Yes, that’s #ShutterSnitch 12 years ago. I couldn’t still be doing this without my subscribers. Thank you. 🙏

Tabby boy Harley still has his face planted on the iPad, but has relinquished his grip. The screen is showing the classic old pre-iOS 7 interface. The UI pretty much looks like the way the filmstrip mode looks today, but more 3-dimensional. The browser is showing a wider photo of what we’re looking at, but on that photo, Harley is obscuring a lot more of the screen, showing us the back of his head.

ISP upgraded the modem during the night, and now I can’t for the life of me make my server accessible from the Internet.. #YouSee can suck it. So, yeah, no #ShutterSnitch forum currently.
I’ve had enough. Moving the server. Will hopefully be back some time later today.

The scene from Lethal Weapon where Danny Glover says “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

Huh! My app is almost X-actly X x smaller than the FUJIFILM XApp. 😵😄 #ShutterSnitch

A screenshot of the latest release notes for the FUJIFILM XApp. It’s version 1.1.0 clocking in at 210,6MB in size.
A screenshot of the details of my app, ShutterSnitch. It’s 21.1MB, localized in 6 languages and besides supporting FUJIFILM cameras, it also supports many Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic cameras. And a few different WiFi cards. All with their individual protocols. Oh, and supports metadata editing, image cropping and adjustments, and exporting to FTP/WebDAV/Dropbox/Google Drive/Flickr/SmugMug/Zenfolio.

Good thing I tested it. Turns out I introduced a bug so all non-Sony cameras couldn’t connect.. Oops. But fixed! Here are a few pix from my Canon EOS 5Dmk4 #CatsOfMastodon #ShutterSnitch #Catio

My black girl cat sitting on the catio smelling some half dead flowers that’s managed to snake their way through the netting. Her yellow eyes are intensely focused on them and her head is on an angle. In this lighting you can see a hint of brown and white in her coat.
My black girl cat sitting inside wondering why the guy is crawling around on the floor with a little black box with a big white tube on it - and pointing it at her. The depth of field is very shallow and letting probably a bit too much light in, but it’s a bright room and she’s a dark cat. Something’s gotta give.
Well if it isn’t my black girl cat again. Surprise. She’s sitting on a small blue knitted throw rug looking straight into the camera with her yellow eyes. In the blurry background is a Mac Classic and a floor to ceiling window.

Related: The next #ShutterSnitch update will support the Sony ZV-E1.

Oh no, I optimized some PTP/IP connection code so now I have to test it on some cameras. A few shots using the Sony a7IV. #CatsOfMastodon #ShutterSnitch #Catio

A closeup of my black girl cat’s face. She has yellow eyes and is sitting close to the netting on my catio. She’s looking off to the side. The background is lush summer green.
My black girl cat on the catio taking a swipe at a toy mouse. Her aim is way off even though she seems very focused on it.
My black girl cat sits under a table on the catio looking into the camera.

#ShutterSnitch 6.1.1 is out, fixing the issue with the new FUJIFILM firmwares.

It looks like #Fujifilm’s latest firmwares that add support for their FUJIFILM XApp break compatibility with #ShutterSnitch. So please resist the urge to update. I’m on it.

The current version of #ShutterSnitch on the App Store is 5.9.2 (51859). I just uploaded 6.0 (55668) for review. That’s 3.809 times I’ve hit Build & Run. So.. yeah.. a little work went into this one. 😄
Lots of trickery to make it feel more at home on Apple Silicon Macs, so it’s likely to be rejected. Let’s see. 🤞

I turned the Photos-icon-flower into an activity indicator while saving to the camera roll. I wonder if Apple will reject it.. It’s right on that edge where I’ll completely understand their stance. I just think the whimsy is worth the try. #ShutterSnitch #Apple

If you have a Sony α7 IV and use it in PC Remote mode with #ShutterSnitch, please resist the urge to update to firmware 2.00.

Selecting on the camera and sending seems to work, as does FTP, but PC Remote is broken.

I’ll update this post when I know more / have a fix.

Since everybody else is pimping their products, I’ll make an exception and join in 😊 I’m the developer of a photography app for iOS that lets you transfer files wirelessly from your camera and automatically do ..stuff. (Aren’t I great at PR?)

Free to try for a week.

#Photography #ShutterSnitch #ShamelessPlugs