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4 days ago

Fandom allies, please help us today!

We want to give a big final push to get Our Flag Means Death back on the HBO Max Top 10 list. Please stream it today for 2 minutes or more! You'll love it. 🫶

#SaveShadowAndBone #ShadowAndBone #GoodOmens #GoodOmens2

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4 days ago

More tips for how to maximize your ratings are on our website:

#SaveShadowAndBone #ShadowAndBone

Renew as a Crew
4 days ago

Fandom allies, we need your help!

This is our last chance to show Max that we want Our Flag Means Death S3, and we need the numbers to do it.

Please watch it on December 3 and help boost our numbers. We even think you'd love it.❤️

#SaveShadowAndBone #ShadowAndBone #GoodOmens

art by alibeehaw (

Illustration of Aziraphale and Ed shaking hands
Shadow and Bone season 2 poster
1 week ago

‘Six of Crows’ Series Writer Shares Scrapped Plot Details
#Collider #TVNews #ShadowandBone

1 week ago

'Shadow and Bone' Season 2 Was Never About Alina, and That's the Problem
#Collider #TVFeatures #ShadowandBone

Jill Minor
1 week ago

Listen up fans of the #Grishaverse! THE FAMILIAR by Leigh Bardugo is as excellent as I expected! Set in Spain around 1590. Five star review:
#bookstodon #bookreview #fantasy #sff #bookblog #ShadowAndBone #LeighBardugo #TheFamiliar @bookstodon

Text says "#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR LEIGH BARDUGO THE FAMILIAR a novel". Image of a hand with a beaded red sleeve with lace at the wrist, wearing a red stone ring and holding a rosary. A black scorpion is crawling out of the sleeve.
Father Roderick
2 weeks ago

In my #podcast The Break this week:

🔹 the 60th anniversary of #DoctorWho
🔹 the future of #StarWars under #DaveFiloni
🔹 the cancellation of #ShadowandBone
🔹 season 2 of #LOTR #RingsofPower
🔹 the surprising historical accuracy of the #anime #VinlandSaga

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts:

A LEGO model of the Tardis.
2 weeks ago

Shadow and Bone - Enter the fold had its release last week! We were happy to support the Netflix game with the right sound world!
#netflix #gamedev #gameindustry #shadowandbone #games

Quel dégoût. La saison 3 de Shadow and Bone ne sortira pas. #ShadowAndBone

Affiche de la série Shadow and Bone: La saga Grisha. Saison 2.
Ashley Thomas
3 weeks ago

Feels of the Week from me include more about #TheMarvels and studios effectively burning down the house for insurance money. #ShadowAndBone, #TheInvitation, #TheHungerGames, and more also got the ladies at #Fangirlish up in our feels. How about you? #nerdlyfe

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Je viens de regarder l'épisode S02E08 - No Funerals de #ShadowAndBone !

Affiche de la saison 2 de la série Shadow and Bone

The Netflix hammer strikes again… #ShadowAndBone There’s no point it watching Netflix owned shows as they usually get cancelled..

Renew as a Crew
3 weeks ago

Hi #SaveShadowAndBone #SixOfCrowsSpinoff

Here’s what has worked for us: since we began our campaign to renew Our Flag Means Death for S3, we've moved up the rating for every episode in S1.

Ratings matter. Shadow & Bone currently has a rating of 7.6 ⭐️
Here's why we should collaborate. 🧵

#ShadowAndBone #OurFlagMeansDeath

Shadow & Bone IMDb page
Our Flag Means Death IMDb page
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Je viens de regarder l'épisode S02E07 - Meet You in the Meadow de #ShadowAndBone !

Affiche de la saison 2 de la série Shadow and Bone
3 weeks ago

Super happy to have been working on the Game “Shadow and Bone” on Netflix!
Was very cool to work with the IP of the same named series. Definitely check it out!
Kudos to the whole team at chimera entertainment for the fantastic work!

#gamedev #gameaudio #Netflix #shadowandbone

3 weeks ago

Je viens de regarder l'épisode S02E06 - Ni Weh Sesh (I Have No Heart) de #ShadowAndBone !

Affiche de la saison 2 de la série Shadow and Bone
Craig G
3 weeks ago

This is what Netflix does, and it annoys me more than price rises or banning password sharing.

A whole network run by algorithm, shows cancelled midway through a story because a computer says no.

After I've watched their trashy Christmas movies in December I'll probably cancel.

#Netflix #ShadowAndBone

Aw dammit, Netflix cancelled #ShadowAndBone
I didn’t love the book as much, but the show I found very good

Dennis A
3 weeks ago

#ShadowAndBone #Netflix
Shadow and Bone ❌ Canceled
Six Of Crows ❌ Canceled

‘Shadow and Bone’ Author on Canceled Netflix Series, Dead Spinoff – The Hollywood Reporter

"'Shadow and Bone' author Leigh Bardugo responded to Netflix canceling the fantasy TV adaptation after two seasons and killing spinoff 'Six of Crows'."

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3 weeks ago

How would you react if you learned that #OFMD had been canceled? Let's show our support for the #ShadowandBone and #SixOfCrows fandom, who just received this news. Sign

3 weeks ago

The Cast of ‘Shadow & Bone’ Say Goodbye to the Netflix Series
#Collider #TVNews #ShadowandBone

Renew as a Crew
3 weeks ago

When another fandom has a difficult time, what do we do? We #RenewAsACrew!

We need all the good representation we can get and BOTH #ShadowAndBone and #OurFlagMeansDeath count!

Here’s how we can work together to lift us both up!

To our new friends in the Shadow And Bone fandom, check out our website for tips on how to improve your chances:

We’ve done a lot of work on this and we’d love to help you succeed!

RTL Nieuws
3 weeks ago

𝗡𝗲𝘁𝗳𝗹𝗶𝘅 𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗸𝘁 𝗱𝗲 𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗸𝗸𝗲𝗿 𝘂𝗶𝘁 𝗦𝗵𝗮𝗱𝗼𝘄 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗕𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝗲𝗻 𝘀𝗽𝗶𝗻-𝗼𝗳𝗳 𝗦𝗶𝘅 𝗼𝗳 𝗖𝗿𝗼𝘄𝘀

'Shadow and Bone', waarvan afgelopen maart nog het tweede seizoen verschijnt bij Netflix, krijgt geen derde reeks. Ook trekt de streamingdienst de stekker uit de spin-off 'Six of Crows'. Dat meldt de Amerikaanse entertaintmentwebsite 'Deadline'.

#NetflixStekkerUit #ShadowAndBone #SixOfCrows

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Wie ärgerlich, Netflix setzt schon wieder eine Serie ab die ich sehr mochte.
Da die letzte Staffel schon länger draußen ist ohne dass es Infos über eine Fortsetzung gab, ist es nicht wirklich eine Überraschung. Trotzdem hatte ich immer noch ein bisschen gehofft 😥

Schock für Fantasy-Fans: Netflix setzt die nächste Serie nach nur zwei Staffeln ab - Serien News -

3 weeks ago

Absolutely gutted to learn that Shadow and Bone is being cancelled by #Netflix. There won't be a season 3 or a Six of Crows spin-off:

This series was so good and I was very much looking forward to another season, or a show centered around the #SixOfCrows story.

The story and cast of characters is way too good to leave it here. I hope one day it pops up elsewhere. 😭


#TVSeries #LeighBardugo #Fantasy #Books #TV #Television #ShadowAndBone
3 weeks ago

Netflix cancella Tenebre e Ossa, la serie tratta dai romanzi di Leigh Bardugo. Dunque non ci sarà una stagione 3 e nemmeno lo spinoff Sei di Corvi.

#shadowandbone #tenebreeossa #leighbardugo #fantasy #netflix #nerd

3 weeks ago

Due to costs vs performance and impacts from the writers and actors strikes creating long breaks between seasons, Netflix has cancelled "Shadow and Bone", "Glamorous", "Agent Elvis", "Farzar" and "Captain Fall".
#Netflix #ShadowAndBone #Glamorous #AgentElvis #Farzar #CaptainFall #Television #Streaming

3 weeks ago

‘Shadow And Bone’ Author Leigh Bardugo “Heartbroken & Deeply Disappointed” Over Netflix Series Cancellation
#News #LeighBardugo #Netflix #ShadowandBone

The Hollywood Reporter
3 weeks ago

‘Shadow and Bone’ Author Responds to Netflix Cancellation: “Heartbroken and Deeply Disappointed”
#TV #TVNews #BenBarnes #Netflix #ShadowandBone

3 weeks ago

Netflix Cancels "Agent Elvis," "Captain Fall," "Glamorous" and "Shadow and Bone" #AgentElvis #CaptainFall #Glamorous #ShadowAndBone #Netflix

3 weeks ago
The Hollywood Reporter
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
1 month ago
2 months ago

Starting to really get into #SixOfCrows by Leigh Bardugo, has anyone read it or her #Grisha trilogy with #ShadowAndBone (also on #Netflix )

Jan B.
2 months ago

Shadow and Bone Panel auf der #MagicCon. #ShadowAndBone

...those guys! 😉
Oh my...! 😂
3 months ago

#serienjunkie #ShadowAndBone

Wenn man die erste Staffel Shadow and Bone zum Erscheinungszeitraum gesehen hatte, und jetzt, nach ewig langer Zeit erst die zweite Staffel sehen kann (weil sie erst im April diesen Jahres rauskam), und deswegen jetzt nochmal die komplette erste Staffel gucken muss, weil keine Ahnung mehr, was dadrin passierte. 🙈😅
Hab voll lange gewartet, und es war nie klar, obs ne zweite Staffel geben würde. Irgendwann viel später hat das Netflix dann verkündet, dass es ne zweite Staffel geben würde... und ganze 2 Jahre später kam sie dann raus. Hab versucht, die letzten 2 Folgen der ersten Staffel nochmal zu gucken und musste feststellen, dass ich nach 2 Jahren keine Ahnung mehr von der Story hatte. Also nochmal von Anfang... 🙄
Das ist irgendwie typisch Netflix. Ging mir mit einigen Serien so, nach der ersten Staffel kam erst nix, dann wurde angekündigt, es wird überlegt, und dann am Ende doch nix. Wie z. B. bei Cursed Die Auserwählte, oder wie bei Luna Nera usw. 😒

3 months ago

📚 Just got done #reading Shadow and Bone, the first #novel in the #Grishaverse trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.

I read this after seeing the TV show and reading Six of Crows, but it was awesome to see the foundations of how the entire universe of the #Grisha started!

Full review @ #Bookwyrm:


@bookstodon #Bookstodon #BookReview #Fantasy #ShadowAndBone #LeighBardugo #Books #Magic

Picture of the book cover of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. The book cover is predominantly a deep blue color with the outline of a white stag's head in the middle of it. At the top in gold text is the book's title, Shadow and Bone. Above that in smaller blue print it says "Grishaverse."

At the bottom of the cover in gold text the authors name is printed.
3 months ago
3 months ago

I just watched Shadow and Bone 2x01 "No Shelter But Me" #ShadowAndBone #trakt

4 months ago

Recently finished watching Shadow and Bone, the Netflix fantasy series based off the Grishaverse novels by Leigh Bardugo.

This truly surpassed my expectations for a novel-to-series adaption. In almost all cases the books tend to be a lot better, but this show did justice to the source material.

Hoping for a third season. 🙏

#Streaming #Fantasy #Netflix #TVShows #TV #ShadowAndBone #SixOfCrows #Grishaverse #LeighBardugo @bookstodon #Books #Bookstodon

4 months ago

Season 2 of #ShadowAndBone was really good. They better make a third season!

5 months ago

Just looking to meet other like minded people really. I have a dark, inappropriate sense of humor and it's really hard to hurt my feelings. Especially online.

I'm not new to social media, but I hate Facebook and never used Twitter. This is the first time I've been on the fediverse, but I understand how it works and what it stands for. Always open to making new friends. I am married (you might know him here @ravenking89 ), and the mother to 2 lovely girls and a stepson I that is mine all the same. Also the Mother of Cats (we have 4).

Below I have listed hashtags of some my interests:
#GameofThrones #dungeonsanddragons
#mortal combat

6 months ago

#shadowandbone Leigh Bardugo is the real deal. And also, the show is frustrating for departing from the novels so much, but also fascinating because the actual author is involved, so it’s like an alternate version that feels authentic. And also… why is the Six of Crows stuff SO much better acted than the trilogy stuff. And also… Jesper is the best character to television in, like, a decade.

6 months ago

After #reading the Six of Crows duology, I'm really looking forward to watching Shadow and Bone, the Netflix show set in the same universe and featuring some of the same characters from the #books

#TV #Steaming #ShadowAndBone #SixOfCrows @bookstodon

Brian Nisbet
6 months ago

#ShadowAndBone season 2 starts just so, so well. Great pacing and so many good characters. I'm so many ways, this is how you play a crime boss.

Just finished watching #ShadowAndBone Season 02.

Wow, what an ending.

Is there going to be a third season? Or, is it time to read the #books?


#Spoiler alert from hereon.

Anyway… about the ending. I thought the payment for her casting the forbidden spell was love lost and break up. I was surprised it was her getting access to, I dunno, “black magic”… and she's happy about it.

I'm now really curious what she's going to become. Light and Darkness? Or, just darkness?

The saint becoming the devil?

That's a plot I definitely want to watch (or read if there won't be a third season).


Calico Jesse
7 months ago

After watching Shadow and Bone I read Six of Crows. The show and books have the same characters, but it’s remixed and different. So I found both quite satisfying. The crows are great, lots of good character interaction in this magical heist.

#Books #SixOfCrows #Grisha #GrishaVerse #ShadowAndBone #MagicalHeist

If you shield yourself from pain, you shield yourself from joy


Erika Ensign
8 months ago

The new season of #ShadowAndBone is SO GOOD. I'm basically shipping everyone with everyone else. 😍

Trying to dole it out not-too-fast, but also it finish it fairly soon so Netflix's awful system registers that I watched the whole thing quickly enough to count toward its renewal-worthiness. *deep, pained sigh*

Erika Ensign
8 months ago

Everyone on #ShadowAndBone is beautiful.

Like painfully so.

I love it.

Rod Faulkner
9 months ago

The second season of Shadow And Bone on Netflix is terrific.

#ShadowAndBone #netflix #fantasy

Evie (SleepyCatten)
9 months ago

What do you call a pervy shadow creature?


#ShadowAndBone #IrreverentHumour

Fynn Becker
9 months ago

It’s so cool to have #ShadowAndBone back for season 2. To noone’s surprise I’m here for all the fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, and sci-fi stuff. Basically anything that has a fantastical element to it.

9 months ago

I started watching the new season of #ShadowAndBone and I realized two things:

1. There's some superficial similarity to #TheBrokenEarth.
2. Combined with #BladesInTheDark, #Thief, #Dishonored, #CarnivalRow, #TheIrregulars and a few others I've come to what must be the obvious realization that I really like this quasi-Victorian fantasy genre. Not steampunk_ mind you which doesn't really interest me.

I might start exploring what I can do #ttrpg-wise with this realization..

Fiction Fans Podcast
9 months ago

Oops, forgot to crosspost this week's #podcast #episode announcement 😬

Since #ShadowAndBone season two is coming to #Netflix next week, we thought we'd read book one of the #Grishaverse trilogy for this week's episode! Listener, we had some THOUGHTS about this book 😅

Listen to the episode here:


Mellifloss / Astrofil
3 years ago

Assorted drawings from my SverokTV stream :D

#MastoArt #ShadowAndBone #Mario #Orc #Witch #Jellyfish #space

A deerlike creature elegantly leaping down, the horns are huge and curl into what looks like a vortex
A Toad from Mario, it's hat is purple with white spots and it has an evil grin on its face
A happy jellyfish floating in space
An orc who is a witch in a suit-like pantsuit with large sleeves and a wand inlaid with a yellow orb
Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
3 years ago

Finished watching #ShadowAndBone with Rai ❤️ I've only read the two Six of Crows books, I wonder how different the Netflix show is from the original Shadow and Bone book. 🤔

My cousin and I are actually pair reading Six of Crows right now, I need to get back on rereading it. 😎

#ShadowAndBone c'est vraiment cool comme série ! L'ambiance, l'univers, les décors et costumes, c'est très prenant.

Paraît que les livres sont très bons aussi ?

4 years ago

I have been reading #ShadowAndBone, the first novel in #LeighBardugo’s #Grisha series and it’s stunning. I mean, of course I’d like a mapmaker heroine and a world with clones of the Russian, Persian, and Chinese empires, but I’m glad lots of other people do too! Bravo!

I also really liked Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik.