#WhiskerWednesday Today is yet ANOTHER day mom cooking things for the Day Of πŸ¦ƒThanks. Today she is making the sausage stuffing, dark chicken meat pet food for us, and defrosting the store bought pies. I will be supervising. #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog with her pink blankie.

On this #Mondog mom is making casseroles for the family Giving of Thanks coming up. OMDawg, the house smells amazing! I had a tiny bacon πŸ₯“ treat! #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting on the couch.

I helped supervise the making of the bestest πŸ₯”πŸ πŸ§€potato cheese soup 🍲today! It's dad's favorite with bacon πŸ₯“. Guess who got some bacon treats!? #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife #MamaAndMe #Dogstodon #DogsOfMastodon

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting on a brown blanket

#MamaAndMe are πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ³cooking today! There are 2 porklins 🐷 in the fridge. One for humans and one for us pets! Human one has apples, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and dried cranberries. Pet porklin is plain of course, but the whole house will smell amazing. #Homemade #PetFood #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

Daisy Doo sitting on a light green sofa.

We might be getting some rain today or tonight! Yay! #SheltieLife #DaisyDoo #DogsOfMastodon

Good girl Daisy Doo, a little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting on the sofa

On this #Mondog #MamaAndMe made these custom covered buttons to go with a dress she's having her πŸ‘—#Dressmaker sew up 🧡πŸͺ‘for her. The collar and cuffs will match the buttons! It was all my idea πŸ’‘ of course. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

Red polka dot fabric covered buttons for a blue boat novelty cotton fabric for a dress.
A little black and white Sheltie girl dog looking into the camera.

It's β˜€οΈ early on this #Mondog morning. #MamaAndMe having a ham πŸ–snack n a coffee β˜•with a snuggle side! More ⛱️summer like weather instead of the longed for cool crisp 🍁fall πŸ‚ . But that be coming soon, surely? #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife

Daisy snuggling with her mama

Still waiting for #Fall πŸ‚ to arrive here in small 🌾town #Kansas. Our brick sidewalks are still too hot for me to walk on except very early in the morning. So #MamaAndMe are grass hopping up n down the street. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

Good girl Daisy Doo lounging on her porch bed .

#Fall is missing in action here in my small #Kansas town. It's 95Β° today. A little #Sheltie girl like me can't be outside in this heat. Sad. #SheltieLife

A black and white Sheltie girl dog wishing for fall weather.

I'm The Best Dog but don't take me! Best Dog #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife

Good girl Daisy looking cute.

Nurse #DaisyDoo reporting in: My mama has finally tested negative for #COVID tonight after 11 days since onset of πŸ˜ƒsymptoms. A considerably shorter time than many bouts of bronchitis she's had in the past. However, she understands that continued infections could be very bad so is already scheduled for an #Updated #COVID vaccine n will wear upgraded #N95 masks #SheltieLife #MonDog

Good girl Daisy Doo on her pink quilt.

#Sunday morning 🌞 breakfast time! πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

Daisy Doo hearing the phrase "Breakfast time!"

Cat Mom is making #HomeMade pet foods today! Chimkin πŸ—and 🐟 fish! We're also airing out Our House cuz it be full of #COVID as mom recovers. I'm supervising the cats πŸˆβ€β¬›πŸˆtoday and sorting out any issues. #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon πŸ•

Daisy Doo looking super cute into the camera.

#ThrowbackThursday Our beautiful 🌈OTRB boi #DooliDoo who gave us so much joy. Miss him every day. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

A blue merle Sheltie

Even though #COVID has infected Our Home, dad is negative n working today. Mom is resting and trying to catch up on her sleep. Which I, being GOOD GIRL β™₯οΈπŸ• #DaisyDoo, AM HELPING her with by being 🀫quiet. Somebody else in the house has her own πŸˆβ€β¬› ideas about "helping". So we are watching TV behind the closed door in the sanctuary/COVID guest room. #DogsOfMastodon #SheltieLife

A sweet little black and white Sheltie girl dog with her stuffie toy.

It's 🌧️ raining here in my small, #Kansas #Midwestern town on this #Sunday. It smells like #Fall πŸπŸƒoutside. Mom is having her πŸŽƒ#PumpkinSpice coffee and I've had breakfast with broth. Belly full. All is well. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon #DaisyDoo

A super cute black and white little Sheltie girl on her window seat.

On this #FriYay the flowers 🌸🌻of summer are nearly gone. #MamaAndMe will begin our πŸƒπŸ‚#Fall clean up of the garden. But first we're going for a walk around the hood for the first time since early July. The cooler weather means it's safe for me to be on the brick sidewalks. #DogsOfMastodon 🌼#SheltieLife #DaisyDoo

A black and white Sheltie girl dog with a magenta petunia on her head on the catio/Porch.

It's's RAINING 🌧️ here on #Monday in my small #Midwest town. It's just misty but it's better than broiling hot. #SheltieLife #DaisyDoo #DogsOfMastodon

Daisy Doo looking into the camera.

#FriYay Keeping an eye on the cats and making sure they behave. Meaning #TuxieGirl Betty. She's always testing us. #SheltieLife #DaisyDoo #DogsOfMastodon

#DaisyDoo on the sofa

#ThrowbackThursday Our favorite season is approaching! Although, you'd never know it by the current temps. But on this day a year ago it was a beautiful fall, jacket wearing day. #MamaAndMe were at the park. #SheltieLife #DaisyDoo #DogsOfMastodon

A black n white Sheltie on top of a park rock. The wind is blowing in her fur.
Fall daisies
Daisy snuggling with her stuffie dog toy.

The cats are having a "discussion" this morning. #TabbyCat #Stevie 🐈doesn't want #TuxieGirl πŸˆβ€β¬›#Betty in the bedroom while dad is still sleeping. *Sigh* πŸ™„ Why can't they just get along? #DaisyDoo #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon πŸ•

A cute Sheltie girl dog looking a bit exasperated and miffed in her bed with her stuffy toy.

This #Monday morning mom pet butler has made our turkey & fish meals for the next two weeks while the temps here are under 100Β° . The kitchen is now closed again. I got a 10 min. belly rub with mom while she had her coffee. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon #DaisyDoo

Daisy Doo on her pink quilt.

Daisy n me playing in the #Catio tonight. I'm getting along with her pretty well now. We can share space unsupervised. But not in the Catio yet. #TuxieTuesday #Cats #TuxieGirl #Betty #CatsOfMastod #SheltieLife #CatioLife

Daisy dog and Betty sharing time in the Catio .

#Mondog is finally here! #MamaAndMe making pet food #Today, doing a ton of reorganizing, & donating stuff we aren't using. #SheltieLife

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog in her bed.

It's going to rain here #Today but I've had a big breakfast with chicken broth. Later I will patrol my front yard from my window seat & help mom make the grocery list. Cuz I'm the Bestest Girl and mom's Favorite! β€οΈπŸ˜†#DogsOfMastodon #SheltieLife

A super cute little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting on the sofa with a waffle weave blanket.

We got new supplements for our home made food! Please comment on your experience if you feed this to your fur babies. #DogsOfMastodon #SheltieLife #CatsOfMastodon #TuxieTude #TabbyTude

Missing Link supplements found on Amazon
Stevie The Classic Tabby cat enjoying his cat grass bed.
Daisy Doo snuggling on the couch covered with an orange waffle weave blanket.
Betty the Tuxie Girl loafing on the sofa back.

#TongueOutTuesday I'm helping mom make some dill sauce with the dill weed we planted in our potted garden. There will be chimkin for meπŸ—later🐢#DogsOfMastodon #SheltieLife #Today #Gardening

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog looking a bit shaggy, sitting on an orange waffle weave blanket on the couch.
Potted dill weed grown from seed in Midwestern Kansas.

#MamaAndMe 🐢went out on #ZSHQ patrol/walk this morning. Saw lots 🌹of flowers, 🐿️ squirrels in droves, πŸ‡bunnies hopping everywhere πŸ‡! Back home, mama making about 5 lbs. of chimken pet food this morning. OMDog! We're all chimken crazedπŸ“ by theπŸ˜‹ aroma. As soon as it cools down, we're all getting treats! 🐢😺😻 #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon #ZSHQ

Daisy Jayne sitting in some green grass outside on a spring day.
Shasta daisies in the neighborhood.
Pretty orange flowers.

#SheltieLife I helped Betty with more lessons on "Dogs will walk & otherwise occupy the floor where you like to beach dwell, even if you don't like it". She's getting better, but still doesn't trust that I won't attack her. Needs more lessons. #SlowCatIntro Day 13 Update

Daisy, a little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting on an orange cushion on the porch.

#MamaAndMe Our new family member #TuxieGirlBetty is super cute, smart, and very affectionate to our staff. Not so much to me or #StevieTheCat. She's a bit afraid of us cuz' she's inexperienced with dogs & everything is so unfamiliar to her. She is working hard to learn new things while mom staff does her best to make her feel secure. It's a process.
process 🐾🐢🐈#SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting in the park in early spring grass.

Day 10 Update
*Sigh* It's hard work teaching Betty how to share space. She's mostly interested in DEFENDING space because she's inexperienced and a bit afraid of #Dogs. So, #MamaAndMe have been desensitizing her by showing her up high places to be while I'm moving in the "understory" of the house space. I'm having better days lately. No hissing or attacking. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon #SundayMood

Daisy with a magenta flower
Tuxie girl Betty up on a cat shelf

#SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon 🐾🐾🐾I've had a tough week, what with the new terrorist, I mean cat, and all. On top of this, it was time for my vet visit today. ☹️ And I had to go in the car☹️. With ☹️dad☹️. I had to have a ☹️shot. There were cats looking at me there ☹️ But, when I got home... there was my mama! With chimkin πŸ— treatsπŸ’• β™₯️.

Daisy, a little black and white Sheltie girl dog looking a bit sad.

#Today is another opportunity for an adventure. It is cloudy so it's a good day for a nice early walk around the neighborhood. It will be a short walk so as not leave new housemate alone too long. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting on the couch with her mom, having coffee. An orange blanket comforts her.

#SlowCatIntro Day 7 Update: Rough night. Betty bullied me until mom had enough and shut Betty out of the Big Bedroom so I could rest. She had the run of the house. We're all taking a step back today. Give us all some time to breathe. #Cat #SheltieLife #TuxieTude

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting on her porch.
Tuxie girl Betty looking innocent. But she's been bullying Daisy The Dog. πŸ’”

It's a nice day out #Today, finally! 🌞 We have a bit of sun, so I took my mama out walking after breakfast. Time for a nice nap on the couch as mom has another coffee β˜•. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog napping on her soft blanket if grey n white on a green couch.

Oh, hi! Were you expecting a #cat ? Nope. I'm going to be helping my mom prepare the space for our outdoor container garden. We're going to try growing some wildflowers for butterflies πŸ¦‹from seed this year. But we'll also buy some just in case. #DogsOfMastodon #Dogstodon #SheltieLife

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog looking into the camera.

This was favorite my toy for a long time. It has disappeared from the house. Mom & dad have looked everywhere for it. She's just gone. 😒 #Today #DogsOfMastodon #Sheltie #SheltieLife

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog with her hand made pink bear toy.

#SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon I convinced my mom to share her breakfast banana 🍌 with me. Super good.

A little black and white Sheltie girl dog sitting on a cement floor looking directly into the camera.