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Sun or none, the fun’s here at day two of #FiestaHermosa. Come by and say hi til 7pm today or again tomorrow from 11a-7p - the last Fiesta of 2023! #hermosabeach #shopsmall #supportlocal #mdw #artists #makers #music #food #california #losangeles

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We’re talking about reasons we love to #ShopSmall for PayPal Small Business Month. Every customer matters when you run your own business, which usually means a more personal shopping experience. Top products, top service. Win, win!

TheBadNewsB :verified:
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Listen, just don’t buy pride shit from corporate America. Find LGBTQAI owned small businesses and support them instead. Target doesn’t have unique stuff and you should be doing that anyway. #ShopSmall #SupportIndieArtists

Dragon & Wolf Designs
6 days ago

World Goth Day! Here are a few of our gothy offerings!

#ShopHandmade #ShopSmall #WorldGothDay #Goth #GothFashion

Red and black dragon weave chainmail choker with a glass cabochon focal painted with a red Vampire The Masquerade inspired ankh
Black and silver kingsmail weave chainmail choker with black chain drapes
Black 3d printed dice coffin with red felt lining. Top of coffin has a stylized ankh engraved. Coffin is open showing a set of 7 black marble dice
Julia Unis
1 week ago
Street art mural depicting a girl with long brown hair sipping a cup of tea carrying an oversized pencil like a backpack
Sheila Scarborough
1 week ago

A thriving local business in Austin TX since 2010, Antonelli's Cheese Shop in the Hyde Park neighborhood features friendly, knowledgeable staff and fantastic cheese:

#Austin #Texas #cheese #ShopSmall #travel

Friendly cheesemonger behind the display counter at Antonelli's Cheese Shop in Austin TX.
2 weeks ago

I finally put up my tea girls pt 1 on #etsy! Meet green tea girl, black tea girl, white tea girl and oolong tea girl :>
You can find more about their designs in the link.

(My entire art presence is based off me being way too thirsty for tea, in the innocent sense of the word of course)

#artPrints #ShopSmall #FediGiftShop #MastoArt

Picture frame with girl made from green liquid, wearing yukata.  Background shows some plastic flowers and some other decor.
Picture frame with girl made from reddish brown liquid, wearing a Saree.  Background shows some plastic flowers and some other decor.
Picture frame with girl made from yellow liquid, wearing a qipao.  Background shows some plastic flowers and some other decor.
Picture-frame with buddha-like girl made from green liquid. Background shows some plastic flowers and some other decor.
No Mugs No Masters
2 weeks ago

plz help i keep making serious videos but i just wanna become a worm and live in the soil #syracuse #syracuseny #cny #workercooperatives #workerowned #shopsmall #consent #consensus #leftist #anarchy #communism #socialism #vote #ethics #shopsmall #union

Forrest wearing a red and black shirt, glasses, and a white KN-95, in front of a white wall speaking to the camera.
Sara Kathleen
2 weeks ago

The oracle deck I’m currently funding on Kickstarter, a bunch of felt potatoes that are available as an Add On, and my hands. 😎 Link in bio if you want to support this deck 💚

#oracle #oracledeck #crafts #tattoos #pagan #magic #art #artist #shopsmall #indieartist #MastoArt #cards #supportartists #supportsmallbusiness #potatoes

A Birds Eye view of a table. On it is a deck of oracle cards in a blue box with a cute ghost-like creature on the front with sticky outy teeth. Around the deck are six little felt potatoes with beads for eyes that I made. Also shown are my hands which are tattooed all over with moons, mandalas, swirls, and all sorts of personal magic symbols.
2 weeks ago

Here at Sun & Sea Collective Popup Market at The Point in El Segundo til 3pm - come say hi! #shopsmall #supportlocal #popup #southbay #elsegundo #losangeles #mydayinla #california

Calling all Second Edition AD&D folks! I've noticed that most of the 2nd edition Dungeon Master's Guides we receive are in well-loved condition (see the first two images). While the black cover revised edition is usually in really nice shape.

Did you not like the revised rules, or, did you move on to 3rd edition and just not use it much?

#adnd #dnd2e #dungeonsAndDragons #ttrpg #shopsmall #dnd #dungeonmaster

Cover of the Dungeon Master Guide for 2nd edition. An underwater scene with a dragon reaching out to bite a wizard in blue robes. The wizard is casting a colorful spell, while bubbles rise near the dragon's head.
The inside of a book with pages loose. A blue portrait of a woman with wavy hair inside a frame embellished with hearts and scroll-work.
Cover of the Dungeon Master Gide for 2nd edition Revised. Its shiny black cover has an image of some really burly orcs bursting through a door. They seem to be really happy to be attacking you!
A very nice looking book with an image of a rider all in black at the seashore. It is dark and lightning illuminated a sailing ship at sea.
Roasting House Coffee
3 weeks ago

Taken payment for coffee in chickpeas. Does Big Coffee Co let you pay in legumes?
#ShopSmall #BuyLocal #PayInBeans

Sara Kathleen
3 weeks ago

If you like #oracle decks, #mindfulness tools, journal #prompts, #potatoes, and things like that - you might like my new oracle deck. It is funding on #Kickstarter right now (currently at 81% ahhh) and you can find the link in my bio.

Being a fully self employed #artist* means any social media sharing is massively helpful, so thank you! 💚🥔

(*is often terrifying)

#chihuahua #tarot #MastoArt #magic #shopsmall #smallbusiness #art #illustration #cartoon

Two cards on a pale blue background. One shows the back of the card (green with a black simple vine pattern, a few simple blue leaves, and white circle in the centre. The other shows the face of the card. Three tube-like creatures, sweet and simple colours, and it says Community at the bottom. There are tiny pink crystal pearls laying around too.
The front of a card, laying on a bed of bright green ivy. The card has a blue sky, clouds, and a cartoon chihuahua with ridiculously large ears.
Background is detailed, decorated wood. There is a triangular white crystal beside a card of the same size. The card has a blue background, and a ghost looking cartoon creature with little sweet horns and an empty thought bubble above its head. The bottom of the card says Thinking.
A bright yellow card with a silhouette of a black leafless tree on it. There is a simple little round creature at the bottom with a heart over its head. In the sky is a full moon - or possibly a bright white sun - depending on your perspective. The card is propped up on a table sobered in crystals.

Magic Mouth bu Dave Trampier from the First Edition Players Handbook.

How do you use permanent magic effects in your worldbuilding?

#adnd #dnd1e #dungeonsAndDragons #ttrpg #shopsmall #dnd #dungeonmaster

A group of dwarves examines a pillar between staircases. Some of them have torches and all of them have their hands on their swords. A large human mouth can be seen near the top of the pillar.

It's a dreary Monday, which makes sense considering the senseless actions in Texas this weekend-- as well as all of those that have happened, and unfortunately will continue to happen-- until we do something about it.

"No Way to Prevent This," Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

That said, no matter how loud we scream and yell... it always falls on deaf ears, and their silence is literally killing people.

I have these stickers up for sale in my shop. Even if the politicians won't listen, you can make your feelings known.

Tots and Pears, I guess. ❤

#fediverse #fediart #federated #monday #mondaymotivation #banguns #gunreformnow #gunreform #shopsmall #shopsmallbusiness #shopsmallbusinesses #homestead #homesteading #homesteader #homesteaders #selfreliance #selfreliant #senselessgunviolencemuststop #blacklivesmatter #silenceisviolence #yoursilenceisdeafening #yoursilenceiskillingus

Deb Oppermann
3 weeks ago

I love this purple variety of Clematis with such big blooms. The rock wall edging my pond was enhanced with this beautiful vining Clematis. Clematis vines are not just gorgeous they are versatile and can climb an arbor or drape rock walls or fences.
Available here
#Clematis #flowers #MastoFlowers #FlowersOfMastodon #floral #BuyIntoArt #photography #garden #gardening #nature #PhotographyIsArt #ShopSmall #GiftIdeas #FediGiftShop #MastoPhoto #art #MastoArt

Purple Clematis flowers with green leaves on rock
3 weeks ago

#Hollenkraut #shopsmall #supportsmall
Als kleiner Shop, der gerade erst am Anfang steht, ist das mit Sales immer so eine Sache. Aber ich hab mich entschieden heute dennoch einen kleinen Rabatt auf ausgewählte Artikel zu geben. Denn heute ist mein Geburtstag! :yayblob: Und ich möchte mich bei euch für die überwältigende Unterstützung von Anfang an bedanken.

Collectic Home
4 weeks ago

Happy #starwarsday! It's no "Jedi mind trick" we really do have the best deals in town! - xoxo Joni #maythe4thbewithyou #austin #shopsmall #ad

Want to learn how Leisure Suit Larry, Victor/Victoria, and Rollerball all relate to Gamma World?

Sure you do.
OK. This is clickbait. They only apply in my wonderful version of Gamma World but come and see how many cultural touchpoints I can reference in one blog post.

#gammaworld #mutants #dystopianfuture #ttrpg #shopsmall

Image of the contents of a 2nd Edition Gamma World Box Set from TSR. A large colorful map showing the Mon River, Gany River, and Hia River, as well as some cities, and wastelands. Displayed over the map are the rest of the contents of the box. First is the front of the Box with a huge flying robot menacing a human person with a stone axe and a green person wearing hides. Next is the cover of the rulebook, two people stand against a huge, angry-looking white horse ridden by a man in red armor. One of the people has a large weapon shooting a yellow beam and the other has a shield.
A black and white image of a cove with an oval-shaped flying machine with all kinds of strange protuberances (some look like children's jacks with fewer points), some are obviously weapons of destruction

We have new items in stock at

Gamma World, Shadowrun, Battletech, Robotech, Endless Quest, and even some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

#dnd #dungeonmaster #adnd #rpg #shopsmall #tnmnt #shadowrun #robotech

Lots of vintage books for Role-Playing games.
Front and back of the second edition Gamma World Box set with a huge flying robot menacing a human person with a stone axe and a green person wearing hides. The back shows the covers of the rulebooks, an image of a seven-die set with a crayon, and a back view of two adventures, one of which has a long green tail.
Shadowrun Gamemaster's screen for third edition.  The first panel has a woman with a futuristic keyboard attached to a small satellite dish, She's wearing a pink jacket and some fine pink, grey, and black hightops. The second panel has a troll with tubes attached to his head and wrist who seems to be napping. He has an H. E. R tattoo with a heart with an arrow through it on his huge bicep and another on his fingers that says WAR PIGS. There is a midair explosion in the background. The last panel is a troll wizard working some kind of pink magic effect between his hands.
4 weeks ago

Ofever Official's Galactic Serie is now available!

Check out the collection and get yourself, or the man in your life, a pair of truly unique, colorful, and fashionable swimwear, or accessories, this summer!!

Shop here:

#Ofever #collection #shopping #ShopSmall #ShopNow #swimwear2023 #swimming #summer #summerfashion #summervibes #mensfashion #smallbiz

Welcome to the city! City Sites is a 2nd Edition accessory to help you build your cities. It has some great already-prepared city locations and will inspire you to create your own. Have you used this in your game?

From the back of the tome:

City Sites, the first in a series of AD&D game floorplans, includes extensive details on urban settings that player characters are likely to visit in any campaign.

#adnd #dnd2e #dungeonsAndDragons #ttrpg #shopsmall #dnd

Cover of City Sites for Second Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Image of a medieval city. The buildings have pitched roofs and are in shades of brown and beige, white cloth awnings shade some of the doorways and there is a gargoyle on the corner of the nearest building. Bas reliefs adorn some of the doorways, the nearest seems to be an apothecary with mortar and pestle. The street is full of people. Some are in fancy dress with feathers in their caps and fancy collars, some seem to be adventurers with fine armor, some are laborers going about their business, and a guard wearing chainmail with a big axe polices the street.
A black and white drawing of the Civic Court, a tall building with three towers. A map of the main floor of the Civic Court, several rooms with benches, some open rooms, and three sets of spiral stairs.
1 month ago

Join me this weekend for the inaugural of @RenegadeCraft in a new westside location at Santa Monica Airport. Check out 250 creative small businesses popping up from 11a-5p. See you there! #santamonica #marvista #airport #dc3 #artists #makers #popup #market #shopsmall

1 month ago

Spirited. Join me this weekend for the inaugural flight of @RenegadeCraft in a new westside location at Santa Monica Airport. Check out 250 creative small businesses popping up from 11a-5p. See you there! #santamonica #marvista #airport #dc3 #artists #makers #popup #market #shopsmall

Sally Monster
1 month ago

Quick stop at our favourite local coffee shop for a treat with @Viss
I had an iced coffee with condensed milk & nutmeg, and an orange & cardamom kouign-amann. So so good! 😊💚🧡
#SanDiego #ShopSmall #JamesCoffee

View of the inside of James Coffee Co in Escondido. A large James Coffee owl logo is painted in black on the white wall. A shelf with bags of coffee beans on the left and the counter with pastries and a menu board on the right.

We've been playing some Gamma World 1e lately, it's been a blast! One of the best things about the game is that you get superpowers!

I mean mutations. Depending on the referee you could either choose your mutations (and the GM chooses any defects) or roll them randomly. We always opted to roll them randomly. Each player with a mutated character rolls 1d4 to determine each of their physical and mental mutations.

#gammaworld #mutants #dystopianfuture #ttrpg #shopsmall

Cover of Vintage TSR Gamma World Rulebook. Art by David A. Trampier depicts four men in futuristic garb armed with laser pistols and rifles planning an expedition into a ruined metropolis.
When a player is particularly unlucky with his dice rolling for his
character and most or all basic attributes are below average, the
the referee may, at his discretion, declare the character unsuitable for GAMMA WORLD adventures and allow the player to create a new
character to take his place.

Image of a short creature with hands for feet, feet for hands, a wide short trunk, and webbed ears. It looks terribly sad.
Sheila Scarborough
1 month ago

A thriving local business in Austin TX since 2010, Antonelli's Cheese Shop in the Hyde Park neighborhood features friendly, knowledgeable staff and fantastic cheese:

#travel #Austin #Texas #ShopSmall #cheese #EatLocal

Cheesemonger at Antonelli's Cheese Shop in Austin TX shares cheese samples with a customer over the display case.
Calico Beans Jewelry
1 month ago

How many shades of red are there? Quite a few, as it turns out ❤️ 😍 Garnet, glass, acrylic, gems & charms - from elegant to understated. What colors can we create for you today? Drop us a note! 🖋️ Link in bio #ShopHandmade #ShopSmall #JewelryLove #Earrings #Custom

☕️ NerdfighterNichole 🧦
1 month ago

Here is the first Lucky Stars bag my mom's business, CovrThredz! created in combination with @TerabyteTiger's awesome lucky pennies!! Contact me if anyone is interested in the bags, they are $25+shipping (We're working on #Nerdfighter #DFTBA themed as well!!)! And if you wanted the pennies you can find them here!!

#Handmade #SmallBiz #purses #ShopSmall #stars #bags

The inside lining of a handmade yellow and blue bag with moon and stars pattern on the inside pocket.
A hand stamped lucky penny from @terabytetiger's Etsy store attached to the zipper pull of a blue bag with yellow stars all over it
The front of the "Lucky Stars" handmade bag in a dark blue and yellow multi star pattern. You can see both the lucky penny and the label that reads CovrThredz!

I've posted about my #Etsy once before, but I'm posting again today because I added more stickers!!

This brings me up to about 50 different designs, and I really hope you guys will go check them out. I've linked the shop below for your convenience.

I feel like I'm finally getting some of my groove back in this post-covid world, and thats a good thing. I hope you all are too.

#etsyshops #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #shopsmallbusiness #shopsmallbusinesses #federated #fediverse #lockhimup #postcovid #checkmeout #checkitout #supportyourfriends #keepitlocal #keepitsmall #homestead #homesteading #homesteader #homesteadbusiness #homesteadcrafts #homesteadcrafting #selfreliance #selfreliant

Shadowrun New Seattle. This is one of the fine RPG products we'll be offering our mailing list subscribers next week.

Seattle's got it all: movers and shakers from all of the megacorporations, high-stakes political conflicts, and even vicious mob wars--and it's surrounded by hostile countries! Every runner and wannabe comes to Seattle to learn their chops (mailing list form at the bottom of every page).

#dnd #ttrpg #dungeonmaster #adnd #rpg #shopsmall #tnmnt #shadowrun #robotech

Cover of New Seattle for Shadowrun. A person pilots an odd-looking flying craft with four propellers while their companion defends the craft from a huge tusked man with horns and leather pants and boots. A dirigible advertising Dante's Inferno, 9 Hot Circles. A futuristic city with skyscrapers, pyramids, and wide squat buildings. A couple of people have climbed a wall nearby to watch the action. Far below is a body of water with a shark swimming in it.
Black and white pencil drawing of a slavering dragon approaching a small person in leather with a large gun and grenades hanging from their shoulders, a larger person with pointed ears, a gun for a hand, and another person who seems to have fallen backward, all we can see is their foot.

X5 Temple of Death.

Did anyone play this classic adventure? Did you run it on its own or as a sequel to X4 The Master of the Desert Nomads, or as a stand-alone adventure?

#dnd #ttrpg #dungeonmaster #adnd #rpg #shopsmall

Cover of X5 Temple of Death. A man wearing a turban with a spiked metal cap and wielding a scimitar looks toward you from the left. An orange moon is in the background, as well as a thin black tower with the top floor lights on. An oddly shaped blue tower has a very strange creature standing next to it. This bipedal monster stands next to the tower and is about the same height. Its face looks like an elephant, but fangs protrude from its mouth, and it has large horns on its head, and crab claws for hands. In the foreground is the face of a Buddha-like statue, it seems to have spears and a shield on its back.
Map of the Great Pass.  Areas marked as valleys are connected by small winding tunnels (lots of dead ends and a couple of caverns).  Map of Magden. A river flows past a small town. There is a large marketplace next to the docks, a few large buildings, and lots of small ones.
Dragon & Wolf Designs
1 month ago

At Cesar Chavez Library! Come by and say hello!

#ShopHandmade #ShopSmall #ShopLocal #Phoenix #SupportLocalLibraries

My partner sitting at our booth behind a table full of jewelry. Our logo with a red dragon & black wolf in yin yang position. Dragon & Wolf Designs in black around the logo.

It was subsequently rewritten by Tom Moldvay, who changed the plot, filled in the unfilled areas, and replaced most of the monsters. Most of the art was replaced. Jean Wells was still given writing credit, even though all that remained of her work was the setting.

#dnd #ttrpg #dungeonmaster #adnd #rpg #shopsmall

This is a very fun adventure for the Dungeons and Dragons Expert Set by David Cook. This 28-page module is in part an adaptation of Clark Ashton Smith's Averoigne stories and is set in the fictional medieval French province of that name.

It also drew from stories by Edgar Allen Poe, and Roger Zelazny's The Chronicles of Amber series. So much literary goodness!

Have you played or run this great adventure?

#dnd #ttrpg #dungeonmaster #expertset #shopsmall

Cover of X2 Castle Amber. A giant with a dead tree in one hand grasps the top of a tower with the other, breaking it and scattering the inhabitants and their weapons. The people at the top of the wall are fleeing.
A bearded bare-chested man wearing a crown with antlers on the sides rides a large fanged stag. He wields a huge axe. Behind him are wolves and some folks with horned helmets, shields, and axes. They have snouts and might be lycanthropes or beast men.
2 months ago

Got a milestone birthday or anniversary coming up? Celebrate with a DoodlyHug number card! Choose your number from 1 to 100 and add your personal message inside!

Check out all the fun stuff at

#birthdaycards #milestonebirthday #EtsyStarSeller #ShopSmall

an animated video of a cute die-cut cartoon robot sitting in front of a brightly wrapped present and birthday cupcake.  It's arms are holding a series of orange and red-striped number cards that appear one at a time from 1 to 90.  A 21 card is later removed from the robot and opened to reveal the text "your personal message here!" printed inside the 21 card.
Jordan Hill Photography
2 months ago

Sunset Among The Sunflowers

Old fashion things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.

All my prints and canvases in my Etsy Store are 10% off. Free Shipping!! No code needed 🙂

#etsy #jordanhillphoto #etsyfinds #etsygifts #etsysale #etsycoupon #shopsmall #SunflowerLand #sunflowers #flowers

Sunset Among The Sunflowers. A rural sunset among the sunflowers. Mississippi sunflower field

Calling all 1st Edition AD&D fans!

Great News from the Piazza.

The Lakofka Archive is Lenard Lakofka's parting gift to Greyhawk fans.

Right now, you can go to Anna B Meyer's website and download two products:

LA1 The Lighthouse
LA2 Devil's Dung

#adnd #dnd1e #shopsmall #dungeonsAndDragons #greyhawk #garygygax #adventure #ttrpg

Cover of Dungeon Module LA1 The Lighthouse By Leonard Lakofka An Adventure for Character levels 4-6. Portrait of a hooded woman holding a torch, a long-haired bearded man with a red neck scarf, and a man with a fancy feathered cap. The lighthouse encounter is an AD&D scenario where the players are guards and protectors of the lighthouse and the surrounding area. They are tasked to defend the lighthouse from various waves of attackers and outlast the assault.
Cover of Fantasy Adventure Module LA2 Devil's Dung by Len Lakofka, the second module in the Lakofka Archive Series. “Will you figure out the mystery in time? Can you find the Devil's Dung?

Happy Wednesday! This is one of my favorite images from the 1st Edition Dungeon Masters Guide. Fantastic art by Dave Trampier.

How do you think the guy coming out of the Green Griffon with the sword did against Emirikol?

#adnd #dnd1e #shopsmall #dungeonsAndDragons #greyhawk #ttrpg #garygygax #adventure #ttrpg

A very nicely dressed man rides down a cobblestone street. A missile flies from his fingertips to hit a passerby in the chest. A person on fire lies in the path of his horse's hooves. People are fleeing and cowering as an armed figure draws his sword as he exits the Green Griffon tavern.
Dragon & Wolf Designs
2 months ago

Have a look at some of the beautiful earrings you can get during our Buy 2 Get 1 sale! Use code: EARS2023 at checkout.

#Sale #Jewelry #ShopHandmade #ShopSmall #DisabledCrafter #BlackOwned

Pair of light green gemstone earrings on a white earring display.  Earrings are peridot chips with a peridot leaf beads.
Pair of earrings on a tan background.  Earrings are silver cute stylized cat charms with round tigers eye beads on sterling silver ear wires.
Three pairs of earrings of the same style in different colors on an off-white background.  Earrings are on silver lever back ear wires.  From left to right, earrings are green, red and blue.  Each earring is a drop accented with a bead cap and matching bicone crystal with a larger bicone above.
Rebecca Celeste
2 months ago

✨ Spring Etsy Shop Update ✨
I added new products to my Etsy shop. You can find all of them here:

#EtsyShop #EtsySeller #EtsyDe #SmallBusiness #ShopSmall #StickerShop #Artprint #landscapepainting #MastoArt #Art #Artist

Art Print of an abstract Landscape made out of blobs. The color scheme is blue, lilac and yellow with one spot of white. The print is in a square shape.
A sticker of a goose in in cute comic style. It has a small plant on its head. The goose has big feet and its border is in cyan blue. Small cyan blue spots can be find on its body. The sticker is photographed in front of a bright yellow background.
Art Print of a minimalist version of the moon Ariel in front of a dark background. The name "ARIEL" is written below the moon.
Sticker of a yellow chonky chicken in a cute art style.
3 months ago

Get ready for Easter with DoodlyHug Easter cards!
Order 3 or more and save 20% with code DOODLYBUNDLE
Check out all the fun stuff at

#easter2023 #eastercards #EtsyStarSeller #ShopSmall #easterdecor

three adorable DoodlyHug standup cards, a bunny, chick and lamb, each holding a colorful easter egg mini-card with a personalized message inside.
Dragon & Wolf Designs
3 months ago

Heading to Wild West Con this weekend! See you there!
Have a sample of what well have in stock!

#ShopHandmade #ShopSmall #BlackOwned #WomanOwned #ConventionVendor #Fandom #Steampunk #SFFFandom

Steampunk brooch. Two mismatched gears on a bar.
Steampunk gear bib necklace. Necklace consists of mixed gears connected by chain.
Calico Beans Jewelry
3 months ago

Up for the Wearing of the Green? If you need a new pair for March 17, hit us up. We have lots of styles in lots of green shades, check them out --> #ShopSmall #ShopLocal #ShopHandmade #StPatricks #Green #Custom

a pair of earrings with green crackled beads and metal leaf drops
a pair of earrings with rectangular serpentine stone beads flanked by wood and coconut shell beads
a pair of earrings with irregular rounded green jade stones and glass leaf-shaped drops

As part of our "help pay our taxes" sale, we are offering a coupon code for our website.

Follow the link to have your 15% discount automatically added to your order. 😁

This lovely mermaid is from the 1st edition Dungeon Masters Guide. The artist is Darlene.😍

#adnd #dnd2e #dnd1e #shopsmall #dungeonsAndDragons #greyhawk #ttrpg #garygygax #adventure

A mermaid reclines on a bed of sea foam as water splashes around her.

If you are a #handmade #artisan who would like to create a business account for your shop on

1. Familiarize yourself with the server terms at
2. Visit to sign up for an account
2a. Use your business name as your username
2b. Include a URL to your shop or website in the "Why do you want to join?" field so I may verify your business.

#etsy #handcrafted #shopsmall #maker #smallbusiness

I wanted you lovely people to know that we're having a "help pay our taxes" sale. Almost everything in our Etsy shop is on sale, so come on by!

We are happy to combine shipping if you order from our website at the same time.

This lovely succubus from the back of the 1st Edition Dungeon Masters Guide is by one of my favorite old-school artists, Darlene!

#adnd #dnd2e #dnd1e #shopsmall #dungeonsAndDragons #greyhawk #ttrpg #garygygax #adventure

A nude succubus sits on a rocky outcropping shielding her face with her arm. A black sun and clouds are in the background.
3 months ago

I've reopened my shop, McStachio & Co.
You can follow on fedi at @mcstachioandco
You can follow on Tumblr at
You can shop online at or

There is currently shave soap, aftershave, beard wash, and beard oil.
Beard balm is coming soon.

#shaving #shave #wetshaving #beard #beards #beardcare #beardoil #soap #shavesoap #artisan #handmade #handcrafted #smallbusiness #shopsmall #etsy #etsyseller #etsyshop

Andrew (At the Makerspace)
4 months ago

Of course, we're also working on a zine ( "Coffee and Cryptids" ) which I hope to publish in the coming weeks.

I'll get some photos (and maybe a video tour!) of our roasting apparatus up in a few days.

It's been a wild time.

So yeah, if you're a #coffee person looking to #shopSmall consider getting your #caffeine fix from

4 months ago

This Valentine’s Day give your honey bunny a Honey Bunny!
Check out all the unique valentines at
#valentines #EtsyStarSeller #ShopSmall

Video of a die-cut cartoon rabbit valentine card that stands on its own. The bunny is holding a removable red heart-shaped mini card in its arms that reads “my honey bunny” on the front and “happy Valentine’s Day” inside.
Close up of a cute gray and white cartoon bunny holding a red heart-shaped card
4 months ago

this Valentine’s Day let the love ewe love you 💌
get yours today at

#valentinesday #etsystarseller #shopsmall

A die-cut greeting card of a cute cartoon lamb holding a removable heart card that says “love ewe”
Fon Denton
4 months ago

Mustang Monday is coming at you from Utah's west desert. Three young wild ones kicking up a little dust in the flats near the waterhole. There is nothing like seeing them wild and free!

Find Prints Here:

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Wild Horse Photographs by Fon Denton
Three wild mustangs running forward across the desert.
4 months ago

Reminder that i have some cute valentines (and lots of other stuff) for sale at

#valentinesday #EtsyStarSeller #shopsmall

a photo of four cute freestanding cartoon valentines: a honey bee, a robot and a lamb holding oversized hearts in their hands, and a bear with outstretched arms offering a hug. Text states “valentine sale, order 3 or more and save 20%. Use code “doodlybuglove” at checkout.
Fon Denton
6 months ago

It was just after sunrise when I found the herd high on a hillside near the base of Davis Mountain. It was quiet and calm, and many were still sleeping. Norman aka Palerider stood alone resting easily. I sat and watched the herd wake up around me.

Find It Here:

Or Here:

#WildHorses #WildHorsePhotographs #Horse #Horses #ArtMatters #Equine #Animals #Nature #Onaqui #Mustangs #Utah #Photography #SupportArtists #PhotographyIsArt #ShopSmall

Wild Horse Photographs by Fon Denton
A Pinto Cremello stallion rests peacefully in the early morning in Utah's west desert.
Dori Smith
6 months ago

Hey, I have an Etsy store!

Buy in the next week and if you're in the US, I will make sure it arrives before Xmas.

(and tell your friends, please?)

#SmallBiz #ShopSmall #WomanOwnedBiz

SplitGillStudio 𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊
6 months ago

I'll be there with my usual assortment of art so I hope to see y'all there!

Alternately, while most of my art prints aren't yet up in my shop, I am happy to take an online order if you see something in the gallery that you like! ( - I just haven't listed most things because figuring out a shipping price without an address is stressful.

#mastoart #shopsmall #holidaygifts #raleighartist #printmaking #watercolor #painting #art @Curator

Angled photo of a lithograph print with black ink and green paper and a cellular texture.
Angled photo of a multi-process print (woodblock relief and screen print) showing a cellular construction with orange, pale blue, orange, and silver.
Watercolor and Ink painting of trees in a snowy field.  The sky is purpleish and the trees are glittery
Watercolor painting of red amanita muscaria mushrooms
Peggy Wolven
6 months ago

Available in my shop:

Prices are shown in $CAD, and shipping is included. No guarantees of Christmas arrival though - they take a couple of weeks to make 😬

#shopsmall #entomology #maratus #ad #sciart #space #jupiter #beetles #spider

Short (mid thigh) skater skirt in pale blue with a pattern of my beetle illustrations. Modelled by Catherine Scott
Boxer briefs shown from behind. The back features my illustration of a Maratus spider’s abdomen markings. (The front, not shown, has that spider’s face)
Two views of a mid-length asymmetric wrap skirt festooned with my illustration of the solar system. The sun is at the waist.
Two large velvety throw cushions on a sofa. One features Pluto’s “heart” and the other shows Jupiter’s storms.
Fon Denton
6 months ago

One of the beauties of using mirrorless cameras for wildlife photography. These two young whitetail 'button' bucks came out right in front of me. They sensed I was there but weren't sure because I didn't move, and the shutter was silent.

Get Prints Here:

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Wildlife Photography by Fon Denton
Two young whitetail button bucks stepping out into the morning sun.

Things I love about #Boston - SoWa events are definitely up there and today’s winter market was really lovely. Strong recommend. And come hungry - food trucks outside and great food and drink options inside. #Sunday #ShopLocal #ShopSmall #SmallBusiness

6 months ago

I work with a lot of #queer workshops for Fluffmallow as they instantly love my work almost instantaneously. Which makes me so happy.

Over time, I’ve gotten to befriend some of them and also follow a ton on social media.

I’m honestly stunned by the amount they do for their community. They’re so so so much more than a bookshop. They’re centres for community, healing, solidarity and so much more.

Please please support your local queer bookshops however you can.

Most of them have Pay It Forward walls/pots that are used to support queer youth and others. If you don’t buy from them, contribute to them so they can help more people!

#books #queerbooks #indiebookstores #Bookwyrm #bookstodon #shopsmall


Andrew (R.S Admin)
6 months ago

I'm not going to be purchasing anything on #bandcamp today, because next friday is bandcamp friday when 100% of sales go directly to artists.

However! I do need some #BandcampFriday recs for next week.

I want to buy music from real people, so bonus points if you're sharing your own music.

It's the holiday season, so I'm also looking at merch and physical copies to go with digital downloads.

I have $1,000 set aside to buy music from real people, mostly to give to other people, for the holiday season, and I'd love for you to help me spend it.


Andrew (R.S Admin)
6 months ago

My friends @DoctorDeathray and her implements of destruction make high energy rock for a post y2k hellscape.


Andrew (R.S Admin)
6 months ago

My friends Tara and Ryan sell hand made pottery and loose leaf tea.


Andrew (R.S Admin)
6 months ago

Hey! Send me you or your friend's small businesses so that I can spend money with real people this holiday season.

Describe the business and give me a link. Etsy store and ebay stores and bandcamp links are fine.


6 months ago


I’m sure the website has some glitches, please free to give me feedback about those so I can fix them!

Always very happy to receive product suggestions about what you’d like to see next as well 😊

Thank you so much for sharing and spreading the word! Some days making these lil things is what keeps me going bc I know I’m making a teeny tiny difference 💜🥰

#blackfriday #shopsmall #etsy #cute

6 months ago

Since Black Friday is here, I wanted to share some of the items available in my shop 😊

I design and make cute stickers, enamel pins and notepads. My goal is to make people who felt like the “misfit” kid seen and mainstream the marginalised. 🌈🥰

Some themes I’ve explored in my work so far: being #neurodivergent, #adhd #actuallyautistic, #disabled, #chronicillness, #invisibledisabilities, #socialjustice with lots more to come!

My goodies make amazing stocking stuffers & gifts for people who haven't felt representated in the mainstream almost ever!

Shop all the cuteness at:

#mastoartist #shopsmall #autism #disability

A collage of 4 enamel pins.
1. Always anxious with sparkles & pastel colours 
2. Autistic with rainbow colours
3. Invisible illness club black text on a red ribbon
4. Invisible disability club black text on a purple ribbon
A collage of 5 stickers, all in pastel colours
1. Your mental health matters
2. You don't have to burn out to deserve rest
3. Coping admirably
4. Fresh out of fucks
5. Everything is fucked with a rainbow cloud illustration with a smiling face
An assortment of coloured holographic stickers spanning different sexualities, adhd, autism.
6 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

I'm running a 15% off sale in my shop when you use the code 'TPBHOLIDAY22'

So if you're in the market for prints, stickers, and cards - I've got you covered.

Come check it out; It'll be valid until the end of the year!


#shop #BlackFriday #CyberMonday #ShopSmall #Sale #FediGiftShop

An advertisement for a holiday sale by The Prussian Blue. 15% off of $5 or more. The ad features an illustration of Cassandra from Dragon Age done in a watercolor style.

A link to the shop is in the bio.
6 months ago

I don't really like sales but I really would like to be able to save up for Shopify for a year so I can break free from Etsy's grip in the new year! :artcapy2:

#MastoArt #ShopSmall #SmallBusiness

A graphic with a cute calico cat drawing that has raised their front paws, presenting the phrase "Buy my stuff" in bubbly colorful letters.

The rest of the graphic has info about the shop sale: 10% off on orders over €10. From Nov 22 until Nov 28.
Dungeon Delves
6 months ago

Looking for a nerdy xmas gift? 👀 My 2023 wall calendars are up in my kofi store. 12 months of fun, TTRPG comics and illustrations.

Ships Worldwide. Printed in the UK. 🌍

#KofiChallenge #TTRPG #DND #TTRPGArtist #DNDArtist #ShopSmall #calendar

Image: Image of The Dungeon Delves Calendar 2023 cover.

Text: Now in my Ko-fi store! Ships Worldwide.
6 months ago

Hi tech peeps, if you’re looking for stocking stuffers, I’ve these cute programmer & command prompt pin available for 50% off!
I’ve q few of them left and need to make space for all the new goodies coming 😊

I also added some other super cute stuff on sale!

Grab a bargain at :)

#mastoart #etsy #smallbusiness #shopsmall #tech #cute

A black plated enamel pin filled with hot pink colour with some glitter. The text reads Programmer in a script font.
A command prompt pin in pastel pink with glitter with black plating
Artisan Cat
6 months ago

Just a heads up - I’ll be removing all physical items from my Etsy shop on Nov 27th to (hopefully) avoid delivery issues before Christmas.

So, if you want anything, it’s best to order as soon as possible - especially personalised embroidery.

✨🧡 🧡✨

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #embroidery #handembroidery #giftideas #shopsmall

Photo of 3 hand embroidered floral letter hoops. ‘A’ with peach flowers, ‘B’ with blue flowers and ‘C’ with light pink flowers. The hoop frames are 3 inches with a wood effect edge.
6 months ago

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but I was shit scared so ended up chickening out every time.

I’ve been offering free delivery on most things but it’s no longer proving to be sustainable.

Plus it’s really hampering my ability to do sales because it eats into so much of my margin if people only buy one thing.

So I finally added a minimal delivery cost instead of free shipping.

Now just getting anxious and crossing my fingers.

#smallbusiness #shopsmall #mastoart

Cara's Treasure Shop
6 months ago

20% Off Sale Happening Now in my Etsy shop!

Beautiful Handmade Crochet Cotton Spa Gift includes a Set of 3 Cotton Face & Body Exfoliating Scrubbies and a Crochet Cotton Soap Holder for your favorite soaps!

Links in my Bio to my #Etsy and #Amazon shops and social links!

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P Gurgel-Segrillo
6 months ago

Complexity in simplicity continued

Also tricky is to figure out what size the "skeleton" should be in order to achieve the correct #ring size at the end. Crucial for the wearer's comfort. And a great challenge!

#JoiaBrasil #anel #ArtJewelry #JoalheriaContemporanea #DesignerMaker #anillo #woven #JoyeriadDeAutor #WearableArt #JoalhariaContemporanea #ShopSmart #ShopSmall #IrishDesign #CrossCultural #DesignerMaker

The designer maker's hand holding a ring on a ring sizer with jewellery making tools in the background
Becky McCray
6 months ago

For rural and small town people looking for practical steps to shape a better future for their town, that's what I provide.

I really am a cattle rancher and rural entrepreneur. I don't just talk about rural issues; I live them.

Right now, I'd love your input on our 5th biennial Survey of Rural Challenges

#IdeaFriendly #SmallTown #SaveYourTown

#SmallBusiness #Entrepreneurship #ShopLocal #ShopSmall #EconomicDevelopment

Becky McCray speaking to a rural audience in Kentucky. Photo by Dain Jung, Berea College.