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Shark Week | Free Action Adventure Horror Movie | Full HD | Full Movie | The Asylum

#horror - #Trailers - #horrormovies - #SharkWeek - @theasylumcc - A group of complete strangers find themselves isolated by a wealthy madman on his island compound.

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#SharkWeek (2012) 🦈
A group of complete strangers find themselves isolated by a wealthy madman on his island compound.
#CreatureFeature #FilmsWithBite
#FilmMastodon 📽️ 🎬

3 months ago

Is Shark Week technically a “Festival”?

Inquiring minds wish to know.


4 months ago

Where To Watch & Stream the ‘Sharknado’ 10th Anniversary Remake
#Collider #Movie #Sharknado #TaraReid #SharkWeek #Horror

4 months ago

SHOP UPDATE! What kind of shark is your favorite shark? This shark teeth sticker sheet has all the favourites: megalodon, great white shark, mako shark, lemon shark, and cow shark. Have I said "shark" enough yet?

New Shark Teeth Sticker Sheets are now available here:

#shark #sharks #sharktooth #sharkteeth #sharkweek #megalodon #greatwhiteshark #makoshark #lemonshark #cowshark #tigershark #stickersheet #art #drawing #artwork #sticker #stickers #stickershop #art #artist

4 months ago

"Why don't sharks attack lawyers? Professional courtesy! Guess it's simply FINtastic law of the ocean! #pun #joke #WednesdayHumor #SharkWeek #LaughInEnglish"

Belly Vet Anthony
4 months ago

#vore #shark #sharkweek

A little fun collab I wanted to do for shark week where Anthony gets visited by a few sharks at his diner. Will he be able to survive the lunch rush?

The featured ocs belong to

@Rhew @RepTheCrowvian

4 months ago

Zombie shark adventure pt 3🦈 💦

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you like my art and want to support the work that went into the comic check out my Patreon! (There are exclusive cum alt pages there ;3)

#nsfw #sharkweek #furry #furryart #nsfwartist #nsfwart

4 months ago

Zombie shark adventure pt 2🦈 💦

Part 3:

If you like my art and want to support the work that went into the comic check out my Patreon! (There are exclusive cum alt pages there ;3)

#nsfw #sharkweek #furry #furryart #nsfwartist #nsfwart

4 months ago

Zombie shark adventure pt 1🦈 💦

Part 2:

If you like my art and want to support the work that went into the comic check out my Patreon! (There are exclusive cum alt pages there ;3)

#nsfw #sharkweek #furry #furryart #nsfwartist #nsfwart

4 months ago

It's still technically #SharkWeek in parts of the US, so it counts, lol! Wasn't able to do any full shark pic for the week, but I made my warmup sketches shark themed! Tali the Shark and her girlfriend Liam on the top row. Tali again for the first on the bottom left, no shark in particular on the bottom middle, and Vee as a shark on the bottom right!

#Shark #DailySketch #WarmUpSketch #AnatomyPractice #anthro

A group of shark themed sketches. Used for anatomy practice
Shark Talk
4 months ago

Sunny Shark: It has been a shark-tastic “Shark Talk” this week. I want to tank my victims, Lottie Axolotl, Samuel Snapping Turtle, Polly Parrotfish, and Angie Anglerfish! It has been Jaw-some eating you all. It fills me with em-ocean. #sharkweek #shark #puns

A plush blue and white shark wearing glasses sits in a wicker chair. An empty bench is opposite . A bookshelf is between with a sign above saying "Shark Talk" with an aqua wave and grey fin protruding out.
Shark Talk
4 months ago

Sunny Shark: Angie, Is-land so much from you.
Angie Anglerfish: I has been shrimply wonderful. If you ever want to go fishing together, just let minnow. #shark #sharkweek #puns #fish

A plush shark with glasses is seated in a wicker chair. Opposite sits a shiny plush anglerfish with large white teeth. A bookshelf is between them with a sign above saying "shark talk."
Shark Talk
4 months ago

Sunny Shark: Can you show us your amazing light that helps to you to lure other fish?
Angie Anglerfish: Special glowing bacteria help to make the light.
Some think it glows from uranium but that would be dangerous. It might cause nuclear fish-ion. #shark #sharkweek #puns #fish

On a bench you can see the head of an anglerfish (its body below the camera) with its large white teeth and it's lure protruding from the middle of its head which appears to be lit. Next to the bench is a bookshelf with a sign above reading "Shark Talk."
Shark Talk
4 months ago

Sunny Shark: Angie, I’m really obtuse when it comes to math but you are really good at geometry.
Angie Anglerfish: I like to tackle a good math problem. I especially like angles less than 90 degrees.
I find them a-cute.
Sunny: I understand that you are in on the debate on how to measure angles.
Angie: Yes, it has been a protracted battle. #shark #sharkweek #fish #puns

A plush, blue and white shark wearing glasses sits on a wicker chair. Opposite an anglerfish  of shiny aqua fabric and very large white teeth is perched on  a bench.  Between them is a bookshelf above which is a sign , "Shark Talk."
Shark Talk
4 months ago

Sunny Shark: My next guest really knows how to light up a room, especially if it is a really dark room at the bottom of the sea. She’s a reel angler, a talented fisherwoman. Please welcome Angie Anglerfish!
Angie Anglerfish: Thank you. It is nice herring all those complements. #shark #sharkweek #puns #fish

A plush anglerfish puppet is perched on  a bench. It is made of shiny aqua material with deep blue accents. It's teeth are large and sharp.
4 months ago

Last minute doodle for #SharkWeek with my Shark OC, Dover Waters. Been a while since I made/got art of him.

Hope you enjoy.

#Bara #baraart #barartist #nsfwfurryart #xtriplet23x #shark #originalcharacter #anthro #anthroartist

4 months ago

Blue sharks because sharks is great.
Though, my favorite part of this was the pilot fish! They're the thing I feel best about in this piece.

Blues are some of my favorites~

#blueshark #shark #pilotfish #sharkweek #illustration #art #natureart

4 months ago

Posting here too, almost all tiers funded as shark week begins to close~

#sharks #sharkweek #kickstarter

Onyx Pirate
4 months ago

As the sun sets on another Shark Week, Salvia beckons for you to join her in one last swim before the week's end.

Another piece for Shark Week, and this time it's of the one and only Salvia, who belongs to ! I have been a fan of Sal for a very long time, so when I saw her show up in the shark week comms I was giddy with excitement to finally get to draw her, and man was I right in just how much I thought I'd enjoy it! I had an absolute BLAST with this piece, everything from the pose to the setting flowed so naturally, and I'm extremely happy with how the finished piece came out! I can't wait to draw her again in the future!

This may be the last shark week piece that gets posted during shark week, but there are still plenty of sharks coming in the near future, and a good number of additional Riptide pics as well! So even though Shark Week may be coming to an end, it's always a good day to celebrate sharks! So stay tuned for more!

Character belongs to
Art © Onyx Pirate
Support me on or! | Find links to my other sites on!

#Furry #Anthro #Shark #Female #Muscle #Pinup #swimsuit #thresher #sunset #piercing #bigtail #abs #SalviaCarhina #SharkWeek

Salvia, a muscular lavender anthro thresher shark with blue eyes and silver hair done up in a ponytail, stands in the shallow waters of a tropical beach at sunset, wearing a small blue bikini, beckoning to the viewer to come join her for a swim.
4 months ago

I guess I won't have time this week end to participate on the #sharkweek sooo here's my big lovable Zakzak !

4 months ago

“I may have a fierce bite, but join my crew and you’ll see treasure beyond your wildest dreams”

Somethin’ fun for shark week, really happy with how it came out!

#furry #furryart #oc #sharkweek

Ben Ramsey
4 months ago

Andy Casagrande approaching Jeff Kurr, like Rey approaching Luke to train her, was funny, if somewhat awkward. 🤣

Watching “Air Jaws: Final Frontier” on #SharkWeek

Ember "Glam" Spur
4 months ago

Glitz generously gave Glam a test vial* for #sharkweek and it turned out pretty great. No extra limbs or nothing this time.

*No sharks were harmed in the making of this concoction.

🎨​ @Draekos

Glam shark'd up in a pumpkin orange bikini, giving the peace sign on both hands
Flipboard Culture Desk
4 months ago

Filming sharks can be challenging — and that shouldn't be a surprise, since, as ecologist Naomi Farabaugh says, "We're in their home." She and researcher Camila Cáceres talked to Atlas Obscura about how movies like "Jaws" and documentaries such as "Blue Planet II" appear from the shark's point of view.

#Movies #SharkWeek #StevenSpeilberg #Documentary

4 months ago

I’m with #BigGretch aka #LilGretch especially this #Barbie and #SharkWeek season!

🔞 Shark Week: Nude Kalani

You know I can't let you without the nude version~

#explicit #nsfw #NSFWArt #Yiff #Furry #FurryArt #solo #anthro #shark #SharkWeek #Intersex

You find yourself at a beach, enjoying the warm sun. In the water you see something and decide to approach. As you near it, it nears you and then you see it. In the water there is a wet and nude shark lady. From behind her red long hair she looks at you with a smile. The water drips down her bare body past her breasts down to her crotch. Immediately you see she is very much ready for some fun, apparent by her raging hard member.

Shark Week: Kalani🦈

Shark week's almost over, yet I had to give you another pic of my sweet shark lady Kalani~

#Furry #FurryArt #Shark #anthro #bikini #RedHair #Solo #intersex #art #SharkWeek

Wet shark lady with red long hair is kneeling in the water, looking at you with a faint smile on her face.


Send us a gif/photo of your favorite shark (from the ocean or San Jose 😉) and we might follow back! #SharkWeek

Louis Lloyd-Judson
4 months ago

@dananddna I love #Sharkweek! I soak up everything I can find about them. They are my biggest irrational fear. Not afraid of an ocean plane ✈️ crash, but I AM afraid of surviving the crash & getting eaten by sharks in the water after! 😱🦈 They are beautiful, fierce, and magnificent!

It's #SharkWeek 🦈 "Mama! 🙀 Don't let him eat me!" #CatsOfMastodon #TuxedoCats #TuxieGirl #Betty 🐈‍⬛

#TuxieGirl #Betty watching #SharkWeek with her mom.

This is your reminder to play #SharkWeek bingo!

We're keeping an eye out to see who our winners are 👀

Brynk Bunny
4 months ago

Trundling out all my old shark artwork for Shark Week! Indexes heavily toward hockey, but what can I say, I used to draw a lot of hockey stuff.

#SharkWeek #mastoart #SanJoseSharks #sharks #hockey #SJSharkie #mascot #furry #furryart

A shark, king, and turquoise duck argue and shove each other. A fan art pic of the mascots from a now defunct hockey blog that wrote articles about California's 3 NHL teams, the LA Kings, Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks and San Jose Sharks.
California hockey fans. A lion in an LA Kings jersey cracks his knuckles, a white duck in an Anaheim Ducks jersey stands in the center, and a shark in a San Jose Sharks jersey smiles and gives a thumbs-up.
S.J. Sharkie, the San Jose Sharks mascot cheers and pumps his fist in the air.
A frustrated hammerhead shark is talking to a smirking humpback whale, saying "Look dude, I don't see what's so amusing... did you see a seal go by here or not?"  Unseen by the hammerhead, a harp seal is grinning at the whale as it hides in-between the hammerhead's eyes right in front of him. (Done as the "letter H" entry in an animal alphabet series.)
The Conversation U.S.
4 months ago

Will this #SharkWeek be better? In the past, researchers were not impressed and found:

🦈 Most episodes featured no actual scientific research

🦈 Only 6 episodes had actionable tips for shark conservation

🦈 There were more white male non-scientists named Mike interviewed than any women scientists

Graphic with shark in the ocean reads: Scientists say past TV specials are filled with misinformation – and a lot of guys named Mike
Rev. JZ
4 months ago

The Dr. I work for got us Crumbl Cookies. One of my coworkers stole the sharks off the shark week cookie. In case you're wondering how my day's going. #sharkweek #cookies #thieves

Erakir Pompop
4 months ago

Shark week be like that, you know?

By @ShinyWark !
#transfur #transformation #changed #sharkweek #goo #gooey

A mid-transformation of a shocked moogle into a goopy Tiger shark from the Changed series, with a nice massive tail ~
4 months ago

Just in time for #SharkWeek, it's Nommy Chomps, the plush shark monster! She's a total gremlin and I love her design, especially her hand-maws. Her design was inspired by several #tokusatsu monsters, most notably Snizzard from MMPR. She's basically a feral plush shark plopped onto a pair of legs, with sharks for hands.
(Art by UniqueEar on Twitter.)

A reference sheet. A chubby anthro plush shark monster with black hair with a pink stripe down one lock. Her most notable feature is the pair of shark jaws where hands would normally be, complete with fins. She has blue eyes and gray "skin" with a white underbelly. A long shark tail juts out. On her back is a dorsal fin.
Photo of a monster costume from Power Rangers. A gold snake with a golden apple attached to its head. It has a pair of green cobras for hands, with a bunch of tangled up green snakes forming two "legs" upon which the main snake body is perched. It holds an archery bow, also made of snakes.
Louis Lloyd-Judson
4 months ago
4 months ago

It's #SharkWeek so I while I work, Blå is watching shark documentaries on my iPad.

I wish I was on a holiday so I could join.

A Blåhaj shark plushie watching an iPad with a shark documentary on it
Ben Ramsey
4 months ago

You’ve heard of #CocaineBear (maybe), but tonight, #SharkWeek introduces us to #CocaineSharks.

Ben Ramsey
4 months ago

Any #SharkWeek posts around here?

#SharkWeek The elusive 😺Shelf Shark 🦈😸stalking his Sheltie prey! #TabbyCat #Stevie #CatsOfMastodon

#TabbyCat #Stevie stalking Daisy the Sheltie from above on his gym wall shelf.
Melissa Roth
4 months ago

Just saw: Team USA vs Netherlands tonight at 9pm ET (Fox). Ah and #CocaineSharks is on Discovery because of course. And counterprogramming the Barbie blitz...The Hardy Boys are back:
What else are people watching to escape the heat?
#worldcup #teamusa #thehardyboys #barbie break. #watching #tv #streaming #sharkweek

4 months ago

Happy #SharkWeek friends! Today I completed my free 3D Printable Hammerhead Spelljammer Ship!

Free files here:

This actually took me two days of work! I'm really happy with the results :D

#dnd #dungeonsanddragons #SharkWeek2023 #dndart #3dprinting

Kurrikage :deifirev:
4 months ago

Could you ask for a better day?

Art by Parallelthebat
🦈 Okepa

#furry #furryart #xander #bat #falsevampirebat

An image of a bat and a shark holding hands with a wing wrapped around them. The pair on a grassy hill with mountains in the background. A beautiful sunny sky with clouds and a bird perched on the shark's finger.
An image of a bat and a shark holding hands with a wing wrapped around them. The pair on a grassy hill with mountains in the background. A night scene with stars and bright lights in the sky, pointing at a shooting star.
4 months ago

Today I had a blast #3Dmodeling a Hammerhead Spelljammer Ship in honor of #SharkWeek !

This is a WIP as I was able to get the modeling done today. Tomorrow I'll have it ready for #3Dprinting and it'll be free!

I'll post the files here 2mrw:

Stay tuned!

#SharkWeek 🦈
Meet the rare and 🦈exceptionally dangerous #Catio shark 🦈 #CatsOfMastodon

#TuxedoCat #Betty lurking in the heat on her lounging platform.
A #Catio shark flattens herself on the lounging platform to better position herself to swipe at her passing prey.
Art History Animalia
4 months ago

For #SharkWeek 🦈:
Two #Shark Pendants
#Chiriquí culture (Panama / Costa Rica), 11th-16th c.
Cast gold alloy
Metropolitan Museum of Art NY display
#IndigenousArt #CentralAmericanArt

stitched photo of both pieces on display at museum and their label:  “Two Shark Pendants Panama; Chiriquí 11th-16th century Cast gold alloy Gift of Meredith Howland, 1904 04.34.7 The Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Bequest of Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1979 1979.206.1054  “The subject matter of Isthmian goldwork is mainly figurative: animals and composite creatures, part human and part animal, pre-dominate; purely human figures are rare. Goldsmiths were quite selective, an indication that the subject chosen was linked to specific myths and beliefs. The creatures most commonly depicted are those that are dangerous or predatory - that bite, sting, or kill: crocodiles, birds of prey, jaguars, sharks, and bats among them. Food animals are rarely shown.”
(official museum photo)  Title: Shark Pendant  Date: 11th–16th century  Geography: Costa Rica or Panama, Burica Peninsula  Culture: Chiriqui  Medium: Gold (cast alloy)  Dimensions: H. 3 1/8 × W. 2 1/8 × D. 1 1/8 in. (7.9 × 5.4 × 2.9 cm)  Classification: Metal-Ornaments  Credit Line: The Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Bequest of Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1979  Accession Number: 1979.206.1054
(official museum photo)  Title: Shark Pendant  Date: 11th–16th century  Geography: Panama  Culture: Chiriqui  Medium: Gold (cast)  Dimensions: H. 2 × W. 3 1/8 × D. 3 3/4 in. (5.1 × 7.9 × 9.5 cm)  Classification: Metal-Ornaments  Credit Line: Gift of Meredith Howland, 1904  Accession Number: 04.34.7
4 months ago

In honor of #SharkWeek tomorrow at 0900 EDT I'll live stream the #3dmodeling of a free 3D printable Hammerhead Spelljammer Ship!

Tune in here:

Free files posted here:

Seeya soon!
#dnd #3Dprinting #3dmodeling #3dart #SharkWeek2023

Adam S. Smith
4 months ago

New on the Animal Toy Blog, Angelshark (Sealife by CollectA):

"It’s Shark Week again and can you believe it? This is the ATB’s fourth year of marking the occasion with toy shark reviews..."

#AnimalToyBlog #SharkWeek #Shark #toy #animals #fish

Front view of a plastic angel shark toy showing its flat body and open mouth.
Jason M. Kelly
4 months ago

The Greenland shark lives at least 250, and perhaps up to 500 years. And, it is increasingly threatened by fishing practices.

#environment #sharkweek #sharks

Lukas VF Novak
4 months ago

Happy #SharkWeek!

Basking #Sharks are Partially Warm-Blooded

Regionally endothermic traits in planktivorous #BaskingSharks Cetorhinus maximus: Haley Dolton et al.

"sharks have cruise-swimming muscles located deep inside their bodies as seen in white sharks and tunas; in most fish this red muscle is instead found toward the outside of the animals... they also have strong muscular hearts that probably help generate high blood pressures and flows."

The basking shark - an underwater photo
Indigo ♿ she/her
4 months ago

Watching the run up to #discoverychannel #sharkweek and noticed that all these shark enthusiasts appear to be European and/or Australian. Women and men both.

Not seeing much diversity.

4 months ago

Pauncho welcomes everyone to the first day of #SharkWeek


Inflatable blue and white shark bursting out of Christmas present looms behind a tan corgi-lab dog.
Indigo ♿ she/her
5 months ago

Oooh. #JasonMomoa is hosting #discoverychannel #sharkweek starting July 23!

Hey, if someone could just bring dinner and groceries directly to my door in my suburban #Seattle apartment building, that would be fantastic. A heating pad wouldn't hurt, either.

#SharkWeek #AuntFlo #period

I made a #stencil for #calendars and #planners today - your standard checklist BUT ALSO for my people with periods: a #shark stencil for #SharkWeek 😂 ; also the circle for moon phases, plane for travel, eyes emoji 👀 just because I use it so often, and more 😀

#My3DPrints #3DPrinting #3DPrint #Stencils

A gray stencil card with the sketches of the checklist and shapes on a piece of notepad paper. Below the checklist stencil, there's stencil shapes of: a water droplet, check mark, x mark, a music note, an airplane, a shark, eyes emoji, a star, and a circle.
The Conversation U.S.
1 year ago

Shark researchers watched 202 television episodes of #SharkWeek, and they were not not not impressed.

Among the findings:
🦈 Most featured no actual scientific research
🦈 Many others featured questionable research and pseudo-science
🦈 Only 6 episodes had actionable tips for shark conservation
🦈 There were more white male non-scientists named Mike interviewed than women of any profession
#News #Science #SciComm #MarineBiology

The Conversation U.S.
1 year ago

Today on The Conversation U.S., articles from experts on:
- the Oath Keepers verdicts
- how #fatherhood changes men's brains
- ancient #DNA analysis of German Jews
- what was special about #BlackTwitter
- pseudo-science and pseudo-experts on #SharkWeek
- preventable pregnancy-related deaths and #MentalHealth
Read them at

We'll post some of them here, but if you want to see everything, you could try our newsletter: #News #Journalism

2 years ago

Bees aren't the only friends who're critical to healthy ecosystems and are sometimes misrepresented as overly aggressive. Here's a Queen celebrating #SharkWeek!

A screenshot of a queen wearing a shark hat
3 years ago
3 years ago

Great white sharks have been found washed up on beaches after being attacked and killed. Are these killing the work of orca? And how would orca hunt down a great white?

#SharkWeek #SharkWeekDiscoveryUK

4 years ago

Sitting here with Ds enjoying some munchies and watching #SharkWeek 🦈🦈🦈🦈

NCN is on the air! We are playing 'Shark Attack!' mix (for #SharkWeek) today at 3:30pm PACIFIC and the Diva MegaReMix right after! Tune in to our unique blend of obscure, psychedelic, #SubGenius weirdness! Use to tune in and hear! #NowPlaying #NowStreaming