting #Work #Sexuality #Women #AnnaKelseySugg #BecZajac

2 weeks ago

"Technology is neutral". I agree with this if I can add one small caveat: unless it is designed/used by humans.

Sign this petition to ban #ai #gender and #sexuality 'recognition'. This is a very bad road to go down; leads to further discrimination (even if you're cis-het) and risk to life - e.g. consider states where it's illegal to be #gay or #trans or #nonbinary or #gnc and a machine tells law enforcement you don't fit the mold.


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Please take a look at my website - the gateway to all my research, books & articles! #sexuality #AdultSexEd #relationships

2 weeks ago

Speaker Johnson is a true Dick. Per #TheAtlantic

Three weeks before becoming #HouseSpeaker #MikeJohnson said #Americansociety was “so dark and #depraved it almost seems #irredeemable,” citing statistics about high school #students' #sexuality because fewer people go to #church than they used to and one-quarter of high school #students are “something #other than #straight.”

Hey #Transfem folx. I am trying to figure sexuality and what rings my bell. Any toys or books or anything you would like to drop a link below for me?
#trans #sexuality #sex
Love You!

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Dive into the exploration of sexuality and enduring partnerships! My work is for those eager to enhance their comprehension of matters concerning women, sexual education, and relationships. #Sexuality #RelationshipGoals

Inked Goddess Creations
3 weeks ago

A great way to boost your creativity is to carry one of these Fire Agate Tumbled Gemstones. It can help ignite your imagination and realize your ambitions!
#FireAgate #Creativity #Inspiration #Imagination #Ambition #Sexuality #Crystal #Mineral #Gemstone #Magick

A photo of the "Fire Agate Tumbled Gemstone" product from Inked Goddess Creations.
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I share educational content daily to foster discussions about the facts, reasoning, and research discoveries that shed light on our sexuality. Join the discussion! #AdultSexEd #sexuality #relationships

Philip N Cohen
3 weeks ago

Now you know: 76% of American young adults now think gay sex is "not wrong at all."
#gender #sexuality

chart showing the trend from General Social Survey data.
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Please take a look at my website - the gateway to all my research, books & articles! #sexuality #AdultSexEd #relationships

Alan R Paine
4 weeks ago

@arianesherine Hi Ariane. In the uncut version of Anne Frank's diary she talks about her friend Jacque before she went into hiding. 'I asked her whether as a proof of our friendship we could touch each others breasts. Jacque refused. Every time I see a female nude such as the Venus in my art history book, I go into ecstasy.' She also talks of her desire for Peter hiding in the annex with her and her discussions with him about sex.


Janice Selbie
1 month ago

One way to help recover from toxic #purityculture is to try something new, like a sexual #retreat or #workshop. Investigate thoroughly before committing your time & money. Then, if it appeals to your curiosity: GO FOR IT. Regardless of whether you use what you learn in the workshop, you empower yourself every time you try something new. #sexuality #sexual #health #empowerment #new #curiosity #goforit

Learn About Sexuality
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Dive into the exploration of sexuality and enduring partnerships! My work is for those eager to enhance their comprehension of matters concerning women, sexual education, and relationships. #Sexuality #RelationshipGoals

Ben Royce 🇺🇦
1 month ago

Masters and Johnson human sexuality research team, 1978

Mastering our Johnsons human sexuality research team, 2023

this doesn't seem like progress in human #sexuality

#USPol #Politics #MAGAMikeJohnson #speaker

Masters and Johnson
Mastering our Johnsons

With the start of November, I want to touch on a seasonal topic. In my latest post I start at No Nut November and arrive at orgone. Come learn about

Sex magic for the masses

(No graphic images. The post contains frank discussion of sex, masturbation, and bodily fluids and is possibly something of an info hazard.)

#magic #magick #orgone #HistoryOfIdeas #sexuality

Ink on paper, reddish symbols that look kind of like writing.
1 month ago

Same-sex verdict compels queer couples to lead dishonest lives, review petition tells Supreme Court

‘No contract or forceful State action can curtail an adult’s fundamental right to marry,’ the review petition said.

#SupremeCourt #SameSexMarriages #MarriageEquality #LGBTQIA #LGBT #RightToMarry #sexuality #india

1 month ago

I had not heard of this new BBC show about sexuality and disability, written by and starring a member of the blind and low vision community!

#blind #LowVision #disability #disabled #sexuality #representation #blindness #BBC #TV

I finally #cameout as #gay at 55 years old after 2 #marriages with #women. #Telling my #children was surprisingly #easy.

My #sexuality was a #burden I carried for so long, and #hiding it became part of my #core #identity, weighing me down. But I finally had the #courage to #comeout at 55. Honestly, I sometimes wish I hadn't waited so long.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Nevada #ComingOut #Representation #Culture

1 month ago

" ... the love between women is a refuge and an escape into harmony and narcissism in place of conflict. In the love between man and woman there is resistance and conflict. Two women do not judge each other. They form an alliance. It is, in a way, self-love. ..."

-- in The Diary of Anaïs Nin, vol 1

#quote #women #sexuality

hackbyte (friendica)
2 months ago

Because i'm just watching some video about some (nonmention) SciFi Lore. There was the question of a female read character, having three boobs.

Obviously, that's a trope actually pictured in movies like Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger way back then..

But here the question already starts.

Three boobs? How to orient them? In a straight line?
Make them staggered?

And there it struck me. Why the - sorry but - fuck, three boobs?

What about 4, 6 .. or 8 as often found on animals.

Why the heck has it to be three?

Makes totally no sense to me..

And as a ab*s* challenged person, this topic is still.... a topic for me.

But in the end.. heck?

Why three?

Why not as usual 4, 6 or 8 in the first place?

Shoot, am i weird oh yes, totally.

Chime in please.

#SciFi #Sexuality #Female #Boobs #Boob #RandomShit ;)

Ben Waber
2 months ago

Last was an essential panel on making research more inclusive of #gender and #sexuality #diversity at #UNSW with Ania Anderst, Bella Bushby, Angela Griffin, @hmlittlecbigc, and Kazi Ashraf Uddin. The panel covers everything from who should engage in research on traditionally marginalized genders and sexualities, how/if gender and sexuality should be measured, and more. Highly recommend (9/9) #DEI

Jeremy Mallin
2 months ago

When you spoon, what do you do with the arm that's on the bottom? I feel like I need to be able to detach that arm and put it back on later.

#Intimacy #Sexuality #Awkward

“Men produce differing amounts of precum, from a few drops to about a teaspoon. Generally, the amount is nothing to worry about.”
#sexuality #sztukaKochania

"In 2017, Viktor Orbán, the fascist prime minister of Hungary, banished Central European Uni from the country, forcing it to relocate to Austria. Becker and others have noted that DeSantis’ educational takeover mirrors Orbán’s."

“We’re committed to young people’s education and academic freedom, which are all under threat”
--- Prof Jonathan Becker, vice president of academic affairs. DeSantis has been curbing lessons on #race, #gender, and #sexuality. #highered

3 months ago

#music #pop #dance #femininity

sometimes i forget the version of stunning feminine #sexuality i grew up seeing:

and yes, everything i learned about sexuality came from MTV or the radio. i was raised by pop music and its videos.

3 months ago

#ClimateEmergency #ChemicalPollution #Sexuality #HumanReproduction #Extinction JUST MORE EVIDENCE THAT THIS CIVILISATION IS GONE:
Why 2% Is the Most Dangerous Number No One Is Talking About
An alarming decades-long decline rate in male sperm count could lead to near-universal male sterility by 2060.

Tucker Teague
3 months ago

I found this video excellent. I know it just scratches the surface, but there's still a lot of fundamental ideas and questions in it. I've been wanting for years to read Butler's "Gender Trouble," but haven't yet. Someday soon, probably.

#gender #freedom #justice #sex #genderTheory #feminism #gayRights #sexuality #person #human #JudithButler #socialNorms #queer #sociology #psychology #philosophy #deconstruction #performative #transRights

Jeffrey Yost
3 months ago

As someone who studies data privacy, very little in surveillance capitalism & exploitation of users by corporations surprises me.

BUT THIS: Kia, Nissan & others privacy policies state collecting and using information on your "sexual activity" & "sex life." Given cars are computers on wheels!!!

#data #privacy #surveillance #sex #sexuality #automobiles #tech #technology #science #ai #history


Learn About Sexuality
3 months ago

Please take a look at my website - the gateway to all my research, books & articles! #sexuality #AdultSexEd #relationships

You want to see what else the Sex Ed for Bi Guys series has to offer? Check out its official website! I offer a life coaching service too for #bisexual, #bicurious and bi+ #men. #sexuality #sex

Are you questioning your #sexuality? Have you ever wondered if you're #bisexual? Here's a guide to help you untangle those questions, on the new Sex Ed for Bi Guys official site! #men

I'm a #sex educator (they/he) who writes the Sex Ed for Bi Guys series. SEfBG is hot and candid sex #education for #bisexual and bi+ #men. I use the words bisexual, #polysexual and #queer to explain my #sexuality. I would describe my gender as #satyr or #werewolf.

Besides that, I'm a nerdy #gamer who's into #scifi, #fantasy, #comics, #anime and the like. My #gaming interests include #videogames, #boardgames and #ttrpg. I've been on masto for a while, just moving instances. #introduction

PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
3 months ago

I just started reading "Ace: What asexuality reveals about desire, society and the meaning of sex" by Angela Chen and I'm already more confused than before.

Ever since I'm taking estrogen and antiandrogens I lack sex drive. I always said about myself that "I was always asexual in my head, but my body only turned asexual with the hormones". What I mean is that I never found sex particularly appealing in my head. I was always to some degree scared of it and disgusted of it. But I still wanted to have sex - especially with my first love.

Now the book tells me, that asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction (towards specific persons) not the lack of sex drive. I never thought about that before, but that makes sense to me.

But now I am thinking: I don't have sex drive, but do I have sexual attraction? I do find some people sexy - it's the first thing I notice about them actually and the first thing I judge about them.

Angela Chen describes sexual attraction as "sex drive towards someone" or "sex drive caused by someone", so by that definition you can't have sexual attraction without sex drive, right?

So what I experience, physical attraction - seeing someone, finding them appealing and wanting to be close to them - is not sexual attraction, because I don't want sex?

So I am asexual after all?

Maybe it'll all make more sense when I continue reading the book...

#ace #asexuality #asexual #sexuality #SexDrive #sex #SexualAttraction #attraction #arousal #desire #confusion #queer

Cover of the book "Ace: What asexuality reveals about desire, society and the meaning of sex" by Angela Chen.
Tracy Rosenberg
3 months ago

"In effect, the law risks forcing individuals to divulge specific details of their #sexuality to the #state government to gain access to certain speech," Ezra added". #AgeVerification #internet

@ralf Boosting even if I have my disagreements with this. I'm of the older bi activist school of thought that #bisexual is a word that resists having just one definition, and I cringe whenever I hear, "bisexuality does not mean...", because oftentimes, yes, it does mean that too. Personally, I push for rehabilitating bisexual as a word that can mean "attractions and desires that can involve #women and #men, among other genders." This is what the word means for a lot of people, and this is how millions of us first begin to make sense of their #sexuality, when they realize they don't just like women or men, but both—because these are the main experience with #gender that most people have. And there needs a word that exists that means that.

Flipboard Science Desk
3 months ago

What evolutionary biology can and can't tell us about sex, gender, and sexuality.

From the MIT Press Reader: "Some human social constructs like gender are viewed erroneously in an evolutionary context. It’s time for our understanding of a person’s self-identity to evolve."

#Sex #Gender #Sexuality #Evolution #Science #LGBTQ

3 months ago

It's hump-day & back-to-school season. Don't forget your dictionary! This one's for adult education –one of many such titles in stock– from introductory to advanced topics & techniques, as well as biographies, DVDs, classic erotica, vintage magazines, pulp-fiction, & bedside readers for your nightstand.

Wednesday 8/30/23, Open 6-9p. No open containers, plz.

#DaytonOhio #UsedBookStore #BrickAndMortar #HumpDay #Academia #SexualStudies #Sexuality #EroticPulp #DVD

Two photos of a book, titled, "The Visual Dictionary of Sex." The front cover is on the left and the back cover is on the right.

Front: full-cover black & white photo, printed in burnt orange tones, of a man and woman engaged in a romantic sexual intercourse. A banded banner of black all-caps serifed text across the top, reads "All about sex in one illustrated book." The title is displayed as four lines in large custom styled purple serif with thin white drop-shadowing to the left.

Back: glossy white with black serif text in a lengthy block, bordered top and bottom by a purple line. Text is mostly sales puffery. Relevant highlights are as follows:

... profiles of~pioneers in the field of~sexuality-from DeSade and Sacher- Masoch to Freud, Krafft-Ebing, Sanger, Reich, Kinsey, and Masters and John- son-plus frank,~illustrated chapters dealing with~sexual attitudes and activities. ~topics covered are: arousal, exhibitionism, gender~,~preferences, pornography, prostitution, contraception, media~sexual symbolism,~physiology~, religious eroticism...

End of Alt-Text Description.

#lgbtq #queer #gender #sexuality #poll #potatoPoll :boosts_ok:​ :boosts_appreciated:​

which of these sparkles are you? pick as many as you want! :rainbow_sparkling_heart:​

(for definitions of these terms, see the first reply to this post :sparkles_pride:​)

Julia Serano
4 months ago

just posted my latest email update, which includes no-paywall links to 9 recent essays, 4 podcast/YouTube interviews w/me about my latest book #SexedUp, and info about 2 upcoming events (one virtual, one in San Francisco)! read it here:

as always, if you want to receive my email updates directly to your inbox, you can sign up here:

#trans #transgender #bisexual #LGBTQ #queer #sex #sexuality #books #writings

Fish :vegan:
4 months ago

This collages background is abstract, amd mostly blue, yellow, green, white and red. It was painted using a sponge. It is mostly vertical lines, with some swirls here and there.
This piece is themed around #sexuality and the #pandemic

#art #video

Kayla Cooley
4 months ago

I’ve not done one of these here yet. Hi! I’m Kayla, PhD candidate in #Ireland looking at suicide methods, locations of suicide and pro-suicide content online/digital communities

I’ve worked in suicide prevention/intervention/postvention for over 7 years and am founder of a non-profit in this area

My interests are wide and varied. Hope to see toots from people interested in #SocialHistory #Photography #InternetCulture #OnlineExtremism #Sexuality #DigitalArchiving #introductions

Steve Faulkner
5 months ago

Talked #accessibility, #music #drugs, #politics and #sexuality when Thomas Logan of visited Kingston today, thanks for visiting, had a blast!

Myself and Thomas, a smiling selfie, with Kingston Station in the background.

Are you questioning your #sexuality? Have you ever wondered if you're #bisexual? Here's a guide to help you untangle those questions, on the new Sex Ed for Bi Guys official site! #men

Miss Rosalie
5 months ago

The myth men always want sex is just as harmful as the myth women don't enjoy sex and give it out like a prize for good behaviour. It reduces men to sex-obsessed pests and can limit their capacity / inclination to say say 'no'.
#kink #femdom #sexuality #BDSM #sexeducation

Julia Serano
5 months ago

just learned that an anti-trans activist who is pushing "autogynephilia" unwittingly shared my 2020 review (which eviscerates the theory) with their followers haha. if you're looking for weekend reading, you can access that paper (& others) here:
#trans #transgender #LGBTQ #science #psychology #sex #sexuality

Tamsin: Bæddel Angel
5 months ago

Hello, and all other instances and all ships at sea! Yes, it's a new instance, but it's the same old nonsense. 😉

Welcome to Tamsin's Pinned Toot. Please enjoy your stay... unless you're a fascist, a racist, a transphobe, a homophobe, or any other flavor of garbage person, in which case please step on a LEGO forever.

What follows are a few things you might want to know about me if you plan to hang around.

So, who the heck am I?

Hi! I'm Tamsin: a white, middle-aged, #queer, #sapphic, #nonbinary #trans woman who likes doorstopper novels, director's cuts, extended remixes, table-top roleplaying games, 5-string basses, double-cutaway Les Paul Jr. guitars, beaches, forests, mountains, witchy things, living places that haven't outlawed her yet, late nights, lazy afternoons, and writing down half of everything she thinks.

I'm happily monogamously married to a polymath superhero, and we share our lives with my marvelous teenaged offspring, two adorable cats, and a host of delightful friends and co-conspirators.

Things I post about, in no particular order: queer stuff, being a trans girl, #magic, #music, #books, #movies, #TTRPGs, #ADHD, #politics, #philosophy, #spirituality, making stuff, and whatever else is going though my brain at any given moment.

When I talk about #gender and #sexuality, it's probably helpful to know that I have a degree in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (with a focus on #feminist history, queer theory, and trans studies) from the University of Washington. Sometimes I joke that I had to get a degree to realize I'm a gay trans girl, which isn't quite true, but still makes me laugh.

I'm exactly the kind of person who likes prog rock, punk rock, post-punk, trip-hop, house, dark folk, black metal, '70s funk, old-school R&B, early rock'n'roll, acid rock, acid folk, blues, early music, minimalist composers, anime soundtracks, and everything Prince ever recorded.

I have a profound fear of spiders, heights, and isolation.

Sometimes I make things. I craft, I cook, I play (and occasionally run) role-playing games, I play (and occasionally write) music and songs. Most of all, though, I write: essays, poetry, stories, and—when I was feeling particularly sassy—a whole-ass book about gender, sexuality, and queerness for witches, Pagans, and occultists. (If you want to check that last one out, here's the publisher's page:

My politics are a simple story: I started out as a liberal in the 1980s and, flying in the face of conventional wisdom, became increasingly leftist as time went by. I support universal healthcare, universal basic income, BLM, antifa, indigenous rights, trans rights, queer resistance, sex workers, undocumented and migrant rights, disability rights, autistic people, plural folks, defunding the police, and radical inclusivity. I'm not an uncritical leftist, however, and I'm probably not ideologically pure enough for most movements. (Then again, I'm a gay trans girl, so most leftist movements don't want me around anyway.)

I offer no quarter for fascism, racism, colonialism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, ableism, or exclusionary gatekeepers. I think all modern conservative movements are intrinsically evil, and if that describes you, exit the ride now. You're gonna have a real bad time otherwise. (I also recommend fixing your heart or, alternately, dying in a fire. Your choice.)

I've never been one of the Cool Kids™, and I never will be. I'm just an middle-aged geek.girl: sad in some ways, happy in many others, with a messy bookstore for a brain and a whirlwind of a heart which loves fiercely, if sometimes clumsily.

It's nice to meet you. 🥰

#intro #introduction #intropost

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
5 months ago

Last year at my community's #Pride festival, I only showed up for a few minutes before I went home. My #QueerImposterSyndrome got the better of me, I was the only one wearing a mask, and I just felt like I didn't belong.

This year at my community's #PrideMonth festival, I walked around masked with fellow #queer, #CovidCautious friends, reconnected with some folks I used to know through #EconomicJustice organizing, and listened to music by some awesome, local #LGBTQ singer-songwriters.

For anyone who's #Questioning their #SexualOrientation, #Sexuality, or #GenderIdentity, or wondering if it's too late to come out or if #ComingOutAsAnAdult is worth it, it can be really, really hard, and I want to acknowledge that. It can be lonely (though I wish it weren't!). Some days will be more difficult than others, but it can also get better and it can be worth it.

Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈 💗💜💙😷

#Bisexual #Bisexuality #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask #ComingOut

Julia Serano
5 months ago

I thankfully haven't seen any "no kink at Pride" posts this year, perhaps because people now see how they are a mere step away from "don't say gay" policies. I discuss the underlying problems with both claims in this #SexedUp book excerpt from last year (no-paywall):
#trans #transgender #LGBTQ #queer #Pride #pridemonth #sex #sexuality

mare lamentorum
6 months ago

Here we go on another #introduction !

I'm Meowry, a Brazilian queer software engineer, focused mostly in #FrontEnd development.

Out of work my interests include #makeup, #goth and #cyber subculture, heavy music -- mostly #metal and its subgenres but also eletronic music and #jrock (can you guess what my handle is referencing btw? hehe).

I'm a sociologist at heart and almost got a degree on that field but that's a long story. I'm passionate about academic studies about #gender and #queer #sexuality.

I am #nonmonogamous for more than a decade now and you'll definitely see me talking about it here. I love and support many #erotica and #nsfw art and eventually I'll boost them -- always with CW and image sensitivity filter on by default!

There's a lot more to talk about so feel free to follow! I'll toot mostly in Portuguese-BR but also English.

Thanks for having me! :ablobcatbongo: :BoostOK:

Prism & Pen
6 months ago

I had an interesting conversation with a family member recently about Pride Month. Even though said family member has always been relatively open-minded about queerness and the LGBTQ+ community, he told me that he still sees Pride as a celebration of sexuality at its core — basically, a month-long orgy. Because he sees it in this way, he understands why others take issue with attempts to incorporate children into Pride celebrations.
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Evie (SleepyCatten)
6 months ago

I was just conversing with the ever-lovely @jen & the topic of #sexuality / #romanticity came up.

We're both in #lesbian marriages, but I'm #bi & Jen is #pan.

This led to Jen bringing up de facto vs de jure.

So, I described myself as a de facto lesbian, but bi de jure.

The latter made me think of "bi du jour", which then led to this:

"Hello waiter? What's the bi du jour please?"
"Today we have a lovely special on #femboys."


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Julia Serano
6 months ago

I've seen multiple ppl posting today (mostly on that other place) about AFAB-only spaces & the presence of real or imagined "penises" making trans women inherently "suspect/dangerous." this is currently my best & most accessible essay on this topic (no-paywall link): "Penises, Privilege, and Feminist & LGBTQ+ Purity Politics"... #trans #transgender #bisexual #LGBTQ #queer #feminism #sex #sexuality #stigma

Julia Serano
6 months ago can also check out this chapter-by-chapter preview of #SexedUp, which provides a summary of the book and the many sex & sexuality-related topics it covers (no-paywall link)...
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Julia Serano
6 months ago

...or you can listen to Emily St. James interview me about #SexedUp for Vox Conversations (now called The Gray Area) in an episode entitled "How society sexualizes us" (also available on all major podcast platforms)...
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Julia Serano
6 months ago

hey, if you're looking to do some podcast listening this long weekend, check out this new interview with me about my book #SexedUp on @NewBooksNetwork! (should be on all platforms, release date May 20, 2023) #trans #bisexual #LGBTQ #feminism #sex #sexuality

Emily Fox
6 months ago

Our survey on friendships, sexual and romantic relationships closes soon (5/31)!

If you're 18+ in the US (& especially if you're #asexual / #aromantic / #queer),
my collaborators (Canton Winer at UCI and Hannah Tessler at Yale) and I would love to include your perspective in our study.


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Tan flier with title in a blue bubble, “Seeking Research Participants to Take Survey on Relationships”. Text on the middle left of the flier says “We are sociologists studying how adults in the U.S. understand and experience their friendships, romantic relationships, and sexual relationships (as applicable).” Text in an orange bubble includes a QR code to the survey and a URL link to survey: At the bottom right, there is text that says, “Participant requirements: 18+ years old, currently living in the United States, you do not need experience with all relationship types.” There are also Twitter handles @CantonWiner @TesslerHannah @Fox_EmilyC at the very bottom of the flier. There is a graphic with four people smiling with their arms around each other at the bottom left.
Brent Pruitt :: Artist
7 months ago

hiya tooters, i’m brent.

#introdution ::
i am a #queer multidisciplinary #artist. i’m a #Leftist with a passion for #queerhistory, #queerart, and #cats.

here you’re likely to find samples of my art, inspirations & out-of-context messages for the fede’feed. topics will generally revolve around #sexuality, #mentalhealth, #socialjustice and/or #catart.

i hope to garner community support for my projects via this #introvert needs a cheerleader…

questions? ask.

selfie image of a gay, bearded brent pruitt outdoors without glasses
Julia Serano
7 months ago

this week I recorded 2 podcast interviews about my latest book Sexed Up: How Society Sexualizes Us and How We Can Fight Back – will post once they'relive! in the meantime you can read about the book here:
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7 months ago

Just #recently I've seen #people #claim that #PoleDancing is not #sexual. #Twerking too. #Kissing?

and the #simple #fact is, that it doesn't matter.

There is #nothing #evil about #sexuality.

It's ok that #BarbieDolls have #boobs.

7 months ago

Ok trans fediverse! I need your help!

I'm a straight trans woman, and my timeline is largely sapphic! It's time to even the balance a bit!

So if you've got any queer/trans content that my straight but queer ass might enjoy, please spam me with it! Memes, people/hashtags to follow, stories, I don't care what it is, I'll take it all :)

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